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5 Stories about PMP Exam Study and Exam


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Student Profile: Rabea Hartmann, PMP

I was born and grew up in Germany until I finished High School. After
graduation, I came to the United States, Texas to be exact, on a
tennis scholarship and attended Texas State University - San Marcos.
There, I received a Bachelor Degree in International Studies with
Business focus and a Master Degree in Communication Studies.
Project Management and Process Development have not only been
my passion, but mindset for years. Studying for the PMP exam
allowed me to broaden my knowledge and provided me with career

During the first week of my exam preparation, I read Rita Mulcahy's

PMP Exam Prep Guide. This guide provided a great overview and
insight of what PMI expected in the exam. Afterwards, I listened to all
of the Podcasts.

My study routine in the last three days before the exam, I looked over
my notes. I had created a spreadsheet in which I separated
tabs/sheets by Knowledge Area and listed all its Process Groups,
Tools and Techniques, and Outputs. Additionally, I have timed myself
creating the "cheat sheet" for the exam. Before the exam starts you
have about 10 minutes to write down everything that you think is
important for taking the exam (Process Groups/Knowledge areas,
formulas, etc.). This was very helpful and I felt much more confident
when I took the exam.

Rabea Hartmann, PMP

Student Profile: Adeola Adeyemi Samuel, PMP

My name is Adeola Adeyemi Samuel a Nigerian

from west Africa. A graduate of Electrical &
Electronics Engr. I worked as Interconnect
Coordinator with MTN Nigeria (Contract) with
past experience as Switch Engineer and as
Core Network Engineer in telecom industry.

I will recommend to student preparing to write

PMP exam to study PMBOK latest edition very
well and PRACTICE as many PrepCast
questions they lay on. Especially using Exam
Simulator to provide good exam scenario will
greatly help.

My study routine in the last 3-days to the exam

was practicing an online exam to get
acquainted with the 4-hours duration required.
This help me to gain speed and resilience to
stay on through the exam as one might be
fatigued during the period.

Adeola Adeyemi Samuel, PMP

Student Profile: Todd Gosserand, PMP

I am a Commodity Trading and Risk Management project

manager and consultant in the Houston, TX Area. With
over 20 years of experience in the financial services,
trading and system implementation industries.

I would recommend that the student focus follow the OSP

study material as described when purchased. The first
week included reviewing webcasts, and that is exactly
what I would do.

Todd Gosserand, PMP

Student Profile: Amit Wajat, PMP
I am Software Test Engineer with over 8 years of experience. I
am responsible for managing daily Test artifacts which includes
Planning, Scoping, Monitor and Control, Reporting,
Communication, Managing Stakeholders and managing Risk for
our client who is world leader in beverage industry in Atlanta, GA.

During the first week of anyones PMP journey I would

recommend that they start out by watching the PM PrepCast
videos in the initial order they are recommended, as this will help
get an overview on PMP syllabus and how can you plan for your
PMP exams.

Once they are comfortable with the PM Precast study materials I

would recommend supplementing this learning with Rita
Mulcahy's study material for detailed explanation on the topic. In
the last week of the pmp exams I would recommend taking
exams in PMP Exam simulator, a great tool to boost your
confidence. During last 3 days I revised PMBOK supplementing
it with Rita Mulcahy.

Never got an opportunity to thank Cornelius Fichtner and his

team for coming up with PMP-Prep cast Podcast and PMP Exam
simulator that helped me pass my PMP at first attempt. I
completed my journey in course of 3 months.

Amit Wajat, PMP

Technical Lead Capgemini
Student Profile: Valerian Mahankal, PMP

I am a mechanical engineer by profession and did my

Masters in Management in UK. I have 7 years of
experience in engineering and management having
studied lived and worked in 3 continents with Fortune 500
in a span of 5 years.

I would recommend that students should focus on

planning and structuring their routine studies based on
how they adapt along with other day to day work. This will
come by giving a brief look through on Major topics with
good weightage given in exams.

In the last 3 days before the exam, I touched through Rita

Mc PDF her process chart followed by PrepCast Moc to
see the scores for 2 days. The last day, I relaxed.

Valerian Mahankal, PMP

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