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Lesson Plan Template

Date Subject Number of Grade

6-3-2017 Math 25 KG2
Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

Time management.

Learning Outcomes: Materials

(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum document)
Students will be able to order big,
medium and small objects in 1 The Story of goldilocks and
exploration and play. the three bears.
2 Goldilocks and the three
bears characters mask.
Paper with different tracing
(teddy bears, bowls and the
bed) with different sizes.

3- Scissors
4- Glue
5- Colors
6- A4 papers
7- Bears (toy).

Lesson Introduction
Whole group activity: Time_______ Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

Opening/Introduction: (Bullet points)

What will you do in order to introduce the
concept to the students? Applying (low level): Help the children if
Get three blocks and ask the student order from they don't understand the concept of
small to big.
Active Engagement: (Bullet points)
Rading to the students goldilocks and the three
Link: (Bullet points)
Remind the students in kid friendly language Evaluating (high level): I will evaluate the
how they can apply what they did whole group in students by seeing them what they are
their independent learning centers doing.
Circle area: read the stories to the children
Art area: Let the students make activity.

Creating (high level): Order and create the

teddy bear with the resources.

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1 Learning Center 2 Learning Center 3 Learning Center 4
1- The 1- Paper (if needed)
with 1 Bears (toy).
Story of
s and (teddy
the three bears,
bowls and
the bed)
2- Goldilock
s and different
the three sizes.
2- Scissors
characte 3- Glue
rs mask. 4- Colors
5- A4

Small Group Learning Centers: Time______

Learning Center 1 Title: ((Goldilocks Learning Center 2 Title: (Order the

and the three bears) in group. sizes) in individual

1- Tell & Listen to the story. 1 The teacher will

distribute the papers on
2- Act.
the table, there will be
3- Ask oral questions about an arrow Start, so the
the different sizes of the children can know.
characters. 2 The children will cut the
tracing paper and stick
it in order from
(big, medium, small).

Learning Center 3 Title: (Bullet points) Learning Center 4 Title: (Bullet points)

1 Student will order the bear Explain step by step what the students will do

toys in descending order

(big, medium, small).
2 Discuses about the
different sizes.
Closing activity: Time: __10____

Ask them about what was the lesson about. Get objects and order from small to big.
Assessment for Learning: Ask them oral questions.

General Comments

Recommendations / Future personal targets / Areas of focus

Transitions (when the children go from area to another area,
children misbehave.)
Time management
SHJWC Lesson Reflection (Completed after EVERY
lesson taught)
Lesson Your Marwa Mansour
Orderring Name

MST Amal Asad

School Al qarayen kindergarten
Liz Taylor

Class KG2
Date 6-3-2017

Firstly, discuss one aspect that YOU feel you did very well. Try to analyze
why you think it worked well and what hints you would share with other teachers
about the successful strategy/ resource/activity/management style etc.

This is my first time that I can manage the class very well which made me very happy
and excited. This made me I do it because I always change my tone and I have
established routines because the children know what will they do next not to get bored
and then misbehave.

Secondly, elaborate on the aspect identified by YOU that requires attention.

Discuss what the problem was, why it occurred and what action you intend to
take to be more successful in the next lesson.

Nayef: I cant manage his behavior because he is so hyperactive. He has a family problem in
their house. He always comes and talks about his family problem. In my next semester, I
want to manage these people who have family problems and I always want to listen to them.
He always come to class and hugs me when he makes me sad or angry he knows the
expression in my face and he tells me sorry.