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1 | Lutron
ONE Globally Trusted Brand
You welcome guests from all over the worldyour control system should be just
as universal. Lutron offers you comprehensive energy-saving and comfort-control
solutionsfor light, shade, and temperatureas well as intelligent building
integration for all your properties across the globe.

Well be there for you World-class quality

For more than 55 years, Lutron has set the standard Lutron delivers peace of mind with ISO certification,
for innovation, quality and service, and since 1976 we 100% end-of-line testing, long product life, 10-year
have helped create the perfect atmosphere in some of battery life, and five decades of proven reliability.
the worlds finest hotels.
One trusted brand for your
Service and support entire property
The Lutron Global Corporate Accounts team helps From individual lighting controls to fully integrated
you navigate projects from start to finish, anywhere in building controls, and from the front desk to back of
the world. They offer 24/7 technical support by trained house and every guest suite, Lutron ensures a superb
professionals and engineers based in the US, Europe, experience, energy savings, and intuitive controls.
Asia, Africa and Australia.

LEED Consultant
(New York) Interior
Architect Designer
(Chicago) Lutron World (Paris)
Lighting Headquarters
(Los Angeles)
(New Delhi)
One Brand / One Provider / One Commitment 1-6 Specifying
Hospitality Room Types 7-24 (Mumbai)
(Hong Kong)

Vue Facility Management Systems 25-28

Design Options 29-40
Choosing the Right Solution 41-64
Hotel Projects 65-68

1 Burj
| Lutron
al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel 2 | Lutron
ONE Controls Provider
Lutron helps enhance guest comfort, improve staff efficiency, and save energy

throughout the property. Choose the ideal combination of light, shade and
temperature control solutions, and specify with confidence.

Quantum Total Light GRAFIK Eye QS

Serviced Management systems Preset, multi-zone control ensures one-touch
residences Improve comfort and productivity, simplify building scene recall of lights and shades for meeting rooms,
maintenance and operations, and create beautiful, conference rooms, restaurants and public areas.
functional environments for the entire property.
myRoom guestroom systems
Vive simple, scalable Family of guestroom systems for light, temperature,
wireless lighting control and shade control that can be tailored to specific
For simple retrofit and new construction, Vive performance and budget requirements.
is easy to install and setup, and lets you control,
Guestrooms monitor, and adjust light levels from anywhere Residential control solutions
using your smart device. Casta Wireless, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks
systems allow your residence owners to create their
Faade control perfect home environment.

Restaurants &
meeting rooms

Public areas

Back of house


3 | Lutron JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai, China 4 | Lutron

ONE Enduring Commitment
True luxury is achieved when technology works for you and your guests.
With Lutron, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort for functionality.

Enhance guest comfort Reduce energy use and control costs

The total guest experience is the key to reputation, Automated lighting, shade, and temperature control
brand loyalty, and creating customers for life. optimizes energy use, enhances productivity, and
Lutron helps to ensure a memorable experience improves comfort.
with every visit.
Guestroom control systems can use industry-leading
Lutron light, shade, and temperature control solutions algorithms to manage costs and reduce lighting/HVAC
create a beautiful, comfortable, and personalized energy use by up to 30%, while improving the guest
experience from check-in to check-out, and every experience.
time in between.
Shading solutions help reduce glare, and minimize
wear and tear on fabrics to support a more
Improve staff efficiency comfortable, longer-lasting, energy-efficient space.
System alerts, powerful reports, high-performance
products, and shared information help streamline And, by layering energy-saving strategies, the property
workflow and simplify hotel operations. can realize lighting energy savings of up to 60% in
offices, meeting rooms, and back-of-house areas.

Lutron delivers the ideal experience every time. In the following pages
we highlight specific Lutron solutions for each space in your hotel property.

5 | Lutron Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore 6 | Lutron

Lobbies &
Public Spaces
Lobbies are the face of your hotel
flexible, integrated lighting and shade control
ensures your property always makes a great
first impression.

Centralized control
Easily control, adjust, and monitor all the lights and shades
from a centralized control using Quantum Vue software.

Flexible setup
Create automated, preset scenes for different occasions or
times of day. Easily adjust or add scenes as the space
changes, or for a special event.

Enhanced experience
Improve staff productivity and help create the ideal
guest experience.

Quantum Total Light Management solutions create a seamless

experience throughout the day, and enable simple adjustments to
accommodate special occasions or changes to the space.

7 | Lutron Eurostars Tower Hotel, Madrid, Spain 8 | Lutron

Restaurants &
The right atmosphere is key to a
memorable dining experience. Intuitive
keypad controls make it easy to recall
preset scenes, ensuring that the staff can
concentrate on the guest experience.

