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( FOUNDED : 1-4-1963 )
Jyothish Martfaand
12, Brahmin Street, Saidapct

V0L 7 No
- JANUARY1969 -

Prosperity of the Institute 3
Letter to the Editor 5
Information to Read, 5
Impression of two At > us (Tape Recorded at Delhi) 5
Horary: Transfer wht 7
Divorce 11
Horoscope of the wife 15
Separation from father, p s and imprisonment 17
Shashtiapdha Poorthi of th itor 23
Reviewed by Som Gupta V*' 25
The Hand Speaks 27
Overseas(Importance of Cusp and Sub in Astrological
Analysis) 29
EclipseEclipsed PlanetResults 35
Will I get ray share in the property? 45
Errata 45
Scholarship for higher studies 47
Next promotion-When? 48
Daily Guide for January 1969 49
Position of Planets 55
January 1969Ephemeris 57
, Monthly Prediction 59
Sidereal Time 75
One is running an educational Institu- between 27-10-1977 and 27-10-1983, there
tion. One' wants to know about its will be the receipt of much donation, to
progress. erect buildings, repair and extend (Saturn
Within 249, Number given is 5 on indicates consolidation and renovation).
21-9-68 at 12-30 P.M. I.S.T. at 28* 40' N. 6th house denotes money received. 12th
indicates investment purchases, etc.
Sot. 0-35 One is to predict the future of an Insti-
Rahu Lagna II 7-16 m 2-16 tution, just like the future of a person.
16-41 4-46-4C to IV 25-16 Moon is in 5. It is also lord of 5. It is in
the constellation of Venus in 6. There-
fore more receipt from musicians, chemi-
XI! 24-16 V 21-16 cal manufacturers and Industrials,
-5- Engineers, Industrialists Manufacturing
12-30 P.M. I.S.T. Engineering goods, etc., Automobile Engi-
2191968 Mars 6-23
28 40'N Moon neers and dealers. Mars Dasa 7 years will
XI 21-16 20-36 be the years of expansion, improvement
VI 24-16 etc. The results will be most encouraging.
Jup. 25-44
The reputation of the ^institution will reach
VII 4-47 Sun 4-59
X 25-16 VIZI 7-16 Mer. a new height. Circulation of publication
1X2-16 1-18 Kethu and gains through books and periodicals
Venus 0-2 16-41
will shoot up. Mars in the constellation
of node in 6 promises grand success.
Venus Dasa balance 9 years 1 month 6 Rahu Dasa 18 years will prove to further
days. improving as Rahu is in the constellation
Will it prosper? Is it promised ? Should of Mercury in 6.
be the first, to be observed- Jupiter Dasa 16 years shows much
11th cusp shows the fulfilment of desire advantages Saturn in Kethu star denotes
and the 10th indicates, name, fame, reputa- renovation, expenses and equal receipt of
tion, etc. 11th cusp falls in Moon star donation.
Venus sub. The peculiarity is this. L know that this
Venus in the 6th house indicates success. Institution will expand slowly, steadily and
surely. It may be my wish also, Astro-
l#th cusp is in Venus star Mercury sub. logically, others to give and one to receive
Both are in 6. Both are benefics. They is indicated by 6th house.
also promise absolute satisfaction.
The progress is to be judged by talcing 6th house matters are indicated by
into consideration, the dasa running. planets posited in the constellation of
occupants; then the occupants and so
Now Venus Dasa Jupiter Bhukti is on. on. Jupiter, Sun, Kethu, Venus and
It will run up to 27-8-70, Then 27-8-70 Mercury are all in 6.
"to 27-10-73 Saturn will rule. 27-10-73 on-
wards Mercury till 27-8-76. Then up to Jupiter star is not occupied by any
27-10-77 Kethu Bhukti. planet and so. Jupiter is very strong.
Sun in 6 governs Karthik Uthrapalguni
Let us judge, what each planet can and Uthrashada. Sun alone is in iK star
contribute. Sun is in 6: It is in its own and Sun is a strong significator. Kethu
constellation. It is also lord of 6. It is governs Aswini, Magaand Moola, Saturn
in the sub of Saturn in 12. Hence in and Mars are in Kethu star. .Venus is in
6 and Bbarani, Poorvapalguni and Saturn is lord of 12. No planet is in
Poorvashada are ruled by Venus. Moon Saturn star. Hence during the periods and
and Jupiter are in Venus star. Mercury sub periods of Saturn, there will be
is also in 6. Ashlesha, Jyeshta and expenses outweighing income. No doubt
Reyathi are ruled by Mercury and Raho there will be receipt more than normal:
is posited there. but expenses still go higher. Further
Saturn brings about changes in the organi-
Thus it can be seen that all planets sation during Saturn Dasa Kethu Bbuktbi.
promise that there are many to contribute Always the conjoined period of Saturn
and see that the Institute grows up and and Kethu must bring change in the
expands like anything. organisation.

S. S. PINGLE, B E. (Civil),
Krishna Kripa, 1st Floor, Gokbale Road {NX Dadar, Bonibay-28-
A gentleman asks: " When he will be Whether Moon shows Query?
transferred to his native place 7" Always Moon shows the nature of query.
Please give a Number. Here Moon is in Moon star (lord of lllhj
Take 51. and in 8th and in the sub of Rahu in 7th
house from Virgo which is the Ascendant
Time; 8-10 A-M. 17th August, 1968. of the querist.
Place: Bombay. Moon in Sth in its own constellation
shows that the querist is worried about
Rabu Saturn Mean his promotion as well. Moon is in Taurus
ruled by Venus who is on 12tb cusp shows
18 31* 2(R)
08' 12 02'
the query of transfer. Moon in the sub of
Rahu representing Jupiter who is also the
Mars. occupant of 12th bouse reflects the
Planetary Position 14 02' querist's mind.
at 8-10 A.M. Sufi 0 56' Ascendant falls in Virgo ruled by Mer-
nth August. 1968 Met, 0*37' cury who is the occupant of 11th bhava and'tS' also the constellation of lagna shows that
Jupiter he will have what he wants but Moon in
18' 09'
Asc. 8th shows that he must have been worrying
16'40'to for sometime before he put the query.
Kethu For transfer take 3rd, 10th and 12th
18 31' bouses.
Balance of Dasa; Moon Dasa and Rabu 3rd; Vacant.
Bhukti has started Jupiter Anlhra starts 10th: Occupied by Mars.
on 1st October, 1968. 12th; Jupiter and Venus.
1 took the horoscope for judgment at No planet is in Mars' star.
the same time.
Jupiter and Venus in Venus star. But
Planet- Constellation. Sub. Rabu is in Jupiter's sign; so take Rahu.
Sun Kethu Venus Rabu is also in the constellation and sub
of Mercury, owner of lOlh house. Mars
Moon Moon Rahu in 10th house is weaker as there is no
Mars Saturn (R) Rahu planet in its star and it is in Anuradha
Kethu Kethu ruled by Saturn (R).
Jupiter Venus Rahu Significators are Rahu, Jupiter
Venus Venus Moon and Venus.
Saturn (R) Kethu Venus Moon Dasa Rahu Bhukti Jupiter Anthra
Mercury Mercury rules between Ist October to 12lh Decem-
Rahu ber. Venus Sookshma rules between 6th
Kethu Moon Kethu November to 18th November.. 1968.
Sun transits Venui sign Jupiter star on No planet in Sun's star.
6th November to 18tb November, 196j. Rahu in Mercury star and sub.
Take sub of Venus again.
So on 14th November, 1968 when Sun Mercury's sign is occupied by Kethu.
transits Venus sign Jupiter star and Venus Sun, Mercury and Saturn (R) are in
sub. He will be transferred. Jupiter and Kethu star.
Rahu representing Jupiter aspects 4th cusp
(16 Sagittarius) powerfully. So he will Sun, Rahu, Mercury, Saturn (R) are
go to his native place as 4th indicates significators.
native place,
Moon Dasa Rahu Bhukti Saturn
For promotion Anthra and Kethu Sookshma will give the
Take result. Mercury is replaced by Kethu as
it is in Virgo.
2nd, 6lh, 10th and 11th houses.
2nd: Vacant. Saturn Anthra starts on 4th December,
1968 runs till 20lh February, 1968. Kethu
6th: Vacant. Sookshma rules from 26th December to
10th: Mars. 30lh December, 1968- So when Sun transits
1 It!:: Sun and Mercury. Jupiter sign (Rahu) Kethu star and Saturn
sub, i.e. on 26th December, 1968. You will
No planet in Mars star. realise your ambition.
K. S. K.
The horoscopes of the couple who got give the results of the houses 2, 3,5
married on 12-12-64 had divorce sanction and 6. It also shows union and
on 27-11-67. Appeal is made on 13-8-68. separation.
II 0-30 (3) Mars in the sub of Rahu gives
XII25-55 Jup. 20-57 Lagna VeniJs7-24 ultimate separation.
Kethu Sat. 21-17' 4-38 Moon
21-19 19-25 (4) Mercury indicates separatian as it
III 24-30 is in the star of occupant and owner
Merc 1-44 of 12 and sub of Rahu.
Sun 16-25
XI 19-30 IV 19-30 (5) Jupiter in the star of Venus (union)
Mars and sub of Jupiter in 12 shows legal
2840 25.45
0.45 A.M. separation.
Mc. V 19-30 (6) Venus in 2 in the constellation of
19-30 Rahu and sub of Rahu gives both.
(7) Saturn in Venus star (union) sub of
1X24-30 Rahu Rahu, ultimate separation as Rahu
VII 4 38 21-19 is to denote 6tb bouse matter also.
vin o-3o VI 25-55
(8) Rahu in Moon star Venus sub
Rahu Dasa Balance 0 year 11 months 2 shows united married life.
days. (9) Ketbu in Mercury star Venus sub
The dasa period at the time of marriage unites. Thus what each planet can
was Saturn Dasa Venus Bhukti Sun Anthra. contribute is to be studied.
Divorce was sanctioned during Saturn Dasa The day of marriage, was a Saturday:
Sun Bhukti Jupiter Anthra on 27-11-67. Moon in Saturn sign. Lagna in Saturn
Appeal is given on 13-8-68 during Saturn sign, Sun star. Sun was in its own star:
Dasa Moon Bhukti Mars Anthra. Saturn was in the sign of lord of 11 and
For marriage, judge bouses 2, 7 and 11. star of lord of 7. Jupiter was in Venus
Venus and Moon arc;in 2: None in 7. star in sign of lord of 7. Venus owns only
Ketbu is in 11. Mercury, Mars and Saturn lagna and not 6: So also. Mars owns
rule the 2nd, 7th and lltb houses. Jupiter only 7th and not 12th.
and Saturn are in the constellation of [There is no Mars Dosba in this chart
Venus: Rahu is in the constellation of because it is in a movable sign, it is debi-
Moon. No planet is in Mars star. Sun is litated : conjoined with Mercury. Yet
in the constellation of Saturn, lord of 11. look at the fate. Thus taking the position
Mars and Kethu are in the star of of Mars and offering predictions which
Mercury. appear more like a curse is not correct.
(1) Sun in the star of Saturn can unite But take the planets situated in the star or
and can separate: because, Saturn sub of Mars in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12. Then,
is lord of 11 and occupant of 12: that planet tenanted in such a Mars' star
1 Itb is for union: 12th for separa- will offer undesirable and disagreeable
tion. results,] "
(2) Moon is in the constellation of Divorce was sanctioned on 27-11-67.
Rahu and sub of Mars. Rahu is to Saturn Dasa Sun Bhukti Jupiter Anthra.
Saturn acts as the planet in I2th Bhava: members of the family. It does not mean
conjoined with Jupiter, Judicial separa- only increase of the members by marriage
tion. Sun again offers the evil result or birth of children. But it must also
through Government Department Jupiter show the decrease. Increase and decrease
in 12 has givien. depend on the Bbukties and Antbras in
Appeal is filed on 13-8-68. Saturn Dasa Saturn Dasa. In the same Dasa, one can
Moon Bhukti Mars Anthra. Generally, get married. He may get separated or
by nature Mercury denotes plurality." i.e., either of them may pass away. Hence
another Court is also approached. Accor- Dasanatha has to offer both results as be
ding to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, planets will be the significator of both..
deposited in the constellation of Mercury, Some may get married, in a Bhukti and
or occupying Mercury sign, Gemini or in the same Bhukti one may get divorced.
conjoined with or aspccted by Mercury Here, both Dasanatha and Bbuktinadha
will give, provided its sub-lord is connected will be the significators of marriage and
with dual sign or Mercury sign or star. also divorce. Some may get married in
Mats in its Anthra gives courage; the same Dasa, Bhukti and Anthra and live
makes one take further steps: fight and separately from the same Anthra; then,
so on. all these three planets are the significators
of marriage and also divorce. Marriage
Hence during Mats Anthra appeal is comes because of the lord of the constel-
made. lation. Separation comes due to the sub
occupied by the planet.
What will be tile result ?
Note the sub-lord of the Dasanatha. If One may get married in A Dasa. B is for
it denotes once for all separation, then, divorce. ' B' Bhukti can operate during
according to the various Bbukties in that 'A* Dasa. Separation will not come.
Dasa, there will be alternative results It will end in misunderstanding as the
good and bad, depending on the sub-lord Dasa lord is the most powerful comman-
in which the lord of the Bhukti is depo- der. No Bhukti lord can offer a result if
sited. If Bbukties are ruled by A, B Dasa lord does not permit. If Dasa lord
and C and they are deposited in beneficial is not a significator of the result which
subs (lord of the sub contributing to the" Bhukti lord is to give, Dasa lord, the final
benefit of the native's desire) then, in the authority will not give the ultimate result.
Dasa of a planet which is the significatqr Planets form a Cabinet. The Prime
of both advantageous and disadvantageous Minister is the Dasanatha. The Bhukti
houses, then during the Bhukties of A, B oadhas.are Cabinet Ministers. The Anthra
and C, the results will be favourable. If nadhas are the Dy. Ministers ]
the sub-lords of the position occupied by Therefore Note the 3 planets which will
the Bhukti lords D, E, F are unfavourable, rule conjointly and these must be con-
during their Bhukties, one has to expect nected with 6 and 12 houses.
untoward and undesirable results. Jupiter, lord of 12 is in 12; Mercury is
If a particular house is unoccupied and deposited in Jupiter star. Hence Mercury,
the constellations of the owner of the Jupiter in 12 are for separation. Saturn,
bouse is also unoccupied, then those represents llih and 12th.
planets deposited in the sub of that planet, Sun is in Saturn star, sub of Jupiter.
will offer the results. Hence Sun must bring about separation-
If a particular result is indicated by Rahu has to represent Mercury as it is
a planet, tben those which are deposited in Mercury's sign. Rahu in Moon con-
in its constellations are connected with the stellation and Vends sub, according to its
matters signified by that Bhava- stellar position, brings union. But, it has
Here, Saturn is in Venus star. Venus is the portfolio of Mercury also : ,hence, it
in 2. Hence Saturn is connected with the will cause separation. Moon in Rahu star
in Mercury sign will bring about separa- sub i.e., Lagna on that day will be
tion. The sub-lord Mars has no connection at 16 Taurus.
with 2 or 7 or 11 : nor with 6 or 12. (d) According to Western System
Hence, Mars is unconnected. In that prediction lord of 7 Mars (Nirayana)
case, the Bhuktinadha gives the results squares its original position and
during Jupiter sub period in Moori Bhukti, opposes both lupiter and Saturn.
The order will be issued on 1-2-69. The
divorce will stand. (e) Mercury will be in Saturn sign
Moon star.
As per transit, (f) Jupiter in Mercury sign Moon star.
(a) Sun, will be in Saturn sign. Moon (g) Venus in Jupiter sign Saturn star.
star and conjoin M.C., i.e., 10th (h) Saturn will be in Jupiter sign
cusp. Mercury star Jupiter sub.
(b) Moon will be in Saturn star Moon (i) Rahu in Jupiter sign Saturn star.
sign. Thus it can be seen that all planets
(c) Time of judgment Moon star Saturn vote for final divorce from 1-2-69.


Rahu 4-32 planet in Sun star. Planets connected with
Moon VIII IXMars 12-15 2, 7 and 11 are Kethu, Rahu, Jupiter Sun
22-44 VII 12-6 11-15
VI 16-15 22-35 and Venus. Saturn conjoined with Mars,
Sat. 26-27 lord of 2 and 7 in the sub of node in 2.
Hence Venus Dasa Venus Bhukti, Saturn
V 16-15 MC. 14-13 Anthra gave marriage.
12 Mi inight 12-11-67 date of Divorce. Venus Dasa
Ven 25-38 6 Moon Bhukti Mercury Anthra. Therefore
Sun 24-23 7-2- 1946 Venus in the constellation of lord of 2 and
Mercury XI 16-15 7 connected with marriage. Moon in the
IV 14-15 constellation of Mercury in 4 and Mercury
III 12.15 Lagna in the constellation of Moon in 6 (Mercury
Kethu II 11-45 12-6 XIl 16-15 | islord of 12 and Moonin Mercury star gives
4-32 Jup, 4-20 separation). Mercury in Moon star gives
! separation.
Mercury Dasa Balance 9yrs. 3mts. 5 Appeal is filed during Mars Bhukti
days. Married on 12-12-64. Venus Dasa Jupiter Anthra. Mars is in the constella-
Venus Bhukti Saturn Anthiaon a Saturday tion of Jupiter in 12 (as the planet conjoi-
Divorce sanctioned on 27-11-67 during ned with Mars gave marriage) and in
Venus Dasa Moon Bhukti Ketbu Anthra Saturn sub. Here it can indicate divorce
appeal filed during Venus Dasa Mars also. Gemini shows appeal, i.e., second
Bhukti Rahu Anthra. hearing.
2, 7, 11for marriage;Kethu in 2. Result: During Venus Dasa Mars
Kethu alone in Kethu star: 7 owned by Bhukti, Mercury Anthra Moon Shookshma
Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Sun and Venus in divorce will be confirmed. It is in February
Mats star. 11 is vacant-owner San; No 1969.

Erishnamurti Padhdhati Verified
Birth chart of the gentleman is as significators or aspected by the planet
follows: conjoined with any of the significators.
Jupiter Kcthu (a) A significator may be in its own
11.20 24.19 sign and star. It itself may be the occu-
pant. It can happen only in 2 cases;
Saturn Suppose in the very beginning of Pisces is
Snu 21.47
Mm* 23.2 1.23 the 7th cusp; also Jupiter is deposited
Merc. 10.12
4.2$ Moon within 3 20'. This area is called Poorva-
29.43 padra governed by Jupiter; Jupiter is
731917 there itself. Hence Jupiter is the occupant:
is the owner and is deposited in its own
star. Similarly Sun in Uthrapalguni first
quarter is 26 40' Leo to 30 Leo.
Rahu (b) A significator may be 'in its own
24.19 Asc. 21.24 Mc. 0 47 star. It can happen to each planet and in
each star.
Mercury Dasa balance 0 year 4 months (c) If a planet is in its own star and
10 days. Family includes all members, it is a significator, then other planets in
great grandparents, grandparents, parents, the other two stars in the same sign
brothers, sisters, wife, children, grand should be taken as those which are in
children, great grandchildren etc. Hence conjunction with the significator. If they
the second house which is judged are in the same star of the significator,
for finance and family, indicates all the question of conjinction does not arise, as
members ; but 3rd house denotes younger the other planets will become a significator
brothers, sisters, father-in-law; 4th house due to the constellation.
mother: 5th children, grandfather; 6th
maternal uncle: 7th wife; 9th father (d) Suppose Jupiter and Moon are in
grandchildren: 11th son-in-law daughter- Taurus; Jupiter is in Karthik, the 3rd
in-law, elder brothers, sisters etc. star governed by Sun. Moon is in Rohini.
Moon is lord of the sign where 7th cusp
Either financial worry or difficulty in falls. No planet is tenanted in 7. Hence
the family is found out mainly ^from the Moon is lord of 7. Its star is Rohini and
second and eighth bouses. Rabu is the it alone is in Rohini. So Moon is the
occupant of the 2nd house: Jupiter is the significator of 7th house (for marriage or
owner. Maraka). Jupiter is in Taurus. If it is in
Significators of the second house are Karthik or Mrigasira, Jupiter is in conjunc-
judged as follows ; tion with Moon. If Jupiter is in Rohini,
it becomes a significator as lord of Rohini
(a) Planets situated in the Constella- is the owner of the 7th house.
tion of the occupant of second house.
(b) The occupant of second house. (e) If there is a planet in Capricorn,
Moon and Jupiter are in Taurus and Moon
(cj Planets deposited in the constel- is the significator, Jupiter gains connec-
lation of the owner of the second house. tions by conjunction, then, planets in
(d) Ruler of the second house. Capricorn will be aspected (not by The
significator Moon but) by Jupiter, even
(e) Planets conjoined with any of the then planet in Capricorn is connected with
significators or aspected by any of the the matters signified by these' houses.]
Thus one is to judge intelligently follow- to get separated under pleasant circums-
ing the same principle as propounded tances or due to difference of opinion. So an
by Krishnamurti. astrologer should invariably note whether a
Second house is occupied by Rahu. planet is deposited in the sub of the signifi-
Arudbra, Swatbi and Satbabisba are ruled cator of 8 and 12 or beneficial 2 and 11-
by RahuVenus' alone is in Rahu star In this instance Venus and Jupiter are
Satbabisba. the strongest significators. Jupiter is in
Second house is owned by Jupiter. Jt the star and sub of occupants of 8; Venus
is in Ketbu constellation. is in Rahu star Jupiter sub.
Eighth house is occupied by Ketbu and Hence separation from family cameup
Saturn. as soon as Venus Dasa Jupiter Bhukti
Ketbu governs Aswini, Maka and Moola. started. (Note Jupiter in a movable sign
Jupiter is in Ketbu star, Saturn sub. Hence gives result quickly.)
Jupiter will give 8thhouse results. (Planets Separation came on 25-10^1934. Day-
in movable signs give the results quickly : Thursday-ruler Jupiter: Moon ttansitted
in fixed signs offer late.) in Taurus owned by Venus: Star Robini,
Saturn rules Pushya, Anuradha, Uthra- governor Moon. (Moon was lin the cons-
padra. tellation of lord of 8 and sub of Saturn in
No planet is posited therein. 8.) Sun was in Sukra sign, Rahu star,
Jupiter sub; Mars in Maka-Kethu star,
Hence strong significators are (1) Venus Saturn sub. Venus in its own sign Mars
in Rahu star; Jupiter sub. (2) Jupiter in star, Kethu sub. Saturn in Saturn sign.
Kethu star, Saturn sub. (3) Rahu, Kethu, Mars star, Saturn sub; Kethu in Saturn
Saturn occupants. star, Rahu sub and Rahu in Saturn sign,
Owners; Jupiter is lord of 2; Mer- Moon star, Rahu sub.
cury is lord of 8. Kethu and Saturn are When all planets transit in unfavourable
in Jupiter star Punarvasu : Mars and Sun constellation and adverse sub, even though
are in Poorvapadra. Moon alone is in this gentleman is born to a very very rich
Mercury star: These are also significators. person, yet separation came.
They are connected with houses 2 and 8.
If we judge conjunction, aspect, etc., all Political Jail
planets are connected with the 2nd and 8th Jail life means that people are not
bhava. allowed to sail freely as they fail to come
Any planet connected with second house out on bail. One has to leave his resi-
can increase the number of the members dence; live in the surroundings of
politicians and also other criminals. It
of the family if the lord of the sub is brings about separation from family.
favourable or if it is the significator of
11 th house whereas any planet connected During Venus Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti,
with second house will reduce the number Mars Anthra for 4 hours on 14-11-36 he
of the members df the family if it is in the was arrested due to certain crime.
sub of an evil planet (significator of 8 or On 15-1-1958 he was arrested on political
12). [Never judge from the name of the grounds. For 32 days he was inside the
planet: It is very important to note the prison.
lord of the sub in which a planet is Permanent residence is shown by fourth
posited.] house. 12th to the 4th shows one leaving
Therefore classify which will give happy one's permanent residence. Hence include
and harmonious family life; which will the significators of 3rd Bhava for leaving
bring enmity, but yet continue to live: v-one's house. Restriction and life ir.- new
which will bring separation or bereave- surroundings are to be judged from 12th
ment. Normally separation is taken as house. Second and Eighth bouses when
living separately due to disagreement. afflicted take away the person from his
Separation, astrologically means both, i.e. kith and kin.
Therefore according to me houses 2, 3, of 8). Rahu is in Venus (lord of 12) star,
8 and 12 are to be considered. sub Mercury, lord of 8. Thus it can be
According to Hindus, whatever may be seen that Moon, Kethu and Rahu are the
the reason for one's arrest, one is expected strongest significators to give jail life.
to be kept in prison if DayWednesday (Dasa lord Moon
(a) all malehcs are in 2, 3, 9 and 12 is lord of 9 Bagya adhipathi). It is in its
own sign. Guru in 10 to Moon. Gaja-
(b) for Scorpio-borns malefics are in kesari yogawhat Moon has done in its
2, 12, 5 and 9 dasa is to be understoodwhether Gaja-
(c) if lords of 1 and 6 are conjoined kesari or Raja's savoury inside the jail)
with Saturn in a Kona or Kendra. Moon by transit was in Anuradha
But according to Krishnamurti, malefic^ Saturn's star.
occupying the constellation of the planets Politics
situated in the houses 2 and 12 Judge planets Jupiter, Venus and 5th
occupants of these houses in the constella- house to know whether one will enter into
tion of the lords of the above houses, politics, Jupiter is lord of 5 and is in 5th
malefics in the star of the owners of these bhava, Venus is in the constellation of
houses and lords of these houses indicate Rahu who indicates the matters of the
imprisonment. One courts imprisonment, second and 5th house. 5th house is in 5 th
if lord of 1 is also connected with the house and is in the constellation of Kethu
significators. Jupiter, Venus or lord of 9 who indicates both success and failure as
and J conneqted with the significator it is to offer the results of 8th house and
denotes imprisonment on political 10 and 11th houses since Mercury, the lord
grounds. Thus how to judge the cause is of the sign occupied by Kethu is the lord
well explained in Krishnamurti Padhdhati of the sign where the 8th, 10th and 11th
second volume page 335. Judge houses cusp has fallen-
2, 3, 8 and 12. Actually he is a politician. Heisholding
Second house Rahu occupies. Sukra is a good position.
in Rahu star. Next higher statuswhen is the query?
Third house Mercury and Venus are in Higher status can be expected only when
3. Moon is in Mercury star. Rahu is in the 11th house matters operate along with
Venus star. 6th house and the 2nd house,
Eighth bouse occupants Kethu and Sani. 6th house is owned by Mars. Only
Guru in Kethu star. None in Saturn star. Mercury is in Mars star.
Twelfth houseVacant. 11th is owned by Mercury. Moon is in
Second house owner Jupiter (in Kethu Mercury star.
star, Saturn sub). Third house ruler 2nd house is occupied by Rahu. Venus
Saturn in 8 in Jupiter star, Rahu sub: is in Rahu star.
Eighth house lord Mercury in 3 in Mars
star, Venus sub. 12th house owned by Therefore Rahu Dasa Rahu Bhukti
Venus in Rahu star, Jupiter sub. Mercury Anthra Mars Shookshma and
All the owners are afflicted, all are Rahu Dasa Rahu Bhukti Venus Anthra and
favourable for separation from family, Mars Shookshma are favourable i.e.,
making short journey, living in another between I9-12-196S and 29-12-68: again
quarters, experiencing restrictions etc. between 15-6-69 and 26-6-69. In the past
during Mars Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Saturn
On 15-1-38, Moon Dasa Kethu Bhukti 'Anthra failed in 2 different places in the
Rahu Anthra was operating he was election in February,/March 1962. But
arrested Moon in the constellation of lord became a Member inRajya Sabhain April
of 8 and sub of planet in 8 : Kethu in 8 in 1962 when Mercury Anthra was on. Dasa
Jupiter star (lord of 2) Mercury sub (lord is the same Mars: Bhukti same Jupiter.
PALMISTRY AND VOCATIONAL sible for laymen to be able to quickly
GUIDANCE understand the meanings of the lines and
By the signs on the hands, so that they can
S. R. VARTAK, decide the future course of their children
Lakshtni Book Store, 42, Janpath Market, easily and guide them from the very
New Delhi-l ; Rs. 6.00. beginning.
There are professions where practical
At a time when there is a rethinking experience is necessary as in the case of
among parents that opportunities in Engi- doctors, engineers, etc., and in others
neering are not so many now as they where intensive training is necessary as
thought they were until a few years ago in the case of dancing, music, painting.
when every growing boy was pursuaded to In the case of the former, the head line
study Science for a better career, S. R. (representing the attitude of mind) starts
Vartak has done a great service to those from its original position either from, or
parents and educationists who have the a little apart from, the life line and goes
responsibility of selecting suitable subjects straight to the other end crossing the
for their growing children. What is of palm, while in others where imagination
prime importance is not the consideration is more important, the same line does not
of what opportunities are open in a parti- go straight but winds its way downwards
cular line, but where the growing boy or to what is called the Mount of Moon,
the girl will fit in well according to his or either leaving a branch going towards the
her natural aptitudes- The object of this little finger as in the case of merchants
book, as Vartak says, is to find an and towards the third finger as in the case
approach to that knowledge by interpret- . of artists, actors or lawyers and no branch
ing the lines and signs given on the hand at all as in the case of philosophers or
of a human being' so as to be able to orators. The book enables the reader to
utilise the same for practical and useful
purpose in life and to save the adversities
and agonies in life which he may be
required to suffer on account of wrong
profession that may be forced upon him
against his inclination and to direct the
course of life in a right and a proper way,
so that he may not have occasion to
repent in future- To avoid such catastro-
phies, in some cases, psychological tests
are undertaken. But it is not possible to
apply such tests to every boy or girl bom
in each and every family. Through the
medium of deciphering the lines on the
hand, Vartak has endeavoured to analyse
different personality patterns, and to
understand aptitudes of persons for differ-
ent types of vocations. He has therefore
helped the parents to avoid wasteful
expenditure and the young boys and girls
from unnecessary failures in life. Vartak
has, first of all, made the science of
Palmistry simple, precise and comprehen- Mangalya DharanaiB.
appreciate and discover the inclinations you note their size and shape, and then
and then arrange education and training you begin the all-important task of fitting
in that particular branch, so that mistakes them together within the circumference of
or failures are avoided and life becomes that individual potentiality. The result
worth living. The book contains a should be a perfect picture of the indivi-
number of illustrations and combinations dual, a picture that should show the most
relating to 27 different kinds of major intimate physiological and psychological
professions and should prove useful to detail. For instance, on page 56, he exhi-
every one charged with the responsibility bits in the hand of a young woman,
of selecting a career for the growing happily married and living in a very nice
children. house, that her lack of energy and lack of
interest in life was due to her marital
THE HAND SPEAKS incompatibility. Markings on her hand
Your Health, Your Sex, Your Life : indicated that she could live happily on a
mental-spiritual plane; artistic surround-
By ings, artistic concepts and idealistic dreams
NOEL JAQU1N, were the things which interested her but
Saaar Publications. Vcd Mansion, her husband, though charming, was unfor-
72, Jan path. New Dclbi-I ; Rs. 14,95. tunately very materialistic and a matter-
Noel Jaquin says that his whole aim of-fact person. This resulted in repressed
and object in writing this book is to prove, anxiety, producing nervous dyspepsia.
or rather to enable the reader to prove
for himself, that the human band betrays The writer has produced 76 imprints of
both intimate psychological processes and original hand and has analysed them to
also the presence of disease in active or discover various kinds of complexities
semi-active states. There is evidence of between physiological and psychological
a parallel physiological defect existing as trends which have led to diseases of
the consequence of a psychological defect, inflammation, infection of pathogenic
or being complementary to it in the bacteria, nervous apprehension, heart
physiological sphere. diseases, gonorrhoea, cystitis, states of
Body and mind, mind and body, interact cancerous developments which were, in
most cases, difficult of diagnosis by a
so closely that it is at times only with the medical practitioner in early stages of the
greatest difficulty that we are able to infection and thus made capable of cure
determine in which exists the basic and by psychological treatment and dietary
fundamental provocative defect. It is control. The book will prove to be of
impossible by any of the more orthodox very great value to psychiatrists who have
methods to come to any really definite to deal with cases of difficult cure and
and accurate conclusions on such origins. presenting problems not easily analysed
Unless a patient has been infected with by medical practitioners. It contains a
specific bacteria, treatment is restricted to fund of knowledge relating to diseases that
the elimination of synuitoms rather than can be discovered from the hand itself.
the correction of basic causes. The hand It enables the readers to discover the
gives a perfect picture of the whole, with controlling forces of a man's destiny,
its relative strengths and interactions. It character, health and sex life from the
gives themuch needed ' individual' picture. indications given on the palm.
Discoveries made during the last few years
in both psychology and curative medicine The value of the book is enhanced by
have stressed the vital importance of this the fact that the writer has chosen his
'individual' assessment of bodily and seventy-six subjects out of the comjnon
mental balance. men and women whom we meet every day
He explains that the hand is a jig-saw in offices, roads, buses, trains, shopping
puzzle, you take bits and spread them out, centres and perhaps in our own homes!
Prof. S. N. MISHRA, b.a. (Hons,), m.a. (Eng ). m.a, (Hindi), m.a. (Phil.), b.l. etc.
J. J. Degree College, at/a
I. Introdnction any planet is posited in its constellation.
It is quite a unique feature in KRISHNA- If so, that planet will be a very strong sig-
MURTI PADHDHATI that the Nirayana nificator, because according to K.P,; it is
cusps are considered in quite a different the sub and sub alone which decides a par-
way from the old traditional system. The ticular matter.
way Mr. Krishnamurti attachesimportance In this article, it has been my sincere
to the constellations and subs of different endeavour to highlight this consideration.
cusps and their proper application in any
particular chart is really marvellous. He
is quite right to say that the cusps denote II. The chart
exclusively the indications of Bhavas re-
flected for the native. This is scientific VI 14.51 VII 11.14 IX 10.51
and appealing,to any intelligent mind. In Uranus Mars VIII 9.51 Rahu
case of twins or children born in near 3.05 15-11 14.18
proximity of time, what is that which 31121926 at
changes ? All the planets and their degree V 14.51 1.47.40 A.M.l.S.T.
positions remain almost the same. It is Jupiter or X 12.51
only the cusp and the cusp alone, which 3.21 1.58 12 A.M. L..M.T.
changes so i apidly with the lapse of the 25 36' N.,
85* 08* E,
most minimum period of time. Hence Bal. of Jupitor Dasa Neptune
cusps must be given their due importance IV 12.51 at time of birth 3.57
in analysis of any chart. 8 years 4 months XI 14-51
17 days
Venai 2S.10 IT 9-51 ]
At times, when the analysis of Bhavas San JS.AO Saturn Asc. 11.14
does not point out a particular planet as a KOthn U.J8 10.24 11 26.21Moon XII 14.51
significator or whenever there is some con- III. 10.51 Mercury
fusion in regard to selection of significators
for a particular point in consideration,
the cusps alone come to our rescue and
solve our problem.
Now the principle to be commonly ap-
plied is very simple.
Mark where a particular cusp lies, what
is its constellation and what is its sub.
Further mark whether any planet is posited
in the constellation of the constellation
lord of the cusp. If so, take that planet
as a significator. If no planet is posited
in its constellation, consider that very
planet alone-
Similarly mark who is the sub lord of a Friends and relatives attend the PMja
particular cusp. Further notice whether done by the Editor.
III. Astrological Analysis significator, but more strong than Venus
This chart is to be studied from the is the planet posited in its constellation
point of view of foreign travel or overseas. and sub. That planet is Mars alone. One
may say that Kethu is also in the constel-
Lei us first of all know the principle lation and sub of Venus, so Kethu should
according to K. P. for this consideration. not be eliminated, but Kethu has got no
"To ascertain whether one will have the concern with any of the houses 7, 9 and
opportunity to go overseas or not, the 12, whereas Mars is the sole occupant of
houses 3, 7, 9 and 12 to be con- 7th Bhava, hence Mars is stronger. So
sidered." (K. P. Vol. II, page 276.) forget Kethu and Venu's and take Mars as
a strong significator.
First of all, let us consider 3rd house.
3rd house is occupied by Kethu, Sun and Rahu is posited in Gemini, a sign ruled
Venus. Kethu rules Aswini, Makam and by Mercury, who is lord of 9 and 12, and
Moolam. No planet is in any of these a significator. Further Rahu is a node,
constellations. Sun rules Krithikai, Uthra- hence prominent. More further it is
palguni and Utharashada. No planet is posited in the sub of Mercury, hence Rahu
in any of these constellations, Venus is a very strong significator.
rules Bharani, Purvapalguni and Purva- Mercury is posited in its own constel
sbada. Kethu, Sun, Venus and Mars lation, hence strong. Further it is in the sub
all are in the Purvashada constellation, of Saturn and in association with Saturn.
ruled by Venus. So let us take Kethu, Hence Mercury is decidedly a significator.
Sun, Venus anil Mars. Let us be mote considerate in our appro-
Let us consider 7th house. Mars is ach. According to K. P. if a node occu-
occupant of 7. Mars rules Mrigasira Chi- pies the sign of a significator, it will deput-
thrai and Dbanishta. No planet is in any ise for that planet in all respects. In this
of these constellations. Hence again take case, Rabu, as a node is posited in the
Mars. sign Gemini ruled by Mercury. Hence
Now consider 9th house. It is occupied Rahu will act as an agent of Mercury. So
by Rahu. Rahu rules Arudra, Swathi forget Mercury, take Rahu as a strong
and Sathayam. No planet is in any of significator.
these constellations. Hence take Rahu. Hence from this analysis, our strong
Now consider 12th house. It is occu- significators are Rahu and Mars alone.
pied by none. Mercury is lord of 12.
Mercury rules Ashlesh, Jyeshta and Reva-
thi. Only Mercury is in Jyeshta, so take
Hence significators according to this
analysis are Kethu, Sim, Venus, Mars,
Rahu and Mercury.
As in all, six significators have come to
the surface, we must start the process of
elimination by diving deep into the
Kethu, who is the significator from the
analysis of third Bhava, is in no way con-
nected with houses 7, 9 and 12, Hence
eliminate Kethu. Similar is the case with
Sun. So also eliminate Sun.
Venus is in the sub of Mercury, who is
lord of 9 and 12. Hence Venus is a strong The Editor is given the holy bath.
Now let us consider the relevant cusps. sham. Hence take Saturn too as a very
3rd, 7th and 9th cusps fall in the sub of strong significator.
Saturn. Hence Saturn is very prominent. Please mark that Saturn has come
.Saturn rules Pushyam, Anushatn and as a significator from the analysis of the
Utharapathra. Only Saturn is in Anu- bouses, but as it is in association with
Mercury and in iti own constellation, it
will act as an agent of Mercury and will
do what Mercury promises to do.
12th cusp falls in the sub of Jupiter.
Jupiter is not one of our significators at all,
neither it is in occu-association with any of
the significators. No planet is in the
constellation of Jupiter, Hence eliminate
Jupiter without any hesitation.
Hence from this analysis, most strong
significators are only Saturn, Rahu and
IV. Confirmation
Actually during Saturn Dasa Rahu
Bbukti and Mars Anthra, the native left
for U. K. on 3-10-1951. This dayis ruled
by Mercury; Moon's sign is Libra, ruled
by Venus and Moon's star is Swathi, ruled
by Rahu. Hence confirmed.

K. S. K.
If any heavenly body intercepts the shadow of the Moon covers the Sun. This
light of another heavenly body and the is called the Solar eclipse. At that time
onlooker is unable to see the farther off the declination of the Moon and Sun will
heavenly body, then the farther off planet be the same. But if the declination is
is said to be eclipsed. The nearer planet different, it is only a New Moon day, when
deprives the light of the more distant the longitude is the same. Similarly,
planet. Its brilliance, the circular shape when earth comes between Moon and Sun,
and splendour will be lost. earth prevents Moon from getting the
In the Solar System, Sun is taken as light of the Sun, and lunar eclipse is
the Central body around which the planets formed.
move round and round. Each planet has Just like, during Solar eclipse. Sun loses
its own orbit, its own path way round the its brilliance and is hidden by Moon, and
Sun. .But the earth and the Moon go during lunar eclipse Moon loses its pleasant
round the Sun together. The one feature light and is hidden by the earth, so also
of Moon whiph is 2,40,000 miles away the rays of other planets are interrupted.
from the earth goes round the earth once Because, we, on the earth, do not receive
in 27J days and both go round the Sun very bright light, illuminating the objects
once a year. In between Earth and Sun, on the earth, from other planets, we can-
there are Mercury and Venus. Sun is 93 not see, notice and realise the eclipse of
million miles away from earth. Mercury the other planets.
is 36 million miles away from Sun ; Venus
is 67 million miles away from the Sun. The planets Mercury and Venus are
Therefore, there will be occasions when called Inferior planets as they are nearer
Moon, Mercury and Venus can come bet- to Sun than the earth and they can be bet-
ween the earth and the Sun. ween the Sun and the Earth, just like
Moon during New Moon days and Solar
near either of your eyes. Close the other eclipse days. Moon is hidden from Sun
eye. One elephant standing 100 yards, by the earth during Lunar eclipse. But
away is hidden by this small finger. This
depends on the size of the finger, its near-
ness to the eye and the farther distance of
the elephant. Now, your eye, the finger
and the elephant are in the same line and
plane. Suppose, the elephant is lifted by
a lift, in the same place. Even though the
elephant was hidden by the finger pre-
viously, as it is lifted up above the area
covered by the finger, then the elephant
becomes visible, slowly and steadily.
Thus Moon is a decently big body. It is
very near to the earth. The Sun is very
far off. It is very big like the elephant
compared with finger. So, when the Moon
comes in between the observer and the
Sun, the Sun is not visible. Slowly the t Blessings from Vedic Brahmins, and elders.
earth can never come in between Mercury fructify in their dasa periods, yogas and
and Sun or in between Venus and Sun. their bhavas. However strong a planet
Because, Sun is the centre. From Sun may be, still it will not produce any good
Mercury is 36 million miles away. Venus effect if it is eclipsed, and during its dasa,
is 67 million miles from Sun. The distance bad effects alone will accrue to the person.
between Sun and Earth is 92 million miles. It will apply to the results of the Bhava,
But the superior planets. its owns and also occupies. He also men-
tions that planets, excepting Venus and
Westerners give importance only to the Saturn, lose half of their strength when
Solar and Lunar eclipses. They do not eclipsed. If the Moon becomes eclipsed,
attach anything to the conjunction of Sun the native will have a fall from his posi-
with other planets. tion, will be mentally afflicted, and will
Hindus pay much attention to the suffer from jaundice and similar diseases.
eclipse of the planets while they predict Further, there will be risk from water.
results of those planets in their dasas and Mars, when eclipsed, will give trouble
bbukties, while giving transit results how a and many kinds of worries, and the native's
planet getting eclipsed will behave and mind will be in a destructive mood.
also while selecting an auspicious time to
celebrate marriage, or entry into a new Mercury when eclipsed, brings on loss
house or for learning vedas, etc, in lands and perpetual mental affliction.
He will suffer from jaundice, sickness,
Hindus are of opinion that the eclipsed catarth, etc. He will also incur loss.
planet, whether a benefic or a malefic, Eclipsed Jupiter gives misery and
loses its strength especially to do good to happiness in equal proportion.
the native.
In Jataka Thatvam, Mahadeva says that Saturn in eclipsed state shows that the
the planet that is eclipsed will cause trouble person's income and expenditure will
and produce untoward results. In ' Sanke- balance each other. He will not feel
tanidhi ', Ramadayulu has said that if happy. He will have a frail body. But
Mars and Venus are eclipsed and occupy his fame will spread very wide. He will
the 5ih house, the person , concerned be- be tormented by various mental cares.
comes one-eyed and if the lord of the Prithuyasas also mentions that one's
rising dwadasarasa is eclipsed, the person's education will be spoiled in the period of
property is insecure, he also says that the a planet occupying thenavamsa sign owned
lord of the rising Trimsamsa when eclipsed by the eclipsed one.
causes misunderstanding among the rela-
Katidas is of the opinion that if the lord
of a Bhava is eclipsed by the Sun's rays,
the Bhava is completely destroyed even if
the Bhava is occupied by benefics. In his
work ' Uttara Kalamirthamhe adds that
Venus andSaturn do not lost strength even
when eclipsed.
Prithuyasas, son of Varahamihira, deals
a little elaborately in his work Horasara,
with the results of the eclipsed planets.
Even though the planets may be strong by
occupying a position in the Zodiac, yet
they become weak if they are eclipsed by
the Sun and hence they do not produce
the good effects which arc declared to Komal Shri Seshadri Iycr.gai presents to the Editor.
When longevity is calculated, the Hindu Lord of 5 : Loss of a child; aberration
sages declare that one born during the of the mind ; deception; wearisome wan-
period of eclipse is very short-lived. If the dering; trouble in the stomach, dis-
lords of the lagna, navamsa lagna and pleasure of the Government and bodily
Moon rasi are all eclipsed, the person can- weakness.
not live long. Lord of 6: Will have troubles through
While the strength of the eclipsed planet thieves ; will suffer reverse, defeat; will
is discussed, Varahamihira says in Bribat commit wicked acts ; will do servile duties;
Jataka that planets, when eclipsed, con- will be despised, scandalised and injured.
tribute only one half of what longevity
they can give in the same position in the Lord of 7: Distress to son-in-law;
Zodiac, if they are not eclipsed. But separation from beloved; untoward
Mantreswara in Phaladeepika writes tha. 'ts due to the troubles from the oppo-
the strength of an eclipsed planet is nil site sex ; intrigues with wicked women;
and a person will meet with his end in its diseases in the private parts; ever wan-
dasa within a short time after it starts. dering.
Destruction to the members of the family Lord of 8 ; Excessive sorrow : want of
and wealth is threatened. He will have sense; carnal appetite, jealousy; uncon-
litigation and may suffer humiliation. He sciousness ; poverty; fruitless rambling ;
says that the eclipsed planet ruling the 7th sickness; humiliation and death.
house shows loss of wife: lord of 5 denotes
danger to children and lord of lagna will Lord of 9 : Will incur the wrath of the
cause death to the native. If the planet deity of Guru or preceptor; suffer,some-
is not eclipsed, good effect of the bhava thing untoward ; trouble to wife and chil-
will be enjoyed. All will welcome the lord dren ; will do wicked acts ; elder's demise;
of 6 to be eclipsed as it is strong to destroy will suffer from poverty.
the enemies. Lord of 10 : Fruitless attempts; loss of
Let us consider theresults of the planets honour ; will beepme wicked; leave his
when they are eclipsed and when they own permanent place ; inauspicious happenings;
different houses in one's chart. will lead bad life : suffer troubles.
Lord of the lagna getting eclipsed Lord of 11; Bad news ; trouble to elder
shows that the native will be imprisoned ; brother; sickness to children; will suffer
he will lead the life in cognito ; will suffer misery ; deception and ear disease.
from fear, disease and anxiety, will partici-
pate in funeral rites ; incur loss and may
lose position too ; will be unfortunate ;
Lord of 2 : Behaves stupidly in a public
assembly; will be untrustworthy; will
receive annoying letters ; write bad ones I
suffer from eye troubles; will be foul-
tongued; spend heavily ; incur Royal dis-
Lord of 3; Demise of brother; evil
advice ; trouble through secret mechanisa-
tion of internal enemies; humiliation ; dis-
comfixtureand loss of pride thereby.
Lord of 4: Distress the mother ; sick-
ness to dear friends; danger to lands;
trouble due to the loss of cattle danger Editor bJesses the youngsters. The Editor
from water and conveyance. of Atfarishiara is one of them.
Lord of 12: Varions diseases; dis- construct and enter into new premises
honour; disappearance of wealth, deten- when Jupiter and Venus are eclipsed. It is
tion, bondage. called ' Guru Sukra Moodara'.
These results will, be experienced by a People belonging to Sama Veda should
person when he runs the dasa or bhukti of not initiate mantra and do Upanayana
the lords mentioned above. when Mars is eclipsed. Rig Veda people
Mantreswara gives hopes by saying should avoid these when Jupiteris eclipsed.
that a planet, even when eclipsed, if it If Venus is eclipsed, Yajur Veda people
occupies an auspicious sign and navamsa, should not have Upanayanam.
will, in its period. oSer mixed results and Westerners are of opinion that the
finally in the latter half of its dasa, agree- conjunction of Sun and Moon is highly
able and beneficial results. conducive to promote material welfare
Transit results of eclipsed planets: and to have bright careers. Sun and Mars
Planets in their transit through favourable in close conjunction give force of charac-
houses {bouses wherein they have to give ter and power of endurance. Great self-
good effects) become void of effect if they control is to be exercised. There will be
happen to be eclipsed. But if the houses struggle between one's will and desires
transitted by them be unfavourable, then during one's life.
they will give bad effects in an aggravated Sun and Mercury in close conjunction
form. givemuch mental ability, with a clear
Election of auspicious time for any thinking of high order. It gives adapta-
undertaking. Avoid the constellation in bility. One will have reasoning ability,
which the recent eclipses have appeared memory andfluency ofs peech. Thegreatest
within six months before and after the orators, chief engineers, famous account-
month when one desires to do any auspi- ants and auditors are having Sun and
cious w ,r Mercury in the same longitude when it is
cazimi and combust. Only a few are per-
It is alsodecia..-! that it is not advisable verted and dogmatic.
to celebrate Upanayanam and marriage or Sun in conjunction with Jupiter makes
one a scholar. He wilt maintain good
health, enjoy mental equilibrium and have
professional advancement. New under-
takings will prosper and constructive abi-
lity will be strengthened.
Conjunction of Sun and Venus shows
popularity and social success. He will
acquire competence in music, art, poetry,
etc! He will gain through the other sex.
Marriage will give continuous happiness-
Conjunction of Saturn and Sun gives
indomitable will, courage and strength of
intellect. It does not promote material
happiness. Ill-health and obstacles delay
one's advancement in life. But it brings
lot of power, authority and responsibility
if Saturn receives good aspects from bene-
ThusWestemers.have taken each planet,
JnmGraiid-daugheers of the EOilor exchange observed the results and have recorded
;garlands. them. Those who are interested to do
research can take the horoscope of those enjoyed his married life. He also invested
in whom a few planets are eclipsed and money on luxurious articles, jewels and
observe the various results enjoyed by furniture. Thus one can see that the pla-
them during the dasa of the eclipsed net when eclipsed does not become a
planets. malefic and deny the results it has to offer,
Modern Astrological Research Institute, but it does so to a less extent.
Madras, verified various charts and found
out that the eclipsed planets give both
good and bad results in their dasas,
depending upon the Bhuktinathas, e.g., a
person born in Dhanur lagna having Mer-
cury eclipsed, and his marriage and pros-
perity in his profession during Mercury
Dasa. Everyone may desire to have a
more beautiful and /better accomplished
wife and also a higher status in life. So
also. Mercury eclipsed, may in its dasa,
make the person feel discontented, but yet,
as lord of 7, it gave marriage, and as lord
of 10 gave promotion. A person born in
Vrischika Lagna with Moon in Vrischika
had Venus eclipsed at the time of bis birth.
He had his wedding in Venus Dasa and he Friend fjom Doinbay.
This query is put by a gentleman who is Will this matter go to Court ? Jupiter is
not in good relationship with his brother in Mercury Constellation and VenuS sub,
etc. He is away from his village. So, therefore amicable settlement will be
they take advantage of bis absence. His arrived at by mediation. As Mercury is
horoscope is as follows : in 12 in Venus star, and it is lord of 2
and 11, only relatives will mediate and it
will be settled.
VllI 2 3.10 IX 23-10 X 25-10 X3 27-10 When ?Arrangement and final settle-
Rahu 13.5
ment are different and they will be on
different dates in such matters just like
Jup 20.26 marriage, etc. What he wants is final
V 25-08 XTT 7R_in settlement. He wants cash. The settle-
6.AM ment may be either having the portion of
31-37 N the building or receiving cash in lieu of
74-26 E Merc 13.38 the property. If it is Cash, judge houses
VI 28-10 Asc. 25.58 2. 3, 10 and 11. If it is building judge
houses 2, 4, 10 and 11. When you get
Sub 0.23 cash, you lose the building: so judge the
Venus 2.46
V 27-10 IV 25.10 HI 23.10 Kethuil3.5 houses 12 to 4, i.e., 3 other than the two
Sat, 23.52 Moon 7.54 Mars 6.59 bouses 2 and 11 promising gains and 10th
11 23.10 indicating inheritance. Mars is in 2nd
Bhava. Moon is in 3rd Bhava, Jupiter in
Saturn Dasa balance 12 years 5 months lltbBhava. 10th is vacant. None is in
7 days from 24-2-68 Venus Dasa started. Mars star. Kethu is in Moon's star none
Venus is in Sun's stars Jupiter sub. Jupiter in Jupiter star. Venus owns lOtb house.
is in llth house. Therefore Venus in the Babu is in Jupitcr's-sign. Mars is in Rahu
sub of a planet in direct motion will star.
certainly give what is legitimately due to Therefore take Venus, Rahu, Jupiter,
you, by fair means. If Saturn would have Mars, Moon and Kethu. Consider the rul-
been in 11 and the dasa lord is in Saturn ing planets. Now it is Monday Thula
sub one will gain by foal means. If it is Lagna, Poorvashada star.
in Mars sub, there will be threatening, Hence take Moon, Venus, Venus and
violence, quarrel, etc. and gain as " Might Jupiter, As Rahu is now at the time of judg-
is right". If it is Mercury sub, one will ment also in Pisces, are we to take Rahu
correspond, give notice, etc. and get. If it or Jupiter. Rahu was in Saturn's star
is in Venus sub, one will have happy (4th house) and sub of retrograde planet.
harmonious and pleasant approach for Hence reject Rahu. Select Jupiter.
partition. Mercury and Moon suggest
that one has after some one's mediation. So, Venus Dasa Venus Bhukti Moon
As Venus is in Guru's sub, and Guru is in Anthra Jupiter Shookshma, money will be
11, compromise and gain by lawful means. received in the end of December 1968.

In December Issue, page 5, please delete in full example 4.
Higher studies is indicated by 9th house, 6th house is unoccupied. It is owned
i.e., during the signi&cator of 9th house. by Venus. Kethu represents Venus. Sun
One will persecute studies. and Rahu are in Kethu star. Saturn is in
Overseas stay in a foreign country is to Venus star.
be judged from 12th house. 11th house is occupied by a majority of
Scholarship is a non-refundable loan planets. Of them Rahu is the strongest.
with a string attached to it. Hence judge It is in the sub of Saturn. Hence Rahu
houses 6 and 11- will offer the result of taking loan6th
Horoscope is as follows; house matter.
Sun 7.35 Rahu and Kethu give 6th and 11th house
10.19 Jup
XI 23.39 Rahu25.4<5 24.34 II 24.39 results. Both will contribute for scholar-
Mars d.n Veo Lagna ship. Therefore Jupiter Dasa Saturn
Met 26.8 28,25 Bhukti Rahu Anthra Kethu Shookshma
Xil 27.39 gives scholarship, long journey, life in a
foreign place, higher studies, etc. It will
Mc. 20.39 III 20.39 be around 24-5-1969.
9.19 A.M. I.S.T. Aspertransit, Saturn, lord of 9 conjoins
1255 N lord of 4 Sun. Jupiter will be stationary
IX 20,39 7 900 E Nep 8.8
Moon 10.5 IV 20.39 and take direct course in the constellation
of Sun in 11 (lord of 4). Sun will be in
the constellation of Moon indicating 3rd
VIII 24.39 VII 28.25 VI 23.39 V 23.39 house for short journey and leaving one's
Sat 19,$ Kctu 10.19 permanent place of residence.
As per progression, Meridian forms
Moon Dasa balance years 9-11-7 days. good aspect from Pisces to the Ascendant.
Now Jupiter Dasa Saturn Bhukti from Moon forms sextile Sun and sextile
16-5-1967 to 28-11-1969.
9th cusp is at 20 24' Capricorn-Nira-
yana. It is in Moon starVenus sub.
Moon is the lord of 3. It alone is in its
constellation, and own sub. It shows
one's inclination. Sub lord of 9th cusp
is Venus. It is in 11. It is in its own
constellation. It shows fulfilment of one's
desire and.success in efforts.
Therefore you will have higher studies.
There is n<f planet in 9th house. Saturn
is the owner. Mars is in Saturn star.
Mars is the significator of 9th house.
Rahu act as an agent of Mars. So, long
journey and higher studies are shown by
Saturn and Mars.
12th house shows life in a foreign place. S hawl presented to the Editer by the metibcrs
Jupiter is in 12. No planet is in Jupiter of M#dcrp Astrological Research Institute
star. Hence Jupiter will give life in a and Students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavane
foreign place. Madras, Bombay and Delhi.
Vol. 7 FEBRUARY 1969 No. 2,,

Time of Returning to Home 3
Readers to note 5
HoraDoes promotion mean a change of place, profession,
company, etc. & When ? 4
Transfer 19
Rectification of birth time 21
BusinessMarriageFather's health 25
Verification of Minor event 31
Jataka Dwadasha Bbava Phala Niroaya 35
Panchang for All-India use - 41
Correct time of birth 47
' Krishnamurti Padhdhati means certainty'Promotion by
Horary 49
Litigation; What is my fate? 50
Daily Guide for February 1969 51
Position of Planets 55
February 1969Ephemeris 57
Monthly Prediction for February, 1969 59
SinganaHur, Coimbatore District
On 12-10-1968 my mother went to Budha. Hence once again Kethu repre-
Coimbatore from Singanallur, my home sents Budha, Rahu represents Jupiter as
town, for purchase of articles for domestic it is Situated in Meena Rasi-
use with the intention of returning only on Hence the final selections of the ruling
the following day 13-10-68 (Sunday). As planets are 1. Kethu 2. Jupiter 3. Venus-
I was very anxious to know beforehand According to Krisbnamurti Padhdhati
the time of her arrival, I worked out on these three ruling planets should operate
the basis of Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. I together at the time of my mother's return.
took up this at 7-20 A.M. on 13-10-68 As my mother's return, on that day
(Sunday). The ruling planets at that time 13-10-68, is only a matter of hours, the
are as follows: rasi which rises in the east at that time
1. Day Sunday Sun should have connection of the ruling
2. Nakshatra Arudra Rahu
It was worked out and found between
3. Moon's Rasi Mithunam Budha 10-50 A.M. and 11-00 A.M. my mother
4. Sign rises in Thula should return. Actually my mother
the east at > SDM Venus arrived at 10-55 A.M. Atthattime Dhanur
this time. ) 61217 Rasi rises in the east owner of which is
Guru. The Nakshatra where lagna falls
When the above ruling planets conjoin- is Moolam. So Kethu comes into picture.
tly operate, the event will fructify. Here The sub-lord is Venus. The point which
one thing we have to note. The nodes are rises in the east at this time is SDM
ever stronger and the nodes will represent 8o2o'05". Hence all the three ruling planets
the planets with which they are associated played most important role at the time of
and in which they occupy. fructification of the event. Method is
In this case Sun is represented by Kethu simple and result is amazing.
as it is associated with this node. Again Krisbnamurti Padhdhati alone, when
Kctbu is in Kanni Rasi owner of which is properly applied, will reveal the facts.

