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No. 437 Official newsletter of ABRA

May 2017 (established 1977)
(Servicing Aldinga Bay (Incorporating Watch SA)
& Willunga Basin)
Distribution 2,000 Next meeting of ABRA
(incorp. Watch SA)
All proceeds go back will be the be held on
into the community. Wednesday,
14th June 2017
at 7.30 pm at the
Symonds Reserve Hall,
Stewart Avenue,

Night Owls at Willunga Bowling INDEX INSIDE
Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 2
Dear Reader, Index
Im taking a back seat from my community duties at the ABRA News / editorial 3
moment to deal with a family health issue so dont have much Art News 17
to report. Auto Section 28 - 31

One of the big things coming up is the opening event of the Campfires & Crows 16
Aldinga District Town Square at 10am-3pm on May 28th CFS Corner 36
which incorporates the Aldinga market. Keep your eye out Church Notices, News 14, 22, 37
for further publicity about this event. Community Centre 14
The Main South Road duplication group is growing from Community News 33 - 36
strength to strength. Lets support them and really put some Community Radio 10
pressure on our pollies to give us a real go down south.
Emergency Numbers 38
Weve got 40 pages again this month. Environmental 21, 36
I hope you enjoy the issue.
Finance 23
Kevin Hutton - President / Editor
Health Section 18 - 21
History 24
Letters 21
Library 32
Markets 5
On The Green 8
Real Estate -
School News 17
Seniors News 8
Youth Activities 39

Billboards you wont see department.

How long since banks have given free anything? Ed

Quote of the month:

Successful people are simply those with successful habits.
- Brian Tracy

June 14th 2017 - 7:30 pm

Incorporating: Aldinga Community Centre
Stewart Avenue
Aldinga Beach.

All Welcome.
A speaker from Tribe FM Community Radio will be there to fill us in on local community radio.

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 3

PAUL The Green Thing
In the line at the store, the cashier told an older woman that
she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags
weren't good for the environment.
The woman apologized to him and explained, "We didn't
have the green thing back in my day."
The clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your
generation did not care enough to save our environment."
Dysfunction, consequences and a way out. He was right -- our generation didn't have the green thing in
its day.
Growing up with his mum and grandmother, Paul Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer
harboured a desire to explore life. He lived with a sense bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to
of curiosity about his dad until he eventually learned his be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the
father had been convicted of a crime and was serving same bottles over and over. So they really were recycled.
time in jail. It would be many years before he saw his But we didn't have the green thing back in our day.
father again and things changed for the worse when at 9 We walked up stairs, because we didn't have an escalator in
years of age his loving grandmother died, and his stern every store and office building. We walked to the grocery
step-father came on the scene. store and didn't climb into a 300-horsepower machine every
time we had to go two blocks.
To escape the atmosphere at home he joined sports teams, But she was right. We didn't have the green thing in our day.
hung out with friends, and played in music bands. He Back then, we washed the baby's diapers because we didn't
worked doing plane maintenance with an airline whilst have the throw-away kind. We dried clothes on a line, not
indulging occasionally with drugs. And this turned out to in an energy gobbling machine burning up 220 volts -- wind
be a game changer when, in Amsterdam at age 23, he and solar power really did dry the clothes. Kids got hand-
overdosed and almost died. That set Paul on a new me-down clothes from their brothers or sisters, not always
course, and he began searching for fresh meaning. brand-new clothing. But that old lady is right; we didn't have
the green thing back in our day.
Back then, we had one TV, or radio, in the house -- not a
Around 24 years of age, Paul chose to read the Bible even
TV in every room. And the TV had a small screen the size
though he found it very difficult at first to even open it. of a handkerchief (remember them?), not a screen the size of
There was to be no easy path or quick conversion as he the state of Montana.
set out to find that larger world he longed to discover as a In the kitchen, we blended and stirred by hand because we
child. Being drawn to justice issues and looking after the didn't have electric machines to do everything for us.
poor in society he continued to travel and seek genuine When we packaged a fragile item to send in the mail, we
relationships to discuss life with. used a wadded up old newspaper to cushion it, not
Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap.
He finally made a commitment to Christ and attended a Back then, we didn't fire up an engine and burn gasoline
church in Melbourne as he came to see that the Christian just to cut the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on
faith did bring answers, but also some mystery. human power. We exercised by working so we didn't need
to go to a health club to run on treadmills that operate on
He went on to follow a yearning deep in his heart to help electricity.
others unravel their mysteries: climb out of a victim But she's right; we didn't have the green thing back then.
mentality, defeatism and confusion and find a way We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of
forward in life. One of these paths is what Paul calls Soul using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of
Food Caf an informal special space where people can water.
safely share their story over coffee and learn how they too We refilled writing pens with ink instead of buying a new
can help make sense of their lives (see pen, and we replaced the razor blades in a razor instead of throwing away the whole razor just because the blade got
(By Bruce Bennie) But we didn't have the green thing back then.
Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode
their bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms
into a 24-hour taxi service.
We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire bank of
sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn't need a
computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from
satellites 2,000 miles out in space in order to find the nearest
Worldwide Photos pizza joint.
Eternity Sydney Harbour Bridge New Years day 2000 But isn't it sad the current generation laments how wasteful
Faith-building true stories - Peter: 0414 251 239 we old folks were just because we didn't have the green
thing back then?

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 4

ABRA Business Member.
Local businesses supporting the local community.

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 5

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 6
Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 7
Social Links
Are You over 65? News from the Aldinga Bay Bowling Club.
End of season wind-up was held in late March with
Do you want to become more active in your community? major sponsor of the club, Paul Wilsdon from Caltex
Feel like getting out of the house, meeting new people Aldinga Beach, presenting awards and congratulating all
and having fun? the Club Championship winners. Below is Paul with
ACH Group offer a variety of programs providing: Mens Pairs winners Jeff and Mike Hentschke
- Interesting and fun social activities and outings
- Guest speakers on various and health
related topics
- Information on aged care services
- Computer/IPad Art - Mosaics and other
specialised activities
- Wellness programs Tai chi, Chi ball, Chair based
exercise and Yoga
Mens programs
- Information and support for carers
- Aldinga Social Links
- Fridays 9.30am -2.30pm
Aldinga Senior Citizens Club Although heavy but brief showers forced bowlers Byron,
Crn Valiant and Quinliven Roads, Pt Willunga
Jim, Jann and Julie to huddle under shelter, our annual
- Coastal Capers Social Group for seniors Digby Harris Drawn Triples Tournament held in honour
Planning meeting bi-monthly 1.30pm 2.30pm of our former esteemed Patron, was a successful and
GP plus, Pridham Blvd, Aldinga Beach fun day.
- Mc Laren Vale Social Links
Mon ---- Sat times various
Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am- 2pm
Friday Social Links Respite for carers 10am
177 Main Rd, Mc Laren Vale

- Sing for Joy

Wednesdays 1.30pm -3.30pm
Ecumenical centre, Grand Blvd, Seaford

Lunch and transport may be provided

For more information please contact: Member Jude le Clerc generously sponsored prizes for
Liz Bridges on 1300 224 477 the competition, with Sandra, Tony and Claire coming
out eventual winners.
Annexe & Tent Zips,
Repairs & Alterations.
Boat Canopies Made.
Shadecloth Sewn.
Poptops Replaced.
Tarps & Covers.
Air Conditioner Covers Made.
Trampolines Restitched.
109 Lacey Drive (Cul de sac end)
Aldinga Bay Bowling Club, Port Road, Aldinga
Mobile: 0419 473 353 All Enquiries Ph: 8557 7467 or 0409582489

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 8

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 9

Tree Removal and Mulching

phone Gavin 0428 880 801

Sunday May 7th: Live Event: Discover Willunga 10am-4pm

Saturday May 13th: Live Event: Tribe Live Music 5-11pm
Nine titles. New novel No Road to Darwin
Good Xmas presents! 6 -9 am MishMash with Michele
9am - Midday Trev on Tribe
Details on website Midday - 2pm The Mix on Tribe with Samantha
Phone [08] 8543 2280 2 - 3pm Waldorf Salad
3 - 5pm Ambush Squad
5 - 6pm Music Mayhem with Simon and Craig
6 - 7.30pm Siren to Siren with Simon and Craig (sport)
7.30 - 9.30pm Dub Friday with Paul Careswell
9.30 - 11pm The Hands of Time with Daryl
THIS SPACE AVAILABLE 11pm - 7.30am Music overnight
7.30 - 8.30am Replay: Dinggy Party Centralz
8.30 -1 1.30am Rock Roll n Remember with Jeff Button
11.30am -1 .30pm Control-Alt-Delete - with Monica
1.30 - 5/5.30pm Southern Football League-Match of the Day
Volunteers Wanted 5.30 - 6pm Caitlyns Pre-Kaos Show
6 - 8.30pm The Kaos Show
Aldinga Community Centre 8.30pm - 8am Music overnight
needs volunteers SUNDAYS:
8 - 9am Replay: Waldorf Salad
to work in a variety of areas. 9am - Midday CE5 with Fox
Midday -3 pm Southern Rock with Ian
Ph 8556 5940 3 - 6pm JoJo &Josh - Psychedelic Sundays
6.00 - 8.30pm The Oz Effect with Rusty and Sam
8.30 - 11pm Sound Tsunami with Ben Patterson
11pm - 7am Music overnight

