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P M Ravindran

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File:Comp /PM/220417 22 Apr 2017

Mr Prime Minister,

Greetings! Have a great day!

Before I proceed further I must express my helplessness in compromising with

the twin requirements of brevity and comprehensiveness while writing to
somone like you. You are the first Prime Minister that I know of who is working
so hard, so focussed and with the best interests of the nation in your miqd.
The only other name I can recollect is of Sri Lal Bahadur Sastri. But
unfortunately his term was cut short and we are still to know the truth behind
his mysterious death in foreign soil.

Somebody had rightly said that those who condemn politics as the last refuge
of a scoundrel are bound to be ruled by scoundrels. And we need not go
further than our Constitution to realise how those who had inherited power
from the colonisers let down the masses who had made tremendous sacrifices
for the freedom they had struggled for. Law makers without any prescribed
qualities, qualifications or experience, their men Fridays (popularly known as
bureaucrats, who are required to help them in decision making by collecting
and collating data and maintaining records) without any accountability but
with all the scope for manipulations and a judiciary which has the scope for
making the most arbitrary and whimsical decisions being held not only without
accountability and beyond criticism but also protected by a totally illogical and
weird armour called contempt of court, are the essential features of this
Constitution in a nut shell.With such a Constitution and laws made under it, it
is no wonder that governance in lndia had become synoymous with corruption
and treason !

Now, I am also aware that you have no magic wand to do all that needs to be
done. But stillthere can be a list of to do things arranged priority wise. And
here is where all that thrust on Swatch Bharat and Make in lndia, however well
intented and necessary, sound as hollow as Garibi Hatao of the 1970s.

Continued overleaf...

Changes must no doubt begin with government administration. I do not know

if you have heard about the lndependent Commission against Corruption of
Hong Kong and how they cleansed the country of corruption in the 1980s. The
reality in lndia is terribly worse. But nothing seems to be moving in that
direction. I must say that much more than what has been achieved by
demonetisation would have been achieved by conducting a surgical strike at
corruption at the top echelons of the bureaucracy. Your thrust on Aadhaar can
also be considered quixotic given the fact that a similar program had been
discarded by much thinly populated but economically much stronger natlons
like the US of A, UK and Australia on two counts- privacy and cost. And wp are
a country where even after continuing with a program like PDS ever since
independence, we cannot issue ration cards faultlessly! lf you doubt my words
ask the CM, Mr Pinapayi Vijayan, why the Food Security Act has not been
implemented in Kerala so far!

The implementation of the Right to lnformation Act should be a case study on

how laws should not be enacted only to be subverted with impunity by those
very public servants who are tasked, empowered, equipped and paid to
enforce them. I can state without an iota of doubt that had our justice delivery
system been even 10 pc as effective as it ought to be all the information
commissioners at the Central lnformation Commission and Kerala State
lnformation Commission would be spending the rest of their life behind bars
after being convicted under Sec 219 of the lPC.

That also brings me to the fact that all crimes, with exceptions, can be
considered to begin in some government office. lt starts with denial of
mandatory services, progresses through bribe and culminates with judiciary
asking for proof for demand of bribe for convicting the qorrupt! You may like
to recollectthe case where a lower court judge in Gujarat had issued non
bailable warrants against the then President and the then CJI after taking
bribes. After the initial hue and cry the matter ended with the apex court
exonerating the judge on the ground that he signs many documents in a day
and he cannot be held guilty if some wrong documents had been signed by
him! And one is yet to know of the results of the prosecution of the sting
operators in that case for defaming the judiciary! And what has happened to P
D Dinakaran who resigned the day before he was to be impeached? And the
case where bribe money was delivered wrongly to one judge instead of
another judge with a similar name?
Continued ...

The apex court may have illegally abrogated the NationalJudicialAppointment

Commission Act and one can understand your helplessness. Hoping for the day
when you will have atleast two thirds majority in the Parliament and one'can
work towards not only a National Judicial Appointment Commission but also
the more important National Judicial Accountability Commission with powers
to try judges as per laws applicable to ordinary citizens and with double the
severity in punishments. Meanwhile what about all those quasi judicial
organisations which are as bad or worse than the information commissions
and even the courts? Don't you think that a National Quasi Judicial '1

Appointments Commission and a National Quasi Judicial Accountability .

Commission are equally needed and feasible? .+

I will sign off for now because when I start on this subject of transparency and
accountabilty in government the volume could exceed Mahabharath and
Ramayan put together. There are some blogs posted at
http// dealing with subjects ranging from 'Who will
judge the judges?'to 'Will the army chief get justice?' and 'Fraud in
governance and redressal of public grievances'to ' RTI Act-Shailesh Gandhi
and Schopenhauer's Law of Entropy'and ' RTIA-Exposing the ldiots and
Traitors amoung Public Servants'to ' For whom the Soldiers sacrifice their
Lives And Lifes...'. You may like to peruse them.

To conclude, l only hope that this letter will be put up to you. But I also know
that I can get through to you without any babus coming between us. So please
do not be surprised if I have to post this as a blog and tweet the URL to you.

Jai Hind!

Regards and best wishes,

(P M Ravindran)

Sri Narendra Damodardas Modi

Prime Minister
7, Race Course Road New Delhi