} By
K. K. SAHA, M.Com.. M.B l.M. (London), F.I.W.S.P. (London).
Tuesday, 28th November, 1967, 7-55' Rising
P.M. (I.S.T.) or 8-19 P.M. (L.M.T.), Sat. (R) Rahu Ascen-
Calcutta. (26)12 27' (I) 2D28' dant
(7) 26 50'
Number given (by Native(79).
Sidereal Time13 Hrs. 38'24".
Analysis I (using Hora Lagna)
I. Sagittarius 20 1' VIl. Gemini Mars Jupiter
II. Capricorn 24 8' VIII. Cancer (21) 4 13' (10)11* 34'
III. Pisces 0 8' IX. Virgo
IV. Aries 3 8' X Libra Neptune Kethu (12)Ursnna
Hora Lag. (16) S" 18' i
(20) 20 to 1 13' (14) 2 28' Vonns
V. Taurus 1 8' XI. Scorpio Sun , Mercury (14)
23"20' (17) 20 22' (16)26 5' idoo.n 25 421
VI. Taurus 25 8' XII. Scorpio (14) 20 25' 1|
Horoscope Chart for the Moment of Judgment
Planetary Positions
Jupiter in 8th House, Kethu's star and Venus sub.
Mars Tst Sun's Saturn
Venus 9th Mar's Rahu
Mercury 10th Jupiter's Kethu
Saturn 3rd Saturn's Mars
Siin Uth Saturn's Mars
Rahu 3rd Kethu's Venus
Ruling Planets
Asc. Lord Jupiter Asc. Star Lord Venus.
Star Mars Sub Lord Rahu/fupiter/Sat.
Rasi Mercury
Day Mars
(Rahu may replace Mars as it represents the former.)
(a) Comments Moon is in 9th and aspects 3rd. 3rd/9th/
12th confirm CHANGE of residence,
Moon is in the constellation of place, profession, etc. Also, Mars is in
Mars, which is the 11th and 12 lord. It is Lagna Bhava or 1st House and, so, there
also in conjunction with Venus, the Sib, is clear connection between the 1st
6th and 10th lord posited in the 9th. and the Uth Bhavas/Houses. Besides,
Hence Moon clearly reflects the nature of Lagna star is 20, i.e., Venus, and Venus
the query, i.e., PROMOTION AND is in the constellation of Mars, thellth
CHANGE of service and profession. lord. Thus, there is clear connection bet-
Houses 3 & 6 ate involved too, since ween 1st and Utb Houses and, as such.
the query will be answered and the native's (c) Change Significators
desire fulfilled. Bhavas A B C D E
N.B.Since Retrograde Saturn aspects 3 Sun Sat. Mer. Jup. Mars
lagna, some delay/difficulty must be en-
countered. However, since Jupiter, a Rahu
benefic and also lagnesb, aspects lagna, Jup. Venus Mer. Mar (as-
too, fulfilment and success must come pecting
sooner or later.- Moon Jupiter).
(b) Promotion Significators Kcthu
Bhavas A B C D E 12 Ven, Mars
Sun Satum Venus Moon
Moon Kethu
5/6 Venus Moon Therefore Combination = Mars/Mercury/
Saturn Mars/Jupiter
10 Mercury Venus (d) Timing
11 Mars Sun Venus Mars Jupiter Balance of Dasa, as per Chart 3 years
(aspected 9 months 20 days.
Moon by Mars) Now running Mars/Saturn (upto
Kethu Fructification of Event during Mars/
Therefore Combination = Mats/Mercury/ Mercury/Mars/Jupiter.
Mars/Jupiter TimeThursday, 26-9-68.
That is, when Sun is in Virgo, in Sun's Constellation (12) and Venus Sub.
Moon ,, Libra, Rahu's (15) , Mars
Mars ,, Leo, Kethu's (10) Saturn
Mer. ,, Libra, Mars (14) Sun
Venus Moon
Rahu Pisces Saturn's (26) Jup.
Jup. Leo Sun's (12) Sun
Sat.(R) Aries Kethu's (D Kethu
The native will then be running his Pars Sun
Jupiter Dasa/Rahu Bhukti/Rahu Ahtara/ Uranus fortuna {) 17 40'
(27) 26a20' (5) MCTcury
22 57' (7)
Mercury Shookshma. Rahu Venus 21 55'
{N.B.In actual events/dasa, Rahu will (27) 17 5' (5) 29 32? (7) 27* 20'
replace Mars.) Jupiter
N.B.Native's Birth Data ; 2-00 p.m. (8) 4 8'
(L.M.T.), or 1-37 P.M. (I.S.T.), Friday,
3rd July 1931, Calcutta (22 33' N/88 23' E).
Balance of Dasa at Birth: MarsS Mood Nepiune
years 4 months 2 days. (23) 26030' (10) lO^'
Cusps : CU) 19 47'
10 th 11th 12 th 2nd 3rd Saturn (R) Lagna Kethu
Cancer Leo Virgo Scorpio Sagit- (21) ITS 2' (15) 1407' (13) 17 5'
15 15' 17 15' 17 15'13 15' 13 15'
Analysis n (Using Rising Ascendant)
10th 11th 12th 1st 2nd 3rd
Pices Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo
19 20' 23 20' 26* 20' 26* 50' 20 20' 18 20'
Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius
4th 5lh 6th 7th 8th 9 th
Ruling Planets
Asc. Lord Mercury (a) Promotion Significators:
Star Mars Bhavas A B CD
Rasi Mercury 2 Mercury Jupiter Moon
Day ,, Mars.
Asc. Star Lord Jupiter 6 Venus Mars
Sub Venus Moon
Comments : 10 Rahu Mer- Jupiter
Moon is in the constellation of 6th and cury
11th lord, aspects the lOtb Bhava and is 11 Venus Mars
conjoined with the 5th and 12th lord. Moon -
Hence promotion and change in service/ Kethu
Profession are reflected. Also, Mars, 11th
lord, is in 7th Bhava and aspects lagna; CombinationMars/Mercury/Mars/
hence 1st and 11th Bhavas connected. Jupiter.
(b) Change Significators;
Bhavas A B C D E
3 Mars Sun Jnpiter
9 Sun Saturn Sun Saturn Mercury
12 Venus Rahn
Therefore CombinationMars/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter.
Analysis III (using Friend's assistance) Cusps:
A few months later, a friend and collea- I. Pisces 26* 40'
gue (who is also a great admirer and II. Aries 29* 40'
practitioner of the Krjshnamurti Padb- III. Taurus 26 40'
dhati) invited the native to try out the IV. Gemini 20 40'
same issue again, to check'whether the V. Cancer 16 40'
result was ennsistent. Acting on his inner
urge, the colleague chose a particular date VI. Leo 18 40'
and time to apply the test and the details VII. Virgo
are given below. The same question was VIII. ' Libra
put by the native and when asked by his IX. Scorpio
colleagues to quote a number, the native X. Sagittarius
uttered 107.
XI. Capricorn
Thursday, 7-3-68, 4-50 P.M. (I.S.T,), XII, Aquarius
Calcutta. Ruling Planets: Jupiter/Mars/Veous/
Jupiter/Mercury (Asc. star lord).
H*rit 21" 8' Analysis IV using (Wife's Hora);
(27) MlU3 o
4tr-80 Moon The native's wife, as it happened, was
(27)21 19' [5) 24 33' rather sceptical of the results obtained so
is'nr far and expressed doubts about the
numbers quoted and the times chosen for
Sun the foregoing analysis! Confident of his
(25) IV 32' faith in Krishnamurti Padhdhati and assu-
Mercury Jupiter (R) red of the veracity of the mechanism
(23) 26 49' (10) vw adopted, the native challenged his wife to
Venus Rising try out the process for herself and be con-
(23) 26043' Ascendant
(1 I) 2\0V) vinced of the pre-ordained consistency !
One day, by mutual agreement and through
Kethu a common urge, the issue was revived and
(14) 27 8' the question was put forward in presence
of the author; "Will my Husband have
Jupiter can be replaced by Rabu as the a Change of Service, Profession, Com-
latter represents the former. pany, Place, etc. with substantial Improve-
ment and. If so. When ?"
Jupiter is in 5th Bbava and Mars sub Date, Time and Place Sunday,
Mars 12th ,, Venus' 7-4-1968. 9-08 P.M. (1ST) or 9-32 P.M.
Rabu 1st Jupiter's (LMT), Calcutta.
Venus is in 11th Bhava A Jupiter's sub No. Quoted (by wife)39.
Mercury,, 11th Hora Lagna (for Husband) 2nd
Moon 2nd Rahu's Navamsa of Aquarius.
Comments : (27)Rah
Sun26a 31'
Moon is in the constellation of Mars (27) 24 33' Rising
posited intbel2tb and owning 2nd and ;(27) 42 22' (2)Mars
Meccuiy 14 30' Ascendant
(3> 9
9th; in the bouse of Venus posited in the (2B)Vent*
7* 44'
11th and owning 3rd and Sth; and owns
the 5tb. Thus, Moon is associated with (26) 5'
Sth, 3rd, 9th, 12th and tub and hence the Hot(2-4)a LitSna Moon
query is fully reflected. Also 1st bouse is to ^40*
10 (8) 12 T
in tbe constellation of Mercury which is Jupiter(R)
posited in the 11th. Hence, connection (10) 2'' 50'
between 1st and lltb bouses is established.
Balance of Mars Dasa (as per Chart)
years 4 months 10 days. Kethu
(14) 25*3.1'
Therefore ' now Running Mars/Rahu
(up to 2-1-1969)
Chart lor the Moment & Place of
Fructification of Event during Mars Judgment
Rah u/Venus/Jupiter
Time: Thursday, 26-9-1968. House Cups and sub-fords (based on Hora
When Sun is in Virgo, in Sun's constel- I. (Rahu sub) Aquarius 6 41'
lation (12) and Venus sub and Moon is in
Libra, in Rahu's constellation (15) and II. (Jupiter sub) Pisces 15- 21'
Mars sub. III. (Rahu sub) Aries 18 21'
The native will then be running his TV. Taurus 15 21'
Jupiter Dasa/Rahu Bhukti/Rahu Anthara V. (Jupiter sub) Gemini 9 21'
Venus Sookshma. VL Cancer 5 21'
VII. Leo Comments
VHI. Virgo (a) Moon is in the 6th Bbava (from
IX. (Moon sub) Libra Hora Lagna) and aspects the 12 ;
X. (Jupiter sub) Scorpio Moon is in the constellation of
XI. (Saturn Sagittarius Saturn, which owns the 1 Ith and
12th, is posited in the 2nd and
XII. ( Capricorn occupies the same sign as Mercury
or the 5th Lord ; Moon isaspected
Ruling Planets & Sub Lords : by Mats which owns the 3rd and
1. (a) Hora Lagna Lord 10th and aspects the 9th. Thus,
Saturn (Moon sub) Houses 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are
(b) Hora Constellation Lord involved and Moon, therefore,
Rahu (Rahu sub) reflects the nature of the query.
2. Moon's Constellation Lord Houses 1 and 11 arc connected be-
Saturn (Moon sub) cause Saturn, lord of lagna, aspects
3. Moon's Rasi Lord Sagittarius or the 11th House.
Moon (Moon sub) , Also, Jupiter, the Uth Lord,
4. Day Sun (Rahu sub) aspects Aquarius or 1st House.
(b) Balance of Dasa, as per Chart at
the Time of Judgment 6 years 5 months 25 days.
Now Running Saturn Moon Sun.
Fructification of Issue Under During Saturn Dasa Mars Bbukti
Consideration Saturn Antara Sun Sbookshma
Thursday, 26-9-1968
Wife will then be Running Her Saturn Dasa Saturn Bhuki Sun
Antara Rahu Shookshma.
L. P. DESHPANDE, Biusawal
Tenth house is under the occupation of
vn 21.13 Moon IX 20.34 X 22.34 Sun whose stars are occupied by himself
Rahu 13.2 III18.40
20.34 Sat 4.15 and Saturn. Therefore Sim atjd Saturn
stand as sighificators.
VI 26.34 Eleventh house is deposited with Venus.
Vcn 18.38 XI 25.34 Moon and Mercury are entrenched in the
Date of Birth stars governed by Venus. As such Moon
Time 00/01
Long'73.6 East and Mercury are the significators but
V 2S.34 Lat33.37 North Kethu occupying Virgo stands as a strong
Sun 3.27 Xll 26,34 agent of Mercury, the owner of the sign-
Therefore take Kethu. Mars and Jupiter are
IV 22.34 situated in Kethu's star. Hence they
Mer 17.4 Kctu 13.2 signify the effects of Kethu and in turn of
Mar 12.10 III 21.34 1120.34 ASt 21.13 Mercury.
Jup 11.33
Therefore the significators are Rahu,
Balance of Venus Mahadasa 12 years. Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn, Moon and
Acquisition of higher status in service Mercury and Kethu.
means elevation to higher rank which As the significators are more than four,
suggests promotion to higher post, increase the ruling stars of the moment at the time
in income and fulfilment of desire. This of judgment will help in selecting the
chain of events amounting to promotion planets out of the significators and
has to be investigated by considering eliminating a few.
houses 2, 6, 10 and 11 and the planets Ruling planets;
connected thereto according to Krishna-
murti Padhdhati- Before proceeding to Lord of the
judge these houses, (if we judge birth Ascendant CapricornSaturn
chart) it has to be ascertained ./hether the Lord of star Sravan Moon
lagna is strong or the Moou sign. Prof: of sub lord14/40 Jupiter
Krishnamurti propounds that the Ascen-
dant (lagna) gets weaker or afflicted if it is of the sign Libra Venus
occupied by malefics. In thatcasc the Moon of the star Chitra Mars
sign has to be taken as the 1st house if of the day WednesdayMercury
the latter is not deposited with evil planets.
Ascendant and Moon constellation are
In the above horoscope Kethu is placed the strongest.
in the lagna sign therefore I take the
Moon sign as the first house. Jupiter Dasa Saturn Bhukti is on from
Second house is deposited with Saturn. 5th December, 1967. Therefore Jupiter
Rahu alone is placed in Saturn star. Dasa Saturn Bhukti Mars Anthra to
Therefore Rahu signifies the results of operate from 5th October, 1968 the event
of promotion will take place on the day
this house. Sun transits Scorpio (ruled by Mars),
6th house is occupied by Kethu. Mars Saturn star ' Anuradha' and Jupiter sub
and Jupiter are situated in the constella- from 14/53 to 16/40 degrees on 29th
.tions of Kethu. So Mars and Jupiter November, 1968, the Friday on which
have to put forth the results of Kethu in Moon will be passing through Pisces-
this house. Uttara-padrapada star.
Mr. S. S. PINGLE, B.E.. Bombay-28
A lady puts a question about transfer and Sun Dasa and Saturn Bhukti started on
promotion of her husband. She furnishes !8th May, 1968.
her horoscope which is given below ; For transfer we have toconsider houses
3rd, 10th and 12th. Thereforeforhusband's
Saturn 18 Jupiter
transfer consider houses 3,10 and 12 from
7th house, i.e. 9th, 4th and 6th.
Venus 9th house: It is vacant. Lord of 9th is
Kdthu 2 r Mars. No planet in any of the three
12* 4r Birth place: Rahu 26Sun stars of Mars, So take Mars. But Rahu
in Maharashtra 13th 44' is conjoined with Mars. So take Rahu and
August 1942 Kethu in the constellation Satbabisha of
7-00 a.m. Mcr. 7*7* V1'iV
Koon Rahu. Therefore Rahu and Kathu are
Mat# 12*28' 4' signihcators.
4tli house: It is vacant. Lord of4tbis
Mars. We have already discussed Mars
6tb house. It is vacant. Lord of 6tb is
Saturn. No planet in any of the three
stars of Saturn. Take Saturn. Saturn's
I cusp 6 Leo sign is occupied by. Kethu who is aspected
4 26'
II cusp 4 26 Virgo'
Virgo by Saturn and in the sub of Saturn. There-
III cusn
cusp 5 36'
26' Librp
Libra fore take Kethu and Rahu, Moon and
IV cusp 6 6' Scorpio Mercury in Magha ruled by Kethu.
" cusp 7 26' Sagittarius Planets showing transfer are Rahu,
VTI cusp 7 6' Capricorn
Kethu, Saturn, Moon and Mercury.^As
Other 6 cusps are diametrically Moon and Mercury are conjoined with
opposite. Rahu,'reject them and take Rahu. There-
Bhava table fore Rahu, Saturn and Kethu are very
I bhava: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Rahu strong significators.
VII bhava Kethu Sun Dasa and Saturn Bhukti is on.
X bhava: Saturn Select Rahu Anthra and Kethu Shook-
XIbhava; Jupiter & Venus shma. Kethu Anthra cannot be taken as
XII bhava : Sun Kethu is in Saturn's sign and aspected by
Saturn, a planet of delay.
Planet Lord of Lord of sub
constellation Dasa Bhukti Anthra Time
Sun Mercury Jupiter Sun Sat. Sat 18th May to
Moon Kethu Jupiter 12th July, 1968
Mars Venus Venus Sun Sat. Mercury 12th July to 1st
Rahu Kethu Mercury Sept. 1968
Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
Saturn Moon Mercury Sun Sat. Kethu 1st Sept. to 20th
Mercury Kethu Rahu Sept. 1968
Kethu Rahu Saturn Sun Sat. Venus 20th Sept. to
Venus Jupiter Rahu 17th Nov. 1968
Dasa Bhukti Antbra Time ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in its own sub
Sun Sat. San 17th Nov. to 4th and so gains strength. Take Jupiter and
Dec. 1968 Venus.
Suo Sat. Moon 4th Dec. 1968 to 12 bouse; Occupied by Sun. No planet
3rd Jan. 1969 in Sun's star. Sun in Jupiter's sub. So
Sun Sat. Mars take Sun. Sun's sign is occupied by Rahu.
3rd Jan. 69 to Take Rahu and Kethu in Rahu star. Rahu
23rd Jan. 196^ and Kethu, Sun are significators.
Sua Sat. Rahu 23rd Jan. 1969V
14th March 19H 4th bouse : Owned by Mars. We have
already discussed Mars.
Rabu Antbra operates from 23rd Janual
1969 to 14th March 1969. Kethu ShooB 5th house; Owned by Jupiter. We have
shma rules between 23rd Feb. 1969 to 27^ discussed Jupiter.
February, 1969. Look at Sun's transit.
Sun on I9th February enters Saturn's sign So significators are Jupiter, Venus,
Rabu star. Select Kethu sub, i.e. on 27th Rabu, Kethu, Suo.
February, 1969. Sun will be in Saturn's Sun Dasa.Saturn Bhukti is going on.
sign, Rabu star Kethu sub. Moon will be Saturn Bhukti lord is in constellation
in Mercury's sign Rabu star Mars in Mar's Rohini ruled by Moon owner of 12th
sign, Saturn star. Saturn will travel in houses. So Saturn Bhukti will give promo-
Mercury star, Saturn sub. Rabu will tion. We would have selected. Jupiter's
transit in Saturn star. So be will be trans- Anthra as Jupiter is very powerful in its
ferred on 27tb February 1969. As Rabu own constellation and sub and aspccting
operatingin Antbra is con joined with Mars, 5th bhava. But Rahu a node is transitting
lord of 9th house which happens to be 3rd in Piesces a sign ruled by Jupiter and hence
from 7th (husband's) hewillbe transferred whatever Jupiter has to give Rahu will
to a place not far off, A short travel is give in bis period. Therefore the period
shown. of transfer and promotion coincides and
For promotion take houses 2, 6 10 and he will be promoted at the same time. As
11 from 7tli house i.e., 8th, 12th, 4th and Rahu is in lagna, i.e. 7th bouse from 7th
3th from lagna of the lady. his immediate boss will be helping him in
2nd home: It is vacant. Lord i f Sth is
Jupiter. Jupiter and Venusare in Punarvasu Thank you.


Many times one faces with the problem, applied to all cases of rectification of birth
to cast the correct horoscope when the time.
exact time of birth is not known. There
are a number of methods advocated by It is an unfailing principle of Krishna-
Traditional Astrologers, but all of them murti Padhdhati which says that the rul-
leave the astrologer as confused as he was ing planets at the time of birth must
before he applied one of these methods. necessarily govern the time when you take
But thanks t* Krisimamurti Padhdhati. the Birth Chart for consideration, and this
You can arrive at the correct time of birth becomes the major guide to arrive at the
without any doubt by simple straightfor- correct time of birth. Now apart from
ward method which can be universally this, if one applies his mind sincerely and
with devotion, undoubtedly the divine also that Ascendant is to be Libra, governed
helps him to come to the correct conclu- by Venus as ruling planet. In Libra,
sion. To give an example, an I.A.S. we find there is Jupiter star and Saturn
Officer came to me and asked me to cast sub. As the ascendant star is Sun, there-
his horoscope. He gave the following fore, I fixed that the sub sub must be Sun.
data: Now we find that Jupiter slat. Saturn sub.
Date of birth 11-11-1942 at Latitude Sun sub sub is from 22 to 22 59'
26* 21' N Long. 92 42' E. The time he 30". Now how to fix the e;Wt minute was
gave was that his mother only said it was the question. As I was Hnking about
between 4 to 6 A.M. this problem, I was sudderfl called away
and only came back tBvork on the
I took this horoscope for casting on horoscope at 10-55. A.M. Vtt that time I
30-11-67 at 9-45 A.M. Immediately! noted found that Mars star was riling. So with-
the ruling planets, according the Krishna- out any hesitation, I took the sub sub sub
murti Padhdhati. The ruling planets were of Mars and fixed the Ascendant as Libra
as follows 22 54'a point which was being ruled by
Lord of day Jupiter Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mars.
Lord of the Rasi ... Venus Now as the birth is the 1942 I took
Lord of the Con- Krishnamurti Ayanamsa as 22 57' and by
stellation ... Jupiter adding this to Nirayaha Ascendant I got
Lord of Ascendant ...' Saturn the Sayana Ascendant, it was Scorpio
Lord of Ascendant 15 51'. Now referring to Raphael's
star ... Sun sphemeris, I found that the siderial time at
G.M.N. on 10-11-42 was 15 hours 16 min.
So we find the Jupiter, Venus, Saturn 3 sec. After correction for Longitude 92
and Sun are the ruling placets at that 42' E I got the sidereal time at L.M.N. on
time. Nowwe know that the birth is just 10-11-42 to be IS hours 15 min. 2 sec.
before Sun Rise on 11-11-42 and Sun was Now from Raphael's Table of Houses we
in 24 of Libra. Therefore, it is certain find as under :
Sid. Time X XI XII II II
9-25-44 Leo 19 Virgo 21 Libra 20 Scorpio Sagatarius Capricorn
15 29' 15 16
9-29-40 20 22 21 16 29' 16 17
Therefore, by applying rule of three we So we find them 18 hrs, 09 min. 27 sec.
find that when Sayana Ascendant was have elapsed after L.M.N. on 10-11-42,
Scorpio 15 51' the sidereal time was which fixes the time of birth at 6-09 A.M.
9-27-28. L.M.T. on 11-11-42. To convert it into
Therefore subtracting the sidereal time I.S.T. we subtract 40 min. 8 sec. as we get
at L.M.N. from the sidereal time at birth 5-28-12 A.M. I.S.T.
we get
33 27 28 Therefore, the birth was at 5-28 A-M.
15 15 02 I.S.T.
1812- "26
Converting this into meantime we get Can there be more reasonable and sys-
181226 tematic method of arriving at the correct
0 2 59 ttme of birth ?
IS 09 27

S. S. PINGLE, B.E. (Civil). Krishna , 1st Floor Mo. 3.
Gokhale Road (N), Dad: ombay-23.
A gentleman puts three questions in Let us see whether Moon shows all the
succession for the same Number given by queries put by the querist in one No. 57-
him. Here the Moon is Lord of 10th as for
(i) Business? When it will improve? No. 57 Lagna falls in Libra sign 6 40'
to 10 0" in Rahu star and sub of Rahu
(ii) Marriage? and Jupiter. Moon isin Capricorn ruled by
(iii) Father's health? Saturn. Moon is aspecting 10th house of
business. Moon is in the constellation
Please give a Number between 0 and Dhanishta ruled by Mars. Mars is the'
108. owner of 2nd, 7th from lagna and occupy-
Take it 57. ing 1 Ith bouse. 2nd, 7th and 11th are the
three houses considered for marriage. As
Time of questioning: 3-55 p.m. 2nd 2nd house is 6th from 9th and 7th house is
October, 1968. 11th from 9th; the ascendant of his
father, the query relates also to his
Place ; Bombay. father's health and cure of disease, if any.
But Prof. Ktishnamurti has emphasized
Sat0 (R)/ that the sub always decides. Moon in
29 47 Jupiter's sub occupying Uth along with
166 5' Mars owner of 2nd and 7th gives predomi- '
nance to the question of marriage.
Planetary position Let us see whether he will have all the
at 3-55 P.M. answers favourable. Lagna shows whether
2od October, 1968 one will have a favourable answer or not.
Moon Number given 57. Mars Here lagna falls in Libra, lord of which
27 14' 13 22'
Jup. 286 7' is Venus posited in Lagna Bhava. Hence
Lagna is very strong. Star lord Rahu is in
Lag. 6 40" 6th Bhava, a bouse favourable for native.
to 10 Sun 16 Rahu is aspected by Mars (8th aspect) and
Mer 7 53' Kethu
Venus 16 5' in the sign of Jupiter both the occupants
13 44' of 11th Bhava. Sub lords are Rahu and
Jupiter. Rahu we have discussed and Jupiter
Planet Lord of Lord of in Uth shows that lagna is very strong
Constellation Sub and the querist will have all the answers
Sun Moon Sat (R) to his satisfaction. But Rahu star lord is
Moon Mars Jupiter conjoined with and in the constellation of
Mars Venus Venus Saturn (R) will have delayed his desire in
the period of Rahu which preceded some
Mercury Rahu Rahu time in the back.
Jupiter Sun Moon Let us take his second question first.
Venus Rahu Mercury For marriage consider houses 2nd, 7th and
Sat (R) Mercury Sat (R) 11th from the lagna of the native.
Rahu Sat (R) Jupiter To see whether one will marry or not.
Kethu Moon Sat (R) We have to see the 7 th cusp sub lord.
Here 7th cusp falls in 6 40' 10 0' Aries. Dasa lord is in Venus star and s^> it will
Sub lord are Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn be a Friday 13th December, IS^^pMars,
<R). Rahu is in Saturn (R) star. Saturn (R) lord of 7th is in llth and in tt^Rmstella-
will not he favourable. But Jupiter as a tion of Venus and sub of V^Ksin lagna.
sub lord is occupying 11th and in the The girl will be from the Jmie place only.
constellation of Sun, lord of Uth will give Mars's Dasa is on; thererore her ascendant
the result in his period. It is also con- on Rasi or Day of birth must have connec-
joined with Mars, lord of 2nd and 7th. tion with Mars-
Hence he will definitely marry. When?
2nd house; Vacant. Let us take his third question, i.e., father's
7th house: Vacant.
6th house, planets in 6th, planets in the
11th house: Jupiter and Mars are in constellations of the owner and occupant
the Uth. Moon in Dhanishta ruled by of 6th will cause ill-health. Maleflcs in
Mars. No planet in Jupiter's star. Jupiter lagna are also dangerous.
in Sun's star. Lord of Uth and sub of
Moon, a strong significator of marriage. So take 6th house from 9th his father's
But Mars is aspecting Rahu and Jupiter's ascendant/etc., 2nd house from his lagna
sign isoccupiedby Rahu. Thereforeplanets (querist's) 2nd house is vacant. Lord of 2nd
in Rahu star are also to be taken. Venus isMars. Moon inDhanishtaruledbyMars.
and Mercury are in Swathi ruled by Ragu. Therefore Moon and Mars arc significators
.'. Significators arc Moon, Mars, Jupiter, of ill-health. Mars is aspecting 2nd house
Mercury and Venus. Though Rahu is in and conjoined with Jupiter. Therefore
Jupiter's signitisin Saturn's star. Saturn Moon, Mars and Jupiter are significators of
is retrograde. Prof. Kdshnamurti says ill-health. Cure is shown by llth house.
that Rahu in Saturn (R) star will appear to Planets in the constellations of the owner
give the result but it will fail. I solved and occupant of llth, 5th and lagna are
this question at 5-15 p.m. 2nd October, highly favourable for cure. 5th is 12th to
1968. Ruling planets were 6th and lagna shows good health. So
take lagna 5th and llth from 9th, i.e., lord: Jupiter. 9th, 1st and 7tb from querist's lagna.
Lagna lord : Sat. (R). llth is unoccupied: Mars is its lord. We
Star lord : Mars. have discussed Mars. Mars' Dasa is on.
So Mars produced illness. Mars in the
Sign lord : Saturn. constellation and sub of Venus in lagna,
Day lord; Mercury. i.e., 5th from 9th will definitely be advan-
tageous for cure. Jupiter Bhukti is on.
The common ones are Mars, Jupiter and Jupiter is both good and bad as it is
Mercury. Though Mercury's, sign is occu- conjoined with Mars who has to give 6th
pied by Kethu,Kethu in Sat. (R) sub is weak. and llth houses results diametrically
As planets in retrograde sub never give the opposite. Jupiter in Sun's star lord of
result. Mars Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti is on. 3rd from 9th is good. 5th house is occupied
Anthra to be selected is either Mercury's by Mercury and Venus. Mars in Venus'
or Mars'. Mercury's anthra is already over. star and sub. Sat. (R) in Mercury star and
Therefore take Mars' Anthra and Mercury's Saturn (R) sub will notgive cureas sub lord
Shookshma. This period operates from isretrograde. Therefore Mercury and Venus
27th November to 16th December. Sun are significators. . Mars' Dasa Jupiter
transits in Mars' sign Mercury star on 2nd Bhukti Mars Anthra will produce cure.
December, 1968. Select Jupiter's sub. On For him to be allright. Mars' Dasa Mer-
12th and I3th December, 1968 Jupiter sub cury Bhukti Venus Antha must operate.
will operate. On 13th Sun will be in 2nd Actually native's father was brought home
house and Moon in 11th in the constella- from hospital on 16th October, 1968 when
tion and sub of lord of llth. As Mars, the period was Mars' Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti,
Moon Anthra. He will be okay when 11th house occupied by Mars and
Mars' anthra operates. Jupiter Moon in Mars star and no planet
in Jupiter star^MKagu in Jupiter's sign
Take bis first question : Business. and aspectedby B^^BMercury and Venus
and in Rahu star.
For business take houses 2, 6, 10 and 11
as be is already in business. .'. Strong significators areMoon, Mer-
cury Venus, Mars. Jupiter.
2nd vacant: Lord is Mars. Moon is
Mars' star. Take Moon. Moon is also At present he is running Mars Dasa
lord of iOtb and aspecting 10th. and Jupiter Bbukti. Jupiter Bbukti ends
on 6tb February, 1969. Saturn Bhukti will
6tb house : Rahu and Sat. (R) arc in 6th. prove to be weak as Saturn (R) in its own
Venus and Mercury are in Rahu star. sub. Mercury Bhukti will be on from 13th
Mercury in Rahu sub. March, 1970. Venus Anthra operators be-
tween 26th May and 27th July, Sun enters
10th bouse : Owned by Moon. Sun and 15th May in Venus sign Sun star and will
Kethu in Moon star but both in Saturn be in Venus sign Mars star, i.e., about
(R) sub and as such will not improve his 13th June, 1970. Hisbusiness will definitely
condition. improve.
(Application of Krisbnamurti Padbdbati)
26/12A W. Patei Nagar, New Delhi-S.
It was exactly 7-30 A.M. of 30th April, in which Ascendant (lagna) transits
1968 when my wife switched on the radio, at the moment of judgment is
but there was no electricity. Immediately another Ruling planet. At 7-30
she put the query about the probable time A.M. on 30-4-6! at Delhi, the
of light to come. Nirayana position of the lagna is
16 24'Taurus. Taurus is ruled by
Ruling planets at the moment of Judg- Venus. So Venus again becomes
ment. the Ruling planet. Thus Mars,
Ruling planets at the time of judgment Venus and Moon are the ruling
of a horoscope or a horary chart signify planets.
important events. In fact it is the It will not be out of scope of the article
marvellous discovery of Prof. K.S.K. to mention that if a node is conjoined with
Before we analyse our problem it would be a ruling planet, then node is taken to be
in the interest of the students of Astrology stronger than the planet. Also Node
to understand what is meant by "Ruling (Rabu or Kethu) becomes strong and
Planets ". When a query is put to the should not be ignored
Astrologer, the moment when he takes (i) If it is aspected by a ruling
the chart for analysis, -is governed by
certain planets. These planets, that rule planet,
the moment of judgment are called (ii) If it occupies either of the
"Ruling Planets They are termed as signs of the ruling planet.
under; In our ease Nodes have no connection
(1) Lord of the Day : In our case the as indicated above, so Venus, Mars and
query was put on Tuesday. Lord Moon are the ruling planets. These
of this day is Mars. So Mars is one planets indicate the time of fructification
of the ruling planets. of the query. So, the time at which elec-
(2) Lord of the star : Find out in which tric current will come (time of fructifica-
star. Moon transits at the time of tion) will be governed by Venus, Mars and
analysis. The planet that rules Moon.
the star is another ruling planet in Since the matter relates only to a minor
our case, star is Rohini. Its lord event, to take place within a few hours, the
Moon is another Ruling planet. transit of Ascendant is considered^ At the
(3) Lord of Rasi: The planet owning time of judgment lagna is Taurus 16 24'
the sign in which Moon transits at and will remain for approximately one
the time of judgment is also one of hour more, so there is every possibility of
the Ruling planets. In our case electricity to come in Taurus Lagna itself.
Moon transits in Taurus, ruled by Next lagna is Gemini, whose lord is
Venus. So Venus is the third Mercury, v/ho is not a ruling planet, we
Ruling planet. should not wait for Gemini Lagna and
only we should find the sensitive degree
(4) Lord of Lagnu: The lord of sign which is ruled by the ruling planets jointly
(and the lord of the Constellation) in Taurus itself. Lagna at the time of
judgment is 16 24' Taurus. It is Venus falls in 24 04' Taurus (Re/. K.P. Vol.pav
sign, Moon star and Jupiter sub. I ,ext 161). ^
sub is of Saturn to be "followed by 0
Mercury and Kethu. After Kethu, next Lagna at 7-30 A.M. isl6 24' Taurus.
sub is that of Venus. Electricity could Difference between the two lagnss is
come when the ascendant is in the sign of 124 04')(16 24') = 7 40'. For the lagna
Venus (Taurus), star of Moon and sub of to move 1 degree, it takes around 4 minu-
Venus. 1 did not take this time of tes and for T 40' the time taken is 31
fructification of query. Why? minutes, roughly.
Because we see that the ascendant and It took me about 12 minutes to calculate
also Moon therein is aspected by Saturn all this and till then there was no electri-
and so, as long as the star of Moon rises city. I calculated and then I told my wife
in the east, the chances of electric current that our radio will be on after 30 minutes
to come are very remote. from 7-30 A.M. i.e., at 8-00 A.M.
I choose the next sensitive degree which To our pleasure, electricity came at
falls in the star of Mars and sub ef Mars. 8-00 A.M. exactly.
Sub sub was taken to be Moon. So the
lagna that should rise in the East at the This proves that the system propounded
time of electricity to come should be by Shri K.S.K.. is very unique.
Venus sign (Taurus), Mars star (Mrigasira),
Mars sub and Moon sub sub. This point Long live Krishnamurti Padhdhati!


162. Mars in the sixth house causes Yaksha, gods, snakes and Vidyadhara;
thrust, biliousness and bilious fever, fear Mercury and Jupiter cause thrust produced
from fire, poison, weapon, leprosy (disea- by black magic.
ses of) marrow, eye trouble tumour, 169170. Venus in the sixth house
epilepsy, skin trouble and fracture, etc., causes bone T.B., fall, diseases of the eye,
trouble from king, enemy, thief, ghora sleeplessness, kapha, dropsy piles, pain
planets and diseases of the upper limb. while urinating, small pox, difficulty and
163. Mercury, when it is posited in the trouble in the family happiness, etc., due to
sixth bouse, causes fever due to vata and administration of poison, fall in mud, and
pitta, jaundice (other bodily ailments), wind troubles.
dropsy, defects of speech, separation from 171. Jaundice, kapha, wind trouble,
brothers, and defects of place. eye trouble and urinary troubles, diseases
164. Mercury in the sixth bouse causes of anus and rectum, painful urination,
difficulty and trouble from the deities calamity due to intoxication, spermator-
living in house and forest, fall from a rhoea, loss of (physical) lustre caused by
wall, tree or from some conveyance, loss prostitution, diseases due to kapha, fear
of memory, disease of cheek and eye from Yogini, Yakshi, Shodasha Matrikas,
trouble. separation from near and dear are indica-
165. Mercury in the sixth bouse (also) ted by Venus in the sixth house.
indicates delusion, abuse, eye trouble, 172. Saturn in the sixth house indicates
diseases of cheek, nose, fever, diseases due wind troubles, residence in a foreign place
to vata, pitta and kapha, from poison, and wandering, diseases of intestines,
skin diseases, jaundice, bad dreams, pox, diseases due .to poison and corporal
fall in fire, reproach, imprisonment, punishment.
labour, trouble and difficulty from Gan- 173. Saturn in the sixth house (also)
dbarva, those living in the earth and in causes paralysis, diseases caused by wind,
houses. diseases of feet, leprosy, tumour, loss of
166. Jupiter, if it is posited in the (any) limb of the body, heart-burn and
sixth house, causes artificial diseases of the stupidity; makes the native lame.
tongue due to vata, urinary trouble and 174. Diseases due to wind and kapha,
fever, diseases of the upper portion of leg injuries, misfortunes, sleepiness,
cheek, and wrath of king. fatigue, confusion, diseases of arm pit,
167. Jupiter in the sixth house (also) heart burn, danger and difficulty to wife
causes consumption due to delusion, or and sons, loss of (any) part of the body,
anger, ear troubleloss of earstooth feverish, injury from tree, and stone, and
pain, trouble and fear from Yaksha, trouble caused by low people and by
Kinnara, etc. Pishacha, etc. are indicated by Saturn in
16S. Jupiter in the sixth house indi- the sixth house.
cates tumour, enteric fever, grief, swoon, 175-176- Rahu in the sixth house cau-
ear-pain and urinary troubles due to ses fear from snakes, poison, delusion,
kapha ; trouble due to (misappropriation diseases of legs, stupidity, leprosy, heart
of) temple property and feat from curse and stomach troubles, heartburn, artificial
of Brahmins, diseases caused by Kinnara, diseases from poison, fear from Pishacha.
troubles to wife and daughter, opposition lagna conjoined with Moon and Venus, the
from Brahmins and Kshatriyas, fear due native will suffer from night-blindness,
to enemy, Preta and poisoning; Gulilca in 188. Lagna-iord in the second house,
the sixth house indicates bodily ailments second lord in sixth, eighth, or twelfth
due to unclean liness. cause congenital blindness; (also if Sun,
177. Epilepsy, paralysis, and fear from conjoined with Rahu or Kethu, is in
small inspects caused by Preta, Pishacha second or twelfth bhava from the bhava
and Bhutas, aversion and leprosy are occupied by Venus),
indicated by Rahu in the sixth house.
189. Conjunction of second lord with
178179. If Ketbu is posited in the Rahu/Kethu causes blindness; relationship
sixth house, the native will face opposition of planets, both malefic and benefic, with
from Brabmanas and Kshatriyas, diseases the Second lord and the occupation of
due to fear from enemies, loss of intellect second lord of good or bad houses
due to poison or Ashaucha (uncleanliness) determines happiness of eyes.
epilepsy, itch, boils, from black magic
done by enemies, from low and conduct- ' 190- A native born in Leo as lagna
less people. will suffer from eye pain, in Aries from
nigbtblindness, in Cancer blurred vision,
180. If Mars occupies the sixth house and if Moon is posited in the twelfth
and its lord the eighth, the native will house, the.native will be blind.
suffer from fever in his twelfth year of
age. 191. Sun and Moon in the eighth
181. If Jupiter occupies the 3rd house, house cause eye trouble, unhappiness,
the native will be a miser, he will be poverty, short life; the native will
greatly insulted, will have brothers, will suffer imprisonment by the kind, will be a
suffer from-dispepsia, lose his wife and wanderer and will be hated by women.
he will perform evil acts. 192. The native will become dumb if
182.- If Jupiter happens to be in the second house is occupied by debilitated
sixth bhava, the native will suffer from" planet and the debilitated second lord is
dispepsia, will be weak, lazy, famous^ posited in the sixth house and Mars iu the
insulted and will destroy his enemies. twelfth.
183. If Mars is posited in lagna and - 193. If Moon, conjoined with malefic
Sun in the 8th, the native will suffer from planets, is posited in the third, eleventh or
paroxysm of fever. lagna and is aspected by malefics, the
native will lose bis ears ; malefic planets
184. Moon in the twelfth house from in fifth and lagna, aspected by ktura
lagna causes loss of left eye; if Sun planets cause deafness.
conjoins Moon in that house, the native 194. If benefics are posited in 5th and
will lose both the eyes.
malefics in the 9tb, or if they are aspected
185. If Sun and Moon are posited in by malefics, the native will suffer left and
the 12th house, the native will lose both right ear trouble respectively ; ear trouble
the eyes ; if they are aspected by beneScs, .is also caused by Venus in the second or
it will happen (but) after a long time. 12th house or if Saturn and Sun are
186. (If they are posited) in the sixth conjoined.
or twelfth house from the lagna are not 195. Malefic planets in houses 3,5,9
aspected by either malefic or benefic or 11, unaspected by any benefic planets
planets, the native will suffer from leprosy, indicate.loss of ear; in the seventh house,
pain and will lose bis eyes. loss of teeth.
187. If second house lord is posited in 196. Conjunction of Rahu or Mercury
the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the native will with the third lord diseases of cheeks
lose his eye-sight; if it is posited in the (mumps, etc.).
197. The native will suffer from tuber- 208. If twelfth and sixth lords exchange
culosis in his 36th year of age, if Rahu houses, tumour should be predicted in the
occupies the sixth' house, lagna lord the 3rd and 19tli years of age.
I2th and if Moon is conjoined with 209. Jupiter in Leo causes sto-tach
Mandi. troubles, the native will hate women, will
198. If Rahu occupies the sixth house, suffer from hunger and thurst.
and if Moon is conjoined with mandi, the 210. Moon between malefic planets and
native will suffer from tuberculosis in his Saturn in the seventh house cause asthma,
12th and 17th years. abscess, tumour and splenitis.
199. Tuberculosis to a native in his
36th year should be predicted if Rahu is 211. Tearing of stomach from a
posited in the 6th, Moon is conjoined with weapon is indicated if sixth house is occu-
mandi and lagna lord occupies the 12th pied by Mars or Gulika; the native will be
bhava. beheaded if Moon happens to the waning
and Saturn is aspected by Rahu.
200. If Venus and Moon aspect Mars
and Mercury, posited in the sixth house 212. The native, will have many
and in kruca Amsa, the learned astrologer enemies, delicate constitution, will be
should predict that the native will suffer sharp, lethargic because of intoxication,
from tuberculosis. will suffer from dispepsia and other sto-
mach troubles if Moon occupies the sixth
201. The native will suffer from res- house.
piratory diseases (such as cough, asthma,
etc.) and tuberculosis, if Saturn, along 213. If conjunction of Saturn, Sun,
with Gulika, isin the sixth house and is Mars and Rahu happen to be in a watery
aspectcd by Sun, Mars and Rahu and if the sign and in the seventh house, the native
sixth house in not aspected or occupied by will suffer from urinary troubles.
beneSc planets. 214. If seventh house were a watery
202. If Moon, along with Saturn, sign and if lagna were occupied or aspec-
occupies the sixth bhava, leprosy in the ted by a watery planet, the native will
50th year should be predicted. suffer from urinary troubles.
203. If Moon is conjoined with Kethu
in the sixth house, red leprosy in the 55th
year should be predicted.
204. If Sun happens to be in Cancer
sign and is aspected by Saturn, the native
will become wicked, will have a bad name,
suffer from leprosy, will be pitiless and
205. Whenever Mercury occupies the
Cancer sign in a nativity, the nativesuffers
from tuberculosis, leprosy, etc.
206. If Sun occupies the Cancer sign,
the native will deprive others of their
wealth, will suffer from kapha and wind,
and if Mercury aspects, he will lose his
Mr. Achaian Seity, Prop., Vijayalakshmi Talkies,
207. Jupiter in the sixth. Moon in garlanding tlio Edilor ai Bangalore
Jupiter's house kukshiroga should be Hon'blc Minister A. J, Dodda Mcti, Minister for
predicted i n the 19th and 22nd years of Minor Irrigation, presided over
age. the felicitations
215. The native will have troubles 221. If Mars in the 10th house is
from his enemies, will be hit by a stone, aspected by Saturn or is conjoined with it,
will suffer from urinary troubles, will be the native will suffer from diseases due to
serene, if Mercury in the house of Jupiter bad blood.
is aspected by Sun. 222. Saturn in the eighth and Mars in
216- The native will suffer from ureth- the seventh cause boils in the 30th and 50th
ritis, etc.. in his 22nd and 18th years of years of age.
age, ifRahu happens to be in eighth 223. The native will have youth, wife,
Navamsa and its lord in houses 8, 5 or 9.
gold, ornaments and wealth; he will be a
217. The native will be cruel, will be warrior and have wounds on his body if
confronted by many difficulties, and will Jupiter is aspected by Mars.
suffer from jaundice, if Sun happens to be
in the eighth house. 224. The native will have a wicked
218. The native will suffer from wife, many enemies, less relatives and will
diseases produced by vata (wind) in his be poor, if Sun occupies the house of
59th years, if lagna lord happens to be in Mars ; Venus' aspect will make the native
the 8tb bouse and Saturn occuplesenemy's a leper.
quarters. 225. If Sun is posited in his own sign
219. If Sun happens to be in Cancer and is aspected by,Venus, the native will
sign and if it is aspected by Saturn, the suffer from piles, and leprosy, will be
native will be a rogue, will deprive others wicked, and shameless.
of their belongings, bis action and think- 226. The native will suffer from some
ing will be perverted and he will suffer eruptive and contagious disease if Sun is
badly from diseases caused by wind. posited in the eighth bhavaand is aspected
220. Saturn aspected by Mars makes the by Mars.
native suffer from diseases caused by vata, 227. Jupiter in lagna and Mars in the
will be wicked, ever wandering, mean and seventh will make the native suffer from
doer of bad deeds. delerium and will never recover from it.

A Section of the people gathered at the specially

erected pandal at Vishvcshwarapuram.
Bangalore Editor in deep meditation
K. S. K.
" Copy of the Letter to the Director- Hindu Calendar For All-India Use : We
General. are aware that the Hindus acquired an
Dated ; 11-11-1968 advanced degree of knowledge in Astro-
To nomy mainly because they received sup-
The Chairman, port from the rulers, then. Vikramaditya
Organising Committee, Panchang Seminar, was one. Now, the Director-General of
and Director-General of Observatories, observatories has come forward to bring
Lodi Road, out an astronomically accurate Almanac
NBW DELHI-3. for the use of the Hindus wherever they
Dear Sir, Need for the Seminar; As there were
Ref: Your letter, dated 3rd November, many Stales in India and the ruler of each
1968. supported' his own favourites and these
I thank you immensely for having authors developed astronomy in their own
extended your invitation to me' for the way and thus we are handed down 18
Seminar to be held on 18-11-1968. I had Sidhdhantas, each differing from the other.
great desire to attend the Seminar. But So it is necessary to find out which is cor-
due to unavoidable circumstances here, I rect. That is why the D. G. of observa-
have to stay away at Madras ; anyhow, I tories has arranged this seminar for which
am submitting my opinion in this matter. we, Indians must be grateful to him.
Honestly, whatever I have written in my Need for Grand Success: Throughout
India, there are many scholars. The pity
article will be useful both to Astrologers is that they do not know all languages.
and also to the religious people who refer Seminar will be attended by those who
to almanacs. can't make others understand what argu-
In my Magazine, 1 shall publish an ment they advance. So interpreters are
article to prove that Panchang which is absolutely necessary.
brought out following my advice alone is Available Panchang ; Let me reproduce
correct. I shall also send a few copies of what I wrote and published in my maga-
that issue for your perusal in the happy zine in May 1965 issue, page 15 about the
New Year. Panchangs and my prediction about such
Thanking you, a seminar to bring out one uniform and
Yours faithfully, universally acceptable Almanac which
K. S. KRISHNAMURTI will be astronomically accurate.
Copy of the opinion given by me." Article published in Astrology & Athri-
shta Magazine, May 1965 issue.
Opinion of Jyotish Marthand K. S.
Krishnamurti, Editor & Publisher, Astro- "PANCHANGS"
logy & Athrishta Founder & President,
Modern Astronomical & Astrological Re- "What is a panchang? It is a booklet,
search Institute, Madras, Bombay, Delhi wherein the day, the ending moment of
and Calcutta visiting Professor of Astro- the Thithi, Nakshathra, Yoga and Karana
logy Bharatiya Vidya Bbavan, Bombay, are given. These five facts compose the
Delhi, Madras etc. almanacs. "
I agree with you no doubt. Each author at Madias and some important timings
gives different timings for Nakshathra, are given for the consideration ef the
Thithi, etc. If one studies carefully, one readers.
will decide not to buy most of the Pan-
chaogs but stick to a very few correct (1) Anandha Bodhini Sut'daTrik Gani-
ones. tha Panchang.
Hindus divide a year into 12 months. (2) Sarva Muhurtha V. kya Panchang-
The first is called Chithra month. It com- Malartnagal edition.
mences when Sun enters the sign Aries (3) Kumarau Panchar. am (Trik).
(Mesha). Chithra month continues till (4) Arcot Seetharama Iyer Sarva
Sun enters the next sign Taurus-Rishaba Muthurtha Panchrupam.
when the next month Vaikasi starts. Thus (5) Shd Acharya! Madathu Panchan-
each month ends and a new month has its gam.
birth when Sun leaves the previous sign
and enters into the next one. Let us note (6) Swadesamitran Paochangam.
the timings given by a few authors. Num- (7) 28 number Sudha Vakya Panchan-
bers 1 to 7 indicate the almanacs available gam.
The following is the timings when Sun enters a few signs which arc considered to
be auspicious:
Date. I 2 3 4 5 6 7
Gh-vi Gh-vi Gh-vi Gh-vi Gh-vi . Gh-vi Gh-vi
13-4-'65 22-25 19-41 19-41 39-4! 30-1 19-41 19-41
16-7-,65 1-15 16-3 6-29 26-22 6-29 16-3 16-3
17.10-'65 11-47 13-47 56-46 . 22-14 3-14 13-47 ,,13-47
before before
sunrise sunrise
14- W66 9-38 0-49 2-5 2-10 2-5 0-49 0-49
before before before before before before
sunrise sunrise sunrise sunrise sunrise sum ise
Only the almanacs numbered 2, 6 and 7 agree.
Let Us take the ending moment of stars on any two days.
Dale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
4-7'65 5-02 19-38 5-3$ 19-20 5-20 19-41 19-40
29-8-'65 42-45 55-08 43-18 54-24 43-05 55-8 55-12
Now let us note the moment when Suti and Moon enjoin which is called New
Moon Jay and the moment when Sun and Moon oppose each other, i.e., they are exactly
180 away which is caiied Full Moon.
ale. I 2 '3 4 5 6 7
New Moon day
28-7-1565 23-15 29-25 28-13 29-22 28-00 81-11 20-30
Full Moon dav
12-8-1965 ' 19-42 20-20 19-43 20-19 19-27 14-27 20-26
Next, suppose a person desires to Kindly judge yourself which is correct and
celebrate the tnamage of his daughter on which is wrong.
12-5-1945. It is necessary to note whether ALL ALMANACS MUST GIVE THE
the Yoga (amiitha achi yoga) is auspicious. SAME MOMENT AND IT SHOULD
In Auacda Bodhini, it is written AGREE WITH THE EPHEMERIS.
Marar.ayoga till 33G-30-V, and this is a Such Panchangs which do not agree
very bad yoga. In Sarva Muhurtha with the Ephemeris, need correction.
Ninia/a Panchang, Malar-Magal edition, For example let us take 22nd December,
Maranayogatn on 12-5-1965 till 36 1965. The time given by Ephemeris
Ghatis. (Rapbeai) 2-35 A.M. in the Night (22nd
In Kumaran Panchang, it is published midnight over 23rd started) is the momeqt
that, nn 12-5-65 till 34 G-5 V, it is when Sun and Moon are int he same longi-
Maranayoga. In Arcot Sarva Muhurtha tude in Sagittarius-Nirayana.
Panchang, Maranayoga is upto 35 Ghatis. Ananda Bodhini 2-33 A.M. 23-12-1965
InMadathuPanchang, it is Siddha yogam.
In Swadesamithran Maranayogam con- Kumaran Pan- 2-33 A.M. 23-12-1965
tinues till 36G-8V. chang.
And, in the number 28 Almanac, Sarva Muhurtha 3-47 A.M.
Maranayogam. Those who are the Nirnaya Vakya.
devotee^ of the Mutt, will follow Madathu Arcot Sarva 0-56 A.M. 23-12-1965
Almanac and declare that 12-5-65 is an Muhurthain.
auspicious day to celebrate marriage
whereas others will condemn this day and Madalbu Pan- 2-33 A.M. 23-12-1965
declare it as the worst. chang.
People ate losing faith in astrology and Swadesamitran. 2-43 A.M. 23-12-1965
when they are presented with .different 28 number. 50G. 13v. and the Indian
horoscopes for the birth of the same per- Standard Time is not given. It is erected
son they get vexed. They do not know for Tanjore locality.
which of them is correct. Really, it is a Days arc changed. Greater facilities are
headache to the learned astrologers. But,
such a difference is welcome to the quacks available.
and to the bluffers. It is a good excuse In olden days, when clocks and watches
for them to attribute the failure to the were n*t available, the timings are calcu-
almanac used for, the erestior, c'f the hero- lated in Ghatis and Vikatis from the
scope. moment of Sunrise in that locality on that
The correct and the simplest method to ^ day. Now, when every house has watches
and they are corrected daily, by referring
judge which is correct and which is to the radio or dialing to the Telephone
wrong, is to find the moment when Sun Exchange it is advisable to completely
and Moo*.are in the same longitude in avoid Ghatis and Vighatis and publish the
the same sign, when itis called New Moon timings in Indian Standard time.
and to verify the moment when Sun and
Moon are in the same longitude in the Another example will be advantageous.
opposite signs when it is called Full Moon.
For correct moment, take an ephemeris, New Mood on 29-6-1965
note the time when it is New Moon and Ephemeris 10-23 A.M. I.S.T.
when it is Full Moon. The time is given Ananda Bodhini 10-22 A.M. I.S.T.
in Greenwich Meantime. Convert it to
Indian Standard Time. Note to which Kumaran 10-30 A.M TS.T.
locality, the aimaeac is prepared. Find the SarvaMuhurtha 11-01 A.M. I.S.T.
time of Sunrise on that day in the locality- Nirnaya Va-
calculate Ghatis and Vikatis. Verify. kya,
Arcot Sarva 10-59 A.M. I.S.T. Astronomical basis, we do not observe a
Muhurtha. rule like " Thirty day " hath September,
Madathu Pan- id-22 A.M. " April, June and November ".
chang. Never is the birthday or the anniversary
Swadesamitran. 10-59 A.M. celebrated on fixed dates of fixed months.
Then, people, born on 29th February, can
28 Number, Vakya Gh. 12-v. 17 after- celebrate only once in 4 years. But Hindus
Sunrise forTanjore. It works out to 10-52 have laid down elaborate rules.
A.M. I.S.T. Some have hazy and incorrect notion
To declare which Panchang is correct, that this and other elements of an
the correct test is to find out the moment almanac are something spiritual and have
of New Moon, Full Moon and Thithis. no astronomical accuracy is needed only
Why? Whatever be the Ayanamsa which for eclipses and similar phenomena-
the author follows, these moments must be All the elements of the Panchang or the
the same to all (according to Indian Hindu Almanac are astronomical entities.
Standard Time), These thithis show the They are calculated by using Surya Sid-
distance between Sun and Moon and it hanta, Vakya and Drik Ganitha. The
cannot be different, whatever be the! aya- motians, relative and absolute of the
namsa that is used. In this connection, planets of the Slar system will differ one
same excepts from the article published from the other. Actually the moment of
in the December 1963 issue are repro- a true geocentric place of a heavenly body
duced. which is the same for all places on the
"Our ancient astronomers had clearly earth and for all people, varies according
mentioned in their treatises that the astro- to the Sidhanta used.
nomers in future have to revise the In Utbra Kalamritha, Kalidoss men-
calculation from time to time, if and when tions that the exact positions of planets
found necessary. They have expressed are to be calculated by Drik system.
that the results arrived at should agree Mantreswarar in his work, Phala Deepika
with the scientific and occular verification. expresses that "Ghathir Drik Thulyath-
According to them "Drit Karanaikya vam Ganitha Karanaithi " the position of
viheenah, Khetas Stboolah as Karmanam planets coincident with observation should
Arbab ". be used.
That is to say, the positions of planets If one does not want other's advice as
which are arrived at by using a calculation to which system is to be followed, let him
inconsistent with observational precision, calculate using all Sidbdhantas including
will only be approximate and rough and the Drik system.
not fit for religious observances. They also
said that one should observe religious Knowing fully well that Drik system is
functions at the time arrived at by using correct, what is the meaning of saying
' Dtik System'. Also they seriously "For certain functions follows Vakya
warned " He who misses the day of Anni- System and for some other purposes
versary of a departed soul will be penalised follow Drik ? " Will you allow a cloth
by giving him re-births a crore of times," merchant to use a correct yardstick to one
" Mirtaham Samatikramya party and a simi lar yardstick to the other ?
Will you accept the piece measured by the
Cbandalah Koti Janmasu". shorter yardstick, especially when you
They do not want us to commit any know that it is not correct? Just as the
mistake. length of a saree measured by different
persons will vary according to the length
As we, the Hindus, fix the dates of our of their hands, the position of planets will
fasts, feasts and festivals, anniversary, be given in different ^ positions by using
ceremony and birth day, etc., only on an different methods.
Research must be maue; One may and Srinivasa Iyer as Judge,:. Tinncveily
immediately retort saying that there is no Sri Krishna Josier argued in favour of
Varahamihira now. Let me ask whether Vakyam while Sri Venkateswara Dheekshi-
there is a Vikramathithya. 1 assure that dhar and Sundaresa Sruthigal supported
it is possible to have thousands of Vara- Drik System. It was finally decided on
hamihiras. One can fish when he is near 16-12-1937 that Drik System alone is
the water and drink when near the spring. correct and should be followed. Always it
Sun today is as bright as it was thousand is advisable to follow what the Guru pre-
of years ago. Will the same brilliant scribes. Therefore:
Sun's rays reach under the bowl ? Years
ago, the bowl was kept open. The Sun's Follow Drik and Drik alone, forget
rays reached it. Now the bowl is kept " Vakyam ".
facing the earth downwards. How can the The above is the article written by m'e,
ray pass? Brilliance exists even now. It then.
is not well utilised. Only when opportunity
is given new talent and intelligence can - Now, my advice is:
come to the front which will be advanta-
geous to all. Astrologically I predict that Calculate using Raphael's ephemeris;
the days are very fast approaching. It is deduct Krishnamurti Ayanamsa and work
certain. out.,
Once His Holiness Sri Kanchi Kama Then all will have the same resi It and
Koti Peetadhipathi Jagadh Guru Sri the Panchang, though published by various
Sankarachariar Swamigal had nominated authors in different languages and different
Sri Appu Sastrigal, Appayya Dheekshidar States will give the same figure.
- K. S. K.
Today Weduesday, Rohini Nakshatra description given by you. If by chance
day in Mithuna Lagna, I took your horos- the sub lord were to be Saturn, he cannot
cope and cast it. The ruling plant's at be stout. He will appear to be a very lean
the moment of casting and the ruling person. Further his good growth is also
planets at the moment ef birth agree due to the lord of lagna posited in the
exactly. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, other strong sign, Leo and in its own
Lagna Gemini is owned by Mercury. constellation. You have stated " Owing
Moon sign in Rishaba is governed by- to his top height of 5' 8J", he is asked to
Venus and to Rohini star the lord is sit in the last bench iu the school, as he
Moon. Therefore Mercury, Moon and stands a wall between his teacher and
Venus are the ruling planets at the small children. His weight is about 152
moment of erecting the horoscope. In the lbs."
map prepared by you, the lagna is Risha-
ba in Rohini star and the Nakshatra of Regarding his education. Sun and Venus
the boy is 12 7" in Virgo, which is ruled are in the 4th Bhava and Sun was in Rahu
by Moon in Mercury sign. His birth was constellation whereas Venus was in that of
at 22 North and 73 16" East at 0 30" Saturn. Therefore, he cannot have the
A.M. on Saturday, Sunday 24-8-1952. The opportunity to come in a rank in his exa-
horoscope is as follows; minations. Anyhow Rahu in the 9th
Bhava gives him success as it is in the
(12)13.0 j Lagna S,2''3," constellation of the planet in 6 and it is 9
(HI 7-0 Jup. 21-251 18-12 being a node, it is stronger than the lord of
' the sign and no planet is posited in its
(3) 8-0- constellation. .Hence Rahu is strong
Mercury enough to give education and especially
Mer. 5-tD 21-52 when he is running its dasa from 22nd
27-52 January, 1968. As Rahu is in Mars star
Rahu (4) 5-0 and Jupiter sub, it appears to me that he
27-52 Sun 7-28 will study only the College course and take
(9) 8-0 Venus up a job either in the Police or Military
(5)7-0 or in a Bank. Economics or Banking will
be his subject.
(7) J8-I2 ( ... 13 uq Moon
(8) .13-0 Mars4-31j 12-07
Sat, 19-16 Traditional astrologers will say that
Ncp. 2(3-36
Jupiter and Moon are the two planets
Physical features : His birth being in which will contribute for a gigantic figure
Taurus, which is signified by Bull, people or at least for a plumpy body. Here
having birth in the sub of Venus will have neither lagna n*r the Mon sign is
a healthy body with good growth. His conjoined with oraspectedbyeitherMoon
lagna is a watery planet's star, the body or Jupiter. But actually the Moon and
will be plumpy, the forehead broad, the Jupiter are in Shashtashtama and Jupiter
neck would be thick and stout, appearance is in the 12th bhava. Therefore, they are
will he magestic wilh big shoulders and in no way concerned with lagna. Actu-
well-developed muscles, as the lagna was ally Jupiter is in a fiery sign, Moon in an
in 18 12" which agrees with the above earthy sign and the lord of lagna con-
joined with a fiery planet sign. But Krish- in the chart is that the planets which gives
namurti Padhdhati brings about the clear enough of immunity and restricts against
feature by taking into consideration the infectious disease. Mars aspects the lagna.
exact position of the lagna, the lord of Hence the chart which I have furnished to
the constellation and the lord of theisub you is correct and while verifying the fact
in which the lagna was. A good feature it is proved beyond doubt.