9am - Midday
Marty Summers Breakfast Show
The 3E Show with Bob Evans and Anne
See p.38 Midday - 3pm
3 - 6pm
Mixed Bag with Midge
The Retro Show with Tony Becker



6 - 8pm
8 -12am
The Sound Caf with Cheri and Murray
The Thiele Experience with Mark
12pm 7am Oz Music overnight

7 - 9am Stuck in the Past with Alan
9 - 11am Pat - Into the Wind
11am - 1pm Michael Mild
1 - 4pm Off the Beat n Track with Denis
4 - 7pm Global Beat with Cheri
7 - 9pm Dust Radio with Steve, Scott and Honest
9pm - 12am Hedgehog Lodge with Hedge
12am 6am Oz Music overnight

6 - 9am Triple Z Breakfast with Michael Mild
Large range of garden products & firewood 9 - 12pm
12pm - 3pm
Morning Music
Electrified with Milton
3 - 5pm Amwrapped with Kym and Mike
SLEEPERS RED GUM & PINE BARK 5 - 7pm Drive-By with Z Maurada
9pm - 12am
The Voyage with Sean
Hungry For More with Greg
MUSHROOM COMPOST 12am 6am Oz Music overnight


9 - 11am
Pete's Gumbo Breakfast
Turn Your Radio On with Michelle
BAGGED CEMENT 11am - 1pm
1 - 3pm
When Good Times Go Good with Stephen
Sound of Jazz with Jack and Jake
PUBLIC WEIGHBRIDGE 232 3 - 5pm Folk Harvest with Julie and David
5 - 7pm Triple Z Drive with Michael Mild
7 - 9pm The Local with Kym and Mike
9pm - 12am Nervous Goat
12am - 6am Oz Music overnight
Ph: 8323 9098 Mobile 0427 802 040
(off Chalkhill Road)

This is a general guide to Triple Z & Tribe FM programming

and may be subject to change without notice.

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 10

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 11
Aldinga Central, Pridham Boulevard

Daily newspapers Internet Access

Magazines Agencies:
Stationery, Cards
Photocopying Metrotickets
at Symonds Reserve,
Phone cards
Stewart Ave.
Mobile phone recharge
Prepaid Mobile Phones Aldinga Beach
SA Lotteries OPEN:
Photo printing with WEDNESDAYS 9.30am - 12.30pm
Kodak printer Membership is free so now is a great time to come and
Large range of giftware grow fruit, vegetables and herbs the natural way and
learn and share gardening tips.
Printing, scanning, Ph: 8556 6196 So come and
copying & Email
Laminating Contact: 8556 5940

Coastal Views Distribution Points.

BIRCHALLS Aldinga - The Shack Caf & Pizzeria, Galilee Catholic
AIR-CONDITIONING School, Aldinga Timber - Hardware & Sprint Auto (on
Lacey Drv.)
Pty Ltd.
Aldinga Beach - Aldinga Beach B-7 School, Aldinga
Phone : 8323 9173 Mobile 0405 508462.
Beach Childrens Centre, Aldinga Library, Aldinga Central
Email: Shopping Centre (various locations), Aldinga Community
Commercial Industrial Domestic. Centre, GP Plus, Aldinga Medical Centre, Jimmies Take
Ducted Wall Splits Reverse Cycle Heat Away, Aldinga Beach Mini Mart, Aldinga Bay Foodstore.
McLaren Vale - Manfield Newsagency, Coffee Shop, (by
Design - Installation - Sales - Service Repair. Coles), Bakery reading shelves, Romeos Foodland
DAIKIN AUTHORISED SERVICE CENTRE counter, McLaren Club, IOOF retirement village, Triple Z
FM office - behind hospital, Harcourts - Wine Coast
All Major Brands Sellicks - Sellicks shop.
Evaporative Systems: Service Repair
Winter shut down. Willunga - Willunga Library, Willunga Bakery, Willunga
Butcher, Tribe FM office.
A-Class Electrical Licence: PGE 192560
Refrigeration Licence Number: L022203
AU Number 23916

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 12


Visit our showroom, Website

or give us a call for a free, no obligation measure and quote

8557 6982
Unit 2, 70 How Road ALDINGA BEACH
(Corner Lacey Drive)

We are a family owned and operated business with decades of experience in the industry.
We are committed to the quality of our products, outstanding service and customer satisfaction.

AGGA Licence No 881

Builders Licence No BLD 170316
Fax: 8557 8917
ABN 30 308 758 427

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 13

Aldinga Community
Stewart Ave Aldinga Beach
8556 5940 Green waste and cardboard / paper - Environmental
Member of Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Protection Authority (EPA) legislation bans all councils
state wide from sending these materials to landfill.
Computers and televisions are also be part of this ban.
Check out our new programmes Therefore these materials can no longer be accepted as
starting in May: part of our hard waste collection.
The collection point is the Southern Waste Resource
Management on Bakewell Road Seaford Rise (the
Council dump off South Road N of the bridge).
There is no cost. All you need to do is take your Ewaste
Fun social activities for chil- to the appropriate tip and they will direct you to the
dren who are Home Ewaste section.
Schooled and siblings from
012. Connect with other You leave your stuff near two containers and exit the tip
depositing the card they issue you with. This card will
parents while children play.
take you off their computer.
Commences Thursday 4th This can be done any day of the week.
May from 9.30 to 11.00. $5.00 per session. No
booking required. Ajah will be the facilitator.

Fluorescent light tubes (this includes Compact Fluorescent

lights now widely being used to replace incandescent globes)
contain mercury.
This is a FREE program for women in the local com-
munity. Would you like to make some room in your If disposed of in landfill (through your garbage bin) this can
leach into the soil and water table with disastrous results.
life for yourself, for friendship and for shared ex-
They should be disposed of properly through recycling. Do not
periences? 6 weeks initially, with the possibility of put them in your rubbish bin. Collection points are available at
continuing if women are interested. First Mitre 10 stores and the Willunga Environment Centre.

sessions include aromatherapy, medita-

tion, reflexology and more. Begins Mon-
day 15th May, 9.3011.30.

Exercising to music is a great way to have fun while

gaining the benefits of better physical and mental
health. This adult exercise class is a fantastic oppor-
tunity to meet new people in a fun environment.
Thursday 4th May, 9.3010.15, and every Thurs-
day during school terms. $5 per session

Palm Sunday procession (9th April) at St Anns,

with Shadow the donkey led by Jim Lekkas.

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 14

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 15
carpeting etc..
Foods derived from Hemp seed is what is holding up the
Hemp revolution. In all other western and developed
nations you can buy food made from hemp seed in
supermarkets. Yet you cannot legally do so in Australia
and New Zealand despite the fact that food standards of
INDUSTRIAL HEMP Australia and New Zealand [FSANZ] have recommended
COAG meetings that it should be legalized immediately.
I dont make my living as a farmer, but I grew up on one
[dairy, fat lambs and almonds] and I owned a grazing That is another scandal.
property on Kangaroo Island, S.A. for ten years. I was a Until Hemp food is legalized, the industry is crippled. We
jackeroo and overseer on sheep stations for six years have two legs of a three legged stool. There is the fibre,
also. This seemingly irrelevant information is to establish the hurd but the third leg has been denied the FOOD.
a bit of credibility with farmers. A good Hemp crop produces three tonnes of fibre per
Most of my occupation involves travelling around hectare, seven tonnes of hurd and one tonne of grain. The
Australia by various forms of transport. I know and meet world market is wide open. A growing number of farmers
a lot of people involved in agriculture, and understand are becoming aware of the potential of Industrial Hemp ,
that the average farming operations only return 4% on the ripple needs to become a tidal wave. This has the
their investment. There is plenty of exceptions those potential to revitalize agriculture in Australia, as well as
that are sustainable and doing extremely well [the opening a multitude of manufacturing opportunities. See
minority] and those that are unsustainable and heading website:
downhill from slow decent to out of control.
Most of the small to medium sized country towns you REX ELLISS OUTBACK BOOKS
- see classifieds p10
pass through have increasing numbers of shut down
shops and businesses. Rex was born and bred in McLaren Vale and has been an
outback guide for 50 years.
In a country like Australia, this should not be the case.
Some of the readers would be aware of Theodore
Roosevelts Hemp act of 1937 which was the catalyst
for what is arguably the greatest environmental scandal
in modern times. Most people seem to be unaware of
this. I suggest that if you are interested [and you should
be] , that you google Industrial Hemp, This will open up an
extraordinary Pandorahs Box of the continuing scandal
and suppression of the facts by powerful lobbies, in
particular the cotton industry, major agribusiness
corporations and chemical conglomerates, to name of
Recently some Victorian farmers and engineers
invented a Hemp decorticator that can separate the fibre,
the hurd, and the seed in the one operation. This is an
extraordinary development. It means that 95% of the
hurd and fibre can be recovered, compared to just 15%
previously. Industrial Hemp has over two thousand uses
and can be grown with little water [the more the better
for greater yield] and NO herbicides. Up to three crops a
year can be grown on the best land with more water. The
ground is greatly enriched by the waste material after
each harvest, and because of the minimal input the
returns are exceptional. Imagine the thousands of
hectares of land in the Riverland and other places lying
idle or supporting unsustainable or unprofitable crops.
Uses of industrial Hemp include textiles, clothing,
building material [fibre board, insulation, hempcrete].
Industrial products such as animal bedding,
mulch, boiler fuel, chemical absorbent. Paper [printing,
newsprint, packaging, cardboard, netting, canvas,

