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Lessson plan

Name: Jaqueline Ulloa Class: Basic 12 Level:

intermediate Length: 20min

Joel Mendieta

Roger Mandujano macedo Pag.

Class description : there are five students in this group all between 18 and
23 years all . most of them have been studying for six months
Main aims :by the end of the lesson the ss will be able to use the second
conditional to talk about imaginary situations
Subsidiary aims: to review the use of would and the past forms of verbs
Personal aims: to improve the interactions patters used in class
To improve the organization of the board
Timetable fit: in the last lesson the ss reviewed the reported speech while
talking about films. in the next lesson we are going to study requests and offers
Materials : envelopes,speaking cards,powert point slides ,markers,proyector
Anticipated problems: Ss might not be able to use correctly past irrergular
forms in the if clause
Ss maight confuse the first and secomnd conditional
Posible solutions : t elicits the rules from ss and ask concept quetsions to
check comprehension ,also echo corrections is sued to correct students slips
Stage/Sta Description Interact Timin
ge Aim ion g
1. Ask the students if they would like to have
Warm Up / superhuman abilities show the word Whole 5 min
Let the Superpowers in the board. Class
students 2. Show the students the list of 10 superpowers;
explain Omnilingualism if they do not know
identify the
what that is.
theme of the
class 3. Put the prompt on the board If I could ____; I
(Second would _____ and ask them to think for two
Conditional). minutes on two superpowers they would like to

Controlled 2min
practice After ss have seen the structure and use of the T
present perfect PAIRS
T moves on to controlled practice an show ss WHOLE 2 min
envelops which contain uncrambled sentences CLASS
Ss with their partner work toguether and try to
form the sentences correctly
T elicits answers and point out to slips if being
Production 2min
T tells ss they are going to work with some cards PAIRS
containing quetsions Groups 2min
T picks a quetsion card and models it with a
Ss pick cards ramdomdly and ask different peers
the quetions on the cards