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In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of reading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There
are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many as questions as possible within the time allowed.
You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the test book.

PART V 107. Travelers were upset when they heard the announcement that their train
Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four had been ________ by poor weather and would not be arriving for another 30
answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to minutes.
complete the sentence. Then mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (A) canceled (B) delayed (C) crashed (D) overrun

108. I am responsible for making sure that all the fruit and vegetables we
101. Did you hear ________ the foreman said about the need for improved safety ________ for use in our restaurant are of the highest quality.
measures on the building site? (A) select (B) nominate (C) elect (D) decide
(A) which (B) that (C) what (D) why
109. Please complete this form carefully and be sure to write ________ at all
102. If you are still unhappy and would like to take this complaint, then please
speak to our customer service _________ Hugo Montoya. times.
(A) manager B. managed C. managerial D. managing (A) tangibly (B) readily (C) legibly (D) eligibly

103. Do you know how long Darren ______ for HTL International before he 110. Mr. Gonzales is an important client, but two hundred miles ________ a long
came here? way to drive just for a brief meeting.
(A) has worked (B) is working (C) worked (D) works (A) is (B) are (C) have (D) has

104. We regret we no longer accept checks, so pay the enclosed invoice ____ by 111. In order to cut costs, officials at Fairhaven City Hall decided to outsource
credit card or debit card. waste management operations to a ________ city.
(A) also (B) each (C) both (D) either (A) neighborhood (B) neighbor (C) neighboring (D) neighborly

105. After they disembarked from the ferry, all the passengers had to go 112. I do not agree that the responsibility for this mistake is completely
________ customs and immigration before being allowed onto the island. ________, because there were others involved in the decision, too.
(A) through (B) over (C) by (D) into (A) mine (B) me (C) myself (D) my

106. News that the town's only movie theater was going to close was greeted 113. We decided to ________ the services of a website developer to help us
with great ________ by the local people. create a more accessible on line presence.
(A) disappoint (B) disappointing (A) engage (B) appoint (C) connect (D) assign
(C) disappointingly (D) disappointment
114. After a long period of low growth, it appears the recession has finally hit and
the ________ situation is starting to affect small businesses.

(A) economy (B) economic (C) economical (D) economized 125. Initial results look promising, but we need to ________ all the research data
very carefully before drawing any conclusions.
115. We were all very tired after working so hard, but when we saw the finished (A) estimate (B) evaluate (C) calculate (D) dedicate
results we knew our efforts had not been ________ .
(A) wasted (B) hopeless (C) useless (D) misused 126. After I explained my symptoms to the pharmacist and asked for advice, she
________ me to go and see my doctor as soon as possible.
116. ________ the favorable exchange rate at the moment, our overseas sales for (A) will tell (B) was telling (C) tells (D) told
the last quarter have exceeded all expectations.
(A) Seeing as (B) Thanks to (C) Given that (D) Provided that 127. Although there is a general agreement in principle to expand operations into
Europe, the details of exactly how this can be done are a matter for further
117. Mrs. Hwang ________ recently promoted to Assistant Vice President of ________.
Human Resources, which is great news. (A) discuss (B) discussion (C) discussed (D) discussing
(A) is (B) has (C) was (D) did
128. Since the network had received so many complaints, it was clear that they
118. Spare parts for all our coffee machines are ________ available online or from did not have ________ option but to withdraw the TV advertisement.
any good kitchen retailer. (A) no (B) any (C) some (D) each
(A) simply (B) easily (C) justly (D) openly
129. Investors have put so much money ________ this project that there is no
119. We found that everything was ________ with our stay at The Grand Hotel, way we can give up now.
with the one exception that the room was too cold overnight. (A) at (B) into (C) around (D) over
(A) satisfy (B) satisfied (C) satisfactory (D) satisfaction
130. I know we have met somewhere before, but I cannot ________ where.
120. The graduation ceremony will start ________ 15 minutes, so we need to (A) recall (B) recover (C) reclaim (D) remind
hurry or we might not get a seat.
(A) in (B) at (C) on (D) under 131. Scientists want ________ the results of their study on alternative biofuels
early in the new year.
121. We regret that since you did not follow the recommended guidelines for (A) publishing (B) publish (C) to publish (D) published
servicing your intruder alarm, we cannot offer a that a fault has
developed. 132. The DX20 is an old model that we fully expect to phase ________ over the
(A) refund (B) discount (C) concession (D) reward coming months.
(A) over (B) out (C) off (D) along
122. Thanks to its great design and very clever marketing, our brand of footwear is
now widely recognized as the most ________ in the business. 133. Industry analysts stated that, due to the incredibly hot summer last year,
(A) fashion (B) fashioned (C) fashionable (D) fashioning sales of air conditioning units had ________ been greater.
(A) ever (B) always (C) never (D) not
123. Any expenses that you incur while officially ________ business must be
submitted to the accounts payable department together with the original receipts. 134. There can be no ________ way to celebrate our 1000th order than by having
(A) in (B) at (C) to (D) on a party for all the staff and their families.
(A) good (B) better (C) most (D) best
124. Dominga Torres was given an award by the Federation of Women Workers
in recognition of her extraordinary ________ to the cause of equal pay for
women. 135. Personally I liked the presentation, but ________ the people I spoke to said
(A) devotion (B) commotion (C) promotion (D) emotion they found it rather dull.
(A) most (B) most of (C) every one (D) almost