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 16

Hi all,
Now that we are almost at the end of Term 1 of the
first year of our music residency at Aldinga Beach B-7
School, Im happy to give you a little update about what
has been rolled out.
The students did come and try days at the end of
last year and the beginning of this year, to identify this
years students who would participate in group guitar
lessons and percussion ensembles. From those students, 4
groups of 6 students were selected to receive group guitar
lessons and 4 groups of 25 students were selected to
participate in percussion ensembles. These students have
been receiving weekly lessons throughout term 1 by
Musica Viva guitar tutor, Mike Bevan and percussion
tutor, Fabian Hevia. The students are working towards a
performance at the end of Term 2. Once we have a date, I
will forward you an invitation to attend.
The school has received new guitars and a range of
new percussion instruments and for most of the guitar
students, this is the first time they have been allowed to
take an instrument home to practice, so we look forward
to hearing their musicianship develop.
We have also delivered a professional development
course to the entire staff Introduction to Primary
Classroom Music. Feedback from the staff about the
course was glowing with the Principal, Mel Justice
reporting that staff had a great time and learned an
enormous amount, as the presenter made them feel very
at ease, where they would normally be scared of
participating in musical activities. We return twice more
this year to deliver further professional development for
the staff.
Plans are now in place for preparatory activities in
the classroom for Musica Viva group The World
According to James who will be visiting the school in
Term 4. Work will be done on improvisation in the
classroom, in the theme of jazz that the group will bring
to the school. Local multi-instrumentalist and award
winning artist Adam Page will visit the school in Term 3
to work with staff on improvisation and spontaneous
composition. This workshop will occur at the school
from3.20 to 4.50 pm on Tuesday 26 September and you
would be welcome to attend if you wish.
I will send you an invitation to attend the
performance by The World According to James in
Term 4, closer to the time. In the meantime, please
click HERE to see information about the group.
I wish you and your families a very happy and safe
Kind regards,
Emily Kelly SA Manager
Musica Viva Australia
C/- St Pauls Creative Centre
200 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 17

If you are having trouble with headaches, neck or back pain,
shoulder problems, or a range of other musculoskeletal problems,
then ring the Aldinga Chiropractic Centre on
8557 8300.

Dr Jenny Milisits BHSc M Chiro

Dr David Kimber B.Sc. Grad.Dip.Chiro

Low force techniques and manual adjusting

Open daily Monday to Friday
Exercise therapy and core stability training available
Remedial massage with Hayley Rich & Melissa Schubert

Health fund rebates apply. Evening times available

Chiropractic Preferred providers for MBP and BUPA.

Aldinga Chiropractic Centre

Located Suite 1, 101-103 Rowley Rd
Aldinga Beach. Ph: 8557 8300




Gentle Care
Modern Quality Treatment
Friendly Staff

Dr John Santillo Dr Emily Lin

Dr Reschard Abdulla Angela Ferguson (Hygienist)
Aldinga Dental Clinic
2 / 101-103 Rowley Rd, Ph: 8557 6598
Aldinga Beach

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 18

Maries Crystal Cave
CHIRO 107 Esplanade Aldinga Beach
Open Daily 10am5pm


Also offering: Reiki Crystal Healing
Ear Candling
Meditation Group Oneness Blessings
Here at Aldinga Chiropractic Workshops & More

from April 2017 PH: 8556 5692

Bupa is now offering Gap free

chiropractic for kids
(up to the age of 25).*
Jodie May
*Available on all family packages, Ultimate Health Cover, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist
Silver, Gold and Platinum Extras when taken with
hospital cover on a family membership. Fund and policy 0416 179 955
rules, waiting periods and yearly limits apply. Child
dependants only
For more information contact Bupa
on 134135 or at


17 Old Coach Road Aldinga
Phone: 08 8556 5505
Fax: 08 8556 6533

Serving Aldinga for 30 years.

Range of services: -
minor surgery,
shared antenatal care,
plaster or fractures etc.

Friendly, helpful services

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 19

Rhylyn Medical Services - New Patients Always Welcome
For all your familys health needs
Immunisations Workcover
All general health Pre-employment medicals
Womens & Mens health Mental Health
Health Assessments Relationship coaching
Chronic Disease Management Ante- natal and shared care
Skin Checks Minor Procedures

Aldinga Medical Centre 8550 2000 Mon Fri 8.30am 5.30pm

89 Rowley Road, Aldinga Beach Saturday 8.30am 5.00pm,
Moore Street Clinic 8550 2060 Mon - Thurs 8.30am 5.30pm
1 Moore Street, Willunga
Moana Medical Centre 8550 2080 Mon Thurs 8.30am 5.30pm
1/381 Commercial Road, Moana Friday 8.30am 4.30pm

Medical Excellence Serving Growing Communities

Online bookings available-simply go to the website to making an online booking

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 20

Aldinga Medical Centre
Ph: 8550 2000

Meet Your
Local Doctor
Dr Janet Thornley graduated her MBBS at the University
of Adelaide in 1996. Subsequently she worked at the
Queen Elizabeth Hospital followed by the Womens and
Childrens Hospital where she obtained a Diploma in
Child Health and a Certificate in Womens Health.

Janet commenced working in general practice in Moonta

on the picturesque Yorke Peninsula for a period of two
years, followed by a further five years consulting in the
southern suburbs of Adelaide. Janet began consulting
with Rhylyn Medical Services where she has been caring
for her patients since 2005.

Janets special interests are paediatrics, integrative

medicine, womens health, antenatal care and
acupuncture. She has personal special interests in sailing
and running.

Janet works all day Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays, We need your vote!
Wednesday mornings and one in three Friday mornings. Support our project NOW to help disadvantaged
people in SA by connecting them with nature
For your convenience, you can book appointments online
with Janet through our website: Voting closes 5pm Monday 29th May
or phone 8550 2000.


Dear Editor and Readers

I would like to say hello to everyone and introduce

our suite of technology services not only at the
lowest prices but also with a further 10 percent
discount to anyone who mentions Coastal Views
when first making contact.
We build inexpensive web view Android and iOS
applications that mirror websites on smartphones,
optimise friendliness and speed of existing websites
and build new Wordpress websites (and also make
animated videos for small business websites, FB
pages, and YouTube starting from just $249).

We offer free technical advice and complimentary

Google speed tests. Like our name suggests, you'll
be very happy you contacted us.

Fel Stapley Aldinga Beach

(See ad p 6 Ed)

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 21

A Lock Of Hair.

As I trudge through the seasons

and camp neath the stars above;
I think of my home town and the
one I love:
The meeting will not be joyous
but one of sorrow;
For they wrote and told me for
us there will be no tomorrow:
We mads a vow when I returned
we would never part;
But a war in a distant land broke
her aching heart:
The tears she cried when
knowing she would be left alone;
If I didnt return would be on her
very own:
But now shes up in heaven
getting lots of tender care;
And I have all these memories
and a lock of golden hair.

(From Mr Bobbles)

With Anzac Day just gone I thought

A cross of flowers celebrating the this would be an appropriate time to
resurrection of Christ at St Anns include this one - Ed.
Anglican Church, Aldinga

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 22

your income and debt commitment, $30,000 deposit
could be sufficient to purchase a house to the value
of $500,000.

Block #4 assess, evaluate and reward

Making sacrifices does not mean you should live
miserably. Set a savings milestone and reward
yourself when you get there. Have a flexible plan
always assess and evaluate. Make changes as

Whatever you do, dont procrastinate. Start today

and get closer to your goal.

Your Sense & Dollars.

