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Exporting Pilot Grades to Banner

Step 1: Grade Settings

Click on Grades on the Navigation bar and then on Settings, found in the upper,
right corner of the screen.

On the Grade Settings page, click on the Calculation Options tab.

Under the Final Grade Released section, select Adjusted Final Grade. If the
Adjusted Final Grade is already selected, you dont have to change this setting.

If the Grade Calculations option is set to Drop Ungraded Items, be sure that you
have filled in zeroes in all of the grade columns that dont contain grades. Or you
could change the setting to Treat ungraded items as 0.

Click Save at the bottom of Continued>>> the page.

Step 2: Transfer Final Calculated Grades to Final Adjusted
Open the Enter Grades view in the Grades tool.

In the Final Calculated Grade column, click on the down arrow and select Grade

Click on the down arrow beside Final Grades (at the top of the page) and
select Transfer All.

Step 3: Adjusting Final Grades

You can adjust grades in the Final Adjusted Grades column. Note that Pilot does not
round up when calculating a grade that ends in .5, so you will have to make that
adjustment manually.

Step 4: Releasing Final Adjusted Grades

When you are satisfied with the grades in the Final Adjusted Grade column, go
back up to the top of the page and, again, click on the down arrow beside Final
Grades. This time, select Release All from the menu. This action releases the
final grade to the students.

Click Save and Close at the bottom of the page.

A Confirmation window will pop up. Click on Yes to release the grades.
To verify that the grades have been released, open the Enter Grades view. In the
Final Adjusted Grade column, an icon next to each grade indicates that the grade
has been released. If you see this icon with a line through it, go back and repeat
Step 4.

Step 5: Changing to a Letter Grade
In the navigation bar inside the Grades tool, click on Schemes. Click on the
checkmark beside Organizational Letter Grade. The checkmark will move to the
Default Scheme column. If you have created an alternative grading scheme,
select that scheme.

Step 6: Exporting Final Adjusted Grades to Banner

The final step is to Export the grades to Banner. From the Enter Grades view, in your
Gradebook, click on Export Gradesto Banner. If you dont see this option, verify that you are
the faculty of record in Banner for this course. Only the faculty of record can submit final

A list of your students with their Adjusted Final Grades will be displayed. Check over the
grades. If you need to make any changes, click on the pencil icon under the Override
Grade column and make the changes. Click on Apply.

Click on Export All Grades in the bottom, left corner of the page to submit the grades to

A progress bar will appear. When the grades are finished processing, you will see a
Complete message.

When the grade transfer is complete, click on Continue. On the next page, youll
see a list of the exported grades and, in the status column, it should say Accepted
by SIS.

You can verify that the grades were submitted by logging into Wings Express and,
under the Faculty tab, open Faculty Grade Summary. You have one hour to
change any grades that you have submitted. After that time, youll have to click on
Change Grade beside the students grade and complete and submit the form.

If you have any problems with grade submission, or if you have questions, call the
CTL at
937-775-3245 or 937-775-2885 and someone will assist you.