136. Thanks to his enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge, Jason is usually able to PART VI
________potential customers to make an order. Directions: Read the following texts. A word or phrase is missing in some of the
(A) prevail (B) predict (C) pervade (D) persuade
sentences. Four answers choices are given below each of these sentences. Select
137. This new desk is very heavy, so I need ________ assistance moving it to the the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter A, B, C or D on your
corner office. answer sheet.
(A) some (B) any (C) an (D) much
Questions 141-144 refer to the following letter.
138. In light of the severe criticisms leveled against you, I think you owe me a full
________of your actions.
(A) moderation (B) designation (C) explanation (D) resignation
Mr. Sean Connor
139. Reports that interest rates will go up two percent next week are at ________ 142 West 17 th Street
unconfirmed. New York City, NY 10110
(A) present (B) current (C) moment (D) recent June 17
140. One of the main advantages to being ________ near an airport is that
Dear Mr. Connor,
transportation costs for our goods are, of course, much lower than they would
otherwise be.
(A) location (B) locating (C) located (D) locate Thank you fot your letter of May 23, I apologize for the difficulty you have..
141. (A) experienced (B) expected (C) experienced (D) expressed
Contacting our Customer Service department. We recently had a new telephone
system installed and this has caused some disruption.

In regard to the Go VX12 computer monitor you purchased, please return it to

us..we can determine the problem and repair it.
142. (A) and (B) so (C) therefore (D) for
If a repair is not possible, we.a replacement.
143. (A) send (B) will send (C) are sending (D) have sent
Simply stick the enclosed pre-paid shipping label to the front of the box and mail it soon as possible.
144. (A) we (B) our (C) us (D) ours
Once again, I apologize for the time it has taken to deal with this matter. Thank you
for choosing Go Direct.

Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth Anderson
Customer Service Representative

Questions 145-148 refer to the following advertisement. Questions 149-152 refer to the following memo.


SUMMER SALE From: Christine Besson
Dont Miss Our Great Discounts Subject: Year End Purchase Invoice Completion

Hboson Office Furniture is proud to annouce our annual summer sale. Come With the end of the financial year.approaching, can you please all go
and.the largest office furniture store in Manchester, with a wide range of through your Purchase Order books to ensure that all the necessary invoices are
fantastic furniture oak furniture to choose from. included?
145. (A) collect (B) examine (C) browse (D) purchase 149. (A) fast (B) faster (C) fastest (D) faster than
We have thirty years of experience..quality furniture to businesses across
the UK. I probably dont need, but this is very important. We need to have the
146. (A) supplying (B) supplier (C) supply (D) supplied original invoices for all goods and services that were delivered by June 30 th.
150. (A) remember (B) remove (C.) remind (D) remit
All of our furniture.from solid oak, and comes fully assembled. If necessary therefore, you must contact your supplier to obtain a June-dated
147. (A) is made (B) made (C) makes (D) has made invoice. After you.this, please pass the authorized invoice to the Finance
Change the look and feel of your office with superb range of furniture, which Department.
combines strength and beauty you can only find in natural oak. 151. (A) did (B) have done (C) had done (D) were doing

Visit our store today and enjoy up to three yearsinterest-free credit on your first .accurate accounting purposes, please keep the Finance Department
order! updated on any supplier discrepancy issues at the end of the year.
152. (A) since (B) As (C) For (D) While
Spend over 1000 and received a free executive chair worth 200!
all prices includes tax-no hidden extras!
Free premium delivery service-every item delivered.the room of your
7-day money back guarantee!
148. (A) in (B) at (C) on (D) to

Sale starts on Monday, June 2

PART VII 154. What is implied about the use of passwords for online security?
Directions: In this part, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and (A) Many passwords look alike.
newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several (B) Passwords must be keep secure.
questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter A, B, C or (C) Some passwords are easy to copy.
D on your answer sheet. (D) It can be hard to think of new passwords.

