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Summer M. Cobb

Dr. Ybarra

CPD 110

9 March 2017

Personal Essay 2: "What Do I Want"

Today I am excited to tell you about what life style I dream to have in a few years from

now. In this essay I will include what I expect in my life style, balancing my personal priorities,

and my career and family expectations. I will also be including things out of my work book

"Career Choices and Changes."

The occupation that I chose to research is a Dental Hygienist. The industries that Dental

Hygienist work in are dental offices, offices of physicians, outpatient clinics, and schools. The

education that is needed include an Associate's degree in dental hygiene. The outlook for this

job in the next five to ten years is projected to grow 19% from 2014 to 2024. Some related

occupations are Dental Assistant, Dentist, and Medical Assistant.

The top five skills that are needed to be a dental hygienist are speaking, active listening,

critical thinking, good judgment, decision making, and monitoring. The top 3 areas of

knowledge needed is medicine and dentistry, customer and personal service, and biology. The

top five interests needed are social, realistic, conventional, people- oriented, and job stability.

The top three work values needed are relationships, support, independence. The skills,

knowledge, interests and values are all the same that my online assessments said that I was

looking for.

Some of the schools near me that offer the dental hygienist programs are Mesa

Community College, Carrington College, and Pima Medical Institute. The estimated cost of
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tuition to attend Mesa Community College is $2,046 without financial aid. There are some

additional fees that come out to about $1805.00. Carrington College tuition and fees come out to

$14,265. The estimated cost to attend Pima Medical Institute $12,379. I am most likely to attend

Mesa Community College.

I found two professional associations that I would be interested in attending as a dental

hygienist. The first association is called American Dental Hygienist Association (which is short

for ADHA.) ADHA is one of the largest professional organizations for Dental Hygienist. The

second association is National Dental Hygienists Association (which is short for NDHA.) Both

associations create definite positions. The cost to attend American Dental Hygienist Association

is $3.65 a week, 14.60 a month and about, $175.20 a year. ADHA also does payment options if

the student needs. The cost to attend National Dental Hygienists Association is about $40.00 a

month which comes out to about $480.00 a year. NDHA did not say on their website if they do

payment plans. The special requirements are that you must be working towards a degree for

dental hygienists. If you join after you become a dental hygienists then you must have an

associate's degree to attended. You can earn a professional certification through both


I have chosen three cities to look for companies that are looking for dental hygienists.

The three cities I chose were Apache Junction, Mesa and, Chandler. All three cities are located

in Arizona. I chose one company from each city to research. The first one is Dr. Abedis

Dentistry. Dr. Abedis is located in Apache Junction, AZ and their phone number is 480-288-

5955. The second one is called Harris Dental. Harris Dental is located in Mesa, AZ and their

phone number is 480-588-6786. The last dentist office I chose is SunWest Dental located in

Chandler, Az but they also have other SunWest Dental offices located throughout Arizona.
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Their phone number is 480-782-6200. Dr. Abedis dentistry severs people for a wide verity of

dental needs. They do porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic care.

Dr. Abedis Dentistry also has affordable prices so it makes it possible for all family's to get

dental care. Harris Dental offers that's you only have to visit as little as two visits to improve

you smile. Harris also does dental implants, porcelain veneers, Invisalign orthodontics and other

cosmetic dentistry options. SunWest offers affordable dental services. SunWest Dental works

with family dentistry and dentures.

The most promising job board was called Indeed. Indeed caters to Dental Hygienists and

also lets you post your resume right on their website for other employers contact me. I found that

Apache Junction was the was the highest paying out of all three paying at $73,700 a year. Mesa

and Chandler had the same paying rates at $67,627 a year. The cost of living in Apache

Junction, AZ is $27,308 a year. If I stay in Apache Junction, AZ I will defiantly be able to live

comfortably. The cost of living in Chandler, AZ is $51,000. If I decided to move to chandler I

would be able to live the life style I would want. In Mesa, AZ the cost of living is $33,422 a

year. I found that my career as a Dental Hygienist lets me live comfortably in all three cites but

the most cost efficient place to live would be Apache Junction, AZ.

In this paper you read about my life style goals, balancing my personal priorities, and my

career and family expectations. I found that Apache Junction, AZ offers the best affordable

living. I enjoyed doing the research for a career as a Dental Hygienist. I can't wait to be a

Dental Hygienist.
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