Create and recall scenes for everyday use

Intuitive controls give your staff peace of mindfrom breakfast
to dinner, and prep to cleanup.

Timeclock control
Deliver a seamless, stress-free lighting atmosphere.

Shade control
Automatic shade control with manual override ensures a
comfortable, glare-free dining experience.

GRAFIK Eye preset scene controls and Sivoia QS Roller shades

combine to complement every event, meal, or occasion.

9 | Lutron The World Bar, New York, New York, USA 10 | Lutron
Ballroom lighting typically has to offer
customization for a wide variety of events
from wedding receptions, to fundraisers,
to classroom setupsyour ballroom
accommodates it all, and so should the
lighting control system.

Set the right light for any event and simplify fine lighting

Partition controls
Create the perfect atmosphere for individual events, or
deliver a beautiful environment in the total ballroom area.

Quantum Vue software

Facilitate real-time, in-space adjustment and monitoring
from any smart device.

Create theatrical scenes

Provide the perfect light for that special occasion, and
then easily return to automated control presets.

Control the system from a smart device, or from

local controls in the space.

11 | Lutron The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York, New York, USA 12 | Lutron
Conference &
Meeting Rooms
Preset scenes make it easy to create
and recall room scenesor automatically
control lights, shades, and temperature
from a single keypad.

Setup and recall standard scenes

Create scenes for meetings, A/V presentations,
teleconferences and luncheons.

Seamless A/V and shade integration

Deliver a comfortable, productive environment.

Flexible, individual fixture control

Customized control settings to meet every
user need.

Preset scene control offers the perfect atmosphere for

meetings and presentations at the touch of a button.

13 | Lutron The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York, New York, USA 14 | Lutron
& Suites
Create a comfortable, energy-saving
environment for your guests home
away from home.

Energy savings
Control lights, shades, and temperature to automatically
reduce energy use.

Improved guest experience

Simple-to-use, intuitive controls create a comfortable,
familiar environment.

Shade control
Shade controls offer privacy and light controlpull-to-start
shades provide familiar operation for any guest.

Improved operations
Lutron quality, reliability, and performance help ensure that
guestrooms stay available for sale. Seamlessly connect suites
and provide a comfortable stay for groups of guests.

myRoom prime and plus offer light, shade and temperature control,
and save energy beautifully.

15 | Lutron Klapsons Hotel, Singapore 16 | Lutron

Luxury Penthouses
Take guestroom control to the next level
and deliver the ultimate home away from
homeluxury, comfort, and convenience
for your most discerning guests.

Power to scale
With the power to handle the most demanding applications
whether it is whole-floor penthouses or multi-story villas, Lutron
systems can scale to meet your needs.

Elevate the guest experience

Integrate with other systems like AV to create a smarter, more
responsive atmosphere in luxury rooms. Create the ideal
ambiance and the perfect room environment.

Elevate the service experience

Quickly respond to guest requests, troubleshoot issues, and
easily integrate with other building systems.

myRoom plus guestroom system offers powerful, flexible and integrated

solutions to handle your most demanding applications

17 | Lutron 18 | Lutron
Back of House
Simple, scalable lighting control offers the
ideal energy-saving solution for both new and
retrofit applications.

Energy savings
Lighting in many back-of-house spaces such as restrooms,
hallways, and storage areas does not always have to be
onsave energy automatically with occupancy sensors
and scalable systems.

Simple installation and setup

Wireless controls reduce installation time by up to 70%,
and save on labor costs and downtime.

Safety and security

Ensure the right lighting for safety and security, without
wasting energy when a space is unoccupied.

Vive simple, scalable controls offer flexible, wireless

energy-saving solutions. Our wired or wireless sensor
controls save energy automatically.

19 | Lutron 20 | Lutron
Residential lighting control systems deliver
high-tech luxury to owners.

Fully integrated, connected control

Centralized control for the entire apartmentwireless remotes,
app-based control from any smart device, and convenient
keypads deliver ultimate convenience and save energy beautifully.

Control lights, shades, and temperature

Adjust the entire space environment at the touch of a button,
and easily create scenes for your favorite activities.

Lutron Casta Wireless, RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks

systems offer scalable solutions and app-enabled control
for every home.

21 | Lutron 22 | Lutron
Shading Solutions
for Every Space
Transform the guest experience automated
shades and shading control solutions provide
the perfect balance of daylight and electric light
from the hotel lobby to your guestrooms.

Automated shading solutions

Offer a variety of options from timeclock-controlled events, to
preset scenes that can be recalled at the touch of a button,
to solar-adaptive solutions that automatically adjust based on
advanced environmental algorithms.