(Letter from the person to whom prediction was given, is published below)
Question : When I will be promoted ? Jupiter and Sun are posited in former's
Please mention a number within 108. constellation.
Number: 105. Date 1-3-1967 Time Eleventh house is occupied by Moon.
10/10 A.M. No planet is situated in any of the Moon's
stars and Saturn, lord of the house is in
Asc. 16.40 bis own star.
to 20" Rahu
Sat. 6.58 16-29 Therefore, the significators are Rahu,
Venus 9.59 Kethu, Mars, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Moon
Sun 22.19 and Saturn.
Muxmj Jupiter
16.53 Balance of 1.24 The planetary position indicates
Y. M. D. fulfilment of desire by way of promotion
56J2 but not at an early date as per your
Mnnn Sun Dasa expectation. You have to wait till August
7.40 1968 during Sun Dasa Mars Bbukti Saturn
Anthra and by the end of November your
Mars 9.46 promotion will be ordered when Sun
Kethu Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Saturn Anthra
16.29 operates.
According to the universal rules evolved As predicted be was selected in the
by our esteemed GurujiShriK. S. Krishna- month of August 1968 and his promotion
murtiji investigate bouses 2, 6, 10 and 11 ordered on 30-11-1968, Astrology is not
denoting self-acquisition, service, position a science of tendency. Sun's transit on
and realization of ambition ultimately 30-11-68 in Scorpio, Saturn star and
amounting to promotion in service. Jupiter sub, it is a science of certainty as
asserted by Shri K. S. Krishnamurtiji with
Second house is occupied by Rahu, the proof of his successful experiments
Kcthu, Mars and Mercury occupy aste- during his research work. So far, no one
risms of Rahu but of all Rahu is the has evolved such an universal and unique
strongest being a representative of Mars system of prediction with absolute
who is one of the significators. accuracy. I wish the author of the
advanced stellar system long and happy
Sixth house is vacant. It is governed by life.
Sun aspecting the same (his own bouse
the 6th). Moon is situated in Sun's star. (Sd.)
Tenth house is not tenanted by any by
planet, Jupiter owns it by lordship. L. P. Deshpande, Bhusaval.


Vol. 7 CONTENTS No. 3

Krishnamurti and Krishnamurti Padhdhati 3
. Ruling Planets Read the Results 7
Chandrashtama and its Truth 9
Spiritual Life 13
Erection of Chart 15
Nature of SexTattva Shodhana 21
Correct time of birth[Article 2) 23
Readers to note 25
HealthLongevity 26
Correct Time of Birth 26
Longevity of Mother Verified by Krishnamurti Padhdhati 29
Shall I own a Cinema Theatre? If so, when? 31
Marriage Time Analysed 33
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Homage to Sri Ramakrishna, I.C.S. 43
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Daily Guide for Match, 1969 49
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March 1969Ephemeris 55
Monthly Prediction for March, 1969 57
Lecturer. Secuuderabad (A. P.)
" Yet all experience is an arch where stream. Plato said that all Arts and
through gleams that untravclled world, Sciences are lost and regained several
whose margin fades for ever and for ever times in course of human evolution. The
when I move." ground gained in one generation can be
Lord Tennyson. lost by the next . generation. Hence
knowledge has to be regained afresh and
Man is essentially a re-creator. He is kept alive by constant research, rethink-
not content with the patterns of past. ing and right application. Dr. Radha-
Every advancement of new theory in krishnan says "The truth which claims to
Science or in Astrology necessarily implies be Universal requires to be continually
criticism or modification of old and exist- re-created. It cannot be something already
ing theories. But our established notions possessed that only needs to be retrans-
and frozen attitudes prevent a clear insight mitted. In every generation it has to be
into truth. We must sooner or later rea- renewed. By the free iise of reason and
lise that if we judge every fact by the experience we appreciate truth and keep
standards of our earlier knowledge and tradition in a continuous process of evolu-
experience alone, we will noj have access tion" (Brahma Sutra P. 8). It is the res-
to latest developments in any subject. ponsibility of research scholars to re-inter-
Truth demads a deep devotion before prete knowledge. This is that Shri K. S.
revealment. Krishnamurti did in Astrology.
Shri K. S. Krishnamurti is a research
Scholar. He had been carrying on intense Astrology is a most ancient Science. It
research in Astrology for over 3 decades is a divine gift. The illuminated souls
and as a consequence found, out a new, have handed us down this divine heri-
correct nd convincing method. What he tage, When it has fallen into unworthy
grasped and gained he revealed to the and incompetent hands, it has given rise
world. The greatness of a scholar lies in to conflicting versions concerning the
transmitting the fruits of bis knowledge same thing. When theories go astray,
to others. When his findings proved to truth is temporarily eclipsed from our
be correct, his convictions were strenghe- sight. A research Scholar attempts a new
ned and his faith deepened in the Science and goes straight to the basic principles
of Astrology and the method he came out underlying the Science. Shri Krishna-
successful. Only then he put forward his murti studied widely both Eastern and
- method before the world. Hence it requires Western methods. He was not satisfied
careful attention. with vague and general principles that
were not universally applicable to all
Every generation is in need of research cases. His scientific bent of mind did not
scholars with original bent- of mind. This approve anything that does not contain
is a necessitated by the fact that knowledge, uniformity of rules. His thirst for ever
however ancient, is often affected by the fresh knowledge saved him from the
passage of time. March of time produces lethargy of satisfaction with existing theo-
many changes. There is a difference ries. He began to think on new lines as
between stagnant waters and a flowing suggested by his reflective mind. Right
and sustained reflection, deep analysis and
constant enquirythese became his comp- Moon
anions on the,path of research. His ap- 50
proach to Astirology can be best explained - 1
what Alan Leo advised in his Manna!
"The Astrologer and his work''. He
says "The Astrologer who honours his '
profession by giving his life to his work
cannotafford to treat the subject lightly;
bis day is always a full one, and his mind Lagna
must ever be alert and capable of seeking
the principles behind all the details
with which he has to deal in every Verms
individual case Shti Krishnamurti was
eagar to discover a common principle
that runs through ail the cases. He
collected horoscopes belonging to various Moon is posited in 4th bhava. It is in
people. As an Officer in Water Analysis Bharani star. Bharani is governed by
department, he had to visit several Venus. Hence Moon must offer the
places all over Madras, This provided results of Venus because it is posited in
him with a golden opportunity to meet the constellation of Venus. Now look at
several people and see their horoscopes. Venus. Where is it posited? It is in the
.He visited hospitals, colleges, prisons and 11th bhava. Hence Moon in its period
many public places and gathered rich and sub periods offers the results of llth
material for his research project. On the bhava. You may ask "What about the
occasion of marriages and announcement house Moon is occupying and the house
of University Examination results, he it is owning (7tb)" ? Shri K. S. Krishna-
took pains to collect horoscopes. Thus murti says that the Moon offers the results
be approached the subject in a scientific of 11th bhava through the house it occu-
manner. Even Saphcreal in his book pies (4th) and the house it owns (7th).
' Astrology' advocated the same method. These houses become the source. For a
He writes "The application of these clear and scholarly exposition of Krishna-
principles to facts of every day life is murti Padhdhati readers are advised to go
solely a matter of prolonged research and through articles written by the master him-
tabulation upon an elaborate scale " self in Astrology and Athrishta, Novem-
He looked at Astrology with his fresh her 1967 issue (transit) and June 196S
eyes of genius and spotted pearls in it. issue (Saturn's transit),
If anything is to pass as knowledge, it
must claim to be objectively valid. He Krishnamurti sub
arrived at his padhdhati after a continuous
process of critical reflection. He is confi- Originally he propounded the theory
dent that his discovery is impersonal in that a planet offers the results according
character and Universal in its application. to its position in a constellation. But it
did not solve the question whether the re-
sults will be favourable or unfavourable.
His method: This occurred to him at a later stage in
1951. In our ordinary moods we are not
Krishnamurti Padhdhati is an advanced reflective. But when we meet with some
Stellar Astrology. It contains synthetic failure, we begin to reason and probe into
assimilation of all that is best in Eastern the matter. The story of how Shri
and Western classics. In his method con- Krishnamurti discovered his SUB is
stellation plays supreme role. The follow- narrated by him "Iprior to 1951,1 had
ing example will explain the importance of been considering that the whole star day
star in his method : will be good. But my friend who con-
suited me whether he would gain on a strictly according to Krishnamurti Padh-
particular iay, I said that the significator dhati and takes into account the Ruling
of his labhasthana is on. So he will win planets at the time of judgment, the
on that day. Actually he lost .Rs. 90 predictive Astrology will be precise.
in the games. When he came home, be
understood that his friend who took The contribution of Shri K. S. Krishna-
Rs. 6,000 without even a promissory murti is not confined to finding out a new
note 5 years ago, returned thefull amount, system. In the domain of interpretation
handed over to his wife and rushed to his of what planets offer, he has done
place. I began to consider and work the research. His interpretation of what
sub" (Astrology 9c. Arthtishta, June 1967- Nodes offer is borne out in practice. They
Page 8). Shri K. S. Krishnamurti divided offer the results of the planets that conjoin
the star into 9 parts according to Vim- with them, next those aspect them and
shodhari Padhdhati. A planet will be in then the sign and the star in which they
a star and sub. If the sub is favourable are posited. Please refer to Krishnamurti
the matter will be fruitful. Otherwise, it Padhdhati Vol. I, page 446- Shri K. S.
falls through. Krishnamurti sub, apart Krishnamurti's knowledge in Mathematics
from indicating whether a planet is is phenominal. His memory is marvellous.
favourable or not, has a greater signifi- The transit of any planet in heavens on
cance to the science of Astrology. It is any day of any year is on his finger tips.
helpful in deciding the difference in Twin This knowledge is immensely helpful to
births. The difficulty involved in judging him in verifying past events in a
the nativities of twins is well brought out number of horoscopes quickly. Thus
by Charles E.O. Carter in his book "Some he could lest any principle in its
principles of Horoscopic Delineation" application to several horoscopes. This
pages 2930. He writes "It is known is what makes him a scientist and an
that, though twins are often similar in inventor. He is an expert artist
fortunes and characters, in some cases in reading horoscopes in a scientific
there are very wide divergencies on both manner. In Horary Astrology he asks
score, and the true astrological indications the querist to give a number within 108.
of these differences or similarities, as the He constructs the map of the heaven, for
case may be, ought to be determinble. the moment mentally, selects the signifi-
Some astrologers lay great stress upon cators from the houses under consideration
the pre-natal epoch as the true key fqt that matter, eliminates unrelated and
to such problems, but there should unhelpful planets by using his sub, verifies
also be some explanation in terms of them with the Ruling planets at the time
the nativity." Professor Krishnamurti of judgment, selects the area (sign, star
made research into twin births. By the and sub) to be transitted by Sun and
application of his sub, he was able to ex- Moon, notes the transist of significators,
plain the differences between twins, their looks to Nimitta, prays Maha Ganapathy
characteristics, their profession, etc. He and then offers accurate prediction. Like
is in possession of several horoscopes of a magician,, all these he completes in
twins to prove the validity of his method. about 3 minutes. A casual glance at the
He has published twin charts in his * Letters to the Editor, Astrology and
magazine. Krishnamurii SCWis also use- Athrishtawill convince us of his predic-
ful in correcting Birth Time. It is a multi- tive abilities.
vitamin tablet and provides clues to many
unsolved issues in Astrology. Shri K. S- Krishnamurti advises us to
strictly follow the House Division using
Besides his constellation and sub, he has Raphael's Table of houses, use Raphael's
found out that the ruling planets indicate Ephcmeries. adopt his Ayanamsa, apply
what and when the matter fructifies. If one stellar system, note carefully subs, select
selects the significators carefully and the significators as per his method, note
transit and dasa bhukti, the position of new experiences. This is how he taps
fortuna, etc. It is regrettable that some hidden secrets in Astrology.
critics do not follow bis instructions in A reasonable man is detached. He is
fall and then attribute their failure to bis unafraid to face reality. In his first
method. This is most unfortunate. Our volume, about sub he observed that "Fur-
misunderstanding or wrong application of ther more one can sub-divide and record
a theory does not adversely affect it. But the result. This is for research students"
we will be deprived of its light and benefit. {Krishnamurti Padbdhati, Volume I; page
It is those who recognise it that stand to 490)- Some students are already experi-
gain. menting with his suggestion about sub
A. seeker of truth and enlightenment lit all our beliefs and assumptions, there
must overcome the attitude that "This fits is an element of uncertainty and obs-
in with what I believe, therefore it must curity. . Admission of this fact is the first
be true; this belief is'quite contrary to step towards new light. In fullness of
what I believe, therefore It must be time the greatness and inherent merit of
wrong". This kind of attitude is not a Krishnamurti Padhdhati will unfold itself.
sign of a healthy mind. We must under- Already there are indications of its pro-
stand others sympathetically and evaluate mising future. Every new idea is first
their contribution impartially. Let us ever distrusted, resisted and criticised. Later
remember the TJpanishadic Utterance." on it is accepted. Every new idea has to
Lead us from Darkness to Light", we suffer the birth-pangs. Krishnamurti
should have no difficulty in admitting Padbdhati is no exception to this ordeal.
what proves to be true in experience. As it is, a very few are engaged in deve-
When we accept truth, it develops our loping Astrology on scientific lines. Even
personality and enriches our soul. Shri these few should not be misrepresented by
Krishnamurti invites us to test his method unhealthy criticism. Astrology being a
and verify its validity by applying his Divine Science there should be no scope
method faithfully. He never asks us to for jealousy in this field. In one of his
accord sanction to his method uncritU essays, Emerson rightly said " Everyone
catly. Bertrand Russell observed that is superior to me inonc thing or the other.
''Truth has nothing to fear from full- In that I learn of him We are living in
ness of investigation but is really an age of enlightened co-operation where
strengthened thereby". Wherever truth things move forward with sympathetic
leads, there the aspirant must follow, understanding and recognition of merit in
knowledge is never cast in iron finality. others. Whosoever does research, it is
Its horizons are ever shifting. On some Astrology that is ultimately enriched and
occasions, Shri Krishnamurthi made humanitty that is benefited. Let us follow
necessary amendments to his theory what Rabindranath Tagore said " When
during the last two or three years. I am truth is revealed to you, there is no
confident that he will, not hesitate to option except to surrender yourself to it".
suitably modify and still- improve his
method in light of his new knowledge and Shubham
What do you mean by Ruling Planets? which they own or which are deposited in
By ruling planets it is meanttbat certain the constellation of exalted planets or
planets (including Nodes) rule every planets in their own signs are said to be
moment. It may be the time of strong and beneficial. But those planets
birth or commencement of any project. which are deposited in the signs 6 or g or
They are (i) the lord of the lagna in 12 counted from the sign which they own
which one is born or an action is done, (2) and those which are deposited in the cons-
the lord of the constellation in which tellation of planets in debilitation are
Moon would be transiting atthat moment, weak and unfavourable- Thus one is to
(3) the lord of the sign in which Moon know which ruling planets are strong to
would be then and also the lord of that offer results to a good extent.
day. These four conjointly rule any Which is a favourable planet?
1. In a few cases, there can be four If we have to find out whether the
planets, each governing one of the four or planets will be favourable to the native or
three alone when any one planet may rule unfavourable, it is necessary to note to
two of the four or only two, when each which matter it will be favourable and to
may rule two or one may rule three of which it will be unfavourable ; because, if
them and the other any one of the four or one wants to live long, with good health
three can be rarely only one planet, then those planets which promise long life
e.g., suppose one is born on a Thursday are said to be favourable and those which
in Meena Lagna within 3 20', in Poorva- either cause disease or danger are said to
padra star 4th quarter when Moon is in be unfavourable. If one wants to invest
Meena : or one may be born on a Sunday, money, those planets which signify issue
in Uthram star first quarter in o Simha of cheques are favourable whereas those
Lagna when Moon is between 26 -40' to planets which promise receipt of cheques
30 Simha. are not favourable for this particular
aspect. When one wants to note about
Occasionally 6 planets are to be judged marriage, a few will be favourable and a
and the strong ones are to be selected few unfavourable. So also, some planets
whereas the weak ones are to be rejected. will favour birth of children and some will
If 4 planets rule individually each one of deny. Therefore, when one is to judge
the four and if Rahu or Kethu were to be whether a planet is favourable or not, he
in the signs of any of these 4 planets, then should note for which matter it is favou-
there can be six, as nodes are to be pre- rable or unfavourable.
ferred in place of the planets. A node These ruling planets which are strong,
may be in the same signs whose owner is and beneficial serve good purpose and give
taken as a ruling planet or in the other enough mental strength during the period
sign of that planet. Even then, the node of suspense and ultimately they contribute
should be preferred. Therefore, they ate for success.
said to be the ruling planets for a parti-
cular moment. Which advocate can I select to win my
case ? How to select astrologically ?
How to find the strength ? Whenever we file a case in the Court of
Such of those ruling planets, which are Law and engage one Advocate, then it is
posited in favourable position to the signs absolutely necessary to examine the horos-
cope of the Advocate and compare it with which is ill-posited, and Moon is the
the horoscope of one who engages him. ruling planet of the doctor then the
It should be done just like we scrutinise nature of the disease will become compli-
for marriage purposes. It is not judged cated and the treatment also will be ever-
for harmony between the client and the changing. If Mars is the sub lord of the
advocate but it is to understand whether 6th cusp and is ill-posited, acute disease
the advocate. will be having such ruling will be the result. If Mars is the ruling
planets which promise success to the client planet of the Medical Officer, he will
at a time when the client runs a particular always advocate inoculation or operation.
Dasa, Bukthi, Antbra and Shookshma. One should know the exact position of
One advocate may have A, B, C & D as the 11th cusp and how far lltb bouse
ruling planets and the native may be extends. Then note in the doctor's
running A Dasa, B Bufcthi, C Anthra horoscope whether there is any planet in
and D Shookshma. If A, B, C and D this area (i.e., the arc of the 1 Itb house of
promise success to the customer, then this the patient). This must be scrutinised
Advocate having A, B, C and D as ruling because it is the 11 th house which offers
planets will surely win the case. The the cure. If in the doctor's horoscope,
ruling planets of the advocate will not Saturn is posited in the 11th house in the
only agree with the dasa lord etc., but Ilthofthe patient the doctor will carry
also with the sub lords of 6 and 11. But out all clinical diagnosis. X-ray, etc., and
if the ruling planets of the advocate are then start giving specific medicine. It
the sub lords of Stb and 12th cusps to the will take long time to commence the treat-
native, this advocate cannot be useful to ment itself. Unless one is destined to
the client runs very good time. Whenever have a long course of the disease, one will
the client is to lose, at that time he will not approach that doctor, whose Saturn
engage this lawyer. is in 11th Bbava of the patient. It is
Similarly if a person engages a tutor again repeated. If in the area of the 11th
to coach bim up for studies, the ruling house in the patient's horoscope, Saturn
planets of the tutor should agree with the happens to be deposited in the horoscope
sub lords of the cusps 4 and 11 of the of the doctor. If Mars were to be in
student. It shows that the student will be that area, the doctor will advise surgical
be benefitted by this tutor- aid and also quickly he will try to cure.
If in doctor's horoscope Mercury were to
If one is to engage a doctor for be in an area which is the lith Bhava of
treatment, then one has to select such a the patient, the doctor will change the
medical person, especially during the mode of treatment. If Moon were to be
time when he has a serious attack, whose in that area, the doctor' himself will
ruling planets govern the sub of the recommend the patient to another senior
ascendant and also the sub of the 11 th doctor or specialist. Doctor will be
cusp. Ascendant shows one's health and changed. If Venus were to be in that
longevity and the 11th cusp contributesfor area, the doctor will never threaten the
the cure. . Unless they agree, this doctor patient, but treat him smilingly. If
cannot cure this patient. If the ruling lupiter occupies a portion in the doctor's
planets of the doctor are thesub lords of 6th chart and that position happens to be in
and 12, he can never cure. If the lord of the 11th house of the patient, proper and
the sub of a.cusp happens tp be Sun, which prompt attention as well as cure by taking
is ill-posited in the horoscope and the medicine mostly internally without any
ruling planet of the doctor happens to be operation is shown. He will be a good
Sun, then the disease will prolong and physician.
whatever medicine he gives, will not be the
specific for that disease. If the sub lord Thus ruling planets give useful indica-
of the 6th cusp happens to be Moon, tion about the result.

lyolish Visharth K, GANAPATH1,
12, Brahmin St., Saidapet, Madras-15.
Q. Why do the Astrologers advise the pation it also indicates another relative
consultants to avoid Chandrashtama depending on the house (Bhava) it
days 7 Is there any truth? occupies.- Therefore, even though one is
A. One of the branches of the divine born in Aries Lagna, Moon indicates
Science, Astrology, is Transit system different relatives unless it is in its own
otherwise called Gochara. Westerners sign. Similarly for Aries-born, Sun indi-
take the position of Sun (in Sayana cates children, as lord of 5, and according
system) and refer the relative position of to occupation, it may indicate any other
the other planets (during the period for relative.
which results by Transit system is to be Suppose one judges the horoscope of a
known) and offer prediction to note the person born in Mesha Lagna and if Sun
nature of events and also the time of the Dasa were to operate and if an evil sub
events (during that period). But theHiudus period come up, docs he predict that the
take the sign transited by Moon (in native's health will suffer or does he find
Narayana System) at the moment of one's out whom Sun represents and accordingly
binh and consider the movement of the presage. Similarly for Moon, during
other planets in respective signs and in Moon Dasa if an evil sub period opera-
relation to the sign occupied by Moon at tes, we do not observe that mother's health
the time of birth and the signs, transitted fails. So also for, say, Scorpio-bom do
by other planets (during the period for not we say thatMoon, lord of 9, indicates
which transit results are to be judged father and accordingly depending on the
irrespective of the planet beiug either in sub periods, do not we offer results per-
the beginning, or in the middle or in the taining to father 7
end) and offer the results. If one is born in any lagna and if either
According to Krishnamurti, both are the Sun or Moon were to be in 4 or 9th
wrong, and even then they are very house, are we not reading the results
general. relating mother and father. Or, if they
occupy the 7th house, are we not judging
(1) Because they do not take the the health, harmony, longevity, etc. of
position of all the'planets in the chart and one's wife. Thus one should understand
refer the relative position of the planets that Sun and Moon refer to the relatives
transitting. of a person according to the house they
(2) They have ignored to note whom occupy and also the bouses they own.
(i.e., which relative)"Sun or Moon indicates Therefore, neither of them can indicate
for a particular person. But they take it the native unless he has got his lagna in
for granted that the Sun or the Moon Cancer or Leo or he is born on anew
refers t6 the native himself. (Think for a Moon day at the time of Sun rise so that
minute; when everything is the same lagna. Sun and Moon will be in the same
among twins, in their birth chart, they sign. Then alone either of the methods
enjoy different results). Further for one followed by Hindus or Westerners can, to
who is born in Mesha Lagna, Moon some extent, come true. Otherwise it can-
happens to be the lord of 4 and it will not. It is a fact.
occupy a particular position in. .the chart.- According to Krishnamurti, we have to
To all Aries-born, Moon, as the lord of 4, take only the exact position of the lagna,
indicates mother and according to its occu- which alone indicates the person. Also we
should consider the exact position of all counted from Moon), then they say there
the planets (constellation and sub) and is not Gurn Balam, and beneficial effects
offer the prediction. Otherwise the pre- cannot be expected. Especially when the
diction given by either of the Western or parents of brides go anxiously to find out
Hindu system will be similar to blind the time of marriage of their daughters, if,
persons each touching any part of an to start with, Astrologers were to say that
elephant and describing bow its physical there is no " Guru Balam ", what will be
features appear to be or touching some the psychological effect upon the anxious
animal and giving elephants description. parents. Secondly is the expectation of the
By Chandrashtama. Hindus mean these Astrologer Correct ? Has he ever taken
days whenever Moon transits for nearly pains to collect the invitations, note down
2} days in a sign, which is the 8th counted the horoscopes of the Brides and Bride-
from the sign occupied by Moon. They do grooms getting married on the same day
not take into consideration whether at the and in the same lagna and tried to know
moment of the birth time. Moon was in the Truth. Is it not absurd to continue
the very beginning or in the middle or in the to use such terms when one finds out that
end of the sign. Nor they take into con- all the 27 stars-born people get married on
sideration whether the transmitting planet the same day 7 Judge in which house the
is in the beginning or in the middle planets were at that time.
or in the end of the sign. They count So also note down when the results after
sign by sign not from the exact position of examination are announced; which star-
Moon to the exact position of any planet. borns have passed and which star-borns
This is most unscientific. have failed. It is not a fact that all the 27
Those who arc born in Asvini, or star-borns have passed and all the 27 star-
Barani or the first quarter of Karthik star, borns have failed. So also the position of
will have Moon in Aries. The other 3/4 the Sun or lagna or anytbiog (bat we take-
of Karthik, Robini and Mrigasirisha first Does it not suggest that the traditional
half, will be in Taurus : thus all the 27 terms must be given up and all the planets .
-stars contained in the 12 signs so that each should be taken into consideration for the
sign has 2i stats. So, for, Aries-born, judgment? (Dasa Bhukti system must
Scorpio is the 8th sign and when Moon agree with transit.)
transits in Scorpio, it is said to the Now, coming to Chandrashtama, let me
Chandrashtama. For Taurus-born, Moon not give many examples to prove that no
.transitting in .Sagittarius, is said to useful purpose is served by mentioning in
be Chandrashtama. The Gemini-born, the monthly predictions, the days or dates
Chandrashtama means that Moon is tran- when Moon will be in Ashtama. Why do
siting in Capricorn. So, for Cancer, which they give? W,bat do tbey mean by that?
sign transitted by Moon is said to be Do.they expect that Chandrashtama days
Chandrashtama. Aquarius, is it not? must be evil? They .have not noted that
Thus to each sign one is to note. during Chandrashtaiha day, some win the
Astrologers consider that planets case, some come out successful in Election,
transitting in 8th sign must cause damage some pass the examination, some get- ,
and do harm. But the truth is not so. married, some have easy delivery of chil-
According to Krishnamurthi, planets may dren, some gain by fortune, some gain by
lottery, some win in the races and so on.
transit in any sign either 1 "or 2 or 3 or in
any of the 12 signs. Yet, you will note that Is it wise, simply going on threatening
people born in the same sign have dia- people or like an ill-omen to mention
metrically opposite results. If one studies these dates ? No doubt, whether one
"Hindu System of transit, he will find that threatens or not, according to destiny one
Jupiter transitting in a few signs is termed will win or gain in the period when planet
as beneficial 'and call it as "Viyazha transits in the 8th house.
Balam " or ", Guru Balam." If Jupiter is Similarly whenever Saturn transits in
hot found in those 5 signs (2,5,1,9 and 11 many signs, the traditional astrologers
threaten people by giving undesirable and If according to Hindu system we
disagreeable results, especially Sade-Sati, take the position of Moon, it is in Aquar-
ashtama Sani, etc. They do not take into ius and he has won very meritoriously with
consideration that during Sade-Sate, i.e., overwhelming majority against the wish
7i years Saturn, most of the people have and obstacles thrown by his opponents.
grand success. If this is brought to their Is he not having Sade-Sati and do we not
notice they say look at the dasa, bhukti find a group of planets in Ashtama (in the
etc. But when the twins' horoscopes are 8th sign counted from Aquarius) ? Saturn
handed over and asked why one of the and Rahu are in 2 and Saturn is said to be
twins has passed the examination and the causing Sade-Sati. Jupiter, Kethu and
other failed, they have no explanation. Moon are in Ashtama. If supposing a per-
First of all they follow a wrong son takes this\ chart and shows to an
method. Secondlythere is either limitation Astrologer to give the results as per transit
or only confusion. If one were to follow how can he give correct results using
Krishnamurti Padhdhati, he can very well Hindu System ? Will not he dissuade the
differentiate and copre out corret in all person ? Is it not doing harm to the per-
cases, if he invariably includes the "Sub". son and also bringing redicule.
Let me give you an example of one of But follow Krishnamuri Padhdhati, On
the very well-known politicians. The the day of the announcement of the Elec-
horoscope, which was published in page tion results, i.e. 9th January, 1969 in the
20 in April, 1966 " Astrology and night, when Jupiter, Kethu and MoOn
Athrishta " Issue, is as follows :
were in 8 and Sani and Rahu were in 2, he
Kethu Neptune came out successful. According to
18.24 11.43 Krishnamurti, Saturn was transitting in
Jupiter Mercury
0.53 16.35 Mercury starjand sub of Rahu, who is to
SWJ 20.00 give the results of the Houses 2 and 11 in
Moon his Horoscope. It is said by Krishnamurti
28.32 that houses 1, 2, 3, 6 10 and 11 are the
houses, which will promise success in
RASI one's efforts, competition, election, litiga-
Sani Asc, 1,0 tion etc. Therefore, even though Saturn
14.40 Venus was in the 8tb house from the lagna, as it
14.37 was transitting in the constellation and sub
Rahu of the planets occupying and signifying the
Urmnus 18.24 houses 2 and 11, he came out victorious.
0.5 Mars One may ask how can Rahu offer benefi-
25.15 cial results during the time a planet is
transitting in its sub, Rahu is in the 2nd
Lagna Rahu, house. It is in the constellations of Moon
Uranus Sun, and sub of Mercury. Moon is in the 7th.
Moon 7 shows opposition. Moon is lord of 12.
It shows that the opposition will be in a
foreign place and the position of Rahu was
Mercury Jupiter 18 24" in Virgo. It shows that it was in
Amsara Mercury's sub. Therefore, Rahu is occupy-
ing Mercury's sign and also Mercury sub.
Mara, Hence this good luck has repeated. Guru
Neptune Venus, was in the 8th counted from Moon. But
it was actually transitting in Mercury sign.
Moon star and Rahu sub. Moon was
Kethu transitting in Sun star. Sun is lord of the
lagna posited in 11 in his horoscope.
Therefore Uttara Palguni Nakshatra is a
fortunate one when one has regained the logical world. The discovery of the system
lost position. by the application of which to the practi-
[Please refer to the article written "No cally handled horoscopesclients, Astro-
Rose without a Thorn " wherein this chart logers may be a novice or scholar in the
is taken as an example. Now he is elected. fieldevery, one is convinced of the 100%
Where is the Thorn? Mother died. So accurate predictions ; if just like the dis-
good and bad come side by side.] covery of Electronthat tiny particle
(within the Atom) discovered by English
In earlier issues' also Krishnamurtl has Physist-Joseph John Thomson (which won
mentioned that our Deputy Prime Minister him Nobel Prize in Physics) which started
regained the lost position and had the then Scientific minds. The discovery
a better one during Ashtama Sani and also of this Padhdhati has made Astrology not
when majority of the planets were in an 'art' but 'an exact Science'. This
Ashtama, counted from Moon position credit goes to Shri K. S. Krishnamurti
(because he is born in Poorva Palguni our Guruji and consequently whole astro-
Nakshatra in Simha Kasi) and at the time logical world is indebted to him.
of announcement of thetesult and also at For last two decades, myself and other
the time of taking charge of Deputy Prime celebrities of our Institute had solely been
Minister; there was no Guru Balam predicting on the basis of age old princi-
. according to the Traditional Astrology ples which ones however correctly and
because Gtiru was in 12 and there were strictly applied could not place us in a
Ashtama Sani,- Ashtama Rahu, Ashtama position to,predict meticulously beyond 40
Sutya and so on. After reading this artl- . per cent margin of accuracy. Now all the
cle, I trust, the readers will follow members of our Astrological Institute have
Krishnamurti Padhdhati. totally switched off all traditional princi-
Now my desire and my request would be ples and have been happy enough to
that the traditional Astrologers should switch on yours one.
switch on to Krishnamurti Padhdhati, just
like the Astrologers in Jammu and May Lord Ganesh bestow on your
Kashmir have done. One may refer to the Honours a long span of life so that the
letter written to Mr. K. S. Krishnamurti Science itself may be. most benefitted by
(which was,published' in December, 1968 more and more discoveries propounded by
" Astrology and Athrishta " issue in page our able Guruji Varahmihiracbarya of our
7, which reads as follows): age.
" The Honourable Guruji How long will it take us to have your
Jyotish Marthand forthcoming books in Astrology? Their,
-K. S. Krishnamurti, outcoming is eagerly awaited.
13, Brahmin Street, Saidapet, Yours faithfully,
Madras-15" Jyothisb Pandit
Respected Sir, HIRA LAL SHARMA.
-- Jai Samb Sadasbivaji! 16-9-1968
The principles of Advanced Stellar Sys- Hon. Director,
tem propounded by our Guruji Shri Sri Markandaya Astro. Cultural
K..S. Krishnamurti under the title Institute,
" Krishnamurti Padhdhati" are strikingly Ballagarh, Mandir, P.O. Banjar,
unique and have revolutionized the Astro- District Kulu (Hitnachal Pradesh)

K. Canapathi
Spiritual life brings about an attachment at the same time go on progressing on the
to the unknown and unseen but about spiritual side.
which we ,have read or heard much. Also, There are a very few people who desert
it brings about slowly and steadily or sur- the family, run away and wait for the
prisingly and suddenly separation from choultry bell for their daily mealWret-
the family or detachment towards the ched ! what a Sanyasi he is!
material worldly pleasures.
Nowdays criminals after committing the
Mostly, all of us get initiated by a crime try to hide themselves and hence
person-a Garuji~who has been experienced lead a Sanyasin life without allowing any
in those lines, who had the dynamic urge one to know his whereabouts. Yellow
within him to seek the Truth by penance dress alone does not make one a Sanyasin.
and deep meditation, regularly, systema- Development of the spiritual side by regu-
tically, continuously for a pretty long lar meditation and prayers is needed. If
period. Only a few solitary individuals one becomes a Sanyasi, in true sense, he
have the urge from the birth and even is not denied of absolute necessities. He
without a Guruji, they attain a high sta- will be respected and honoured. In that
tus in the spiritual life. They will be a situation, if need be, without a pie in
very few in many, many millions of the the bank on his name he can operate on
people, who will have Mukti or progres- the purses and cheques of the rich people,
sive emancipation. Of them, a few will without a Car, he can travel in latest
merge themselves with Nirguna Brahman. modern Car, without a house of his own,
For such an attainment, one has to he can be in a palace, though he does not
cultivate serenity, sincerity and simpli- pray for it, but it comes automatically.
city. No university degree, nor any dep- Hence lead a family life and at the same
loma can give this. But these are to be time reduce Ika-Lokha-Sukha and im-
either inborn or obtained by cultivating prove the Para-Lokba-Sadhana.
these virtues. Also you should avoid . (Therefore one has to judge a horoscope
audacity, irritability cruelty, unstability for the above virtues and vices.) Let us
and impurity. take an example.
One should keep the body fit, hale and Can this native achieve his aim in spiri-
healthy by regular habits and practice. tual side ? The horoscope is as follows:
One can enjoy fullness, peace and bliss
only through meditation by trying to.
attain God-realisation- developing a deta- VTUdsn
VIII 1X4.50
4.50 Vcnus ^Moon3.48 XI 8.50
ched attachment feeling towards wife, etc.
It does not mean that one should ignore Sim 27.57
her or forget her or get separated from lira, gl.sO XII 9.50
her. The noblest way of enjoying bliss Mere,
Ketha 13.7
8.35 Nep. 25.29
by developing spiritual side is (as is said VII 8.26
in Tamil ' lllaramay Nallaram') to give
due respect and regard to one's wife con- Asc. 8.26
sidering her as Goddess Lakshmi, as the VI 9.50 Rahu8.35
embodiment of.patience, sacrifice, service
and love, as one who contributes for the
.building up of the nation by boulding the Jiln.26.I2 Sat. 8.34
children, as one who assists in our attem- V 8.50 TV 6.50 III 4.50 rnrfo
pts. So, one can lead a family life and
Sub Dasa balance 2 years 9 months So, when one has no vice, but has the
11 days. Now he is running Jupiter Dasa necessary virtues, then we have to judge
Kethu Bhukti from 11268. whether one will have the opportunity to
(a) Will he be sincere 1 have a good Guruji to initiate; if so,
Benefit in the 4th bouse, in the constel-
lation of another bencfic and sub of a 5th house denotes initiation. It is occu-
benefic makes one true, reliable and pied by Mars. No planet is in Mars star.
sincere. In this chart Jupiter is in the 4th 5th bouse is owned by Jupiter. Sun alone
Bbava. It is in Mercury's star and Jupi- is in Jupiter's star.
ter Sub. So, he will be honest, sincere and Therefore he will have initiation during
true. Jupiter Dasa, Sun Bukti Mars Anthra,
Moon is called ' MathiIt indicates i.e., in September 1972.
one's mind ! mental condition. If Moon Will he practise ?
is connected with benefics by nature, one
will think good. Sohe^cannot afford to Whenever Saturn is in 3, there will be
entertain evil thoughts. interruption. Yet it is the tenth bouse
Westerners claim that Saturn helps con- which shows one's Yoga, Karma, Yagna,
centration. According to their theory etc. No planet is in the lOtb house.
Saturn forms sextile aspect with the ascen- Venus is the lord of the 10th cusp. It is
dant and it promises that be will be able in Kethu star Saturn sub. Therefore he
to concentrate. But according to Krisbna- will practise.
murti, mind' which is normally ever
wavering is never at restHence, one is Will there be progress?
to find out the sub lord of the position
occupied by Moon. Moon is in 3 49' in Progress depends on the 11th house. It
Taurus. Hence Moon is in the sub. of is not occupied by any planet. But
Saturn. So, any one having Moon in the Mercury is the lord of the 11 th cusp.
sub .of Saturn can concentrate. This Jupiter alone in Mercury star. Therefore-
native also will meditate and concentrate. during Jupiter Dasa itself, he will have
It is possible. satisfactory progress, Saturn Dasa follows.
Saturn is in Jupiter's sub. Hence it will
Will be be arrogant 7 continueProgress during Saturn Dasa
will be like an inclined plane ever increas-
One can be arrogant only when Mars is ing in height.
connected with the ascendant, of at least
with the lord of the ascendant. As Mars According to Westerners, Jupiter form-
has no connection at all, be will neither ing trine aspect with Neptune in the 12th
be arrogant, nor have the egoism. If bouse is very favourable for the awakening
Mars is in Saturn sub, one will be un- of spiritual faculties. The inspiraitional
assuming and simple. Here, Mars is In nature will be marked. This aspect is
Saturn sub. So, be will not have the good fi material success, worldly plea-
vices which are to be avoided if found in sures an, vast advancement in spiritual
one. life.

(Answer submitted by a student at B. V, Bhavan. Delhi.
Problem : A child is born at 9.30 A.M. (I.S.T.) on 29fh August, 1968 at Delhi.
Erect the horoscope.
Solution ; Place of Birth: Delhi Latitude 28 38' N Longitude 77 12' E
Time of Birth ; 9.30 A.M. (I.S.T.)
Date of Birth; 2981968 (Friday)
First Step : Find out the Local Mean Time. Indian Standard Time is always 5)
hours above Greenwich Mean Time (I degree = 4 minutes)
Therefore I.S.T. is fixed for 82 30' E
L.M.T. is greater than I.S.T. if the Longitude of the place of birth is greater than
82 30' E, . If the Longitude of the place of birth is lesser than 82 30' E, then the L.M.T.
is less than I.S.T.
In this case the longitude of Delhi (77 12' E) is less than 82 30' E. Difference
being 82 30' - 77 12' = 3 18!.
Multiply by 4 which is equal to 21' 12". Hence LMT = I.S.T. minus 21' 12', i.e.
LMT 9 30 00
0 21 12
9 08 48 A.M.
Second Step: Find out the Sidereal Time. Take the Ephemeris of the year of the
birth; i.e. for the year 1968 and turn over the pages for the month of birth, i.e., August.
If the birth is in the afternoon (L.M.T.) take the sidereal time at noon on the
same date. If the birth is in the forenoon (L.M.T.) take sidereal time at previous noon
on the previous date for calculation.
Here the birth is on 29868 at 9848 A.M. (LMT). Therefore take sidereal
time at 12 noon on 288^1968 which is given to be for Greenwich Noon is 10 hrs. 27
mts. and 4 seconds.
Since sidereal time is given at 12 noon for Greenwich, we have to calculate the
same for the place of birth.'i.e., Delhi. Sidereal time increases by 4 minutes if the Sun
makes one round = 360. Therefore, the sidereal time will be different between the place
of birth 77 12' E and Greenwich.
The difference = 77 12' x 4 mts. = 77 12'
x 240 Seconds, i.e., 2/3 sees for each
360 360
= 77* 12' x ~ Sees = 51 Seconds.
As in India, noon comes earlier, therefore Sidereal time at noon at Delhi must
be less by 51 Sees, than that in Greenwich.
Therefore Sidereal time at noon at Delhi 10 27 04
0 0 51
10 26 13
We have so far found out.the sidereal time at 12 Noon at Delhi on 2881968.
The birth has actually taken place at 9-08-48 A.M. (LMT) on 29868- That means
21 his. 8 minutes and 48 seconds have lapsed between the 12 noon on the previous date
and actual time of birth. The time interval should therefore be added to the sidereal time
at 12 noon at Delhi, to find out the sidereal time at the time of birth, Hence the sideral
time at the time of birth at Delhi
10 26 13
+ 21 8 48
31 35 01
We should not forget to apply the correction for the time interval which is explai-
ned below:
Every day the sidereal time gains by 4 minutes-240 seconds, i.e., 10 seconds for
every hour. The time interval between previous noon and birth time in LMT = 21 hrs
8 mts 48 Sees. Applying the correction @ 10 seconds per hour, we get 211 seconds =
3 minutes 31 seconds. We should, therefore, add 3 minutes 31 seconds to the sidereal
time obtained above to find the correct sidereal time at the moment of birth.
This is equal to
31 35 ' 01
+ 0 3 3)
31 38 32
Wc should subtract 24 hours (being one complete round).
The sidereal time at the moment of birth 9848 A.M. (LMT) at Delhi on
29868 is 7 hours 38 minutes and 32 seconds.
The whole procedure can be summarised as follows-
Sidereal time at 12 noon at Greenwich on 2881968 10 27 04
Deduct for East Longitude for Delhi @ 2/3 seconds
per degree = 51 Sees. 0 0 51
Add time interval between previous noon and birth
time in LMT + 21 8 48
Add correction for interval @ 10 Sees, per hour =
mts 31 seconds + 0 3 31
3! 38 36
Subtracting 24 hours for one round we get sideft, 1
time at the moment of birth 9-08-48 AM (LMT) a,
Delhi on 29-81968 24 00 00
7 38 32
ThirdStep;Find out the position of cusps- Nowtaketbe Table of Houses by
Raphael and turn over the page for a latitude which is very near to that of Delhi 28 38' K.
Actually we find the Table of Houses for Delhi.
In the left-band corner column, sidereal time is given. Let us therefore locate)
where 7 hours, 38 minutes, 32 seconds are written. We do not find the actual siderea,
time but the same lies somewhere in between two sidereal times given in the Table of
Houses. So note the position of cusps for 7-35-5 and 7-39-20.

Sidereal time 10 11 12 Ascen. 2 3

H. M. S. Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

7 35 5 22 24 24 20 52' 19 20
'7 39 20 23 25 25* 21 47' 20 21

The ascendant moves from 20 52' to 21 47' i.e., 55'in (7-39-20) - (7-35-5) =
4 minutes, 15 seconds = 255 seconds. The birth is at 7-38-32 i.e., 3 minutes, 27 seconds =
207 seconds after 7-35-5. This means that the ascendant has moved 55'in 255 seconds
and in 207 seconds it moves x 207 = 45'. Adding 45' to the position of Ascendant
7-35-5, we get the position of Ascendant for required sidereal time i.e., 7-38-32.
Therefore Ascendant is Libra 21 37'.
The other cusps move by 1 degree = 60' during 255 seconds. In 207 seconds they
move = 2jj x 255 = 50. Similarly add 50' to the position of cusps at 7-35-5, we get the
position of cusps (tabled below) for the sidereal time 7-38-32,

Sidereal time 10 11 12 Ascen. 2 3

H. M. S. Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius

7 38 32 22 50' 24 50' 24 50' 21 37' 19 50' 20 50'

As for the descendant i.e.; 7tb cusp is diametrically opposite to ascendant. Add
180 to ascendant, we get the 7th cusp. Similarly add 180 to the second we get the 8th
cusp. Adding lZ(f to third we get 9th, 180 to loth gives 4th, 180 to Uth gives 5th,
180 to 12th gives 6th cusp.
Hence we get the Sayana Position of all cusps.
Since the horoscope is also to be erected for NIRAYANA, we should subtract the
AYANAMSA for the year of birth from the Sayana Position of cusps.
Krishnamurti Ayanamsa for the year 1968 is 23 19'. Therefore deduct 23 19
from each cusp.

NIRAYANA Position of cusps is shown in the chart: The map is as below;
26* 3r 21*31' ,
8 9
28 I8'_
r 3r 29 31'
6 10

Child Born at
9-30 A.M. (I.S.T.)
on 2981968
Lat. 28 38' N
Long, 77 12' 6

29* 3r _r 3r
4 12

28 18'

Fourth Step:Find out the position of planets. To find out the position of
planets, we should take Ephemeris for the year 1968 and month August, date 28th and x
29th. The Ephemeris supplied, by Raphael shows the position of planets.for 12 noon
Greenwich which is equal to 5-30 P.M., I.S.T.
Note:Whichever be the place or birth on earth, the position of planets shall be
the same for any single moment, even though the time, at the same moments, in other
countries will be different.
Note down the position of planets as shown;
Date Sun Moon Mars MctT'irv Jupiter Venus Saturn
Virgo Scorpio Leo Virgo Virgo Virgo Aries
28-8-1968 5 14' 2 33' 14 39' 23 30' 13 54' 24 8' 25 9'
5-30 P.M.
29-8-1968 6 12' 16 37' 15 17' - 25* 5' 14 T 25 22' 25 T
5-30 P.M.
Date Uranus" Neptune Date Rahu
Virgo Scorpio Aries
28:8-1968 28 4' 23 55' 27-8-1968 11 19'
5-30 P.M. 5-30 P.M.
I.S.T. I.S.T.
29-8-1968 28 8' 23 55' 29-8-1968 11* 12'
5-30 P.M. 5-30 P.M.
I.S.T. I.S.T.
Note:You should take the time of birth in I.S.T. alone and not in L.M.T. This
is because, the position of planets are given for 5-30 P.M., I.S.T.
Now find out how far each planet moves in 24 hours. If the longitude of the
planet increases, it is in direct motion. But if it decreases like Rahu, the planet is in
retrograde motion.
The Sun moves 58' in 24 hours. The actual time of birth, i.e., 9-30 A.M., I.S.T.
on 29-8-1968 is 16 hours after 5-30 P.M., I.S.T. on 28-8-1968. Therefore Sun moves
g * 16= '39', therefore the position of Sun at 9-30 A.M., I.S.T. on 29-8-1968 is
obtained by adding 39' to the position of Sun given at 5-30 P.M., I.S.T. on 28-8-1968.
This is 5 14' -f- 0.39 = 5.53,
Similarly We calculate the position of all planets for 9-30 A.M., I.S.T. on
In case of Saturn and Rabu who are retrograde, the proportionate figure is to be
subtracted and not added.
The position of planets so obtained are Sayana Position. To get the Nirayana
Position deduct Krishnamurti Ayanamsa for the year 1968 which is 23 19'. We get the
Nirayana Position of all planets. This is shown in a table on the next page.
Fifth Step ;Find out the position of Fortuna. Add longitude of Moon counted from
Aries 0 to the longitude of Ascendant counted from Aries 0 and deduct
the longitude of Sun counted from Aries t degree.
Lon'.itude of Moon 198 38'
Add ofAsc. + 178 18'
Deduct Longitude of Sun - 132 34'
Longitude of Fortuna 244 22' i.e. 4 Dbanus 22'
Step:Erection of map.
26 31' 27' 31'
8 9
28 18'
7 Rahu Saturn
rar 17" 54' 1 49' 29 31'
6 10
rar 21" 45'.
1 31'
5 11
12 34'
20 44'
1" 31'
Ura. 0 47' 12
Fortuna Neptune Moon Mercs 1* 14'
4* 22' 10" 36' 18 37' Ven, l" 38' 28 18'
Ketu 17 54'

Serentb Step :Calculation of Dasa Balance.
Moon at the time of birth is in SWATHI STAR which extends in LIBRA from
6* 40' to 20 i.e., from 186 40' to 200.
The position of Moon is 198 37'. This means that the Moon has to1 cover
(200o-198 37') = 1 23' in Swathi star.
Swatbi is ruled by Rahu. Rabu has 18 years of Dasa in Vimshothari. The
longitude of star is 13 20' = 800'
Therefore the balance of Dasa at birth
1 23' 83' 1(,
= aoo; ^ 18 = soo x 18 y63"
= 1 year 10 months and 12.3 days.
Finally work out a table showing Dasa Bhukthi and' Antbra.
Yog Raj Vaidya,
1241, Sector VII,
R. K. Puram,
New Delhi-22.
[The Ephemeris prepared by Mr. K. S. K. is for 5-30 P.M. I.S.T. = L.M.T. for
82 30'. Hence while calculating sidereal time, take the interval between 5-30 P.M. and
birth time in L.M.T.
Position of planets can be calcillated as is done above. Correction for the
longitude for birth in India can be omitted.]
Prof. S.'N. MJ5HRA. f. J. Degree College. GAYA
I. Introdnction Note .The duration of each Tattva
My experience has shown that Tattva on any day is uniform, but their order is
Shodhana helps a great deal in knowing dependant on the week day.
whether the native born is a male or Example :If the day of birth is Thurs-
a female. day, the first Tattva to rule will be Akash
according to Table (C), then Prithvi, Jala,
The Tattva Shodhana also assists in Theja and Vayu.
rectification of birth-time, which is ex-
tremely essential for following " Krishna- Table (C):
murti Padhdhatibecause it takes into Planet Tattva ruled by the Planet
consideration the minute sub-divisions of 1. Sun. Theja
time. 2. Moon Jala
In order to predict by following 3. Mars Theja
" Krisbnamurthi Padhdhati", the astro- 4. Mercury Prithvi
loger must be assured first of all that 5. Jupiter Akash
the recorded time of birth is correct to 6. Venus Jala
the seconds, otherwise the Cusps will 7. Saturn Vayu
differ and the whole system of astro- Table (D):
logical analysis will vary. It is with Tattva Representation of
ibis end in view that this article has Nature of Sex
been produced for the benefit of the 1. Prithvi Male
learned readers of the magazine. 2. Jala Female
II. Tables 3. Theja Male
4. Vayu Female
Table (A) ; 5. Akash Male
Tattva Duration of Time III. Details required for deduction
1. Prithvi Tattva 6 minutes 1. Date of birth according to English
2. Jala 12 Calendar.
3. Theja 18
4. Vayu 24 2. The Local Mean Time of Sun Rise
5. Akash 30 on the date of birth.
3. Day of birth.
90 or
1 hr. 30 minutes 4. The time of birth in Local Mean
Table (B):
Day Day Lord IV. Method
1. Sunday Sun Note the date of birth. Mark out the
2. Monday Moon Local Mean Time of Sun Rise on that
3. Tuesday Mars date from "Krisbnamurthi Padhdhati",
4. Wednesday Mercury Volume 1, on page 178.
5. Thursday Jupiter Mark the time of birth. See how many
6- Friday Venus Units of 1 huor 30 minutes have elapsed.
7. Saturday Saturn Then calculate according to the Tattva as
given in TABLE No. (A). Know the nature last duration. This is ruled by Akash
of sex from TABLE: (D). Tattva. Now from TABLE (D) we
know that Akash Tattva represents male.
V. Illustration So male born: Confirmed.
Example (I):
A native born on 5th October 1938, Example (2):
Wednesday, at 11.21.08" A.M. I.S.T. or A native born on 2lst September, 1933>
11.31.12" A.M. Local Mean Time. 24 48'. Thursday, at 12.31 P.M. L.M.T. 25 37' N.
N. Lat85iT E. Long. Lat.: 85 13' E. Long.
As this day is Wednesday, the first As the day is ruled by Jupiter, the
Tattva to rule during the day will be rotation of Tattvas will be in the following
Mercury. According to TABLE (C). order; Akash, Prithvi, Jala. Theja, Vayu.
Mercury rules over Prithvi Tattva. So the The L.M.T. of Sun Rise is 5.48' A.M.
calculation wilt be in the following order. 5.48+1.30 = 7.18,' 7.18+1.30 = 8,48; 8.48
Prithvi, Jala, Theja, Vayu, Akash. +1.30=10.18 ; 10.18+1.30 = 11.48; 11.48
The L.M.T. of Sun Rise on the date is + 1.30=13.18. The birth falls during the
5.54' A.M. 5.54'-f 1.30 = 7.24; 7.24+1.30 last duration.
= 8.54; 8.54+1.30= 10.24; 10.24+1.30 = Now calculate from 11.48 A.M.; 11.48
11.54. The time of birth falls in the last + 30 = 12.18 P.M.; 12.18+6= 12.24 P.M.;
duration. 12.24+12M= 12.36 P.M. The last dura-
Mark the duration of Tattvas from tion is ruled by Jala Tattva, which
TABLE (A). Now calculate from 10.24 represents a Female born: Confirmed.
A.M. 10.24+6 = 10.301 10.30+12=10.42; (The learned and esteemed readers of
10.42 + 18 = 11.00; 11.00 + 24 = 11.24; the magazine are requested to apply this
11.24+30=11.54. The birth falls in the method and convey the results to me.)

lam in receipt of your letter: it was lagna and also the correct time of birth
taken for judgment this evening i.e., to this chart which I present to you. We
5-12-68. When I worked out I found have our own doubts. We think that the
that 28" Taurus ; should be the lagna. time of birth should be between 3 and
Later on I found that I fixed your lagna 4-30 A.M. on 28-7-1935. Only thatmuch
as 28 degrees in Risbaba on a previous we know.
occasion. Thank God. This is' Science. Thanks.
Today Moon is in Mirgasirisha Naksha-
thra in Ri shaba Rasi, but the day .is Answer
Thursday and so one may pitch upon
Jupiter sub (27) but Jupiter is being Time of judgment 10-21 A lVt. I.S.T. on
aspected by retrograde Saturn which is 1-12-68.
stronger. Therefore what I have already H. M. S.
written to you will be, and must be 100% S.T. at previous 12 Noon on
correct. If 28 degrees Risbaba Nirayana 30-11-68 16 37 41
is to be the lagna, on 15-5-1936, the time Deduct for East Longitude 80
of birth should be exactly 8 hours, 15' ... minus 0 0 53i
8 minutes I.S.T. and Local Mean Time Add interval between previous
should be 7 hours 49 minutes and 20 noon and the moment' of
seconds as your place of birth was 77-50 judgment in L.M.T. plus 22 12 00
E and 10-36 N. The Sayana position of Add correction for the interval
your lagna should be 20* 52' Mithuna plus 3 42
(Gemini) and 28 Rishaba, as 'Krishna- Therefore S.T. at the time of
murti Ayanamsa * in 1936 was 22 52'.
judgment 14 52 30
Your horoscope for 8-08 A.M. I.S.T. on
15-5-1936 is herewith furnished. If we refer to the table of houses for 13
degrees latitude, we find that the
(U) 27.10 Ura. 13.441 Sun 1.13 Kethu | Ascendant would be 6" 171 Sayana Kumba
Fortuna Sukra.
Mars 8.21
Mer. 20.18 (2)12.54 (Aquarius) Ayanamsa for the lime of
9,00 (12) 27, lO^Lag- 28.10 24.10 judgment is 23 19'. Therefore Nirayana
Sat. 27.42 position of lagna is in Makara (Capri-
Merc. corn) 20 15'.
24.10 (3) 21.10 On 1-12-1968 Sunday is ruled by Sun
Moon 1551936
12.13 . 8-08 a.m..i.s:t. Aswini star, is governed by Kethu (Mesha
10 35' N Aries). Rasi is owned by Mars and the
77 50' E Neptune Lagna Capricorn at the time of judgment
(9) 21.10 21.09
(4) 24.10 is ruled by Saturn. Therefore ruling
planets are Sun, Kethu, Mars and Saturn.
VIII 24-10 Guru Kethu is in Virgo (Kanni) owned by
Rahu 29.49 (6) 27.10 (5) 27,10 Mercury. Therefore Budha's other sign
12.54 Vll 28.00 will be the lagna that is Gemini. Your
doubt is whether it would be Taurus or
Questions & Answers Gemini and not Virgo as Virgo rises after
Sun rise, because for the approximate
To find out correct moment of birth time given", it can be cither Rishaba or
Now it is 10-21 A.M. on 1-12-68. Mithuna for the early morning hours.
Please find out the correct position of Rishaba is owned by Sukra and Mithuna is
owned by Budha. Sukra is not one of the Let us verify whether this will be
ruling planets at the moment of judgment. correct, by judging a few past events.
Therefore Mithuna should be the lagna Joined service in March 1956.
and it is strongly indicated by Kethu who
represents Mithuna and Kanya. Next we Entry into service is indicated by the
note that in Mithuna the stars of Mars, houses 2, 6 and 10. Second bouse shows
Rahu and Jupiter are contained. Jupiter one's self-acquisition and also the increase
is not one of the ruling planets so it can in one's bank position; 6th house indi-
be either the star of Mars or Rahu. Since cates the payment made by the officer (he
Rabuis in Jupiter's sign, Rahu is stronger. who gives is judged from the 7th house
Further Jupiter is not one of the ruling and the 6this Vyaya to the 7th), 6th house
planets. So leave Punarvasu governed by also indicates regular attendance and
Jupiter and consider the other two stars- serving another. 10th house is judged for
one's profession, service, business, etc. So,
According to the number given by you one's earnings is judged from the 10th
now you can see that the number falls in house along with 2 and 6. Second house
Rahu star. Therefore we have to elimi- is not occupied by any planet; so also the
nate Macs and take only Rahu. Then in 6th and the 10th; second house lord is
Rahu star we have to select Sun sub and Moon and 6th house lord is Mars and the
Mars sub sub. So the lagna should be 10th house lord is Jupiter. Rahu is in
17 33' in Mithuna. Jupiter sign, Moon and Saturn are alone is
As the Ayanamsa was 22 5' on in Rahu star, Mars alone is in its own star
28-7-I9J5, the Sayana position of lagna and Mercury, Kethu and Jupiter are in
should be 10. 24' (Cancer) Karkata on Jupiter's star. No planet is in Moon's
that day. star. Therefore Jupiter, Moon and Mars
are the significators and hence you were
If the lagna is to be 10 24' Karkata, appointed during Jupiter Dasa Moon
the S.T. on 28-7-1935 should be, at the Bukti Mars Anthra that is March 1956,
time of birth that which gives the value when Sun was transiting in Jupiter's star.
of 10 24' Karkata (Cancer). Item 2. Marriage: You had your
On 27-7-1935 the S.T. at Noon was marriage celebrated on 26th August, 1964
8 hours 16 minutes 58 seconds but to get at the time when you had been running
the value of 24 hours 22 minutes 40 Saturn Dasa Kethu Bhukti. How can these
seconds (when the lagna w*uld'bc 10 2 terribly evil planets give you the most,
degrees 24 minutes Karkata Sayana) 16 pleasant marriage and a settled life, in their
hours 5 minutes 51 seconds ougbt to have conjoined period! It is against traditional
been added. But we have deducted 53 astrology.
seconds for the correction of Eastern For marriage, we have to judge the
longitude and added 0-2-41 being the houses 2, 7 and 11; second house is
correction for 16 hours and odd. There- unoccupied. 7th house is occupied by
fore now adding 53 seconds and deducting Rahu and 11th is vacant. 7th is owned by
2'41", we get the time as 16 hours 4 Jupiter; Saturn is in Rahu star who is
minutes 3 seconds L.M.T. As the judg- occupying the 7th house and Kethu is in
ment was in 80 degrees 15 minutes east, Jupiter's star and Venus sub. Therefore
the I.S.T. is 9 minutes more than the they brought about this marriage.
Local Mean Time, So the actual time of
birth is 4 hours 13 minutes2 seconds A.M. One may ask why Mercury should not
on 28-7-1935. Hence your actual time of give the marriage in its Bukti? Mercury
birth was 4 hours 13 minutes 3 seconds is also in Jupiter's star and Venus sub ;
A.M. on 28-7-1935 and your Nirayana Venus is the Chief Governor for Matri-
Lagna was 17 degrees 33 minutes in mony, The answer is that a node is ever
Gemini. The Nirayana position of the stronger than the planet with which it is
planets for this time is as follows : conjoined and it is the node which gives
the results o( the planet with which it is Was in Jupiter's sign. Saturn, the dasg
conjoined in its period. Therefore saturn lord gave the result on Uthrapadrapada
Dasa Ketbu Bukti gave the marriage. day. Hence the results enjoyed by you
are clearly indicated by this chart. So you
On the day of marriage the Nakshathra can use the chart supplied by me with con-
was Uthrapadrapada governed by Saturn. fidence for correct result.
The day was Wednesday, ruled by Mer-
cury, and Jupiter is the lord of the Rasi [If you use any other ayanamsa except
where Moon was. Therefore Kethu gave the Kishnamurti Ayanamsa, then you can't
marriage in its sub period. The day was apply Krisbnamurti Padhdhati. Traditional
governed by Mercury with whom it is con- astrological text-books presenting con-
joined and in whose sign it was deposited. tradictory rules may have some rules to
Guru was the lord of the Rasi, Meena, satisfy the consultant if any other
which is also indicated by Rahu, as Rahu ayanamsa is used.]

