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Lesson Plan Template (8)

Name: Amal Ebrahim Grade Level: Grade 4 \ section 3

CCSS Standards: our amazing body (The horse rider).

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

-The Students will be able to read to a poem about a horse
-The students will be able to identify words that they didnt understand from the poem ( Saddle, hoov
disappears, sand, heat, and reins).
-The students will be able to use rhyming words when we read it the poem together.
-The students will be able to create five sentences and draw about horse rider.


teacher books

student book(s) Learners book to read the poem from page, 136
worksheets/ papers What can you remember about the horse rider from the poem
Circle the correct answer. True or false and Look at the words
the poem. Match with a picture.
teacher materials Markers, whiteboard, A3 papers to write five sentences and d
about horses, video about famous people in UAE who ride ho

student materials/ Pencils, colors.


technology Data show, laptop.

other -
Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):

word glossary definition image

A seat, often made of leather, used on a
horse, bicycle, motorcycle.

Hooves Its a part of the foot and it's especially in a


If people or things disappear, they go

somewhere where they cannot be seen or
Lesson Schedule
Targeted teacher language: Hello Grade 4, How are you?. I have many interesting activities and I hope you
pay attention with me and if you have any question you may raise your hand. Do you know what is the unit
of our activity today?'s called our amazing A substance that consists of very small
Student language: Hi Ms. Amal, Iam fine thank grains of rock,
you. How found
are you Ms.on beaches
Amal, and
We are in to work on the
activity and we will pay attention with you. Yes, teacher. Its about our amazing body
Engage (warm up, review prior knowledge): The quality of being hot or warm, or the time:
- After greeting I will show the student's videotemperature
about famousofpeople in UAE who ride horses. 5 minutes
-After when they showed the video we will discuss together about of
who is the famous person
Reins A long,
you saw in the video and from the video they will
thin piece
have that
material, especially
leather, helps about
you tohorse rider.
control and direct
a horse
Core (introduce and practice
Students new concepts & procedures):
Prior Knowledge: 35 min
-I will give each student
-Some poem about
of students know horse rider
the new and we will
vocabulary read
word it together,
(Saddle, thendisappears,
hooves, we will sand, heat, and rein
discuss about-Some
the poem.
of students know the meaning of these words (Saddle, hooves, disappears, sand, hea
- I will show reins).
the students flash card of the difficult words in the poem (Saddle, hooves,
disappears, sand, heat, and reins).
- I will give each Problems
student and
worksheet to Misconceptions:
answer it about What can you remember about the
horse rider from thestudents
poem? can't read the poem about horses.
Circle the correct students
answer. Truedo
ornot bring
false andtheir
Lookpencils and colors.
at the words from the poem. Match with a
picture. Sol
-I w
Close (wrap up, discussion, brief review activity or assessment): 5 min abo
-I will say to students I want four groups and each group I want five students, then I will give hor
each group A3 papers to create five sentences and draw about ride horses. Then I will the
let each group to come in the front and talk about what they creative about the horse
-I w

The poem that I will give each student about the horse rider:

The horse By Jennifer

He gets up at sun rise and saddles his horse
Eats a dish of shakshuka
Then goes off to the course.
The horses and men line up in a line
Hooves hit the earth
Then someone shouts time!
He holds the reins tight with both of his
Takes a deep breath
Then rides over the sands.
A long time he must ride in the sun and the
Stay strong in the saddle
Never losing his seat.
He watches the sun with far seeing eyes
Counting the kilometres
He thinks of the prize.
Then on the fifth day as his strength
He crosses the line
And everyone cheers.

Flash card:





- What can you remember about the horse rider from the
Circle the correct answer. T = true F = not true

1 The horse rider eats a bowl of labneh before the

race. T/F
2 The race is in the desert. T/F
3 The horse rider is not a strong man. T/F
4 The race takes 6 days. T/F

- Look at the words from the poem. Match with a picture :

1- saddle

2- Hooves

3- Reins

4- Rider