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Am I?

Task Description: You are to write a short narrative (about 2

pages) that describes an event in

your life that helped shape your

identity. This story could be happy,

funny, sad, traumatizing

whatever you want. You just need to share the aspects of your

identity that you believe are important and tell story about

how these qualities came about. You can make this

assignment as personal as you would like, but you should be

prepared to share parts of these personal narratives with your



Mastery Partial Mastery Progressing

Has a clear The organizational Does not demonstrate

beginning, middle, structure is evident, a smooth flow
and end but it contains some between ideas
Organization Strong connections loosely connected Rigid structure
between ideas ideas
Logical progression Structure of story does
between ideas not flow naturally
Focuses on a specific Focused on a specific Does not focus on a
event event clear event
Told in chronological Told in chronological Does not provide a
Elements of order order, but does not detailed account of
Narration Contains specific contain many details the people, places,
details about people, about people, places, and events involved in
places, and events and events involved in the story
involved in the story the story

Few, if any, Some grammatical and Grammar and spelling

grammatical and spelling errors are is poor and
Grammar, spelling errors are present in sentences inconsistent
Usage, present in sentences Not a strong variety of Sentence variety is
Spelling, & Variety of sentences sentences lacking and needs
Mechanics improvement