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CONCEPT MAP logical, with many key cross connections, a rich conceptual map.

is important since
It ensures continuity of Reproduction
can be
One produces Offspring that inherit
Advantages & involves Two
parent Asexual has has Sexual characteristics from both
Disadvantages parents
occurs in
fusion leads to
Genetically includes Plants Animals
identical consists of
Structure Male gametes
offspring have produces
involves involves (sperm) & female leads to
Male & gametes (egg)
produces female parts Flowers Male & Formation of
Budding determines female zygote/embryo/
reproductive fetus
Agents of facilitates
Cuttings Male system is
pollination requires Oestrogen
gametes controlled
(pollen Pollination by
Runners grains) & Advantages & Self Menstrual cycle Progesterone
female Disadvantages has
has two
gametes types determines
Cloning leads to Health of baby
(eggs) Cross Pre- and post-natal care
each differs in
Grafting involves Birth control methods Degree of
leads to Fusion of pollen effectiveness
grains with eggs Fertilization
Tissue Sexually
leads to transmitted includes
culture infections Symptoms Treatment / control
involves Formation of seeds and
Transformation of
fruit Human
ovary & ovules
population influences
Quality of life Food production Use of resources