Questions 153-154 refer to the following article. Questions 155-157 refer to the following e-mail.


Those days more and more people are making purchases online. As a result, From:
there is a lot of financial information floating around out there on the internet. So, if To: Undisclosed recipients
youre not doing so already, you need to take measures to protect yourself. Date: Nov 11
Subject: Feedback session
One rule that is often quoted is never use the same password twice. The problem
with this rule is that it can be very difficult to remember many different online Hello All,
passwords. One solution is to simplify things by using variations on the same
theme. For example, you could choose passwords that are all the names of streets Sorry, its a bit late, but Im just e-mailing to confirm that the My Life, My Choice
where you have lived, countries you have visited, your favorite animals, the colors website launch is arranged for Wednesday the 17th.
of the rainbow, and so on. Adding numbers to the ends of the words will provide
even greater password security. As for the final feedback session, please come to City Hall at 10:30 tomorrow, I
have booked Training Room 4 in that building, because it has around ten
Experts also warn that consumers should never write down passwords. That is, of computers we can use to check the new website. I will make sure that doughnuts
course, generally true. However, forgetting a password can cause a great deal of and coffee are there to help us all think creatively! We will try to finish by noon.
inconvenience. It can be safe to note your passwords, as long as you disguise
them in some way. Add a few extra letters and numbers at the beginning and end, Unfortunately, we do not have any designated visitor parking. If you are driving,
or hide them in a note to an imaginary friend. If you do write down your you can try to park on East Street (see the attached map). There should be plenty
passwords, then you should definitely remember to always keep them separate of spaces so hopefully it wont be too difficult for anyone. We will naturally
from the accounts they relate to. Following a few simple rules can help you to keep reimburse travel expenses.
access to your money safe and secure.
For those of you who are unable to make the session tomorrow, please send your
153. Who is this article intended for? feeback either by e-mailing myself or Katja Weitz (
(A) Online shoppers Alternatively, you can use the feedback form that Im attaching. Please let us have
(B) Security experts any feedback by November 15.
(C) Website developers
(D) Software engineers

Your views are very important. Thank you again for all the ideas, time, and effort 21st Century Employment Trends
you have put into helping with the development of our new website. As members Women in Work
of the public, and users of Carlington City Hall services, your suggestions have This table shows popular full-time occupations for women in the US, with median
been invaluable in making our new website more attractive and accessible. We weekly earnings by industry sector.
hope you like the difference!
(in thousands) Women's
Looking forward to seeing those that can make it tomorrow. Total median
Occupation Total employed usual weekly
Best regards, employed (men and Percent earnings
Nancy Henshaw
(women) women) women $
Strategic Development Manager
Secretaries and
2941 3014 97.5 667
administrative assistants

155. Who is Ms. Henshaw writing this e-mail to? Registered nurses 2527 2859 88.3 1143
(A) Workers at City Hall Elementary and middle
2273 2827 80.4 982
(B) Computer trainers school teachers
(C) A group of local citizens Cashiers 2280 3157 72.2 386
(D) The strategic Development Department
Customer service 1213 1873 64.8 598
156. Which of the following can be inferred about the City Hall website? representatives
(A) It has already been redesigned. Maids and cleaners 1267 1416 89.4 396
(B) It is currently not very easy to use. Childcare workers 1141 1238 92.1 412
(C) It does not work on all computers.
(D) It is different from other websites. Managers 1093 2817 38.8 1176

Accountants 979 1609 60.8 987

157. When will the feedback session take place?
(A) On November 11 Teacher assistants 884 966 91.5 505
(B) On November 12
(C) On November 15
158. According to the table, in which occupation are women the least well-paid?
(D) On November 17
(A) Cashiers (B) Maids and cleaners
(C) Childcare workers (D) Teacher assistants
Questions 158-160 refer to the following information.

159. Which of these occupations has the lowest percentage of women?

(A) Accountants (B) Customer service representatives
(C) Registered nurses (D) Managers

160. Which of the following statements is true?

(A) Elementary and middle school teachers have the highest salaries. (D) Many government departments use their services.
(B) Three quarters of customer service representatives are women.
(C) Female registered nurses earn almost the same as female managers. 162. Which of these claims is NOT made in the advertisement?
(D) There are more female childcare workers than female secretaries. (A) Clients include many top international companies.
(B) All translators are fully qualified professionals.
Questions 161 162 refer to the following advertisement. (C) ocuments can be translated into any language.
(D) Translations can be made within a single day.
F1 Translation Services
BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS Questions 163- 165 refer to the following letter.