Pull-to-start draperies
Combine familiar, pull-to-start operation with optional remote
controls for the perfect room atmosphere for every guest.

Architectural design and engineering excellence

Reliable performance, seamless integration, and advanced energy
savings are just a few benefits of Lutron shading solutions.

Lutron Alena Drapery Track, Roller Shades and Roman Shades,

Kirb Vertical Drapery and Tensioned Shades offer a variety of
options to enhance any property.

23 | Lutron Park Hyatt, Chicago, Illinois 24 | Lutron

System Software
The Lutron Vue user interfaces provide intuitive tools to help you monitor,
analyze, adjust, and report on building performance.

Simple to use software Familiar look and feel

Web-based software delivers the same user Designed by a dedicated UX team, Quantum Vue,
experience on all platforms mobile devices myRoom Vue, and Vive Vue software features
and desktop computers make it easy to keep the same, intuitive system look and feel to
staff trained. simplify operations.

Control from anywhere

Facility managers can control lights, shades,
and temperature from anywhereinside the
building or anywhere in the world.

Quantum Vue, myRoom Vue, and Vive Vue software offers a familiar user interface in each product platform.

25 | Lutron Royal Mirage, Dubai, UAE 26 | Lutron

Facility Management Software Guest Room Management Software
Focused on areas other than guestrooms, Quantum Vue helps you manage the property's public spaces Focused on the guestrooms, HVAC control and room status are unique to myRoom Vue, and provide
with features including load shed, scheduling, create favorite buttons, space utilization reports, daylighting an optimized experience when interacting with the guestrooms.
and Hyperion solar-adaptive shading.

Building dashboard Room dashboard

Monitor and adjust whole-building performance at a 
Monitor and adjust a single room or area efficiently.
glance. Review energy, alerts, and current occupancy. Control and monitor lights, shades and HVAC in
Simply and quickly create time-based control of facility the room. Review energy and alerts in the room for
lighting and shades. Respond to load shed requests troubleshooting and maintenance, or review current
automatically, or at the touch of a button. room status and enable/disable room automation.

Quantum Vue myRoom Vue

Floorplan navigation
Optimized building real estate usage Easily navigate through a visual floorplan of
Use Quantum occupancy sensor data (historic the building. Quickly manage multiple areas,
and live) to provide reports on space utilization troubleshoot issues, and monitor building
for the entire building or for a particular area. performance from anywhere.
Improve maintenance crew efficiency and
Pan-and-zoom feature dynamically adjusts the
make better-informed decisions on repurposing details presented based on zoom level.
underutilized spaces.
View alerts, lighting status, occupancy, or current
energy usage.

Quantum Vue myRoom Vue

HVAC control
Time-based control of facility lighting Easily view and adjust the current status of
Lights can automatically be set to a preset level HVAC/thermostat settings.
or to turn on/off based on the time of day. Shades Control the thermostat settings and adjust set
can automatically raise or lower in certain spaces backs based on guestroom status.
at specific times.
View current and historical HVAC performance
for troubleshooting.

Quantum Vue myRoom Vue

27 | Lutron 28 | Lutron
Design Options:
Colors, Finishes, Styles, and Fabrics

Innovative, intuitive solutions help you achieve your design vision,

and establish a unique aesthetic for your property.

Controls and keypads Shades and fabrics

Lutron offers a variety of control styles, Hundreds of options from sheer to blackout
and accessories to customize the solution shades allow you to select the perfect
for your property. combination of technology, fabrics,
and controls.
Colors and finishes
Select from a broad palette of colors and Robust customization capabilities
finishes to complement your style. For those one-of-a-kind projects, Lutron can
help you create custom controls to meet specific
design and detail requirements.

Choose from a range of control styles, finishes, and capabilities.

29 | Lutron 30 | Lutron
Palladiom QSMeet the family
US Style Keypads Thermostat
Button configuration US Style Accessories

2-Button 3-Button 4-Button 3-Button with 15A duplex 20A duplex 15A USB
Raise/Lower receptacle receptacle receptacle
Gang options

1-Gang 2-Gang 3-Gang 4-Gang Gang keypads and receptacles

Euro Style Keypads

Button configuration Euro Style Accessories*

2-Button 3-Button 4-Button 3-Button with 16A Switched 13A Switched 13A Switched 16A French RJ-45 Jack Single 2A USB
Raise/Lower Receptacle Chinese Socket UK Socket Receptacle
Gang options

*Manufactured and sold

by T&J Electric based
on Lutron aesthetic

1-Column 2-Column 3-Column 4-Column Dual 2A USB 2-Gang Accessories 3-Gang Accessories

