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Activity 1: STIs

Complete the following sentence:

What I think I know about STIs is.
What I know I know about STIs is.
A question I still have about STIs is

Activity 2: MyPlate
Go to the following website:
1. Input your information in the boxes as they appear (this will be kept private
to you).
2. After inputting all your information click Calculate Food Plan.
3. Then click on the PDF link of your plan.
4. In the activities section in your notebooks, write the total calories
recommended for you per day.
5. Complete the second page the your MyPlate Daily Check List
a. Write your recommended amount for each food group.
b. Write down what you ate today with each food group. Be
specific! Include the form of the food (cooked, raw, pureed, canned, etc.),
amount (1 cup, 8 oz., 1 fist, etc.)
c. Did you reach the target? Write yes or no next to each food
d. For those food groups with the target you did not reach,
what could you have added to ensure that you reached the target? Be
specific include the form and amount!

Food Group Recommende What I Ate Did I reach If not

d Amount Today my Target reached,
(yes or no) what I could






Activity 3: Brain Development

Watch the video:
Answer the following:
1. What happens in the brain right before puberty?
2. At what age is the brain already 95% its adult size?
3. Does this mean that the brain is fully matured?
4. What does the use it or lose it principle mean?

Activity 4: Addiction and Brain Video

Watch the video:
And write 3 interesting things you learned

Activity 5: Samantha Spady Timeline

After listening to her story answer the following questions:
1. List 3 warning signs of Samanthas behavior that led her to alcohol
2. Approximately how many drinks did she consume between 6pm and 4am?
3. What suggestions would you have given her friends in order to have
prevented her passing?

Activity 6: Mouse Party

Go to the following link:
Choose two mice to analyze
1. What neurotransmitter is the drug affecting?
2. What area of the brain is the drug affecting?
3. Determine potential behaviors seen with this drug. List at least three