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PROFESSOR(A): Francimar de Oliveira DISCIPLINA: Conhecimentos da Lngua Inglesa.

SRIE: 7 ano EM
ALUNO:_____________________________________________________ Data: _____ / _____ /

1) Sarah Miller is in New York. She is writing a letter to her best friend. Complete it using the present
continuous tense. (1.0)

Dear Sophia,
How are you? How is London? I am having a very good time in New York. Its Sunday and its
sunny and warm. Now its ten in the morning and we are in Central Park. I ____________________
(sit) under a tree, I _______________________ (listen) to my radio and I _____________________
(write) to you, of course. My Canadian cousin Rosemary is here with us. She __________________
(read) a comic book. Shes very pretty. Shes tall and thin and she has got long wavy brown hair. Her
parents are in Toronto. My father ________________________ (read) The New York Times, an American
newspaper. My mother ________________________ (play) with my little brother Jimmy on the grass and they
_______________________ (eat) popcorn. There are many people in the park. Some men __________________
(run) , two girls _______________________ (walk) their dogs, and an old man __________________________
(skate)! We always come to this fantastic park, in this wonderful city because we can relax here. But sometimes
we visit other interesting places: museums, shops, galleries, etc New York is a great city! There are many
fantastic skyscrapers, great shops and there are people everywhere!
1.1. Match the second collunm according to the first one. (0.5)
a) Sarah ( ) Brinacando com o irmozinho na grama
b) Rosemary ( ) Correndo
c) Pai de Sarah ( ) Ouvindo rdio debaixo de uma rvore.
d) Me de Sarah ( ) Lendo jornal
e) Homens no parque ( ) Lendo uma revista em quadrinhos
2) Answer the questions acording to the pictures. (1.2)

a) US$ 1.70 a dozen

How much is the mango? _________________________________________________

b) US$ 0.70 c each

How much is the banana? ___________________________________________________

c) US$ 1.50 a carton

How much are the lemons? ___________________________________________________

d) US$ 3.00 a carton

How much are the peaches? ________________________________________________

3) Write the fruits in English. (1.0)

a) _____________________ b) _______________ c) ____________________

d) ___________________________ e) _____________________

4) Unscramble the words to form sentences. (1.0)

a) is / Karen / Geography / studying


b) are / much / How / bananas / ? / the


c) cleaning / garage / The boys / the / arent


d) carton / grapes / dollars / The / two / are / a /


e) playing / girl / the / soccer / Is / ?


5) Rewrite the sentences into the plural form. (1.0)

a) That person is a great student.


b) Is this a green apple?


c) This book is new and White.


d) The mango is great today.


6) Write the words below in the their plural form. (1.0)

a) Book ___________________________ f) Dictionary ___________________________

b) Foot ___________________________ g) Toy ________________________________

c) Box ___________________________ h) Wife ______________________________

d) Man ___________________________ i) Car ________________________________

e) Watch __________________________ j) Bus ________________________________

8) Complete the sentences using AM / IS or ARE. (1.2)

a) My parents and I _____________ traveling to the beach next weekend.

b) Susan _____________ listening to music in her bedroom.

c) The girls_______________ doing the exercise. (negative)

d) ____________ the girls drinking soda or juice?

e) I _____________ going to the disco club next month.

f) _____________ the dog drinking the water?

9) Watch the pictures below. Then complete the sentences using the Present Continuous Tense and match
them to the pictures. (1.5)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

a) John _______________________________________________a great hamburger.

b) The baby _______________________________________ now. Dont make noise.

c) They ________________________________________ TV together,

d) Carlos _____________________________________ soda.

e) _______ Pedrinho _________________________ a bike at this moment?

10) Observe na gravura abaixo o que os alunos esto fazendo e depois marque T (true) ou F (false). (0.7)
Correct the false ones.

a) ( ) Luis is doing his

b) ( ) Aida and Yaiza arent
c) ( ) Sara isnt using the cell
d) ( ) Victor and Oleg are
e) ( ) Lucia and Carla are using
the compuer.

a) _______________________________________________________________________
b) _______________________________________________________________________

c) _______________________________________________________________________

d) _______________________________________________________________________

e) ________________________________________________________________________