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Understand the benefits and implications of installing and maintaining software

in technology systems...........................................................................................3

Explain the benefits of installing and maintaining software for two different

technology systems.



Review how installing and maintaining software in one technology system

could improve productivity for an individual or organisation.



Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of software for a given technology



Plan installation and maintenance of software in a technology system.................3

Describe the purpose and ‘client’ requirements for installing and maintaining

software in a technology system ........................................................................3

Produce a plan for installing and maintaining software in a technology system


a list of installation and maintenance activities...........................................3

a description of software resources required for an installation or upgrade.3

a description of customisation tools and techniques....................................3

a test plan....................................................................................................3

Produce a detailed plan including reasons why alternative ideas for installing

and maintaining software have been discarded .................................................3

Justify final decisions, explaining how the technology system will fulfil the

stated purpose and ‘client’ requirements, describing the impact of any

constraints on the plan .......................................................................................4

Install, maintain and test software in a technology system...................................4

Install and maintain software in a technology system that includes the: (2C.P4)


Installation or upgrade of one operating system..........................................4

Installation or upgrade of at least two different software applications.........4

Customisation of at least three different components in software


Test the modified technology system for functionality against the purpose, and

repair any faults as necessary



Install and maintain software in a technology system, using appropriate tools

and techniques to protect the data and system settings, demonstrating

awareness of the user requirements and taking account of usability




Test the modified technology system, gather feedback, and use it to improve

the technology system for functionality, productivity and user experience.



Refine the modified technology system in order to improve productivity, taking

account of feedback.



Task 1 - Understand the benefits and implications of installing and maintaining software in technology systems

The benefits of installing and maintaining.


Installing: Installing software onto a computer is very important to making sure that you have the latest versions of useful tools, it does sometimes improve the quality of the performance but it changes the effects depending on what it was designed to do, such as Notepad+ to Photoshop.

Maintaining: Keeping software up to date is an essential part of a computer system; it could be from communication to anti-virus software. They are all extremely useful parts of having a computer making its processing power good like brand new computer.

A benefit of installing and maintaining software for a system is the having tools and other assets to help the user with tasks for their job, this useful as a computer system is greatly more productive for the user than using a physical scrap book.

Another advantage or benefit of obtaining the software is having protection against viruses and problems with the computer. By having some specifically designed software that is programmed to do scans on the computer is a priority when it comes to the security field.

Explain how installing and maintaining software would improve productivity. (2A.M1)

Installing: If an organisation installs software onto all the computers in the sections of the organisation then the admin can ensure that the employees are doing an efficient job, also by installing some software such as (e.g.) Sims which is a good program allowing the admin to give presentations and take command over other computers within the facility.

How installing software can improve the productive style of the workers; the software that would be installed is planned to improve the work environment and by having the software on the computer system, there will be optional scans for the system and tools from the software to allow the user to get more additional opportunities in adding extra quality to the work.

Maintaining: By making sure that the software that is being use is up to date and fully functional is important to ensuring that the things like the version is updated and doing this will have an impact on the quality of work or entertainment is produced.

Procedures: for some software, maintaining the software is mandatory because they company that has made the software needs to increase the progression in their product, including having the clients equipment up to date so they send installations for the software to the user to update their software, this is to help the user. The updates are free but an upgrade for the software isn’t so the company charges the user, as this happens, it is maintaining the software.

Give strengths and weaknesses of software towards a system (2A.D1)

Weakness: The computer system that the CEO is using contains a operating system that is out of date and the software that is being used the time are malfunctioning. These are certainly problems as confidential data is being lost, and having this CEO wants to have a check through an Audit to ensure that the information about the system’s equipment is accurate and not misleading.

Another weakness: Due to the company lacking some of the basic requirements of good communication, security and useful tools for its employees, the old system is clearly not at a good enough quality to be capable of doing an adequate production of creating a suitable technological environment for the company and its workers.

