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Class Indications Mechanism

Class I (Na channel blockers) Idiopathic V tach phase 4 depolarization

Atrial Tachy
Accelerated Idioventricular rhythms
Dig Induced Arrhythmias DAD suppression
Sustained Uniform VT conduction/excitability

Class IA (procainamide, quinidine) Atrial Flutter conduction/excitability

Circus Tachycardia
BB reentry Prolongs refractory period

Class 2 (-blockers) Sinus Tachycardia phase 4 depolarization

Torsades Suppression of EAD
Rt Ventricular Outflow Tachycardia Ca overload

Class 3 (K channel blockers) Atrial Flutter Prolonged refractory period

WPW circus mvmt
BB reentry (Amidarone esp)

Class 4 (Ca Channel blockers) Atrial tachycardia phase 4 depolarization

Accelerated idioventricular rates
Torsades Suppression of EAD
Dig Induced Arrhythmias Ca overload
Rt Ventricular Outflow Tachycardia DAD suppression
AV nodal reentry Depression of conduction/excitability
Circus WPW
Verapamil Sensitive V-Tach