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1. User wants to display a message in case instance, where he has to post it?

a) Public category of case instance

b) Private category of case instance
c) Portal
d) One more option, I dont remember
2. A pagelist contains sorted records. Want to add a new record, which
should get placed in sorted order only. What we should use?
a) Insert
b) Append
c) Prepend
d) Current
3. In which case, auto commit will not happen?
a) Case resolved
b) Case reopen
c) Assignment completed
d) One more option
4. Two questions on listeners, not from dumps/quiz, one was when listener
will run?
a) At all nodes at a time
b) At only one node
c) Only on node where host is present
5. PRPC Threading question, from dumps, answer was PRThread is a
6. An exception is encountered, where we can trace it
a) System logs
b) Clipboard
c) Tracer
d) Log Analyser
7. Question on declare expressions, when declare expression will get called?
3 -4 screenshots were given to confuse also, whenever target property is
referenced, declare expression will get called. Read forward chaining and
backward chaining concept properly.
8. Circumstancing question with baserule checked.
9. Simple Circumstancing question
10.2 questions on rule resolution
11.A manager wants to save a standard report in a shared category. How may
rules will get created
a) 3-shortcut, RD, category
b) 2
c) 1
d) 0
12.One question on framework, where to save standard process.
13.One questions on access manager-using Access manager, you cant grant
access to :
a) Worklist
b) WorkBasket
c) 3-4 more options, out of which you have to select 3 correct.
14.Parent case, child case is given, two different scenarios in two different
questions- In one case we should use data transform and in the other one,
data propagation. Study both concepts w.r.t case designer.
15.Parent/child case scenario- pxCoveredCount is equal to no of subcases.
16.Given a big flow, asked when data transform will get called? Answer- you
have to name the connector rule
17.Where routing is specified in screenflows? In start shape
18.What is float?
a) Data entity
b) Java identifier
c) Used to align UI to left/right
19.Responsive UI cant be referenced in :
a) Grid
b) Smart layout
c) Dynamic layout
d) One more option
20.Section cant be referenced in :
a) Layout
b) Portal
c) Harness
d) Skin
21.When data page gets reloaded-when new parameter is added
22.One question on screenflows, we need to revalidate whenever user
reaches 3rd screen. What to do? I guess this question is from quiz.
23.In case manager, on click of process designer, it is opening in read only
mode. Why?
a) Pydefault of case checked out
b) Pydefault of data transform checked out
c) Pystartinstance is checked out
d) One more option
24.Questions on spin off/ split for each/split join
25.Pull and push routing
26.A scenario was given on work party, new work party should be created in
which class?
a) Data-party-org
b) Data-party-person
c) Data-party-operatorId
d) One more option
27.One question on ruleset prerequisites.
28.Concept-Data instances should be mapped to ruleset. One multiple choice
question on it.
29.Most appropriate to read a comma separate value file?
a) Parse delimited
b) Parse xml
c) Map structured
30.Connector rules are referenced in :
a) Activity
b) Flow cation
c) Data page
d) Data transform
31.Question on relationship between AG and operator.
32.Question on Branching
33.Scenario based question on persistent smart shape, multiple choiceIf we
have to create unique case instances, then:
Create temporary WO
Add duplicate search smart shape to flow.
Once you find unique case, using persistence smart shape, change
it to permanent.
34.One question on activity, screenshot given. Property set, page copy were
used. We were asked to calculate value of a property.(given in dumps)
35.Where to handle error in data page? In postloadprocessing activity.
36.Data page refreshed at some time, within an hour called again. Will it get
reloaded again or not?

37.A business requirement is to attach a scanned document to work items.

However, only a select group of workers should be allowed to do so. Which
attachment feature would you most likely leverage to implement your
solution? (Choose One)
a) Configure an attachment category
b) Enable attachment level security
c) Add configure smart shape in flow
d) Provide a role-based attachment security
38.What type of property is "Drivers" in the following syntax:
a) Page
b) Page List
c) Page Group
d) Single Value
39.What type of property is "Drivers" in the following syntax:
a) Page
b) Page List
c) Page Group
d) Single Value
40.One question on responsive UI. Where all we can set it e.g.
a) Repeating grid
b) Column of grid
c) Smart shape
d) Few other options(multiple choice)
41.Scenario based on Pruning and archiving Wizard-archiving will be
scheduled and agent will be created for it.
42.Rules involved for restricting access to a flow action?
a) ARO
b) Privilege
c) Few other options
43.Dont remember exactly, one question on linked property.
44.Which of the following is the most appropriate use of Connect SQL rules?
(Choose Two)
a) Execute a stored procedure against an external database
b) Execute custom SQL statements to improve performance of queries
and updates to the PegaRULES database
c) Update an external table as part of a distributed transaction
d) Execute SQL statements that contain database vendor specific
e) Execute simple SQL Queries against an external database
45.For a SOAP Service, PRPC applies rule and data instances in which
execution order? (Choose
a) 1. Service Package
2. Service Rule
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Activity
5. Map Outbound Data
b) 1. Service Rule
2. Service Package
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Activity
5. Map Outbound Data
c) 1. Map Inbound Data
2. Service Activity
3. Map Outbound Data
4. Service Package
5. Service Rule
d) 1. Map Outbound Data
2. Service Activity
3. Map Inbound Data
4. Service Rule
5. Service Package

46.The SetInfo data transform is called by the UpdateInfo flow action,

which is called by the
MainFlow flow. Each rule is defined in the classes below:
MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff is the class of the work object. An architect
wishes to
specialize SetInfo, and so he does a SaveAs into MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-
TimeOff. Will the
new specialized rule be called when MainFlow is run? If so, can the original
SetInfo rule be
deleted? (Assume that UpdateInfo is the only rule that references SetInfo.)
(Choose One)
a) The specialized SetInfo rule will not be called. UpdateInfo is in the
more general class and therefore cannot call a rule in a more
specific class.
b) The specialized SetInfo rule will be called. However, the original
rule should be retained to prevent design-time validation errors.
c) The specialized SetInfo rule will be called, and the original can be
d) The specialized SetInfo rule will not be called. When two of the
same rules are in an inheritance path, the rule in the more general
class will be called.
47. If an agent runs at 2:30 PM and if its configured to run at 30 minutes
interval with a max records of 50, when does the agent run next time?
(Choose One)
e) Depends on the number of PRPC nodes
f) 30 minutes after the last run is started
g) 30 minutes after the last run is completed
h) One hour after the last run because all agents can run only once
every hour