In international business, it is vital to make sure you get your point across. So for
Mr. Prabhakar Shinde
reliable translation support, use the professionals. F1 Translation Services is a
Human Resources Manager
premier translation company with more than 15 years' experience in professional
Weston Shipping Ltd.
735 Strand Road
If you need to deliver accurate, locally relevant and culturally connected products
Mumbai 140 105 India
in any market, we can help. No matter where your clients are, or what language
September 25
they speak, we will help you to succeed in global businesses.
Dear Mr. Shinde,
We have a proven track record in legal, financial, medical, engineering,
It is with great regret that I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from
manufacturing, and technical fields. Many of our clients are leading Fortune 500
Weston Shipping Ltd. I intend to leave my current position as Shift Supervisor at
companies operating worldwide.
the Mumbai branch at the end of next month. In accordance with my contractual
F1 provides:
obligations, my last day will be Oct 31.
- high-quality, reliable service
I have greatly enjoyed my time with Weston Shipping Ltd. In the three years I have
- accurate translation
worked here, I believe I have made a significant contribution to the company.
- speedy delivery
However, I now feel that in order to achieve my career objectives, I need to move
- competitive rates
on to a fresh challenge.
- personal service
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the support you have given
We have a world-class team of language experts from all corners of the globe. Call
me during my time with the company. I especially value the training opportunities I
for information about our executive "premium" service, which guarantees your
have had while working here, which have allowed me to obtain a higher level of
documents translated and returned within 24 hours. Contact F1 Translation
professional qualifications. The opportunities for growth you have provided me
Services - the only translation service you'll ever need.
during my time here will prove useful in my next job as Operations Manager with
Call 1-888-344-8112 or visit
Asia Maritime. Before I move on, I will do my best to ensure a smooth handover
of my current projects and responsibilities.
I hope you can understand the reasons for my decision. I wish you, and Weston
Shipping Ltd., every success in the future.
161. What can be inferred about F1 Translation Services?
(A) Their low prices mean they are very successful. Yours sincerely,
(B) They translate many different types of documents. Raymond Cheng
(C)They do not translate documents for private individuals. Shift Supervisor

Thank you for your cooperation.
163. Why is Mr. Cheng leaving Weston Shipping Ltd.?
(A) He has found a better job elsewhere. 166. What is the main purpose of this memo?
(B) He wants more professional support. (A) To announce the arrival of recycling bins
(C) He has reached the end of his contract. (B) To inform employees of extra responsibilities
(D) He wants greater training opportunities. (C) To encourage workers to reduce waste
(D) To introduce a different cleaning agency
164. What can be inferred about Mr. Cheng?
(A) He does not get along with Mr. Shinde. 167. What is NOT mentioned as a benefit of the new system?
(B) He has played a big part in Weston Shipping Ltds success. (A) It will save money. (B) It will reduce waste.
(C) He intends to leave the region shortly. (C) It will promote recycling. (D) It will be easy to manage.
(D) He is better qualified now than he was three years ago.
168. Who will carry out the tasks?
165. The word "handover" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to (A) The reception staff (B) Department supervisors
(A) conclusion (B) report (C) transfer (D} supply (C) All company employees (D) One person from each office

Questions 166 169 refer to the following memo. 169. The word "measure" in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to
To: All Staff (A) decision (B) result (C) action (D) proposal
From: Nigel McGuiness
Subject: Cost-cutting Questions 170 172 refer to the following letter.
As you all know, in these difficult economic times the company is making every
effort to save money wherever we can. As a result, it has been decided that we will
no longer employ an outside cleaning agency. We have therefore canceled our
contract with Avon Cleaning Services, effective immediately. From now on, it is up Mountain Business Solutions
to all of us to keep our own work areas and offices clean. 387 Broadway
To help with this, one green recycling bin has been ordered for each office. These Suite 12
will be delivered next week, and placed in a corner. Please make sure that all Denver. CO 80982
recyclable trash is placed in this bin. Mr. Adam Curran
Someone from each office needs to be responsible for taking out the trash every Brancaster Academy
collection day (Wednesday for recyclable and Friday for regular trash). Other 162 Bannock Street
people can take turns vacuuming and dusting (preferably on Fridays, late in the Denver, CO 80904
afternoon). Appropriate equipment, cleaning products, etc. will be kept in the large January 7
storage cabinet behind the reception desk. Department supervisors will draw up a Dear Mr. Curran
schedule. Your Linux D400 Pro Copy Machine is now protected by Mountain Business
This measure will obviously save us money (around $2,300 per month). We also Solutions.
suspect that the company will end up throwing away less trash, and so this will
help us meet our "corporate social responsibility" goal of reducing the waste we Welcome to Mountain Business Solutions, the specialists in office equipment and

appliance insurance, providing protection against unexpected repair costs.