Sri G. RAMACHANDRA, (J^othisi Gunjuru), " Cayatri Jyothlshalaya "
House No. 54, III B^ock, Thyagaraja Nagar, BaogaloiC'ZS,
The native of tbe sons horoscope 12th House occupied by Rahu. Venus
detailed below asked me a question en- and Mercury in the Rahu's sub.
quiring about the Health and Longevity.
Sun 5-14-22, Moon 4-14-01, Mars Subha Kcndradhipathi is Venus. Moon,
7-21-13, Mercury 6-8-35, Jupiter 4-3-25, Kethu, Mars are posited in the sub of
Venus 4-6-33, R. Saturn 1-15-43, Rahu Venus.
0-4-30, Ketbu 6-4-30, I-11-5, VX 6-7-57, Thus we got Kethu, Venus, Mercury,
VIII 8-7-57. Moon and Mars as significators.
Planets Siar Sub Ruling St Sun, the lord of 4th in the 5th House,
Sun , Moon Jupiter 8-11 aspected by Badaka-Iord (9th bouse coun-
Moon Venus Venus 1-6 ted from fixed sign Taurus Lagna) Saturn
Mars Mercury Venus 1-6 and in the star of Moon the lord of 3rd
Mercury Rahu Rahu 12 and in the sub of Jupiter as tbe lord of 8,
Jupiter Kethu Ravi 4 11 Houses.
Venus Kethu Rahu 12
Sat. (R) Saturn Jupiter S-U Hence Sun is the strongest of all. So
Rahu Kethn Moon 3 native passed away when Venus Dasa Sun
Kethu Mars Venus 1-6 Bhukti Moon Antbra operated on
Lagna Moon Moon 3 25-11-1968 Monday Sravanam star and
6th House Rahu Rahu 12 lagna occupied by Sun at 7-30 A.M.
8 th House Kethu Jupiter 8-11
Following the Krisbnamurti Padhdhati 6th lord Venus in Kethu star and Rahu
we have to consider the Houses 2, 7 and sub shows she is afflicted heavily. Venus
12 and Badhakasthana and 6th house. At (lord of Libra, 7th sign of Zodias) governs
first sight all the planets and cusps are in generative system and troubles in kidneys.
Badhaka lordship's (ruling subs) and dus- The star and sub ruled by Rahu of 6th
thanas except Jupiter this shows that the House. Swathi star governed generative
native will suffer ill-health throughout system and kidney trouble. Thesignruled
life. The 6th lord in fixed sign will show Thula also governs-kidneys and therefore
jong duration of ill-health. can.expect defect in kidneys. So actually
the native suffered kidney trouble and
2nd house is vacant. operated twice in a few days after birth.
7th house is occupied by Mars. Kethu But not succeeded. Thus we can verify
is in the Mars constellation. ' Krisbnamurti Padhdhati'.
Q. Please let me know the correct today, i.e., 12-1-1969 Sunday, Moon
time of my birth and also the correct was transiting iu Rahu's Constellation,
position of my lagna. I was informed Swathi, in Venus sign, Libra. The day is
that I was born on 5th November, 1926 ruled by Sun and the sub of the lagna is
between 1 A.M. and sunrise. also governed by Sun. Therefore,the--
A. Your question is taken for judg; ruling planets at this moment are Mercury,
pient at the time when the Lagna (Nirayana) Jupiter, Sun, Rahu, Venus and Sun. There-
was exactly 29 in Gemini and at that time fore all these combinations can be had
only when the lagna falls in Virgo 0 30", As your place was 88 24" East, 2 hours
because this position alone is governed by 13 minutes 45 seconds A.M. willSje the
Mercury, the lord of the sign, Sun, the lord Indian Standard Time.
of the star, Rabu, the lord of the sub Taking this time as the correct time of
and Venus, the lord of the sub sub. There- your birth, the horoscope is to be
fore, your lagna should be 0 30" Nirayana furnished.
Virgo. As you are born in November,
1926, Ayanamsa being 22 44", the Sayana It will be found that RahuDasa balance
, lagna should be 23 14" in Virgo. Then at the time of your birth was 12 years, 10
working out the sidereal time for this months and 5 days.
position, it is found that it should be Krishnamurti always says that the
5 hours 30 minutes and 49 seconds. The moment when a horoscope is taken for
sidereal tithe and previous noon, i.e., 4th judgment especially for the first time, on
November, 1926, it was 14 hours 51 that day the Moon mostly will be transit-
minutes an4 53 seconds. Correction for ting in a constellation, which is the
east longitude for your place of birth, i.e., constellation of the consultant at the
88 24" is 50 seconds. Therefore, your moment of his birth. Today it is Swathi
time of birth should be 14 hours 37 and his birth star is also Swathi. He has
minutes and 21 seconds after the previous told this in his lectures to his students
noon, for which 2 26 seconds of correc- and so far, he has not published this
tion is included in the calculation. There- truth. Readers are requested to find how
fore 14 hours 37 minutes 21 seconds surprisingly it is correct and thereby
should be the local meantime at the the consultant feels extremely happy the
moment of your birth counted from the moment you give out the star (provided
previous noon. It means 2 hours 37 he happens to be the first to put the query
minutes 21 seconds A.M. Local meantime- on that date).
A. RANGASWAMY, Sub-Postmaster,
Singaoallur Pose. Coimbatore-5.
Male child born on 27-10-68 Sunday. positions ate as follows:
Tiine of birth; 7-30 P.M. 1ST. SttUTD,
Rabu Lagna
Place of birth : Coimbatore 11 N Lat.
and 77 Long.
Ayanamsa: 23 19'/ Rasi
Sidereal Time; 21-31-54. Mars
The baby was born on 27-10-68. Mother Mercury,
fell ill and was admitted in the hospital. Mod Venus Sun Jupiter,
In spite of treattnent she breathed her last Kcthu
on 16-11-68 leaving her beloved to the
mercy of God. She survived only for 20 Balance of Sun Dasaat the time of birth
days. 5 years 4 months 24 days.
II Gemini 3 15'
On the basic of Krishnamurti III Gemini 29 15
Padhdhati, we should find out the reasons IV Cancer 27 15
why its mother died within a spell of short V Leo 29 15
period. Krishnamurti Padhdhati will ex- IX Sagittarius 29 15
plain. At the time of birth the planetary X Capricorn 27 15
XI Aquarius 29 15
Planetary Positions
Longitudes Constellation Sub Lord
Deg. Mts.
Lagnam 5 56 Sun Mercury
Sun 10 54 Rahu Saturn
Moon 28 00 Sun Moon
Mars 28 56 Sun Mars
Mercury 23 12 Moon Sun
lupiter 3 12 Sun Saturn
Venus 14 . 17 Saturn Rahu
Saturn (R) 27 49 Mercury Jupiter
Rahu 14 46 Saturn Rahu
Kethu 14 46 Moon Jupiter
First of all we should see the IV cusp Moon is a significator. Mars is in Sun's
and Karaka for mother Moon. If they are constellation. Hence Mars. Mercury is in
well placed and receive good aspects the constellation of Moon in 8 and in the
mother will live long. Otherwise she will sub of Sun. Hence Mercury.
be shortlived. Hence the IV cusp falls at
Cancer 27 15' Owner of IV cusp is Moon,, Jupiter is in the constellation of Sun and
Constellation Lord Mercury and sub lord' in the sub of Saturn, owner of 7 and 8.
Jupiter. We shall consider one by one. Hence Jupiter. Hence altogether Moon,
Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are signifi-
(1) Moon is the Karaka for-mother and cators.
also owner of IV cusp. Moon is in 8 from Saturn is owner of 7 and 8 a strong
lagna and in 6 from IV house, ft is in the malefic. As Rahu a Node is associated
constellation of Sun Marakasthandipadi with Saturn, Rahu is more powerful to
from IV house and in the sub of Moon in give malefic effects and.inflict death. Sun
6 from IV house. Hence Moon is highly is in Rahu's constellation and in Saturn's
afflicted. sub. Hence Sun is a strong significator.
(2) Constellation lord is Mercury. It is Therefore the significators responsible to
in the constellation of Moon in 6 and in kill her mother are Sun, Moon, Mars
the sub of Sun Marakasthanadbipadhi. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.
Hence Mercury is also afflicted.
She died on 16-1 l-dS (Saturday) at 5
(3) Sub lord is Jupiter. It is also in the P.M. On the day the baby was running
constellation of Sun and in the sub of Sun Dasa Moon Buktbi Venus Anthara
Saturn, owner of 7 and 8 which is also and Venus Sooksbma. All are strong sig-
very bad for longevity of mother. As all nificators. Day was Saturday. Saturn is a
the planets connected with 4th house and malefic owner of 7 and 8. According to
Karaka Moon are highly afflicted the transit Sun was in Mar's rasi Vrischikam
mother was short'lived and that also only Jupiter constellation Visakam and in the
a very few days. At the time of birth the sub of Mats. Mars and Jupiter are strong
baby was running Sun Dasa, MdonBukthi, significators. Moon-was in Mercury's Rasi
Budba Anthram. Virgo in Sun's constellation Utbaramand
Now we should find out in whose period in the sub of Venus. All are strong signifi-
the mother passed away. For that we cators.
should select the strong significatois res- At the time of death the lagna rising in
ponsible to kill her. Mother's lagna is the east was Aries and the constellation
Katakam. It is Chara Rasi (movable one). wasBharani. Mars and Venus are strong
Eleventh house is Badhakasthanam. There significators. Hence when all the strong
is none in 11. Venus is Badhakasthanathi- significators responsible to inflict, death
padhi. No planets are in its constellation conjointly operated the mother's soul
or sub.. Hence Venus is a significator. departed-
Then marakasthanams are 2 and 7. None
in 2 or 7. Owner of 2 is Sun and owner of Krishnamurti Padhdhati alone will
-7 is Saturn. Moon is in Sun's constellation clearly pinpoint the time of occurrence of
"and sub of Moon in 8. an event.

The'horoscope is as follows i-h- nature, denotes the purpose for which the
MOon0.ll Kethu building will be used.
Sun 7-50
ASC 20.25 Merc 14-11 Fiurth cusp sub lord is Venus as it is in
Vcn. 19,21 Mons19.22
III 22-25 IV 15-25 15 25' in Gemini.
II 25-43 12th house is occupied by Venus and
Sat. 25-33 Sani. Venus denotes Music opera,
XO 9-43 V 9-25 Cinema. Saturn is lord of 11 and 12. No
2141936 planet is in Saturn star. Saturn is very
5.7 A.M. strong to give lltband 12tb bouses results.
30.55 N
75.54 E No planet is in the 4th house. Lord of
XI 9-25 VI 9-43
the sigh wherein the 4th cusp falls is Mer-
cury. Venus alone is in Mercury constel-
Mc. 15-25 lation, Kethu represents Mercury. Moon
Rabu 1X22-25 VIII25-43 VII20-25 is in Kethii star Kethu sub. Moon is
14-11 connected with 5th house as it is lord of
Jup. 1-24
the sign wherein the Stb cusp falls, and no
Kethu Dasa balance 6 years 10 months planet is in Moon's constellation. Fifth
25 days. house and Venus indicate Cinema. Hence
Moon Dasa Saturn Bhukti Venus Anthra
To own any building one is to note the will be the time of having one Cinema
houses 4, 11 and 12. Fourth house denotes theatre around the end oflanuary 1974 and
permanent possession; 12th indicates beginning of February 1974 when Sun will
issue of a cheque ; 11th indicates the gains. transit in the constellation of Moon and
It is the sub lord of the 4th cusp, by its sign of Saturn.
(Vcrificatiod of Krlshnamurti Padhdhatl)
Sri K. C. SUBRAMANIAM, L.T.C. (Hons.)
Chemist, Kerala Paints (P) Ltd,, Cbottanikkara (Kerala).
I. KRV born on 21-8-1931 Con. Lord Sub Lord
Time of birth : 4.48 A.M. I.S.T. Lagna Sani Kuja
Sun Kethu Moon
Place Trichur (Kerala) Moon Sani Sukra
Birth star : Anusham Kuja Moon Budha
Budha Sukra Kethu
Balance of Sani Dasa at birth Guru Sani Guru
Sukra Budha Sani
Y. M. D. Sani Sukra Budha
9024 Rahu Sani Rahu
Kethu Moon Rahu
Meridian Sukra Sukra
IX 12" 13 X 14" 13' XI 15 13' xni4 13' Bhara Positions
LagnaGuru, Sukra and Sun
2nd House Budha
VIII I 12' 47' 3rd Kethu, Kuja
11 13' 4th Moon
BHAVA CUSPS 6th Retrograde Sani
VII 9fb Rahu
H" 47' II 11- 13' Sukra DasaSukra Bukthi 15-9-1964 to
Sukra DasaSukra BukthiBudha
VI 14" 13' V 15 13' IV 14 13'|in 12 13' Antaram 15-5-1967 to 5-11-1967.
Rahu Sookshma lasts from 16-8-1967 to
7th cusp is in Capricorn (sign of Sani) in
Sravanam star and in Rahu sub. Rahu
Rahu - ' is strongly aspected by Marsopposition
14*-28' aspect." Guru is in fairly exact trine aspect
. Lagna with Rahu, who also reprpsents Guru in a
12-47 way. Lord of 7th house Sani is retrograde.
Gurul4-55 So the marriage' of the native is likely to
SuVra be delayed considerably, say, upto middle
Nirayana 29-0
Rasi Chart age. Because of Guru's strong aspect on
Sun 4-14 Rahu, the sub lord of 7tb cusp marriage
Budha will .surely take place, but after much
. 26.38
.vexatious delay. These views are confirmed
by .the following indications also. Lord of
Moon Kcthu 7, Sani is in the 6th house and jn 12th
Sani 24-34 lO" 18' 14-28
Kuja 19-21 house position to the 7th. Moreover, it is
a retrograde planet which generally delays
the matters represented by the bouse. Sani marriage can take place in Sukra Dasa,
is strongly aspected by Mars, who also, in Sukra Bukti, Budha Antaram and Moon
turn, is aspected by Sani-Mutual aspects, or Rabu Sooksbma. Now we have to see
and both are square aspects. Since Kuja the transits of planets to-pin-point the
and Sani are in the sub of Budha and as date of marriage. .
the aspect of Kuja is passed on to Budha
through Sani by trine aspect, marriage of On 28-8-1967 "> ^ra u haDasa Sukra Bukti,
the native cannot take place, till the end of Period. Jf?Rabu 2 Sookshma.
c Antaram and
Budha Dasa. Added to this, Budha is in
the sub of Ketbu, which is conjoined with Monday falls on 28-8-1967. Monday is
Mars. Budha is lord of 3 and 12. What ruled by Moon. Budha transits Sukra's
about Kethu Dasa ? Kethu gives the effect star Pooram. Sukra transits Sukra's star.
of Mars, being in close conjunction with Moon transits Sukra's sign Vrishabha and
it. It is also in the sub of Rabu, who is transits its own star Rohini and also is in
opposed by Mars. So Ketbu Dasa also the lltb bouse of the horoscope of the
nullifies marriage. Sukra is favourable, native. Rabu transits Mesha rasi, in
being lord of 11 and also, as it is the Ketbu star and is in its own sub. On this
" Karaka " for marriage. Let us appy the day Sun's position is exactly on the cusp
method of K. P. and find out the marriage of the second house. The marriage of the
lime. Houses 2, 7 and 11 are to be analy- native actually took place on 28-8-1967.
sed for marriage. ' Even the " Muhoortam " of the marriage
Budha is in 2nd House; Sukra alone is was in Tula lagna, ruled by Sukra. As
in Budba's star. Lord of 2 is Sun. No transit effects and dasa bukti effects are in
planet occupies Sun's stars. So Sukra and perfect agreement, the incident took place
Sun are significators. exactly according to the rules enunciated
7th bouse is unoccupied by planets- in Krisbnamurti Padbdbati. So it is absolu-
tely necessary that dasa bukti effects must
Moon, Guru and Rahu are in Sani's stars. agree with the results of the transits of
Guru aspects the 7th cusp also. We planets, at the time of fructification of an
can drop Guru as Rabu, the node is event.
alone in Meena Rasi. So Moon and
Rahu are significators. Iltb house is not II. K.C.S. born on 20-7-1911.
occupied by any planet. Snkra is lord of Place: Latitude11 42' N
11. Budha and Sani are in Sukra star. Long. 75 30' E
So the strong significators are Sukra, Sun,
Moon, Rabu, Budha and Sani. Sani can Thursday Time 5-54 p.m. I.S.T.
be dropped as it is in 12 to 7 and also as Star : Bbarani
Budha and Rahu are posited in its stars. Y. M. D.
Sukra cannot be dropped, as it is in Sukra Dasa Balance: 9 0 0
Budba's star and as Budha is in Sukra's
star. As Sun is in the star of Ketbu and Moon 20-40
Sani 26-0
sub of Moon, it can be eliminated. Kaja 10-40
Moon is posited in the star of Sani, lord
of 7. Sukra, lord of 11 is in Budha's Sun 4-07
star; Budha occupies 2nd bouse. Sukra Buda
is in the sub of Sani, lord of 7. 21-17
Rabu is in the star of Sani, lord of 7. Nirayana Rasi
Budha occupies 2nd bouse and is in the CharL Sukra
star of Sukra, lord of 11, and 4 also.. By 18-55
lordship and position Sukra is the strong-
est significator. Next comes Budha by Guru
position. Next comes Rahu and finally Lagna 12-36
19 50' Kethu
Moon. So marriage can take place in the 13-17
conjoined periods of these planets. The Fort 6-23
7tb house lord is Budha, and Sun
IV 27 30' V 27,30 VI 23.30 VII 19.50 occupies the 7th house. Saturn aspects
sunquintile aspects. Mars aspects Sun
square aspect. Guru conjoined with Ketbu
aspects Rahu and Marsopposition aspect.
HI 24* 30' VIII 21.30 But Mars conjoined with Rabu opposes
Guru. So these mutual aspects produce
Bhava Cusps only neutral effects. Again, we have to
come to Rabu as a significator. 7tb lord
11 21 30' IX 24.30 Budba is in its own star. Lord of 11 is
Sukra. Sani, Moon and Sukra are posited
in the stars of Sukra only. So finally, the
significators are Rahu, Sani, Sukra and
I 19 50 XII 23.30 XI 27.30 X 27.30 Budha. Moon has been left out as it is in
close conjunction with Sani and also as it
is lord of the 8th house.
Cons. Lord. Sub Lord. Rahu is the strongest. It is in the sub of
Sun Sani Sani lord of 7. Next comes Sani which is lord
Moon Sukra Guru of 2 and is posited in Sukra's star. For
Kuja marriage Sani is stronger than Sun as the
Kethu Sani former is in the star of " Karaka ",.
Budba Budba Sukra Sukra. So Sun can be eliminated as a weak
Guru Rahu Budha significator. So marriage can take place in
Sukra Sukra Rahu the conjoined periods of these planets;
Sani Sukra Kethu Rabu Dasa Rabu Bukti Sani
Kethu Rahu Budha
Rahu Kethu Budba Antaram Budha Sookshma
ASC Sukra Rahu Sani Antaram in Rabu Dasa and Rabu
Fortuna Kuja Moon Bukti,
M.C. Kuja Guru lasts from 25-4-1944 to 29-9-1944.
Houses 2, 7 and 11 and planet Sukra In it Budha Sookshma lasts from
have to be examined for marriage time. 20-5-1944 to 12-6-1944. We have to pin-
7th cusp is the Badha's sign, Rabu star point the date with the help of transits of
and Mars sub. Moon and Sani are in con- planets.
. junction. Sani aspects the 7th cusp. Moon
is in square aspect to Budha, but in close 2-6-1944:
trine aspect to Venus, posited iru-the 8th
house. So marriage will be delayed upto On this date, Friday falls, which is ruled
the middle age. "Moon Dasa cannot give by Sukra. Sun transits Vrishabha Rasi
marriage for obvious reasons. Mars con- ruled-by Sukra. Sani is in Mitbuna Rasi
joined with Rahu cannot give marriage. (Budha's sign) and is posited in the star of
Good results of Mars can only be given by Mars. Mars in Kataka Rasi in the star of
Rabu, as it is a node and produces all Sani. Sun is in Rohini in Vrishabha Rasi,
the results of Mars. in Sukra's sign. Sukra is in Vrishabha
Rasi in Rohini star. Budha is in Mesba
2nd house is unoccupied by planets. Sun Rasi in Sukra's star. Rabu is in Kataka
only is posited in Sani's star. Sun is a Rasi. It is posited in Sani's star and also
significator. Mars aspects Sun, but as Rahu in the 7th Bhava. Moon transits Kanya
is conjoined with it, Rahu is to be taken Rasi (Budba's sign) and is in the star of
as a powerful significator. It is in Mesha Kuja. Moon and Mars get some pro-
Rasi. It is near to Moon also. minence. Mars is represented by Rabu
which is in close conjunction with it. On " Muhoortam Time 'r:
this day Sun forms semi-senile aspect to Sign-Dcerec-Minute
the 7th cusp. Moon forms a sextile aspect s. O, I, Con.Lord. Sub
to Budha in the radical horoscope. Sani Moon 5-27-12 Mars Guru
being in close conjunction with Moon, re- Sun 1-18-47 Moon Budha
presents it to a very great extent. The Rahu- 3-7-0 Sani Budha
marriage actually took place! on 2-6-1944 Budha 0-24-40 Sukra Budha
in Bombay The muhoortam was fixed at Sukta 1-11-57 Moon Rahu
about 6 p.m. owing to war time conditions Sani 2-4-37 Kuja Sukra
obtaining then. It may be of some interest So, transit effects of planets agree with
to see in detail the transits of the significa-' the Dasa bukti periods according to the
tors and luminaries on this day for the rules of Krisbnamurti Padbdhati.


Krisbnamurti Padbdhati Verified
Separation comes only after union. So is a node in any of the signs owned by
let us examine for the union and then the these three planets. Kethu in Gemini rep-
separation. resents Mercury, lord of Virgo, .where the
The horoscope of' the native is as 7th cusp falls, (7th house is only 10 in
follows; Virgo, beginning at 20 in Virgo and 25
in Libra. Even though most of the
MoodO. 11 seventh bouse is in Libra yet the lord of
Sun 7.50
Asc. 20.25 Mcr. Kethu the seventh Bhava is that planet which
VcnT 19.21 Mars)9,20 III 22.25 14.11
21.8 IV 15.25 owns the sign where the 7th cusp falls.)
II 25.43 Hence take Kethu also and give preference
to Kethu.
Sat. 25.33 V 9-25
XII 9.43 21-4-1936
5.7 A. M. Lord of 2 Mars governs Mrigasira,
30-55 N Chitra and Danishta. No planet is in
75-54 E Mars star. Hence Mars is a significator.
XI 9.25 VI 9-43. Mercury rules Ashlesha, Jyeshta and
RevathiVenus alone is in Mercury star
Mc. 15.25 and Venus is very strong. Kethu governs
Rahu IX 22-25 VHI 25,43 VII20-25 Aswani, Maka and Moola. Moon, Sun
14-11 and Jupiter are in Kethu star. Sun is exal-
Jtip 1.24 ted. Jupiter is in own sign, ^oth are stron-
ger. Saturn governs Pusbya Anuradha and
Kethu Dasa balance 6 years 10 months Uthfapadrapada. No planet is in Saturn
25 days. - star. Hence Saturn isvery strong. There-
. Union was on 22663. Tuesday fore Mars, Jupiter, Sun and Saturn are the
Uthrapada star day. strongest.
Judge houses 2, .7 and 11. Second Actually marriage took place during
bouse extends from 25 48' Aries to 22 Sun Dasa Jupiter Bbukti, Saturn Anthra
25' Taurus. -Seventh extends from 20 which ran between 1251965 and
25' Virgo -to "25 43' Libra, lllh is 2861965 on the day when Jupiter
from 9 25' Capricorn to 9 43' Aqua- Shookshma started. The day of marriage
rius. No planet is posited in the second, being Tuesday, Mars ruled the day: -The
seventh and 11th houses. Nakshatra in which Moon transilted was
Lords of /2, 7 and 11 are Mars, Mer- Uthrapadra governed by Sani; Moon was
cury and Saturn, Find out whether there in Mtena Rasi owned by the Guru.
jf Hence the method suggested by Guruji few and select the actual significator^.
r ShriK. S.Krishnamurti is very correct. All Today Saturday 18169. lagna at
.points do agree. which this is judged is Taurus ruled by
(Let us see whether marriage was pro- Venus. The star in which lagna falls is
mised; if so once or more than once. Karthik governed by Sun. Moon transits
Guruji has said that it is the sub lord of the in Saturn sign Sun star Utbrashada. Sun's
7th cusp which deddes the above factors. star is not occupied by any planet. Saturn
The 7th cusp is in Moon constellation and star is not occupied by any. Venus is in
Ketbu sub. Kethu representing Mercury as Mercury star and own sub (posited in 12).
lord of 7 promises marriage. As Ketbu is Hence Venus indicates about marital life
posited in Gemini a dual sign and it was (7th bouse matters) and also separation.
in Rabu constellation who was situated in Jupiter which is connected with 7th
Sagittarius another dual sign it is certain house matters as it was in Moola ruled by
that be will marry more than once; Kethu who represents Mercury, owner of
plurality promised.) 7th bouse is in Venus sub. Hence Jupiter
According to Guruji it is not a tend- is also for separation. Hence Jupiter
ency. It is a certainty. Hence this native Bhukti Venus Anthra gave separation.
will marry more than once and it is for
the time of event, significators are selected Can there be a divorce ?
by judging the houses 2, 7 and 11 which As the 7th cusp sub lord is Kethu which
never fails, occupies Gemini, plurality is indicated.
(One important factor which readers As our law does not permit second
should note is that if a planet happens to marriage, when the first partner is alive,
be the significator of any of the houses 2, there can be either of the two; i.e. demise
7 and II and it itself happens to be the of first wife and then second marriage or
strong and single significator of the sixih divorce and after the lapse of some period,
house, it will not give the marriage even second marriage.
though it is a significator o) 2 or 7 or 11 Further if the sub lord of the second
as the sixih house is separation frorn wife, cusp is connected with 7th house, second
if already married. When such is the case, marriage; if connected with llth house,
how can it give marriage.) one will keep a keep, as 7lh bouse signifi-
Separation cator shows legal bondage whereas the
llth indicates attachment and friendship.
fudge bouses 1, 6, ip and 12.
No planet is in 6 and TO. They are Second cusp is in 25 43' in Aries.
owned by Sun and Jupiter. Sub lord is Mercury. It is lord of 7. Hence
second cusp is connected with the 7th.
Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are in Therefore second marriage'is promised.
1. Saturn and Venus are in 12. Kethu Moon is in Kethu star Kethu siib. Moon
is in Mercury's sign. Rahu is in Jupiter's is very strong in giving second marriage-
sign. Hence majority of the planets are Jupiter will contribute for second marri.
more for separation. Hence it will be age. Mats, lord of second cusp, has no
very difficult to fix in which period one planet in its star. It must bring about
will have this separation as most of the second wedding. Hence Moon Dasa Mars
planets are in one way or the other con- Bukti Jupiter Anthra will bring about
nected with the houses 1, 6, 10 and 12. second marriage in March 1970. Divorce
Only in such cases, ruling planets at will be sanctioned in Moon, Rahu, i.e.,
moment of query are useful to reject a June 1969.

Jyotish Visharath K. QANAPATHI
When will my son return ? cusp falls in Aries, the lord of the sign is
The horoscope is as follows : Mars. Therefore Mars indicates the llth
house matter and also, those planets which
are posited in the constellation of Mars.
xii 5-03 Lag. 6-28
xi 1-03 Sat. The stars belonging to Mars are Mriga-
19-16 sira, Chithra and Danishta- Mars and
Sun are deposited in the star of Mars.
3up, 0.52 Therefore Rahu, Kethu, Mars and Sun are
Mer.2 7-0 the planets which are strong to indicate
Ket. 8-47 10-35 A.M. I-S.T. (ii) 1-01
iii 27-01 these results.
131042 Now let us judge the owners of the
18-55 N
ix 2-701 72-54 E Rah. 8-47 houses also. Lord of 3 is Moon as 3rd
(viii I-01) (iv) 27-01 cusp falls in 27 T Cancer; lord of 9 is
Saturn as 9th cusp falls in Capricorn.
Venus Lord of 11 is Mars. Saturn is in Moon's
Moon 13-11 star. Moon is in Saturn star.
(vii) 6-28 13-33 (i) 1.03 Mcr. 21-tI The above are the planets which are
<vt) 5-03 Mar. 24-15
Sun 28-46 connected with one's long journey and
Saturn Dasa balance 4 years 5 months reunion with one's family.
9 days. One should never omit to note the
Return from the foreign land means ruling planets at the moment of judgment.
leaving bis present place, making a long Today it-is Saturday, Lagna falls in Kethu
journey and reuniting with his kith and star (Moolam) and in Dhanus. The star
kin with whom he was originally living. is Uthrapalguni and the Rasi is Simha
both ruled by Sun. Therefore your son
Leaving the place where one stays either will return when Kethu Dasa Sani Bukthi
temporarily or permanently is to be judged Rahu Anthra Surya Sookshma operates
from the 3rd house making a long journey Why should you select Rahu when the
is to judged from the 9th house. lagna is in Dhanus? Since Guru owns
Reunion with kith and kin is found both Dhanus and Meena, according to
from the 11th house- Therefore one has Kilshnamurti if either of the nodes were
to judge the houses 3, 9 and 11. 3rd house to occupy either of the signs belonging to
extends from 27 IT Cancer to 273 T Leo. a planet, then the node will give the results
Rahu is posited in that sign. Rahu's star of the lord of both the signs. So Rahu in
are Arudhra, Swatbi and Satbabisba. Meena is more powerful than Jupiter, even
Therefore Kethu which is posited in Rahu though he is the owner of Dhanus Hence
star indicates that he leaves the place of the sub period will be ruled by Rahu ins-
residence, then 9th bouse extends from tead of Guru, so it will be around 21st
21 T Capricorn to 21 T Aquarius- Kethu January, 1970 at that time Sun will transit
alone is posited in the 9th house. There- in Saturn sign Sun's star and Kethu 1 sub.
fore Kethu star Aswani, Maha and Moola So his date of return is 21-1-1970-
ate to be seen, to note whether any planet Will he complete Ph.D? For higher
or, node occupies any of these 3 stars. education and grand success in that, one is
Rahu alone is in Maha. Therefore, Rahu to look to the houses 9 and 11. I am sure
gives long journey. Uth house -tends c
he will return after successfully completing
from 1 Degree 3 minutes Aries t3 3' the course. The result may be announced
Taurus. No planet is posited in this around December 1969. Submission of
Therefore the lord of the sign i n which the thesis will be around the second or 3rd
11th cusp falls is to be taken. As the lit week of September, 1969.
Vol. 1 APRIL 1969 No. 4

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"" Aspects " and waving his hands explain- He has enormous capacity to muster up
. ing the lights of the planets a few days courage and enthusiasm in the face of
ago, the magnificent lines on bis hands opposition and difficultieseven work
struck my eyes and, at the end of the harder, over-straining his nervous system
ilecture, at my requtst, he agreed to give and to recover fast from adversities.
! me an impression on Sunday at .his bouse.
It was only then that I discovered that in In fact, it appears from his left hand
a few days he would be completing his that he was destined to work very bard to
60th birthday. We, as his students, offer' fulfil the demands of his Mystic Cross
him congratulations on his birthday and until the 53rd year and then to harvest the
wish him all the happiness, prosperity and fruits of his labour. An eminent author
good health. In addition, as I look at the has said that such a combination indicates
lines on his hands, I wish him inter- the benedictio.n of a Guru, worship of a
national travels, international fame, God, . gift of a Mantra and success in
fruition of his labours divine science or reli-
and the gift of some gious worship- In bis
more books from him TO GURUJI case, as the Line of
in his 61st year. Head is separate
In all humility, may I request from his Line of
" What is striking in you and the learned readote that if Life, he did not
bis bands? Bis both they diacoiret a iiSerent interpre- take everything in
bands relate to two tation, I shall be grateful to know blind f a i t h and
different stories. The their opinions for, after oil, we only belief but tried always
left hand is rectangular to find the logic
while the right hand loam from each other. behind it and, once
is inclined to be square.1 he reached a logical
The Head Line in conclusion, to stick to
the left is not joined the Life Line, which, it on all grounds and argue it but, even
taken alone, indicates stubbornness of bis though it may not be palatable to a few
ideas and, as it ends towards the Mount blind followers, for which he never cared-
of Mars, it shows enormous energy in the because he exhibits great will-power and
pursuit of logical ideas to the end, despite self-confidence, His'finger of Jupiter stands
opposition. His Mount of Mercury is out land is inclined towards the right,
marked with straightTines and the finger meaning that he has never rested until be
of Mercury itself is straight. This read has achieved the correct results or has
with the fine and unique Line of Intuition reached his goal.' Also, in doing so, be
traversing across the Mount of Moon to would not mind standing out alone to ex-
the Mount of Mars, .the Line of Heart press his opinions in opposition to others'
forked under the Mount of Saturn and a beliefs. (This fact is known to all.)
beautiful square on the Mount of Jupiter,
indicates studies on scientific lines, intui- The right hand shows certain adjust-
tion brought to logical analysis, affection- ments and contains some more useful in-
ate, open mind, an unselfish temperament, formation. The Line of Head is joined to
always anxious to give out' all his know- the Line of Life, meaning sensitiveness
ledge, and a capacity to face the obstacles. i.e., he will listen to others opinion, apply
bis own imagination to it and, due to the Taurus, whose lord is Venus, where Moon
good Mercury, test tbem in the laboratory is exalted and in Mooltrikona, as also with
of his intellect before accepting them. As Virgo, where Mercury is exalted and in
tbe Line of Head shows no signs of fading, Mooltrikona. Moon and Mercury are in-
the mind will remain as active, energetic as tellectual planets whereas Venus provides
it has never been. A branch shoots up peace, pleasure and interest in his pursuits.
to,the Mount of Jupiter, forming part of a Their - positions explain matters further.
clear square there. A double line from tbe Moon is in Lagna, Venus in the ninth-
Mount of Mats goes to the Mount of interest in higher studies, tra.vels, *tc.,
Saturn without cutting the Line of Fate, and Mercury in the tenth, house of
Single Girdle of Venus from the honours, combined with Sun. (He received
Mount of Saturn to the Mount of Sun, the Gold Medal and Title from Governor of
'verticalline on the Mount of Mercury Bombay during Mercury sub period.)
ending in a square just above tbe Lipe of Sun's action is well depicted in both the
[ Heart on this Mount and two very clear hands on his Mount. This combination
' lines of Sun on the Mount of Sun, two makes bim magnanimous, noble and
strong lines on the Mount of Lower Mars, ambitious. This is shown by tbe line from
one more line from the Line of Heart the Line of Life and the Line of Head go-
under the Mount of Saturn proceeding to- ing to tbe finger of Jupiter. It, incidentally,
wards the Mount of Sun, forming a also carries with it the force of Mars, so
triangle on the farmer Mount itself. They necessary for success. It is also called the
depict the study of Shastras, occult science, Line of Success.
success in bis scientific pursuits, name and Capricorn people are self-made, builders
fame, publications and books of substan- of their own fortune and they know how
tial scientific value, editorial activities, to remain prosperous. It also endows the
travels, happiness and prosperity, ambi- - subject and active disposition, a vigorous
tion, capacity to face adversities, cheerful- body, though sometimes aggressive (the
ness and enthusiasm in his work. unconnected Line of Head in the left hand)
Guruji is born under Capricorn, whose and enthusiastic, vehement with a strong
lord Saturn is placed in the third bouse, will-power (strong thumb) to succeed in
which is also tbe first cadent house. We reaching tbe desired goal. It makes the
clearly see in him an author of a unique, subject. brusque in manners and talk,
logical or philosophical system of substan- which may be mistaken as blunt. He is
tial value which will not fade for the years prudent and circumspect. All these are
to come. He is also tbe editor, publisher attributed to the good Mounts of Mercury,
and'printer of this magazine. Journeys, of Sun and Saturn, lines on them and their
course, he has been undertaking and that fingers. Tbe square on Jupiter adds value
is why he is amongst us in the North quite to this.
often. Both the lords of lagna and the One author has likened the Capricorn
third house form their aspect to- the with a goat that winds its way up tbe bill
twelfth house, whereas the lord of tbe. through bushes and thorny paths with
ninth is sextile to the twelfth from-, the patience and tenacity. But if tbe mental
tenth. Foreign lecture tours ate therefore Moon is added to the bead, we can at
foretold. . This is confirmed by the line once understand that the mission up tbe
coming out from tbe Line of Life to tbe bill is mental, the bushes and paths are
Mount of Moon now, in the near future, mental and tbe hunger and thirst are
'combined with other lines above the Line mental and the tenacity is mental. This
of Heart and the Mount of Lower Mars. fertile mind takes him to great heights, as
Also, Capricorn is a cardinal sign and a he is cardinal. This is clearly depicted
patiently persevering sign, i.e., original in in tbe band by the Line of Intuition
thought, and an earthy at that, meaning (called in Sanskrit Antargnah Rekba), the
research and solidity behind bis original never fading Line of Head, the active
thinking. Capricorn has its affinity with Mount of Mercury and its finger and the
square on the Mount of Jupiter and the During this year, lord of the second is
Mount of Moon. conjoined with its lord in the third ; lord
" Self-made " pre-supposes difficulties in of the tenth from the ninth has shifted to
youth. On the hands, cross lines extend the eleventh and the lord of the eleventh'
from the ninth has gone to the eighth,
,up to the age of 53. What each means which is also good, indicating advan-
is beside the point. The square on Jupiter tageous changes, advancement in occul-
also indicates preservation, which implies tism and gains in foreign environments.
preservation from difficulties. This and Incidently, it also indicates visit to
the reactions 6ri the Line of Head clearly Britain, Australia and New York during
; indicate, with the thumb as the com- the year, and as it also represents the
mandei, that every battle is fought and homeland, it will bring credit to Guruji
- won. The Line of Head has not for bringing glory to India during these
collapsed anywhere in any strategy but foreign travels. As the lord of the ninth
has gone on to Herscbel, simply to create house in Mercury, Guruji will visit U.S.A.
a scientific revolution in bis scientific field and en route visit other countries next
of study. If he were an engineer, he year.
would have made the spacecraft of the
Mababharata times, the car that can run Now turning to the right-hand again,
above the road. His mind and tenacity we see crosses, a square, a triangle and a
is like that. In most bands, I have found lotus on the complete rascettes, lines
the Line of Head, in such circumstances, shooting up from them, deep straight lines
either exploding, forking, collapsing or on the third phalanges of the fingers of
fading. Therefore, I consider his Line of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury, with, of course,
Head as a unique line by itself in both the square on the Mount of Jupiter and
bands. three triangles on the Mount of Saturn,
His limitation is that be is only capable the lines of Sun and a line from the
to build and not to destroy, as shown by Mount of Mars under Mercury rising up
his Line of- Heart; which runs across to the Mount of Sun. And above all, a
the hand so deep, fine, forked and lavish strong line shooting out td the Mount Of
with universal affection, and Venus to Moon from the Line of Life. They all
support it. He will, if worthy of his point to foreign travels, increase in
admiration, speak well about others.. He international fame, reputation, wealth,
will never speak ill of others. sea, air and land travels, publication of
new books and possibly signing agree-
Gutuji enters his 6lst year of life on ments for publishing books abroad,
the 1st November, 1968. What can this (which we know), lecture tours, etc; There
year give him ? The 1st of November is however, one caution! Perhaps the
falls on Friday, which is the day of food may not agree with the otherwise
Venus and Venus this year is placed in good system and that may cause some
the eleventh bouse, which is the bouse of impediments, one or two short sea
gains, whereas Venus, is placed in the journeys may be through turbulent waters
ninth bouse So the natal chart as the lord and may create some difficulties. Both
of the fifth and the tenth houses. Mercury, of them Guruji will be able to overcome
lord of the ninth in the natal chart, com- due to the square on the Mount of Jupiter.
bined with Sun in the tenth house indi- Devacharya has described this square as
cates Astrology as his main _ subject of foreign travel, sea voyage or pilgrimage,
study leading to a profession in this line. building of house, money from fweign
Sun may appear in debilitation in Libra, trade, success in foreign lands, presence
but it is not so, as the lord of the sign is of extra-average qualities of character. A
also Neecha and in a Kooa. Mercury from person with such a sign is usually a person
the tenth house in the natal chart goes to of distinction. He is,usually versatile and
the ninth in the transit, again meaning long fights against all obstacles and gain poise
travels in connection with his mission. of mind necessary to achieve great success.
Aoother author of the Indian system making plans of his lecture tours and
quoting Hast Sanjivni has described the .around the Full Moon in June he will
combination of the circular Moon Line, fly out.
good Single Girdle of Venus, the triangle
formed by the Fate Line, Head Line May God Grant Long Life!
and hhe Health Line, along with the square (Som Gupta)
on the Mount of Jupiter as meaning that F. 93, Road No. 2,
the person will be a great philosopher who Andrews Qanj,
believes in thepast and known the present
and the future, who has the capacity New Delhi-16.
of seeing bis God, knowledgeable and,
" without doubt, a TRUE yogi. {Edilor's note.Your wish "May God
I have seen a square on Jupiter in the Grant Long Life " is alright But I say,
hands of teachers, professors, principals, what He has granted when I was born.
diplomats and officers'holding high posi- He cannot change it. It is definite. That
" tions in a Government service. (He was is why Astrology is learnt to find out the
I also in Government service for 34 years.) date. If God can be changing now and
then, depending on the prayers or curse.
From the lines it' appears that Guruji's Astrology has no place. Whatever is to
. attention will be devoted -to his edito- happen will happen according to fate, t am
rial or writing activities, bringing out sure that you may find a line in my hand
new publications in the first half of wherein it may be said that j I believe in
December. The sun rises on 6-45 A.M. Karma and Destiny. Astrology is a
on the 1st November and he was bora at Science which gives the unalterable events
12-15 P.M. This means that January will with date. Those who say that Astrology
be a very good month for him. In the indicates the tendency, are not astrologers
second half of February he will start at all.)

(Krishnaraurti Padhdhati Verified)
According to Krishaamuili (Krisbna- are connected with farming. Rahu repre-
" murti Padhdhati, Volume 11, page 285), sents Venus and Mars Star. Rahu is also
' Mars, Venus, Moon and Jupiter are the in Mars star. MarS is in Saturn star.
planets which indicate that one will take Kethu represents Mars and Moon is in
up "Farming " if they are in any manner Kethu star. Hence all planets are connec-
; connected with houses 2, 6 and 10. ted with farming.
Mars denotes "Land". He is called Of these, which are,favourable ? Those
; Bhoomikaraka. Venus and Mars shows - planets which are deposited in such a sub
the action to produce. Moon shows irri- which is ruled by Mars and Venus or
gation. Jupiter indicates progeny or pro- Moon or Jupiter.
duction and produce.
Sun, Moon and Venus are in Moon's
Hence one takes up farming, if one sub. Jupiter is in Mar's sub. Rahu and
enjoys the conjoined period of Venus, Kethu are in Jupiter sub. Mars, which is
Mars, Moon and Jupiter. in Saturn star and Saturn sub denotes
The horoscope is as follows; that during Mars Sub sub period, one will
purchase plot, acquire and use it for one's
' "Moon IV 3-34 business as Saturn is lord of 2, deposited
Jupiter 1-31 .Rahu Yl 23-34 in 10 in the constellation of lord of 6.
III 4-34 V 28.34 Therefore, this gentleman has purchased
the plot of land for farming on 6th July,
V 1968. At that time, he was funning
II 29-34 VII 21-41 Moon Dasa, Venus Bhukti, Mars Anthra,
4-12-1927 and Saturn Sooksbma. Mars and Saturn,
11-30 A.M.
22.J5.N as already said, are the two planets,
Lagoa 70-56 E VII29-34 which arc connected with 2, 4 and 11,
21-41 indicate purchase of property. Second
*28-34 bouse shows acquisition, 4tb bouse indi-
Kathu 26-20
Sm, 1Q-2S cates land and the 11th bouse shows
XII 23-34 Miua 17-40
3tnxn 6-i IX3-16 possession and gains. Since Mars and
Mc, 3-34 4-34 Saturn are connected with 2, 4 and 11, he
1.21 purchased in that conjoined period. The
day was Saturday and Moon was transit-
Kethu Dasa 6 years, 2 months and ing in, Venus sign, Jupiter star, and
13 days,. Venus the Bhuktinatha was transiting
Second house extends from 29 34' in Jupiter star Punarvasu. Thus according
Aquarius and 4 34' Aries. Moon and to the method advocated by Krishnamurti
Jupiter are in the second house No Padhdati, it is found that these agree.
planet is in Moon's star. Mercury and Thereby it is a confirmation that the
Jupiter ate in Jupiter's star. horoscope erected according to the timing
given by parents is correct.'
6th bouse is vacant- It is owned by As regards the future of any profession,
Mercury. In its star Sani, Sun and Kethu one is to know whether the periods (accor-
are deposited. ding to Vimshodhari Dasa) ruled by the
10th house is occupied by Mars, Saturn, planets have any connection whatsoever
Sun and Kethu. Majority of the planets with that nature of profession, which has
been started. If the following dasa lord as farm will come up without any difficu
no connection, then that particular 'nature for watering, etc., as the Sun Bhukti alone
of profession will come to an end and is left out, which is also in Venus sub.
according to the nature of the dasa lord, During Mars Dasa as Mars is in the sub
there will be a change in the profes-sion- of Saturn, the growth will not be as satis-
Now the Mars Dasa follows with that of factory as it was in Moon Dasa, yet since
Moon and Mars is in Saturn star, it is lord of 10 and 11 and also in the
Saturn sub. Therefore, more and more constellation of the planet in the 10th
'. acquisition of land, expansion of business, bhava, there will be progress ; Saturn in
etc. are shown. Then follows Rahu Dasa, Scorpio sign (watery, fruitful sign) in
who is deposited in Mars star and Jupiter' Anuradha star (Anuradha indicates
sub. fertilizerchemica], etc.) show that he will
Readers should note that any planet, make use of chemical fertiliser to have
which is deposited in Saturn sub, no doubt greater yield from the field, but not to the
gives advantageous results, if he is a bene- extent to which one expects. The best sub
fic; but yet one will no.t be satisfied with periods in Mars Dasa would be Jupiter
the net profit; But if Jupiter happens to Bhukti, Mercury Bhukti aud Bukties of the
be the sub lord, there will be the provi- lumtuaries Sun and Moon . During Rahu
dential help so that the yield from the Dasa, as it is in Mars constellation and in
field will be satisfactory and also the price the sub of Jupiter, there will be bumper crop
will be such as to bring larger profits. and most satisfactory results promising
Therefore, I. predict that during the increases in income, satisfac-tory bank
remaining period of Moon Dasa, in which position, expansion of business etc..
the cultivation will be going on and. the
lyotish Visharath K. OANAPATHI
The horoscope of your daughter is given nodes Rahu or Kethu. In Moon sign there
below: is Rahu. Therefore even though Moon is
in the 7th Bhava, we have to give prefer-
VII 6.28 vin 5.32 ence to Rahu and planets in its constella-
V 11.32 VI 10.32 - Moon Sat. 17.35 tion. (Further Rahu is in the constellation,
28.19 of Guru, lord of 2.) So we have to take-
Venus and Saturn posi.tedin Rahu constel-
lation. So the above are the significators.
IV 9.32 Rahu 0.22
7101944 IX 6.32 To eliminatea few significators and give
9.45 A.M. importance to the other few, also to
19-30 N reduce the number of significators and
74.48 E X 9.32 make a selection of the best and strongest,
III 6.32 Jup 22.12
Kcl. 0.22 we have to find out the ruling planets at
the moment of judgment, as at present i.e.,
Vcn. 17.59 Mercury at the moment of judgment the lagna falls
11 5.32 Lag, 6.28 XII 10.32 10.31 at 22 55' and the star is Pushya (Saturn
Mars 2.45 XI 11.32 star in Moon sign) on Monday, the 9th
Sun 20.47
December, 1968, we have to take only
Mars Dasa balance 4 years 4 months Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Moon or Jupi-
18 days. ter Saturn, Venus Rahu 1 The latter is
As regards marriage, one is to judge According to transit also we have to
houses 2, 7 and 11. Lagna is in Scorpio judge when it will agree with all these.
(Nir-Ayana). The second cusp falis in Negotiation will take place at the time Sun
Sagittarius at 5 32" and the house extends transits in Jupiter's sign Saturn star, i.e.
upto 6 32" in Capricorn. Kethu is in 3rd week of March, 1970, Betrothal will
Capricorn at 0 22*. Therefore, Kctbu is come up during Jupiter, Saturn, Venus,
in the 2nd house. 7 th cusp falls at 6 28" Moon conjoined period, i.e., around 3rd
in Taittus and the Sth cusp is at 5 32" in week of April, 1970, and the marriage will
Gemini. 7 th extends from 6 28" Taurus take place during the time when Sun is in
to 5 32" in Gemini. Moon is in 28 19 Jupiter star, Saturn sub around 7th July,
in Taurus. Therefore Moon alone is in- 1970.
the 7th house. 11th cusp falls at 11 32
Virgo and the 12th at 10 32" Libra. As The.7th cusp falls at 6 28" in Taurus,
Mercury is in 10 31" Virgo, it'goes to 10th which is Venus* sign, Snns star and
Bhava but Sun 20 47" in Virgo is in the Mercury sub. Therefore, the physical
lltb Bhava, Mars in 2 45" in Libra is in feature and the character of the bride-
the 11th, whereas, Venus in 17 59" goes to groom will be absolutely satisfactory,
the 12lh Bhava. Therefore the occupants magnanimous, modest, polite, accommo-
of 2, 7 and 11 are Kethu, Moon; Sun and dative and adjusting; but always having
Mats. dual thoughts and taking time to take a
No planet is in Kethu star. Mercury decision. As regards his profession is
and Sun are in Moon's star, Kethu is in concerned, we have to judge 9 32" of
Sun's star and Moon and Mats are in Aquarius, Saturn sign'Rahu star Jupiter
Mars star. sub. To me it appears that he will be a
Sales Representative or an agent to deal
One has to see whether any of the with Drugs and Pbarmaccuticals. He will
signiScator's sign is occupied either by the be in the medical line.
Horoscope is as follows ; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus in
Asc. 6.44 Fortuna in 2
Jup,14.16 Fortuna
ICet. 11.41 Sat Rahu and Neptune in 6
15.21 9.15 Mars in . 8
Ura, 29.12
Sun, Venus in 10
Nirayana Rasi Moon and Mercury in 11
MoOn Kethu in 12.
19.33 11-10 A.M. I.S.T.
Latitude 28 40' N Note'. Saturn and Jupiter in conjunction.
Mercury Longitude 77 12 E
29.54 Rahu represents Mercury by occupation
Sun 17.01 of Virgo-
Planet Lord of Lord of sub
Sun Mobn Saturn
Moon Rahu Mars
Moon Asc. Mars Mercury Rahu
Fortuna Rahu Sun Mercury Mars Saturn
Jupiter V enus Venus
Venus Sun Moon
Neptune i Saturn Venus A Venus
Navatnsa Rahu Moon Mars
Kethu Saturn Moon
Jupiter The following questions are raised:
. Saturn
Q- 1 Is marriage promised?
Venus 'Q. 2 If so, when, where, and with
Uranus Kethu Mercury whom ?

Balance of Rahu Dasa: 0 years 7 ANALYSIS

moriths 9 days. Before any one proceeds with a chart
Cusps: Planets and Bhavas : according to Krishnamurti Padhdati, the
first and foremost thing to be done is to
I 6 Aries 44 see-if lagna is afflicted or strong, and if
II 8 Taurus 44 afflicted, proceed taking the Moon sign as
III 3 Gemini 44 the first house. If Moon sign is also
IY 26 Gemini 44 similar, take lagna. In the present case
V 22 Cancer 44 lagna is afflicted by Saturn. Also, lord of
VI 25 Leo 44 lagna. Mars, is in 6 in own house (sign).
Further, Jupiter is in conjunction with a
{Add 6 signs for other cusps) planet in debility, 'namely, Saturn, and
Therefore his occupation of the lagna does Of these, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars do
not produce entirely satisfactory results. not occupy the star or sub of planets
i Let us examine the Moon-sign, owing houses 6,8 or 12. We are presently
^Aquarius. Taking Aquarius as the first not judging 6, 8 or 12, and so we shall take
| house, we find that the occupant, Moon is Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars as the strongest
slord of 6. Also, lord of Moon sign, Saturn, significators.
'is in debility. At the time of judgment, i,e., 3-12-1968,
10-45 A.M. l.S.T. at Hyderabad, the day
f Thus neither the ascendant nor the is Tuesday, ruled by Mars. The star is
. Moon sign is strong. We shall therefore Krithika ruled by Sun, Moon transitting
f proceed by taking the ascendant as the Aries of Mars, while Saturn's Capricorn is
; first bouse. ascending in the Eastern horizon. There-
Question 1 : Is marriage promised? fore, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Sun are
Answer: Yes. Venus in a fruitful sign, the planets who will bring about marriage.
and in 11 from Moon, is an indication Jupiter Dasa cannot bring about a result
that marriage is promised. But Saturn since other considerations indicate delay
in 1, forming an aspect with Venus in marriage. Saturn Dasa, therefore, will
shows delays, impediments, and dis- bless the native with marriage.
appointments, yet not a total denial At present, Saturn DasaMoon Bhukti
since the Saturn-Venus quantile aspect is running, and lasts upto 12-3-1970. The
is good, and Venus in Vargothamamsa next bhukti, that of Mars, between
is definitely stronger than Saturn in 13-3-1970 and 21-4-1971 is favourable, and
debility. Therefore a delayed marri- requires closer scrutiny for further reduc-
age is promised. tion in time range. The first opportunity,
Question 2: If so, when, with' whom, and after providing for Saturn's delay, occurs
where? in April 1970, when Saturn transits the star
of Venus, while Jupiter transits Mars star
Answer: Marriage will take place during in Venus sign. Libra. At that time, Saturn
the conjoined periods of the significa- in debility in Aries in opposition to Jupi-
tors for houses 2, 7 and 11, when ter in Libra will have the least delaying
transits are also in harmony. effect.
Hence, marriage will take place during
The significators April 1970.
Houses 2 and 7 are vacant. Both are Jupiter, Saturn and Mars owning bouses
owned by Venus. Jupiter and Saturn are 1, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 show that the husband
in Venus star and Venus sub. So both are will be a distant friend, and the marriage
strong significators. will involve a long journey from the birth
Moon and Mercury are in 11. Sun and place. He will be well-versed in arts hold-
ing an independent position. Lord of 2
Rahu are in Moon's star. Mars is in Mer- and 7, Venus, in the star of Sun, lord of
cury's star. 5, and occupant of 10, suggest. that the
Rahu in Virgo represents Mercury and native will be employed, or of financial
Kethu in Pisces represents Jupiter. assistant to her husband.

