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Ashley Roman

Professor Suk

EDUC 230-01 Education Field Experience

Spring 2017

Rationale Statement-Standard #5

Standard #5 Application of Content:

The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to

engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative problem solving related

to authentic local and global issues (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p.


Artifact: Teach2Matter Teagle Essay

Date of Completion: March 2, 2017

Course Completed In: EDUC 212 Foundations of Education

Rationale Statement:

This artifact contains my previous Teagle Essay that is comprised of the valuable

information I learned through service learning at an alternative school. Specifically, this artifact

correlates to standard 5.i.7, The teacher facilitates learners ability to develop diverse social and

cultural perspectives that expand their understanding of local and global issues and create novel

approaches to solving problems: (Professional Development in New Jersey, 2014, p. 7).

Roman 2

During my time at my service learning placement in an alternative school, I learned numerous

ways to facilitate discussion within the classroom. Among such methods were opinionated group

discussions and debates. In addition, this artifact also includes other methods of instruction to

bring culture and current events to mind through presentations.

This artifact has also affected my line of perception on the world of learning. As the

alternative school taught me, an individuals needs must come first to enhance learning. With that

said, this artifact makes me want to ensure all students have their needs met in my classroom. As

I intend on using projects and presentation for assessment, I will allow my students to present in

a manner they are comfortable with. This ensures that they are both comfortable and build their


In the future, I intend to refer back to this artifact. This artifact demonstrates what a very

small classroom setting is similar to for students with learning disabilities. As I want to teach

students who are struggling with the world of mathematics, it will come in handy. There are

various examples I can touch upon and recall in the future than can prove beneficial.
Roman 3


Professional Development in New Jersey. (2014, August 4). Retrieved from New Jersey State

Department of Education: