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Ken Mills Annual Challenge Cup Competition 24 April 2017 For all Members.

Film Title *Placing

Run Aspect Media st nd rd
& Producer Brief Film Details 1 ,2 ,3
Time Ratio Type
*Associated code letter NB. Use film letter code (A, B etc.)

Harrows New Year's Day A Colegrave & G Harrows entry into the London New Year's Day
A 10:00 16:9 BluRay
Parade Foord Parade

Jewish Care off to the An organised trip to the Olympic Park by Kenton
B Wallace Jacobs 10:00 16:9 DVD
Olympic Park Jewish Care

C ZSL Whipsnade Jeff Jessop A day visit to the Whipsnade zoo 05: 30 16:9 DVD

D Secret Art Sale Richard Lawrence The secret arts sale held at West house, Pinner 08:13 16:9 BluRay

The opening of the Heath Robinson Museum in

E A new Museum Opens Beverly Peter 14:44 16:9 DVD 2

F Bosnia & Beyond Geoff Foord Travels in Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro 13:00 16:9 BluRay 1

G Wet Change Richard Lawrence The changing of the guard at Horse Guards Parade 03:00 16:9 BluRay 3

H Stationery and Barn engines Ted Cogger The documentary about stationery and barn engines 10:00 16:9 DVD

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