" Sir, take Moon position as is given in the
I think that he who created me had chart, and calculate, the birth ought to
have been at 10-05 P.M. If the position
totally forgotten me." of Sun is taken and calculation is made,
" Why do you say so? " birth should be at! I-S5 P.M. All these
for the date of birth, i.e. 1.5-1931. But if
"Look! I was born in 1931. Thirty- you calculate taking Mars, and find out
seven long-; long years have passed. Yet, the birth time, it should be second May,
I remain unmarried. Marriage is strange the date itself should be changed wonder-
to me." ful."
"If God is asleep, why can't you pray "Sir, 1 told you that he is well-known
and wake him up." to many. I did not say that a good
" A few weeks ago, when I felt dejected, astrologer did an honest work. To be
a young gentleman of age came to me known to many does not mean that he is
and during the conversation he suggested good in his job. I myself know that his
that unmarried people should pray to failures are many, miserable and innumer-
Goddess Bhavani as His Holiness Jagad- able. But he will torn torn if at all he
guru Kanchi Kamakoti' Peetadhipathi Sri has a lucky hit."
Sankarachariar Swatnigal recommended to " Alright let me work out your chart."
all those aged persons, especially girls re-
maining unmarried. He added that within " Where were you born? "
a year after he started to pray, he married "Karachi, please"
a handsome girl and since a few months, So you are a refugee!
be was leading a happy and harmonious "Yes"
wedded life". I said to him what! only
last week, I got a picture of Goddess What is the actual time of birth?
Bhavani. I have left it in my table " 10-02 P.M. I.S.T. on 1-5-1931."
drawer. Now that you advise me, I shall Then the following is your horoscope.
frame it and daily pray. I should do that It is calculated correctly referring to Rap-
which will give me relief. " Now I would hael Epbemeris, Raphael Table of houses
like to tell you. Sir, " Let prayer be on one and using only Krisbnamurti Ayanamsa,
.side. You, please, judge my horoscope deducting from the figures (Sayana)
and predict correctly. Even if you say obtained. Your Nirayana Chart is as
that I will remain unmarried, I do not given below;
mind. What else can I do? I shall console
myself and never think about it. But if Ratru " V 1.21
you give a date and it does not take place 20.26 Mcr 15.28 3up. 2.29
then, then the houses 2 and 7 indicating Venus Sun 17.32 VII 21.33 VIII 2221
13.54 VI 27.21
marriage wili offer the other results of IV 0.21
these houses. You knpw that these are Mars
maraka houses. So I will end myself 151931 18.0
when there will be no problem." "True, 10-02 P.M. I.S,T. 1X26.21
Anyhow, let me scrutinise your chart." 24-51 N
He presents his chart saying that one III 26.21 67-04 E
well-known astrologer had erected the Saturn'
XII 27.21 M.C. 0.21
-"My dear boy. The'horoscope when II'22.-21- Lag. 21.33 Mood Kcthu
worked taking the lagca position, birth f.56
ought to have been at 8 P.M. If you XI 1.21 20.26
Rabu Dasa balance 13 years 6 months '2 "I have toally forgotten the good
days. Now running Saturn Dasa Venus old traditional system. I follow only
Bhukti from 24-8-1967. Rrisbnamurti Padbdati. You have asked
us to follow the method, followed by wes-
Let us analyse. First let us see whether terners and not that advocated by the promised, consider the sub lord Hindus'.'.
'of the 7th cusp. It is Moon's constella-
tion and Venus sub. Where is Venus and So, second house extends from 22 21'
which house matters does he indicate? Sagittarius to 26 21' Capricorn. Seventh
Venus is in Uthrabadra star ruled by house means that area commencing from
Saturn who is in the second bouse. There- 21 33'Taurus to 22 21' Gemini. Simil-
fore, Venus (the only planet in Saturn's arly llth house extends ffom 1 21' Libra
star) promises marriage. Not that he is to 27 21' Libra.
the Chief Governor for marriage but What are we to do next?
because it is in the constellation of Saturn,
occupant of second house. "You have clearly said that occupants
are stronger than owners. Constellations
"Thank God! He has not denied me. are stronger than signs. Hence only one
So far, I am happy. Please proceed." single method is given by you-for all
Next we have to find out which houses, queries. You do not expect us to go
are we to consider." through tens of thousands of slokas one
contradicting the other, confusing the
" Yes, they are 2, 7 and 11" readers as well as the consultants."
Do you know why all these are to be "Come on, give out the order of judging
judged ? , the significators.''
".I have memorized what all you had (1) Planets tenanted in the constellation
said. I agree with that American girl who of the occupants of the houses 2 or 7 or 11.
wrote that she had memorized everything (2) The occupants of 2 or 7 or 11.
by reading over and over again without (3) Planets situated in the constellation
being bored even for a minute. 7th house of the owners of the signs where these
denotes legal bondage, wife, she who cusps fall.
legally shares the properly, possessions,
etc., though she may or may not share our (4) Owners.
sorrows. 2nd house indicates the family (5) Planets conjoined with or aspected
members. So, if marriage takes place, by any of those found out in the previous
one more member will be added to the four conditions.
family from the moment of marriage; In
a later date, birth of children to her will Second hous i: Occupant Saturn, owner
be added one by one, if there is no twin Jupiter. Occupant's stars are Pushya,
or triplet birth; 11th house shows long Anuradha, U.P. Pada. Venus alone is in
standing love, pleasure, permanent tie of the constellation saturn in 2 (venus is also
friendship and partnership in life (nume- lord of .11 as llth cusp is in 121' in
rologically 2 and 11 are the same. 2 and Libra).
7 are the numbers of Moon.)" Seventh bouse: Occupant Jupiter-
"How do you find out each house? Owner of Venus-Jupiter stars are Punar-
" Second house means the arc com- vasu, Visaka, PoorvapadraJupiter alone
mencing from second cusp and ending by is in Jupiter's star,
the third cusp." Hth house is occupied by Moon-Owner
Venus. Kethu alone is in Moon star.
" Why do you not take half behind and Bharani P. Palguni and Poprvashada are
half in advance and call the cusp as mid- ruled by Venus. Sun and Mercury are in
point Venus' stars.
'' When majorily of the planets are con- "Why can't you bless me, Sir."
nected with the bouses 2,7 and 11, how to Yes, I will bless in the 4th week of July
eliminate the useless ones and select the' 1969. You will get married in August 1969
useful ones". you will attribute this to my blessings. ^
Ruling planets at the moment of judg-
Iment must agree. Further the sub lord of Fact is this. Whether one blesses or
each of the significators. If a planet is in not, prays or not, puts on a gem or not,
such a position that its sub lord is con- things will and must happen accord-
nected with the houses 2, 7 and II then ing to one's fate. We put on Gem, we
"this planet is useful. But if the sub is lord pray Qod, we receive blessings, all these
of 1, 6, 10 and is-the significator of 12 only when the time is ripe. So it is the
! houses, marriage cannot take place. destiny which is the master of everything.
As I had already "emphatically published
Today Monday ruled by Moon, Star in my book, now also I say " Karma
Ashlesha .governed by Mercury, lagna is comes first. God comes next." None can
inTaurns owned by Venus, in Moon's dodge fate! None can hoodwink destiny
star Jupiter sub. None can bribe the God or Goddess or
Hence take Venus Jupiter and Moon. planets. The nature's divine plan will go'
on unchanged. These can be found out
- Time or marriage will be Venus Bhukti easily if you read Krishnamurti Padhdati
Jupiter Anthra Moon Shookshma. That wherein advanced stellar astrology is
will be in the first week of August. dealt with after ruthlessly exposing the
As the sub lord of the 7th cusp is Venus miserable failures, alternatives, contradic-
tions, etc., in traditional Astrology.
, and it is in the 4lh house, the bride will be
-in the town where you reside. Venus, the (jood Luck!
sub lord, denotes that she would be fair.
Having waited all along, after all God.
favours you with a charming and hand-
some girl on or around on 1st August. ERRATA
Which year, Sir, you have not said. 69 or
70 or what? The following horoscope was, by mis-
take, omitted in March 1969 issue. This
Sir, every mantra is to be repeated should be read after the last on the left
at least for 6 months regularly, systemati- half of page 24.
cally and sincerely. Today is 1-2-69. "Let.
me make real attempt " for the 6 months. Moan 13-24
I shall send my invitation card this year i Ura. 12*34 Mferc. Z8-23
itself in July. lietha
"Do pray" is my advice; Whether
you pray or not, planets promise partner Sun 11-7
for you in August 1969. - I predict. But
one thing, astrologer can Only predict. Kirayana
But Siddbi-Purushas can bless. Chart. Neptoae
Then Sir; why can't you suggest one Venus
Siddhi-Purusha-Let him be anywhere. 22-39
Now itself I will go and have such a bles-
sing as to have the tinarriage in February Rahu 1 Jupiter
itself. I can't remain single any more- 28-23 20-57
f Mars6-6
Enough! I want marriage < i


Jyotish Visharath K. QANAPATH1

Number given is 77. any planet. It is owned by Mars. It
: Time of judgment 9-30 p.m. 21-1-1961 promises lot of difficulties, difference of
' Tuesday Poorvapadra star, Kumba Rasi. opinion and a patient victim to tortures.
Horoscope is as follows. 12tb bouse is occupied by Saturn. Rahu
is in Saturn's star. Therefore whenever
Sat. 26-15 Rahu sub subperfod operates, the girl will
Rahu visit her parent's place and remain alone.
1D.11 Jupiter and Ketbu are in the 5th Bhava to
the 5th. But Kethu represents Mercury,
Venus lord of 6. Therefore during the sub
25-01 periods of Saturn deposited in Mercury
Mood constellation and during Mercury and
24-20 21-1 -69
9-30 P.M- Kethu sub periods disharmony, disagree-
Mer. ment dissatisfaction and dispute are
22 34 (R) marked, Only when Venus sub period
Sun 8-07 starts, i.e. after 2 years 8 months ,6 days,
the son-in-law will realise and he will be
Lagna Kethu toned down. He will purchase peace and
13-20 to Mars 10-11 make all efforts to lead a happy harmoni-
16-40 I 19-11 | Jup. 12-43
(R> ous life.
Jupiter Dasa 10 years 9 months 24 days. Divorce is not shown. Patience is to be
Query is about your daughter. Number cultivated by your daughter, as' Aries
is given by you. So taVe the 5th house happens to be the 5th counted from the
counted from the lagna shown by your Lagna that rises according to your
number, as the lagna of daughter and
then judge with the position of planets as Let her pray Goddess Lakshmi whom
is at the moment of judgment. Arjuna prayed according Jto his Guru's
advice. (Lakshmi Hridayam.)
As 77 denotes Sagittarius Lagna, Posi- Since Jupiter and Venus favour happy
tion 13 20' to 16 40'. So' 5th cusp will life, the birth Nakshathra should be
' fall in Gharahi first Fada in Aries between Visaka or Poorvashada. As these two
13 20' to 16 40'. stars are in either of their signs and stars.
For married life, planets connected The horoscope of your daughter is.
with 6th house, i-.e. significators of 6th' as follows
house,, bring about separation due', to
partner's walking out or desertion T2th
house significators denote that the native Rahu
will seek separation, get but and live
singly, Stb bouse significators denote dis-
hormony and quarrel. 8th house does not
threaten separation. The native will ex-
perience difficulties and continue to live 7-11-194S
together. Lagna Saturn
The seventh house - counted from Aries
is occupied by Mars. No planet is in Sun,
Mars' star. Hence Mars denotes 7th house BrhosPati Mangal Budh. Venus
matters. Stb bouse is not occupied by Kethu
Sun Dasa balance 2 years 4 months
Sun Venus 6 days.
According to her chart Rahu Dasa has
Moori SatUro started. So far, Mars Dasa was on. Mars
fcaglm was in Jyeshta ruled by Mercury, lord of
N&vamsa 6 and 9 in the sub of Sun, lord of 8 in 10
Mars (Vyaya to 11) Hence the trouble from the
Kethu time of marriage. Rahu Dasa Guru
Bhukti after 2 years 8 months will bring
Mere. fortunate bright harmonious and abso-
lutely satisfactory life.
review of books glands are the mysterious factories that
attend to itscbemical needs supplying, as
THE HAND OF MAN this living city encounters various external
By Noel Jaquin; Sagar Pu&Iications, Ved conditions (such as changes of tempera-
Mansion: 72. Janpatb. New Delhi-l ; lure. and other potent radiations that
Rs. 1500. affect its internal workings) the necessary
substances, to counteract any harmful
For centuries the study of hand reading effects. Effects causing alteration in its
has been associated with Fortune-Telling, tissues, which might, in time, even thre-
b But besides this aspect, it has been aten is continued living unity. It is these
f proved that the hand betrays, as Noel cbemical changes that indicate to the eye
Jaquin says, the chemistry of the body of the medical man that all is~ not well
: that predisposes to certain diseased states; within.'. But by the time they have made
long before these conditions can be detec- an external appearance, the condition that
ted by more orthodox methods of diagno- is causing them may be too advanced to
sis. When the hand does prove very be.corrected. Pain is incidental, and is
definitely that it betrays character, mental no guide to the seriousness or otherwise
abilities, etc., there, is no reason why of the cause. It has been proved that
it should not give some indications nearly all The major diseases develop
of health conditions particularly as sO: without pain; they grow quietly and
many factors affecting general health become malignant too suddenly to give
are psychological. He says that things any useful warning by thei[ pain. Pain,
never happen suddenly. The process in such cases, merely calls" attention to
of disintegration begins at birth; the the ravages of diseased and the shortened
point where the process of disintegration span of life.
exceeds the repair ability of the body
is the beginning of diseased conditions There is no denying the fact that the
and ultimate dissolution. An increased brain is the central control station receiv-
attention is being paid, to tbose cbemical ing and sending its messages, policing and
alterations in the body that are prelude to controlling the vast city of living orga-
disease. This alteration of chemical nisms of which our bodies are composed.
balance is responsible for the majority of From the brain to even the most distant
the symptomatic changes in the individu- area, of the epidermis, as well as to the
al's appearance ; the change of colouring, most deep seated of the internal organs,
changes in the texture of the skin, colour there runs an elaborate telegraphic system,
of the eyes and general appearance. the nervous system. In the hand there
These symptomatic changes are, in many are millions of nerve endings or 'eye';
cases, the basis of the diagnosis, but, each nerve fibre ends some part of the
owing to peculiar cbemical alterations brain. Shocks or excessive joy, to take
due to unsuspected psychological factors, extreme examples, cause disturbances of
there occurs error. the cerebral cells. This cerebral activity
It is common knowledge that the human ' produces a reaction in the nerve fibre
.body is very similar to some vast city: it ending in that particular portion of the
possesses its systems of transportation, brain affected by the shock, and the nerve
telegraphy, defence, drainage, and its 'eye' in the distant hand contracts or a
factories. In this vast city of living expands, causing a minute indentation
organisms there exist, as in all other cities, which betrays the violent emotion. Its
many separate and distinct colonies. position in the hand betrays its type and
These are all controlled and covered by qualityby its correspondence to the arcaof
one central powerthe brain. the brain that has been affected. Each part
of the hand has its counterpart, or depart-
This city generates its own electricity ment, in the brain; thus, the emotions
supply, it has produced a marvellous connected with our amorous impulses are
system of sanitation, and the endocrine shown in the formation of the Heart line.
while the logical abilities and the degree ting substance, the heat of the various
of will-power are indicated by the forma- bearings and so forth and the engineer in
tion of the head line. charge has only to glance at these small
.Dealing with sex questions, Noel Jaquin clock dials which at once tell him whether'
says that only husbands would consider the power is falling or rising. They indi-
the sex composition of their partners a cate to him unfailingly any tendency for a
little more carefully and would take a serious defect to occur. In the same
little more time and trouble, they would, manner the divine machine, man, has
in majority of cases, find that they were been fitted with a gauge which must surely
not as cold as they thought and many indicate the pressure of the vital force,
marriages would be saved from disaster. the resistance to disease. At the same
People marry much as they select careersr time it indicates those organs that are
for all sorts or odd reasons except physi- weak, thereby revealing at what speed
cal and mental fitness or compatibility. and in what manner this machine may be
By a careful comparative examination of used so as to prevent its breaking down.
the bands of any two people it is easily When one reflects that hereditary tend-
possible for the expert to state definitely encies and diseases, which are obscure in
to what extent they are compatibles. If their origin, are indicated through the
such a comparison reveals any dangerous medium of Scientific Palmistry, then we
emotional inequality, a frank warning is must acknowledge that the life-work of
given on the bands, thus saving two lives Noel Jaquin, far from being in vain, has
from wreck on those hidden reefs, so placed in the hands of humanity at large
common in the matrimonial sea. Noel yet another weapon with which to combat
Jaquin has given examples where there the moral and physical difficulties and life,
were clear indications of emotional diver- for in the revelation of the weakness lies
gences and his advice was not heeded to the key to the prevention of development.
and the couples were married, only to end Noel Jaquin has already proved the value
in failure before long. of this science as an aid to the diagnosis
He says that the whole aim and object of disease and psycho-analysis, but of the
of bis work is to make this despised study future be does not pretend to tell unless it
of Palmistry a definite science that will be be related to either character or health.
of practical value to humanity. And he He says that the point that he would
has succeeded in presenting a scientific emphasise is that the fundamental founda-
approach to the interpretation of the tion of either success of failure is to be
signs on the band and to enable the reader found in the combination of health and
to understand the warnings they portend. character. How often lack of confidence
in one's ability, presuming that one has
Hand reading may seem to be rather a ability, renders effect weak and feeble,
formidable task to the novice but it is and tbere is lacking just that touch of
easier than one would think. This subject, hidden strength necessary to arrest atten-
admittedly, is complex, because human tion and abstract success.
nature is complex, but therein is the secret In this volume the author treats of a
of its fascination. With practice and
some concentration no great difficulty subject which has generally been regarded
should be experienced in quickly learning as a farrago of nonsense owing to the
to make a general and satisfactory analy- way in which it has been exploited by un-
sis of character from the lines of the band. scrupulous palmists, but after careful
perusal of this work' every thoughtful
SCIENTIFIC PALMISTRY reader will be brought face to face with
By Noel Jaquin. Sagar Publications, Ved facts which, to say the lease, are ibdebi table.
Mansion, 72, Janpath,' New Delhi; The explanations are logical, lucid and
Rs. 12.25. comprehensive, contained in small chap-
In all machinery there are gauges fixed ters. Many of the interpretations are
which indicate the quantity and pressure new and do add greater knowledge to an
of energy being used, the flow of lubrica enquiring researches in Palmistry.
Translated by
7, Lothian Boad, Kashraerc Gate, Delhi.
Eighth House 9. If the eigth bhava happens to be in
1. According to ancient sages, the Libra, death of the native will be caused
, learned astrologer should predict all about by some dangerous drug, in the night,
crossing a river, very difficult (to win) from some quadruped, from observing a
fort, weapon, longevity, distress and diffi- fast or from deceiving.
culty from the eighth bhava. 10. If the eighth bhava happens to be
2. The learned astrologer should con- in Scorpio, death will be caused due to
some bodily ailment, disease or due to
4 sider death, longevity, bidden place, cause some insect, by some one living in the
of death, prosperity through gains, place native's house or in his family.
i of death and insult from the eighth bhava.
3. If eighth bhava happens to be in 11. If the eighth bhava happens to be
the Aries sign, the native will live and die in the Sagittarius sign, death of the native
in a foreign place, he will be like a touch- will be caused by some one living in his
stone in examining things as to their qua- house, due to disease of private (or some
lity, very rich and miserable. mystery disease), or by diseases of anus
and rectum, by some insect or quadruped.
4. If the eighth bhava falls in Taurus 12. If the eighth bhuva falls in Capri-
sign, the native will die due to kapba, in his corn, the native will be learned, will have
house; fear from sleeping on the ground good qualities, will earn honours, will be
or from quadrupeds, in the night, and desirous (or lewd), brave, will have
S the wicked. broad chest, will be good debator, and an
5. If the eighth house be in the,Gemini expert in all the arts.
sign, the native will die due to his. asso- 13. If the eighth house falls in Aqua-
ciation with youngest (?) or due to sple- rius, death will be due to fire and disease
nitis or because of juice, or from the acquired from intercourse or from various
disease of anus and rectum or from kinds of abscesses, tumours, etc., diseases
carelessness. produced by water, from labour and from
6. If the eighth house be in the Cancer depending on others.
' sign, the native will die due to water, 14. If the eighth house falls in the
some dangerous insect or in a foreign Pisces sign death will be caused due to
place by some person (other than his weakness as a result of diarrhoea, from
relative). fever due to pitta, vatta or kapha, or
7. If the eighth house falls in Leo from a weapon.
sign, death of the native will be due to a Eighth house lord in the 12 houses
reptile, ora child or (by living in a) forest,
due to some thief or from quadruped. 13. Eighth house lord in lagna causes
8. If the eighth house happens to be great trouble and unhappiness, annoyance
in the Virgo sign, the native will meet his and strife, the native will get wealth from
end due to licentiousness or due to his the king, will be diseased and very
own money, he will murder women, unfortunate.
will be in difficulty or will be killed by 16 Eighth house lord in the second
women living in hisown house. house, makes the native very learned but
thief, his means on livelihood will be 25. If the eighth lord occupies the
Vunsleady, deceased; his death by the king eleventh bhava, the native will be weak,
be ceitain. (but) happy ; will be long-lived if benefics
i- 17. If the lord of the eighth house is occupy it; he will keep the company of
posited in the thiid bhava, the native will lowly people if malefics occupy it.
- himself oppose his brothers, relatives and 26. Eighth house lord in the 12th
friends, will be harsh of speech, fickle house makes the native harsh of speech,
' minded, wicked and devoid of brothers, will be thief and wicked ; bis actions will
etc. agitate others, he will be shrewd, a rogue
18. If the lord of eighth house is and will meet his end by taking camphor.
posited in the fourth bhava, the native Aspects of Planets on the 8th Bhava
will lose the wealth earned and banked
by his father, will be deceased, will always 27. If Sun aspects the eighth house,
quarrel with his father. the native will suffer from diseases of
anus and rectum ; he will be deprived, of
19. If the lord of the eighth house is his father's wealth; he will always troub-
posited in the fifth bhava, the native will led by the king.
always lose bis son; malefic planets
therein will give bad results and the native 28. Full aspect of Moon on the eighth
will be fraudulent; benefics therein will bouse indicates that the native will be
result in more children. deathlike, he will havefear from diseases,
water, great danger ; this aspect is indi-
20. If the lord of the 8th house is cative of loss of wealth and prosperity.
posited in the 6tb bhava and if Mars and
Son or Mercury along with Moon and 29. Mars' aspect on' the eighth house
posited therein, the native will oppose will cause pain in the bladder, fear
others; Venus and Saturn therein will from iron or steel, loss of wealth etc.,
cause many diseases. fear on the road and loss of wealth by
21. If the eighth bouse lord happens
to be in the seventh bhava, the native will 30. Aspects of Mercury on the eighth
suffer from diseases of the private parts house promises long life. Government
(or some mystery disease), will be miser, service, and/or farming and foreign
wicked, low-charactered, beloved of bad journey.
people; conjoined with malefics, the 31. If Jupiter aspects the eighth house,
native will commit many crimes, if with the native will suffer from some disease
Mars, the native will be appeased by a which will cause great death-like suffering
woman. in his eighth year of age, fear from king
22. If the eighth lord occupies the or someone else, the native will be penni-
eighth house itself, the native will be a ness and stupid.
trader, will suffer from many diseases, 32. If Venus aspects the eighth bouse,
will be soft spoken, pious, (but) will be the native will always suffer from the dise-
famous as a cheat in bis family. ases of anus and rectum, earn money with
23. The native will commit sins and great difficulty, will cause misfortune by
violence, will be adored by his friends his folly.
and relatives from here and there and will 33. The native will be shot-lived,if the
be devoid of friends, if the eighth lord eighth lord, conjoined with malefics, is
happens to be in the ninth bouse. posited in the sixth or twelfth bhava ; the
24. If the eighth lord happens to be in learned astrologers also predict short span
the 10th house, the native though acting of life even if Lagna-Iord is also posited
like a king will be a wicked, will be in either of the abovementioned houses.
devoid of friends and relatives and un- 34. The great astrologers say that if
happy. the eighth lord occupies its own quarter.
the native will be long lived; long life 45. If all the planets, benefics and
should specially be predicted from the malefics, occupy a Kendra or Trikona and
seventh bhava, and from planets in their in the Paravata,etc. amsa, long life should
own sign, in friends' quarter or in be predicted.
exaltation. 46. If malefics occupy the sixth and
35. The native will be long-lived if the 12th bhava and if lagna-lord happens to
.lagna-lord, conjoined with the 8th lord, be weak and is not aspected by orvconjoin-
Ihappens to be in the sixth or twelfth ed with a benefic, the native will either be
|house, or if the 6th and 12th houses lords short lived or will be childless.
f occupy lagna and are aspected by benefic
' planets. 47. If malefics, devoid of benefic
aspects, occupy a Kendra bhava and if
36. Long life should be predicted from logna-lord happens to be weak, the native
the tenth lord, in friend's quarter, in his will be short-lived.
. own sign and in exaltation; also, if
lagna, tenth and eighth bouses lords 48. If the second and twelfth bhavas
occupy a kendra house. happen to be occupied by malefics, devoid
37. The learned astrologers predict of benefic aspect, or in some malefic
long span of life if the planets, mentioned" Shashtyamsa, the native will be short-
in the proceeding sloka, occupy the lived.
tenth house or a kendra house, conjoined 49. Short, medium and. long are the
with Saturn. three classes of Ayu (age): short span of
38. If lagna-lord in a Kendra house is life extends up to 32 years of age; medium
conjoined with or aspected by Jupiter and up to 70 years and beyond 70 it is full age
Venus, long life should be predicted. or long life. If lagna-lord happens to be
enemy of Sun, the native will be short-
39. If.benefics are posited in the 4th lived.
and Sthhouses and lagna-lord is conjoined
with benefics. and if Jupiter aspects thero, 50-52. (1) If the lagna-lord happens to
long life should be predicted. be hciitral to Sun, medium spanof life ;if it
40. If malefic planets occupy houses 3, be a friend of Sun ; (2) If lagna-lord hap-
6 and 11 and benefics the Kendra and pens to be weak, Jupiter occupies a Kendra
Trikona bouses, and if lagna-lord happens or a Trikona house, and if malefic planets
to be strong, full age (Poornayu) should occupy the sixth, eighth and twelfth hous-
be predicted. es; (3) If benefics occupy Kendra and
Trikona houses and if Saturn is strong ;
41. Full age should be predicted ' if (4) if malefics occupy sixth or eighth; (5)if
benefics occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th malefics occupy Kendra, Lagna or
bhavas and malefics the 3Td, 6th and the Trikona ; (6) In case of combination of
11th bhavas. any of the above yogas, medium span of
42. Eighth lord in lagna, conjoined life should be predicted.
with or aspected by Jupiter and Venus or 53. The learned astrologer predict
lagna-lord'soccupation of a Kendra hous- death in a battle field, specially with some
es promise full age. weapon, if eighth and lagna lord happen
43. Three planets in exaltation, eighth to be weak and conjoined with Mars and
lord in lagna and absence of malefics in sixth lord.
the eighth house promise long life. 54. If lag'na and sixth lords are con-
44. Long life should be predicted if the joined in the sixth house with Saturn and
three planets occupying the eighth house Rahu or Kethu, then in its Dasa (period)
be in their exaltation, friend's quarter or or Antar dasa (sub period) the native will
bwh sign and if the lagna lord is (also) be murdered by thieves, with some
strong. weapon.
5. If iagna-lord and eighth lord are Pishacha (spirit) badha, or death should
conjoined with the fourth house lord, the be predicted,
native will meet his end through a 64, The native will suffer from fever
vehicle; they (lagna and 8th lords) are appearing every fourth day if waning
conjoined with Jupiter,, the native will die Moon, conjoined with Rahu or Kethu is
of constipation also, if lagna lord and posited in the eighth bhava 1 this will
Jupiter occupy the sixth bhava. happen if this Moon is even conjoined
56 . If lagna-lord is conjoined with the with the eighth lord; this will specially be
fourth lord and Jupiter, or if it is true if it is posited in a malefic shash-
conjoined with fourth and second houses thyamsa.
lords, the native will die of constipation. 65. The native as well as his father,
57. Conjunction with eighth lord, will meet his end by the wrath of the king,
causes death in its major or sub period. In aud will lose his wealth if Sun is in debili-
the.same manner, death of father etc. .^tation or is posited in sixth or eighth
'should be predicted from the house lord bhava, conjoined withmalefics.
(indication rather), its aspect, or conjunc- 66-67. If Mars in the ninth or tenth
stion etc. bouse from lagna is aspected by malcfics,
58. If Bhukti and lagna-lord are con- the native's maternal uncle will die-: if it
- joined with Saturn or are posited in a male- is conjoined with Saturn, the native's son
' fic house (6, 8 or 12), the native will die of will die; if it is conjoined with Moon,
: from taking poison; if they are, conjoined
death of native's mother should be pre-
with Rahu of Ke'tbu, posited in the malefic dicted. If Sun occupies these bhavas and
house, the native will meet his end by is aspected by maleflcs, the native's father
hanging'. will certainly' die. If lagna lord and
Moon are conjoined with, two malefic
59. If the sixth house lord Saturn is planets, the native will die in his very
conjoined with Rahu or Kethu, with childhood.
Jupiter, or with Moon, fear from animals, 68-69, If the Moon is eclipsed or is
elephants and horses respectively should aspected by malefic planets, the native
be predicted. will die instantaneously. The native will
60. Such a Saturn (lord of sixth bouse) lose his brother and maternal uncle if
if conjoined with Sun, and Mars, causes . an eclipsed Moon occupies lagna and if
fear from animals having horns, and dogs lagna falls in Cbitta, Uttara Phalguni or
respectively. Saturn in the sixth house- Poorvashada. They may also die of
also gives the same results. beating with feet; this evil will be mitiga-
61. If the fourth, ninth and lagna- . the ted if there is aspect of beoefic planets (ofi
lords occupy a Trikona or Kendra house, lagna). The native's father will die
then in their major period, or bhukti, the if Mars and Saturn, conjoined with Rahu
native's father will die .along with his occupy fifth, ninth or eleventh bhava.
mother. 70. If Mars, aspected by malefic pla-
62-63. If a weak Moon, conjoined with nets, is posited' in the seventh or eighth
Rahu, is posited in the eighth bhava, the bhava, the native will die in his childhood;
native will sufier from Epilepsy ; such a such a Mars in the third house, causes loss
Moon with Saturn, the native will suffer of brother.
from- diseases or trouble due to water and 71. Death of mother should be predic-
Pishacha (a Spirit), if the weak Moon, ted if Moon, conjoined with or aspected
conjoined with Mars, Rahu or Saturn, is by malefic planets, occupies the seventh
posited in the 8th house the same should house; Sun in this position causes death
be predicted. If such a Moon is posited of father; if it (Sun) is conjoined with
in a bad bhava (6, 8 or 12), death from Saturn, Mars and Venus, in the seventh
fear of epilepsy (epilepsy itself) or house, the native will lose his son. -
72. The native will die in his child- will not happen ; if these planets occupy
;hood if malefic planets occupy the third the fourth bhava, then death of mother
or the sixth house and benefics occupy the should be predicted in the day or night,
twelfth house and if Moon, conjoined as indicated above.
with malefics, is posited in the fourth 80. At the time of the native, his father
house or the eighth. will be away if the tenth lord happens to
73. The native will die (in his child- be in the eighth house or a movable
hood) if Moon and Sun occupy lagna and sign; if it is in .a fixed or common sign,
malefic planets, devoid of aspects, of his father will be near bim.
benefic planets, occupy the 12th bouse. 81. The native will not perform the
Death of son should be predicted if Sun last rites of bis parents if Sun or Moon
occupies the seventh house, and Moon,' occupy a Kendra bouse in a movable
conjoined with malefics, occupies lagna. sign ; if they occupy a Kendra house in a
74. The native will become blind if common sign, the time of their last rites
Sun and Moon, unaspected by any benefic will be odd.
planets, are posited in.the twelfth bouse; 82. The mother of the native will be
if each of the two occupies the sixth and in great difficulty if ninth lord happens
the twelfth bhava, and if bolh are to be strong and Moon, ,lagna-lord, and
unaspCcted by malefics, the native will be the fourth lord weak.
one-eyed. 83. Too many malefic planets in the
75. If Moon and Sun occupy the eighth bouse indicate diseases of anus aud
twelfth bhava and its lord the lagna, loss rectum ; but this should not be predicted
of life should be predicted ; also, if Jupiter if benefic planets aspect the eighth bhava.
is posited in the eighth or twelfth bhava, 84. i The native will be happy if benefic
conjoined with or aspected by malefics. planets occupy and aspect the eighth
76. At the time of birth itself the bhava; coarse grain has relation with
parents of the native will die, if lagna- malefic planets and fine grain with benefic
lord happens to be strong and the fourth planets.
and ninth lords being weak, occupy the 85-86. The native will lose and will be
eighth bhava. insulted if eighth bhava lord conjoined
77-79. The native will suck milk from with or aspected is by malefics, or is
the breast of a woman other than his own hemmed between malefics, or is posited in
mother, if third lord along with Moon a malefic house or in the eighth house.
occupies any of the trika (6, 8 or 12) But if benefic planets are posited therein
bouses. He will not see happiness from or if they aspect it, then the native will
children if the tenth lord and.its karaka not be insulted. Tfae native will die in a
occupies houses 6, 8 or 12; he will enjoy far off country if the eighth bhava and its
their happiness, if those planets are posi- lord happen to be in a movable sign.
ted in a Kendra or a Trikona bouse. If 87. The native will also die in a
the tenth lord Sun and Saturn occupy, the foreign place if Saturn occupies a mova-
native's father will die in the night;if ble sign or navamsa J in his own place,
sixth lord is also-posited therein, death if it is in a fixed sign or navamsa) on the
during the day time should be predicted, way, if it is in a common sign or
but if sixth lord happens to be Moon, this navamsa.

Sir, which will also contribute for your success
I have taken your time of birth as. 5-45 will be the lord of the day and the lord of
P.M. on 20th February, 1924 at 8* 11' the lagna in which I am now dictating.
North and 77 29' East. The horoscope is Now the lagna is Karkata, ruled by Moon
as follows; and the day is also ruled by Moon, being
Monday. Therefore, one can boldly de-
clare that you will have your desire
fulfilled. : You are running Mars Dasa,
Vd. 16,7 Kethu Bbukti upto I4th January, 1969.
Mars Dasa, Venus Bbukti commences on
the happy Pongal day of the Hindus. Moon
Kct, 9.38 Asc. 27.23 sub period in Venus will be in April-May,
Sun 7,54 1969. I am sure that the day of order for
regaining the lost position would be 3rd
Mood May, 1969, when Sun transits in Bharani
Mere. 16.0 5,53 Nakshatram,
(II) 26.3 According to your horoscope, there is no
planet in Mars star, no planet in Venus
iMar. 27.37 star. Therefore, Mars and Venus are the
(VI) 23.3 J (IV) 27.3 (IV) 25.3 (ID) 25.3
two who in theirconjoined period, will do
Jup. 24.38 Sat. 9.34 good-. No node is conjoined with either of
the two or occupying any of the four signs
Kethu Dasa balance at the time of birth owned by those two planets. Therefore, it
is exactly 4 (four years). must come through and you must regain as
the sub lords are favourable.
Query is to find out whether your Regarding the 2od question, one has 'to
seniority will be restored, if so when ? or find out when you will be running the
will you resign and leave the job, if so period of the significalors of the houses 1,
when? 5 and 9 Moon and Rabu are in 1, Mars
To regain one's position, one has to alone is in S and no planet is in 9. The
judge the bouses 10 and 11, as 10th house lord of the 9th is Jupiter. Budha is in
indicates the position, fame, reputation Moon's cohstellation- Sani and Kethu are
and honour in profession and also the also in Rabu's star. Guru's star is not
11th shows one's realisation of ambition- occupied by any planet and Sevvai star is
Both the houses are vacant. The lords of also not tenanted by any.
the cusps of the 10th and 11th are ruled by Taking the ruling planets at the moment
Mars and Venus. It will be surprising for of judgment as lagna is in 2 of Cancer,
you to note that I;am taking your horos- you will retire from the service after the
cope at a time when Bharani Nakshatra is full term during Rahu Dasa, Budha
on. It means Moon is transittiog in Mars, Bukthi, Kethu Afithra, i.e., in 1979. Hence
sign and Venus star- Therefore the two the question of resigning the present post
planets which are to fulfil your desire will during Mars Dasa or in the first half of
be Mars" arid Venus. The other planet Rahu Dasa is out of question.


Mr. D. R. S. MORTY
Astrologer. F. B. N S, Roorkela-li
Will I come out successful in the interview Moon is the constellation of Kethu
for the selection of SubInspector of Police' and in the sub of Mercury. Kethu is a
If so when ? Asks a person and gives a.number significator of lith bhava and Mercury is
56 at 650'p.M. on 14th November 1968. a significator of the 6th bhava. Both these
bhavas are connected with your success in
interviews or competitions and fulfilment
The chart for the moment is as follows: of your desires. Therefore the position
The lagna is based on the number given of Moon fully confirms your query.
^according to the principles laid down in
'Krishnamurti Padhdhati. Success in the interviews should be
judged from the bhavas 6lh and 1 Uh.
E Saturn 6th bhava has Rahu and retrograde
26' 34' - Saturn in it. - As planets in the constella-
13* 49' tion of another planet which is retrograde
are not capable of fulfilling your desire
'* planets in the constellations of Saturn are
to be omitted. Rahu as one in this cate-
gory is left out. But Mercury the only
planet In the constellation of Rahu in the
Mood 6th is a significator of 6th bhava. So take
12 42' Mercury.
SunlT 5S' Jup.Mars,
6 27' Uth bhava has only Moon. Kethu is
Venus Merctiry the only planet in the constellation of
6' 15' 16 06' 9' 54'
6-40 Kctfau Moon. So take Kethu.
3-20 13 49'
Both the Dasa lord and the sub (Bhukti)
Kethu Dasa Mercury Bhukti. Mercury lord are the sigoificators of 11th and 6th
Bhukti balance is 3 months 29.7 days from bhavas. So they are connected with your
the date of query. success in the interview.
The following is the disposition of the At the time of query you had Rahu
planets in the zodiac. Antbra in Mercury Bhukti and the anthra
Planet Lord of Lord of of; Rahu is for 15.7 ^days . upto
coustellation Sub - 29.7-11-1968. Fox the reasons stated above,
Rahu cannot bestow on you any good des-
Sun Jupiter Sun pite the fact that it is in it's own sub in
Moon Kethu Mercury the 6th. So you cannot expect any news
Mars Sun Venus of your selection before the end of Rahu's
Venus' Kethu Rabu period. After Rahu Anthra you will be
Mercury Rahu Venus getting the anthra of Jupiter in the same
Jupiter Sun Mercury Mercury's bhukti. Jupiter is in the cons-
tellation of Sun in the lagna and in the
Saturn Mercury Rahu sub of Mercury who is the bhukti lord and
Rahu Saturn Rahu is a significator of the 6th bhava. The 1st
Kethu Moon Rabu house ot lagna is the 7th to the 7th house
which represents your opponents and the that. Moon being such a planet Moon's
lagna represents you. So it should give fiookshma is selected. This is more so
you success. Jupiter period is for one because I have taken up this chart for
month 17 6 days, i.e. from 29.7-11-1968 judgment at the time When Moon star
to 17.3-1-1969. So you can lookup for SRA VAN AM is ruling the moment. So
your news of having been selected during expect your selection during the First
the period of Jupiter Anthra. When WEEK OF JANUARY 1969.
Kethu Dasa is on and when Kethu should
bestow on you some good result, the planet PRAY LORD UCHISTA GANAPATHVJ
in the constellation of Kethu will realise GOOD LUCK FOR YOU

P. R. MURALIDHARAN, B. E. (Civil), Junior Enginwr,
P.W.D. Guiburg* Circle Gulburga,
R, HRUSHIKESH, B.E. (Civil), Junior Engineer,
M. T, T, Division, Gulburga,
Number, within 249, givenby the Querist C. Planets Lord of
is 10, at 12.13 P.M. on 15-1-1969, at Constellation
Gulbarga. Sud Sud Jupiter
A. Chart Moon Mercury Venus
Mars Rahu Venus
Saturn Mercury Moon Kethu
355 57' Lagna Jupiter Moon Rahu
Rahu 5' 21' 17' 1
340' 34-' Venus Rahu Sun
Saturn Mercury Rahu
Venus Rahu Saturn Sun
317* 56' Kethu Moon Moon
Mercury Nature of Query
290* ir 1 Invariably Moon indicates the "Mind ".
Sud 1 This rule does not fail! In this case
217 22' k Moon is in the constellation of Mercury,
Jupiter sub of Venus, Mercury owns houses 3,
D r Mars 162- 42' and 6 and occupies 10th house. Mercury'
230 5S 48' 196* 43' Kethu
160' 41' has the aspect of Jupiter (5th aspect).
Mars (4th . aspect) and Rahu (11th
Balance of Mercury Dasa 12 Years. aspect) according to Hindu system.
0 Month, I Day. As Mercury owns 3rd House, it
indicates sister or younger brother.
B. Bhava Chart: Further Moon is in the sub of Venus,
VI Bhava Jupiter and Kethu lord of 7th and 12th from Chandra
VII Bhava Mars Lagna (Chief Governor of Marriage). It
VIII Bhava indicates marriage and 12th house matters.
IX Bhava Sun and Moon Mars, the lord of lagna occupies the 7th
X Bhava Mercury house, indicating marriage. Therefore
the complete question is about the sister's
XI Bhava Venus marriage. Moon's sign is afflicted by
_ Xlljthaya Saturn and Rahu Kethu. Hence it is mentioned that querist's
Mind is no; clear. The querist agreed llth House is occupied by Mars. No
this fact planet is found in any of his star. Hence
Saturn in 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 counted from Mars is considered as a significator.
Tagna delays the time of fixation 7th House is unoccupied. Lord of
and celebration of the marriage. 2nd, 7th and llth are Saturn, Mercury
In this case Saturn is positioned in the and Venus respectively. Rahu is in the
lOth house from Gemini (3rd from Lagna), Star of Saturn. The planets in the cons-
i, e., Aries. Further Saturn aspects the 7th tellation of Mercury have already been
Cusp by 10th aspects. This causes delay in considered, and no planet is in the
marriage. The 7th cusp falls in Sagittarius, constellation of Venus. Hence significa-
a fruitful sign indicating that I the native tors are Rahu, Saturn and Venus.
will lead a married life. Hence A node conjoined with a planet gives
Saturn's aspefct causes only delay, but it the result of planet. As Saturn rules 2nd,
'does not deny., Rahu is to bless her with marriage, since
According: to Prof. Ktisbnamurti Rahu is conjoined with Saturn. But Rahu
Padhdbati, for Marriage, Houses 2, 7 and has Jupiter's aspect by 177 52'.
T1 are to be judged as pet the following To Dasatatha Mercury, Sukra is in
order; advance, that too in 2nd House. Hence
(a) The planets in the constellation Mercury DasaVenus Bhukti is the period
of the occupants of the houses 2, of Marriage.
7 or 11. Further Saturn, the lord of 2nd and 3rd is
(b) The oocupaflts. in 4th House aspecied by Jupiter (193 15')
(c) The planets in the constellation of and Saturn is in the constellation of
the lords of the Houses 2, 7 or 11. Mercury and in Rahu sub. Hence Saturn
(d) The lords of 2, 7 or 11. Anthra may be considered.
(e) Planets conjoined with them. Ruling planets at the time of solving
(f) Planets aspected'by them are , the question arc '
the Significators of Lagna Star Lord ... Kethu
(i) The time of marriage. Lagna Lord ... Mars
(ii) The description of partner, Star Lord ... Mercury
(iii) The state of Married Life. Sign Lord ... Mars
Day Lord ... Mercury.
The Lagna is weak as its Lord Mercury
is in the 8th house or BhaVa. Moon is in The common ones ate Mercury and
7th Bhava, a fruitful sign. The lord of Mars. Mercury has already been considered
Moon Bhava is in the ,10th sign from as Dasa Lord. Hence consider Mars.
Chandra Lagna and 4tb from Lagna Therefore marriage will take place when
having adipathya, 1 and 4 from Chandra Mercury Dasa Venus Bhukti Saturn
Lagna and 7 and 10 from Lagna. Antbara and Mars Sookshma operates.
Houses 2, 7 and. 11 ate considered for This period operates between 24-6-1969
marriage according to the Prof: Krishna- and 3-7-1969.
murti from Chandra Lagna since Let us now consider transit to pin-
Chandra Lagna is stronger than the lagna point the exact date. Sun transits in the
(Gemini). sign of Dasanatha (Gemini) and-in the
.2nd Bhava is occupied by Mercury. star of Rahu (Arudra) on 25 th June, 1969-
The planets Moon and Saturn are in Hence the querist's sister's marriage will
Mercury's constellation; Hench both of take place on 25-6-1969 positively.
them are significators. Budha by occu- The same principles have been applied
pying the 2nd Bhava will also become to natives (Querist's sister) birth chart,
significator but next in strength. which also confirm the same period.

(!) Correctness of birth time. (2) Marriage : (3) Accident (4) Failure in
Examination. End of Study- (5) Disease and cure. (6) business.
(7) Sale of property. (S) Sister's marriage. (9) Father's end.
(10) Service etc.
the Horoscope correct! No planet in this area.
^. It is judged on Thursday ruled by Eleventh house is from 23 Cancer to
l^jillpiter on fe-269 when Aries Lagna 24 Leo.
^.rises in the, East, Moon transits in Kethu is in II.
Clfcjjct; occujfijed by Kethu and Jupiter;
Uthfapalguni star'. Hence Mercury rules Ashlesha, Jyeshta and
Kpiie^KethH^'MercurvgiMars and Sun Revalhi-
J5, is 'he lord Mars and Venus are in Mercury star.
qf-'sub ; Kethu
rept?iiats'Mfttcury^J"pil:er^3S??rid of day. Rahu is in Mars star who governs
' - -y - Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanishta. .
Horoscopcti^as fojlpwis:
Venus governs Bharani, Poorvapalguni
.. ,3 . and'Poorvashada. No planet is in its
VIISS-'SA VIII 24-D rafs-'o* M.C. 23-0 star. So Venus is very strong.
Kethu rules Aswini, Makha and Moola.
Kethu is in Makha and Moon in Moola.
VI 24-0 XI 23-0 Saturn and Jupiter aspect 7th house. On
Rab. 2-24 24101933 1651954, during Sukra Dasa Kethu
5-25 A.M. . Bhukti Saturn Antbra, marriage was
14*-31' N celebrated when Sun was in the Venus
V 23-0 75 -58' E Kct. 2-24 sign, Taurus, Moon was in Venus sign
Sat. 16*59 XII 244)
Libra, Kethu was in Mercury sign
it came up. As Kethu has no day of
IV 25-0 III 23-0 his own, it gave on Sunday as Kethu
Moon Ven. 21-53 11 24-0 Lag.
Jup. 16.35
23-54 was in Sun's sign- That day Moon con-
11-49 Mar. 17-3 S Sun 7*19
Mcr.Q-41 joined Saturn the anthranatha in dasa-
natha's sign. Hence it is correct.
, Kethu Dasa balance 0 year 9 months 17
days. LagnaMercury's sign, Mars star As per traditional System, dasa and
Mars sub": MoonJupiter sign Kethu star bhukti is the same. But according to
Mercury sub. Hence the time of birth and Bhava Chakra or Chaleeth Sukra will be
the chart are correct. in 3, and it has no auspicious strength to
give the marriage. But according to K. P.
VerificationMarriage; the single rule is universally applicable.
16554 married. Accident: 4 teeth damaged on
For marriage judge houses 2, 7 and 11. 2111956.
Second house extends from 24 Libra to Accident with injury is indicated by 8lh
23'' Scorpio. house- Ailment is denoted by 6th house.
Mercury, Mars and Venus are in 2. Hospitalisation by 12,
Seventh exte|dmg from the 23 54'. 8th house is unoccupied. Owner is
Pisces to 24 Anes. Mars. Rahu is in Mais star.
Rahu occupies Aquarius where 6th able as well as undersirable effects
Cusp has fallen. No planet is in 6: are like convertibles. If these sub\:
Owner is Saturn. Its results are given by period operates in the dasa of one who
Rahu also. promises progress, they have to join,
12th house is occupied by Jupiter. co-operate and obey the dasanatha and ,
Mercury alone is in Jupiter star. 12th offer agreeable results in their sub period
house is owned by Sun. No planet is in in such a dasa.1 If the dasa lord is to
Sun's star. Kethu acts as an agent of Sun. end a matter, then such planets having
both portfolio will end it, A servant
Accident was on a Saturday, Uthra- when he works in animal husbandry, he
shada transitted by Sun (Makara, Saturn attends to the production of animals. If
Rasi, Sun's star Kethu sub). Moon tran- his master is a butcher, he works in the . 1
sitted in Mars sign Aries, Kethu star. slaughter house and finishes. Hence, a
Rahu, the Bhuktinadba was in Mars sign bhukti lord, who has the portfolio of
Mercury star. both advantages and disadvantageous
Thus, transit fixes the exact date. houses has to operate^ in the dasa of a
Second house indicates teeth. Mars, lord beneficial dasa, he does good ; in the dasa
of 8 is in 2. Its constellation is occupied of a malefic, be does harm.
by Rahu. So Rahu indicates that parts of This explains that Saturn Bhukti in
the body which the constellation by the previous Venus Dasa permitted him to
occupation denotes. (It can be seen that have continuous study as Venus is a bene-
Mars in its own star in the second house fic to persecute studies by regularly atten-
produces long teeth which cannat be ding the school whereas in Sun Dasa be
covered by the lips. Lips will be there. gave up as Venus in the constel lation of
But like cashewnuts appear outside the Mercury in the second house, especially
fruit, the teeth also will be seen as they as lord of It allowed whereas Sun is in
will project outside. If it is also indi- Lagna Bhava in the constellation of Rahu
cating danger, teeth gets damaged. Mars, deposited in Maraka sthana to the 4th
Moon and Saturn indicate pyorrhea pus house matters.
in the root of teeth. Saturn governs
bones and Saturn with Moon shows pus.] What has Saturn done also ?
Failed in examination Discontinued Saturn owns the sign Aquarius where
Studies: the 6tb cusp is and no planet is in the 6tb
End of June 1957, Sun Dasa Saturn Bhava beginning from 6th cusp and end-
Bhukti Saturn Anthra failure. During ing in the 7th cusp. So Saturn is the
Jupiter Bhukti joined Law. That is all. owner of the 6th house. No planet is in
Saturn star. So Saturn indicates the
4th house denotes study. Fourth nature of the disease. Saturn can cause the
extends from 23 Sagittarius to 23* disease in its period, in its sub period and
Capricorn. Saturn is in 4. No planet is in the periods and sub periods of the
in Saturn star. Saturn gives study. planet conjoined with or aspected by
Also Saturn is in the constellation of Saturn Saturn has 3 aspects (The third,
Moon in 3rd houseVyayanegation to the seventh and tenth). No planet is con-
4. Hence Saturn is to end. joined with Saturn. Sun alone is aspec-
ted by Saturn. Hence during Sun Dasa
Rahu is in Saturn sign. Its results Saturn Bhukti, a longstanding disease
include those of Saturn. Whatever Rahu is started. Saturn opposes Cancer the 4th
to give, planets in Rahu star will give. sign of the Zodiac. It is in its own sub.
Hence Rahu is to give education and also The 4th sign indicates lungs , the pulmo-
end to education, like Saturn, Then pnejs nary system. Saturn sub denotes long stan-
to know that Saturn, Rahu, i.e. the ding one and plum. St)be bad Asthma
significators which are to cause desir- then.
j Moon is lord of U. It is in Kethu cons- 4thhouse showed permanent possession"
tellation deposited in 11. Hence Moon 3rd house indicates severing connection
definitely promises cure. with 4th house matters. Moon is in the
Saturn is lord of 5 (12 to 6). Saturn is 3rd house.
"in Moon's star to cure. Saturn is to Second house denotes liquid cash and
cause disease as the significator of 6tb bank position. Mercury and Venus are all
house, and it has also to give cure as lord in 2nd house.
of 5 deposited in the constellation of lord Though the Hlh house is said to be
- of 11. So during Sun'Dasa Saturn Bhukti very desirable, yet it is 12 to 12; 6 to 6
'disease started. Moon Oasa Saturn and 8 to tbe 4th. Hence 11 tb house is
Bhukti, it disappeared like dew in the an evil house to the houses 12, 6 and 4.
presence of Sun light. Normally dew
sets in during Moonlight and disappears 12th bouse iudicates loss; llth shows
during Sunlight. But in this case, due to no more loss; gains, profit, etc.
their signifying matters related to disease 6tb bouse indicates disease., llth
and cure, Sun gave the disease and Moon shows cure. 4th house denotes permanent
drove it out.. possession. Whether one demolishes,
Oil business spoiled: sells' or acquires from another depending
on the sub lord is tbe Uth house, just
14267 started : 12567 stopped. like 6th house shows getting money by
Moon Dasa Budha Bhukti Moon Anthra loan .whereas llth house promises profit
started on 13167 and it ran up to by profession or any action.
2S267. In this period, oil business was Hence Moon in 3'is to lose any of
added to the family business.. Why? Mer- the 4th house matters. Venus and
cury is for plurality. People in service hold Mercury show realization of money.
additional charge. People in business add
one more time. Moon denotes liquids. Sister's marriage :
So oil business was added during A Dasa
B Bhukti A Anthra B Shookshma, Sister is indicated by 3rd house. Her
marriage is "to be judged from the 9th
Rahu Anthra came. It finished this time. cusp. It falls in Venus sign Moon star
Why? Rahu in 5 (12 to 6) in the constel- Sun sub.
lation of Mars in 2 as lord of 3 and 8 and Marriage was celebrated on 29-1-1968.
also as lord of 8, without any planet in 8
cannot allow one to be incurring loss as When Moon was in Venus sign Mars star.
it was in the sub of Kethu. But Mars was Sun was in Moon's star.
in the constellation of planet in 2 and sub The period was Moon Dasa Venus
of planet in 2. It allowed in its period. Bhukti Mars Anthra. Mars is in the cons-
Planets in Mars constellation has to give tellation of Mercury, lord of U. Moon
both the results i.e., the results of 2, 3 and was in the sub of Mercury, lord of 11
8 houses. Therefore the only planet in. counted from 3rd house and Venus is lord
Mars star,i.e., Rahu had to give 8th of 7 counted from 3rd house and Venus
house results also. Hence the slogan of was in the constellation of lord of 11 to
Mars Rahu. What is 3rd house.
it ? If Mars is both to do and to undo
" start in a flash and end in a crash." Hence the period agrees.
Sale of property and converting land to Mercury is in the constellation of Jupi-
cash; ter in )2th house showing pleasant expen-
ses or investment. Hence planets under
On 6968, land was sold and money the sway of Mercury gave pleasant func-
realised. It happened during Moon Dasa tion and running down of bank position.
Venus Bhukti Mercury Anthra. Mars is the Chief Governor to brothers
and sisters. Further it is lord of 3. It is in another. This , is also common. Hence
second Bhava. So the cause of expenses is one should judge astro!ogically whether
due to sister. Also it shows sister there will be mixed results or one has series
going away (12 to 3) and thereby of fortune or one has a battalion of sor-
separation rowful events and loss after loss. Astro-
logy clearly indicates which of these three
groups one will have and when.
i; Karma means duty. Duty of a person This native lost his father on 10-9-58
is to do service or business and make and entered service on 18-9-58 before
money to live and also to do the religious the ten days ceremony was over.
rites to the departed souls, especially What was the period running then? It
(father and mother. was Sun Dasa Mercury Bhukti Venus
lOtb bouse indicates Karma. It is called Anthra from 30-7-58 to 21-9-58.
Karma Sthana; Jeevana Stbana. Hence Sun Dasa was the end of father. Why?
one gets into service and also does Karma 9th cusp falls in Taurus, a Sxed sign.
.an the same dasa Bhukti and Anthra. I Hence the 9tb is the Bhadhakasthana to
bad quoted many instances. One of them the fixed sign. Therefore 5th to a common
was as follows: One received two wires bom is the 9th to the 9th fixed sign. So
at the same moment from a telegraphic find out the significator of 5th Bhava.
subordinate. One wire said that be was [In some families father dies when one
appointed as Supreme Court Judge. The expects a child. We say that the father
other was the bad news; death of a close will take birth of this child.]
relative. . Such a thing happens in the
dasa atuf bhukti' of a planet which is con. 5th house is occupied by Rabu. Sun
nected with bouse 10. 10th bouse indicates alone is in Rabu's constellation.
death of parents and profession. Promo-
tion is shown by 11th house and 10th. Mercury Bhukti was the end of father.
Both good and bad will be heard about For one's end, next to Bhadhakasthana
promotion and death of children if 10 and one is to judge themarakastbahas. 2 and 7
11 operate. If 5 and 10 operate, improve- are marakasthanas. So second to the 9th
ment in status and death of son-in-law or denoting father i.e. the IDth house portends
daughter-in-law, as 11th house indicates end offather and portrays one's profession.
them and 5th is the 7th maraka sign to 10th house is vacant. Meridian falls in
11th. Second bouse is also a maraka Gemini. Mercury is its lord. Venus and
sthana. Hence to child, 2nd indicates Mars are in Mercury star. Therefore
maraka which is the dth. Therefore 6 Mercury and Venus laid their iey hands.
and 10 show death of child and promotion Why did Venus give and not Mars. Venus
to the native. If 12th which is second to is in the sub of Sun, the dasa lord, dange-
11th operates and lOtb also runs, then rous to father by occupation and chief
death of one in law and loss of, money .- governor of father. Mars in the sub of
If 5 and 12 operates loss of job to the, Mercury as lord of 3 in second house, in
native and danger to child. the constellation of lord of 10 and sub of
lord of 10 shows danger to co-borns. It
Thus one can see that a bouse indicates will be during Jupiter Dasa (Jupiter in the
results which include good to a relative constellation of lord of 9 to the fixed sign,
and bad to the person or bad to a relative third house] and Mercury Bhukti Rahu
and good to the person. Whenever such Anthra Saturn Shookshma after 2001.)
mixed results happen, people say God
compensates by offering one good result Thus, for all past events, apply Krisbna-
when a bad event is to happen. One , raurti Padhdhati strictly. His single rule
should not, also forget that one enjoys reveals the truth. Read K.P. Follow K.P :
luck after luck or suffers one after Use his ayanamsa; Forget others.

Can I do photography and prosper. deposited. Venus alone is in Kethu stats.
' Horoscope is as follows Hence Venus promises success and pros-
perity through the matters which Venus
indicates. Photography is one of those
Lftgna II 28-42 III 25-42 124)1 Moon which Venus indicates. Mercury is in the
2^-26 IV 21-42 sub of Mars. Mars has to signify second
bouse self-acquisition and Sth house, some
XII 20-42 difficulties. Hence during Mercury Dasa,
Kethu V 18-42 there will be speedy turnover, larger pro-
14-13 26-11-1923 fits, satisfactory bank position, etc., and
3-15 P.M. also during the sub periods of Saturn in
15-27 N July, August 1983 some worry especially
75-05 E Rahu s
XI 18-42 14-13 through Tax Department, Otherwise, the
VI 20-42 whole of Mercury Dasa from 6969
is Beneficial. Customers increase. You
VIII 28-42 may have to go short distances towards
Sun ,0 26 Sat 5 *03 VU 26-26 your business. You will appoint niore
0J l
" - Jup 7-42 - Mars 2-24 assistants. Yon will not be in difficulty
to get materials costly ones will be purch-
Rahu Dasa balance 10 years 9 months ased by you during Mercury Dasa Venus
10 days. Bhukti Saturn Anthra, in November 1974.
Mercury Dasa starts on 6969. Expansion and improvement from Novem-
ber 1974 is promised. Between 1969 and
Let us judge why he took photography 1974 every year will-show steady improve-
10th cusp is in Venus star Jupiter sub. ment.
Venus, by nature, denotes photography. According to Western System Sun just
Prosperity depends on the period which progresses in 10th house. It will be there
is to run. If we analyse. Mercury and its for 25 years more when name, reputation,
results, then one can know bow the gains prestige, prosperity in profession etc.
would be. Mercury is posited in the Sth are promised.
house. It is in Saturn star Jupiter sub. Moon by progression, now passes in
Saturn is lord of 11 and 12. - It is in 7th 12th house, after 2 years Moon assures
house. It is exalted. Saturn shows that that Luck starts.
one will invest money (lord of 12 and no
planet is in 12). Saturn as lord of 11 pro- According to transit from 7th March,
mises gains. It is in 7. So it threatens 1969. financial position will be good-
that you should not have any partner for i photography will be your profession.'
any business. Mars suggests independent Good Luck.
venture. Saturn and Mars encourage your
independant business and denote mixed Yours sincerely,
results as Saturn owns the 11th and 12th
houses. But in 11th Bhava Kethu is K. S. KRISHNAMURTI.