Block Building Your Home Deposit

by Nani Johnston

The hardest part of buying a place to call your own WILLUNGA KICK BOXING CLUB
is saving for the deposit and its upfront costs. It is Meet at The Old Railway Station, Railway Terrace, Willunga
especially challenging when you are not living free- each Monday & Thursday nights at 7 pm. Contact Peter 0407
324 530 or just come and try.
board at home, but it is not entirely impossible.
Think of deposit building like building a lego. The WILLUNGA JUDO CLUB
end result is made up of small little blocks. Every Meet at The Old Railway Station, Railway Terrace, Willunga
little bit counts no matter how small. each Wednesday night at 7 pm.
Contact Greg 8552 7074,
Kym 0407 798 803 or just come and try.
Block #1 - have a goal - know what you need
I have a client who works part-time at one of the KENPO KARITSU
major food chain, earning less than $800/week. She Ed Parkers American Kenpo Karate blended with traditional
and Brazilian Ju Jitsu has something for the whole family.
came to me a year ago with some savings and a Taught Friday nights at Sellicks Beach Community hall and
house price in mind. I worked with her in Wednesday nights at Aldinga Sports Recreation Centre.
understanding what she needs and, fourteen 7 - 9 pm Come and try for free.
months later, she reached her savings goal whilst 28 years Experience.
living at home paying a $100/week board. Overall, it 0450 805 778 Dave Gartland
took her four years to save up for her deposit.
When I commented that shed done well, she told
me it was because she had a goal to achieve.
The Get Together Club
Block #2 know your expenditure A club exists in Aldinga Beach for adults with a
Once you know what your savings goal is, take a disability and their families.
look at your expenditure. We all know we should The group encourages friendship, fun, connection and
spend less than what we earn. But do you know how inspiration.
much you actually spend each week? Each month? It is the only group of its kind in the southern area.
If you live from one pay check to another, do you The first meeting held at the Aldinga Life Care Hall was
know why that is? Are there any luxury items you a great success, with families sharing a meal, playing
can cut out? If your expenditure is already high, games, and getting to know each other.
having a cup of coffee every day is a luxury. You A variety of activities are planned for the monthly group
may have to reduce it to just one cup a week. If you including singing, painting, puppet making, and guest
want to get somewhere, you will have to make some chefs. Ideas for activities are welcome and encouraged.
sacrifices that is given. The Get Together Club has received a Community
Grant from the City of Onkaparinga and is also
Block #3 set up regular saving supported by Minda Incorporated, Carer Support and
Now that your goal and expenditure are determined, Disability SA. New members are always welcome.
you can work out what you can put aside. Set up an The Get Together Club is held on the first Friday of
automated regular saving. Lock the money away as each month, at the Aldinga Life Care Hall, Pridham
soon as you are paid. Putting aside $150/week, Blvd, Aldinga Beach from 6.30 8.30pm.
earning 2.7% interest, will give you $7,897 in a year. For bookings call 8433 9555
In four years, youll have $32,908. Depending on or email:

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 23

Prepared by Stan Beck

100yrs ago
Australia Commonwealth railway extended to
Australia Naturalised migrants disenfranchised until The Willunga Slate Weekend is Coming!
after war finishes The SA History Festival commences in May. This is a
W.A. A parliamentary National party was formed time to celebrate and learn more about our heritage.
Europe Australian tanks and infantry capture Willunga National Trust will celebrate with the Willunga
Bullecourt. Slate Weekend! Slate is something that makes Willunga
Victoria Six tons of mice were caught in two nights at special and we look forward to an exciting Slate Weekend
Sheeps Hll station Cocamba program:
Melbourne Nationalists swept back into power PM On May 6 at 11.00, join Dr Paddy OToole at the Show
Billy Hughs overwhelmed Hall for Slate Carvings: Solving the mysteries. What
Med (sea) British ship Transylvania sunk with loss of are the questions that the Willunga slate carvings raise?
413 Find out about society, religion and the slate carvers
UK First US Naval flotilla arrives offshore themselves. Cost: Donation.
UK Potato shortage in Britain as food shortages
worsen On May 6 at 2.00pm, join National Trust members at St
UK German aeroplanes bomb the South Coast Stephens cemetery for Ghosts of Willungas Past, a
killing 76 cemetery walk where you will hear the stories of heroism,
Palestine Reports that Jews are being terrorised by self-sacrifice and grief, families and friendships, and the
Muslims in the territory characters and conflicts of Willungas fascinating past.
U.S. 10,000 army engineers will be sent to Cost: Donation.
France says war dept. May 7 combines a visit to the National Trusts Slate
Museum to hear the stories behind old and new exhibits,
Birth J.F.Kennedy U.S. (later , 35th President) and a guided tour of an historic slate quarry (weather
permitting). Please note that bookings are essential for
May 50yrs ago this event. Cost $10.
Australia Referendum to give Aborigines the vote is
an overwhelming YES At normal opening times, you can enter the past at the
Australia The $5 goes into circulation Willunga Courthouse and Slate Museums. Discover
Australia Rev. Ted Noffs warns that drugs have taken Willunga History since 1839 through the themes of law
over from cigarettes in school and order, life in the Township, and education and family
NZ Breath and blood tests introduced history since 1839. Cost: Donation.
UK Breath and blood tests introduced For more information, see Facebook: Willunga Museums,
UK Francis Chichester sails into Plymouth the History Festival Program.
completing his lone sail around the world For enquiries and bookings call (08) 8556 2195 or email
London Tottenham Hotspurs beats Chelsea 2-1 in FA
London Ten men make off with 700,000 pound in
gold bars from security van
London Wilson says Britain will apply for
membership of the E.E.C.(Common market)
France De Gaull Rebuffs Wilson again refusing to
agree to Britain joining EEC
Brussels 322 people die when fire destroys
department store L'Innovations
Athens The Regime bans the Mini-skirt

Facts about the 1500s

There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house.
This posed a real problem in the bedroom where bugs and other
droppings could mess up your nice clean bed. Hence, a bed with big
posts and a sheet hung over the top afforded some protection.
That's how canopy beds came into existence

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 24

People born before 1946 were called
I'm Sure you can imagine, The Silent & Powerful Generation.
Its as simple as can be, People born between 1946 and 1964 are called
The place is Piccadilly, The Baby Boomers.
The people He and She! People born between 1965 and 1979 are
called Generation X.
She whispered "will it hurt me?" And people born between 1980 and 2010 are
"Of course not" answered he, called Generation Y.
"It's a very simple process, Why do we call the last group Generation Y?
You can rely on me". Y should I get a job?
Y should I leave home and find my own place?
She said "I'm very frightened, Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours?
I've not had this before, Y should I clean my room?
My friend has had it five times, Y should I wash and iron my own clothes?
And said it can be sore". Y should I buy any food?
But a cartoonist explained it very eloquently
It was growing rather painful,
Tears formed in her eyes,
It was hurting quite a bit now,
It must have been a size.

"Calm yourself" he whispered,

"His face filled with a grin,
"Try and open wider,
So I can get more in".

"It's coming now" he whispered,

"I know" she cried in bliss,
Feeling it deep within her now,
She said "I'm glad I'm having this".

And with a final effort,

She gave a frightened shout,
He gripped it in anguish,
And quickly pulled it out.

She lay back quite contented,

Sighed, and gave a smile,
She said "I'm glad I came now,
You made it worth my while".

Now if you read this carefully,

The dentist you will find,
It's not what you imagined,
It's just your dirty mind!!

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 25


Specialising in Weddings/Events/Corporate
Flower Deliveries
0432 763 417

Aldinga Medical Centre, Conference Room
Refrigeration and Air-conditioning 89 Rowley Road, Aldinga Beach
MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Wednesdays fortnightly 10:00am12
For anyone currently or previously
(Mobile Service) diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Face to face support and companionship
Telephone: 8327 0166 over a coffee and a chat.
Donation to help cover morning tea appreciated.
Fax: 8327 0926 Contacts: Ailsa (08) 8556 5237 Claudia 0415 929 183
Lic. No. AU00183 & surrounds bc support group


Hot water Phone Alan on 0412 782 286
General gas plumbing email:
Rainwater plumbing
Shed conversions
Outdoor showers License/Reg No. PGE244585

SON OF A VEOLIA Environmental Services

Attention Grabber
ELECTRICAL Hills Liquid Waste
Any handy tool
Switchboard upgrades that you grab and SEPTIC TANKS ABN 20051 316 584
Renovation rewires throw across the
Power points/lighting
Ceiling fans
garage while SEWAGE & WASTE
Smoke detectors yelling 'Son of a WATER SYSTEMS
bitch' at the top of
Warren Hancock your lungs. It is
Ph. 0451 008 535 also, most likely, 29 SECKER ROAD, MT BARKER SA 5251
Email: the next tool that
Local Electrician
No job too big no job too small you will need! PHONE: 8398 2484
PGE 171096 Licensed contractor