Your warranty is enclosed. Your policy number is GTY 009630227. Please keep
this number safe, as you will need to mention it if it becomes necessary to call for Questions 173 176 refer to the following information.
assistance. Please read the accompanying Extended Warranty and make sure
that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your insurance plan. To Business Ethics Seminar
make a claim at any time, just follow the instructions in this document. October 11 12
Atlanta International Business School

As a Mountain Business Solutions customer, you can also call our friendly Suitable for professionals from any field, this seminar provides a comprehensive
customer service department, free of charge. If you have any queries about your introduction to the subject of ethics in business. Participants explore the topic
policy, do not hesitate to call us during office hours at 1-800-473-8833. All calls from a variety of angles, through in-depth analysis from leading experts in ethics
are answered within ten seconds. Remember, we are here to help. education, articles, case studies, and computer simulation exercises. Participants
are encouraged to develop their own insights. This seminar is designed to help
You are in good hands with Mountain Business Solutions. future business leaders greatly increase their understanding of this topic.
Lee Meyer is Professor of Business Ethics at AIBS, and a member of the Institute
Kenneth Gimson for Corporate Ethics, He is the author of the hugely popular "Ethics in Business,"
Sales Director, Mountain Business Solutions and is well known for his regular appearances on radio and television.

P.S. Did you know that we can protect all your company's equipment against theft,
AIBS Members $900, Non-members $1,395
accidental damage, flooding and fire damage? Coverage is available for all office
10% discount for bookings received before September 11
equipment under eight years old, and is normally renewable for the useful life of
Refunds will be granted if written cancellation is received bye-mail or fax ONLY,
the device. Call to ask about our comprehensive office-contents coverage.
and at least 30 days in advance, Please allow 6-8 weeks for a refund. An
administration fee of 150 USD will apply.
170. What type of document is this? From the airport
(A) A proposal (B) An advertisement (C) A complaint (D) A cover letter Express Shuttle transportation is recommended The cost is I 2 USD one way per
person. A cab will take an estimated 15 minutes and cost approximately 20 USD
171. What kind of company is Mountain Business Solutions? one way.
(A) A manufacturer of business equipment (B) An insurance company By car
(C) A debt collection agency (D) A computer repair specialist Follow the signs to Downtown and get on East Street. Take the overpass and
follow to North Harbor Island. AIBS International is adjacent to the Atlanta Pacific
172. Why might Mr. Curran need his policy number? Hotel.
(A) To order other products in the future
(B) To help pay any unexpected bills Accommodations:
(C) To ask for another quote from Mountain Business Solutions The nearest hotel is the Atlanta Pacific, on Franklin Street. AI BS has negotiated
(D) To quote if the copy machine breaks down a preferential rate of $1 50 (double room, single occupancy) for delegates,
Please quote code AP821 X when making your booking,

company, and is due to start work as a Junior Research Engineer in our facility in
173. What is the purpose of this information? Columbus, Nebraska on the first of next month. She has a Bachelor's Degree in
(A) To promote a new business school Chemical Engineering, and applicable polyethylene manufacturing experience. Her
(B) To announce a new appointment contract is for six months. However, we fully expect that she will perform her duties
(C) To publicize a vacation package satisfactorily and, assuming this is the case, she will then be offered a permanent
(D) To advertise an event position.
Please be assured that this is a bona fide application. As her start date is quickly
174. Which of the following is NOT stated about Professor Meyer? approaching, I would be grateful if you could process this application without delay,
(A) He works at Atlanta International Business School. so that Ms. Fouroux may start work here as scheduled. I understand that all
(B) He has written a best-selling book on business ethics.
requirements have been met, and all necessary documents have been sent. If you
(C) He is a famous media celebrity.
require any further information in support of this matter, please get in touch with me
(D) He chairs an important professional organization.
Thank you once again for your thoroughness in processing Ms. Fouroux's
175. How much will non-members receive if they cancel three weeks before the
(A) $0 (B) $150 (C) $900 (D) $1,245 Sincerely,
Curtis Elliot
176. What should people do if they want to stay overnight at the Atlanta Pacific Human Resources Manager
hotel? Armitage Chemicals
(A) Reserve a room within 30 days
(B) Make a reservation bye-mail or fax
(C) Quote code AP821 X when booking
(D) Go there by Express Shuttle 177. What is the main purpose of this fax?
(A) To make an offer of employment
(B) To support a visa to work in the United States
Question 177 180 refer to the following fax. (C) To confirm a job applicant's qualifications
(D) To thank Ms. Fouroux's employer
178. Who most likely is Julia West?
To: Julia West Time: 09:35
From: Curtis Elliot Date: April 17 (A) Mr. Elliot's supervisor (B) Ms. Fouroux's current employer
Pages: 1 Subject: Ms. Fouroux (C) A U.S. immigration official (D) An engineer at Armitage Chemicals

