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Ashley Roman

Professor Suk

EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience

Spring 2017

Rationale Statement-Standard #11

Standard #11 Ethical Practice:

Teachers shall act in accordance with legal and ethical responsibilities and shall use

integrity and fairness to promote the success of all students (Professional Development in

New Jersey, 2014, p. 14).

Artifact: Time Sheet and Evaluation Form

Date of Completion: March 28, 2017

Course Completed in: EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience

This artifact represents a time sheet and evaluation form in reference to my thirty hours

of service learning in a public high school setting. Specifically, this artifact correlates to Standard

11.ii.2, The teacher understands how personal identity, worldview, and prior experience affect

perceptions and expectations, and recognizes how they may bias behaviors and interactions with

others (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 15). This standard recognizes that the

teacher takes into account that identity, opinion, and past experience shapes a persons views and

behaviors. Upon reading this, one may imply it to the teacher, student, or both. Reflection upon

my experiences at my service-learning placement put this standard into effect in both aspects of

teacher life and student life.

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From a teachers perspective, my service learning experience will impact my future as a

teacher. This experience has taught me the aspects that surround teaching, both the visible and

invisible. In terms of the students, each individual is entitled to his or her unique opinion, which I

saw throughout my time at my placement. It was an odd sight to see for me, as I attended a high

school not always welcome to ones opinion. In addition, my cooperating teacher taught me the

various elements to teaching including creating engaging activities, grading tests in an English

subject, and allowing students individual time to promote learning. My cooperating teacher took

time to care for each individual to strengthen his or her learning outcomes. To avoid off topic

conversations or staring into space due to hunger, my cooperating teacher taught me that the

needs of each student comes first. In doing so, students end up focusing on their class.

For the future, I can further reflect upon my experiences through service learning. My

evaluation form is especially valuable to me as every person has to start somewhere in their

profession. Furthermore, my time sheet reflects the hard work and dedication I put into service

learning during this term. I want to always remind myself to never lose such aspects of life as

they ensure all experiences are handled professionally.

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