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Intern Name: Cassandra Possehl

Topic/Title of Lesson: Opinion Writing

Grade: 1st Grade
Length of Lesson: Thirty (30) minutes
Date Taught: Monday, May 15, 2017
In this lesson We will learn what an opinion is by reading and discussing an
Overview author's opinion and then begin forming their own.

Standards of They do not have required SOLs at their grade level.

Essential Questions

Students will be able to

ELA.1.8.5 Revise by adding descriptive words when writing about
people, places, things, and events.
ELA.1.8.6 Embed vocabulary from other content areas in writing tasks.
ELA.1.9.1 Use complete sentences in final copies.
ELA.1.9.2 Use correct verb ending (s, ing, ed).
ELA.1.9.3 Begin each sentence with a capital letter and use ending
punctuation in final copies.
ELA.1.9.4 Apply the alphabetic code to write unknown words
Objectives phonetically.
ELA.1.9.5 Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words and
phonetically regular words in final copies.
Print legibly by forming letters accurately and spacing words within
*ELA1.9.7 Use available resources and technology for writing,
including for drafting and editing purposes.

I will identify authors opinion and what reasons the author gives as to why
Learning Target they have that opinion.
Key Vocabulary Will need to know what a fact is, and then they will learn what an opinion is in
or Concepts comparison.
Large notebook paper (pre-written with the poem as well as intro paper)
Marker (prior planning writing the poem on the large paper)
Materials Poem Vegetables (to write it on the paper)
Worksheet Veggies and What
.What is a fact? I will choose an object and let students say facts about the
Introduction/ object a couple times. Then, I will interject and say an opinion about the object
and see if a student can distinguish it. If they can (even if they can not), I will
Hook elaborate on what an opinion is as well as opinion writing.
1. See Introduction
2. I will read Vegetables, aloud to the class off the notebook on the rug.
3. I will then ask if they notice what the author feels about Vegetables.
Instructional 4.
We will discuss, Theyre good for you, as the authors reason.
Then Ill move to the desks and pass out their worksheet.
Activities 6. I will work with the students to complete a worksheet on Veggies why
they do or do not like a certain veggie.
7. See Closure Activity

I will work with the students to complete a worksheet on Veggies why they do
Closure Activity or do not like a certain veggie.
Students will be helped if need be to finish promptly as well as finish prior
Accommodations assignments if time permits.

Assessments They will test later on in the unit.

Teachers Manual, Grade 1 Pages 492-493 and Page 510 Vegetables By:
Resources Meish Goldish

Reflection on a Lesson Plan Taught

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow
Intern Name: Cassandra Possehl
Topic/Subject of Lesson: Opinion Writing
Grade: First (1st) Grade
Date of Lesson Taught: Monday, May 15, 2017
Cooperating Teacher: Mrs. Justis
Cooperating School: Fairfield Elementary School (FES)
Time of Day: 10?

1. What steps did you go through to create this lesson? With whom did you talk, discuss, or edit your
lesson? Mr. Holland, Mrs. Justis, and you.

2. How did the SOLs and Objectives help focus your instruction?

3. What parts of the instructional plan worked as you anticipated?

4. What, if any, adjustments needed to be made once you began?

5. How well did you anticipate the materials needed?

6. How effective was the assessment you chose to use? (If no assessment was used, what will the future
assessment be and how will you gauge its effectiveness?)

7. To what degree do you feel that this lesson was a success? What evidence do you have for the
success of the lesson? (Hint: Student learning is the key to a lessons success!)
8. How did the time spent preparing for your lesson contribute to its success?

9. I spent time researching more into the 1920s which did help me relay the lesson well. I think that my
excitement helped the class pay attention more.

10. If you could do this lesson again with the same students, would you do anything differently? If so,

11. Any last comments/reflections about your lesson?

Lesson Plan Assignment: Grade Sheet

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow I

Intern Name: C
Refer to the comments written on your lesson plan for detailed feedback.
Needs a few
Ready to Incomplet Your
additions or
Teach! e Score
Overview, SOLs, essential questions, objectives
Introduction/hook & closure (10)
Instructional activities (20)
Accommodations (10)
Assessment (5)
Vocab, materials, resources (5)
Supplemental materials, if applicable (5)

Total (65)