Strength: The software that will potentially be installed with improves the productivity and general performance. The systems’ speed, style and accuracy will be improved and increased to have a good CPU; this will increase the usefulness of the CEO’s computer system.

Strength: The anti-virus will be using scans and system checks for the computer allowing the user to access a wider range of detailed forms and configurations that are inside of the computer system giving the user (having the required amount of knowledge) the option of modifying, maintaining and securing the areas the need change to benefit the system.

Features: Improved; processing, security, system options.

Task 2 - Plan installation and maintenance of software in a technology system

Describe the purpose and ‘client’ requirement for the task in hand (2B.P2)

Purpose: In the brief the CEO wants a newer up to date computer system that

boots up, loads applications and complete job fully, so I have installed software

that is designed to make the applications easier to use, some of the tasks that

are needed to be undertaken are completed adequately. These pieces of

software are mixed in with utility software offering more options towards the user

having access to some more useful tools, this is to make the small tasks and

other required work to be done at an increased rating including getting the CEO

happy with outcome of the whole computer system that they would be using.

Client requirements: Throughout doing this project, I am in need to follow the

client requirements when upgrading, installing and maintaining the software.

These client requirements are under the brief idea of having a new system that

comes with installed software to improve the experience of the CEO and in doing

this I have been giving a limited budget to installed software that is; to protect

the computer system from viruses, increased processing, and a good

communication system. This will be done with some basic software that will do a

rudimentary required effect towards these client requirements.

Produce a plan for installing and maintaining software

in a technology system including:


The table below is giving a description of the software and the expected outcomes for an if situation when it comes to installation. It also contains the outcomes and solution to the installation.









This is used

Install, setup



for anti-virus







based upon

Email, etc.

the settings of


the computer


Primarily used

This is

Sign in took

Sign in failed

for emailing

designed for


a several



attempts with




ns and to

ensure a high

level of



This is a

Install and

Installed and



keep up to



date as this


software has

made to hold

many tools


such as DBMS


Resources required for an installation or upgrade

Installations: This is found on company website or through advertisements. The

computer is made to ask the user if they are truly sure that the software that is

about be installed is what the user wants, and in doing so the ‘run’ option is

meaning that the software is given permission to do whatever they want to the

computer system if the user has agreed to the terms and conditions.

Upgrade: The best and one of the only ways to upgrade the software already in

use is to go onto the software itself and it will give the option to or by going onto

the origin of the software then there is usually an option to update it.

Customisation tools and techniques

Talking about custom software, it’s going to cost more compared to off-the-shelf

software as it takes longer to make and the programmer need to do the

customizations to the specifications requested. Creating software isn’t hard but it

takes dedication and time as there is a lot of planning, designing and

programming involved, so it can take a lot of effort as well as needing a team to

help due to the amount of work that is normally required to make it.

One person making some pieces of software can be extremely hard but not

impossible but that person most likely won’t be able to think of all the ideas

when it comes to layout, wording, programming and the overall attraction of the

software so the task for all software has been a team effort and their techniques

are at a very good quality as the team has experience or as individuals they are

at a professional level.

Test plan

This is a test plan introducing software and what is does in the form of a

description, this will also include my expected outcome and the actual outcome.

There are potential problems and I will be explaining them if any are found.

The table below is showing the installed software including a description and outcomes that have happened and some problems that have occurred with the solutions or ways of how to resolve the problem.








to resolve


Designed to

To download

Goes into


be anti-virus

and have



security on



the system

Adobe reader

Made to be

For the



able to read

software to do

and setup

error. Was

PDF files

its job and get

with a

fixed with a




without any


restart to the






It contains





other software

without faults

without error,

such as excel,

and run

fully runs as

word and



PowerPoint. It



is also a part

of the Mac



Give a plan with reasons why other ideas have been discarded (2B.M2)

Installation: I will be using the disks and online sites to download the software

onto the computer system and in doing so; it will need to be setup by inserting

relevant information allowing the software to be able to help the user with using

its tools effectively.