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 26

Tongue in cheek department. Seriously Senior!
(contributions from Martin Dunstan)
A little silver-haired lady calls her neighbour and says, Recently, when I went to McDonald's I saw on the menu
"Please come over here and help me. I have a killer that you could have an order of 6, 9 or 12 Chicken
jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get started." McNuggets.
Her neighbour asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's I asked for a half dozen nuggets.
finished?" 'We don't have half dozen nuggets,' said the teenager at
The little silver haired lady says, "According to the the counter.
picture on the box, it's a rooster." 'You don't?' I replied.
Her neighbour decides to go over and help with the 'We only have six, nine, or twelve,' was the reply.
puzzle. 'So I can't order a half dozen nuggets, but I can order six?'
She lets him in and shows him where she has the puzzle 'That's right.'
spread all over the table. So I shook my head and ordered six McNuggets
He studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the (Unbelievable but sadly true...)
box, then turns to her and says, (Must have been the same one I asked for sweetener and
"First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be she said they didn't have any, only Splenda and Sugar.)
able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling
a rooster." I was checking out at the local Wal-Mart with just a few
He takes her hand and says, "Secondly, I want you to items and the lady behind me put her things on the belt
relax. Let's have a nice cup of tea, and then," he said with close to mine. I picked up one of those 'dividers' that they
a deep sigh ............ keep by the cash register and placed it between our things
"Let's put all the Corn Flakes back in the box." so they wouldn't get mixed. After the girl had scanned all
of my items, she picked up the 'divider', looking it all
A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a over for the bar code so she could scan it.
book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards. Not finding the bar code, she said to me, 'Do you know
The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards. how much this is?'
The man, who was a priest, said, " I am a Father . ." I said to her 'I've changed my mind; I don't think I'll buy
The little boy replied, "My Daddy doesn't wear his collar that today.'
like that." She said 'OK,' and I paid her for the things and left.
The priest looked up from his book and answered, "I am She had no clue to what had just happened.
the Father of many".
The boy said, "My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two A mother calls 911 very worried asking the dispatcher if
grandchildren and he doesn't wear his collar that way!" she needs to take her kid to the emergency room, the kid
The priest, getting impatient, said . "I am the Father of had eaten ants. The dispatcher tells her to give the kid
hundreds", and went back to reading his book. some Benadryl and he should be fine, the mother says, 'I
The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned just gave him some ant killer......'
over and said, "Maybe you should wear a condom, and Dispatcher: 'Rush him in to emergency!'
put your pants on backwards instead of your collar." Life is tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid!
Someone had to remind me, so I'm reminding you too.
Cooking tip. Don't is all true
Some forty years ago when I was working on the flood
protective banks at Meningie, during the 1956 River
Murray Flood, I picked up a cooking tip from one of my SENIOR CITIZENS ARE THE NATION'S LEADING
work mates and which I still use today. CARRIERS OF AIDS!
I like eggs and he often cooked his in yesterday's left HEARING AIDS
over gravy, so I copied his "recipe''. BAND AIDS
To this day I still cook my eggs for breakfast in this
manner. I place the ROLL AIDS
eggs with the gravy on WALKING AIDS
toast and have no MEDICAL AIDS
hesitation in GOVERNMENT AIDS
method to any person
who has not had this
experience. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I
know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to
Thanks Martin. - Ed lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to
follow your heart.
Steve Jobs

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 27

Est 1997
Servicing & Mechanical

Brake & Clutch

CV Joint & Drive shafts
EFI & LPG Tuning
Exchange Engines
Disc & Drum Machining
Front End & Suspension
Cylinder Heads
Manufacturers Book

Unit 11,
Cnr How & Aldinga Beach Rds,
Aldinga Beach

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 28

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 29
Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 30
Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 31
Whats On

May is History Month!

The Star of Greece was shipwrecked at Port
Willunga in 1888. The library has a piece of
the ship on display from the original

We will have also have a scale model of the

ship on loan from the Maritime Museum
during history month, so come into the
library and find out all about this iconic ship
and the storm that blew if off course and into

Aldinga Library, City of Onkaparinga Libraries

11 Central Way, Aldinga Beach 5173
8384 0022

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 32

Incorporates Watch SA. Ever thought about becoming a Corner Quinliven and Valiant Roads,
Meet on 2nd Wednesday of each even lifesaver? Would you like to row Port Willunga Enquiries Phone 8556 5918
month at Symonds Reserve Hall, Aldinga a boat, race the Inflatable Rescue
Activities include:
Community Centre, Stewart Avenue, Aldinga Boats or paddle a board or ski?
Mon: Bridge @ 11am- 3pm (byo lunch)
Beach. Maybe even save a life? The first
Wed: Club Day: Pool & Snooker 11:30 am;
Meetings start at 7.30 pm, usually with a guest step to being a lifesaver is
speaker (refer page 3 of Coastal Views each undertaking your Bronze Medallion (for those Carpet Bowls: 1pm; Sausage sizzle last
month). Meetings usually end about 9 pm. 15 years and over) or Surf Rescue Certificate Wednesday of month @ 12:30pm
Fri: BINGO from 7.30 pm
You dont have to be a member to attend. (for those 13-15 yrs).
Pool & snooker facilities available.
EVERYONE WELCOME. Training is held at the Aldinga Bay SLSC
Clubrooms, end of Norman Rd, Aldinga
Come Try Lawn Bowls! Contact Simon Rothwell on 0417 812 619 to KNITTERS & WEAVERS.
Social and Competitive Bowling Tues, register your interest or if you have Meets at Aldinga Institute Hall, Old Coach
Thurs and Sat from 1pm any questions. Road, Aldinga on Tuesdays10.00am 3.00pm
Free Introductory Coaching and Club Bowls and Thursday Fortnight 10.30 -3.00pm
Available for those interested to learn to A Thursday night group meets at the Aldinga
bowl. Casual Dress and Flat soled shoes are Library 5.30 till 7.55 pm
all thats needed. Contact Rosemary 0417 823 176
Friendly welcoming Members and Licensed ALDINGA BAY WATCH SA Email:
Clubrooms. (Neighbourhood Watch)
Club is also the home of Aldinga Eight Ball Incorporated into the Aldinga Bay Residents COOLROOM GALLERY
Club in the Myponga Markets
Association meetings, held 7.30 pm on second Original Art from an diverse group of Artists
Aldinga Sports Complex Port Road,
Aldinga Ph 8557 7467 Wednesday of every even month at the Open 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Sat, Sun and Public
For Further Information Symonds Reserve Hall, Stewart Avenue, Holidays.
Alan Foster: 0412 411 749 Aldinga Beach.
or Carol Huxtable 0409 582 489 All welcome. Assistance for diabetics is available from GPs,
ALDINGA COMMUNITY GROUP GP Plus Health Centres and Nurse Educators
ALDINGA BAY CROQUET CLUB and your local Chemist, throughout the
New players and visiting players are always Meet weekly on Fridays at the Aldinga Senior
Citizens Club, Corner Valiant and Quinliven southern area.
The club caters for both ASSOCIATION Roads, Port Willunga from 9.30 am 2.30
pm. Lunch provided at small cost. DOWN SOUTH CRAFT GROUP
CROQUET (the traditional game), which
This group will also provide respite for carers. Meet Thursdays, 9.30 am to 11.30 am
develops physical skills and keeps the mind
Phone Jan Ifould on 8323 8258. at Shop 1, 53 Cliff Ave, Pt. Noarlunga.
agile and GOLF CROQUET, a short devious
Contact Wendy 0417 895 502
and fun filled game which develops both skill ALDINGA FREDS VAN SITE or Sandra 8327 3469
and tactics. Both games are played on equal Operates weekly on Friday evenings from BYO craft or learn something new.
terms between both genders and the first Aldinga Community Centre.
coaching sessions are absolutely FREE. Seeking team members. FLEURIEU LADIES PROBUS CLUB
RICOCHET is also played. Time commitment 5.30 pm 9pm once Meets fourth Monday of the month
The courts are located at the rear of the every 4 weeks in the Church of Christ Hall,
Aldinga Bay Bowling Club facilities at the Anyone interested please contact Teresa Pridham Blvd. Aldinga Beach
Aldinga Sports Complex, Port Rd, Aldinga. Branch (Coordinator) 0419 857 966 at 10.00 am.
PLAYING TIMES: Enquiries: Sylvia 8556 5712
Association Croquet - Wed. and Sat 9.00 am ALDINGA NETBALL CLUB Inc. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME
to 12.30 pm.
Home of the Aldinga Sharks
Golf Croquet - Wed. 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm and FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL GAMBLING
Fri. 9.00 am to 12.00 pm. Netball Club.
Ricochet - Saturday 1pm for a 1.30pm start Any queries or information about Relationships Australia (SA) is now operating
For further information please contact Ken next season please call: a free and confidential gambling help
Taylor on 8556 3787. President Ellen Ling 0411 590 744 Counsel-ling service for anyone in the
ALDINGA BAY SCOUT GROUP Secretary Jackie Outram 0407 619 309 community who is affected by gambling (their
Storey Avenue, Aldinga Beach own gambling or someone elses). The service
Monday nights: Joeys 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm; is available on alternate Wednesdays from
Cubs 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm; Scouts 6.30 pm to ALDINGA QUILTERS 1.00 pm - 9.00 pm at the Aldinga GP plus. To
8.30 pm. Venturers Friday night 7 pm to 9 pm Meetings start at 10.00 am on 2nd and 4th make a referral or for more information please
Come and try boys and girls from 6 to 18 Tuesday of every month. phone 8377 5400 9 am -5 pm Mon- Fri.
years. Held at the Aldinga Institute, Old Coach Road, FREE LEGAL SERVICE
Enquiries phone 8130 6000 or Aldinga Scout Aldinga. For anyone interested in patchwork The Legal Clinic operates at Anglicare SA,
Group Leader, Michelle on 8557 4359. and quilting, friendship and fun. All welcome. Morphett Vale on Thursdays between 5.00 pm
For further information call: and 7.00 pm, Contact details:
What do you call a dinosaur with President: Elizabeth Grocke 8386 1182 Free Legal Clinic, Anglicare SA,
an extensive vocabulary? A 4/197 Main South Road, Morphett Vale
thesaurus Phone: 8392 3100