Dear Ms. West:

179. What will probably happen to Ms. Fouroux in November?
It was nice speaking to you just now. Thank you for appreciating that this can be a (A) She will be given a permanent job.
stressful business. Your efforts to process Ms. Fouroux's application are much (B) She will leave Nebraska.
appreciated. (C) She will be awarded a Master's degree.
As requested, this fax is in further support of Ms. Fouroux's application for an H-1 B (D) She will be promoted to Research Engineer.
visa. I can confirm that she has been offered a temporary, full-time position at this

180. What does Mr. Elliot hope Ms. West will do? Please take some time to go and see the bedrooms, so that you can help sell the
(A) Deal with the visa application quickly product. We are all proud of the results and think the changes will make a big
(B) Send more detailed information difference to our guests.
(C) Approve Ms. Fouroux's schedule Thanks,
(D) Provide further support Jan Summers
Questions 181 185 refer to the following notice and memo. Front of House Manager

RENOVATION UPDATE 181. What does an "executive deluxe" bedroom have that a normal executive
I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to visit the newly refurbished bedroom does not?
bedrooms on the fifth and sixth floors. After three months, work is almost finished. (A) Tea- and coffee-making facilities (B) Bathrobes
The following fifth floor rooms have been completed: 500-520.AII executive (C) A spa bath (D) A king-size bed
bedrooms (500-510) now have king-size beds, and you'll notice 508 and 510 also
have luxury spa baths. We're calling these "executive deluxe" rooms. Guests in all 182. What category of bedroom is Room 520?
executive rooms now get bathrobes as well. The rest of the rooms on this floor are (A) A standard double room (B) A family room
standard double rooms, which now have new double beds, as well as tea and (C) An executive room (D) A junior suite
coffee making facilities, too. This is something guests in standard rooms have often
requested, so we are happy to provide these at last. 183. When did the renovation work begin?
In addition, there are three new "junior suites" on the sixth floor. These have super (A) January (B) March (C) May (D) June
king-size beds and wall-mounted plasma screen TVs. Other new features include a
mini kitchen with microwave. Also on this floor, near the emergency exit stairway, 184. In the memo, the word "revenue" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to
are four new "family rooms" with one double bed and a single each. (A) prestige (B) supply (C) control (D) income
Nick Shelton
General Manager 185. What does Ms. Summers suggest staff do?
(A) Help to sell the rooms (B) Tidy up after the builders
(C) Visit the refurbished rooms (D) Show guests the rooms
To: All staff
From: Jan Summers Questions 186 190 fer to the following fax and letter.
Date: June 4
Subject: Going the extra mail
FAX Time: 4:50
I would like to take this opportunity to stress what a great achievement it has been
To: GTE Finance Date: March 3
to get so many bedrooms refurbished in such a short time, with no disruption to
From: Henry Fielding Subject: Credits limit
guests and no loss of revenue.
Pages: 1
Justin, Shelly and Neil particularly have worked tirelessly to complete this project,
and deserve recognition for their efforts, which have been above and beyond their Dear Sir or Madam:
"normal" responsibilities. Thanks also to all those who have helped lift furniture, Acct. no.: 513881083521 6537
move mattresses, help with deliveries, tidy up after builders, and generally gone" I have had a GTE Finance Gold Card for over two years. In the past, I only used it
above and beyond" to help this project. for major purchases. However, I have now started to use this card for all my

