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Michael Lo - Units 3&4 Physics Notes Sheet - UNIT 4 THEORY

A magnet passes and slip rings are with energy losses from energetic electrons will The de Broglie wave
through a loop. AC. high voltage drops. be stopped. Hence the length is the same of
Explain how a current is zero. that of the x-rays. A
current is generated Explain how the Explain why particle with the same
and how the magnetic flux increasing the What are the de Broglie wavelength
direction changes. through rotating intensity of a light conclusions about will exhibit the same
coil makes a full beam with the the nature of light behaviour as a photon
As the magnet rotation. frequency below the from this with the same
approaches the loop, threshold does not experiment? wavelength.
the flux threading Initially permit
through it changes. perpendicular to photoelectrons to Light can behaves like Describe how
This induces an EMF field: Initially the flux be emitted. particles whose energy standing waves help
according to Faradays is a maximum. After a is proportional to explain the energy
law. As the magnet quarter turn, the flux is The particle model frequency. It was states of an atom.
moves away from the zero, then returns to a predicts that suggested that the
loop, the flux though it maximum in the increasing intensity energy of a photon Electrons of particular
to the (...) decreases. opposite direction would simply increase equals the energy de Broglie
According to Lenzs through the coil. From the number of needed to remove an wavelengths could
law, the induced then, it reduces to photons, not their electron plus the exist on an atom.
current will oppose the zero, then back to a energy. So there would kinetic energy of the These electrons only
change in flux by maximum in the still be insufficient electron. If the wave exist in states where a
creating a field to the original direction. energy to eject model is applied, then standing wave is
(...). electrons. The wave an electron can formed. Since different
Initially parallel to model predicts that continuously wavelengths
Explain the role of a the field: The flux is increasing the accumulate energy correspond to
commentator in the firstly zero. After a intensity provides unit it has enough particular energies,
operation of a quarter turn it more energy to eject energy to escape. The only these energy
motor. increases to a electrons. This does particle model predicts states are possible for
maximum, the returns not happen. a one on one the atom. The only
It keeps the motor to zero. From then is interaction between matter waves that
rotating in the same increases to its What are W, F and photons and electrons, persist are those for
direction. It does this maximum in the EKmax? instantaneously giving which the
by reversing the opposite direction then energy. circumference of the
current through the back to zero in the EK max is the orbit is an integral
coil every half turn original direction. maximum kinetic Explain why the multiple of .
when the plane of the energy of the electrons central band is a Therefore the
coil is perpendicular to Explain the emitted, and it is given bright band and the wavelengths are
the magnetic field. operation of by qV, where q is the brightest. quantised.
transformers. Why electron charge and V
Explain the output cant a DC source be the stopping voltage. F It is bright because the
of a generator used with a is the frequency of the two waves travel equal How light is
connected to a transformer? light used depending distances and in phase produced in an
commutator. on which filter is when they hit the incandescent
The changing current placed between the screen. This results in (filament) light
As the coil rotates, the in the primary coil light source and the constructive globe?
changing flux induces generates an tube. interference which
an AC voltage. Since alternating magnetic increases the intensity The thermal (random)
there is a commutator field thought the iron W is the work function of the light. It is the motion of free
attached, the AC is core. The hanging field of the metal, which brightest because the (unbound) electrons
converted to pulsed passes thought the indicates the minimum central band is where produces a continuous
DC. This results from secondary coil and photon energy the light has travelled (broad) spectrum.
the action of the induces and EMF. required for the least distance. Light is incoherent.
commutator changing Because DC power photoelectrons to be
the direction of the provides a constant emitted. How does Youngs Describe how the
current every half turn. current, there would experiment lead to spectrum of the
be no change in flux. Why does the conclusions of light from an
Explain the No voltage would be increasing the wave like nature? incandescent light
difference between induced in the magnitude of the globe differs from
a split ring secondary coil. stopping voltage The experiment the spectrum of
commutator and cause the demonstrates light from a mercury
slip rings. Describe Why is power in photocurrent to constructive/destructiv vapour lamp?
the situation in transmission lines drop to zero? e interference as
which a split ring transmitted at AC shown by the nodal The spectrum from a
and slip ring is rather than DC? Electrons were ejected and anti-nodal lines. mercury vapour lamp
used. from the metal plate Furthermore, light is discrete (quantised)
Transmission at AC with a range of diffracted through the while the spectrum
The split ring allows it to be energies. As the slits. from an incandescent
commutator reverses transformed up or stopping voltage light globe is
the current every half down. In contrast to increases, few Why do (these) continuous (broad).
turn, unlike the slip DC current, is unable electrons will have electrons produce a
ring which maintains to be transformed sufficient energy to similar diffraction
contact with the necessitating reach the collector. pattern with the
external connection transmission of large When the voltage same spacing as the
via brushes. Split ring amounts of power, reaches a certain X-rays?
commentators are which increase the stopping potential,
associated with DC even the most