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 33

Is a male A Capella singing group open to GROW offers a 12 Step Recovery-Focused McLAREN VALE MARKET
men of all ages. We entertain at local Program for mental health issues or emotional Held at the Institute Hall, Main St,
retirement villages, aged care homes and coping problems and is delivered in a safe and McLaren vale.
charities. We meet every Friday morning caring environment. Meetings last for 2 hours 1st Sat of every month 9.00 am - 3.00 pm.
9.15am to 12 noon at Lifecare Community and are followed by refreshments. Variety of stalls, hand made personalised
Hall, Pridham Bvd. opposite Aldinga Central For more information please telephone cards and easels, Olive oil, plants, chocolates,
Shopping Centre. Freecall 1800 558 268 cakes and much, much more. BBQ, tea and
No singing experience required, we provide or email coffee available.
music and learning CDs Inside and outside stalls available.
Come and give it a try and enjoy a cuppa JUST WALK IT Enquiries to Margaret 8323 8426
with us. Enquiries phone 0459 299 767 or Group at Myponga.
If interested in joining, MENS SOUTH TALK
please ring Is a group escaping for a couple of hours on a
ABRA Business Member. Ros Hutchinson, 8558 6274. Tuesday. Meetings are held from 1pm - 3pm
Local businesses supporting the local and discuss various topics of interest, go on
community. LADIES PROBUS CLUB outings, and generally relax in congenial
OF THE SOUTHERN VALES company, Sometimes they may listen to
The Ladies Probus Club of The Southern politicians or leaders of local establishments.
Vales meets on the 3rd Monday Aldinga Community Centre, Symonds
We meet at Aldinga Library Community
of the month at 10.00 am in the Reserve Hall, Stewart Ave, Aldinga Beach,
Room, Central Way on the second Thursday Lutheran Church Hall, McLaren
of the month at 7.30 pm. PO Box 81 Aldinga Beach 6173
Vale. A guest speaker is usually
Ph. Helen McSkimming, 8556 3166. NORTHERN FLEURIEU PENINSULA
Working bees are held each Tuesday morning STROKE SUPPORT GROUP
For further information, please contact
during the cooler months. Meets at Noarlunga Health Village (Teaching
Noeleen Reidy on 0426 421 128 .
Contact John Edmeades, 0488 552 797. Room 2), Alexander Kelly Drive, Noarlunga
We welcome new members at our meetings The next meeting will be held on Monday Centre on 2nd Thursday of each month
and working bees. 15th may, 2017. Our speaker will be Frank (except January) 10.00 am 12 noon.
Web address: Busuttil who will speak about his native Our aim: To help each other over-come and country of Malta including a short film cope with the effects of stroke on ourselves
Working with the Community to LETS SOUTH Visitors and new members welcome.
make the Sellicks Area an even better LETS South is a simple bartering system using Phone Jane 8322 2996
place to live. old methods of exchange and barter in the or Brian 8384 2445.
Public Meetings every 2 months. Southern Suburbs and Fleurieu Peninsula. OCHRE COAST POETS
Find meeting details, post comments and more Now in its 19th year it continues to provide a Ochre Coast Poets spin and weave words,
at working alternative to federal reserve money workshop and network with other poets of the
or follow us on Facebook. while also strengthening the community. south. The Ochre coast poets meet on the
For more information contact chairperson second Saturday of the month at the Seaford
GALILEE OP SHOP Tom Laing on 0421 912 800
Quinliven Road end of How Road Library, Grand Boulevard, SEAFORD, from
or email 10.00 am- 12.00 noon.
Aldinga Beach Visit the LETS South site
In season quality clothing for all the family, For information:
and the blog at David; 8327 2459 or Tess 85563816
crockery, glassware & nick nacks,
manchester, craft items, toys and LIONS BOUTIQUE OUT AND ABOUT CLUB.
books. Butterworth Road, Aldinga Beach. The Out and About Club provides weekly
OPEN: Monday, Wednesday, We would like to take this way of thanking respite for carers while members are able to
Thursday, Friday 9.00 -3.00pm. every one for their generosity to us with all the participate in outings and activities that
CASH only, thank you. donations given over the past year..without promote physical and cognitive wellbeing.
Donations are always needed and welcomed them we would not be able to operate as we The club will run from 10.00 am - 3.00 pm
except for large furniture and electrical items. do. each Wednesday at Life Cares Community
Please phone us on 0400 845 062 if you need Every amount of money we make is donated Lifestyle Centre Aldinga, Pridham Boulevard
to drop them off at another time. out to the community, in one way or another. Aldinga Beach.
GRANNIE ANNIES We do so enjoy our time serving our regular A two course lunch is included in the
DROP IN CENTRE customers, meeting with new ones, and cost of $16.00.
St Anns, 7 Stonehouse Lane Aldinga, catching up with the happenings and events on Please contact Jacinta Robertson
Thursday Mornings 9 - 11:30. their lives, if in some way we have been a help to book 8293 5924
Cheerful company, free coffee / tea. or comfort, that is great. ROTARY CLUB OF McLAREN VALE
Children welcome. If you have not visited us here, do come and The Club supports activities in Aldinga,
say Hello..... we are open each Wednesday Willunga, McLaren Vale and surrounding
GROUP FOR MENTAL HEALTH/ and Saturday from 7.30 am (yes 7.30 am)
We meet Monday nights for a dinner meeting
GROW is a proven national program for We have some lovely clothes and bric a brac, at 6.30 pm for 6.45 pm at the
mental well being and is a non for profit and each electrical item has been checked and Alma Hotel Willunga.
organization with no fees or dues. tagged for your safety, so do come along and VISITORS and
A GROW Group meets weekly on Tuesdays see us soon.
at 10.30 am in the Uniting Communities Margaret Dorton, President,
Family Relationships Centre Unit 4, 101-102 contact no 85 563591

