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Letters of application

Paragraph plan for letters of application


Paragraph 1 - reason(s) for writing

Paragraphs 2, 3 qualifications- previous expirience

Final paragraph - closing remarks


Narrative - Descriptive letters

Paragraph plan for narrative - descriptive letters

Paragraph 1 - reason(s) for writing
Paragraphs 2, 3 - description of the event/person/object
Final paragraph- closing remarks

Descriptive and/or narrative techniques can be used when writing a letter. For example, you may need to
write to the Lost Property Office of a hotel describing a briefcase which you have lost. In this situation,
you must write in a formal style and give a complete description of the item you are looking for, using
descriptive techniques.
Or you may need to write to a friend describing your summer holidays. You must write in an informal
style using narrative techniques (where you went, when, how you spent your time there, any particular
incidents, etc.)

Transactional letters
A formal or informal style can be used when writing transactional letters. They
require a reply which may be based on advertisements, other writing input, letters,
etc. For example, a letter which is asking for further information about a summer
camp based on an advertisement is a transactional letter.

When writing a transactional letter:

Choose an appropriate style (formal or informal).
Include all the factual information provided in the rubric, using your own words.
Check that each paragraph has a topic.