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Westminster Preservice Teacher Evaluation Form

Teacher Candidate: Morgan Gillette

Methods ____ or Student Teaching _____ Observation _____ Mid-Term _____ Final Evaluation__x___
TWS ______ Portfolio_____

Date/Time: Grade/Subject: School/Mentor:


3/15/17 English 12 Taylorsville High School/Stephanie

Floch Stephanie Floch Signature:
Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
Please see Utah Institutions of Higher Education Preservice Teacher Evaluation Rubric for description of each indicator
Rati Standard 1: Learner Development
ng The teacher understands cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas of
student development.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Creates learning
experiences that Great work truly engaging students in the discussion around
demonstrate an vlogs and racism especially I feel like you handled different
understanding of the student opinions and filled them in on any additional ideas,
developmental levels of current cases and information. I think the way you framed this
learners (i.e., cognitive,
and engaged students, especially those who were more
linguistic, sociocultural,
emotional, and
Collaborates with
colleagues and other
professionals to
promote student growth
and development

Rati Standard 2: Learning Differences

ng The teacher understands individual learner differences and cultural and linguistic diversity.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Applies understanding
of learner diversity to You have done such a fantastic job getting to know individual
encourage all learners students and their strengths and limitations. I really liked how
to reach their full you tried very hard to engage with struggling students and
potential adapted your instructions and requirements to help them
Designs, adapts, and succeed in your class.
delivers instruction to Asking students to repeat and deconstruct what they are doing
address students can be really helpful here, especially since they often need
diverse learning
another reminder or have someone else explain to them what
strengths and needs
they are doing. This is a also a great strategy to clarify any
Allows multiple ways to
demonstrate learning

Rati Standard 3: Learning Environments

04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
ng The teacher works with learners to create environments that support individual and
collaborative learning, social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Uses a variety of
classroom management You have very much improved on your proximity control and
strategies to proactively made it along with reminders and one-on-one and group
gain and maintain conferences a part of your classroom management.
student attention, Beyond that, sharing your own background and being genuinely
facilitate smooth
interested in what students have to say and share truly makes
transitions, and to
students buy into what and how you are teachingyou have
support a positive and
respectful learning improved hugely in this along with the way you handle behavior
environment problems or any other issue that may arise.
Consistently identifies You do well as you mix up which group gets to speak and call on
potentially disruptive specific speakers within a group compared to letting them pick
situations and their own speakers. I like how you keep encouraging them to
intervenes in an share their perspectives as well as ensure that they all respect
appropriate and timely each other.
manner to maintain a
positive learning
Encourages students to
use speaking, listening,
reading, writing,
analysis, synthesis, and
decision-making skills in
collaborative learning
Rati Standard 4: Content Knowledge
ng The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Understands and
conveys accurate Your lessons consistently connect to Utah Core Standards and
content and process support student learning by integrating academic language with
knowledge of the specific examples that demonstrate a high level of content
discipline knowledge.
Connects content to You are doing well in engaging students in questioning and
Utah State Core inquiry and hold them accountable for a variety of objectives
Standards, personal and learning outcomes.
schemas, and real world
Supports students in
learning and using
academic language
accurately and
Uses multiple
representations of
concepts that capture
key ideas and makes
content comprehensible

04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4

Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
Engages students in
methods of inquiry and
standards of evidence
used in a specific
Rati Standard 5: Assessment
ng The teacher uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth,
monitor learner progress, guide planning and instruction, and determine whether the
outcomes described in content standards have been met.
The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Uses multiple methods
of formal and informal Great work integrating formal and informal forms of assessment
assessments to guide you are doing well using checks for understanding.
planning and adapt I like how you are using written and verbal responses to ensure
instruction students can demonstrate their understanding.
Designs or selects
assessments in a
variety of formats to
determine whether
learning objectives
described in state
standards have been
Provides ways for
learners to monitor and
reflect upon their own
Identifies the elements
of quality work and
provides timely
Documents student
progress and provides
descriptive feedback to
students and other
Adjusts assessment
methods and makes
accommodations for
students with special
learning needs

Rati Standard 6: Instructional Planning

ng The teacher plans instruction to support students in meeting rigorous learning goals by
drawing upon knowledge of content areas, Utah Core Standards, instructional best
practices, and the community context.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Prepares workable,
meaningful and Your lesson plans are well-thought through and engage a
developmentally variety of learners. They apply learners sociocultural
appropriate written backgrounds and background knowledge while also engaging
04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
lesson plans aligned to them in questioning and inquiry to further their knowledge in
state standards the subject area.
Applies learners You grew a LOT in the ways you utilize timing and differentiation
sociocultural in your lesson plans and consistently plan authentic learning
backgrounds in the tasks to ensure student engagement and ownership. You
design of instruction to consistently show students how their learning is important and
encourage all learners
relevant in their lives and connect it to students prior
to reach their full
potential knowledge and general areas of interest.
Adapts pre-determined Your seating chart and grouping allows for varied student
plans, materials, and groups, along with giving students choice in how they group
time frames to create themselves or complete their assignments. Continue giving
learning experiences students choice in topics along with the ways they complete
that are relevant to assignments.
learners and based on
effective instruction
Differentiates, as
needed, to meet
individual learner needs
Plans authentic learning
experiences for
students to use thinking
skills and create original
Plans varied group
configurations that
support objectives and
provide opportunities
for learners to develop
communication skills

Rati Standard 7: Instructional Strategies

ng The teacher uses various instructional strategies to ensure that all learners develop a
deep understanding of content areas and their connections, and build skills to apply and
extend knowledge in meaningful ways.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Practices a range of
developmentally, You keep your use of strategies very varied and overall
culturally, and engaging. While you utilize good routines such as openers, exit
linguistically tickets, and regular checks for understanding, you strategies
appropriate vary throughout the lesson and from lesson to less to keep
instructional strategies students engaged and interested in their learning.
to meet the needs of
You do well in pushing your students to question and think
students diverse
deeper about their learning as well as provide feedback that
cognitive levels and
learning styles (i.e, helps them address areas of improvement and show their
differentiation) learning and effort put into assignments. Continue fostering a
Provides multiple classroom culture where students can ask questions, reflect,
opportunities for and have the opportunity to rework and resubmit assignments.
students to develop As you continue doing this, students ownership and overall
higher order and work ethic will increase.
metacognitive skills (e.
g., problem solving, When conducting class discussions, you provide great stimulus
04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
predicting, organizing, questions and ensure that all students perspectives are heard
summarizing, and valued. Having sudents write down their answers before
categorizing, sharing helps prepare students and lower their negative affect
evaluating, questioning, towards sharing their views in a classroom full of others.
Supports and expands
communication skills
Uses a variety of
effective technology
and resources to
support learning
Develops learners
abilities to find and use
information to solve
real world problems
Uses a variety of
questioning strategies
to promote engagement
and learning
Rati Standard 8: Reflection and Continuous Growth
ng The teacher is a reflective practitioner who uses evidence to continually evaluate and
adapt practice to meet the needs of each learner.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Participates in a
meaningful lesson Throughout working with you, I have really enjoyed your self-
reflection with reflections and brainstorming new ideas to motivate and
supervisor engage students. You maintain an enthusiastic and teachable
Accepts suggestions work ethic with a mind towards professional growth and
and constructive learning that is the very foundation of what makes a good
criticism to adapt and teacher, because a good teacher is a good, continuous learner.
improve practice over
Identifies own
background and
experiences that have
an impact on teaching
and learning
Rati Standard 9: Leadership and Collaboration
ng The teacher is a leader who engages collaboratively with learners, families, colleagues,
and community members to build a shared vision and supportive professional culture
focused on student growth and success.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Collaborates to develop
cordial professional and You are consistently professional and willing to collaborate on
family relationships to and contribute new ideas, including tutoring students after
fulfill required duties school and helping them in one-on-one or group conferences.
and promote student Continue doing this to ensure great collaboration both with
learning students and colleagues.

Rati Standard 10: Professional and Ethical Behavior

04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
ng The teacher demonstrates the highest standard of legal, moral, and ethical conduct in
compliance with federal and state rules and laws.
5 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
professionalism You are always highly professional and punctual as well as
including: professional flexible in adapting to daily challenges and changes such as
appearance, schedule changes, observations, and assemblieskeep this up!
punctuality, attendance,
flexibility, compliance
with federal and state
rules and laws

Continue learning about and implementing various classroom management techniques
such as proximity control, explicitly addressing disruptions and behavior issues as well as
making behavior contracts or having frequent one-on-one conferences with students.
Build a list of ideas to differentiate assignments for struggling or high performing students
so that you can be more flexible in your expectations and be ready as challenges arise.
Continue using current, engaging material in your lessonsthis is one of your strengths
continue using and building on it to connect and build rapport with students.

General Comments:

Morgan has demonstrated a lot of growth when it comes to establishing her own presence in the
classroom and implementing effective classroom management strategies. As she continued
teaching, she built important connection and rapport with students who by now find it easier to
ask questions and come to her for advice or additional after school tutoring. Morgans motivation
and content knowledge make her a great new teacher with the knowledge base and enthusiasm
needed to succeed in the profession. I am confident that her willingness to try and come up with
new instructional strategies and content matter will drive her and make her a very successful
teacher in her own classroom.

04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4

Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
04/25/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4
Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)