Available Colors
Architectural Matte Architectural Metal Glass
White Beige Almond Light Ivory Gray Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Clear
Almond Brass Brass Chrome Chrome Nickel White Glass


Taupe Sienna Brown Black Satin Polished Antique Antique Clear

Nickel Graphite Brass Bronze Black Glass


31 | Lutron 32 | Lutron
Pico Wireless Controls
US Pico Wireless Keypads (434 MHz) Euro Style Pico Wireless Keypads (868 MHz)

2-Button 3-Button 4-Button 2-Button 3-Button

2-Button with Raise/Lower 3-Button with Raise/Lower 3-Button with Raise/Lower 2-Button with Raise/Lower 3-Button with Raise/Lower
and Nightlight

Available Colors Available Colors

Gloss Matte Architectural Metal Glass
White Light Ivory Black White/ Arctic White Black Satin Satin Bright Clear
Almond Gray* Brass** Nickel** Chrome** White Glass**


Fits standard Claro wallplates *Not available for 4-button Pico ** Wallplate only

33 | Lutron 34 | Lutron
Architectural Keypads Architectural Keypads
US seeTouch QS Keypads Euro Style seeTouch QS Keypads

Available Colors Available Colors

Architectural Matte Architectural Matte Architectural Metallic
White Beige Almond Light Ivory Gray Arctic White Argentum Mica


Taupe Brown Black


Architectural Metal Architectural Metal

Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin
Brass Brass Chrome Chrome Nickel Nickel Brass Brass Chrome Chrome Nickel Nickel


Antique Antique Clear Anodized Black Anodized Brass Anodized Antique Antique Gold
Brass Bronze Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Brass Bronze Plated


Glass Glass

Clear Clear
White Glass White Glass


35 | Lutron 36 | Lutron
QS Keypads QS Keypads
Architrave Keypads Signature Series Keypads GRAFIK Eye QS

Available Colors Available Colors

Architectural Matte
Architectural Matte (Metal)
White Beige Almond Light Ivory Gray


Brown Black

Architectural Metal
Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin BR BL
Brass Brass Chrome Chrome Nickel Nickel
Architectural Metal
BB SB BC SC BN SN Bright Satin Bright Satin Bright Satin
Brass Brass Chrome Chrome Nickel Nickel
Antique Antique Gold Clear Anodized Black Anodized Brass Anodized
Brass Bronze Plated Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum

QB QZ AU CLA BLA BRA Antique Antique Clear Anodized Black Anodized Brass Anodized
Brass Bronze Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum


37 | Lutron 38 | Lutron
Lutron Shading Solutions
Lutron offers a variety of options to enhance any property.

Shade Types Shade Types

Our design-focused fabric collections for motorized shades deliver outstanding performance and exceptional
aesthetics. Choose from a range of colors, patterns, textures, and styles, including environmentally friendly
and fire-rated fabrics.

Drapery/Curtain Tracks Roller Shades Roman Shades

Suggested uses: Suggested uses: Suggested uses:
guest rooms, restaurants, lobbies guestrooms, hotel lobbies, guestrooms, spas
conference rooms,
Pull-to-start functionality available Feature CERUS safety technology,
restaurants, ballrooms
Offer daylight control in pinch pleat which eliminates exposed cords
or ripplefold styles Lutrons most versatile Soft fabrics and woven woods

Pinch pleat and ripplefold shade style are available in Lutrons fabric
fabric styles Available in different sizes collections; customers own
Straight, curved, and long-track ideal for multi-story windows material can also be used
systems available and curtain walls
Precise alignment of

multiple shades Avant Collection Gallery Collection

Sheer, translucent, and Traditional Drapery, Kirb Vertical Drapery, Roller Shades
blackout opacities available Venetian Blinds, and Roman Shades

Kirb Vertical Tensioned Shades

Drapery System Suggested uses:
Suggested uses: guestrooms, lobbies
guestrooms, conference rooms Maximize view and privacy
Eliminates stackback with its Available in meet-in-the-middle,
one-of-a-kind drapery roller skylight, and bottom-up shades
system Can be installed at any angle Euro Collection with Coulisse Classico Collection
Roller Shades and Venetian Blinds Roller Shades and Tensioned Shades

Customers Own Material

We recognize the unique nature of your projects. You may need to match or coordinate window treatments with your
brand. We welcome customers own material requests in addition to offering our well-rounded collection of shade fabrics.

39 | Lutron 40 | Lutron
Choosing the Right Solution
Innovative, intuitive solutions help you achieve your design vision, and
meet and exceed energy goals for your entire property.