regular purchases, both at home and away on business. Recently, payment using
Your account will be selected for review in six months' time. We regret that for
this card has been rejected on no fewer than six occasions. This morning I was
your own protection we cannot reconsider this decision until then.
extremely embarrassed when a purchase of $49 for a toner cartridge was
rejected. I just phoned the Customer Care department to find out why I was Sincerely,
experiencing this problem, and they said it is because I had gone over my credit Amelie Dupont
limit. They told me they couldn't increase it over the phone (I didn't know this
Collections Center, GTE Finance
because I'd never asked before) and said I had to fax a request to raise the limit.
As this is my only credit card, it is clear that my credit limit of $2,000 is insufficient
for my needs. I have a full-time job and usually pay the balance off each month.
186. Why is Mr. Fielding writing to GTE Finance?
Please authorize an increase in my monthly credit limit to $5,000, and let me
(A) He needs an additional credit card.
know as soon as this is done to avoid causing me further inconvenience and
(B) He wants a higher credit limit.
(C) He cannot use his credit card.
Thank you very much.
(D) His credit card needs to be replaced.
Henry Fielding
187. Which of these claims that Mr. Fielding makes is false?
(A) He has a full-time-job.
(B) He has never previously requested a raise in his credit limit.
(C) He usually pays off the balance every month.
220 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB Canada, RIB 3D9
(D) He only has one credit card.
March 5
Mr. Fielding 25 de la Porte St. 188. In the letter, the word "exceeded" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to
Quebec City (A) changed (B) granted (C) discovered (D) surpassed
Dear Mr. Fielding: 189. Which of the following is NOT given as a reason for rejecting Mr. Fielding's
I apologize for the difficulty you have had using your GTE Finance Gold Card. (A) He has missed payments in the past.
As was explained to you when you called, payment was refused on each (B) He has inadequate employment history.
occasion as your credit limit had been exceeded. In the interest of protecting (C) He has insufficient income.
your account information, we do not process applications for a credit limit (D) He has changed his spending patterns.
increase over the phone. Thank you for understanding the need to apply in
writing. 190. When will GTE Finance reconsider its decision?
We have now reviewed your account. Unfortunately, we are not able to increase (A) In March (B) In May (C) In September (D) In December
your credit limit at this time. This is because we have checked your credit history
and have identified a risk due to previous hanged, and as you have only been in Questions 191 195 refer to the following two letters.
your current employment for two months, more time is needed to establish
eligibility. It also appears that that you have two other credit cards, with City 16202 Westridge Drive
Kansas City, KS 65190
Credit and National Union.
Mrs. BrendaTimson

Global Gateway also bring evidence of your academic qualifications, and proof of your right to work
164 East Second Street in the US (if appropriate). I would be grateful if you could call my personal
Newton, KS 67341 assistant, Emma Cardew, at 451-2424 to confirm your attendance.
February 17 We look forward to meeting you.
Dear Mrs. Timson: Mrs. Brenda Timson
In response to your advertisement in Ocean Discovery Monthly for a Cruise Sales Recruitment Manager
Consultant, I am enclosing my resume and other supporting documents.
For the last three years I have worked as a Travel Advisor at Vemon's in Kansas 191. What kind of company is Global Gateway?
City. I believe this has given me the skills I need to fulfill the role of Cruise Sales (A) A magazine publisher (B) A ship builder
consultant. I am used to dealing with clients and matching them to their ideal (C) An airline (D) A travel agency
vacations. As well as booking package vacations, I also manage tailor-made
vacations, and regularly make bookings to destinations in Asia, Europe, and other 192. What did Ms. Almodovar fail to include in her application?
locations worldwide. (A) A resume (B) A diploma
I have a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management from Wichita College. As (C) Her professional qualifications (D) Some references
you will see from the enclosed certificates, I am qualified in the use of the
Worldplan, Viewdata and Galileo booking systems. I have a passion for travel, and 193. Which of the following abilities does Ms. Almodovar NOT mention in her
have first-hand experience of many popular destinations around the world. I letter?
consider myself a self-motivated team player, and am proficient in English, written (A) She has good communication skills.
and oral. The letters of recommendation I enclose attest to my abilities. I would (B) She works well with other people.
welcome the chance to further my career with Global Gateway. (C) She is experienced in customer service.
Sincerely, (D) She speaks several foreign languages
Louise Almodovar
194. What can be inferred from Mrs. Timson's letter?
GLOBAL GATEWAY (A) She is unsure of Ms. Almodovar's employment status.
164 East Second Street, Newton, KS 67341 (B) She will not be at the interview on March 16.
March 2 (C) She would prefer Ms. Almodovar to take the train.
Ms. Louise Almodovar (D) She is impressed by Ms. Almodovars qualifications.
16202 Westridge Drive
Kansas City, KS 65 190 195. What should Ms. Almodovar do next?
(A) Contact Global Gateway (B) Send more documentation
Dear Ms. Almodovar: (C) Prepare a shortlist (D) Buy a bus ticket

