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You all

New York Branch

405 Park Avenue, Suite no 904,
New York 10022
Ph:+646 760 0495 email Page 1
Vision and Mission


To emerge as a Preferred Bank by pursuing global

benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency, asset
quality, risk management and expanding the global reach.


To provide quality banking services with good customer

care, create value for all stakeholders and continue as a
responsive corporate social citizen. Page 2

Shri Ammebal Subbarao Pai, A Great Visionary and

Philanthropist who founded the bank in 1906. Page 3
About Canara Bank

A good bank is not only the financial heart of the community, but also one
with an obligation of helping in every possible manner to improve the
economic conditions of the common people Page 4
History of Canara Bank
The Bank has a glorious history of 110 years.

Started in 1906 as Canara Hindu Permanent Fund, in a small coastal town of

Karnataka State in India, the Bank was renamed Canara Bank Limited in 1910

The Bank was nationalised along with 13 other leading banks of India in 1969

Over 6000 branches spread over the length & breadth of India.

Presently the Bank has 8 overseas branches at London, Leicester in UK, Hong
Kong, Shanghai, Bahrain, Johannesburg, New York and UAE, apart from a Rep.
Office at Sharjah (UAE), and a Joint Venture with State Bank of India at Moscow.

The Bank has a distinct record of registering profits continuously since inception Page 5
Canara Bank At a Glance

A major State-owned Commercial Bank

66% equity held by the Government of India
Total Business of the Bank as at Dec 2015 was $ 125.00
Customer base of over 71 Million
At a
Glance One of the largest public sector bank in India in terms
of total business

The Bank has set its Vision to emerge as a

Preferred Bank with Best Practices Page 6
Shareholding Pattern

As on December 31, 2015

Govt. 66.3

FIIs 7.01


Mutual Funds 5.05

Others 2.27 Page 7
International footprint
Hong Kong
South Africa

Overseas business of the Bank (USD 7.5 Billion) constitutes

6.00% of the Global Business of the Bank
Present Page 8
International Ranking & Ratings

Banks Credit Ratings are as follows :

Long Term Short Term

Fitch BBB- F3

Moodys Baa3 Stable P-3

Banks Foreign Currency Senior Unsecured Debt Program (Medium Term

Note) Ratings are as under :

Fitch BBB-

Moodys Baa3 Page 9
Canara Bank in New York
New York Branch, being a branch of Canara Bank, India, a foreign
banking organization licensed by New York State Department of
Financial Services and Federal Reserve Bank, is treated as a foreign
branch and is deemed a Non-FDIC branch.

The following are products and services

Target Clients:-

Corporations/Companies/subsidiaries of Indian Companies

involved in trade and manufacturing activities with India or other
countries including US
US Corporations with existing or potential operations in India or
other countries Page 10
Canara Bank in New York
Products Offered:-

Financing Services - Working Capital and Term Loans

Trade Finances Letter of Credit Advising, Discounting,

Negotiation, Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit, Bills Purchased /
Discounted under or outside L/Cs

Syndication, Corporate loans, Advisory services for Financing in

India and US

Opening / issuance of Letters of Credit / Standby Letters of Credit

Certificate of Deposits & Corporate Deposits Offers attractive

rates on various tenors (minimum USD 250,000) Page 11
17 Jan 2015 Page 12