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Beginners Guide to PkHex

Written by /u/Southernbby

(This Guide assumes you already understand the basics of the game and the competitive meta-game,
if you dont some things may not make sense)

Note: This is for 6th gen games (XY and ORAS) If another game comes out for 6th gen this guide may or
may not work.

Note 2: Some of the rules I have spelled out here can be broken as online games do not catch all of
them yet, I put them there because they have added rules over updates to try and catch genned
Pokmon, and as long as you follow the rules your Pokmon will always work.

PKHex can be downloaded Here:


Disclaimer: This is a guide to how to gen Pokmon, what you do with them is completely up to you, I
am not remotely responsible for you getting any kind of flak for using genned Pokmon or being kicked
out of a tournament for using them. What you do with this knowledge is up to you.

The Basics:
PkHex is a program written by Kaphotics and can be used for 2 different things, editing saves
and creating Pokmon. Creating your own Pokmon is rather simple, but there are a couple of
rules for using them online or in a tournament. You also have to have a way to get them into
the game, and Ill cover that very briefly at the end. Editing saves can also be done, but again
its a little complicated and Im not going to cover that here though its the same concept with
some additional goodies
Some Terms Im going to be using:

Legality: Legal as in will it be able to be used online not against an actual law. You can have a
Charizard with Hydro Pump and use it as much as you want in your game, but as soon as you try
to use it online, it will not let you play until you remove that Pokmon from your inventory.
Mon: Just means Pokmon, sometimes Im too lazy to write out the whole thing.
Creating Pokmon:

Opening up PKHex you will see this. This is the basic screen for PKHex and as you
can see it is not terribly difficult to understand. For generating Pokemon you will
only ever have to use the left side of the program as the right is for editing saves.
Page 1 (Basic Information about the Pokmon)

Here I have marked up the Main tab of the PKHex Pokmon Editor.
1: The star is to declare weather the Pokmon is shiny or not. It will turn Red
when it is shiny. It is not a toggle button, you have to click reroll(#4) to turn it
back to normal though.
2: PID: This is the Pokmon ID, you wont need to touch this. Declares IfShiny and
Gender per mon.
3: Gender toggle.
4: Reroll randomized the ID, also turns off shiny since shiny is declared in the PID.
5: What Pokmon it is.
6: Toggle whether or not it has a nickname. Check it if you want your genned mon
to have a nickname.
7: Heres where you put the nickname
8: How much EXP a Pokmon has, will change in accordance to level. Only change
this if you want a specific amount of XP, if you want to set level use 9
9: Set the Level of the Pokmon
10: Set Nature.
11: What Item its holding
12: The Friendship level of the Pokmon (Max is 255) Moves like return will do
max damage at level 255.
13: What form the Pokmon is, unless its something like Vivillion where there are
permanent differences it will not stay. Its possible to inject a Pokmon as a Mega,
but as soon as you battle with it, it will return to normal. Some glitches can
happen when inserting Pokmon with non-permanent forms as well, so unless it
is a permanent difference (Gastrodon, Vivillion, etc.) dont mess with it.
14: Ability. HAs are shown here too.
15: Language. Not really important, but it just shows what language the default
name should be shown in. (If you catch a Geodude, and set the language to
German it will be shown as Kleinstein), I would just set it to whatever your first
language is.
16: Is Egg? Is the Pokmon still in an egg? Unless you specifically want it in an egg
uncheck this, it can cause some weird glitches and interesting side effects. I dont
recommend doing this
17: Is the Pokmon infected with PokeRUS
18: Was the Pokmon ever infected with PokeRUS
19: Country of Origin, once again doesnt really matter, just set wherever you are.
When you catch a Pokmon normally it sets this as whatever Country your 3DS is
20: Sub region, I usually leave this blank, but you can put something in there, its
the same deal with the Country or Origin and just sets it based on your 3DSs
21: 3DS region. Same thing, just is set on what your 3DS is, for safe measure set it
to what it is as there have been issues with injected Pokmon that are of different
The main is all the main information about the Pokmon, but as we go through
the tabs things start getting a little more complicated.

Page 2 (Still pretty simple stuff, just some things you need to make sure you get

1: What game you got it from.

2: What location you caught it, this can be totally bogus, and you do not need to
make it right. You can say you caught Arceus on Route 1. However the location
has to be from the same game, you cannot say you caught a Pokemon in Team
Flare HQ, but caught it in Alpha Sapphire.
3: What ball its in, 100% up to you.
4: What level you met it at, again up to you.
5: What day you met it. 100% up to you as long as the day is after the release date
of the game.
6: Fateful encounter, means it was caught during a story element, just keep it
7: Did you hatch it? I would only check this on Pokmon that can be hatched, just
in case.
8: Where did you hatch it, again keep the location in the same game.
9: When did you hatch it, again keep it after the release date of the game.

Part 3 (Editing Stats)

1: IVs you should know what they are.

2: EVs you should know what they are (510 is the cumulative max in Gen VI)
3: Choose what type Hidden Power is, only changes IVs between 31 and 30 which
makes no difference.
4: Effects contest performance all can be maxed to 255.
Page 4 (Moves)

1: Moves Pokmon can learn. Technically you can give a Charizard Hydro Pump,
but it cannot be used online as it is illegal and the system will flag the Pokmon
and you wont be able to use it online.
Check Serebii, Bulbapedia, or Smogon for all the possible moves a Pokmon can
2: The amount of PP the move has, this is set by default. If you want to use the
Pokmon online do not change this.
3: The amount of PP ups that have been applied to this move.
Relearn Moves that I accidentally labeled 1 and too lazy to fix: The moves that
are available to be relearned by the Move relearner (On the battle resort in ORAS,
dont remember where it is in XY). Once again they all must be legal.
Part 4 (Where most of the legality issues happen)

1: Your trainer ID, do not change this unless you also know #2 Your SID/Secret ID
they are linked.
2: Secret ID, both the SID and TID are linked, if one does not match the other then
the Pokmon is illegal. There are a couple of ways to find out your TID, but if you
cant get it just leave it as it is.
3: Original Trainer. This is not linked to the TID and you can change it to whatever
you please.
4: This is The Trainer that you could have gotten it from. If you receive A Pokmon
in a trade, but they are not the OT, their name is here. If you dont want it to
appear you got it from someone or if you got it from the OT, leave this blank
5: Dont mess with this stuff, ever. You can change the marking, but that can be
done in game. The Blue Pentagon only means it was caught in Gen6
6: Ribbons your Pokmon has gotten, dont include ribbons from games earlier
then the Pokmon could have got them in. ex. A Pansear (A gen 5 mon) having
the Sinnoh champion ribbon (A gen 4 ribbon)
7: Pokmon Amie stuff its all rather complicated and since you are a beginner at
this Im not going to get into it.

Side Note: For #4 I would leave this blank as there have been some rare times
that things get messed up and the Pokmon is generated illegally. I always leave
this blank.