Guestroom control solutions Centralized control systems

From standalone control to integrated Achieve centralized control of lights, shades,
guestroom management systems, choose and temperature for every other space in your
the right solutions to create a home-away hotel. Manage, monitor, and adjust settings using
from-home for every guest. Quantum Vue software, and improve the entire
experience for your staff and guests.

Standalone myRoom Prime myRoom Plus

41 | Lutron Venetian, Macau, China 42 | Lutron

Guestroom control
Standalone solutions

Save energy and improve guest comfort

with personal light and shade control

Pico remote controls

Give guests the ability to adjust lights and shades right from a
bedside or wall control to ensure a comfortable, relaxing stay.

Simple drapery control

Pull-to-start draperies offer familiar operation and ensure
guest privacy.

Dimmers and Switches

Dimmers, switches, and sensors help control room ambiance.

43 | Lutron 44 | Lutron
Guestroom SystemStandalone Solutions
Select the system components

Load Controls Keypads

Casta dimmers and switch Pico wireless control for lights or shades


Alena drapery track Sivoia QS Roller Shades

PowPak Relay and 010V modules

Alena QS drapery track

Save energy, and allow guests to personalize the room experience.

Pico wireless remotes and RF-enabled load controls offer simple installation and operation, helping to
reduce energy use while improving comfort

- Pico Scene controlsMaster on/off controls at the room entrance make energy savings easy

- Pico Bedside controlsoffer goodnight scenes or all off" control for guest convenience

- Pico Master On/Off controlsprovide common light/shade scenes at the touch of a button

Maestro dimmers and switch Maestro bathroom and timer occupancy sensor Alena pull-to-start draperies are intuitive and familiar for any guest add a Pico remote for convenient
bedside control

Maestro in-wall occupancy sensors and timers ensure lights and fans are not left on in bathrooms

45 | Lutron Note: Not all products are available in all regions. 46 | Lutron
Guestroom System
myRoom Prime

myRoom prime is a guestroom

control system independent of hotel
management systems.

Light, Temperature, and Shade Control

Independent of hotel management systems.

Guest Presence Detection

A combination of occupancy sensing, door open/close,
and keypad button press information determines
room occupancy.

Energy Savings
Automatically reduce lighting and HVAC use based
on guest presence detection.

47 | Lutron JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai, China 48 | Lutron

Guestroom SystemmyRoom prime GuestroommyRoom Prime
Select the system components Lights, temperature, and shades with Palladiom
Every myRoom prime system starts with lighting control that can respond to guest presence detection
Palladiom QS keypads
Complete the system with temperature control and Alena drapery track solutions


Palladiom QS keypads
Palladiom QS
room thermostat Alena
(with occupancy sensor) QS wired
drapery track
Pico wireless control for lights or shades Palladiom QS for lights or shades

To Lutron
HVAC controller
Thermostats Draperies/Shades

230V~ model Palladiom QS Alena drapery track

Sivoia QS Roller Shades
Load controllers (wired) Palladiom QS
Alena QS drapery track
CCO* to receptacle controller QS wire
CCI* to door contact (third-party) Low voltage contact closure wire
Base system components 4 conductor digital wire
Typical sequence of operations
Occupied Unoccupied Manual control

Zone control, zone toggle,

Wireless access point Occupancy sensors Load controls Lights Welcome Scene Off
scene control
QS sensor modules (QSM) Ceiling-mount, wireless 1A Switch

Wall-mount, wireless 1A Phase adaptive dimmer

Ceiling-mount, wired Receptacle control Powered Off Not applicable

Wall-mount, wired (with third-party power
Door contact (third-party) pack or contactor) Comfort mode: Setback mode:
DIN rail panel Temperature Guest-controlled setpoint, Drift to hotels Guest-controlled setpoint
small drift energy-saving setpoints

Draperies/ Open, close, preset, and

Unaffected Unaffected
Shades manual pull-to-start

49 | Lutron *CCO/CCI only available on switching module Note: Not all products are available in all regions. 50 | Lutron
Guestroom System
myRoom plus

myRoom plus is a guestroom

management system that integrates
with hotel management systems.

Guest Presence Detection

Uses a combination of occupancy sensing, door open/close, and
keypad button press information to determine room occupancy.

Energy Savings
Increased energy savings from sold/unsold information with
additional HVAC setbacks.

myRoom Vue
A powerful and easy-to-use web-based, front-end dashboard that
allows for monitoring, adjustment and troubleshooting of lights,
HVAC, and motorized window treatments in guestrooms from a
tablet or desktop-based browser.

Integrates with property, building, and door lock management
systems and AV systems for additional guest and staff benefits.

