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Graduation Transitions: Planning 10

10 hours Work Experience/Community Service

Jessie Young

Dates Work Description Hours Contact Person Signatu

Worked Experience/Community (w/ phone number) re
Volunteered at local Handed out water and gave directions 2 Joni Blaxland
Terry Fox run in Port to the runners and bikers for the local
Coqutilam terry fox run as well as encouraged
Septemb them. Its important because people
er 18, are participating in the community and
2016 it is good to support them because the
terry fox run is for a good cause and its
good to encourage them and give them
water so they can stay hydrated during
their run or bike. Good communication
skills would be a good thing to have
during this time
Volunteered on a non- Directed parking for an event where all 5 Joni Blaxland
school day at Riverside the district teachers came to Riverside
Secondary school for Secondary School to learn about
district teachers technology and such. I also helped set
Decembe meetings up chairs and hand out posters when
r 3, 2016 the parking got full. It is important
because as a representative of
Riverside people appreciate little things
such as kids helping out there school
and around it. It was also important
because it helped others. Good
communication skills and is good to
smile at all the other teachers and new
faces that were there.
Volunteered at Set up my school gym with many chairs 3 Joni Blaxland
Riverside secondary and tables for parent teacher interviews
Novembe for parent teacher and after when the parents came I
r 30, interview night handed out there kids report car to
2016 them. Important because represents
my school and it helped others.
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