Depending on what software the user is downloading and the general CPU or

processing power the user’s computer system can withhold, can vary the amount

of KB, MB, or GB needed to download as so many pieces of software have a

massive difference in size.

Maintaining: When I am maintaining the software, I am really just finding out if

weather there is an update to be downloaded or changing to another model

which for most pieces of software companies (for being a customer for a long

time) then they tend to give it out either for free or by giving a discount. The all

companies want to make money off of their software but simple things like

getting the user to maintain the software isn’t something worth going for profit

from. Maintaining software isn’t hard, though if the software is old and requires

multiple updates then there is a greater chance that it will take longer and if a

user is using another (online) piece of software then the frames will decrease

dramatically as well as the connection to the network.

Justify any decisions for the final product and demonstrate awareness of the purpose and requirements also any constraints. (2B.D2)

Justification - As the installed software is designed to undertake tasks that will

make the user’s experience and life easier when it comes to work ethics. The

software that has been installed has advanced programming and each piece of

the different software types are to handle the technical sides of; Contacts,

security and management, this is for the user to control with the working

environment though, due to the tight budget, the software that has been

installed isn’t the best software that is available to the company and could be

offering a greater performance inside the computer system, making the overall

process of the daily company tasks and projects increase in productivity and

their working progression is likely to improve.

The installations of software are going to fit in the state purpose and the ‘client’

requirements because they are going to do the following;

Contact: The emails can easily be done through an online site application such

as Outlook and Skype which are both extremely productive when sending

business email or having conversations.

Skype for one of the examples is good because it gives the ability of have a face

chat and voice call, and the messaging is almost instant making it useful for fast

and creative ways of communication between employees. Outlook is designed

more on the side of focusing on the format and layout of the emails and the

general letters between clients and the business employees. It is also very useful

for managing communication between employees, employers and clients to

ensure that there is no confusing and better organisation.

Security: AVG is anti-virus software, it is made stop prevent an attacks from

viruses and other similar mal-ware insurgents. It is an extremely good piece of

software that has gotten many good reviews and is at a good quality of

protection from potential threats to the computer system.

The software that would be installed will also be a good layer of protection for

communication for both business and confidential information. This is advantage

for the computer system as there would be a massive grant of access to

employees detail including clients as well as a danger of there being a way of

phishing method of computer manipulation.

Management: In the management sector, there will be tools on all software to

allow the user to be able to change the layout and structure of communication

from the help option to the messaging through emailing software such as the

spam filter button. As there are so many different designs of software and uses,

it is going to be a different type of management for each as it could be for

communication or just for file management and information on clients or


Task 3 - Install, maintain and test software in a technology system

Install and maintain software in a technology system

that includes the:


Installation or upgrade of one operating system

Installation: For the computer system I was installing the operating system

didn’t have one already inside, it had to be taken into the BIOS settings to make

sure that I was connected to the network, this was the start of the installation but

I had to ensure that all of the computer settings were configured and to make

sure that was going to start to work on a fully functional computer system.

Installation or upgrade of at least two different software applications

Installing: The two main pieces of software that I installed were, AVG and

Microsoft Office. This was because the computer needed an anti-virus software

as well as some software of word, excel and PowerPoint.

Upgrading: If given software (e.g.) Anti-virus software I needed to be upgraded

then it is most likely to be for security purposes, most of the upgrades that are

required to be made are because the makers are introducing a new layout,

security, etc.

AVG: The AVG software is design to keep the computer system secure and well

managed when it comes to online safety. It gives different options for online and

indoor security for the user’s computer system. The main options that would be

available are with the settings, firewall and the option for system scans to check

for any viruses and different types of malwares.

Microsoft Office: Office software is as part of a mixture of applications such as

word for documentation, PowerPoint for presentation and Excel for the

databases. The Microsoft company has made gaming consoles, utility

applications, software and hardware products that changes with a variety of

option to choose from.