51 | Lutron Park Hyatt, Shanghai, China 52 | Lutron

Guestroom SystemmyRoom plus
Select the system components
Every myRoom plus system is programmed with a guestroom control unit that responds to guest presence
detection and facilitates integration with third-party systems
Complete the system with the right mix of light, temperature, and shade controls

Keypads Draperies/Shades

Alena drapery track

Roller shades Roman shades Kirb vertical Tensioned
Alena QS drapery track
(Sivoia QS) (Sivoia QS) drapery shades
(Sivoia QS) (Sivoia QS)
Pico wireless control for lights or shades Privacy Pico Corridor Pico

Base system components

Room controllers Integration Wireless access point

Guestroom control units Property management system QS sensor modules (QSM)
1 link and 2 link Building management system

Door lock and other third-party

Palladiom QS for lights or shades seeTouch QS (insert and non-insert models available) integration management systems
Concierge system

Contact closure

Thermostats 1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4 CCI
Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
IR Photo Occ Switch


Energi Savr Node

Input Def H

Hi Temp Opt1 M

Program Opt2 L

Power Opt3

L N Mains
only 1,2 N m

others 0,5 N m

220 - 240 V~
50/60 Hz 10 A

Occupancy sensors Load controls

Ceiling-mount, wireless 1A switch DALI (230V~)
Wall-mount, wireless 10A switch (230V~) EcoSystem
Ceiling-mount, wired 1A phase adaptive dimmer
Wall-mount, wired 2A phase adaptive dimmer (230V~)
Signature Series Architrave 230V~ model Palladiom QS DMX interface
Door contact (third party) Receptacle control
(with third-party power pack or contactor)
DIN rail panel

53 | Lutron Note: Not all products are available in all regions. 54 | Lutron
Guestroom SystemmyRoom plus
Lights, temperature, and shades with integration

Palladiom QS keypads Typical sequence of operations

Unsold Sold Sold Occupied Sold Occupied Sold
Check-out Check-in Day Night Unoccupied

Day/Night grand Day welcome Night welcome

Lights Off Off
Wireless sensor welcome scene scene* scene*

Corridor Pico & Off Off Powered* Powered* Off
Palladiom QS

Palladiom QS room Alena Deep Setback: Setback Mode: Comfort Mode: Comfort Mode: Setback Mode:
thermostat QS wired Temperature hotel setpoint, hotel setpoint, guest controlled, guest controlled, guest controlled,
drapery track large drift medium drift small drift small drift medium drift

To Lutron Wireless access

HVAC controller point Draperies/ Day-Open
Closed Unaffected Unaffected Unaffected
Shades Night-Closed

QS wired

Load controllers Contact Guestroom Palladiom QS

(wired) closure control unit keypad

to door contact*
(if required) to myRoom Vue, BMS, QS wire
to door bell* PMS, door lock server, Low voltage contact closure wire
and 3rd party AV and Ethernet wire
to corridor plate* touchscreen integration 4 conductor digital wire
(if required)

to receptacle

*By third party

55 | Lutron 56 | Lutron
System Comparison

Features myRoom prime myRoom plus Components myRoom prime myRoom plus

Energy saving
statuses Phase adaptive dimming
Guest entry welcome scene1 Load types

Welcome scene
Check-in welcome scene
DALI (230V only)
Time-of-day programming
Do not disturb/make up room Pico wireless control
Turn-down scene Palladiom
Privacy and corridor
Pico controls Keypads seeTouch
Third-party corridor plate Architrave
PMS integration for guest Signature Series
check-in and privacy/service
Integration 230V~ model
BMS BACnet/IP integration Thermostats
for lights, shades, and Palladiom QS
temperature control
Door lock integration Alena drapery track solutions
for energy management Draperies/
Shades Sivoia QS roller shades,
Concierge/AV integration
Roman shades, and all other
Sivoia QS shade styles

Requires door contact

1 2
With GRX-TVI interface

57 | Lutron 58 | Lutron
Quantum System Components
Quantum provides total light management by tying the most complete line of lighting controls, window
shades, digital ballasts, and LED drivers and sensors together under one system and software umbrella.
Many of the system components are available in both wired and wireless options. Here the key components.