Thank you for your interest in Global Gateway, and your recent application for the Questions 196 200 refer to the following article and e-mail.
position of Cruise Sales Consultant. I am pleased to inform you that you have
been shortlisted and are invited to come in for an interview on Friday, March 16, at
2:30 P.M. at our offices. Science Park Aims for the Stars
We will reimburse any transportation costs you may incur to attend the interview,
so please bring any original train or bus receipts with you when you come. Please by William Raynor

correction along the lines noted above in your next issue.
Coalport Science Park this week announced the completion of an ambitious Sincerely,
program of expansion to the site. Begun over a year ago, the work has cost Dr. Bill Townsend
nearly 3 million to complete. The park, which was first opened in 2008,'is home Development Director, Coal port Science Park
to a number of top international research companies. The park's Development
Director, Dr. Bill Townsend, spoke of the transformation, "Coalport Science Park
has a world-class reputation for innovation and excellence. We have built a state- 196. What is the main purpose of the article?
of-the-art Research and Development Center and a new science laboratory. We (A) To promote a science park (B) To announce job losses
hope that these facilities will attract more leading companies to the park."Dr. (C) To advertise new office space (D) To report on a major development
Townsend added that there are also three new office buildings, which double the
office accommodations for academics and businesses.
However, the project is not without its opponents. Some sources say the latest
phase of development cost almost 1 million more than originally planned. In 197. What can be inferred from Dr. Townsend's e-mail?
addition, there are doubts that the changes will be enough to turn around the (A) He is not happy with Mr. Raynor's article.
fortunes of the ailing development. In recent months, declining profits among the (B) Coalport Science Park is in financial difficulty.
high tech sector has resulted in job losses for over 60 workers at the park, (C) He is employed by NIC Technologies.
leading to concerns about its long-term future. (D) He is worried about the future of the park.

198. In the e-rnail, the word "stake" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to

From: (A) trust (B) interest (C) potential (D) investment
Date: April 18 199. How much did the Coalport Science Park expansion cost?
Subject: Your recent article on Coalport Science Park (A) 1 million (B) 2.3 million (C) 2.75 million (D) 3 million
Dear Mr. Raynor, 200. Which of these statements about NIC Technologies is true?
(A) They plan to close their facility at Coal port Science Park.
I was extremely disappointed to read so many inaccuracies in your article about (B) They will soon employ more workers than they had before.
Coal port Science Park, published in this month's edition of Business Monthly. (C) They manufacture all their products in China now.
During your visit here, and in our subsequent interview by phone, I made every (D) They have been hit by poor profits in the high tech sector.
effort to answer all your questions clearly and in detail. The cost of the recent
development actually came to 2,750,000. Although true that this is higher than
the original estimate of 2.3 million, it is clearly well below the figure given by
your "sources." What's more, the job losses you mention relate only to one Answer key
company, NIC Technologies. They have relocated their manufacturing plant to Reading answer key
China as part of their global restructuring program. This does not mean they are
reducing their stake in the park. Quite the contrary, they intend to hire more than 101. C 102. A 103. C 104. D 105. A 106. D 107. B 108. A 109. C 110. A
80 personnel over the coming months as they expand their Research facility 111. C 112. A 113. A 114. B 115. A 116. B 117. C 118. B 119. C 120. A
here. 121. A 122. C 123. D 124. A 125. B 126. D 127. B 128. B 129. B 130. A
We are not an "ailing development." I would appreciate it if you could print a

131. C 132. B 133. C 134. B 135. B 136. D 137. A 138. C 139. A 140. C
141. C 142. B 143. B 144. C 145. C 146. A 147. A 148. D 149. A 150. C
151. B 152. C 153. A 154. B 155. C 156. A 157. B 158. A 159. D 160. C
161. B 162. B 163. A 164. D 165. C 166. B 167. D 168. C 169. C 170. D
171. A 172. D 173. D 174. D 175. A 176. C 177. B 178. C 179. A 180. A
181. C 182. A 183. B 184. D 185. C 186. B 187. D 188. D 189. C 190. C
191. D 192. B 193. D 194. A 195. A 196. D 197. A 198. D 199. C 200. B