Ankle; People will have black moles house indicates pleasure, prosperity-
in their ankle if Rahu' or Kethu or Sani permanent tie of friendship, partnership,
occupies the Uth fiouse counted from the riches, etc. Hence the mole in the ankle
Ascendant, as 11th house indicates ankle presages the above desirable results.
.and Saturn as well as Rahu and Kethu are
the malefic planets causing moles. Arm (Forearm): Third house occupied
by the malefics from the Ascendant indi-
As l.lth house opposes the 5th [as per cates mole in the arm, especially when it
Western System] and opposition of evil is a movable or^common sign. The fixed
planets is inauspicious, they do nol favour sign indicates that the mole will be in the
the fertility of the native ; he is effeminate; neck. Those who have moles in the arms
these planets are evilin thisaspect. Hindus will be courteous. They are industrious.
say that Rahu or Kethu in S causes They may have to face many difficulties
Puthra dosha. If either is in 11, the other yet they will pursue and ultimately come
must be in 5- Saturn will prove to be out victorious. In every enterprise, they
definitely evil if it is in 11, in the constel- are cautious and successful. Third house
lation of Rahu or Kethu for the birth of indicates inclination to learn everything.
children. Cowardice in a man is indi- So they are versatile and gain sound
cated by the mole in this area. If the knowledge to be competent enough to
ascendant is aspccted by Saturn, be will attend to their various undertakings.
not be bold. But the partner in life will Third house indicates assistance from
be courageous, alert and active, as it is in others (Sahaya Sihana) to lead a happy
5 to the 7ih house. When a person has jife.
Sani and Rahu in It, if he takes his wife
and consults an asttologer, the gentleman Mole in the z'm mrticatcs ihat u pcuou
will be gentle and keep silent as though he will be a widower at forty. The follow-
is guilty, whereas his wife will put varieties ing is the chart which explains the truth
of questions and expect some remedial
-measures to have a child, by praying to Sam, Mara
God or putting on a costly gem or by Rahu
visiting any(holy place.
As it is declared that planets in the 11th Lagna Neptune
house, whether benefic or malefic by nature, Thursday
promise happy and harmonious wedded 21-9-1911 Moor
life with satisfactory progress and pros- Uranus Poorvapalguni Mcr,
perity, one can be sure of these results, if Venus
he has a mole in the ankle. Moles alone
indicate and not the scars. The scars are Guru, Sun
the evidences for the suffering of a person Kethu
in that particular part of the body; Nor
a tattoo mark therein will bring about At the time of birth 10 years of Venus
these results. dasa remained. When he was 40 years of
age and was runnipgsRahu , dasa, Sani
Planets in 11 portray name, fame, repu- . Bhukti, Rahu Anthra; his wife passed
tation, social and-financial success.--l-lth away
~ Sir, has fallen; Kcthu (now in Virgo) is the
1 was born in Hyderabad-Sind. In 1947, lord of the star Maka; Virgo owned by
I came away to India leaving all my Mercury; Moon, lord of the day as Tues-
possessions including my chart. I am day Sun will rise in 2 hours. Hence
told that I was born in the last week of Venus, Kcthu, Mercury and Moon. These
October 1945. That is all what I know. planets should rule the day, the rasi and
They are sure that the time of birth was the constellation in which Moon ought to
9-10 A.M. I.S-T., have been on the day of your birth, i.e.,
lord of the day, the star day and rasi
Answer: must be governed by the above ruling
Early morning when the lagna is in
Poorvasbada constellation,. Moon is in On 24-10-1945, it was Wednesday ruled
Maka star, day according to Hindus by Mercury; Star was Rohirii governed
Monday, as Tuesday Sun is to rise on 4-2-69 by Moon; lord of the rasi is Venus.
according to calendar date, I judge your Therefore your day of birth should be
chart. So, what are the ruling planets: Wednesday and date 24-10-1945.
Venus, lord of constellation where lagna

pajas, Sravanata, Avittam ist and 2nd Social activities will strain them muck
padas or in Makara Lagna or with Sun in There will be unnecessary worry due to
Makara. secret inimical activities.
Mars in Pushyam star from 9th indi- Mother will maintain normal health
cates that there will not be any wastage and will have., success in her efforts from
through vehicles, house, etc., whereas the 9tb. From the 1 Itb, "there will not be
you can enjoy more pleasure through any delay to have response to her
them. Social activities will bring in communications. Speculation will yield
more popularity. Sukra in debiiitation satisfactorily from the first week. Litiga-
from the 8th to llth warns you to avoid tions will not cause any worry or loss. If
gambling and speculations. Later, when in service, there will be delay to have the
it is in Pushyam andAyilyam, you can assistance of colleagues. Business will be
boldly venture and have satisfactory dull.
profit. From the llth, your work-load Children will have improvement in their
will decrease as your colleagues will come financial position, satisfactory gain in
forward to help you. Business will thrive speculation and peace of mind without
well and you can have satisfactory profit.
. Budha, in retrograde till the llth, worry or loss in litigation from llth.
indicates that litigation will cause From the 9(b, yield from investments will
. unnecessary worry, and will throw be satisfactory. There will not be worry
impediments to undertake long trips. through secret enemies. In service,
Later, even though it is in 8 as it is in - change of place .or heavy work-load will
Pooram, you will continue your higher prevail. There will be impediments to
studies, come out successful in competitive continue higher studies or to undertake
examinations, and will have the support long trips.
of your benefactors and monetary gain in The partner in life and business will
long trips. Litigations will turn in your maintain normal health and will succeed
favour. As Gtitu is retrograde in 5 in their efforts. Their^financial position
and Saturn is retrograde in 2, there will will improve from the 9th. . Short trips
be impediments to .success in your enter- will end in their favour in the second
prises. There -will be unnecessary fortnight. There will not be any delay to
expenses which will far outweigh' your have response to their communications.
income. There may be unnecessary Business will thrive well frpm 9th. In
worry due to secret inimical activities. service the work-load will decrease from
Yield from investments will not be the.middle of the month.
satisfactory. There will be dullness in
contract and agency business. Delay to Father of the native will have the
have response to your communications, support of superiors and colleagues from
and exertion in short trips, will make you 10th instant. In the later half bis
feel dejected. Dealings with Govern- financial position will improve consider-
ment will end in yodr favour either before ably. Careful trading in speculation and
the 12th or in the last week. Interviews gambling will yield a little. Litigations
between the 20th and the 22nd will be will continue without any change.
crowned with success. Attempts to have Contract and agency business will thrive
promotion in service, and for expansion well from 9th.
- in business after the 26th, will end
favourably. Aquarius (Kumbha Sasi): Refers to
persons born in Avittam 3rd, 4th padas,
Your younger brothers will have Sathayam, Poorattatbi 1st, 2nd, 3rd
improvement in their financial position padas or in Kumbha Lagna or with Sun in
and.mpnetary gain through long journeys Kumbha rasi. " -
from the"9th. "TrTservice heavy work-load
will continue. Facility to continue higher From the-9th, Mars gains strength in the ;
studies will be available from the 10th. 6th house and indicates thaf the contract
Vol. 7 MAY 1 9 69 No. S

Letters to Editor 3
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K. S. K.
One of my old students is near my room. distinction. It had come true. Nw, he
He is aged 28. He sits just outside and wanted me to request you and find ut
arranges to enter my room, barefooted. whether he would go-overseas and settle
" Good Luck. Come on boy ! down there.
He enters. The astrologer smiles uncontrolled and
Take your seat and make yourself answers this query also ; again the consul-
comfortable. " tant presumes and says " I think you will
not mind to see this girl's horoscope and
"Good morning, Sir ". advise me whether she will get married
So saying he turns round ; looks at the before this boy goes overseas. That is also
Pooja mandapam ; prostrates before Lord done. The person pleading his economical
Ucbchisbta Maba Ganapathi and tben to way of living mentions due to various
me. reasons, I want to celebrate the marriage
of my second daughter along with first
" Good Luck, sit down." How are daughter on the same day. Will my expac-
you 7 tation and desire come true 7 He turns
" Thanks, Sir ! I am quite alright. " another page and shows another chart.
" What brought you here. " When he heard that both will have
marriage on different dates, he hurriedly
" Nothing, Sir..." To meet you and... " takes another daughter's chart and asks
" First of all, give up the bad habit of whether the second and third daughter will
saying "Nothing, Sir" and then put get married at the same time. This is
forth problem after problem, most of the answered ' Yes', and in the same breath
Astrologers face more or less the same the astrologer adds, " Enough for this
music. Generally people come without day." Let me attend to some urgent
appointment and most of the people used work. "Only one more child chart
to say "Sir, I want to know only one alone. Sir" Hullo! all children are not
point in my chart. When asked "What born on the same day. Is it not? Come
is it?" he will say "only about my on any other Saturday. Thus, saying
longevity. " This point is answered. nothing, how many charts are seen. TTbis
Then, be will turn over the next page in is a bad habit. They may think that they
the 200 pages notebook, show his wife's had cleverly got all charts seen. Astrologer
chart and enquire who will pass away first cannot be fooled. But he pities with such
and who will survive whom 7 When this is people and he does his duty considering
also answered, he will take up the first service to others is his motto." So astro-
son's chart and ask whether this son, now loger knows very well that no person will
staying in London, Ontario Canada will be salute a doctor on ordinary days and he
by the side of his parents at the time of will wish only wheu he is ill. Similarly
their demise. The astrologer maintains none will appear to be friendly with an
bis pleasant mood and gives bis answer. astrologer unless the service of an astro-
Then the querist will turn over another loger is needed. Mostly, this is the
sheet and say, " I think, you know my world.
second son to whom you predicted once So, now, straightaway plunge into your
that he would pass the examination with subject matter.
I would like to hear from you " How to He had already prepared and presents
judge a nativity" systematically and the chart. I took it and verified in 6 mts.
scientifically according to Krishnamurti I said " young boy, you are very correct".
Faddhati. "Alright." The chart is as follows:
I took my Tape Record. Set it ready to
record whatever is spoken. IX 15.01
I said " Do you want Horary or Mar. 9.49 X 17.01 XI 19.01 XII 19.01
" First let me know, Natal astrology " Lag. 18.22
said he. VIII 15.01 9 P.M. Rahu
23121924 23.23
"To apply the principles enunciated by 18-39 N
me, you should erect a horoscope, as I in- Kethu 72-55 E
struct. You must follow strictly all my 23.23 11 15.01
instructions. " VII 18.22
Yes, Sir. I know how a few astrologers VI 19,01
erected wrongly and you gave them poli- Mcr. 17.21 Vcn? 9.33 1VJ; 01 111 15.01
tely and nobly, what tfiey deserved, then, Sun. 8,51 Moon 3.11|
in October 1967 issue. It is fresh in my Jup. 8.32
This is the way how to present a chart
" Alright. First you must get the to the person concerned, so that there is
following data to have a correct chart. (I) no trouble to note the houses, and the
Place of birth; (2)Time of birth ; (3) Date; planets in each house, etc.
month and year.
- "If the birth is between midnight and First Step. Note the extension of each
the next sun rise, confirm, at 12 midnight Bhava-House.
which calendar date was over and which I. 18 22' or Cancer to 15 1' Leo.
calendar date sun is to rise. II. 15 01'Leo to 15 1'Virgo.
" Take Krishnamurti Ephemeris which III. 15 01'Virgo to 17 01'Libra.
is now in the market where sidereal time IV. 17 01' Libra to 19 01' Scorpio.
and position of planets are given for V. 19 01' Scorpio to 19 01' Sagit-
every day. Do not use condensed ones. tarius.
If you have Raphaels, use it. Krishna- VI. 19 01' Sagi to 18 22' Capricorn.
murti Ephemeris gives the some value, like
Raphael's (2) Take Raphael's table of VII. 18 22' Capricorn to 15 01' Aqu-
Houses. Shortly Krishnamurti Table of arius.
Houses will come to the market. Both give VIII. 15 01'Aquarius to 15 01'Pisces
the same figure as regards the values. After IX. 15 01' Pisces to 17 01' Aries-
calculation, use only Krishnamurti X. 17 01' Aries to 19 01' Taurus.
Ayanamsa. Work out. Erect the Nirayana XI. 19 01'Taurus to 19 91' Gemini.
chart and a ready reckoner for Dasa and XII. 19 01' Gemini to 18 22' Cancer.
Bbukti, etc." "Let us take one horoscope,
Sir. The particulars needed are as (Though you know these, I say, so that
follows; my stenographer can take the notes from
"Alibag: 18 39' N; 72-55E is the Tape Record, type, again switch on,
place of birth. 9-00 P.M. I.S.T. is the confirm whether what he has typed is
actual time of birth. Tuesday 23-12-1924, right and then publish so that new students
is the day and date of birth. The horos- can follow ray method in an order and
cope is as follows : avoid any mistake."
" It is worked out in strict accordance 11 Step.Note which planet is deposi-
with your instructions. " ted in which Bhava; also note the constel-
lations ruled by the planets against each IV Step.Note the owners of the
planet. signs where the cusps are and their cons-
Occupants I. Moon Rohini, Hastha, Sra-
House Planet Constellation of vana.
Occupants II. Sun Karthik,Uthra,P. Guni,
1. Rahu Arudbra, Swatbi, Satha- U. Shada.
bisha. III. Mercury Ashlesh, Jeyeshta, Re-
II. vatbr.
III. IV. Venus Bharani, P. P. Guni, P.
IV. Saturn Pushy a, Anurada, U. P. Sbada.
Pada. V. Mats M. Sira, Chitra, Dha-
Venus Bharani, P. P. Guni, nishta.
P. Sbada. VI. Jupiter P. Vasu Visak. P. P.
Moon Rohini, Hastham Sra- Pada.
vana. VII. Saturn Pushya, Anuradha,U.P,
V. Jupiter P. Vasu, Visakam, P. P. Pada.
Pada. VIII. Saturn Pushya, Anuradha,U.P.
Sun Karthik, U. Palguni, Pada.
U. Sbada. IX. Jupiter P. Vasu Visak, P. P.
Mercury Ashlesba, Jyeshta, Re- Pada.
vathi. X. Mars M. Siva Chitra to
VI. Kethu Aswini, Makam, Moola. Danishta-
VII. Mars M. Sira, Chitra, Dha- XI. Venus Bharani P. P. Guni, P.
nishta. Sbada.
IX. XII. Mercury Ashlesba Jeyeshta Re-
X. vathi.
XI. V Step.Planets in the constel-
XII. -- lations of the owners of the signs where
III Step.Note the planets' tenanted the cusps fall.
in the constellation of occupants from I. Owner Moonnone in its star.
first bbava (or house) to 12th in an order. II. Sunnone in its star.
I. Saturn in Swatbi. III. Merc.-Rahu in Mercury star.
II. Venus in Anuradha. IV. VenusMercuryin Venus star.
Mars in U, P. Pada. V. MarsKethu in Mars star.
Mercury in P. Shada, VI. JupiterMoon in Jupiter
None in Moon star. star.
V. Moon in Visak. VII. SaturnVenus and Mars in
None in Sun star. Saturn star.
Rahu in Ashlesba. VIII. SaturnVenus, Mars in
VII. Jupiter and Sun in Moola. Saturn star.
VIII. Kethu in Dhanishta. IX. JupiterMoon in Jupiter
So, you find that planets occupy only star.
the houses. 1,4, 5, 7 and 8; planets X. Mars, Kethu in Mars star.
deposited in any of the constellations of XI. VenusMercury in Venus
the occupants ate the stongest si'ghificators star.
of the bhavas 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8. So these XII. MercuryRahu in Mercury
are the strongest. star.
So, there are planets in the constel- planet will give when its dasa, bhukti,
lation of the owners of the houses 3 to 12. anthra operates and which planets will
So these planets deposited in the stars of offer the results of a particular bhava.
the owners are stronger than the owners to The following compiled one is the ready
offer the results of the bhavas owned by reckoner for the single, simple, sure,
them. But the moon and sun have none in successful science (Krishnamurti Pad.
their stars. So they themselves, have to give. dbati). To note the order of the signifi-
Planet occupying a constellation is Deputy cators, this is the rule. That is,
Secretary who is to execute what the lord (1) Planets in the constellation of the
of the constellation, (Secretary with a occupants.
particular portfolio is to give) indicates
by occupation or ownership. If the Dy. (2) Occupants.
Secretary is absent, Secretary does. . So (3) Planets in the constellation of
also if there is none in its star, the owner owners.
(4) Owners. (Very weak but yet
VI Step is to assort, arrange and those connected with a bhava are those
prepare a ready reckoner for each plane,s conjoined with or aspected by the
planet to know which bbava results each significators found out already.

Now, the above calculations may be tabulated as follows:

Planet signiflcator of which house House Planets Significators

Sun 2, 7 and 5 Moon, Saturn, Rahu

Moon 4, 1, 6 and 9 11 Sun
Mars 4, 8, 5 and 10 HI Mercury, Rahu
Mercury II, 4, 3, 3 and 12 IV Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn,
Rahu, Kethu
Jupiter 7, 5, 6 and 9 V Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu
Venus 4, 4, 4, 11,7 and 8 VI Jupiter, Moon
Saturn 1, 4, 8 and 7 VII Sun, Kethu, Jupiter, Venus, Mer-
Rabu 3,12. 5, 1 and 4 cury, Saturn
VIII Mars, Venus, Saturn, Kethu
Kethu 8, 7, 8 and 4.
IX Moon, Jupiter
X Kethu, Mars
XI Mercury, Venus
XII Rahu, Mercury

Only to get this map tabulated, so far we worked step by step. Now those work-
ings are not needed any longer. This chart alone is needed along with the horoscope and
the ready reckoner table for dasa and bhukti.

" Let us verify whether his horoscope is For movablesign It isBbadbakastbana;
.correct by taking the ruling planets of his yet in one's lifetime, house 11 promises
wife- Her horoscope is as follows ; realisation of ambition, success and pros-
perity. So 11 is very good, 2 and 6 are
Sun 28.23 good for money matters, but no good for
(IV) 25.23 VII 15.17 health. Find out who are the strongest
Moon V 24.53 VI 20.52 Rohu28.14
18.15 significators of the houses 1,10 and]),
Merc. 10.3 when one can maintain health, come out
IB 22.53 successful in his efforts, earn a name,
Vcn. 12.15 VII 17.53 have outstanding report and gain bis
Sunday object.
0,30 A.M,
12-4-1936. But for a business man, who should
Jup. 28.16 18.55. N have bank overdraft facilities, consider
Mar. 21.24 72 54 IX 22.53
II 17.53 the 6th house also. It is necessary for
Ket. 28.14 XII 20.53 Anyone, putting on the gems of the
Lagna Sat. 2.16 PI 24.53 D 25.53 strongest significators of the beneficial
15.17 bouses is lucky. Only when luck is to be
enjoyed shortly, he will or she will acquire
Budha Dasa balance 14 years 11 months this colour; we attribute the luck to the
23 days. Gem. For this person. Pearl set in Gld
What are the ruling planets at the time is good for bank overdraft (6) as Moon
of her birth ? and Jupiter ate the significators of 6tb
house. As Mercury is the significator of
Lord of lagna constellation Venus both 11 and 12, reject it. It is like rains
Lord of lagna sign Jupiter in sandy desert; it is not useful to
Lord of the sign occupied by Jupiter improve bank position. Mars is good ;
Moon It is the significator of 10. Its eighth
Lord of the day of birth - Sun bouse significator ship is strong equally.
Planet in lagna Kcthu. Mars gives grand success. It shows that
it will give real estate to bis wife. So,
Hence Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and suggest Red, Ruby, Coral. As Kethu
Kethu were the ruling planets : Note the and Mars signify, loth house matters and
agreement in full taking the significafors Mars is in the Sub of Venus (significator
of bouses 2, 7 and 11 in husband chart. of 4, 7, 8 and 11) he will gain and trans-
Also consider that Moon, Mars andRahu fer to his wife (4 is 10 to 7; 7 and 8
cannot be het ruling planets as they are houses are 1 and 2 wife. This is the
not the significators of 7 or 2 or 11 in the scientific way of reading which proves
husband's chart. Note none of these was correct.)
her ruling planets at the time of her birth. " So suggest the Gem suited to Kethu
"Sir, which gem or colour will suit and Mars."
him?" " I have understood Sir are the days
"Houses 1, 3, 10, 11 are the best for also to be selected and rejected ? "
health, longevity, success, name, fame, " As there is Kethu star in Mars sign,
reputation, honour, etc. 2 and 6 indicate let him put it on an Aswini star day or
the receipt of cheques. But 2 also shows whenever planets transit in Aswini ;
the end of life and the 6th disease and the especially Mars. Let him pray Lord
debts. Hence 2 and 6 houses have undesi- Ganesh. As it is in Venus sub, let him.
rable effects, also. Dhyan Ganesh with a concert- As Kethu
is representing Saturn also, let him go for
Therefore 1 and 10 are excellent. Ucehishta Maha Ganapathi. He will and
3 is very good. Always helpful. must have His BLESSINGS."
When Mars is good, let him select Saturn is aspecled by Mars and Venus as
Tuesdays to complete a transaction. He I, born on 1-11-1908 have Saturn in Pisces
must gain. If Kethu star, also is tram and Mars as well as Venus in Virgo ; one
sitled by Moon or Sun or Mars, that time meets during Mars period Martians.
is very fortunate. During Venus period Venusians. During
" Sir, which colour is suited to him 7" Saturn period Saturnians."
" Red." " Which days are good 7 " " Best
" What result can one expect ?" Tuesdays, Next Fridays " when he run a
Venus Dasa Venus Bhukthi Mars Anthra.
It gives him activity alertness, push, When he runs Venus Bhukti Rahu Anthra,
courage, make others bend to his will, Swathi star days. If the sub period is
come out victorious. Have resistance Jupiter, Visaka Star days are good."
against disease, etc. Today, it is Tues- " Now, which star days are good I think
daya holiday to you and Holi to all Mrigasira, Cbitra, Dhanishta, Bharani,
4369 "Suppose I suggest blue and he Poorvapalguni and Poorvashada star days
puts it on what will happen, Sir." are advantageous- Am I right, Sir."
" Blue is indicated by the planet Saturn. " Yes. In that Bharani, Mrigasira
For this person Saturn is the strong signi- first half, Chilra later half are excellent."
ficator of 1,4 and 8 and very weak in "Ifon a Tuesday, or Friday, Moon
signifying 7 (as Kethu is therein)." transits in any of the above stars, will it
" So what will happen ?" do good, Sir" 7
" During the time when he enters " Hullo I They do not do good or bad.
Saturn sub period, one Saturnian (born on They indicate that according to the meri-
a Saturday or having either Lagna or torious deed done in his previous birth,
Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius or born in he is destined to have the fortune on these
Pushyaor Anuradhaor Uthrapadrapada days. If both the lord of the day and the
or having Saturn deposited in bis lagna) lord of Nashalhra agree, it is most lucky
will give such an advice. (Saturn can't and also a certainty. That is why K. P. is
come to the Earth to do harm. This proved to be a science beyond doubt.
astrologer is the agent of Saturn. So he Whereas traditional' yet lives saying
will have the urge and there will arise an " Tendency "Likelihood ", " Probably
opportunity for the querist to consult such etc. "
a Saturnian alone. As he approaches be
will bring pressure on bim ; be will make "I see."
him purchase ; see that he puts it on ; at " What have you seen 7 " "I foresee.
a time ruled by Saturn, he will go by a Sir, that in 10 years I am sure that K. P.
blue tinted car or put on a dhoti with survives traditional astrology." Thanks,
blue border. Car will be driven by a Sir. It is late. Shall I go home, Sir."
Saturnian driver to whom Saturn may be " All right. Good Luck."
good'. Car will skid ; driver will escape ;
and this person will receive injury and " Let us meet tomorrow when conveni-
also fracture in the bone by falling down. ent'to you on your way home."
Luckily Saturn Dasa passed in hjs youth. Next day he comes in the night. After
It was up to 28-2-44. So, no such Satur- usual wish, etc., be said " Can we discuss
nian will meet him hereafter. Nor he Longevity today " 15-3-69)
will hear him."
" Then which Saturnian can meet
him 7 " "How to proceed, Sir."
" He has met me on 4-3-69, a Tuesday, " What is his lagna ? First note the
Venus star day. He runs Venus Bbukthi the lagna of Chart
Mars Antbra. 1 am a Sathurian ; but my "Cancer, Sir".
Is it movable, fixed or common ? " Then which are tberuling planets,you
" Movable." have to take for the query, now? "
Then which is Bhadhakasthana ? " " Sun and Kethu, Sir."
" Uth house." "According to this chart, Sun and
" Who are all the signiflcators of the Kethu are the strong significators. Ruling
Uth house ? " planets are also sun and Kethu. In future
Sun Dasa is to come. So declare that dur-
" llth house extends from Taurus IS" l' ing Sun Dasa Kethu Bbukti between
to Gemini 19 1'. No planet is found in 22-10-92 and 28-2-93, he will have eternal
this area. Venus is its lord. Venus rest."
governs Bharani, Poorvapalguni and " Sir, what is the difference between
P. Shada stars.
the traditional astrologer and K.P. fol-
" Mercury is in Poorvashada and hence lowers. A few astrologers have said that
it is the strongest significator." Venus during my Venus Bhuktbi between the age
comes next." of 24 and 27 I would get married. I can
" Is there Rahu or Kethu in their even expand it to 23 to 28 which is also
' signs?" reasonable. Because when I have comple-
" No, Sir, None in any of the 4 signs ted 23, I am tunning age 24 ; if 24, 25,
owned by Mercury or Venus." 26, 27 are completed, then also it is 24 to
27 completed. But we should give the
" Which are marakastbanas ? " date, Sir."
' " 2 and 7 to allwhether born in mova- " Hullo, I am happyI agree with
ble, fixed or common sign." you. Let us find the date applying strictly
Who are the significators? K.P.: Sun, the dasa lordmust transit in Sun
" 2nd bouse is vacant." star Kethu sub or Kethu star and Sun sub.
As today Kethu is in lagna, it is stronger
" Hullo 1 What for, have you tabulated than Sun ; So for the lord of the star take
a ready reckoner. Refer and say " Kethu, Kethu, in that Sun sub. should be 18th
Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn." April or 21st August or I9th December.
" Sir, there are many planets. How to As Kethu Bhuktbi runs between 22-10-92
select the dasa lord? and 28-2-93, pitch up only 19-12-1922.
" What is the time now ? " Reject others."
"8 P.M., Sir." " Do you confirm by the transit of slow
moving planets also? "
To-day, at this time, what is the sign " Yes, you must always confirm. This
rising in the east "Virgo." gives confidence " to predict."
" Who is the lord or tjhe sign Virgo ? " "Then."
'' Mercury." "Then, what; Jupiter, on that day will
Therefore in today's position of planets be transitting in Virgo sign where Moon is
(i.e., at the time of judgment) find whether today; It will be in Ketbu sub ; Saturn
there is any node in either of the signs will be in Makara in Ketbu sub."
owned by Mercury ? " " Sir, can be take endowment policy or
" Oh ! Kethu is in Virgo itself. Sir." life policy? "
"So! " "It is advantageous to take life policy
"Kethu is the stronger significator as if one will pass away in 2 years or 3 years
node is stronger than the lord." from the day of prediction. But if one
willlivc another 25 years, he must take
"Who is the lord of the Nashathra, only endowment policy. Every body and
now ? " his or her family members will wish to
"Sun." gain. So follow what I have said."
' " Will he have lingering ill-health in the her ruling planets at the moment of her
fag end of bis life 1" birth.
' "Note where the 8lh cusp is ? Who Hence who will pass away first ?. Only
the sub-lord is ' his wife must enjoy eternal rest earlier.
: " It is in Aquarius 1501'constellation So, she is Dheerga Sumangali. If you
lotdisRahu." judge the horoscopes on correct scientific
" Hullo, I want sub lord." lines, take the sub lords of toe 8th cusp in
" Coming, Sir, " both the birth charts. He has Kethu
whereas she has Mercury a benefic by
" What coming, I wanted you to tell nature-"
me only, the sub lord-" Is not Mercury Neecha ?
" It is Kethu
In K. P. there is no use for Uchcha,
What can Kethu do for him 7" Neecha, etc. In Sir C. P. Raraaswamy
" Why do you delay?" Iyer's chart, how many planets arc
" I will tell, Sir Neecha. In the horoscope of the president
" Quickly you should see whether there of the Income-Tax Tribunal which we saw
is any planet conjoined with Kethu. " today are not Jupiter, Mars, etc., Neecha.
Are there not 3 neechas in your proprie-
"No. " tor's chart (Sun, Moon and Venus).
"Next see in which constellation, it is Whereas you have exalted Mercury and
and who its lord is 7 " Mars. What do you do? When he
"Dhanishta; govern by Mars." presses the button and you hear the
As Mars is the lord of constellation, calling bell, you, with your pencil and
Kethu is to give what Mars has to offer. note-book run to his room.
So, declare " sudden end." As Kethu is " True, Sir. I also wonder why Hindus
in 7, it will be due to intestinal disorder, following traditional system say that
high fever and dysentery." Uchchas give very good results. Neechas
" Now what shall we do 7 " bring untold miseries. I think that they
" You go home. Let us both take rest Start. forgetting what they were following
now and take rest of the reading when all along and at least now begin to learn
you visit again." your system ".
"One thing, Sir," Yes! Even now, 1 say I have more than
" What is that? Do you want bus- a thousand students. Thousands of
fare 7 " readers. Plenty of appreciation letters
from honest people with open mind who
No, no. Thanks, Sir. I want to know are fed up with traditional system and are
who will pass away first, either his wife or* in search of scientific and correct
he himself. How quickly and correctly approach.
one can judge such query and the result They write to say " we have taken you
proves correct is as follows: "Consider
the ruling planets now". What are the as.our Guruji But those who cannot
ruling planets (5-3-69) Wednesday- tolerate another coming up, respected,
Virgo RasiVirgo LagnaU. Palguni admired, appreciated, adored etc., they
star. So Mercury and Sun are the ruling try to decry on incorrect grounds. My
planets now. God Ganesh is patient for along time,
gives long rope and at last gives them
Find out who has these, two ruling those which they deserve. That is alright.
planets of this moment as ruling planets Let us meet tomorrow, 1 am tired.
at the moment of their birth. You will
find that, at the moment of birth he had 6-3-69, just finished poojaj the clock is
Jupiter, Mats, Moon as bis ruling planets. striking nine; this boy enters.
His wife had Sun, Jupiter and Mercury as " Good morning. Sir."
"Good Luck"Take your seal. Sup- marakastban, the 2nd. Hence Rahu
pose you meet me at 2 p.m. What will evil. Sukra is more evil.
you say? " "So, shall we take that Sukra Dasa
" Good afternoon. Sir." Rahu Bhubti is the end. Sir
"At 5 P.M." ' "Young people, especially martians arc
" Good Evening, Sir." always impatient. Haste is waste. She is
" At 9 p.m." living. She bad passed Sukra Dasa Rahu
Bbukti- She bad suffered then from blood
"Good night. Sir." pressure. So, you have to say that Sukra
You meet people at different hours on Dasa Rahu Bhiikti was dangerous and
the same day or you meet the same person judge further."
at different hours. How many changes, " Alright, Sir".
good morning, good afternoon, good
evening, good night and so on. Yes. It Second house is occupied by Mars,
is traditional. But, just like K. P. has Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is in Mars
only one rule in this science, so also while star; Rahu and Saturn arc in Jupiter
wishing, there should be only one. No star. No planet in Venus star. Hence
change. take Rabu Dasa Rahu Bhukti Saturn
"I have noticed, Sir", Anthra, Venus Shookshma. Say, Febru-
v ary-March 1992, when Sun transits in
" What is that ? " Saturn sign Rahu star. If you want exact
" You always wish ' Good Luck ' date, proceed further-
only." Anyhow he will live for 10 months after
" Yes. A man or a lady wants encou- her. " Right."
ragement, when an astrologer is met. " Yes, Sir ".
Psycologically one feels as though one
comes by his very badly needed fortune Now enters the boy's Officer. The boy
when you say ' Good Luck ' and he replies stands up, goes behind him, waves his
" Yes, that is what I want". This is hand unnoticed by his Officer and he
applicable at all hours and at all ages of a disappears.
person. Each takes Luck as he or she The Officer says " You know this boy.
wants. Young boy thinks he will get a Sir; is working in my office.
beautiful wife with estate, etc. She, vice
versa; couple not having children for (I thought within myself that a tenant in
long number of years after marriage take a house used to say that the owner of the
that they will be blessed with a brilliant house (who has five more houses in the
boy, A businessman takes that he wontd same street) is living in his street. A peon
have good profits; a servant, takes as used to say that an officer in the same
promotion; old person sudden, pleasant Separtment is working in his office. This
end and so on. So hereafter cultivate shows only (Egoism). So saying the Officer
and say only "Good Luck." turns back. The boy could not be seen.
" Hurray ! he has gone! "1
"Yes, Sir, you told yesterday that the
lady was Dheergasumangali. Let us now " Yes, please) He wanted to go even 10
find out her longevity from her chart. minutes earlier. But I wanted him to stay
She was born at 0-30 A.M. on 12-4-36 as 1 took some more time to teach. The
at 18-55 N and 72-54 E chart is already subject was just over and you came in.
ready. Probably, he may be late."
As she is born in common sign, 7th "Oh! that does not matter. A few
house is Bbadhakasthana, Marakasthanam mimues this way or that".
and so called Kendhrasthan. Rahu is (Readers, please note, this is one of the
deposited in it. Venus alone is in Rahu advantages of learning Astrology. Officer
star. Sub lord is Saturn who is lord of will have no mind to scold. I lived like
that throughout my official career of three " Then what happened ?"
decades. Either go or don't go, go late or " That brown person ever having frown
earlyNothingNothingNothing in my face, unusually, not only smilingly looked
lifetime. You enjoy their good will.") at me. He offered me a seat next to him
" Yes. What can I do for you, Sir !" and asked whether I am interested in astro-
" I want you to give me some time when logy and whether I know it ".
convenient." (Usually Iwill be standing, standing and
" Yes, I will be free on Saturday at standing and when I get tired I should
about 12 noon (8-3-69). take a seat myself having a glance to guess
"It will suit me, also. It is second whether he would relish my taking the
Saturday." seat or.)
"Goodluck. Come on. I will keep " I told him that I am a good student of
myself free." yourself and I have learnt well. You know,
Sir ".
The Officer goes. Having been left
alone, I started praying for Uchchishta Hullo! Just now, I told you, not to
Maha Ganapathi. I delivered lecture in repeatedly say " you know, you know
the evening. Took rest. Enjoyed sound " Sorry, Sir ".
" Cultivate. Your trouble is just like
Next dayFriday 7-3-1969. Grand one who switches off traditional astrology
Pooja. The boy came late. and switches on to K. P. Then what
Sit, I have only a few minutes. I shall happened? "
first narrate to you, what had happened I went in with Shorthand note-book and
yesterday. Then I want to clarify my pencil. I thought that he would give some
doubt. That person who came is working dictation. Indeed, he asked me to take his
in my office. I rushed to my Office scrippling pad and while so saying he him-
yesterday. I was late. He came within self stood up, took it which was at a little
another 5 minutes. At once he called me. distance from him though it was nearer to
My heart began to beat. Beat at what me and placed it just before me. I inserted
speedat a high speedpicking up more my left hand under my banian. What for ?
speed while opening his door. Sir, he, my To touch just above my heart. Ah ! It was
boss has so many problems in his life, coming to normal. Immediately I said
which I know. One after another crops. within myself " Oh Guruji! Oh God!
He lost his father 2 years ago. He has 3 Now he took a roll. It was his younger
younger sisters. All to be given in sister's chart. He gave it to me and asked
marriage. All are qualified for marriage. me to find out when she would get married.
So he is very much worried. Any minor The horoscope presented by him was 10
event or noise will put him off. So, I yards long, i.e, 360 inches. I opened:
thought that I was finished that day. You Guru Ucbcha, Sani Uchcha, MarsUchcha,
know, Sir..." Sukra Uchcha. What! So many Uchchas!
" What do I know? What you have to Then I looked up. Oh!. It is Sri Rama's
say will be a news to me. What is the chart. I thought within myself, why they
meaning of saying, " You know, you fill up like this. May be some superstition
know, you know." Often whenever you do or a practice which all do not follow. I
not get words to speak fluently. First, give opened further I Moon and other planets
up this undesirable habit also, every exalted; It was Lord Krishna's chart;.
word, you speak out, should express cor- Then I unrolled fast ; after 2 "metre length,
rectly, what you mean ". came the chart of the girl. Sun exalted in
" Sir, Given up " lagna; Sukra in 12 in exaltation 1 Moon
in 2 in exaltation. I wanted to note the
" What an implicit obedience ! " date and time of birth of the girl. No-
'where the astrologer who has used all worked out the whole chart, filled up in
colours, ink, pencil, etc. and written so the form prescribed by you. Sir, took
long, mentioned the time in I.S.T. or tiffin a little early than my usual time
; Only Ghati and Vikati. He has and reached office just at lunch hour.
written 58G 40V after Shri Marthanda I slowly opened his door and peeped in.
Mandala Udhayath; On Sani Vasarae.
When we refer toEphemeris it is 13-5-1945 He said " Come on, Come on".
according to calendar date (and calendar I presented the horoscope and said " Sir,
day, Sunday). But according to Hindus it this is your sister's chart ".
was Saturday. Then I asked him do you " One minute ".
know the time of birth of this sister, Sir.
He at once dialled, enquired his widow He pressed the button. Peon came in.
mother. Then, he said that at 5-24 A.M. " Soonoh," get 2 cupsMakobar Coffee.
she was born just before sunrise on 13th Close the door. Don't allow anybody
May. inside." (I thought within myself that I
" Thanks, Sir." I am after all a stenographer.
I said " My Guruji is ever correct. He I told that bis sister will have an arran-
used to say that a few, born in some Pur- ged marriage with a gentleman, working
ohit family, take for granted that Sun ever in a bank. Betrothal will be around 12tb
rises at 6 A.M. and convert the time of birth October, '69 and celebration around
given in I.S.T. by parents to Ghatis and 2nd week December, '69. He looked at
Vikaties. A few refer, find out the sunrise the charts.
for that locality on that date and calculate. "Hurray! How quick you are ! So
Actually, Sun rose at 6-31 A.M. on that much information is only one page. All
day, at Bombay. If 5-24 A.M. is the time about the chart is found here. You have,
of birth, lagna should be in the very written date of marriage also in the
beginning of Aries in Kethu star. Sir, simi- margin. Good".
larly, there can be many mistakes. I shall
note down her date, time and place of Peon enters. He keeps the 2 cups in a
birth ; take it to my house: refer to Ephe- tray and stretches. The Officer took one
metis and bring her chart, correctly cast by cup and presented it to me and then he
me, tomorrow, Sir." " Do you know how took his. I felt very delicate and emb-
to cast ? " asked the Officer. rassed like a newly wedded village girl-
Sir, I should not say much. Humility is But the Officer was much pleased ".
the first quality of a person. I know not Thus he narrated in meticulous detail
only how to cast but also to forecast the and was happy to note in the change of
charts of all born in all the four castes. " a stiff person's attitude and extraordinary
kind treatment when he knew that the
" Good, Why can't you do one thing? stenographer was also a follower of K.P ;
You take this. (He gave a 5-rupee note.) a scientific astrologer, with convincing
Go by taxi. Bring those books which you argument and without confusion."
have to refer. Do it and relieve my worry Sir, today, I want to go at least at
now itself. Why postpone to tomorrow." 1 P.M. I have taken permission; You
I left my shorthand note-book and know Sir, he granted it in no timemost
pencil in my drawer, I locked it, saying unusual. Let us test whether ruling
complete rest to both of you and quickly planets reveal correctly what we want.
I rushed to my house. In the taxi, I " Alright. Come on Can't you give up
recollected the days when the Officer you know, Sir",
refused even 10 minutes permission. I
reached home. My mother asked me why Yes, Sir, I am sorry : Now I want to
1 bad returned so soon and then asked test how ruling planets reveal truth. What
me to stay, take tiffin and go. So I period is he running now ? Sir."
''What is today?Who rules it? " what all I know to those who want without
" FridayVenus any doubt and confusion and deal the
subject exhaustively
" What is the star ? Where is Moon ? "
"True, Sir, what do you want me to do
"ChitraLord Mars. In Libra in future ? "
Venus " You be true.' Always, say Good
"So these two must be ruling in his Luck. Never hereafter prefix," You know,
chart, now. Refer to his chart you know ". Do not be in the company
"Yes, Sir; on 28-2-1969, already he of blufiers. Do not feel jealous of others.
has entered into Venus Dasa Venus Bbukti Do not talk ill of others. When you are
Mars Anthra. Marvellous, Sir true, remember truth alone will prevail.
But if repeated attempts are made by
Ail these are given to you all by Lord jealousy people and your honour is affect-
Ganesh through me I thank God for ed you give right and left. Good Luck.
having selected me who is honest, unselfish Let us meet, when I come next to Bombay ;
and who has the desire to teach clearly Good Luck "
Late in the night X was about to put the even though it is water if it is served by
switches off when I felt tired, rather ex- one's wife with smiling face, it itself will
hausted after satisfying my friends from give some vigour. I think I am right "
7 A.M. to 5-30 P.M. and then delivering True: yet you try Astra. You will never
lecture on the role of sub at Bharatiya feel fatigued for hours to come. You
Vidhya Bbavan, Bombay: 15 hours rest- will regain freshness. You will be active.
less mental work. Let your wife herself serve. You will
At that time 2 gents and a lady came in surely get life."
without any previous appointment. So you want me to take Astra and be
Within me, I said "Oh God, when awake for some hours to satisfy you by
1 am completely exhausted people yet my prediction. (Stupid laughter.) Not
pout in". exactly that. Please try.
Anyhow what to do? I said " Come In 3 minutes, the visitor iady and my
on. Sir; please take seat and make your- wife prepared and my wife served to all
self comfortable." the visitors.
Honestly, I tell you. within 45 seconds,
" Thanks, " said the lady when others tiresome feeling disappeared. I felt
were taking their seats. afresh. Mind became to work with as
" We have come to meet Mr. Krishna- much alertness as it used to function in
murti. " Welcome I am Krishnamurti ". the early morning hours- Indeed, thanks
"Namastheji : We are coming from . to you and through you to " Astra."
Mulund to meet you. We have an urgent One of the students who had come
problem and you have to guide us." down from Hyderabad taking leave and
" About marriage of anybody " staying with me to attend the astrological
course asked me " what made you drink
"Yes." ' Astra.' As per your chart, how in this
'' Alright! I am very tired. Allow me moment, you are given a drink which
2 minutes. Then I said loudly" "Please get gives life to you ?
me a cup of water." My wife heard my Where is the Moon ?
voice from inside and she was bringing it.
At that time, the visitor lady said to " In Bharani constellation."
her husband " Why should not you give What is the lagna, now ?
him Astra " "Libra "
" Certainly, take it out ". " For Bharani and Libra" who is the
Tasked "What for?" ruler ?
You appear to be very tired. You "Venus"
kindly take Astra instead of that water. "Where is Venus today ? "
You will feel fresh. "In Pisces "
I have heard about " Astra ", but some- "What is the nature fo the sign?"
bow my wife gives Horlicks or Ovaltine, " Dual.
whenever I am tired. Because she has not
so far used Astra. This is much I tell you. 'No, No.'
" Wateiy." "What will be the nakshatra of the girl,
" Yes." whose marriage is to be fixed, please " ?
" So Venus is for food. Watery sign He is the last querist for this day. Now
means drinks. Sweet drinks. Pure drinks." it is Sukra star today, Sukra sign is lagna.
" Healthy drink as it is exhausted." Mars Mesha rasi is occupied by Moon,
Saturday; they have come, it may be
"Why not brandy ? " Bbarani 3rd pada orMrigasira 2nd pada.
Neptune or Mars must aspect Venus. The visitors said Bbarani, Sir. How did
Then only, it will be an intoxicating drink. you arrive at this?
Hence Jupiter aspects Venus, Jupiter is a In the subsequent issue, I shall explain
strong benefic. He is the lord of the sign bow in no time (which freshness I bad
where Venus is. So it is a good useful drink. due to Astra and my mind was alert),
The visitor lady brings in another cup, I calculated and predicted by the Divine
one more cupful of Astra and says, kindly Grace of Ucbcbisbta Maha Ganapatbi.
take this also, please. The size of the cup This is one of the findings given by
is small." Lord Ganesb to you all, so that those
At least for decency, I would have told who have a doubt about their star can
" Enough," But it teaches my student that correct theirs in no time. Fanchangs are
Pisces being a dual sign, twice it will be many. They have agreed to disagree in
served. So I thanked her saying " Pro- giving the exact moment of the transit of
Moon from one constellation to the other.
bably you give me astra before betrothal So those who are born in such moments,
of your girl, as I may not be then, in when one Pancbang shows Rohini,
Bombay. Again saying thanks, I took. another will show Mrigasira. One who
" Madam, what shall I say! " had read the text-books on Traditional
Anyhow, considering my pressure of Astrology will, without any scientific ex-
work and my age, I have decided to use planation will say that "The Pancbang
Astra and Astra alone hereafter. used by me is correct." The another
Pandit will say " No, that which I use is
On 7th March Aquarians will say Good corract." They do not know the truth.
Bye to Saturn. Why? All these are due to the difference in
Saturn Sade Sati is over on that day. Ayanamsa.
It leaves Pisces and goes to Aries. Those who cannot solve it, call, that it
Some 7th March I will bid good-bye to is a vexed problem. He who has solved,
coffee, tea, chaya, etc. I shall take hot in one word, says " Any other Ayanamsa
Asira whenever I prefer hot drink and cool is incorrect. Follow mine " because he
Coca Cola whenever I wish cool-drink. does not want certificates from confused
Alright! Let us see the girl's chart.
The student staying with me interfers Should not be advance a convincing
and asks, " Why, Sir so much delay in argument? "
attending to their job? Yes."
My dear boy, what is today ? Read the article on Ayanamsa you will
" Saturday." be convinced. Apply in such cases, you
will find the exact position of any planet,
"Then Saturn will delay. Something or if you approach the astrologer with real
other should stand on the way urge. Your doubt will disappear.

f Solution Explained; Hindus considered that the pathway of
; "No more vexation". Though I had the planets along with sun called Zodiac
/found out the solution, I did not publish intersacting the celestial Equator while
the reasoning so far, as I wanted entering the Northern Hemisphere, at
thousands of my regular students, readers Vernal Equinox was exactly 180opposite
and astrologers following only Krishna- to autumnal equinox.' In other words,
murti Paddhati applied strictly my they took that the autumnal equinox and
theory, came out correct and reported to the Star Cbitra (spica) were in the same
me the simplicity in calculation, surety in longitude counted from Vernal Equinox.
prediction, success in the results and Then the ecliptic is divided into twelve
satisfaction to the customers. equal signs as in each year there will be 12
points where the Moon in full would
"What is Ayanamsa, uncle?" asks a appear. They are called Solar mansion,
teenager. sign or rasi. Also they divided the
"You know, that just like we have Zodiac into 27 equal parts as each part
equater for the Earth which is equi-distant will be 13 20' which is theaverage motion
from North Pole and South Pole, there is of Moon in 24 hours. This 13 20' ere is
an equator for the Heavens which is called called Lunar mansion, constellation,
celestial Equator. As our earth is inclined asterism, star and so on. As they are 27
by 23 27' to the vertical, the pathway of in number, they are spotted or located by
the sun appears to be inclined and it is also taking 27 groups of stars, and fixing the
inclined by 23" IT. If you take, two cycle extent of each constellation, irrespective
wheels and hold them with both hands one of these groups being in the arc of the
crossing the other, what do you notice." constellation or in the South or in the
" One wheel cuts the other in 2 places". North of the Zodiac.
" Are the point of cutting adjacent to But Westerners take the intersecting
each other ". point of the celestial Equator and the
" How can it be? They are diametrically Zodiac as the Equinox. Both Hindus and
opposite ". Westerners knew that this Equinox very,
" Similarly the pathway of the sun, very, very slowly moves backwards, say
termed as Ecliptic cuts the celestial 1 in 71 years. As centuries pass on, the
Equator, intercepts it at 2 points, 180 off actual intersecting point gets far far away
each other. When the sun is in Northern from the fixed point followed by Hindus
course it cuts at one point the equator. which is always 180 opposite to Spica-
During southern course at a point which Chitra a bright single star.
is diametrically opposite, the point of
intersection during its northern course is The distance between the actual inter
called " Vernal equinox " and the other secting point, i.e. the real Vernal Equinox
point of intersection is called Autumnal and the arbitrarily taken fixed, Hindu
Equinox ". Vernal Equinox is called " Ayanamsa


K. S. K.
" What is the correct time of my birth ? "At the time of judgment at Bombay on
It is said to be between 3 and 3-20 A. M. Tuesday at 8-28 A.M. I.S.T. on 11-3-1969,
on 3-5-1923 at 26 55' N and 80 59' E- when the Ascendant is at 27 Pisces and
Further is my birth star Anuradba or the Moon is transitting in Scorpio sign in
Jyeshta ?". Mercury star the ruling planets are Jupiter,
Mercury, Mars, Mercury and Marsaceord- all one of the ruling planets at the moment
ing to Lagna Moon, star Moon sign and of judgment, but Mercury and Mars are
the day. the ruling planets, his star must be
As Rahu is in Jupiter's sign and Kethu Jyesbta. If it should be Anuradha, i.e.,
is in Mercury's sign, the lagna must be 0 28' earlier position of Moon, then,
2 33' in Pisces, i.e. Jupiter sign Jupiter since Moon moved at 14 40' in 24 hours,
star Rahu sub and Kethu sub sub. i.e. 880' in 1440 minutes, for 28 minutes
If 2 33' of Pisces is to rise on 3-5-1923 it will be =45'50' before the actual
at 26 55' N the time should be 3 hours 8 time Of birth. As the time of birth is 3
minutes 31 secondsL.M.T. As longitude hours 14 minutes 35 seconds. Moon cove-
is 80 59' E, the lime of birth in I.S.T. will red Anuradha and entered Jyesbta at
be 3.14.35. If he is born at a time before 2-28-45 A.M. This is definitely not his
3.4.25 A.M. lagna should be in Aquarius. time of birth. Hence, star is Jyeshta and
If he is born after 3-18 A.M. lagna should Jyeshta alone.
be above 3 20' in Pisces. As Saturn is
not a ruling planet at the moment of (Readers may be interested to note
judgment his birth could never, never be why important positions of both lagna
before 3.05 A.M. and never after 3.18 A.M. and stat are to be rectified. Does the
according to the time of judgment. moment of judgment reveal? Yes.
As Rahu and Kethu are the significators, Lagna was in Revathi star governed by
2 33' Pisces must be the lagna- No alter- Mercury in the sign Pisces owned by
native at all. Jupiter. Mercury is the chief significator
If this time is taken, his star where for plurality. Pisces itself is a dual sign.
Moon was should be jyeshta. But he was Hence more than one mistake is to be
all along given to understand that Uthta- corrected or more than one doubt is to be
padra was his star. As Saturn is not at clarified.)
Readers are informed that the Editor is Questions :
pleased to announce the following.' 1. Minor events to happen on the
Articles on Horary System using a , same day or in a few days.
number between 1 and 249 on different When and what time will the event
aspects are to be sent only to the Editor, happen ?
12 Brahmin Street, Saidapet, Madras-15,
as and when they are ready. (a) Peon sent to bring cash from
Two .typed copies are necessary. Decent the bank : much time is passed:
what happened? When will he
margin should be left on the left side. come ? (2, 6, 11)
The matter is to be typed by giving
double space. (b) Daughter from college not yet
returned. When can she be
Competitors must submit a minimum expected ? (5 and 11)
of twenty articles between 13-4-1969 and
31-3-1970. The subject to be dealt with (c) Luggage booked in the plane
should be selected from the following by which passenger travelled,
questionnaire. not found at the destination.
When will he get it? (2 and 11)
The article should be clearly, methodi- (d) When can I have the interview?
cally, exhaustively and scientifically ex- Interview time has passed.
plained'. Krishnamurti Paddbati is to
be followed strictly. Four of the. best (e) Registered post not yet recei-
authors who have presented well, will be ved ; when can one expect ?
given a cash token reward of Rs. 250 (3 and 11)
each for their talent. Four authors coming (f) When will the strike be called
3th, 6th, 7fh and 8th will be presented with off?
Rs. 100 each. Eight authors coming (g) Train detailed. When will
next will be given Rs. 30 each. Eight it arrive ? (4 and 11)
others will be given Rs. 25 each. Twelve
others will have free subscription of the (fa) Telephone Trunk callWhen
magazine "Astrology and Athrishta" for 2 it materialise ? (3 and 11)
years. So also, all the winners will have
in addition to the reward, free supply 2. Correct time of birth : Ruling
of this magazine for 2 years. . planets.
Thus the Editor wants to distribute to 3. Correct position of LagnaRuling
the talented authors. planets.
4. Is the report true or false ? (Sub-
Editor's judgment is final. lord of 3rd)
The Editor reserves the right to publish 5. How long will one live ? (Discus
the articles in his publications as and longevity)
when he finds useful. It is made clear 6. What about the ailment: Chronic
that any article published in the magazine or acute ? When will the cure be?
does receive consideration for the prize ; Will he survive ?
also if any has not appeared it does not
mean that it is rejected due to shortage 7. What about the accident ? Will he
of space. Only a few will be published. succumb to it ?
8. Talce the names of 3 hospitals : 37. Will I get admission in the college?
For each hospital take a number 38. Any study overseas.
and find out where the querist
can admit himself for treatment. 39. Will I purchase a properly? When?
What is its quality ?
9. Which time is good for operation 1 40. Will I construct a building ?
10. Can I lend money to a particular 41. Can I mortgage my property ?
person, will it be safe ? When will
he repay ? 42. When can I sell my property 7
11. Will 1 be able to borrow? When Good price or what ?
and from whom? 43. Will the Government acquire ray
12. Will I be able to clear off loans? property ?
When? 44. Which relative of mine will help
13. When will I get some job? me?
14. Can I expect a transfer, when ? 45. When can I have a tenant to my
15. When will I be promoted ? house ?
16. Will I be reverted ? 46- Is my house a haunted one ?
17. Any foreign assignment to me? 47. When can I have a vehicle ?
18. Which country is lucky for me ? Bicycle, motor cycle or car 7
19. Which town is fortunate for me? 48. Can I take up shipping shares ?
20. (a) When will I retire 7 (b) or Will 49. When can I dispose my vehicle?
I resign ? 50- Health of brother, mother, child,
21. Any reappointment, for me ? father, wife and friends?
22. Can I do business ? 51. Longevity of brother, mother,
23. Which business will be profitable ? child, father, wife and friends ?
When ? 52. Relationship with different rela-
24. Can I speculate ? Which shares tives ?
will pay ? 53. Can I prosper as an actor, actress,
25. Can I gain in races? Which time , musician?
is the best to bet? 54. Relative missing when will he
24. Can I gain in lottery? When ? or she return ? Are they alive or
27. - When will 1 receive my arrears of dead ?
pay? 55. Will I enter into service or will I
28. When will 1 get my pension ? do business ?
29. Which Insurance policy is profit- 56. Is there any litigation? What is
able ? Endowment or Life policy ? the ultimate result?
30. Will agency business do good to 57. Will he appeal 7
me ? 58. When do you expect judgment?
31. Am I fit to be salesman ? 59. Will I stand for elections? Will
32. Can I be the Personal Assistant to I succeed?
to a Minister ? 60. Will I sit for competitive examina-
33. Will 1 succeed in my negotiation? tion? What is the result ?
When ? 61. Will my officer write outstanding
34. Which college will X join ? report about me?
35. Will I get scholarship ? 62. Will my name be in the panel for
36. Will X come out successful in the promotion ?
examination ? 63. Will I be selected as a minister ?
64. Can I become the Mayor of this 91. Which time is good
city ? (a) to have a servant.
65. Who would have stolen my pro- (b) to buy an article.
perty 7 (c) to sell an article.
66. Which way has the thief gone 7 (d) to enter into service.
Will he be caught ? (e) to sign an agreement.
67. Can 1 regain ray lost property? (f) to start a business.
68. Can I get my legitimate inheri- (g) to release a film.
tance ? Any litigation ! (h) to lay foundation, etc.
69. Is there any treasure in my build-
ing ? 92. Cattle not found When can I
70. I have mislaid my jewel 7 Will I have?
get 7 Where is it 7 93. Which of these houses or girls or
71. Will be or she marry me 7 Will cars can I have 7
there are any trouble 7 94. Can I go on pilgrimage 7
72. Will he be chaste or he be true? 95. Will I get a Guru to initiate 7
Has she a boy-friend 7 or he a 96. Can I have siddhi by such prayer 7
keep. 97. Can I become a Sanyasi 7
73. Can I divorce her or him 7 98. Will I have satisfactory spiritual
74. Did she have abortion before life?
marrying me 7 (Take birth chart 99. Will I be punished 7
75. Will my love affairs materialise ? 100. Is there any imprisonment for me 7
76. Is there second marriage for me 7 101. Will I be prosecuted by Income
Tax Department 7
77. Who will survive. I or she 7 102. Will there be raid in my house?
78. Any child for me ? Who is sterile ? 103. Will enforcement foreign exchange
79. Am I to adopt? or customs department catch me?
80. Can I have at least a son 7 104. Can I be an editor of a book 7
81. Can I have a girl? Will 1 succeed?
82. Will my invalid child pick up 105. Is journalism good for me?
health? Why this agony for me7 106. Can I have popularity and pro-
83. When can I deliver? gress?
84. Is delivery painful, dangerous, etc. 107. Will my petition be successful 7
or does it need surgical aid? 108. Will I get some reward for having
85. Who can seek Surgeon's aid for given information of the tax-
family planning? I or she. evaders to the Head of the Depart-
86. Will the partner in business lucky 7 ment.
Honest 7 109. Will I get President awardNobel
87. Do you advise to have a partner? prize 7
88. Why do you threaten me by say- 110. Will politics suit me?
ing that I should have no partner 111. Can I become the Premier 7 etc.
in business 7 etc.
89. How to find whether wife will be 112. Will I get passport to go to
ill or the partner in business 7 Canada 7
90. Can I have a servant to assist me 7 From this list, one has to select any
When 7 twenty questions.
One question can be answered only once logy Research Scholars will be requested
by any one person. Twenty different to meet at Delhi.
questions are 10 be answered. They must On 16-4-70, the names of the winners
be sent only to Madras address by Regis- will be published. Invitations to reward
tered Post. winners will be sent.much in advance.
The reward will be given away by the For those who can't be present, money
then prominent popular person at Delhi will be sent by M.O. on 151970 to the
on 30-4-1970 when All-India Stellar Astro- clear address given by the reward winner,


Jyotbir Pandit HIP.aLAL SHARMA,
Hon. Director. Sri Markandaya Astro-Cultural Institute. Ballabgarb. Mandir P.O.,
Banjar DistrictKulo {Dtmachal Pradesh).
Kulu (in Himacbal Pradesh) is called puram)God Jamdegni (Maharishi Jam-
the valley of gods. People of this valley dagniji whose followers need not consult
worship these gods as their family deities and Astrologer or Purohit for all horos-
the best way they can. All festivals and copic works are done by this god himself
other religious functions are celebrated telling all planetary longitudes and com-
through the wishes of these gods. Muhur- binations and House-Cusps even of those
tas for marriage etc., calculated from who have lost their birth data. This god
Ephemeris and Almanacs by well-known is well known for Horary Prognosis of the
Astrologers and Purohits are not taken events with scientific accuracy)god
finally until unless there is-a positive tip Manu Maharaj (Our great Architect of
from the concerned family god. Decision Manu-smrili; whose meditation ground
of Purobit and blessing towards it from now-a-days goes under the name of
concerned. Family god must corroborate Manali well known for its majestic natural
each other. Even horoscopes of Bride scenery now attracting a large number of
and Bridegroom are matched on similar foreigners since our late Prime Minister
lines. This state of affairs measures the lawabar Lai Nehru selected this as bis
religious faith of the people of this valley " Natural Rest-House ") god Sringarishi
in their gods. (Maharishi Sringarishi under whose direc-
tion Maharaja Dasaratba performed a
These gods are our ancient Rishis great yagya to beget sons in his advanced
worshipped in the form of deities. Those ageand consequent upon this yagya
friends of mine who might have happened Lord Rama was born, etc.)
to enjoy Dushebra Festival at Kulu must
have seen the same. Major figures among Now every god in this Kulu valley of
these gods aregod Parashar (Maharishi ours has a man blessed by the god to carry
Parashar of Bribat Parashar Hora Shas- on all the spiritual activities broadcast
tram whose VimshottariDasa is a land through the mouthoja man most spiritual
mark in the history of timing the- in character known as "Chela" whose
events astrologically)god Markandayaji walking, taking etc., are always in tune
Brahamrishi Markandaya who learnt with the god itself, The man who is
all Brahamsutras directly from Lord empowered by the god to carry on such
Brahma and complete Durga Charitram, like processes among the masses is called
etc., completely found in (Markandaya- 'Kardar' of that god. His selection is a
(peculiar type of election purely on religi- year 1969, i.e. 23 20' is given below :
ous basis just as the selection of our
Sankaracharyas to various pithams. Sani 26.18
Rahu Lagna
10.08 ' 24 26
I now relate an incident of this type in Mo#n 5.19
light of Krisbnamurti Faddhati. X 29.06
Shri Bhagwan Singh Thakur, of Kothi 25.53
Chehni, Tehsil; Seraj; Dist. Kulu (H.P.) IX #.06
put a query on 22-1-1969; Wednesday at Rasi
Merc. (R)
4-55 I.S.T. at Banjar (Lat. 31 36' and 22.19 III 0.06
Long. 77 East). Number given by the Sun 8.55 IV 29.06
VIII 7.061
querist within 249-51. And Nature of
query-his selection to the throne of Mars Kelhu
' Kardar ' of god Sringatishiji ? V1T 24.261 VI 11.6 Ncp.19.46 10.08
4.58 Urn 10.35
V 4.06 Jup. 12.43
The horoscope cast in accordance with
Krisbnamurti Principles using Raphael's Now, Balance of Saturn's I) asaat query
Epherneris and Raphael's Table of Houses y.m.d. m.d =
with Krisbnamurti ayanamsa for the 16-1-24 and sub period of Saturn for = 2-0.
Sun occupies the constellation of Sun and the sub of Venus
Moon Saturn Saturn
Mars Rahu ,, Mars
Mercury Moon Venus
Jupiter ,, Moon Rahu
Venus ,, Jupiter Kethu
Saturn Mercury Saturn
Rabu Saturn Venus
Kethu Moon j, Moon
Herschel and Neptune, having been assig- tion. Moreover, enterprise is religious
ned no place in the constellation Zodiac one. Jupiter-Devguru should also be
are omitted here. Their positions in the included while passing the judgment.
map are indicated for academic interest, Lord of Ascendant cusp (Rasi lord) is
of course. Mercury occupying the Sth House while
Analysis : There were four candidates Rasi lord of 7th House is Jupiter (inci-
contesting for the seat of 'Kardar' of god dently significalor of religious enterprises
Sringarish. also) occupying 10th House from 7th
All were well reputed for their clear House. This preliminary text speaks in
heartedness and honesty. It was solely for disfavour of the querist. Also star lord
god Sringatishiji to decide which one to of Ascendant is Rahu depicting Jupiter in
select. The native of this map was one 4th which is 10th to the 7th House (indi-
of the candidates. Hence the horary map cating the opponents). This also weighs
was judged in accordance with K.P. Prin- the weak position of the Native of this
ciples in terms of 'contest type of question' Horary Chart. Star lord of 10th is Jupi-
involving the opponents. ter signifying the strong position of the
opponents. Sub lord of 10th cusp is Sun
Now 1st bouse indicates the querist and occupying Sth House to the querist but
7th bouse denotes querists immediate 2nd to the 7th. All these tests unani-
rivals. Since election as ' Kardar ' entitles mously declare the weak position of the
one to have a most coveted place in terms querist and strong position of the oppo-
of permanent occupation till one's death ; nents. Now while looking into the both
10th house is to be taken into considera- sides of the question, a faint doubt arises
to the selection of the querist. Becaasep
piter is depicted by Rahu in the lOthj n Actually on 23169; Saturday god
f Sringarisht (as it was previously scheduled)
house from Ascendant to one's confirmed took all the four candidates to testify their
confidence to venture the prediction in luck. Decision was declared on 23169
favour of the opponents is disturbed a bit at about II A.M. J.S.T. (on Ashwini
According to Krishnamiirti Padhdhati star day ruled by Kethu and Pisces
whenever a doubt arises consider the sub. sign lagna ruled by Jupiter) by god
Sub is the deciding factor. Sringarisht by special religious procedure.
The querist (in spite of strong candi-
Now sub lord of the oust) of Ascendant is date in the public opinion) bad failure
Kethu. This occupies 10th House and one among the opponents was selected
o 7th. Moreover Kethu represents Mer- as the ' Kardar' of Maharaja Sringarishiji
cury occupying 8th House from the Ascen- of Krishnamurti Padhdhati not only in
dant and 2nd to 7lh. Mercury is also retro- the handling of worldly affairsastrologi
grade in motion (tending to join cusp of cally but also in the matters which are
8th House). Also star and sub of 7th strictly spiritual in characters which can
cusp art^ruled by Venus. Venus occupies only be perceived by Divine forces. This
Jupiter's constellation and sub of Kethu; shows how Krishnamurti Padhdhati has
'both occupying 10th House from 7tb. revealed well in advance the decision to
Incidently Venus also depicts the oppo- be fnllowed by god Sringarishiji 3 days
nents being the occupant of constellation hence.
. of lord of 7th House. This clearly ' That is to say that god Sringarishiji
shows that the querist's success in the Maharaj himself has followed Krishna-
contest is ruled out all indications being murti Padhdhati in selecting the best
negative. suitable candidate to occupy the most
Hence I declared, " Querists " failure in coveted throne of ' Kardar' to himself
the contest for the seat of.'Kardat.' (i.e., to god Sringarishiji).