LED Drivers & Fluorescent Ballasts Shades

Hi-lume 1%

Sivoia QS roller shades Sivoia QS skylight shades

Hi-lume Premier Hi-lume 1% 5-series
0.1% Constant (with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black)
Voltage LED driver

Sensors Quantum Software

Wired Wireless Home Floor Search
Logout Jeery

Quantum Vue facility GreenGlance energy Q-Control+ app Personna PC web-based

Occupancy/ Daylight Radio Powr Savr Radio Powr Savr Radio Window
vacancy sensor sensor occupancy/vacancy daylight sensor sensor management software dashboard personal control software

Controls Quantum Hubs/Power Panels

Wired Wireless

Palladiom GRAFIK T seeTouch QS Wired Pico Pico wireless controls

Quantum hubs QS smart panel Energi Savr Node Architectural
power supply (EcoSystem, 010V dimming and
Switching) switching panels
(GP, XP, LP)

QS Signature QS Architrave GRAFIK Eye QS


59 | Lutron Note: Not all products are available in all regions. 60 | Lutron
Vive System Components
A revolutionary wireless lighting control solution for new and existing buildings
Wireless controls and sensors Vive Software

Energy reporting Load shed Schedules

Quickly view and display energy Easily set lighting reduction levels Use a simple, weekly calendar to
usage information to drive decision that automatically respond during automatically adjust lights based on
making and demonstrate savings. peak electricity usage times. time of day.

Pico wireless controls

From any device

Sensors Optimized for mobile platforms; works on any
device (PC, tablet, or smart phone)

Radio Powr Savr Radio Powr Savr Fixture control

occupancy/vacancy daylight sensor sensor

Light Controllers

Vive Hub

Maestro dimmers and switch PowPak Relay and 010V modules

Plug load controllers

61 | Lutron Note: Not all products are available in all regions. 62 | Lutron
Energi TriPak System Components Energi TriPak

Wireless controls and sensors Light Controllers

Pico wireless controls Maestro dimmers and switch PowPak Relay and 010V modules


Radio Powr Savr Radio Powr Savr Fixture control Plug load controllers
occupancy/vacancy daylight sensor sensor

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Prestigious hotel projects
Lutron products and solutions are used Europe
Edition Hotel, London, England
in these and many more hotels all over Fairmont, Baku, Azerbaijan
the world. Four Seasons, Baku, Azerbaijan
Four Seasons George V, Paris, France
Four Seasons, Moscow, Russia
Africa Grand Hyatt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Hilton Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Conrad Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
Hotel Kudamm, Berlin, Germany
InterContinental Citystars, Cairo, Egypt
Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany
Kempinski, Gold Coast, Ghana
Park Hyatt Paris-Vendme, Paris, France
Mazagan Beach Resort, Morocco
Peninsula, Paris, France
Meridien Oran, Algeria JW Marriott, Shanghai, China Prestige Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
Royal Mansour, Marrakesh, Morocco
The Ritz Carlton, Wolfsburg, Germany
Sofitel, O Flic En Flac, Mauritius
Rosewood Hotel, London, England
Shangri-La, Paris, France
Asia/Middle East St. Regis Grand Hotel, Rome, Italy
W Hotel, Paris, France
Cheval Blanc Randheli, Republic of Maldives
The Claridges Hotels and Resorts, New Delhi, India The Westin Excelsior, Rome, Italy
Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE
Four Seasons, Hangzhou, Hong Kong & Macau, China
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore
Latin America
Grand Hyatt, Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong, China Andaz, Papagayo, Costa Rica
Grand Hyatt, Goa, India The Fairmont Acapulco Princess, Acapulco, Mexico
Hyatt Regency, Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fasano Ipanema, Ro de Janeiro, Brazil
InterContinental Jordan, Amman, Jordan Hyatt Regency, Mexico City, Mexico,
JW Marriott, Abu Dhabi, UAE JW Marriott, Bogot, Colombia
JW Marriott, Shanghai, China Ritz Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico
JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tamanaco Intercontinental, Caracas, Venezuela
The Langham, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE The Westin Rco Ki Beach & Golf Resort,
Le Mridien Grand Pacific, Tokyo, Japan La Alta Gracia, Dominican Republic
Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
Kempinski Hotel, Ishtar, Jordan
Le Mridien Grand Pacific, Tokyo, Japan Park Hyatt, Shanghai, China
North America
Nagoya Marriott, Nagoya, Japan Andaz Wailea, Maui, HI, USA
Park Hyatt, Beijing, Tianjin & Shanghai, China Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Park Hyatt, Seoul, Korea Four Seasons, Hawaii, USA
Park Hyatt Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan Four Seasons, Orlando, FL, USA
The Peninsula, Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong, China Hilton Washington Dulles Airport, Washington, DC, USA
The Peninsula, Tokyo, Japan InterContinental Buckhead Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA
Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, India JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Ritz Carlton, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Shenzhen, China JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, CA, USA
Royal Mirage Dubai, UAE JW Marriott Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL, USA
Sands Hotel & Casino, Singapore and Macau, China Langham Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA
Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou, China Mandarin Oriental, New York, NY, USA
Sofitel, Beijing, Qingdao & Xiamen, China Mandarin Oriental, Washington, DC, USA
St. Regis, Beijing, Tianjin & Sanya, China Park Hyatt Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
The Westin, Hyderabad, India Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, CA, USA
Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL, USA
St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco, CA, USA
Virgin Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA

