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Scoring Rubric: Poetry

Name Date

4 3 2 1
Organization The form of the poem The form of the poem The form of the poem The form of the poem
and Overall is appropriate to the is appropriate to the should be more appro- is not appropriate to
Impact subject. The poem en- subject. The poem en- priate to the subject. the subject. The poem
ables the reader to see, ables the reader to see, The poem enables the does not enable the
hear, feel, or think hear, feel, or think reader to see, hear, feel, reader to see, hear, feel,
about the subject in a about the subject. or think about the sub- or think about the
new way or in a more ject, but this is accom- subject.
potent way than ever plished through
before. clichs, wornout im-
ages, or other pre-
dictable choices.

Elements of Sensory details and fig- Sensory details and fig- Sensory details and fig- There is no useor
Poetry urative language create urative language con- urative language may consistently confusing
vivid images that con- tribute to the meaning be overused, under- or inappropriate use
tribute significantly to of the poem; sound de- used, or inappropriate of sensory details, figu-
the meaning of the vices, such as rhyme, to the subject; sound rative language, or
poem; sound devices, alliteration, or ono- devices, such as rhyme, sound devices. Words
such as rhyme, allitera- matopoeia, also add to alliteration, or ono- may be misused or
tion, or onomatopoeia, the meaning of the matopoeia, may be unclear.
are used effectively poem. Most word overused or under-
and contribute to the choices are precise. used, or they may fail
meaning of the poem. to add to the meaning
Word choice is vivid of the poem. Word
and exact throughout. choices may be vague,
repetitive, or imprecise.

Grammar, Usage, There are few or no There are some errors The poem is difficult to The poem is consis-
Mechanics, and errors in mechanics, in mechanics, usage, understand at times be- tently difficult to un-
Spelling usage, grammar, or grammar, or spelling. cause of errors in me- derstand because of
spelling. chanics, usage, gram- errors in mechanics,
mar, or spelling. usage, grammar, or


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