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CRAFTS | JEWELRY $21.95 | Can. $26.95
Popular with kids for decades, shrink plastic is back

and all grown up as an exciting trend in jewelry
making. You can now buy many types of shrink
plastic in craft stores and online. Best-selling craft
author Kathy Sheldon teaches you to draw, color,

stamp, and even print designs and photos onto the
plastic, cut or punch it into various shapes, and
then shrink it in an oven, toaster oven, or with a
heat gun. Add some basic findings, such as jump


rings or ear wires, to make your own stylish jewelry.
Sixteen leading jewelry designers and crafters
present instructions for more than 30 gorgeous and
inspiring projectsfrom fantastic necklaces and PLASTIC JEWELRY
bracelets to cute brooches and ringsso you
can take shrink plastic to a whole new level!

Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! provides

all kinds of creative jewelry from
shrink plastic that everyone will
enjoy making and sharing!
Betty J. Morris, Inventor of Shrinky Dinks

With bonus
doodles from
Aimee Ray
to trace or
print onto your
shrink plastic

ISBN 978-1-4547-0349-5
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8 Introduction
10 Shrink Plastic Basics

The Projects
26 Tiger Lily Earrings
29 Flower Power Necklace & Ring
32 Springtime Francie Earrings
34 Bucket and Shovel Brooches
36 Seven Treasures Earrings
39 Russian Doll Set
42 Lighthouse Necklace
45 Woodland Creatures Bracelet & Earrings
48 Mexican Oilcloth Necklace
50 Origami Plane Earrings
52 Simple Circle Necklace
54 Bollywood Earrings
57 Not-Your-Grandmothers Cameos
60 Pinkie Swear Necklace
62 High Tea Charm Bracelet
64 Bird Silhouette Bracelet
66 Stamped Brooch
69 Laurel Necklace
72 Cascading Words Necklace & Bracelet
76 Spot-of-Tea Brooches
78 Cat and Milk Brooch
80 Sweetheart Necklace
83 Paper Plane Ride Necklace
86 Birds-on-a-Wire Necklace & Earrings
89 Shaped Flowers Earrings
92 Blooming Flowers Bracelet
95 Rainy Day Necklace & Ear Threads
98 Calla Lily Earrings
101 Orla Earrings
104 Wrap-Around Unicorn Ring
106 Polka Dots Earrings & Bracelet

110 Temp lates

125 about the designers
128 Acknowledgments
128 About the author
128 index
92 SHRINk! Shrank! shrunK!
l o o m i n g F l o w ers
d e s i g n e r C ath e H o l d e n

O h, this one is so much fun! With just a

bit of magic (okay, heat), shrink plastic
goes from flat to flower.

Note: I know, it stinks when you want to make a project, but you cant find
the exact same punch. The templates on page 112 show the shapes
Basic shrink kit (page 12) and sizes of the punches Cathe uses. You can use other flower-
shaped punchesthe end result will just look a bit different.
Pre-roughened shrink plastic
Blue, yellow, and green permanent markers
(or colors of your choice) To make the blue flowers, color the rough side of the shrink plastic
with the blue permanent marker, keeping in mind that the color will
2-inch (5.1 cm) daisy punch (see Note)
be more vivid once the plastic shrinks. Let dry completely. Use the
1-inch (2.5 cm) flower punch (see Note) 2-inch (5.1 cm) daisy punch to punch at least seven daisy shapes
from the colored plastic (you may want to punch extras in case some
1-inch (2.5 cm) scalloped circle punch (see Note)
dont form well).
1/8-inch (3 mm) hole punch
To make the yellow flowers, color the rough side of the shrink plastic
Thin gloves (optional, see step 5) with the yellow permanent marker, keeping in mind that the color
will be more vivid once the plastic shrinks. Let dry completely. Use
Wooden thread spool
the 1-inch (2.5 cm) flower punch to punch at least seven flower
Small paintbrush with a rounded handle shapes from the colored shrink plastic.
(or other tool with a small pointed end)
To make the leaves, color the rough side of the shrink plastic with
21 yellow glass seed beads the green permanent marker. Let dry completely. Use the scalloped
21 gold head pins circle punch to punch at least 15 scalloped circles. Then use the
scalloped circle punch to cut each circle into two leaf shapes.
14 gold eye pins
Use the 1/8-inch (3 mm) hole punch to make a hole in the center of
14 gold spacer beads each flower shape and the end of each leaf shape.
Gold-plated jump rings
Gold-plated chain, 7 inches (17.8 cm) in length Continued...

Gold-plated clasp set

Blooming Flowers

Follow the shrink plastic manufacturers instructions to bake each

flower shape individually. You may want to wear thin gloves for this
next step. Once the flower has shrunk, immediately place the hot
flower onto the hole in the top of the wooden thread spool. Press the
center hole of the flower into the hole of the spool using the rounded
end of the paintbrush handle to create a bowl effect. You may press
glossy side in or glossy side outeach creates a different look in the
final flower. On the bracelet shown, the blue flowers were shaped
glossy side in and the yellow flowers were shaped glossy side out.
Bake all the leaves, following the shrink plastic manufacturers direc-
tions. Because they are small, they may take less time than usual, so
watch carefully as they shrink. Flatten the leaves if necessary when
you remove them from the oven.
For each blue flower, thread a yellow seed bead onto one head pin,
leave about 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) of wire, and make a simple loop (see
Making a Simple Loop, page 24). Repeat this with another bead and
head pin, but this time leave a little shorter length of wire before mak-
ing the simple loop. Open the end of one eye pin, attach one long and
one short head-pin-and-yellow-bead assemblage, then close the eye
pin (see the top photo for reference). Poke the end of the eye pin up
through the inside of one blue flower. Thread on one spacer bead, and
make a simple loop. Make seven of these total.
For each yellow flower, thread a yellow seed bead onto a head pin,
poke the head pin up through the inside of a yellow flower, add one
spacer bead, and make a simple loop. Make seven of these total.
Spread the chain out horizontally in front of you, and arrange the flow-
ers in an alternating pattern. Use the jump rings to attach the flowers to
the chains, adding some leaves to the jump rings with the flowers and
some leaves on their own jump rings in between the flowers.
Attach the clasp set to the chain.

94 SHRINk! Shrank! shrunK!