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Nagoya Marriott, Nagoya, Japan Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
Guestroom Projects North America
Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, Maui, HI, USA
Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA, USA
Lutron has a long and rich history of Harbor House Hotel, Galveston, TX, USA
Historic Park Inn, Mason City, IA, USA
products and solutions for guestrooms. Hotel Galvez and Spa, Galveston, TX, USA
Langham Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA
Below is a sampling of projects where a Lutron system Le Germain Hotel, Toronto, ON, Canada
myRoom or otherwise has been installed. Loews Chicago Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA
Park Hyatt Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
Primland Resort, Meadows of Dan, Virginia, USA
Asia, Middle East, and Africa Radison Blu, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Banyan Tree Phuket, Phuket, Thailand The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Cheval Blanc Randheli, Republic of Maldives Trump International Hotel, New York City, NY, USA
Crowne Plaza Kuwait Al Thuraya City, Kuwait City, Kuwait Virgin Hotel, Chicago, IL, USA
Dusit Devarana, New Delhi, India
Four Seasons, Macau, China Klapsons Hotel, Singapore Park Hyatt, Paris, France
Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE Europe
Grand Hyatt, Singapore Best Western Hotel Ohm, Paris, France
Grand Hyatt, Bangkok, Thailand Cheval Blanc, Courchevel, France
Hyatt Regency, Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Cosmo HotelPalace, Milan, Italy
Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE El Cigarral de las Mercedes, Toledo, Spain
JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai, China Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France
Klapsons Hotel, Singapore Four Seasons Park Lane, London, UK
Le Mridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre, Oran, Algeria Frankfurt MarriottHotel, Frankfurt, Germany
Mandarin Oriental, Beijing, China Grand Hyatt Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Marriott, Singapore Hotel 1898, Barcelona, Spain
Orchard Hotel, Singapore Hotel Almerimar, Almeria, Spain
Park Hyatt Al Maaden, Marrakech, Morocco Hotel Barrire Le Fouquets, Paris, France
Park Hyatt, Shanghai, China Hotel Barrire Les Neiges Barrire, Courchevel, France
Park Hyatt Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Hotel Cheval Blanc, Courchevel, France
Royal Garden Hotel, Hong Kong, China Hotel de Vendme, Paris, France
Royal Mansour, Marrakesh, Morocco Hotel Eurostars, Madrid, Spain
Sea View Club Hotel, Dubai, UAE Hotel Keppler, Paris, France
Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou, China Hotel Murmuri Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
The Ritz Carlton, Abu Dhabi, UAE Hotel Plaza Athne, Paris, France
The Ritz-Carlton, Rabat, Morocco Hotel Strato, Courchevel, France
The Ritz-Carlton Tamuda Bay, Tetouan, Morocco Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany Prestige Hotel, Barcelona, Spain Hotel Villa Majestic, Paris, France
The Venetian, Macau, China Hotel Vincci Arena, Barcelona, Spain
Westin, Singapore Hotel Vincci Baixa, Lisboa, Portugal
White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou, China Hotel Vincci Palace, Valencia, Spain
Wynn Macau, Macau, China Inspira Santa MartaHotel, Lisboa, Portugal
Langham hotel, London, UK
OhlaHotel, Barcelona, Spain
Latin America Parador de Alcal de Henares, Madrid, Spain
Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Papagayo, Costa Rica Park Hyatt Paris-Vendme, Paris, France
Four Seasons Cabo Riviera, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Prestige Hotel, Barcelona, Spain
Four Seasons Hotel Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico Radisson Blu, Cannes, France
Fasano Ipanema, Ro de Janeiro, Brazil Rosewood Hotel, London, UK
Grand Hyatt, Rio de Janiero, Brazil Shangri-La, Paris, France
Grand Hyatt Resort, Playa del Carmen, Mexico The Ritz Hotel, Paris, France
Hyatt Regency, Mexico City, Mexico The Peninsula, Paris, France
Hyatt Regency, Guadalajara, Mexico The Wellesley, London, UK
Tamanaco InterContinental, Caracas, Venezuela Urban Hotel, Madrid, Spain
The Ritz Carlton, San Juan, Puerto Rico Vincci Capitol Hotel, Madrid, Spain
Z Hotel, London, UK
For a list of case studies, visit
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Venetian, Macau, China Sheraton Hotel, Huzhou, China

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