K. S. K.
, Number given is 203. follows:
Readers of this magazine know that I 11 22.25 Rahu Zl
iwould have asked the querist to give a Moon Ven 13.21 IV 26.25 V 22.25
number within 249 : Why ? There are only 5-52 Sat 21.35'
ITI 27.25
'2 schools: one to have a number between
T and 108 and the other to have a number Sun 25.24
..between 1 and 249. Since the number Asc, 16 VI 17.25
given is 203, it should be between 1 and Merc. 2-42 Sayana
249. I7~2~49
But, if one consultant mentions 203 11-30 A.M.
when he is asked to give a number within Xll 17.25 VII 15
108, then one need not bother to calculate ._
but say at once that the answer is nega- [ IX 27.25 t
tive to the query which he puts : Look at Nep. 28,40 Jup. 4,51 [
XI 22.25 X 26.25 Ura. 3.18 VIII 22.25
his worry. Absent mindedness ! Mar. 26.16 , Kethu
1 2,07 [
The Zodiac is divided into 249 divisions Ayanamsa 23.20,
as per Krishnamurti; There are 249 differ-
ent combinations of sign lord, star lord Nirayana chart is as follows;
and sub lord. Therefore, each number Sat. 2S,15
has a definite combination. One number Ven. 20.1 iii
III 4 05 i v lg3.05
_05 VI 24-05
less or greater given has differentcombina- Rahu 8.47
tion of planets indicating different results. Ii
Also each number shows the exact position 33 29.5
in the Zodiac which is to be taken as the Moon VIl 22-40
ascendant 203 means Saturn sign Capri- Sun 5.4 , Nirayana
corn, Moon star Sravana, Sun sub 22" 40' IM0 A.M.
to 23 20' Nirayana. Latitude in 18 55'. Lagna
12.40 VIII 29.05
Therefore we have to take that for this Merc. 9.22
horary map 22 40' Capricorn is the as- XI 29.5 )
cendant (the beginning of the sub). Add Ncp. 5.20 .KethuJM?
ayanamsa 23 20'- Then Sayana asc. = 16 XII 24.05 M.C. 3.5 1X4.05 Ura 9.58
Aquarius. Referring to Table of Houses Mats Jup. 11.31
for this latitude, it will be seen that 2.56 [
second cusp is 22 25' Pisces; third cusp is Research is shown by 9th house and the
27" 25' Aries; by calculation we will success in any walk of life is shown by
obtain that 4th cusp is 26 25' Taurus; lltb cusp and the time is to be judged
Fifth cusp is 22 25' Gemini, and sixth from the significators: failure and loss or
cusp is 17 25' Cancer; The other 6 cusps success in a foreign land are to be under-
are 180 opposite. stood from 12th (it will be clarified subse-
Position of planets for this moment is to quently). Number given shows that the
be inserted. lagna is in Capricorn 22 40'. For 18.55
latitude Hth cusp is in 29 5' Scorpio. It is
It is Monday. Time of judgment 11-30 Mars sign. Mercury star and Saturn sub.
A.M. on 17-2-69. The horoscope is as Neither the lord of the constellation nor
tbe lord of the sub is in retrograde passed. 10 years and 29 days are left over
motion. So one is to judge what the cusp So, Saturn Bhukti continues til! 27-2-69
promises according to the sub lord and tbe Then Mercuryand KethuBhukti must pass,
signjficators. Mercury is in 12thBhava: 1.e., 3 years 7 months 6 days and then only
Saturn the sub lord and Venus, lord of 9 successful. Sukra Bhukti comes, i.e., 4
are in Mercury constellation. 12th house years 2 months from today i.e., middle of
shows failure and loss in the place of resi- February 1973. During Mercury and
dence or fortune and success in another Kethu Bhukties research will go on.
foreign place. It depends on the lord of Kethu is in Budha's sign.
constellation in which the planet in 12 is [2, 5 and Uth houses show child bjrth
deposited. If the lord of the constellation 2, 5, 6 and 11 to gain in speculation.
of the planet in 12 were to be situated in 1 2, 7 and 11 houses for marriage ; 6, 9,
or 2 or 3 or 6 or 10 or 11, one gains with 11 and 12, for overseas and higher studies,
strangers, foreigners, in another place, in 6, 9 and 11 scholarship for higher studies.
foreign land, etc. Otherwise, one incurs
loss, wastes time and money. 2, 6, 10, 11 for promotion.
The constellation lord is Mercury. It 2, 4, 11 for house.
shows that one spends time, money, etc. in 2, 4, 11 for car.
a place other than his permanent place. 6 and U pet animals.
As Mercury is in the constellation of Sun 2 and 11 help through younger brother.
in lagna bhava, it is well spent and suc- 9. 11 to submit Thesis or do research
cess is promised. Any planet or cusp in and come out successful.
Mercury constellation is also auspicious 4, 11 for success in education.
indicating similar results. Saturn, the sub
lord is lord of t and 2 in 2nd bhava in 6; II to win.the litigation.
Mercury star and own sub. Hence Saturn 6, 11 to be successful in election and so
is also good. Therefore 11th cusp is under on. Thus one is to note that the llth
the sway of Mercury and Saturn : They is judged to find out successIn which,
promise luck in a foreign place: Success one wants success. According to that
in enterprises: fulfilment of one's desire query, one is to find out the other house
and realisation of one's ambition. or houses to be considered.
Then note the significators of 11th Here 9 and 11 houses promise success
house. 11th house extends from 29 5' and they also show that it will be in the
Scorpio to 24 5' Sagittarius. No planet middle of February 1973. In this query,
is in this area. Lord of the 11th bhava is the bhukties'which are to run before suc-
the lord of the sign where 11th cusp has cess are those of Mercury and Kethu. As
fallen. It is in Scorpio, Hence Mars is the Kethu is in Mercury's sign it will continue
lord of the 11th house. Sun alone is in to give what Mercury offers. .If Mercury
Mars star. Therefore Sun and Mars are has no connection with 9 or 11, then he
the significators of 11th house matters: will not dovresearch. Mercury is the lord
For research, take 9th house. 9th cusp of the coosfellati.on where llth cusp is. So
falls in Libra. It is owned by Venus and his attempts to do research will be success-
9th house is occupied by Mars. We have ful in Mercury sub period. As it is in 12,
found that Sun alone is in Mars star. he will do it in a foreign place.
As regards the owner Venus, no planet Kethu in Mercury's sign promises
is in Venus star. Hence Venus indicates. continuity. As dasa lord is connected
In Mars, Sun or Venus sign there is with Saturn, there will be honest and sin-
neither Rahu nor Kethu. But Venus is con- cere attempts. The querist will be
joined with Rahu. So Rahu will give plodding, persevering and patiently
Venus results. Time of success will be working. Thus this will go on till Sukra
Rahu Dasa Sukra Bhukti Sun Anthra Mars Bhukti comes. During Venus sub period,
Shookshraa. At the time of judgment one is successful. Mars, lord of 10th cusp
Raghu Dasa 7 years 11th months 1 day bad also promises name, fame and reputation.
K.C. SURRAMAHIAN. L,T.C. (Hons.), Technical Chemist,
UO-C./Trichy Road, RaroaDathapuram, Coiaibatore-18.
My daughter who is a teacher in a local Guru, who is in lagna bava. The delay
High School, about 4 miles away from my in coming is due to some other cause, as
present place, and who is also a resident the retrogression of Guru indicates it.
in the School Hostel, used to come home on Now to find out the time of coming, I
every alternate Saturday before it is dark, applied K. P. Ruling planets are Sani,
i.e., before 5-30 P.M. To-day being a Sukra, Mars, Sun. Since this is a minor
Saturday, all the people of my household event which is to happen in an hour or so
were expecting her, as usual, in the we have to see the transit of the Asc. cusp
evening. She did not turn up till 6-40 p.m. over the sensitive points in that sign indi-
most unusual. It is dark my wife who cated by the ruling planets. Sukra is the
was very anxious about her arrival Ascendant star lord at the lime. When the
suddenly put a question. " Please tell me four planets conjointly operate, the event
whether Jaya will come home or not to- must happen.
day, and if she will be coming, at what 13 26' LeoSukra star, Sukra sub.
time? " Sukra sub sub has started. After 2.8
Time 6-40 p.m. I.S.T. PlaceCoimba- mts. Mars subsub period will end. She
torc on 22-2-1969. Immediately 1 noted must come during Mars sub sub period.
down the ruling planets which are as I immediately announced that she would
follows: SaturdayLord Sani star tran- come in a minute. When 1 just finished
sited by MoonBharaniLord Sukra this-sentence. We heard the calling bell.
Moon RasiMeshalord Mars. Asc. To the surprise of all, my daughter was
13 26' Leolord Sun Asc. star lord seen entering the house through the front
Sukra. _ door. Actually her coming and my
Sani 28-45 Moon announcement of result coincided. Of
Suk. 23-57 22-16 course, it took me nearly 2 minutes for
Rahu 8-30 calculations. This incident clearly shows
bow amazing and accurate K.P. is in
predicting the immediate and distant
Sun future events. This incident also proves
10-12 the accuracy of Ayanamsa recommended
Rust chart for the by the Editor beyond a shadow of doubt.
Buda Lagna Editor's note :
13-40 13' 26' Taking ruling planets and finding out
the exact position in the zodiac
Guru Rx Nirayanaand offering predictions are
Kujn 11-3 laboratory tests to prove that Krishna-
5-24 K-dliu
8-30 murti Ayanamsa alone is correct.
C.G. Rajan and Lahiri mostly agree
Lagna being a fixed sign and as lord of any other Ayanamsa is in correct I say to
lagna aspects Lagna, she will surely come my readers following K.P. to use my
home. Sun, lord of lagna is in the sub of Ayanamsa and forget others.
I am sad and distressed and a great to the 7th indicates receipt of money by
danger is threatening my happiness. So the professional money-lenders from you.
long for the past seven years 1 am drawing As such the 4th is connected with repay-
continually loans from resources and also ment of loans by you.
from the sources of other people to main Prior to my analysis, I refer to my arti-
tain my standard of living cle on " Repayment of Loans " published
I do not know what to do ? Whe- in our monthly ASTROLOGY AND
ther I should resign from my present ATHRISHTA in the December 1968 issue
service and pay up ail the creditors from wherein I have gone into many details on
any Provident fund and gratuity this aspect. In addition to it, I would
money or not ? Writes one from Calcutta point out some salient features here.
and gives a number 75 at 9.50 P.M. on
29th December, 1968. You are passing on Venus Dasa who is
lord of 6 and 11. Venus is in the constel-
The chart for the moment is as follows : lation of Mars who is lord of 5 and 12
which are responsible for your involving
Salurn in speculative investments. The lord of
TS'-lf,' Moonr laghaJupiteris in the constellation of
Rabu 19* 24
Moon who is lord of 8th which is respon-
sible Tor your unexpected losses. So, I
venture to say that your involment in
risky enterprises is the main reason for
your borrowing from various sources.
Venus The fifth house stands for pleasure and
29 42' the pleasurable pursuits you are involving
in. The 12th house represents your
Mercury Kctbu expenditure and as such it is not out of
27 33' Mars 11" 2<j' place here if I mention that your expendi-
Sou 14*43' 6* 35' Jupiter ture in pleasurable pursuits is outweighing
Lati\a ir 59* your income resulting in borrowing.
Venus Dasa and Rahu Bhukti and Rahu The fifth also represents your children.
Bhukti balance is I year 24 days. Therefore necessity to borrow for the wel-
fare of children also not ruled out. So far
Judgment this much with regard to the reasens
behind your indebtedness.
Moon is the lord of 8th and is in the Now regarding your financial stability
5th. Both the houses are connected with and discbarge of loans, houses 2, 6, 10
discharge of debts as these represent gains and 11 represent the former while the pay-
or income to the persons who loaned out
money to you. Moon is in the constella- ments towards loans is governed by the
tion of Venus in 2nd and in the sub of houses 4, 5, 8 and 12. Let me explain you
Rahu in the 4th. The 2nd house repre- where and hew you stand.
sents your finances and available income The 2nd bhava is occupied by Venus. In
while the 4th house denotes your perma- 10th bhava Kethu and Venus are in close
nent possessions like land, buildings and conjunction. Mars though in the 10th
vehicles. The 4th house being the 10th bhava is very close to the 11 cusp. There-
are, those planets in the constellations of in 5, there is no wonder even if you sell
J) Venus, (2) Mars, (3) Kethu, and away, some of your properties like land or
Jupiter should contribute towards your buildings or vehicles or if such properties
{nanoial stability. are brought to auction sale by your credi-
tors. The same continues to be worrying
.. Sun and Moon in the constellations of you throughout Jupiter and Saturn bhuktis
yenus, Mars and Venus in the constella- too which would last till 23-11-1975. But
iibns of Mars should improve your finan- with the advent of Mercury bhukti, you
ces. In the absence of planets in their will have a sigh of relief, in spite of the
ConstellationsJupiter and Kethu as the fact that you will be still paying towards
[hccupants of the 10th Bhava will come up your loans as by then you will be gaining
i'to your rescue. Of these two, Kethu fillip in finances. Mercury in the constella-
, J.being a node is stronger than Jupiter. tion of lord of 9th in lagna is surely a
'I prefer to select Kethu more so becauseit solacing period for you. During the period
, ds in the sub of Mars in the 10th and very of Mercury you will retire from your ser-
'close to the llth cusp. vice and as you say, you will be receiving
your provident fund, etc., which is like an
Finally Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and oasis to a traveller in a desert. With the
. Kethu are to be taken for assessing your penetration of days onwards into Kethu
' financial success. period from 23-11-75 till 23-9-78 and with
the end of Venus a period of great trial
Sun in the sub of Venus and Kethu in and tribulation, you will find Moonlit
the sub of Mars are really sheet anchors blooming again in your life even if it is at
for your financial success during their con- the fag end, but definitely to your great
joined periods. As you are now passing merriment which will further be fortified
on Rabu bhukti for another one year and and maintained by the period of Sun.
twenty-four days, i.e. upto 23-1-1970, and
Rabu being the significator of the 4th I pray LORD UCHISTA MAHA
bhava and in the sub of Moon, lord of Stb GANAPATHI TO BLESS YOU with
in the 5th you will have to bear the pangs enough power of endurance to fight the
of discharging your debts by all the avai- battle of life which we are ordained to
lable means. As lord of 4thJupiter fight.
ih" tr-'-agnted by Rabu, is in the sub of
Raiii.-iUinin the constellauon of lord of 8 Wishing you GOOD LUCK.
Horoscope is as follows; and Mercury sub. Mercury and Sun are
under the sway of Mars and so, any planet
connected with Mercury and Sun must
XI 23.07 Lagaa cause promotion. Promotion can come only
Kethu 5.44 XII 26-07 27-05 II 23-07 |
when you are the Senior among the people
in your cadre or among those who bad
been selected for the selection post. So
M.C. III 20-07j seniority for success is assured in Rahu
20-7 I6-) 0-1922 Dasa only.
9-300 P.M.
ll -24' N For promotion judge houses 2, 6, 10
79*4 4' E MOOn and II.
IX 20-7 5-31
TV 20-7 Second house is unoccupiedowned by
Rahu 5,44 Mercury; Rabu acts as its agent.
Mars VII 27-5 VI 26-7 Sat. 19.29 Sixth house is occupied by Venus no
27-43 Venus Jupiter V 20.07 , planet is in Venus star,
VII 23-07 11-01 5.08 Mcr. 27.09
Sun 29.50 | Tenth is occupied by Kethu. Moon is
Kethu Dasa balance year 4I7 in Kethu star.
Now Mars Dasa Sun Ghukti from Eleventh is unoccupiedowned by
17-12-68 to 23-4-69. Moon Bhukti will Jupiter none in its star. Kethu acts as an
be between 23-4-1969 and 23-11-1969. agent of Jupiter. Rabu acts as an agent
Moon in 3 in the constellation of Kethu of Mercury.
in 10 and in sub of Mars shows changes Hence you mil have promotion during
in your career and not improvement in the Rahu Dasa Rabu Ghukti Guru Antbra
status in the same place. KethuShookshma. It will be in July 1970
Rahu is in Virgo in Sun's constellation only.


Horoscope is as follows Mercury's stars are Ashlesha, Jyeshta
and Revathi. Saturn governs Pushya Anu-
radha and U.P.Pada, Venus rules Bharani-
Sun 22-41 IX 10-36 M.C. XI 11-36 P.Palguni and P. Shada. Kethu is in
VIII 9-36 Ket. 24-41 10-36 Bharani: Jupiter in Pushya: Sun in
Revathi; Rahua node-represents Venus,
Mer. 29-16 XII 11-36 lord of 10 and in Rahu star, Moon and
Ven.29-11 5-41920 J up. 15.2? Mars are deposited.
VII 10-40
3-59 P.M- Now lord of 2 Mercury Dasa is on:
20 42' N Moon Bhukti is running. Both are connec-
VI 11-36 71 10' E Lag. 10-40 ted with the houses signifying self-acquisi-
Sat. 13-0 tion. Then one is to select the Anthra
and also judge the transit results consider-
Rah. 24-41 ing the ruling planets.
V 11-36 IV 10-36 15-33 II 9-36 Today, it is Friday : Star is Uthrashada
Mar. 13-35 ruled by Sun, Rasi Dhanus owned by
III 10-36
Jupiter. So, Venus Anthra or Sun Anthra
Rahu Dasa balance 6 years 3 days. and Sbookshma of one of these 3.
Now from 8-5-68 till 8-10-69 Mercury As the lord of the star is Sun, it is the
Dasa Moon Bhukti is operating. strongest. Jupiter is the lord of the rasi: it
comes next. Venus, lord of the day comes
For self-acquisition, judge houses 2, 6 last. So select Sun Anthra, Jupiter Shook-
and 10. shma and Venus sub in that.
Second, sixth and tenth housesall the Sun Anthra will be between 11-9-69 and
three are unoccupied. 8-10-69. So, 24-9-69, you get work on
permanent lines. As per transit Sun,
Owner of 2nd cusp in Mercury, 6th is Mercury and Jupiter will be in Mercury
Saturn and 10th is Venus. sign Moon star.

Sri P. R. MURAUDHARAN, B.E. (Civil)
Sri R. HRUSHIKESH. B E. (Civil)
1. N.S.B, born on 28-10-1949. Is Marriage Promised?
Time of birth : 4-15 A.M. I.S.T. The marriage is promised since Jupiter
Place of birth. Bangalore. is conjoined with Moon in 5th bouse
Birth star. U. Ashadha- (Nirayana Rasi Chart) and also 7th cusp
falls in a fruitful sign, PiscesMeena.
Balance of Sun Dasa at Birth; 3 years According to Prof. Krishnamurti for
7 months 20 days. marriage houses 2, 7 and 11 are to be
Rabu 2nd Bhava is unoccupied. Venus owns
353 29' 0
it. The planets in the constellation of
Venus is Saturn. Hence saturn is a signi-
ficator; Venus as the lord of 2nd will also
become a significator but next in strength.
Nirayana Rasi 7th Bhava is occupied by Rahu. Sun is
Moon Chart Mars in the constellation of Rahu. Hence Sun is
211054'29' 12721'
Jupiter 13.10' a significator. Rahu by occupying the 7th
271 34' Sat. 142 Bhava will also become a significator but
38' 8' 34'47.14' next in strength. Lord of 7th cusp is
Venus Ravi Jupiter. No planet is in Jupiter's star.
236*41' 191 1' Hence take Jupiter as one of the signi-
19 7' 51.4' . ficators.
Bhava Positions; llth Bhava is occupied by Mars. The
planets in the constellation of Mars are
Lagna Sun, Mercury and Kethu Mercury and Kethu. Hence both of them
3rd house Venus are significators, i.e., Mercury and Kethu,
4th house Moon, Jupiter Mars by occuping the llth Bhava is next
7th bouse Rahu in strength. Lord of llth cusp is Moon.
llth house Mars No planet is in Moon's star. Hence consi-
12th house Saturn der Moon as also a significator.
Planets Constellation Sab So the planets that can cause marriage
Lagna Moon Saturn are Sun, Mercury, Kethu, Saturn, Venus,
Sun Rahu Saturn Jupiter, Rahu, Moon, and Mars.
Moon Sun Jupiter Now we have to find out whether any
Mars Kethu Rahu node is in the sign owned by anyone of
Mercury Mars Rahu the significators. Since the nodes ate
Jupiter Sun Jupiter always stronger than the planets to bestow
Venus Mercury Jupiter the results in preference to the planets
Saturn Venui Saturn themselves. Rahu is in Pisces owned by
Rahu Mercury Mars Jupiter. So Rahu is a strong significator.
Kethu Mars Mars Similarly Kethu is in Virgo with exalted
Mercury. Hence Kethu is a strong signi- Now let us find out whether Sun transists
ficator. in the sign of either Dasanatha or
As the significators are more than four, Bbukthinatha and in the star of Dasanath
the ruling Stars of the moment at the time or Bhukthinath. Between 3-8-1969 and
of judgment will facilitate in selecting 10-8-1969 Sun transits in Kataka. South
the planets out of the significators and Indians do not celebrate, marriage when
eliminating a few. Sun transists in Kataka. Hence the
marriage must take place only after this
Ruling planets at the moment of judg- period, i.e., between 17-8-1969 and
ment are ; 20-8-1969. During the above period the
Lagna star lord Saturn native will be running Mars Dasa,
Lagna lord Jupiter Moon's Bhukthi, Moon's Anthra and
Star lord Moon Venus Shookshma,
Sign lord Venus
Day lord Mars Venus is in the constellation of Mercury
The common ones are Moon, Mars, and in Jupiter sub. Mercury aspects Venus
by 6# 5T 12.9" a sextileaspect and further
Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Mars is in the Venus aspects Jupiter and Moon by Decile
constellation of Kethu and in sub Rahu. Semi quinlile aspect. Therefore Venus
The occupant of 7th Bhava and also a Shookshma can be considered as the most
strong signiScator. Further Jupiter and probable period of marriage.
Moon, lords of 7th and 11th aspect Mars
by 144 13, 25-7" and 144 33' I5.9"'aspect, On 18-8-1969, Sun transits in the sign
i.e., Biquintile aspect which is found to be " Leo'' and in the star of Kethu and
as good as trine aspect. Hence Mars Dasa Venus sub. Further 18-8-69 is a Monday,
may be selected. ruled by Moon, a strong significator in the
The lord of Uth Bhava "Moon" is consideration. During this day Mars tran-
conjoined with Jupiter, the lord of 4th and sists in Mercury star, Moon in Chitta star
7th and occupies 4th Bhava. As the aspect ruled by Mars and Venus in Punarvasu
between Moon and Mars is a biquintile star ruled by Jupiter. Lastly Jupiter
Mars Dasa Moon's Bhukti Moon's Anthara transits in Moon's constellation and in
can be considered as the period of Rahu's sub. Ail these support to predict
marriage. This operates between 3-8-1969 with confidence that the querist's marriage
and 20-8-1969. will take place on 18-8-1969 positively.
{KrishQitmurti Padhdhati Verified)
The following is the horoscope : Kethu Dasa balance 2 years 9 months 5
VIII 0.24 days.
Moon X 2.24
VII 2.36 8.04 IX 0 .24 Rahu Election means competing with another
MarS 19.29 person or a few persons and coming out
26-32 successful, when favoured by majority, it
includes that the person comes oiit saying
VI 4.24 XI 4.24 that be would work for the welfare of the
6.06 A.M. 1ST public including those who voted against
2M)I N jiim. In Tamil there is a proverb "Mun
Jup. 25.15 73.36 E XII 4.24 Uyiraeh ThanUyir". He sacrifices his
V 4.24 Ven. 22.32 personal affairs but devotes his time,
partly or wholly towards the welfare of
Asc. 2.36 others. Others is shown by 7th House.
Ket. 19.29 III 0.24 Sat. 29.33 Sun 7.28 Their advantages, benefit and gains are
IV 2.21 n 0.24 Mercury indicated by the 11th to the 7th -. henceSth
11.06 house shows " Politics ".
Unless a planet is connected in any Horary Astrology as is followed in
'olanner with 5tb house denoting Politics, Krisbnamurti Padhdhati asking for a num-
one can't stand for election. ber between 1 and 249. " When did this
[Many go to cinema which 5th house person win ? "
i1 alone shows.] Many act in drama, many " Moon Dasa Saturn Bhukti Rahn
: produce cinema films, so all those to Anthra; are not Saturn and Rahu, evil
' whom significators of 2, 6 or 10 are planets, maicfics who threaten with untold
connected with the 5th house alone can miseries ? " A butcher is dangerous to the
have the above as profession 5 and 12 goats in the slaughter house. But he is a
, show spending money formusic or cinema. good servant to his master, good father to
Many have children ? The child birth is his children, good husband to his wife.
also judged from the 5th house. Similarly the malefics, say Saturn is called
"Yama", dangerous for one's life, yet it
Many have no child at all, yet they is good to certain people. Here it is good,
devote their whole life to Politics. Some especially for election.
have children to form a football team of How?
their own and also have political career.
All those who go to cinema do not have " 1 told that a planet must have some
political life. How to differentiate these, connection to the 5th house,so that he can
will be dealt with separately.] enter into politics. "
One will complete and win in election at < Yes. '
a time when one runs the conjoined " Is not Saturn, lord of 5 "
periods of the planets signifying houses 7,
6 and 11 one competes and loses in the " Yes; but you have also told that
election if the periodis governed conjoined occupant is stronger than owner. Then do
by the significators of the houses 7, 5 and not you think that Jupiter is stronger
12. 7th house signifies opposition, com-
petition, 6th is gain to the native as the " True. Some students are very hasty ".
6th is the 12th to 7th, i.e., loss to opponent. " It is ever true that the occupants are
11th is the gains. 5th is 11 to 7. so stronger than the owner. But you, in a
opponent wins. Thus scientifically one hurry forgot to note that Saturn is in the
should predict. What is the use of quot- constellation of Jupiter and sub of Moon
ing some slolcas applicable for Dasa, who is lord of 11 and no planet is in 11
bbukii, transit or Cochara, using ashtaha whereas Mercury is in Moon's star-"
Varga table also after one knows that
one has been elected? But if he is shown " Should not Mercury Anthra give the
the horoscope of a person born within 10 result?"
minutes after bis birth and the horoscope
appears to be the same lagna, same sign, "Mercury is entitled to give. But one
navamsa lagna sign same, dasa bbukti should first note whether Bahu or Ketbu
same, astakavarga same, gocbara same, occupies either of the signs owned by a
aspects same, he has no answer. planet. Mercury owns Gemini and Virgo.
Therefore one should know how to Rahu is in Gemini. So Rahu Anthra has
given. "
judge the horoscopes of twins who have
litigation in the Court of Law. One " I see ; the day when he has elected was
wins : the other loses. How? Let me ask Wednesday. Probably, because Rahu is
whether there is any rule to give this not allotted any one day in the week,
diametrically pposite results in Hindu the result was announced on the day
System or in Western System, Sayana or of Mercury whom Rahu represents
Kirayana except subdivision of the star, " you are correct. This is the way
and judging from the cusps. Especially how you should remember the rules and
strictly apply. Mercury is to give predo- Jupiter is to give 8th house results. Mars
minantly 1 and S house results, whereas is in Venus star who is in 12tb Bhava.
name, fame, reputation, etc. from Rahu in Hence the results of 8 and 12 operated.
10 as Rahu is in its own constellation and
no other planet is posited in its stars. So Again during Saturn Bhukti be was
Mercury is to give the results of 1 and 8 as elected.
it is lord of 1 occupying 1 in the constella- Now two planets oppose each other or
tion of a planet in 8." aspect each other. Both indicate opposite
'* So he had won on Wednesday. " results. Then which will come to pass.
Undoubtedly Saturn is in exaltation.
" Moon, the dasa lord is in 8. How can
it give ? " Electric Shock: Moon Dasa Mercury
Bhukti Venus Anthra on 4-10-1961, he had
Moon is in the constellation of Ketbu. a very serious and dangerous electric shock.'
Kethu gives the results of the planet by The period was Moon Dasa Mercury
which it is aspected or with which it is Bhukti Venus Anthra.
conjoined. Saturn which has no placet
in its star aspect Ketbu. No other placet 12th house is said as secret enemy,
is conjoined with or aspecting Kethu. hospilalisation.moksha, etc. Here the con-
Hence Ketbu gives suchresultswhicb Saturn tact with life wire was the secret enemy.
indicates in its period. But Moon will He does not know that there would be any
give 4tb and 7tb houses results as Kethu leakage. Actually there was. That which
occupies Sagittarius the 4th and represents happens without one's knowledge is called
Pisces the 7ih. So Moon indicates success Stcret" in astrological terms. Any
during the sub period of the planets who occurrence undesirable is termed as
promise success; also failure during evil "enemy" Venus causes secretly barm to
planets' bhukti. him. It is lord of 2 and 9: ' not lord of 2
and 7. In that case the shock would have
No Saturn Bhukti gave. Saturn is lord of been fatal. Mercury, lord of lagna in the
S and 6. But it indicates predominently 6th constellation of lord of 8 caused danger.
and Stb houses results as it is in Jupiter star
and Jupiter is in 5. Saturn, gives success. Moon in 8 in the constellation of Kethu
Sub lord of Saturn's position is lord of 11 who indicates the 7th house results had to
and no planet is in 11. cause death.
Hence Moon Dasa Saturn Bhukti Rahu But Mercury, lord of lagna in exaltation
Amhra gave grand success on 7-12-60. promises long life. His longevity is up to
The day was Wednesday ruled by Mercury Jupiter Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Kethu Anthra
and represented by Rahu, Moon was tran- Mercury Shookshma.
sitting in Moon's sign, Saturn star. Hence,
in full, Krishnamurti Padhdhati proves be- Ruling planets: The query about
yond doubt. longevity is put by the consultantwhcn the
lagna is in Revathi star, Moon in Aswini
During Mars Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Mars and the day is Friday the 21-2-1969. May
Anthra resigned: Why ? Mars is in 8. So he live long to serve the public !

K. S. K.
What a vital question it is ! 9-6-68 we noticed that he was missing.
n- " My sod's whereabouts is not known. You please pray to lord TJ. Maha Gana-
. I send you a block of my son's bust. pathi and offer your opinion. I give num-
. Kindly publish and also announce that I ber 21 ; so says Mr. B. Asopa.
shall pay decently who would give the Dear Sir,
whereabouts of my son and hand him over
to me. I now take the chart for judgment at
11.30 A.M. on 25-2-1969. The horoscope
is as follows :
29-01 1
Vcn. 23-42 28Lasna
XH 22-04 34J01 1123-4
Rahu 8-21
XI 17-04
Sun 13-08
11-30 A.M.
X 17-04

VIII 25-04
Mars Vll 28-27

Ayanamsa 23.20. Latitude 18-55.

Mars Dasa balance 6 years 3 months
9 days.
Query is about progeny (that too first
He was born samvat 2005 Bhadmpath son). So, take the 5th cusp. It is in Venus
Shukla 4/5 between 3 and 3.15 P.M. on star Moon sub. Moon is never retrograde
Tuesday at Napasar near Bikaneer, He is so, it does not threaten to start with. Let
around 20 years of age. us proceed further as Moon is in first
I and all my family members went to .bouse.
Rishikesh, We stayed there. We were On 9-6-1968 he disappeared. What period
having daily holy bath. Wc observed was running then? Are they marakas to
every year 24 hours fast, not taking even a drown bim or are they for separation. As
drop of water. No day passes without 6 years 3 months 9 days are left over in
Rudhra Japa. Now I am like a dead per- Mars Dasa at the moment of judgment,
sonI lost a son (second issue) 6-9-1967. 8 months 21 days ago we should take that
The first son has disappeared on 9-6-1968 Mars Dasa started. Today it is 25-2-1969.
from us when we all were in Rishikesh. On Thertfore on 4-6-1968 Mars Dasa started.
Let us study Mars, as his disappearance Just then, the father of the boy sitting
was after 4-6-196$ (on 9-6-68). with his friend, asked me, in the above,
mentioned places, try to fix up any one,
Mars is in 6 40' in Scorpio Nirayana so that I can try.
Horary chart. It means Mars is in his
own sign, Saturn star. Mercury sub. To (Now re-eater two people who came to
your son, Mars is to give the 8th (counted me early this morning whom I could not
from 5th in 8, Saturn is deposited). Bhava attend when they came. Without dis- '
results as it is in the constellation of turbing and informing me, they had gone
Saturn- What is 8th house ? It shows out. When they returned again, I asked
whether one is promised long life or there them, "Where had you been? I could
is danger. As Mercury the sub lord is in not see you since an hour".
the 5th Bhava courted from the 5th, it They replied "my friend goes by
can't kill. Mercury is to give the results Secunderabad Express"-
of 9th house matters as it is in Moon's
star. It has to offer 2nd and 11th bouses I informed the father. Sir, when I am
results also. mentioning that your son would be in
any of these places and before I could
5th house indicates initiation of mention any one of them, these people
Manthra. As Mercury in 5 is in the mention the same name of the town.
constellalion of Moon, in 9, he will be This is called Nimithtba. It is Lord
initiated by a stranger. He is inclined to Uchista Maha Ganapathi's guidance.
have Spiritual life. Honest astrologers with open mind
Saturn in 8 invariably gives long life trying to offer correct result will be helped
Karaka Bhava Nasayawill not apply by that God or Goddess whom they
to Saturn- It gives long life. worship.
So he lives ; He takes spiritual divine I added that however much one tries,
life. one cannot find the boy till good time
As the sub lord of the a'scendant is Reunion When?
Moon, who is lord of 12, and is in 9lb
Bhava, it promises thatbe has gone a long Uth house promises reunion. It is not
way and is now in an unfrequented isolat- occupied by any planet. Mercury rules
ed place. As Saturn, aspects Moon, it it. Saturn and Venus are in Mercury star.
will be at a cool place, so that the tempe- Mercury is the lord of 11 : Saturn is in its
rature comes down in winter. Mars denotes star. Mars in Saturn star Mercury sub.
that it should be hot also. Therefore he Hence during Mars Dasa Venus Bhukthi
will be in a place where one can^ have the Venus Anthra Saturn Shookshma, he
extreme climates. Since the 4th cusp comes home,
from the ascendant (5th) is in Scorpio in Venus, lord of 3 (to 5th house).
Mercury star at 25 4', he may be in
Kurukshethra, old war field, Meerut, a Mars is in 3 (to 5th house).
military cantonment or Modinagar an Saturn in the star of Mercury, lord of
industrial area. But since the constel- 2 and II.
lation lord indicates that it may be a twin
City the sign is a watery and fixed sign, Let us take the ruling planels.
it will be a twin City on the side of a lake To-day, it is TuesdayMacs is the lord.
with water not flowing away but stand-
ing still. Hence in Indiar it may be StarMrigasiraruler is Mars.
Hyderabad Secunderabad. As Mars is Sign where Moon isTaurusowner
the owner of Scorpio, it should be a place Venus.
of Military, it should be Secunderabad
and not Hyderabad. Lagna now Taurusowner Venus.
Hence Mars Dasa Venus Bhukti must On 20-6-1973, Sun will be in Mrigasira
'get. star; Conjoins with Saturn which is in
No Rahu, no Kethu is in either of the Mrigasira: Jupiter in Saturn sign ; Mars,
, signs of Mars or Venus. the Dasa lord is in Saturn sign star Venus
Hence calculate. Transit, in full agrees and confirms.
Mars Dasa Venus Bhukti | starts on
28-4-73. Venus Anthra is for 70 days. (Correspondence about the boy should
be with
On 20-6-1973, be himself will come as Mr. B. Asopa.
Mars indicates that he has his own will
and he cannot be influenced by others-all Napasar
bis actions are to his conscience and be is Ttil-nnper
an independent person. Rajasthan ]
Horoscope is as follows; If one is to ascertain whether one will
change his abode, make a long journey or
VII 5.16 VIII4-56 not and live in new environments, one is
V 12.56 VI 10.56 Moon Rahu to judge whether the sub lord of the 12th
13.39 30.09 cusp is connected with any of the 3 houses,
Mars 3 or 9 or 12 (also in Horary chart, it
IV 10-56 0.42 should not be retrograde).
24101945' Sat. 1.46
9-10 A.M. 1X6.56 12th cusp has fallen at 10 56' in Libra.
25 25 N It is Venus sign, Rahu star and Saturn sub.
68 38 E Saturn, the sub lord is lord of 3; No planet
III 6-56 Mc. 10.56 is in between the third cusp and fourth
cusp which is the third house. So Saturn
Mecpury XI 12.56 . is the planet which by ownership can offer
Ketbu 21.15 Yen. 13.12 the result through the planet deposited in
10-09 Asc. 5,16 XII10-56 any of its three constellations and if there
11 4-56 Sun. 7.24 Jup. 19.46 is no planet, Saturn itself will offer. Saturn
Moon Dasa balance 3 years 6 months 5 governs Pushya, Anuradha and Uthra-
days. padra. No planet is in its star. Hence
Saturn its'eif is to give. So, Saturn is the
What is meant by Overseas ? It means significatot. As it is the sub lord of 12th
that one has to leave the present perman- cusp, one will live in a place other than
ent place, make a long journey, cross the bis birth place.
boundary and reach another place. One
may settle down or return after a short This person came away from Pakistan
stay. Permanent residence is indicated by during his Moon Dasa, Venus Bhukti,
the fourth house. Leaving it is shown by Saturn Anthra in the end of 1947.
the third house. Long journey is to be Now he wants to know whether he can
judged from the 9tb bouse. Staying for a settle in any other country. Significator or
short time or settling down iaforeign land 3rd house is Saturn, 9lb house extends
is denoted by the 12ih house. It shows from 6 56' Cancer to 10 56' Leo. There
new surroundings and environment. is no occupant; Only when there is an
When we judge a house, how to find out. occupant we have to note down, in 3 stars,
when the matters signified by the house find out whether there is or there are
will operate. Also will it come up at planets deposited in any of these 3 stars
all? and take them as the strongest significator.
Then we have to take the occupant or 10 to 13 20', His desire can be fulfilled
occupants. There is no planet in 9th if the significator of the 11th bouse is not
house. Moon rules the sign Cancer where deposited in the constellation of a planet
the 9th cusp has fallen. Moon governs which is retrograde. Now, Jupiter and
Rohini, Hastbam and Sravanam stars. Mercury are in retrograde motion. When'
Moon is in Rohini, Venus and Jupiter are Canada is judged. lagna is Cancer. Uth
in Hastha. Hence Moon, Venus and sign is Taurus. No-planet is in 11. Its
Jupiter are to represent 9tb bouse matters. lord is Venus. It is in theconstellation of
Kethuis in Jupiter's sigh. So Kethu is to be Saturn in 9th Bhava in direct motion.
taken in place of Jupiter. Kethu has in its Hence Canada is promised.
portfolio the 9th bouse matters also. 76 for U.S.A. shows Sagittarius. Ilth
12th house is occupied by Mercury. No house is LibraMars is in 11th Bhava.
planet is in Mercury star. Rahu is the re- Occupant is stronger than owner. Hence
presentative of Mercury as it is in Mer- take Mars. No planet is in Mars star. So
cury's sign. It is not conjoined with or take Mars itself. Mars is in Jupiter's con-
aspected by any planet. stellationJupiter is retrograde. So, out-
Hence Saturn, Moon, Kethu, Venus and right, reject.
Rahu are the strongest signiheators. For Canada, significators of 3, 9 and 12
When he came from Pakistan, it was are:
Moon Dasa Venus Bhukti Saturn No planet is in 3. Mercury owns; Saturn
Anthra. Now it will beRahu Dasa, Moon is in Mercury star. 9th bouse is occupied
Bhukti Venus Antha Saturn Shookshma. by Sani. Rahu and Venus are in Saturn's
It will be around 1st March, 1973 when Sun star. 12th house is vacant. It is owned by
will transit in Saturn sign Rahu star Moon Mercury. Saturn is in Mercury star.
sub. Mercury is represented by Kethu, Moon
alone is in Kethu star. Hence Saturn,
Will I go to Canada ? I give No. 33. Or ' Venus, Rahu, Moon, Mercury and Kethu
to U.S.A. No. 76. are the significators of 3, 9 and 12 houses
Time of judgment 8-30 A.M. 4-2-69 Dasa balance at the moment of judgment
Horoscope for this time is as follows: is 1 year 8 months 26 days.
Saturn. So from 30-10-70 Venus Dasa starts.
27-09 Venus is to fulfil the desire, as it is lord of
Rahu 11 and no planet is in 11 or in the con-
Ven. 8.30 stellation of lord of 11. So take Venus.
Canada Venus will fulfil in the sub and sub sub
Lagna periods of the significators. Saturn being
16.40 very strong take Saturn Anthra; it runs
to 20 between 10-12-72 to 20-6-73. Then prefer
Sun. 21.48 .Venus Shookshma. It will be between 18th
Mercury, Moon February, 1973 to 20th March, 1973.
8.54R 10.1
Hence the time of going overseas agrees.
Lagna Kethu, From horoscope one can say that the
10 10 13.20 Mars 9-28 native will go overseas. But it is impossible
U.S.A. 26.25 Jupiter
12-23 R to point out the place. But by Horary,
one can pinpoint the place of visit; the
For Canada query lagna is 16 40' date of departure ; duration of journey ;
to 20" Cancer. For U.S.A., it is Sagittarius moment of arrival etc.

June 1969

Scholars Section ; EpbemerisReady
(a) Can I become the Queen Students Section;
of Actresses? 3 (a) Ayanamsa
(b) "Cure Any: If So, (b) Traditional Transit
When" 5 System Meaningless' ...
(c) Confusion Clarified 7 (c) * Which Gem will
(d) Transit 11 Suit Me'
(ej Surprisingly Accurate ... 16 (d) Horoscopy When
(f) Higher Studies and can 1 pay the Balance?
Foreign Country 19 Report in Newspaper ;
(g) TransferWhen? 22 Astrology is a Definite
(h) Horary 24, 31 Science
0) Transfer 29 Readers to Note 61,
Tour Programme of the Editor 5 Daily Guide for June, 1969 ...
An Announcement 15 Position of Planets
Letters to the Editor 35 June 1969Ephemeris
Review of Books 37 Monthly Prediction for June...
Horary (K.P.)
Jjotish Marthaod K. S. KRISHNAMURTI
"lam very desirous of becoming an 13 53' 20' in Taurus in Nirayana will be
actress and I pray that I should become 7 13' 20" in Gemini in Sayaaa.
the top,, rather, the queen among the Refer to Raphael Table of Houses:
actresses. Can I become, Sir ? " Find out the position of other cusps, if
" You can become the queen if you so the ascendant is to be 7* 13' 20" in Gemini
decide and your destiny is also like that. for 13 Latitude.
But I am always happy to know that one II Cusp 4 1' Cancer
ever remains as the Princess among the III Cusp 00 1' Leo
actresses; ever appearing young, ever XCusp 28 T'Aquarius
active, alert and slim. When once you XI Cusp 0 1' Aries
become a queen, you will become mother, XII Cusp 4 1' Taurus
grand-mother and great grand-mother, etc. As Nirayana position is needed, deduct
when you cannot continue to maintain the ayanamsa 23 20'.d
charm of a Princess. Therefore, what do Asc. 13 53' 20" Taurus
you wish? " II 10Q 41' Gcmmi
" Better Princess, Sir. " III .6 41' Cancer
" Then give any number between one X 4 41' Aquarius
and 249. " XI 6 41' Pisces
" Let it be J2, Sir. " XII 10 41' Aries
As the other Cusps arc exactly 180
"Now let me think loud. My friend away add 180 to each ; Then
. will write down whatever I say- This will VII 13 53' 20" Scorpio
appear in my magazine." VIII 10 41' Sagittarius
" Don't mention my name. Sir." -JX 6 41' Capricorn
" Never you will be exposed. " IV 4 41' Leo
" Yes. According to the method, dis- V 6 41' Virgo
covered by me (though a few ignorant VI 10 41' Libra
people posing themselves as though they Draw the map;
are leprned, may say .that my method is Sat. 25-34
not a novel one), one has to erect a horos- Rahu XII 10-41 Asc. II 10.41
cope- 10-35 13 53'20"
XI 6-41
Take Krisbnamurti Sub Table. Refer, Venus
which sign, star and sub, is shown by 17-11
number 32. It is Venus sign. Moon star M. C. . III 6-41
and Jupiter sub. It shows the position as 4-4!
IS" 53' 20" to 15 40' in Taurus. You take Mercury
113 S3' 20" in Taurus as the ascendant. 19-32
1X6-41 IV 4.41
-.The place of judgment is Madras. Sua
Latitude 13 04'. The next step is to note 0-3>
VII V 6.41
the date of judgment and the Ayanamsa 53' W Mars Kclhu
on that date. Today, it is 14-1-1969. VIII 10.41 13-Moon 15-20 10-35
- 6-30 VI 10-41 Jupiter
Tuesday, time 1-30 P.M. Place Madras 1/40
Ayanamsa 23 20'. Insert the Nirayana position of planets
As the Ayanamsa is 23 20', Ascendant for 1-30 P.M. on 14-1-1969-
Reference Table for Significators
Planet Houses House Planets
Sun 8, 4 I Venus
Moon 11,6,3 II Mercury, Saturn, Kethu
Mars 11, 6, 7, 12. 8. 11 III Moon, Mercury, Jupiter
Mercury 6, 9, 3, 2, 5 IV Sun
Jupiter 6, 5,3,8,11 V Mercury, Saturn, Kethu
Venus 11, 10,1, 6, S, 11 VI Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
Saturn 9, 11,2, 5, 9, 10 VII Mats
Rahu U, 11, 8, 11, 9,10 VIII Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu
Kethu 6, 5, 3, 2, 5' , IX Mercury, Saturn
X Venus, Saturn, Rahu
XI Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn,
XII Mars
One becomes an actress if the significa- On these 5 occasions you have changes
tor of 10 and 6 are connected with 5th to show your talent and merit. Therefore
bouse. Saturn is connected with 5 and 10; you will top the .list."
Mercury with 5 and 6. Venus with 6 and
10. Mercury and Venus by nature indicate "Can I be a queen or a princess? You
' actor or actress'. So, your ptesint posi- .have created a doubt."
tion is correct. In that, you want name; "7th Cusp falls, in Mars, sign Saturn'
you want to top; you wish to be very star Rahu sub. Saturn and Rahu show
popular. This is your ambition. Hence friendship alone and not marriage. Hence
judge houses 10 and II. Saturn is the you will remain a princess.
significator of 10 and 11. It shows that
perseverance pays you. Venus as the Further Mars is the only significator of
significator of 10 and 11 shows popularity 7th house- and it is in 6. It is the significa-
and social success. Rahu, representing tor of 6 also. It is more strong to. give
Jupiter connected with 10 and 11 promises 6th bouse results than the 7th. Even if
popularity, prosperity and realisation of Mars is the significator of 6 and 7 in a
ambition. chart and if it is in 7 marriage will come
At the time of judgment. Saturn Dasa up; there will be temporary or permanent
balance was 14, years 5 months 26 days. separation later. But here Mars is in 6-
The following periods promise rise in So it is more strong to give 6tb house
career, improvement etc. results. It means any one whom you may
think of accepting as partner, will back
Dasa Bhuktbi Antfaara out. So, you can't marry anybody. You
Sat. Venus Venus will remain unmarried. Today, it is
Rahu Tuesday also. Mars is very strong. Moon
)9 is also in Mare sign. Hence I can declare
Mars Venus that you will- never legally marry any-
Rahu Rahu body. So, you.will be the princess among
Venus the actresses."

Horary (K.P.)
lyotish Marthand K. S. KRISHNAMURTI
Venus is lord of 8 in the constellation of
1 Number 249 means Jupiter sign, Mercury Mercury in 12. Rabu in Jupiter's sign is
star, Saturn sub. stronger than Jupiter. Rahu is the sub
lord of Venus who is the lord of the cons-
. Time of Judgment: 9-30 A.M. on 9-4-1969. tellation of 6ch cusp. Nature of disease,
Place: 13 04'N. therefore, is shown by Mercury, Rahu
and Venus. This shows nervous type of
Chart for 249 number is as under: leprosy. Mercury affectsnervous system :
Aw. 27-65-50 Venus denotes beauty-Thejas; and Rabu
Mcr. 26-3 leprosy.
Sun 25-47 Sat. 4.2 Til 20-09 [IV 26-9
Vcn 24.30 11 29-9 Hence this is your ailment.
Rahu 6.5
XII 21-9 V 20-9 Note where the Uth cusp has fallen. It
is in Saturn sign,- Makara, Moon star,
9-4-1969 Sravana and sub of Kethu who is in 6.
XI 20.9 VI 21-9 As the sub lord is to cause disease, the
lltb cusp does not promise cure. It shows
that you will have the above ailment as
Jupiter Kethu has to offer the results of 4, 6 and
X 26-9 IX 20-9 5.32 12, and also that you will have treatment
Moon Mars VHI 29-9 Kethu 6.5 at home only. If the houses signified by
20-30 21-31 vn
27-53-20 Kethu would be 3,6 and 12 or 3, 6,11 and
12 then you will hospitalise yourself.
Venus Dasa Balance: (9 years 3 months). 3, 6 and 12 shows hospitalisation and
The query is about disease: yet disease continues as there can be no
6th shows disease ; 8th danger and 12th cure.
defect. 3, 6, 11 and 12 show successful treat-
So, judge 6tb cusp. It is in Sun sign, ment in the hospital. So, cure is denied.
Venus star, Jupiter sub. Jupiter is in the Pray to Mahalaksfami. Let her arrest
constellation of Sun, lord of 6 in 12; further development.


Leaves Delhi 2i_569 Arrives Calcutta 1?69
Arrives Madras 23569 C/o Sri M. M. Jain or Mr.
Leaves Madras 26669 Kbushlani, 48, Park Street, Calcutta.
Vizag ... 28, 29-6-69 Classes will be conducted in Calcutta
C/o Venkatraghavan, Agent, The from 1769 for 4 weeks.
Bank of India Ltd., Vizag.
Which is my Lagtia ?
I Q.Si*, bouses indicating the matter in question,
I have two horoscopes. In one it is said reject it. Therefore significators in direct
'that I am born in Risbaba lagna and in motion and in such a sub lord of which
;the other it is. written as Mithuna lagna. signifies the matter of the question, alone
Can you kindly calculate for my birth will clearly and correctly promise the
time and say which is correct and which result.
am 1 to follow
Is the time'of birth noted correct ? Is 4th dasa, Saturn Dasaa Maraka Dasa?
Sir, I should take that it is correct, as Sir,
my father was D.M.O. and 1 was born in It is said that peoplehaving Saturn Dasa
my father's house. as the fourth in Vimsodhari system will,
suffer or pass away during Saturn Dasa.
Alright, give a number within 249. As I am born in Avittam star, I am afraid
Sir, 210 comes to mind. of Saturn Dasa. " I would like to have
Ans:Good, when I refer to the ready- your opinion " asks Mr. M. Gasen.
reckoner published by me in July, 1968, I Dear brother,
find that 210 falls in Saturn sign. Mars
star, Venus sub. Astrology is to give mental solace and
Today 11-4-69, taking the position of also to predict correctly. If a doctor has
Moon, it is in Saturn's sign Moon star to operate a patient hnd if the compoun-
Sravana to-day. Therefore the lagna der tells him that there is the tendency for
should be Taurus-owned by Venus star the patient to collapse in the operation
Mrigasira ruled by Mars sub, Saturn and theatre how tactless the compounder is,
sub sub Moon, i.e. 29 T in Rishaba. so also any one, who tells the persons
born inDhanishta (or Mrigasira or Chitra)
Now, you give ma the time of birth and that they would die in Saturn Dasa, is
date of birthalso the place of birth. unfit to call himself "An astrologer."
My place is close by : only a five miles Why ? Let us take the babies buried in
from here (Bangalore). Time and date are the burial ground and note in which stars
8-1 A.M. I.S.T. 1451943. they are born : all the 27 star-born infants
If you calculate and use Krishnamurti are buried in the first dasa. Let us note
Ayanamsa, then the result which I gave the stars of the young boys' buried or
you now, is confirmed. But if you use burntall the 27 star bornsNote the
incorrect ones, you can get any figure and stars of those who die in second dasa, third
scientifically you can't explain. dasa, fourth dasa, fifth and so on. All
(2) Q:You say that ruling planets the 27 star borns die in the I or II or III or
reveal the truth. Is it necessary to find out IV or V or VI or VII. I give some instan-
whether a ruling planet is well disposed ces. Are we not helped even now at this
and fruitful or it is ill-disposed and hence age by Dr. A. Lakshmanaswami Muda-
it should not be selected. liar ? Is be not making the miserable
lives of ladies suffering from various dis-
Ans;Yes. If the ruling planet (except eases pleasant and healthy ? Do you know
Rahu and Kethu) is retrograde, reject it. in which star both Shri Dr. A. Rama-
If the tuling planet is deposited in a sub, swamy Mudaliar and Dr. A. Lakshmana-
the lord of which does not signify the swami Mudaliar are born 3
I do not know. Sir." So, Sir, I will live throughout Saturn
; " Both are born in your star, Dhanishta." Dasa. If I live Saturn Dasa full, it is
enough. I can finish the marriage of my
J "Do you know how old they are now?" only daughter after receiving the gratuity,
l( " I am to know, Sir." provident fund, etc., since I expect the
Government to bring the age of retirement
"They were bom on 14 101888. So to 50.
({by their Shashtiaptha Pootthi, full course
'of 19 years of Saturn Dasa was over. It is After retirement what do you propose
'only in Saturn Dasa they had a steep rise to do ?
, in lifepopularity, prosperity, peace,, I will join polities. Become one of the
' pleasure and what not. ministers in my State. There, the ques-
Sir, I am getting some life, now. Your tion of one's age will not arise.
mentioning the name of Dr. A. Laksh- You are really clever. But how is it
manaswami Mudaliar itself gives life. you got frightened with the prediction of
Can you give any other instance whom that astrologer.
I know".
Alright! you know Mr. P. N. Raghavan, Truth is this. Sir, that astrologer's
Retired Commercial Tax Officer. He is father and my father were bitter enemies.
now 56. He had only 1 year 3 months of We belong to families enemical with each
Mars Dasa left over at birth. His star other. If by chance I meet him, he will
was 4th quarter Dhanishta. , He has lived start saying you take provident fund
all the 19 years of Saturn Dasa and he had scheme. Do not accept pension scheme
promotion after promotion only in as you can net survive sani-dasa. If I go
Saturn Dasa. Your officer Dr. Y. S. another 50 yards, my good talkative
Narayana Rao, m.b.b.s., dim., BD, Etc. friend is living. He also will join with,
who retired and settled himself in Andhra him and ask to take life policy. Oh God!
State do you know at what age and in Astrologer predicts short life 1 Insurance
which dasa he died. He died in Mercury Agent daily reminds me of death. So I
Dasa at the age of 69. He was born in wanted to clarify my doubt."
1899, Dhanishta star. Alright, you will live long. Your desire
Therefore, if anybody threatens quoting to join politics to help the politicians in
only that sloka and not scrutinising your their work and to gain their minor favour
chart, show this article to such a person is promised.
and let him verify. If need be, I shall " Sir, bless me that I should become a
get minimum 100 charts of Dhanishta Minister
born still alive after completing Saturn
Dasa. I will announce in my magazine " Brother, never 1 bless anything to a
and request such of those, now alive, born person which I do not find in the chart,
in Mars star to send their birth data and Planets are not favourably deposited in
address. I will give you. your horoscope to portray that at parti-
Sir, this is a real service, instead of cular time you will become a Minister".
repeating like a parrot or parrot picking "Anyhow, I will live long. Let us
up any one sheet, banding it overtoils see."
guardian and he reading a stereo-typed
matter. "Good Luck." Go cheerfully-

Jyotish Marlband K. S. KRISHNAMURTI
ship ; other matters are higher education,
I am sure that you are aware of Mars long journey etc- Hence during Sun
iow transitting in the position of my period and whenever a planet transits the
.aturn in Scorpio and in a few weeks position occupied by Sun (though it is in
aturn will be transitting in Aries where fagna) 9th house matters will be enjoyed.
here was Mars in my birth chart. I have Is there any planet In Sun's star? None
eard many, so far. I bad only different In that case Sun will also indicate lagna
pinions from my friends and I am con- bhava results. (If there is any planet in
uscd and worried, Sun star, then that planet' will give to a
greater extent, lagna bhava results.)
" I would like to hear from you so that X
can have the clarity; Is there Rahu or Kethu. in Sun's sign
No. Then its results will not be shared
i Horoscope is as follows; by or represented by any other planet.
VII 5Jl IX 5.32 If there is any, then what are we' to
VI 8.32 Man VIII 5.32 Rahu judge?
18.16 17.16 1
If there is any or there are many, those
planets situated in Karthik or Uthra-
V 7.32 X 6.32 palguni or TJthrasbada will give the
5-46 A.M. - matters signified by lagna bhava.
18 55' N So Sun will give both lagna and 9th
Jup. 25.12 72 54' E XI 7.32 house results ?
IV 6.32 " Yes ".
Mercury, Sun 19.06 How will it give ?
Kethu 111118 Vcn. 14.59
5.32 Moon XII 8.32 " The nature of the result is shown by
III 5.32 Saturn, 12.16 the lord of the constellation by its occupa-
3.58 Asc. 5.51 tion. So 9th house results.
Rabu Dasa Balance 10 yrs. 5 months Also, only when there is no planet in its
8 days. Now running Saturn Dasa Rahu star, the/matters signified by the Bhava
Bukti upto 1101969. occupied by it'will be given.
Your Mars is in Aries 18 16'. It means "I see."
It is in Mars sign Venus star, Rahu sub. "You need not see. Hear attentively.
Saturn is in Saturn star Saturn sub. Apply systematically. Arrive at each,
How to predict ? methodically. Proceed patiently and pro-
What is your ascendant ? perly ; then, predict precisely. Now, again
"Libra." you note".
What does each planet signify ? "What isjt. Sir."
Sun, lord of 11, deposited in Rahu star, Sun rules Leo. 1 Ith cusp is in Leo. It
Moon sub in which house is Rahu? It is extends upto 8 32' in Virgo from 7 32' ia
in the 9th house. Hence Sun will offer Leo. In this area, there is no occupant.
the matters signified by the 9tb house, i.e. So you should take that Sun, owner of the
father, wife's younger brother, younger sign Leo, where Uth cusp has fallen is
brother's wife, grand child, next elder the lord of it."
brother's elder brother, as regards relation- "Then."
"As there is aoplanetin Sun's star, Sun Mars is in the 7tb house. Its stars am
has to indicate the 11th bouse. matters Mrigasira, Chitra and Dbanishta. Hence'
also." Jupiter in Dhanishta will give the results1
"So Sun indicates the results of the of 7th house. Mars is in Venus stat -
bouses 1,9 and 11. Is it correct, Sir." Rahu sub. Lord of the constellation is In
lagna. Hence Mars, though lord of the
" You are very correct.'' bouses 2 and 7 and is in 7, yet will offer
"How will the above results be accom- the results of the lagna. Second bouse &
panied? occupied by Mercury. So, the second
bouse matters will be given by the planets
I mean, what is the' source for this in Mercury constellation and if there is no^
nature of result? planet, in Mercury star Ashlesha, Jyeshta
" Source is to be judged from the mat- and Ravathi, Mercury will offer second
ters signified by the Bbava. or Bbavas house matters. Actually there is no planet,
owned by the planet and also the Bbava in its star. Therefore Mercury indicates
occupied by it." both the second and 7th house matters.
Right, Sir, if you take another planet The source will be through 9tb and 12tb
and eaplain, I will have clear idea. You bouses. As'regards Mars the source will
, know that Saturn is in my Lagna Bbava be 7tb and 2nd houses and the result, will
'and hence I am a little slow in grasping. relate to lagna.
I assure you. Sir, that when once I have Saturn is in Lagna Bbava, it is in its
learnt, then I never forget as I repeat own star, and sub Mercury is also in
whate verl learnt within myself." Saturn's star. Therefore,- Saturn as it is
in Lagna Bbava and Mercury, in Saturn's
Alright, take Moon. It is in Libra at- star, show lagna results. Mercury has
12 16', i.e .in Venus sign Rahu star Saturn another portfolio, i.e., the 7tb house. The
sub. Moon rules Rohini Hastbam Sra- source or in other words how it will be
vana stars. It is in Rahu star who is accomplished is judged from the bouses
situated in 9th bouse. Hence any planet owned by it; they are 4 and 5. As there
in Rahu star will give 9tb bouse results. is no planet in the Stb, 5th house results
So Moon also will give 9tb bouse matters. also will be given by Saturn. Even though
No planet is in Moon's star. So the be owns the 4th bouse, as there is Jupiter
Bbava occupied by it being lagna, Moon in 4tb Bbava planets in Jupiter star or
will give lagna effects also. Jupiter himself will give 4th house matters
through 6th house source. Saturn gives
Further in Moon's sign, the meridian mostly through 5tb bouse and partly
alone is. In lOtb house there is no planet. through 4th house matters. . Thus, one
So Moon is to offer 10th bouse resullsalso should analyse and keep ready, a ready
as there is no planet in its star. Hence chart wherein for each planet, which
Moon is to bestow the results of the houses' matters they will offer and which
bouses 1, 9 and 10 during its periods, sub is the source for the materialisation of the
periods, etc. and any planet transitting nature of the result.
in the position occupied by Moon will
indicate mattersconnected with the houses, Sun gives the results of the Jiouses 1, 9
1, 9 and 10. and 11, as there is no planet in its star and
it is in the constellation of one in 9 and
" The source will be from first and tenth it is the owner of the 11th. The sources
bouses, as it owns the lOtb and occupies are 1 and 11.
the first Bhavai" Maon give the results of the houses 1, 9
"Thanks Sir, and 10 through the (stand 10th bouses.
"Hullo, you have asked about Mars Mars will give the result of the first
and Saturn,- transit. So bear in full about Bhava through the second and seventh
Saturn and Mars."'" sources.
Mercury offers the result of lagna, 7th'd reputation, success. Children long journey
and the second bouses through 9th and and pleasant : Wife or partner unhealthy;
2nd house to your father loss ; to elder brother auspi-
. Jupiter offers the results of seventh, sixth cious agreeable results.
dad the 4th houses through the 3rd and As in this example chart many have the
Kth house matters, connection to first house only, one more
rU Venus gives its results of 9th houses, example will be of advantage.
Results through lagna and 8th house mat- Kethu
fers. Saturn offers the results of the first 3.26 Venus
jand the 5th Bhava through the first 4th TV 28.50 Mars VI 24.50 8.22
8.14 VII 20.26
jand 6th houses. V 27.50
S? Rahu will give the results of 9th and
>12th houses matters; also the second and 111 25.50 Sim 6.58
tbe 7th house matters. The sources will 5-27 P.M. -
xbe the 9th and 12th houses. 23-7-1958
13.04' N
Q" 15' E Mer(. (R)
f. Kethu gives the first house, 7th house, II 21.30 3.48 ,
; 5th house and 4th house matters through IX 25 50
i the third and sixth houses.
' If a planet transits, it shows the source XT 27.50
Lagna Sat 26.42 Moon 5.41 X 28.50
of a result (which will be explained below). 20.26 XII 24 50 Rahu 3.26
' Transitting planet indicates how a matter Jup. 0.18
is brought out.
What is the matter ? That is judged Mars Dasa balance 0 yr. 6 months
from what the planet, whose position the 6 days.
transitting planet passes, according to Let us judge Mars and Saturn.
which bouse matters, that planet signifies. Mars is in 4th house: Jupiter, Rahu and
If we take Mars as the planet which Moon are in Mars star. 4th house matters
transits the position of Saturn, Mars will be given mostly, to a good extent, by
shows the source. Saturn indicates what Jupiter, Rahu and Moon. But Mars is in
aspect of life is ignited then. Kethu star which is also in 4. Hence,
Mars also denotes 4th house matters. Then
As Mars signifies the first Bhava, the Kethu and Mercury alsoindicate to.a little
source is mostly .first house, partly extent. We are concerned with Mars. It
second and seventh. Saturn is the signifi- is in 4, in the star of node in 4. So it gives
cator of lagna. Hence Mars conjoining 4lh house matters, i.e., it is connected with.
Saturn indicates good health and success 4th house.
in your efforts. To younger brother pros-
perity; To mother, poor health, and gains. It owns the 3th cusp and no planet is in
To children, long journey, to wife indiffe- 5. So Mars gives 5th house results also
rent health. (Saturn is in Bhadhakasthana along with Moon, Rahu; Jupiter and
to mother and it is Bhadhakasthana adhi- Kethu (Kethu conjunction Mars is the
pathi to wife); to your father, loss in way how it gets strength for Kethu). There
speculation ; to your elder brother short is a planet in 12th Bhava. Hence 12th
journey. Gains by salesmanship or by Bhava results attributable to Mars will be
taking agency; gets brokerage etc. If given to a mild extent by Mars. Hence
Mars conjoins Mercury younger brother Mars gives the results of the 4th and the
unhealthy as Mercury is Bhadhakasthana fifth houses, through Sth bouse matters
adbipatbi to him. mostly, and through 12th house partly.
If Saturn conjoins Mars, your health is Saturn in 12 is in Mercury's star which
good. Younger brother gains. To mother is in Sth Bhava. Therefore Saturn has to
K' the !th house results. The souree and even murderous tendencies. Uncon-
mi be 2, 3 and 12. Therefore when trollable angcr-cruel-accident-surgical dis-
Kmrn transits at 8 14' Aries and con- ease-separation-eminence, etc.,outburst
mns with Mars, 4th and 5tb houses mat- of temper-demoralising tendenciesruins
mfs will come to forefront through the 2nd, himself by committing rash acts-commit
B] and 8th house matters. ~ theft-squander away estate-suffer from
ms he is a boy of 10 years, regarding 5th poxes, carbuncle, rheumatic diathesis, etc."
Kuse matter one should not predict love The above is applicable only when
Bfairs. But one has to say, that nowadays Saturn and Mars in a chart were deposited
Kost of the people are very ambitious and in the constellation and sub of the occu-
men avaricious to have gains with mini- pants of the bouses 6, 8 and 12 which is
llium pains by way of lottery, etc. So he rare, i.e. lord of constellation and lord
isill speculate; source being 2, 3 and 12, of sub of both Saturn and Mars must be
(founger brother may buy (3rd bouse) and so. Therefore, majority will never suffer.
Igive (the 2nd is 12 to 3). Purchase by Only a few will.
{brother and getting it, will be at that time; Individual chart must be studied and
|/l2th house shows investment. This is a prediction offered. General statement is
Kpleasant prediction for which astrologer useless.
{{will be thanked.
is Again it can be said that 5tb house indi-
Ifcates profit to the opponent. 3rd house
It indicates pocket. 2nd house money purse.
A 12th house loss. So he will be picicpocke-
ted on that day. Astrologer, in this case,
if will be scolded.
S Mars results, say, loss. Which is cor-
l' rect? As Mars is in Jupiter sub which
l has to offer.
K Thus one is to judge.
t Westerners consider that the conjunction
of Saturn and Mars is very evil. Here the
i prediction is given taking only the nature
of the planet into consideration: nothing
else. So, one should not apply universally
to all. The results given by them is men- Followers of Krishnsinurti Padhdbati cujoys the
' tioned briefly. "One develops rash, hasty humour during lecture in Bombay.