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 34

ALDINGA BAY INC. meets at The Alma Hotel, Willunga on the WILLUNGA DISTRICT
In the interest of the dog second Friday of the month 10.30 for 11.00 Willunga Trees for Life meetings are held at
Come along and train your dog start, followed by a guest speaker and lunch. 7.30 pm in the Eco Classroom at Tatachilla
with Love, Trust and Patience Interesting Outings arranged during the year. Lutheran College, off Tatachilla
Sunday mornings and Tuesday Women of all ages welcome. Road, McLaren Vale.
evenings. Supporting three students on The Smith All welcome, supper provided.
No training on ANY long Family Learning for Life program with their Inquiries: Saskia Gerhardy,
weekends. educational needs. ph 0412 135 698 or email
All breeds welcome. Dogs must be 12 weeks Contact Secretary Chris Horsman
old and fully vaccinated. on Phone: 8556 2897 Mobile: 0438 131 049
Symonds Reserve, Stewart Avenue, Aldinga Email: The Willunga Trees for Life Local Native
Beach. also follow us on Facebook. Plant sale will be held on Sunday 7th May
Heat Rule: 32 degrees Noarlunga from 10am to 4 pm at the Discover Willunga
NO TRAINING ON THAT DAY. Fair at the Willunga Recreation Park.
For class information please phone Club STARS, the Southern Region Theatre The next regular monthly meeting and guest
Mobile 0411 473 745 speaker will be on Wednesday 3rd May at
and Arts Supporters 7.30pm. Inquiries to Saskia at
STARS is based at Rec Park Inc. (Festival
SEAFORD DISTRICT RESIDENTS Hall and Show Hall) Main Road, Willunga.
ASSOCIATION INC. It brings events to the southern region to foster
Meets on the first Wednesday of each month a vital and diverse arts culture.
(except January) 7.30 pm. at the S.E.M. To join STARS, visit the website on WEIGHT WATCHERS
Centre (North end of Grand Boulevard). Park and learn what is planned SA Weight Watchers Association meets each
and enter on the north side of the building. for this year and next and to make a booking Monday night (except public holidays) at the
All welcome. for any event. Great stories and pictures of Aldinga Community Centre, Symonds
Secretary: Jeff Hiscock 8327 3690. our endeavours over the last few year. Reserve Hall, Stewart Avenue, Aldinga
Beach. Weigh in at 5.00 pm; meeting at 6.00
SELLICKS AREA RESIDENTS pm. $30 joining fee, renewal fee $20 plus $3
Being part of your community
Would you like to come and sew with others? WILLUNGA BASKETBALL
Meetings bi monthly at 7:30 pm first
Join the Australian Sewing Guild branch New players are always welcome.
Wednesday of every second month at
at Aldinga. For adults, there is a men's competitions
Sellicks Hall.
All welcome. We meet monthly at the Aldinga on Wednesday nights.
Meet your neighbors, voice your concerns. Institute on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays; Mixed on Mon/Tues.
Phone Michael Lee 0451 458 711 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (except
For juniors, competitions are played
Meeting dates 2016: Aug 3, Oct 5, Dec 7 December).
Contact Susan 0414 947 223 from 4:00pm Mon through to Thurs.
SOCIABLE SINGLES INC. or Natalie 0409 692 321 If you are interested in playing, coaching
Sociable Singles provides an opportunity for or refereeing ring Petrina 0414 511 572
single, divorced, widowed or separated
persons to attend functions for the purposes THE SOUTHERN VALES
of friendship and companionship. Functions WELLBEING GROUP
include meals at local venues, bbqs in local Meets at the singing gallery, 133 Main Road, 23 St. Peters Tce. Willunga.
parks, a cabaret/dance at the Port Noarlunga McLaren Vale (rear entry) every Wednesday Web site:
RSL, Port Noarlunga and also a cabaret/ from 1.00 pm to 3:30 pm during school terms. Lawn bowls for everyone. Great fun at a
dance at Wakefield House, Wakefield A guest speaker addresses the meeting at 1:15 friendly place.
Avenue, Morphett Vale once a month. pm. Cost: $4.50 Enquiries: Judy 8323 8435 Social Bowls every Tuesday and Saturday.
For more information please ring or Lesley 8323 8527 12.00 for 12.30pm start. Casual dress and flat
Linda on 8325 0594 or Peter on 8327 6457. shoes. Bowls available from the club if
Thank you. required. Entry fee $8.00 (includes jackpot).
Linda Secretary 8325 0594 THE WILLUNGA FARMERS MARKET Raffles. Two games played.
CHOIR (Soulfood) Night Owls on Wednesday evenings. Club
open for light meals at 6.00pm. Games start
SOUTHERN AC RUN CLUB The Willunga Farmers Market
Looking for a friendly recreational running at 7.00pm. Coaching and bowls available.
Choir is an A capella choir under the
group? Join us at the Southern AC Run Make up a team of family, friends, work
Directorship of James
Club. We meet every Friday night in the mates or just come along.
Moffatt ( w
Port Willunga - Seaford - McLaren Vale Flat shoes and casual clothes are all that are
hich now meets in the Music Room of the
area. Suitable for beginners through to required.
Willunga Waldorf School, 1 Jay Drive north
serious runners - new members of all levels off Aldinga Road, Willunga. Practice is on Pennant or competition bowls are played
are always welcome. Training tips and each Thursday morning and Saturday
Tuesday 7.30 during school term. The choir
guidance are provided by our accredited afternoon. Willunga has teams at various
is for women of all ages who like to sing and
coaches. levels of competition. A great way to expand
perform at a variety of community venues and
Details of our weekly runs are posted in your bowls skills and experience.
functions. Contacts. The club 8556 2246.
If you would like more information please
SouthernAthleticClub/events or call Matt on David 0417 801 951,
email James or contact Margi : 0417 835 884
0415 883 117 for more information. Peter 0410 605 541,
It is a joyful, talented choir whose repertoire is
Judy 0418 891 228
wide and varied .

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COMMUNITY BUS INC. The Slate Museum and Court House Just in case you are a newcomer to
Lot 104 Lacey Drive Aldinga Beach 5173. Museum will be open: our area, let me tell you about our Lions Bou-
We transport the frail aged and disadvantaged 1st Tuesday of the month: 1-4 pm tique, which is situated on Butterworth Road,
door to door Monday to Friday. 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday of Aldinga Beach.
Phone: 8557 7899. the month: 1-4 pm (see details p 24 ) We are a happy crew, and are open
WILLUNGA EMBROIDERERS ABRA Business Member. for business each Wednesday and Saturday
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month Local businesses supporting the from 7 am until 1.30 pm, and would welcome
at "The Hub" corner of Main Road and local community. your visit to us. Selling pre loved clothes,
St Peters Terrace, Willunga. For anyone bric a brac, toys, books, actually, you name
interested in embroidery, friendship & it, and we probably have it.
WILLUNGA & DISTRICT We would be pleased to accept any-
fun. All welcome. LIONS CLUB AUCTION
Beginner's classes available. thing that you want to part with, as if we
Willunga and Districts Lions Club cant sell it, it will go to our Monthly auction,
For further information
holds an auction on the last Saturday held the last Saturday of each month (except
phone Wendy 8323 7475
of the month at Centenary Park, cnr Binney December,) at Binney Road, Willunga.
WILLUNGA ENVIRONMENT CENTRE and Strout Road Willunga. Collections can be arranged.
INC. Country Market, Swap Meet and other events
I would take this opportunity to thank
18 High Street Willunga ph. 8556 4188 throughout the year.
all our customers, actually I can say our
10.00 am 3.00 pm Mon, Fri, We're always looking for new members to get
friends, as that is what they have become
9.30 am 1.00 pm Sat involved in the great work we do in our com- over the years, for their continued support,
Janine Anninos (Manager) 08 8556 4188 munity. which enables us to give back so much to our local community, and others....
Recycling of fluoros, mobile phones, alumin- Thank you.
ium, cork. Reference library. Home Energy WILLUNGA QUARRY MARKET Margaret Dorton, President/Secretary,
Audit kit. Regular guest speakers. Books for
Lions Ladies Auxiliary (8556 3591)
sale. Large range of environmental and tour- Second Saturday every month Merle Hirsch, Treasurer (8557 7519)
ism brochures. Room for hire. 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
Willunga Recreation Park Inc
Meet the grower - taste the region Aldinga Road, WILLUNGA ALDINGA U3A
Every Saturday, Willunga Town Square. Craft, produce, plants. Discussion Groups are great for mental
8 - 12:30 pm stimulation where members delight in airing
Enquiries 8556 4297 WILLUNGA TABLE TENNIS CLUB their thoughts on a multitude of subjects.
We are always looking to expand its player In this respect there is a strict rule that only
WILLUNGA GARDEN CLUB base and any interested players are more than one member speaks at any one time and all
Meets every 2nd Thursday welcome to join us. We cater for young, old, members are given a chance to air their
of the Month (except Janu- male, female, experienced or novice. views however radical they may appear to
ary) at the Lutheran Church Games are played in the old show hall in others.
Hall, Aldersey Street, Willunga. Aldinga U3A is here to provide mental and
McLaren Vale at 7.30 pm. We have new equipment and loan bats are physical stimulation to local residents. There
Cost $3 (members $2) includes lucky door available. are no exams or homework only an interest
prize and supper. Games are played on Tuesday & Wednesday in enjoying life.
Guest speaker. Visitors welcome. nights starting at 7.00 pm & only cost $3.00 For further information on joining this
Enquiries please phone Chris 8323 7742 per night. discussion group or Aldinga U3A
These are separate competitions but you can Phone Jean 8386 3439
play both nights if you wish. or John 8556 6850
This is a friendly but socially competitive
grade of table tennis and supper is always
Are you providing support to someone who is? To register your interest please contact: WILLUNGA
1800RESPECT is a national counselling John Nixon 8556 5950 UKULELES
helpline that is available 24/7. Grant Frith 8557 8309
Their qualified and experienced counsellors
can provide information and refer you to Are you looking to:
support services that can assist. Aldinga Beach CFS
- share your strumming with others?
Phone 1800 737 732 or check out their website - Learn from others?
to find out more about their services. Call outs March 2017:
Road Crash Rescue / Vehicle Accidents 6 - Share an informal and fun social
Grass / Rubbish fires - 2 atmosphere?
Vehicle fires - 2 Beginner or expert, everyone with a
Structure Fires - 1 ukulele is welcome at Willunga
Gas / Fuel fires -0 Ukuleles!
Fixed Alarms - 3 Find meeting details and more at
Other - 2
Total: 16
website or call 0419 990 155