Customisation of at least three different components in software application(s)




Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office In this picture it is

In this picture it is

showing that I have

added some more

information about the

Microsoft office software


as well as about their

services and file

management. I have

done this because the


document hasn’t

included much

information to include

the smaller settings.

Operating system

Operating system I have adjusted also

I have adjusted also

added some of the

information on the

table, this was on the

External hardware

settings. This was


because I don’t think

there was enough detail

on those parts to fully

show the specs.

AVG anti-virus

AVG anti-virus In this picture I have

In this picture I have

included some of the

design and features of

the software including

the options of what the

software can do.

Test the modified technology system for functionality against the purpose, and repair any faults as necessary.


Testing: I have done robust testing on the software that has been installed and

setting up the software to make sure it is compatible with the operating system

and the computer system was successful in maintenance including running the

software to make sure it does come on which it does.

Functionality against the purpose: The software that has been installed has

started up as predicted and the setup has been executed correctly making the

software run accordingly. The software that is on the computer system is a

product that is a necessary piece in making the upgrade for productivity in the

communication, security and processing worth getting.

Faults: There weren’t any faults as far as the downloading and running go. The

software that was run created a shortcut to the software as it should always do

as well as the usage was giving a more than adequate performance.

Install and maintain software in a technology system, using appropriate tools and techniques to protect the data and system settings, demonstrating awareness of the user requirements and taking account of usability.


Protection of information: The process of installation for the hardware, I had

to make sure that I was backing up my data so I needed an external hard drive to

save the data on, this will ensure that I will have the memory that I need isn’t

lost. The reason this data will be at risk of being lost is when interacting with the

components of a computer, the information that is inside is always at risk. The

equipment that I used will help prevent the loss but the information will always

need to be backed up just in case of any failures in the system. The tools that I

was referring to are designed to make sure there isn’t any statically electrical

shock between the user and the equipment; this is one of the major safety

precautions when it comes to computer maintenance.

Test the modified technology system, gather feedback, and use it to improve the technology system for functionality, productivity and user experience.


Feedback: I created a series of questions based around relevant information on

the modified system. The people that answered the question gave very useful

comments as well to imply that there weren’t many if any problems though it

could turn out to be better than the actual outcome. I reflected on this new

information about the system and took it into consideration to modify the system

even more.

Functionality: The software that has been installed will work because they have

been programmed by professionals and the software does a good enough job to

get recommendations and good reviews. After the installations, all the tools and

other assets of the software were aligned and run to their programming. This

clearly represents some form of functionality in the software.

Productivity: The installations will fulfil their purpose and with users have the

ability of using the software to help with the security and communications it will

have a good implication on the productivity of the employees and the job

environment including some of the software that was installed for the

information inputs.

User: The user requirements were giving a the statement of needing good

security, communication and a generally well performing computer system, this

target was met by giving Central employment the requisite software to ensure

that the computer system that was required including the limited budget on the

task in hand was good enough to do the job that the company needs.

Refine the modified technology system in order to improve productivity, taking account of feedback.


Feedback: The feedback on the upgraded system has been mostly positive,

although there were some negatives that were well given. The comment section

was small but still useful as the opinions that were given had quite different

perspectives such as the low spending on the security. After having a analysis

over the feedback I have decided to switch the security because out of all the

sections that were the important, the security for the company is the priority for

the company’s clients and staff.

Improved productivity: The software installed has been installed because the

company ‘Central employment’ wants a better computer system for increased

productivity, communication and security. This new software that has been

installed and will be used for such purposes, whilst doing the employee’s job the

software will be acting as tools to make sure that the work is being done a

reasonable rate and this will be improved productivity. The idea is being briefed

through the client requirements and has been made clear that there is a

production rate that is in need to be increased for the company’s standards.

The software that has been installed is the upgrading type compared to the old

versions/types of software that was originally on the computer system, this

means that the newer software that has been installed contains a increased

warranty due to the reliability and the quality. This is a refinement to the

computer system that is extremely beneficial towards any computer.