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1. Summarize Spoken Text

2. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

3. Fill in the blanks

4. Highlight correct summary

5. Multiple-choice, choose single answer

6. Select Missing word

7. Highlight incorrect words

8. Write from Dictation

Tips for Summarize Spoken Text:

Make a note while listening the text, vomit the vowels and practice
you can save a lot of time.

Use the words, "The speaker says...."

Concentrate on topic sentences and most repeated words.

Time manage- 3min plan, 5min write, 2min check (Spellings,


Tips for Multiple & Single answer choices:

Multiple answers types have the Negative marking.

Most of the time answers rate of speech are fast so be careful and

Answers are mostly paraphrased.

Most of the answers you can find at ending of listening so listen until
it finish.

Most of the time, Pay close attention to the frequency words

(always, often , sometimes, never many, all, never, only.. etc)
eliminate those options and find the correct answer.
Effectively heard word may not be correct word because it may be
frequency word as above point.

Tips for Fill in the Blanks:

Note the answers in erasable notepad given by them and later fill
the answers.

Check the spellings, Plurals.

Answers may be high rate of speech and sometimes.

Tips for Highlight Correct Summary:

Note keywords in question.

Skim the options within given time.

Answers are paraphrased.

Catch the end of words and listen the ending of topic, you can catch
the correct answer.

Concentrate on repeated words.

Tips for Missing words (Beep sound):

Understand the context of the listening so you can answer the

correct option.

Tips for Write from Dictation:

Close your eyes and hear the text, so you can concentrate and
remember it.

Proof read for Spellings and Grammar mistakes.

If you follow these tips you can score maximum marks in this Section.