Coastal Views, May 2017 Page 36

Meets at the Aldinga Primary School Sundays at 10.00 am and 6.00 pm KANGARILLA UNITING CHURCH
Aldinga Bay Youth, Friday Evenings at 7:00 pm Corner Kangarilla Rd and Sand Rd, Kangarilla.
All Welcome. Worship Service 10.00 am each Sunday, with Sunday School held on
For more information: the 1st Sunday at 10.00 am. Gospel Services are held on the 2nd and
Telephone 0408 825 200 4th Sunday of the month at 7.00 pm. Prayer and Bible Study, 7.30 pm
each Thursday and Craft Night every Tuesday at 7.30 pm.
10.00 am Worship Service at Life Care, Pridham Boulevard, For more information visit
Aldinga Beach 5173 or contact: Joylene Edwards 8383 7122
(opposite the Aldinga Central Shopping Centre).
Pastor Randall Lawton Ph. 8556 6132 M. 0423 923 068. We are a worshipping caring Church committed to
ALDINGA UNITING CHURCH Christ and His Mission.
Old Coach Road, Aldinga. Meeting at the Maslin Beach Community Hall,
We invite you to join us each Sunday for morning tea and fellowship at Gulf Parade, Maslin Beach Each Sunday at 10.00 am
10.00 am. Worship service at 10:45 am including childrens activities. (refreshments to follow) and Home Group
Holy Communion service: 2nd Sunday in the month. each Wednesday at 7:30 pm
Coffee, Craft and Conversation: Each Wednesday 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm Craft on Mondays, 10.00 am -12 noon
Bring your craft , learn a new one or come for the conversation. in the Seaford/Moana Neighbourhood Centre.
Weekly: Reflections Bible Study: 12 noon Wednesdays. All are welcome.
Monthly: Family lunch. Blokes Alive mens sharing group. For more information, contact Jim and Betty Kennedy 8327 2135
All Welcome
For information contacts: Jim 7324 3326 or Tina 8556 5287 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH
Further information visit: Aldinga Meet together every SATURDAY morning at the
Senior Citizens Hall ( corner Quinliven/Valiant Rds) Aldinga.
Aldinga Cafe Church We commence at 9:30 am with worship/singing/mission
Friday Night Church with a difference. stories/bible study.
The cafe style set-up has a program of modern Christian music, quiz, a At 11:10 am we commence Divine Service with various guest speakers.
short devotion & discussion, supper. Fellowship lunch once per month.
All ages. 7:30pm 1st & 3rd Friday each month. All welcome to our friendly church
Uniting Church Hall Cnr Old Coach Rd & Main South Rd Contact details- Joe Griffiths 8556-6364/ 0402931476
If youre looking for a vibrant, family-oriented Pentecostal church Applications For Life Sunday Morning 9:30am
community, wed love for you to join with us for our Sunday Worship Children's Program Available. Visitors Welcome
service 10:00 am at The Granary, 32 Old Main South Road, Aldinga. Cnr of Tongalla St and Hastings St, Seaford
There are a number of ways you can get involved in church
life at Almond Grove if youre after more details, please www.appchurch
phone our office on (08) 8557 7299, or email us at
Wed love to see you soon! Pastor David Busby THE SALVATION ARMY - Aldinga OUR MISSION: Transforming Lives; Caring for People;
Making Disciples; Reforming Society.
52 Butterworth Road, Aldinga Beach.
Pastoral District of Southern Vales Enquiries: 8323 9744 Enquiries ph. Judy 0403175442
Willunga Saturday 5.30 pm St Stephen's, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Positive Lifestyle Program: By
St Andrew's Terrace, Willunga appointment. All enquiries, Ph. 8382 1600
Old Noarlunga Sunday 8.45 am St Philip and St James, WILLUNGA UNITING CHURCH
Church Hill Road, Old Noarlunga Willunga Uniting Church
Aldinga Sunday 9.00 am with Children's lessons and Worship time 10.30am each Sunday
activities, Faith sharing, prayers and a cuppa, Breakfasts gatherings, meditation
St Ann's Stonehouse Lane off Main Sth Road and music. Fair Trade goods used.
McLaren Vale Sunday 10.30 am with Sunday School, Come and See! Contact: 0433 389 708
St Margaret's, 99 Main Road, McLaren Vale

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to

our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood
surging through the veins in the ear.


ALDINGA. Mass in Mary of Galilee Catholic Church, Corner
Quinliven & How Roads each Saturday evening at 5:30 pm.
WILLUNGA. Mass 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays at 8.30 am,
2nd & 4th Sundays at 10.30 am. Confession before Mass. Nine out of every 10 living things live in the ocean.
Parish Priest: Father Gauci. Parish Centre: Ph. 8556 2132. The banana cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only
by the hand of man.

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Coastal Views Editorial/Production Team: HELP AND SUPPORT SERVICES
The ABRA Committee & Volunteers Ambulance/Fire/Police Emergency .................... 000
Aldinga Bay Residents Association Police assistance.............................................. 131 444
President: Kevin Hutton 0427 588 748 24 Hour Health Advice ......................... 1800 022 222
Vice-President: Bob Evans,
Treasurer: Narelle Looker 0439 880 587 Adelaide Southern Medical
Secretary: Gillian Evans Home Visits (GP) .................................... 8381 6161
Committee: Philip Bell, Stan Beck, Fred Carrangis, Holly Freeland,
Michael Lee, Adrian Polst, Bernice Wuttke, Aldinga Community Centre ..................... 8556 5940
Editor Kevin Hutton Anglicare - Christies Beach
Aldinga Bay Residents Association (ABRA) reserves the right to reject any
Financial Counselling ...................... 1800 759 707
advertisement or other contributions. The Editorial Team and ABRA does not Emergency Assistance...................... 1800 748 149
accept responsibility for printers or typists errors / omissions. (call at 9am for an appointment between 10am-12pm)
Notices regarding community fundraisers or coming events are published free of
Family & Individual Counselling .. 8186 8900
All advertisers please adhere to the sizes listed below. Colour will enhance the Centacare Southern Counselling Service . 8557 9050
impact in the online version even though it isnt printed. There is a charge of City of Onkaparinga ................................. 8384 0666
$40.00 if you want a final copy to be made from a rough draft, and $100.00 to
design an advertisement. Pictures for publication should be no larger than 800 x
Crimestoppers ...................................... 1800 333 000
600 pixels in size. Please avoid using Microsoft Office .docx and .pdf format Domestic Violence Helpline .................. 1800 800 098
in submissions. Inserts can be arranged - check with the editor for prices and Drug & Alcohol Info. Service ............... 1300 13 1340
conditions. Flinders Medical Centre ............................ 8204 5511
Gambling Helpline ................................ 1800 060 757
Size Width Depth Price GP Aldinga After Hours Clinic ............ 0410 190 291
Full page 19 cm 27 cm $160.00 GP Plus Aldinga ......................................... 8557 9500
Legal Advice Line.................................. 1300 366 424
Half page 19 cm 13 cm $88.00
LifeLine .......................................................... 13 11 14
Quarter page 9 cm 13 cm $55.00 McLaren Vale War Memorial Hospital. .. 8323 6600
Long quarter page 19 cm 6 cm $55.00 Mental Health Emergency Service. ............. 13 14 65
1/8th page 9 cm 6 cm $39.00 Noarlunga Hospital .................................... 8384 9222
Classifieds Per line $3.00 Noarlunga Private Hospital ...................... 8384 9372
Onkaparinga Youth Services - Aldinga .. 8557 7555
Please note that ads which have to be resized may become distorted.
Parent Helpline ...................................... 1300 364 100
We use 1cm margins top & both sides and 1.5cm bottom margins. Poisons Info hotline .13 11 26
Public Transport Infoline ..................... 1800 182 160
The deadline for ALL advertisements & contributions is the 15th
Repat. Gen. Hosp. ............... 8276 9666 1800 254 373
day of the month preceding publication. RSPCA SA 1300 4 777 22
Articles may be emailed to, or posted to
Seniors Information Service ................. 1800 636 368
ABRA, PO Box 270, Aldinga Beach 5173 to be received before the The Salvation Army .................................. 8557 6331
deadline. Financial Counselling Helpline ...... 1800 007 007
The positioning of advertising in Coastal Views is done on a random basis Uniting Communities -
according to layout needs. If advertisers specify a location, a surcharge of Family Relationship Centre ............... 8202 5200
25% is added except for the first 5 pages & inside covers where a 50% Communities for Children ................. 8202 5944
surcharge applies. Opinions published in Coastal Views are those of the
contributors and are not necessarily the views of the Editorial Team or
Vinnies (Emergency Relief / Financial Counselling)
ABRA. Neither the Editorial Team nor ABRA can accept any ......................................................... 1300 729 202
responsibility for any statement that is presented as a statement of fact, Youth Helpline ................................1300 131 719
however every endeavour is made at the time of printing to ensure that the
editorial content and advertisements are accurate. All material published in
Coastal Views is subject to ABRA, 2016. No part may be reproduced ALDINGA BAY RESIDENTS ASSOCIATION (Inc)
without written permission from the Editor. PO Box 270 Aldinga Beach SA 5173
Letters to the Editor or advertising: NAME:
PO Box 270, Aldinga Beach 5173
Account Enquiries: 0439 880 587

For information regarding editorial content & EMAIL:
advertising, please phone or email:
Kevin Hutton 0427 588 748 (editorial) Amount enclosed: $
Narelle Looker 0439 880 587 (accounts) (Please circle type of membership required:)
Single: $4.00 Family: $10.00
Coastal Views printed in Myponga Pensioner / Student: $2.00 Business/Corporate $10.00 yr
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Contact 0468 355 078 Email subscriptions free if a member - ask.

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