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Solving One Step Equations

Grade Level: 6th Grade Subject: Mathematics Prepared By: Taylor Lowery
Overview & Purpose Education Standards Addressed

Students will learn to solve one-step equations. After learning to solve 111.26. Grade 6, Mathematics
one-step equation students will be able to write one-step equations to (3) Number and operations.
represent conditions, represent one-step equations on a number line, (D) add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers fluently
and write corresponding real-world problems when given one-variable (9) Expressions, equations, and relationships
equations. (B) represent solutions for one-variable, one-step equa

Lesson Details
Objectives The student applied mathematical process standards to use equations and Materials N
(Specify skills/information that will be inequalities to represent situations. Paper
Information Students need to have prior knowledge for solving integers. Others
(Give and/or demonstrate necessary Algebrai
information) Vocabulary- Variable, Substitute, Positive, Negative, Equation, Expression. Algebra
Game P

Verification 1.) Students will show understanding by taking turns coming to the board Other Reso
(Steps to check for student and working out one step equations.
understanding) 2.) Students will also show understanding by completing practice questions Web- Youtube
independently and using their answers to participate a game. Algebra Basics
Equations Part
Activity Students will demonstrate knowledge on how to solve one step equations by
(Describe the independent activity to completing a worksheet with several examples on it. After completing the Row Row Row
reinforce this lesson) worksheet, the students will play a game of bingo using the answers to the Song
equations they solved.

Summary 1.) Students will come in and go over adding and subtracting positive Additional N
numbers using the Row Row Row Your Boat song.
2.) Teacher will introduce solving one step equations by using the algebraic Students wil
mats and tiles followed by playing a short video. independent
3.) Teacher will demonstrate how to solve a one-step equation on the board practice que
while the students follow along by taking notes on paper. game is use
4.) Students will be asked to solve certain problems throughout the lesson to to apply the
show the students understanding. learned and
5.) After the lesson the students will complete several practice questions on lesson intere
their own.
6.) Students will use their answers to the equations they solved for their
practice questions for Bingo.
7.) Wrap up/ Review.