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Talents Don't share m talents

You have a procienc for taking charge and motivating group members
toward common goals.

You have an extraordinar abilit to establish short and long term goals,
specif the strategies and actions to achieve them, and have the
perseverance to overcome obstacles and failures to attain objectives.

You can express our beliefs and opinions even when the are contrar to
those of others, motivate and inspire others to extend themselves to attain
goals, and exercise our authorit.

You have an extraordinar abilit to keep others informed despite pressing

deadlines, remain tactful in stressful situations, and compromise to achieve
organizational goals.

You are able to collect and analze information needed to provide direction
to groups of people. You also are generall able to develop plans and explain
to others how to accomplish those plans.

You generall understand what to sa to motivate people to follow our


You can recognize and deal positivel with obstacles and failures, share
responsibilit for team direction and performance while establishing and
maintaining eective workplace relations.

Task Management
You have a procienc for setting goals, monitoring progress, and taking
initiative to improve our work.

You have an extraordinar abilit to work independentl, establish and meet

challenging deadlines, persevere even when initiall unsuccessful, and not
settle for good enough."

You have the abilit for maintaining accurac and attention to detail, reporting
and recordkeeping, setting goals and creating plans to accomplish the work,
as well as monitoring and controlling resources.

You can remain calm, level-headed and operate eectivel in the midst of
stressful situations and under multiple or conicting demands.
You are able to learn what is important to get the job done right and avoid mistakes. You are also
able to understand new procedures and explain them to others.

You can speak clearl, conve positivit, attract people, collaborate and share

You have an exceptional abilit to develop good long term relationships, even
with dicult people, built on tactful and considerate interactions.

You generall know the right thing to sa to people and at understand how
people will accept what ou are going to sa to them.

You have the abilit for soliciting and accepting feedback and criticism from

Your Personalit

You are...
Perseverant, purposeful, ambitious, and achievement oriented

Focused on conventional and familiar activities

Modest, humble, pleasant, considerate, generous and cooperative

Professional Advice
Are ou in the right career for our personalit?

Professionall, ou are...
Exceptionally well suited to organizations and positions that greatly prioritize
accomplishing the highest goals.

Exceptionally well suited to well-structured workplaces that prioritize regularity and

uniformity, such as larger or more mature organizations.

Exceptionally well suited to positions with altruistic goals and tasks that make people

At work, ou...
Delight in pursuing exceptionally challenging goals and putting forth great effort to attain
Delight in familiar day to day experiences and routine activities.

Greatly appreciate opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with others.

You would be happiest in positions where ou will...

Be asked to do the impossible and delivery it yesterday, because you enjoy the challenge
and are likely to succeed.

Have an environment/position that provides regularity and routine to your tasks and
projects - common in stable, larger or more mature organizations.

Often have altruistic goals, tasks and projects that make people happy.

Interview & Position Guide

Questions ou should ask ourself and our interviewer when interviewing for a new position:

Will the role provide ou with the kind of goals that would satisf ou?

You are highl ambitious. If the goals are not big enough, ou are likel to feel dissatised.

Will the role require ou to keep continuall stepping out of our comfort zone?

You have a great appreciation for routine. You are likel to feel uncomfortable and uncertain if a
role is undergoing constant change.

Will the role allow ou to be a team plaer or will ou need to be a competitor/adversar to

others or the status quo?

You are highl generous, considerate and cooperative. If our team members are also our
opponents, ou are likel to need to be guarded and will likel feel dissatised in the role.

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