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Ashley Roman

Professor Suk

EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience

Spring 2017

Rationale-Standard Statement #2

Standard #2 Learning Differences:

The teacher uses understanding of individual differences and diverse cultures and

communities to ensure inclusive learning environments that enable each learner to meet

high standards (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 2).

Artifact: Ice Breaker

Date of Completion: April 20, 2017

Course Completed in: EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience

Rationale Statement:

This artifact represents an ice breaker activity to be used in a mathematics course in a

high school setting. In particular, this activity specifically correlates with standard 2.ii.5, The

teacher understands that learners bring assets for learning based on their individual experiences,

abilities, talents, prior learning, and peer and social group interactions, as well as language,

culture, family, and community values (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 3).

The Roll the Dice! ice breaker activity specifically brings students together based upon

personal interests and similarities. As the amount of stress a student may hold on the first day of

school, it was imperative I create an ice breaker activity involving the whole class getting to
Roman 2

know each other. It was my goal to create an ice breaker activity that reflects each individual and

also allows for peer interaction without coursework as the means of conversation.

Upon creating this ice breaker activity, I was unsure how to approach the task. I dug

through my belongings from middle school and high school, looked through yearbooks, and

reflected upon my past. I had to answer my own questions prior to making the activity. What did

I love about the first day of school? What did I dislike about the first day of school? Did I get to

know all of my classmates on the first day of school? What could have been done differently so

that I felt more comfortable in the classroom I was in? In answering this questions, it hit me that

two particular activities used throughout the year by multiple teachers stood out, a Roll the

Dice! activity to be used between two students and a Lines and Groups activity. I recalled that

as a student these games were boring to me. From there, I set out to combine them and make

them engaging and fun.

For the future, I intend to reflect upon my ice breaker activity and either adjust it or

expand upon it. As a future mathematics teacher, I enjoy that this activity encompasses some

mathematical aspects while allowing students to get to know each other. I can especially reflect

upon my own experience in creating this activity. The time it took to answer questions about my

own experiences were vital to its creations. For the future, I can answer such questions based on

a teachers viewpoint and classroom feedback on such activities. With that, I can grow into a

better teacher for the future class.

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