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This Washburn Percussion Ensemble concert began at 3:00 p.m.

on March 5 in White

Concert Hall at Washburn University.

About a third of the auditorium was filled with people as Tom Morgan directed the group

of nine.

Linda Carring, an audience member, really enjoyed the show. I love the instruments and

the way that they are played, My favorite instrument is the xylophone because it is calming

and sounds jolly.

Carring has been attending Washburn performance for many years.

I love White Concert Hall and all of the performers, Carring said. They are so

incredibly talented.

Carring also said that she will be attending many more performances in the future.

Scott Hoffman, another audience member, almost cried during the performance.

When I hear the piccolo, I almost break down into tears because I think of the war,

Hoffman said.

Hoffman also said that hearing the piccolo brings back visions of the war.

It was entertaining to watch these students perform, Hoffman said. They really made it

fun. He also said that he wants to attend the next concert and that he hopes to hear the piccolo


Nila Daluz attended the show because she was bored and wanted something fun to do.

She explained how amazing the music sounded and how she loves the drums.

I love to hear an upbeat song thats loud and proud, Daluz said.

Daluz played the piano when she was young, so music has always been a part of her life.
I grew up in the Philippines and my grandma taught me how to play the beautiful

instrument, Daluz said. She also said that music is very important to have in life.

Morgan had a lot to say about the performance afterward. He explained how exciting it is

to direct a concert and how he loves to get feedback from the audience members.

Each student never fails to disappoint me, Morgan said. Im always pleased to see

how they grow in their musical performance. He also said that being a teacher and a director has

made him love music even more.

Student Madison Rezac was at the show, as well. Rezac said she played the piano when

she was very young, but no longer does now. She believes that music is important because it can

help our moods.

If we listen to our favorite songs, then out mood can change right away, Rezac said.

Rezac also enjoyed the show because it was entertaining and interesting to listen to.

I dont come to Washburn events unless they catch my attention, Rezac said.

Rezac said that she will definitely attend another percussion concert here at Washburn.

Paul Priddy plays the piano and he had a few solos throughout the show that the audience


I love playing the piano because it is fun and challenging, Priddy said. Im always up

for a challenge.

The next concert that will take place on March 28 at 3:00 p.m. This concert will feature

area high school percussion ensembles along with the Washburn University Percussion