(Scientific Erishnamurti Padhdhati)
D. M. SWAMY, B.E., A.M.I.E. (India),
Opposite Rampuria College, Eikaner (Rajasthan)
I was going through the articles of my Ruling planets for the moment of
dearest magazine '' Astrology & Athrish- judgment were hence:
ta " February, 1969 issue, when my two 1. Day Thursday Day Lord Jupiter
colleagues dropped in at my place. I 2. Rising Ascend-
wanted to talk to them only after complet-
ing the article "Verification of Minor ant Aries 8 11"
Event" by Shri P. R. Sharma of New 16' Rasi Lord Mars
Delhi. It must have taken another eight Star Lord Kethu,
minutes after their arrival, but I could not agent of
help expressing my feelings of apprecia- Mercury
tion for the nice article, to these collea- Sub Lord Jupiter
gues and I read out the whole article with 3. Position of
my comments, wherever necessary. Moon Sagitta-
These colleagues who not only believed rius 5 11' 56" Rasi Lord Jupiter
that Astrology was a science of tendencies, Star Lord Kethu,
but had also been using sarcastic words agent of
very often, were kind enough to listen Mercury
quietly that day. I was reading the last Sub Lord Mars
line of the article, when I raised my head. Thus Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Kethu
The usual sarcasm on their faces was are the significators which should govern
something that made me lose my temper the time of fructification of the event.
that day. Naturally the atmosphere grew
tense, and they had to leave my place in A glance at the day's chart will show
an offmood. , that lord of the Lagna Mars is aspccting
Lagna by its^seventh aspect owing to its
Destined as the things were, one of the present position in Libra. This shows
colleagues was writing a telegram to one . that the query will be replied. Mercury
of his relations at Jodhpuf for some being in Capricorn and within the aspect
urgent message. The other colleague who range is also aspected by the lord of the
is quite senior to both of us, all of a Lagna by its fourth aspect which shows
sudden posed the question regarding the that Mercury mu also be considered.
time of delivery of this telegram to the
addressee. I could read a sort of Moon, a benefic in the chart in ninth
challenge in this question. I prayed house and Sagittarius, will also be a ruling
K. Ganapatfai and our respected Gurujee planet in our case. The ninth house is
to come ro m" he'o nnd rcqiic'^.d *hc
querist politely to tell me the correct time Saturn, means that there will be some.sort
by bis watch. This time in I.S.T. should of delay. But it being the lord of eleventh
have provided me with the necessary guide- house, the house indicating the fulfilment
lines, which is the most remarkable and of desire, will not disappoint totally.
scientific discovery of our respected This means that the telegram will not be
Gurujee. Moment of judgment was accor- much delayed and will be delivered on
dingly taken as 12-26 Noon I.S.T. on 16th the same day.
January, 1969 at Bikaner (latitude 28 1' The node Kethu is conjoined with
North; Longitude 73 19' East), Jupiter and hence it will act on behalf of
jupiter, more strongly giving' the benefic I bowed my head in silence to Gana-
effects attributed to Jupiter. pathi and our Guruji who has benefitted
. ... in propagating this Divine Science by
FHence I pinpointed the time ofr deliver [-nl,njin suc^ a scicntific system as calcul-
rQ m hnc/an rn Hp o Hr vp tinrlifitre
telegram based on the above findings, r . ^
'fixing the rising ascendant at the time ation which can pinpoint the time for the
fructification as Mercury sign Gemini, occurrence of even a minor event like this.
mars star/Kethu sub/sub sub of Moon Note: After this incident both my colle-
rther sub again of Moon and last sub agues expressed their desire to
of Jupiter, i.e. Gemini 2 6' 17", learn Astrology. I ordered M|s
Laksbmi Book Depot, New Delhi-
I This made me to predict the time of 1, for two sets of both the volumes
delivery of telegram at 3.41 P.M. on the of Padhdhati. Today both my
iame day. colleagues are most devoted
students of Padhdhati.
fI The calculation took twenty-five minut-
Long live Krishnamurti Padhdhati!
tes. The man who was sent to Telegraph office
returned after another ten minutes and the
receipt showed that the telegram was booked
at 12 40 noon in the Telegraph Office,
r The matter did not end here alone.
While on way back to home both these
> colleagues were accompanying me, when
r pet chance an Officer of Telegraph Office
met us on way. When he was told that I
had predicted the time of delivery of a tele-
gram [of course sarcasm still continued]
the officer smiled and told that it was
impossible. He further added that he was
' in definite know of the fact that the trans-
mission line towards Jodbput bad been
out of order till 4-00 P.M. on that day.
My all arguments could, not convince the Editor explains the importauce of subs in.'Qombav
officer that the telegram must have definite-
ly been passed through some other route.
One can easily guess the humiliation
caused to me.
On 22-1-69 the same relative of my
colleague to whom he bad addressed the
telegram happened to come to this place
and my colleague casually enquired the
time of delivery of the telegram sent by
. The reply was just betore r,;T;.
on 16-1-69. My friend congratulated me
in the presence of our senior colleague for
the correctness of tny prediction on
22-1-69 itself, the day again ruled by
Mercury and lord of star Pooivabhadra-
pada being lupitcr. Farewell party given by students at Bombay

The horoscope is as follows: matters. The source of the result is
shown clearly by the Bhava-house occu-
VII 3-42 pied by the planet and the house or houses
V 10-40 VI 8-40 Moon
13-29 VIII 3-40 which it owns (owner of a house means
Sani 18-40 owner of the sign where the cusp or cusps
of a bhava or bhavas fall).
TV 8-40 Jupiter
Kethu 27-10-1942 1-51 Rabu is the occupant of the 9(h Bhava.
8-04 1X5-40 Its constellations are Arudhra, Swathi
7-32 P.M. and Sathabisba. Sun and Kethu are in
24* 6' N Rahu's star (star, nakshathra asterism,
III 5-40 88* 19' E Rahu 8-04
M.C. 8-40 constellation are one and the samel-
Sun 10-04 Moon is the lord of the sign where 9th
XII 8-40 XI 10-40 cusp falls. Rohini, Hastham and Srava-
n 3-40 Lagna Mars 3-08 Mercury nam are governed by Moon. Moon.Sani
3-42 Venus 21-45 and Mercury are in Moon's star.
Moon Dasa balance 7 years 4 months When so many planets indicate a result,
20 days- it means that they are connected with this,
9tb house results. If they happen also to
For high school and College studies be the significator of 7th house also, it
which need regular attendance to learn the means, it is the llth to the 9tb. 9lh house
subjects by hearing the lecturers from the indicates the father of the native ; hence
beginaing to the end, one is to judge the the 7th bouse, which is the llth to 9th
houses 4 and 11. If one has to work him- indicates success in father's attempts,
self, do research, submit tiesis etc., or if cure from the disease and realisation of
one is to leave his native place, remain in of his ambition also other than what it
a hostel in the'foreign-land, leaving his denotes the native, i.e. to have a partner
kith and kin and enjoying new surround- in life or to enter into a contract with
ings and environments, one is to judge another. Moon is in 7. It is in its own
the houses 9 and 12 and to come out constellation. So Moon indicates 9th
successful. 11th house significator should and 7th house matters. Saturn is in 7.
also be the significator of either'9th or Saturn is in Moon's star which occupies
12th house. 7th house. So Saturn presages matters
Here lagna is 3 42' Scorpio. 9th house signified by 7th and also the 9th house
extends from 5" 40' Cancer to 8 40' matters. Therefore during Moon and
Leo. Occupant is stronger than owner. Saturn sub periods not only the native
According to Krislmauiurti, occupant of will enjoy 7th and 9th houses matters,
a constellation is stronger than the lord bu; the ualivf's ' rather will achieve
of the constellation- Constellation is his aim.
stronger than the sign. Occupant of a sign As regards overseas, judge the house 12
is stronger than the lord of the sign. as it promises, separation from family,
Planets conjoined with or aspected by a living in new surroundings and environ-
planet gains the strength to offer those ments. 12th house extends from 8' 40'
results which those planets signify. Thus Libra to 3 40' Scorpio. Sun is deposited
a planet becomes the significator of a few in the 12th house.
Now one should remember that in (Guruji has discovered this truth, and he has
everybody's horoscope there are the handed down most simple, sure, successful
houses 3, 9 and 12. There must be the and scientific method for the benefit of those
significators of 3, 9 and 12 at least two. readers who make honest attempts with open
. Why 2 Any one planet may own the houses mind.
3 and 12 or 9 and 12 and the other can Now let me request who had, been
own the third house. These two planets writing, publishing or talking in vain, td- give
may not have any planet in their constel- out a method, Nadiamsas are those for post-
lations and also no planet in these 3 mortemWhat can you predict 7- Where is
Bhavas. Then only these two planets will the cogent Science ? Who is ' benefitted by the
be the owners and significators. When subdivision of a sign td innumerable ones.
every individual have got at least 2 planets, Where is the Science 2 Now, at least, why
why should not everybody make long should not they learn,, and be useful to the
journeys go overseas and stay in the querists instead of offering vague and general
foreign land during their conjoined tendencies. Let me tell such people that. many
periods and sub periods. .Majority do English-^ knowing traditional astrologers
not go overseas. Simply to satisfy them- have switched off traditional astrology and
selves; just like what I did when I was swit-ched on to Krishnamurti Padhdhati.
very young, they can take a big world
map, spread it on the ground. Then When two people have the same chart with
stand where Africa is shown. Say, T am less than } a degree differences in lagna
in Africa. Take away the footsteps, keep position how can one differentiate,
them in Australia map and say " I am without applying the useful Krishnamurti
now in Australia". Lift your legs and Padhdhati. As Rahu is the lord of the sub
keep where America is drawn. Say "I the 12th cusp, this native will and must liWfn
am now in America ". That is all. But a foreign place.
the surrounding and environments remain When Rahu is the occupant of the 9th
the same. One can go only when the house in the constellation of Kethu in 3 it is
sub lord of the 12th cusp is connected in connected with land journeys, and long
any manner with 3rd or 9th house; journeys.
preferably 9th house. Hence this native has got the opportu-nity
In this chart, 12th cusp is in 8 40' in to go overseas.
Libra. The constellation is ruled by Now comes the question of finding out
Rahu ; the sub is also governed by Rahu. the time of event.
Rabu is in the 9th Bhava. If he would
have been born one minute later, the It will be Rahu Dasa Moon Bhukti Saturn
sub lord Jupiter who is in the gth Anthra.
Bhava) in the constellation of the planet How did I anive at it? Here also Guruji
in which is Yyaya to the 9th house, in has given an unfailing clue which has been
which case he cannot go overseas. discovered by him.
If twins are bom one with Rahu as the Now, consider the ruling planets at the
sub lord ,;of the 12th house cusp and the moment of judgement
o'ber !" r witb *V- Irr' nr1711}
cusp as Jupiter, then even though Today it is Thursday. It is ruled by
(1) The planets arc in the same bhava- Jupiter. As a nodeRahu representa-
(2) Dasa and Bhukti same; tive Jupiter by Occupying his sign, take
(3) Ashtaka Varga same. Rahu Dasa.
(4) Gochara same. Now the lagna that is rising in the cast
is 12 30'. It is Saturn's sign and Moon
One enjoys and the other is disappoin- constellation as the time is 6-51 a.m. on
ted. Thursday 2311969 at Madras.
'Hence Rahu actjng as an agent of Jupi- Mars is in 11 also, during Mars Bhukti as
ter, Saturn and Moon are the the significators of 6th bouse it will cause
significators star is also Utbrapadra disease; as the significator of lltb, it will
where Moon transits and it is Jupiter sign give the cure. Generally people may
: Saturn star). think that the period- when the operation
j Hence you will go overseas during is done especially successfully is a bad
Rahu Dasa Moon BhuKti Saturn Ahthra, period as it causes anxiety. They forget
tThird week April 1973. that the operation is the main cause for
health cure. Only from the time of operation,
the disease disappears, normal health is
The sub lord of the ascendant denotes regained. ' If sowing a seed to bear good
(.whether one can have good health or one fruits is evil then operation is evil.
[iis susceptible for diseases and will be a Planets connected with 6 and 8 houses
? weakling. Here the ascendant is 3 42' show danger. Planets connected with 6
Scorpio. It is in Saturn constellation and and 12 show confinement to bed, hospi-
Saturn sub. It shows that you are a talisation, isolation etc. Planets con-
chronic patient. As Moon and Saturn are nected with 6 . and 11 promise ailment
.conjoined in the constellation of Moon in followed by cure. As Mars indicates
Taurus in the 7th house, you will suffer, disease and cure and-since Jupiter Dasa
from troubles in the throat and intestines. follows, which is not connected with 6th
You take Vitamin 'B', Unizyme etc., house (to fall ill), you will be cured
till your Rahu Dasa Mars Bhukti is over during Rahu Dasa Mars Bhukti Venus
as Mars is lord of 6 indicating ailment Anthra and thereafter, you will pick up
and Mars is in Mars constellation. As health.
(Krishnamurti Padhdhatl Verified and then Predicted)
P. R. MURAL1DHARAN, B E. (Civil),
Junior Engineer, P.W.D . Qulbarga Circle
Junior Engineer, Ml! Sub Divn., Qulbarga.
A gentleman puts a question about his Planets Lord of Lord of sub
transfer on 6-12-1968 Friday at 3.53 P.M. constellation
at 17" 19' North and 76 54' East Longi- Sun Mercury Venus
tudeNature of the query "Transfer" Moon Rahu Rahu
It is unknownwhen 7 Mars Moon Sun
Saturn Mercury Mercury Venus
355*36'14* Lagna Moon Jupiter Sun Venus
Rahu 22" 54' 43' 66' 54' 42' Venus Sun Jupiter
342*41'00* Saturn Mercury Rahu
Rahu Saturn Mars
Kethu Moon Rahu
Now about the Transfer,
houses 3, 10 and 12.
272 28' No planet occupies 3rd Bhava. Mercury
2K6' owns it. The planets in the constellation
Sun Mars 172 of Mercury are Sun, Mercury and Saturn.
231 1' 30' 59' 52.5' Therefore Sun, Mercury and Saturn are
Mercury Jupiter significators.
230 14' 15940'1S'
52.2* KctlS24I' The 10th house is vacant, lord of 10th
Balance of Rahu Dasa 17 years, house is Saturn. Rahu alone is in the
8 months, 4 days. constellation of Saturn. So Rahu is a
The following is the Bhava Table: The 12th house is occupied by Saturn.
I The planets in the constellation of Saturn
II Moon has already been considered.
III So the planets that can cause transfer
XV are Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. Now
V Jupiter and Kethu we have to find out whether any node is
VI Mars in the sign owned by any one of the
VII Sun, Mercury
VIII significators. Since the nodes are always
x - 'VI ! 11 r' t'--- -I . o t. ts .%- If,
'x in preference to the planet themselves.
XI Rahu Rahu is in Saturn's house (11th Bhava).
XII Saturn So Rahu is a strong significator. Any
planet in the sub of Rahu will reflect the
Westerners are quite right in the pre- results as caused by Rahu. In the present
paration of the Bhava chart as the First chart Moon is in the constellation of
cusp or Ascendant is the beginning of Rahu and in the sub of Rahu, Saturn and
Lagna Bhava and not about 15 behind Kethu is in the sub of Rahu. Rahu is in
the Ascendant. the constellation of Saturn and is in sub
f Mais. So the significator that can cause Hence in the 1st instance, i
transfer are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, that the native was transferred on 7-2-1966
Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. when be was running the major period of
Mars, sub period of Kethu ... Antara of
' Lord of Cusp of 3rd house is Mercury, Kethu.
Kethu is in Ravi Bhava (LEO) with Jupiter,
lord of 12th Bhava and in Rasi Chart, he This astonished the querist because he
is in Virgo ruled by Mercury and hence had actually received the transfer orders
Kethu being a node is more powerful. on 7-2-1966 (Executive Engineer, P.W.D.,
Hence consider Kethu as one of the strong Gulbarga Order No. 19666-68 dated
significators. 7-2-1966).' Thus confirmed the correctness
of Krishnamurti Padhdhali word by wold.
The Ascendant falls in Aries sign'
'. Movable sign which is in confirmity with He asked when again he will be trans-
the nature of the question (Movement ferred.
change of place). Also the lord of rising He will be transferred in the major
sign is Mais who is sub planet for Rahu, period of Rahu, in the sub period of
i.e., Rahu is in the sub of Mars. As Rahu Rahu iu the anthara of Saturn, in the
being a strong significator placed in llth Kethu Shookshma. This operates between
Bhava shows that the querist will have a 28-6-1969 and 6-7-1969. Let us now
favourable reply from the Astrologer. consider tiansit to pinpoint the exact
So according to Krisbnamurti Padb- date. Sun transits in the sign of Gemini
dhati whenever the conjoined period of (Mercury) and in the star of Rahu on
these significators operates, the native 28-6-1969. Hence the queriest's transfer
. gets transferred. must take place on 28-6-1969 positively.
Money is entangled- by compromise and sweet words, one fuK
Will I recover ? Full or part! If so, fils his desire. If Sun' is the sub lord,
when? Number given is 237 within 249 through the help of Government officials
and 78 within 108. or by litigation one gains. Thus, one is
to judge-
Sat, 28.3 To note the sub lord and offer such a
Yen. 18-18 prediction, you should ask for a number
Rahu 8-53
within 249. Then, from the number, find
out the sign, the star and the subNote at
Slid 2-55 which degree and minute it starts. Take
the Table of Houses by Raphael. Add
8-30 A.M. Krishnamurti ayanamsa to the position of
Moon ' 18-55 the sign star and sub found out for the
11.51 N 72-54 E
Mercury number given within 249. Note the
8-11 latitude of the place of judgment. One
may correspond with you from North
45-20 Kethu America or South America or Africa or
Mars 8-53 Arabia or Australia. Do not bother
1-54 Jup. 11-38 about his place i.e., from where the querist
wrote. But note from where you judge.
Whether one borrows money or gets Refer and find out only the latitude of
back one's dues, judge the 6th cusp and the place of judgments. From the Table
find out whether the lord of the sub of the of Houses, find out the sidereal time for
6th cusp is either retrograde or deposited the ascendantin Sayanafound out by
in a constellation whose lord is retrograde. you from the number given by the consul-
If either is retrograde, one cannot either tant and the ayanamsa added to it.
borrow or recover that which had lent or Noting down the sidereal time, refer
given or deposited. If the sub lord and and note down the cusps of the other 5
the lord of the constellation in which the houses. Add 180 to these 6 figures and
Sub lord is situated, is in direct motion, complete the 12 cusps. Now you have
then one will recover the money. If it is the map of the heavens in Sayana
Saturn, then there will be delay and some Deduct Krishnamurti ayanamsayou get
obstacles to recover. If it is Mercury, one the figure for Nirayana chart with 12
will correspond, give notice, send cusps.
agents and one will recover in instalments.
If it is Jupiter and ill deposited, one should- So, a number is asked to be given with-
go to the court and recover. If Jupiter is in 249.
ih'-siib inn.' and i- ei! dr-fKilrd o";-
easily through court or by lawful means He gives 237.
all the legitimate amount. If Saturn A chance is given\o the astrologer to
aspects Jupiter, one recovers only a part find out from number 78 within 108 and
of it or part by part- If Mars is the sub 237 within 249 and enjoy at the same
lord, one threatens the other and recovers. result obtained. This mysterious agree-
Even Goondas may be of real use. If ment can be found only in this Divine
Moon is the sub lord, very quickly money Science practised by intelligent astrologers
- making honest attempts with open mind.
'Judge the Hth house. It is occupied by 6th house is unoccupied. But is owned
moon and Sun. Jupiter, Moon are. in by Moon. No planet is in Moon's Star.
moon star. Kethu and Mercury are in
sun's star." 11th house is occupied by Moon and
owned by Jupiter. No planet occupies
Today SaturdaySaturn rules : Saturn . their stars. Moon and Jupiter are strong.
and Rahu are in the same sign. Take Kethu occupies Jupiter's sign. Kethu
:Rahu. Today Moon is in Saturn sign ; alone is in Kethu star.
Moon star SravanaLagna is in Meeaa in
Uthrapadra star. Therefore Moon, Rahu, Nodes offer the results of the planets
Jupiter, Saturn and Kethu are to be judged. with which they are conjoined or aspected
by Kethu will give the result of Moon and
The time of receiptand favourable judg-' Mars. Rahu will give whatever Moon is
ment would be as follows : to give.
(a) Moon Dasa Rahu Bhukti Saturn [If one refers to Uthca Kalamritha, one
Anthra Moon Shookshma. will find that Rahu and Kethu cannot
(b) Moon Dasa Rahu Bhukti Kethu cause advantageous results even if they
Anthra Moon Shookshma and so on. occupy kona houses, if they are conjoined
with or aspected by planets owning the
Date for (a) is 24-9-1969; (b) 30-12-1969. maraka houses 2 or 7; but what will they
do ? They will cause death;
Thus you will recover most of your
money back from this native whose num- Similarly if Rahu or Kethu were to be in
ber is 237. ,1 2 or 7, the maraka houses, they will not
cause death, if they are conjoined with or
Hotoscopy; aspected fay the planets ruling Kona
Born on 6-9-1927 at 13 57' N and houses; but what is the result ? They
72 54' E at 5-42 P.M. I.S.T. confer wealth and all beneficial and
Horoscope is as follows : agreeable results. They do not cause
death. Hence one can understand that
Rahu and Kethu give away what they
Jup.7.51 III J L47l IV 9.47 Rahu 1.5' should do according the Bha a occupied,
11 7.47 V 447 but they gi|e what they ai ., dictated by
the planets Ivhich are conjoined with or
aspected byl planet or planets.]
Lagna VI047 Hence take Rahu as one who is to give
the 6th house results as it is aspected by
VII 0.13 Moon.
XII0-47 ' Sun 19.10 Then we have Rahu, Jupiter, Moon and
Mc. 23.46
Vn. 26.51 Kethu. As Rahu Dasa is on and Rahu is
in Gemini the recovery will be from more
Mood 14-4 Mc. 9,47 Mars 4.38 than one person and also on many occa-
XI 4.47 IX 11.47 VIII 7.47 sions. The time of recovery will be,
Krthr. 1 ^ Sat. 9.06 Rahu Dasa Rahu Bhuktic:, Rahu Anthra
Gu:.: Si. R->hi' b Hasa
Venus Dasa balance 1S years 10 months Rahu Bhukti Guru Anthra ouru
24 days. From 30-7-1969, Rahu Dasa hraa. The dates are September 1969 and
starts. end of December 1969.

Horoscope is as follows: murti has said that a matter may be indi-
cated by any number of planets. That
V 22-24 Kethu particular affair may be one which repeats
Moon VI 18.24 4.1! VIII 11-24 now and then in one's life, just like birth
17.18 VII 10.18 of child, purchase of jewel, transfer,
change of residence, journeys,\etc. Then
IX 16.24 the significators at the moment of judg-
IV 21.24 3up, 20.43, ment clearly shows the immediate next
9101919 repetition of the matter. In one's life
10-32 A.M.
33' 37' N Mars 5.48 birth and death alone happen only once.
73" 06' E Sat 14.25 Other affairs repeat themselves according
III 16.24 Ura. 18.55
1 to one's horoscope. .
21.24 Today it is Tuesday, ruled by Mars.
Lag. 10.18 XU 18.24 Sun 22.14 Lagna is in Cancer, owned by Moon, Star
1111.24 Rahu Merc. XI 22-24 is Poorvapadra governed by Jupiter,
4.11 0.48 in whose sign, at the time of judgment,
Rabu is deposited who represents Jupiter.
Budba Dasa Balance 16 years 2 months Rasi is owned by Saturn. Hence Moon,
9 days. Mars, Rabu, Jupiter and Saturn are the
significators- Lord of lagna is the stron-
Moon Dasa started on 18-12'68. gest and his dasa is on. Lord of star is
For transfer judge houses 3, 9,and 12 represented by Rabu. So, take Rahu'
which includes change of residence also. Bbukti. Next select Jupiter, lord of the
They should be connected with house 6 star, i.e., Jupiter Anthra Saturn Shook-
or 10. If connected with Uth house, it sbma is the last sub sub period (that is) it
shows increase in income and improve- will be around 17th August, 1970.
ment in status.
Third house is vacant. It is owned by
Saturn; Pushya, Anuradbaand Uthrapadra
are governed by Saturn-Rahu is in Anu-
Ninth house is occupied by Jupiter,
Mars, Saturn and Venus. No planet is in
Jupiter star. Mercury is in Mars star.
Rabu is in Saturn star: Saturn and
Venus are in Venus star.
Rahu is in 12. No planet is in Rabu
star. Rahu is the strongest.
When majority of planets denote a par-
ticular matter, bow to eliminate many and Reception given - to Prof. K. S- Krisbnaomrti
select those which will act. Mr. Krishna- at Bellary Jn. Ry. Station.

K.S. K.
Partnership: Will it continue or break? " What does it matter ? It involves a
if so, when? little arithmeticNo higher Mathematics
Number given is 156. is needed."
Judgment time7-30 A.M- " What am I to do?.''
Date19-2-69 " Note the ayanamsa at the time of
Latitude of the place 19 N. judgment. Add to the Nirayana position
obtained from the number given by the
Horoscope for this moment, for this consultant.
latitude is as follows; "Nirayana position is 12 53' 20" in.
Sat. 2B-25 Scorpio.. Ayanamsa is 23 20'. There,
Ven. 21-28 VI1 VIII 12-15 fore Sayana. position will be 6 13' 20"
V 19 15 VI17-15 12-53-20 in Sagittarius " Right. Now you take the
Rabu 8-41
Mood 0-51 Table of Houses. You are judging it in a
place, the latitude of which is 19. So
IV 17-15 IX 14-15 turn over the page where the position of
Sun 6-51 Aytaamsa the cusps are given for 19. You will find
23 20' that the other cusps are- given when the
III 14-15 ascendant is 5 44' Sagittarius and also
Morcury X 17-15 when it is 6 34".
You calculate for 6 13' 20". You will
Atccodact Kctha8-41 get for II cusp 5 35' Capricorn. Ill Cusp
12-53-20 Ura 9-55 T 35' Aquarius meridian 10 35' Virgo ;
11 12-15 Ncp. 5-21 XII 17-15 Jup. 11-22
Mars XI 19-15 llth cusp 12 35' Libra; 12th,cusp 10 35'
3-48 Scorpio you add 150 to these 6 cusps and
According to Krishnamurti Padhdhati mark the position of the 12 cusps in the
No. 156,'falls in Scorpio, in Anuradha map after you deduct the ayanamsa from
star in Rahu sub, i.e. between 12 53' 20" each.
to 14 53' 20". Why?
For the calculation of the other eleven "The cusps obtained are in Sayana
cusps of the houses, take the position position, you yourself correctly told that
where this sub starts. the Table of Houses by Raphael gives
Sayana position. So, whatever figure you
"It is 12 53' 20", Sir." have obtained is in Sayana system. Now
"Is it Nirayana or Sayana position?" the Ayanamsa is 23 20'. Deduct from
As Krishnamurti Padhdhati is on fixed each and enter in the figure.
Zodiac and it is stellar (constellation) " Done."
astrology, this position is in Nirayana "Find out, the position of planets for
alone. "Which Table of house are you 7-30 A.M. on 19-2-69,'. referring to
to refer?" Raphaels 1969 Ephemeris and taking the
You ask us to refer to Raphael Table position of planets given by Raphael for
of Houses till your book comes to the 18th and 19th Noon Greenwich, i.e. 5-30
market "Yes, which,system is followed P.M. I.S.T. As ihe time of judgment is
by Raphael in his Table of Houses-? " 7-30 A.M. calculate, add the motion for
' Raphaels ' Table of houses show Sayana 14 hours from 5-30 P.M. on 18/2 if the
position." planet is in direct motion to the position
of tbe planet at 5-30 P.M. on 18/2 if the It means it is in Saturn's star, Uthrapadra,
planet is retrograde, deduct the motion of When we refer to Krishnamurti Padhdhati
the planet in retrograde motion in 14 table, Rahu is in Venus sub.
hours from 5-30 P.M. on 18/2, from the
position of the planet given on 18/2 at Rahu is to give the results of the house
5-30 P.M. Finally deduct the ayanamsa occupied by the lord of the constellation.
from each, as the position of tbe planets The matter of this house will be materiali-
given are in Sayana Zodiac. Then enter sing, if tbe sub lord of tbe position occu.
them in the Nirayana map with the 12 pied by Rahu is jn direct motion. If the
cusps marked already. If in a sign, tbe sub lord is retrograde, it means that the
longitude of a planet is less than the matter indicated by the house occupied by
cusp, enter it below : if it is above, enter tbe lord of tbe constellation will appear
above tbe cusp so that at first sight itself to come through, but during the period or
one can know in which bouse (bhava) a sub period of the sub lord, it will fall
-planet is, he works out and follows the through.
instruction strictly, Here Rahu is in the constellation of tbe
"Well done. You have omitted to cal- planet in 5, promising union denying
culate tbe dasa. Work out the dasa separation and tbe sub lord Venus in direct
balance, also." motion in 5, promises harmony and cont-
inuity of the partnership.
"As Moon is in Pisces at 0 51'it means Therefore, this partner will continue.
it has to cover 3" 20' minus 0 5T i.e. If the circumstances, now, threaten that it
1" 29' in P. P. Pada star governed by will end, do not bother; good understand-
Jupiter, which is allotted 16 years for a ing will be bad to continue tbe partnership.
longitude of 13 20'. So for 2 29', the
dasa balance will be 3 years 2 months and Suppose, I give-some other number will
5 days." "Now which houses are to be it not change tbe result?
judged?" Sir, I have to note the sub lord
of the seventh. If it is connected with You cannot give any other number. It
bouses 6 and 12, tbe partnership will is an unknown, unseen force which can-
break. If i t is connected wi tb bouses 5 and not be shown by doing any laboratory test
11, more permanent tie is to be correctly which mysterious force without your
predicted." knowledge forces you to give only that
number, which will guide the astrologer
"Why not boldly predicted." correctly.
" Boldly anybody can predict." A child For the same time, i.e. 7-30 A.M. 19-2-69
of 3 years can predict that its expectant which number will show that the partner-
mother will contribute to a younger ship will break.
brother to itself. It may or may not
come true. If it comes true, is tbe child an I told you that if the sub lord of the 7th
astrologer. If it fails is astrology a failing cusp is in tbe significator of either of tbe
science or can tbe child escape saying that houses 6 or 12 partnership will break. So,
astrology shows only the Tendency. Cor- if the 7th cusp falls in Aries and the sub
rect prediction by following Krishnamurti lore ' again Rahu, then Rahu will be in
Paddhati alone is useful. So I say, pre- the co.. -Ilation of Saturn in 6 and sub of
dict precisely and correctly ?" Venus in md Venus in direct motion will
surely bring -paration in tbe period and
"7th cusp is in 12 53'20." It is in sub period ol the significators of the 6th
Venus sign Moon star Rahu sub ! and 12tb bouses.
"What results, i.e. which bouse matters If Venus is in retrograde motion,
does Rahu indicate? attempts will be made to separate but
Rahu is in Pisces in 8 41.' separation will not be there.
If the sub lord of the 7th ciisp is the inevitably come to an end when either o^
significator of 6th house, partner takes the us take eternal rest, when do you expect it'
initiative, the partner is bent on separa- Your ascendantHorary is in a fixed
tion and thereby the partnership breaks. sign. Lord of 9 is a Bhadbakasthana adhi-
If the sub lord of the 7th cusp is the sig- pathi Bhadbakasthana the 9th is unoccu-
nificator of 12th bouse, then the querist is piedOwner is Moon. Jupiter and Mercury
bent on separation and be gets separated. are in Moon's star. Kethu is in Mercury's
So, if you would have given the number sign. Hence your end will be in Mercury
137 then 18 6' 40" will be the ascendant, Dasa Kethu Bbukti Jupiter Antbra. . As
in Libra: 7th cusp will be 180 6' 40" Aries you had 3 years 2 months and 5 days in
which is Rahu sub in Venus star. The 6th Jupiter Dasa, then 19 years of Saturn and
cusp will be 20 6' 40" in Pisces; Saturn at least 3 years of Mercury. Hence for 25
and Venus will be in 6. The partner will years more you are wedded to him in the
try and get out. If you would have men- business.
tioned the number seven, then the ascen- I am now 42 completed. So you expect
dant will be 7 33' 20". Aries. Sub lord me to live up to 67 years.
of the 7th Cusp, i.e. 7 33' 20" in Libra Where is your chart?
will be in Rahu star and Rahu sub. The
sub lord Rahu will be in the constellation Here it is: Born at 5-46 A.M. on
of Saturn and sub of Venus in 12 and you 5-11-26 at 18-55 N and 72-54 E. The map
yourself will leave him, drop him and is as follows:
drive him out smopthly (sub lord Venus is
for smoothly, smilingly as friends get VII 5.51 VIII 1X5.32
separated; if the sub lord is Mars, VI 8.32 Mars 5.32 Rahu
violence: if it is Jupiter, by compromise 18.16 17.16
or through Court; if it is in Mercury, by
giving notice and paying bis share in in- V 7.32 X.32
stalments and so on).
Jup. 7-11-1948
If you would have mentioned a number 25.22 XI 7.32
so that the sub lord of the 7th cusp is IV 6.32
deposited in the constellation of a phahet gunVenoa
or node in 6 or 12 and in the sub of Kethu Mere.
Jupiter (which is retiograde) then there 17.16 "
III 5,32 II12.18
14.50 XII 8.32
will be the mind to separate, but it will Aac. 5.51
not materialise. Rahu Dasa balance 10 years 5 months
Thus partition among brothers, divorce, 8 days. Now running Saturn Dasa Rahu
separation from wife or husband or Bbukti up to 1-10-69.
demise can be found out. 3 and 12 houses In 1994after 25 years Kethu Dasa
show separation from mother; 3, 5, 10 Jupiter Bbukti will operate.
and 12 demise 4 and 12 houses indicate
separation from children; 4, 6, 11 and 12 As the lagna is in a movable sign. Sun
show death. 6 and 12 from partners; 1, is lord of 11 and no planet is in Sun's star.
6,Sand 12: 8 and 12 separation from Mars in 7 as lord of 7 has Jupiter in its
father ; 8,10, 3, 12 death ; 10 and 12 sepa- star. But Kethu as the agent of Jupiter
ration from elder brother;5,12,10demise, is evil. Hence Kethu Dasa Jupiter Bhukti
and so on. 1 and 12 show separation from Sun Anthra will be your longevity, i.e 25
family ; 3 and 12 show separation, leaving years more, you will live.
the present permanent residence and living "From ruling planets for this moment
in aclosc-by locality: 9 and 12 show sepa- can't you fix the time to be ruled by them."
ration and life in a far off distant place. Yes: it roust be done to confirm. Today
Sit; as partnership should naturally ana Wednesday ruled by Mercury who is
fepresented by Kethu in Mercury's sign. fore Kethu, Jupiter and Sun will be t e
Star is P. P. Pada governed by Jupiter. planets who give you peaceful life in the
Further Jupiter is conjoined with Kethu. "Heavens. This you apply to your birth
For this moment 19-2-69, Rahu is in iagna chart as you put this query when the birth"
bhava and Sun' is in Rahu star. There- chart is analysed. ,
(PlanetsBest executors)
Respected Guruji, Now what shall I do?
Your predictions regarding my employ- Will t enter service, i.e., any employ-
ment have come out' correct m a most ment?
astounding manner.
Or will I start my own independent
You bad predicted on 22-5-1968 at practice as an Chartered Accountant?
Calcutta that
(i), X will not be un-cmployed, If so when? Is there any chance my
entering into partnership with another
(ii) X will be having a new job and auditor?
leave the then job, Please advise me.
(iii) that the new job will be in
Calcutta only, and I enclose my horoscope cast by you:
(iv) that the new job will be one that
I hadin mind, i.e., the one offered Ura 10.56 Jupiter Rabu Mars
by my friend Mr. V.K.S. VI 10.34 VII?.5t S.48 1.38
10.59 VIII 10.34 IX 9.34
and also that I will enter my new job
on 18-9-1968. The date of my entering Venus 5.19
the new job caiae out in a most asto- V 9.34 5-1-1929 X 8.34
nishing way. Although my resignation I'33 A.M.
with my present employer was accepted 9 29' N
effective from 16-9-68 (a Monday) and I Mercury 78 54' E Nep. 8.21
was to join the new job on 16-9-68 (my 1.30 XI 9.34
IV 8.34
new appointment was effective from
16-9-68). I could not physically enter Sun 21.14 Kethu Moon
into my new duties till 18-9-68 although Sat. 1.23 5.48 14.02
my salary was paid for 16th and 17th III 9.34 II 10.34 Lagna XII 10.34
September, 1968. 10.59
Again on 11-11-68 you had predicted Rahu Dasa Balance 8 years 0 month
that I.will leave Calcutta for Madras 20 days.
finally on 6-4-69. This also came out
correct. Although I have been trying my Yours sincerely,
level best to leave Calcutta earlier
(I had actually resigned on 31-10-68). (Sd.) G. SUBRAMANIAN.
My resignation was not accepted till 8lh April, 1969.
28-2-69 and even then X could not
leave Calcutta because suddenly on Dear Sir,
1-3-69, my youngest daughter had measles
and 1 had to cancel my tickets booked Your query will be replied very soon.
for 2-3-69. Finally I left the job on Delay is regretted,
31-3-69 and as correctly predicted by you
I left Calcutta on 6tb April, 1969- Sd/- K. S. K.

(Vexation Ends)
K. S. E.
(Many proofs are given)
" Sir, in the last issue of " Astrology and Certainly! Let me be furnished with a
Athrishla" you have started discussing correct horoscope, erected following
about ayanamsa. Ever you advise to use strictly whatl advised in K..P. and correct
only your ayanamsa. Can you kindly statement of true facts. Then my princi-
' explain, confirm and prove that yours is ples, findings and dicta are applicable
correct. If it is satisfactorily proved, then universally to all human beings. The rule
' it goes without saying that any other value is only one.
is incorrect".
"True,' it is an absolute necessity to 'Sir, this is my wife's chart. It is
fix ayanamsa. So saying a young person erected according to your instructions.
with his wife enters. VII13-27 Mar |Kcihu7.47
" Alright. Daily I can take an example Sat. 12.30 vm4,24 IX 13.56 X12-56
and in a fortnight, I shall discuss at least Veo. 2.22 Uri 13.56 Moon
17.50 14.27
12 horoscopes and prove beyond any
doubt that my ayanamsa alone is correct. Merc.
What is needed is careful attention, honest 24-33 XI 11.56
Sun 24,27 7-40 P.M.
attempt, open mind - and unambiguous VI 12-56 8-3-1938
explanation." at 11 39'N
" Very good, Sir." Jup. 25.17 78" 12 E XII 12.56
"Let us take the horoscope of a girl. V 11-56 Nep. 27.3
Work out the time of marriage; the ruling
planets of the husband; the transit of IV 12.56 III 13.56
planets at the time of marriage: the Udu- Fortuna Rahu 7.47 II 13.56 Asc. 13.27
dasaVimshothari" 3.27
He who just entered suggests "Sir, Will
you mind taking my wife's chart as an Moon Dasa balance, 6 yrs. 7 months
example 7 " 29 days.

Mr. Viialcadpaker, B.Sc., LL,B. Secretary, iotroduccs

Prof. K. S. Krishnainuiii, the Founder &. President of
Stellar Astrological Research Institute, Madras
HDUK Tltn^fieilors

Sun 5, 6, 4"h(n 1 MjftctJT^

Moea ?, II - U Vcnui, Hfhu, Kcthu
Mari S, 7. 3, B 1LI V<jh,
Morcurr 5, 4. 7, I And 10 IV S'jat Jupilt^
lu^livr \ ). +. ^ V Jon, Mcmirj, Jopitcr, VsntP
Vfflm J, 4, T. C, jAfldf VI Son, Vooiif, Solurrt, Rnhti, Kflhn
Suluru i, J. * * VjT $ud, Met*. Mcftury, Jupmr
Vcdui, tUSo
Huhg 2, K t. 7 Vtlt Mtn. ttrtu. Hdtau
Kihi ft. 1, 2, V, 12 iX MoOft. Vnu. fcclhu
X WtiOoii
xt Moob: - ' .
xtl Sun, KtlSu

For niarrinjc, 2, 2 and II rE (p * 'Now. the method edoptcd by rue aiom

tit jud&*d. SJenineutoT! arc, can clarify the doubr
Vcnui, RaLiu, ktihu ; Sun Mars, Mere., What are the ruliDp plapete of iti
, Jupltcr- hulblnd- "Hitiio! WTwt is your lt*T "*
Vcaua. RaJiui Monn. " Vjulta 4tb quarter III Scorpio sita.'
AeIuuI date ftf fdtufihpje liMI'dl- So JupLttr end SUrs arc your rulm
Tlie perj Pit Tunninlt Atlbal time "W Rubu .
DiSi Mercury BluVli JtipiterAntJira Rahu
Stookititna. " Wliai is jbe day of your birth 7
The day of mamafc1 Supday ruled by ' Tbuseday.
Sue Mir was Reyatta: uovcrncd by Mtr- So Jupiter is ilw lord of the day.
jiaury when Xtoon- wai in Piscca owned by
Jupiter, LiftTA it tbttimr of marriiEe" * WJfrtelt yoir Upal
Scorpio otfiini by Mars, JyeaiiUcoosiella-
ituji Mercury. 'Same Vino, Sit-" I wm
hilf past id on'1ft-i-1735- "
fly transil, Rnhu was in Mercury iiar
Afhlcslia ; Mercury ww jn Rahu star Sm- " Jtcncc Meronry fi anotiter
til; fu'plter was in Sun star Verms sub; plenet."
Saturn m Suns tu r Jupiter lab: Sun wu otelui rhirlc for a uiinutc. Can .Gia,
in Mars siEit Jupilcr ster Ftabusub: Moot
in Jupiter siju Mereitry star- Thus, the give mairiage? Ju this Case he Ceni-iter
siEaihtaton of 2, 7and It houses rated Kcsbu has in o3a the results of Sun i-j^
fas par dasa sysrem) tbe dasa, bbuXli also llic.'rtli acd Siccnd bouse- Ttp-aie
a a thru and ahooksbma. Transit agTees. of cnafiratr ,should be Fiiduy. The^
of the hurtb- J must be One of the 3 i
If one uses any ayaflanisa, in vatue lees of XotlT ajjtftj,
than 321 44' for 1SJS, then the result will
be thsl the mamase oushi to have been He ll ivanairm it)
Rahu Dasft Kethu BhuUi- thao^ /
6 41 P
Shall we try to find out why she had a The correct horoscope is as follows :
daughter bom on 12-12-1962 Wednesday,
Moon in Gemini, in Mrigasira star in Ura. 2S.5lt|
Scorpio lagna. She was running Rahu >^Cr. vfTfi I** : 1X7.12 i X 6.J2
vil 6.6 1 }
Dasa Kethu Bhukti Jupiter Antbra. These Sun. 2,41 j
three planets are the significators of the Vcn. 23.281
houses 2 and 5 indicating birth of a baby XI 5.12
to a lady. (1 lib is important fat gents.) 1409 ! 6-W P.M.
Mercury in the constellation of Jupiter in VI i.12 | 1631933
5 and sub of Mercury in Jupiter's star "i at t3-(M N XII 6.12,
gave the birth on a Wednesday when Sal. 19.431 and 80-15 K Keihn Mar. 12.31
Moon was in Mercury sign, Mars star. VS.12 | 14.9
Nep. 15.32
All, in full, agree, 1 /UP. 24.36
"Sir, let us verify how I got married un.12 U 6.12 A sc. 6 6'
IV 6.12 Moon
on that day and my wife is born in Virgo 1-36
Lagna, Taurus Rasi and Robint Moon
star." Dasa balance Jupiter 2 years 0 month
Yes; this must be done. As per your 29 days.
statement your lagna is Virgo; Star On 19-11-61 the period was Mercury
Visaka 4th quarter. Dasa M^on Bhukti Jupiter Anthra.

Planet significator of which house House planets significators

Sun 12, 6, 12, 4 and 7 1 Mercury

Moon 12, 2, U, 7 and 4 11 Moon, Venus, Saturn
Mars 12, 12, 3 and 8 III Mars
Mercury 5, 7, 1 and 10 IV Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Sun
V Rahu, Saturn, Mercury
Jupiter 6, 12, 4 and 7 VI Rahu, Saturn, Mercury
Venus 12, 6, 2 and 9 VII Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus,
Saturn 2, 3. 5 and 6 Jupiter
Rahu vin Mars
6, 6, Sfi-jd 6 IX Venus, Kethu, Jupiter
Kethu 6, 12 and j X Mercury
XI Saturn, Moon
xu Mars, Moon, Venus. Sun, Mars,
Kethu, Jupiter

_ Therefore significators of houses 2, 7 Wife's ruling planets; Mercury, lord of

5nd 11 arc Mon, Venus, Saturn; Mer- lagna, Moon lord of the Nakshathra,
cury, Moon, Venus, Sun, Jupiter; Moon, Venus, lord of the Moon rasi: Jupiter
Saturn. aspects both rasi and lagna and Moon
Time of marriage Mercury Dasa, Moon was in Jupiter sub for your wife at the
Bhukti, Jupiter Anthra, Venus Shookshma. time of birth.
On the ciay of marringc, Mahshathra appreciated the ability of my students and
Revathi, i.e.. Mercury siar Jupiter sign. scholars of K. P. If anyone wants to
LagDa of marriage: Mars sign Scorpio, improve himself or herself let them learn
Mercury star Jyeshta. K. P. I can only advise. 1 can suggest.
Transit of planets: Moon in dasa- Unless the customers are to be benefitted
natha Mercury star; Mercury was in by clear out correct predictions, one will
Venus sign Rahu star: Jupiter was in not study and apply K. P. This is my view.
Venus sub. Second day
The chart is correct: Marriage actually Next day the student comes also : along
look place on 19-11-61 ? Note that Jupiter with him enters a gentleman, a stranger
was in 3 to him and Saturn, lord of 6
conjoined lord of 8 Mars. These arc to me. The new comer says, Sir, 1 am a
considered to be dangerous by Hindus regular reader of your magazine. I have
and Westerners respectively. But K. P. a doubt about the position of Moon.
proves that the traditional system is in- Some say that I am born in Utbrapadra,
correct. some say Revathi. I would like to hear
from you the correct one.
Suppose you use any other ayanamsa,
star itself may change : dasa bhulcti defi- " Where from are you coming ? "
nitely changes. No science can be strictly " Dhond. "
followed. But in traditional system any You could have clarified your doubt in
one of the thousand rules may explain, your place itself. There are a few good
after the event. astrologers who follow only my Padhdbati.
Os 12-12-62 he had a daughter born. There is a Railway Police subordinate-
What was the period, then ? He is very good at it. From A.H.
Mercury Dasa Mars Bhukti Rahu Anthra.
Girl's star was Mars star, Mrigasira
in Mercury sign, Gemini: Lagna was in
Mars sign Scorpio.
If one uses any other ayanamsa and
applies stellar method to him not only
K. P- is useless hut also the whole world.
K. P. predicts with certainty: reiterates
v/hen again questioned; Comes true when
one waits and sees: But ali other methods
whatever they are, they have no single
rule: no cogency: no coherence: no
systematic application and never sure suc-
cess. So, they have to say "tendency."
Also, the astrologers have some mytho-
logical story and say that there is a curse
for astrology and hence if fails; another
Will say only Brahma can be sure of
prediction. These arc only to take
shelter whenever one fails. Let any one
predict any event to tthe day, applying
any single rule whichi sh<
should he applicable Prof. Krishnaciisrli o*p!aiiis his
universally : none but K.. P. followers can successful in the 40 years
do it. Let tliora apply in case of twins. of his continuous research and
convinces the mass Uic ncrcssity
Due to lack of space, the Editor is of research and Hsltng out
unable to publish letters received by him series of miserable failure in
from unknown persons where thoy have Tcain'iig,
WtKtftiV & Co. at Dhonti trace one wbo Therefore Saturn, Moon and lupHerare
he is as he gets my magazine there every very strong ruling planets for this
month. Any other doubt you have, moment.
contact him, he will clarify it Hence your star is Jupiter sign Saturn
"You don't know his name, Sir. " star Jupiter sub and Moon sub sub.
"1 nevet asked him. But very often he If Moon sub sub is to be there then the
visits Bombay and improves bis know- dasa balance should be between 8 months
ledge by attending ray lectures and also 26 days and 6 months 10 days. It can
consulting me privately. If you make neither be beyond S months 26 days and
enquiry, you can come l know of him. less than 6 months 10 days. According
Alright give me the data, i.e. the time of to Raphael Ephemeris and Krishnamurli
birth in l.S.T. and the date, month and ayanamsa it agreesThe other two values
year. I do not want to know whetc you are therefore wrong.
were born, as it is unnecessary to note the If Revathi is to be your star, then
position of Moon. Mercury should he one of the ruling
What all 1 have, I give you, Sir. This planets at the moment of judgmeot.
is the chart cast at Tinoevelty by an Mercury finds no place here.
astrologer; he says that my star is Uthra-
padra. This chart from Bombay also Third Example:
says Uthrapadta. Dasa balance differs by Let rae give 3 sots of horoscopes which
one and half years. This chart 1 got a person has for his time of birth.
from the neighbouring State. It shows
Revathi star and Mercury Dasa balance 15 LagftH
years and odd. Here the difference bet- 7 i2'
ween Tinncvclly and this in dasa balance Moon
is nearly 3 years. Which am I to take as r
a correct one ?
I referred to the Ephemeris for the I 1 26-12-1931 iJup. 29.241
; : 5-30 P. M. ' I
time 5-36 P.M. given by him on 27-7-1929. | I 13.04 N
His day of birth was a Saturday. Moon f ! 80.15 E 1 i
was in 16 15' Pisces Nirayana. There- L Saturday
fore your star is Uthrapadra. Saturn Dasa i &inL0 20 l Cphcmeris or j
balance is 0 year 6 months 19 days. The ' i i !
chart cast at Bombay is very nearly Mars Mcrcu ry
correct except a few days difference in 19.43 Kethu
dasa bhukti system. Position of other Sun jO.58 29.34 7.47
planets correct. The dasa balance given
from Tinnevelly is to be corrected. The
other chart mentioning your nakshatra as 1 Lagnu
Revathi is wrong. Rahu ! Mooo
"How do you say so. Sir? Is it what you i
feel or is there any scientific explanation
for your finding?"
What are the ruling planets, today for Vakya
this time of judgment ! - }
Today it is Saturdaylord Saturn. Venus Jupiter
StarPushyalord Saturn.
RasiCancerowner Moon.
Lagna now at 9-45 A.M. I.S.T. at Sat.,
Bombay is 5 Pisces. It is Jupiter's sign Mars. Mercury Kethu
Saturn star Saturn sub. .
If you take the other Ayanamsa value will be over and Saturn moves on to Aries
which you had been thinking to be on 21-2-69. Isittrue." asks an Aquarius
correct, on a few argued on incorrect basis rasi-born.
in the chart is as follows: Though I wish that you are free from
such a depressing factor that sade-sathi is
Rahu ver, yet, the truth is that Pisces is occu-
pied by Saturn. It will be there till 6-3-69-
After all 16 days only more.
5-30 P.M. Moon Each almanac differs from the other.
26-12-31 How to find out the truth. Does Saturn
13-04 N move on 21-2-69? So the question is
80-15 E where will Saturn be on 22-2-69. Just now
1 Venus, Saturday Jupiter I explained to him that the ruling planets
Saturn for this moment are Mercury, Rahu,
Saturn and Moon. Rahu represents Jupiter.
Mars, Hence Saturn continues to be in Jupiter
j Sun, Kcthu sign Pisces, in Mercury star Revathi,
Mercury Saturn sub, Mars is not a ruling planet
now. If Saturn's position is in Aries, Mars
The third chart neither agrees with will be a ruling planet-
Drig nor Vakya. Look at the position of " Can I complete S.S.L.C. ? I was told
planets. Which can this person follow or that Saturn and Rahu arc in 11, Jupiter
use it? balam is there as it is in 5 and so on.
1 asked him, mention now which posi- Actually I have made many attempts. I am
tion of which planet you want to fix. ashamed to say. But one thing is certain.
When that is fixed, you will be knowing I will be appearing till I come out success-
which to follow. ful."
Let me know whether my Guru is "Do it. But, what is your reason to take
exalted or not? such a decision?
Right. Take the ruling planets for this What Sir, girls somehow pass easily-
moment 3-58 P.M. 17-2-69 at Bombay. They work hard. They concentrate. But
Lagna fag end of Gemini owned by somehow 1 could not. .This is the main
Mercury. Star Sathabisha governed by cause for my failure. When I am to get
Rahu- Sign Kumba owned by Saturn. married, if 1 remain as an unqualified can-
Day Monday ruled by Moon, Hence didate and the girl whom I have to marry
Mercury, Rahu, Saturn and Moon are the has passed. Look at my prestige and
ruling planets. Sun is not a significator. position. There must be the inferiority
Hence it is not Simha. It is only Cancer. complex. So I shuld make all efforts and
That also Moon sign, Mercury star, Saturn pass. No doubt, 1 was giving my life and
sub, Rahu sub sub. So Jupiter should be worked hard. Yet I faiP"1 once, iwic'
between 29* 24' to 29" 43' in Cancer. thrice, four times. No-.; TH
So my Jupiter is exalted- more serious attemr - 1 1
thinking that the E I;
Yes. ' will help me. I ^
Now it is time for me to go to Bharatiya useless. Now f
Vidya Bhavao to conduct the class. Come want to see wha ..Qmjsupport to research
on any other day if you want to clarify me to doubt Warch of Stellar Astroltsiau
any doubt. Alright! Givinstituic, Bcllaty.
Before he leaves another person comes Born at
and says 'Sir, u few say that my sade-sathi 21-10-194?
So the followiof is your horoscope : people born in Risijaba Rasi neither fail
nor all pass. If they threaten that Risa-
Rahu Moon- ba Rasi will be having Sade-Sathi and they
VIII 13.14 12.14 6.31 Ora, 7-27 canhot pass hereafter is also incorrect.
;ix 15.14 Marcurv
XI 14.14
You read my article on "Saturn's tran-
sit." Only hereafter you enter into a better,
vn 13.44 XIX 14.14 prosperous and successful period"!
2.48 A.M. Ruling planets and inteml \: On
11-39 N 113-1969 I had to meet u d ty high
78.12 E Sat. 10.21 official. A friend of mine ph( |ed' me
VI 14.14 Lnj. 13.44 saying that ho would be happy it J meet
Vcn. 23.11
him at 3 P.M. 1 and one of my 1 Judents
III 15.14 had been to his office at the stroke of 3-30.
V 14.14 , IV 15.14 Kct. 12.14' 11 13.14 I was told that he was in a conference
;up.2.09 Mara9-36 Sun 4.22 Nep. 20.14 urgently arranged and that he wotrld be
Mere, 2.24 back in a few minutes. Also he added that
the officer knew that you would be corning
pSun Dasa balance 1 year 6 months 24 days. at 3-30 P.M. and asked me to request you
a Dear boy, the chart has been worked to wait for a few minutes. Hooked into the
out correctly. That which you have is Ephcmetis. Then 1 recollected that his
also very correct." star was Jyeshta. 1 worked out- when
the lagna with be in Mars star Mercury
"Sir, 1 know that the calculation would sub or Mercury star Mars sub. I worked
be correct. He is working in a bank. He out and found that Mercury star Mars sub
, follows only your system. But I doubt will rise in the east for Bombay at 4-20
Whether my time of birth is correct. P.M. So at about 3-35 P.M. I told the
Do you doubt the time of birth by more clerk that he could not call me before
' than an hour ? 4-20 P.M. So' I and my friend will
attend to out other business and be here
No, Sir. It can be less than half ah by 4-20 P.M. This reply was strange to
hour, this way or that. hirri. After 4-15 P.M. we returned.
What is the time now.2 Just at 4-20 P.M. the officer came. Many
were-waiting. He himself came to visitor'^,
Tl-SO A.M. room and called me to come, in . and we
Date i 23-2-1969- went into his room. He took-his seat
Day; Sunday along with me and discussed.-^.He wanted
me to find out hjj. correct birth star. He
Where is Moon? had a doubt whether it was Jyeshta or
Taurus.owned by Venus. Anuradha. 1 told him that if he would have
Star. been born in Anuradha, 1 would have met
him at 3 P.M. as he fixed up the time for
vKarthik ruled by Sun. ; interview as at that time lagna rising
1 1 i?
: If you' work'"out in the East was in 0 irn's star Pushya.
II MA ?. io Venus sign Sun I met him lagna was Ashlesha star,
> Moon was in Jyeshta star. There is no
\ doubt to declare that your birth star is
iyen by yoa, the Jyeshta! Luckily at that time Moon
S10 hgn Ve.nns star was in Jyeshta itself. AS Saiura is not a
it _is O.K. ruling planet, his star can never be
4i; Anuradha hut only Jyeshta.
11 ect. But" to
at all when Thus ruling planets correctly reveal
'.ohg. All only when K. P. Ayanamsa is used. If
one uses a less value, the prediction must I can at once say. Now you dial 440 449
miserably fail. to Madras. My child will say. You put
only this question. Never say who you
So only finding out the ruling planets are, etc. The question should he " What
and applying properly one need not waste is the birth star of a young gentleman?"
one's tirac. Astrology saves the valuable In 10 seconds my daughter replied Simha
time. Rasi Maka star.
Arrived at Madras : Classes at Madras "Is it, Yekshini ? "
started. Many highly qualihed and very
well-settled officials have joined. They "No."
were hearing my lectures. One of the "Is it a magic? "
members, Professor in Medical College,
Madras came on Sunday 2331969 at " No,"
12 P.M. His question was whether his " What is it, then ? "
lagna was Karkat or Simha. " It is only K. P."
I noted the ruling planets.
Sunday ruled by Sun. Thus, on thousands of occasionsnot
one or two they have mentioned the
Lagna Taurus ruled by Venus. correct lagna, star, rasi, etc. Indeed a
Lagna in 7" 7' in Sun star Kethu sub. surprise to consultants as they were
Moon was in Karthik star Venus sub, correct.
" Let me request those who call that
Therefore, Sun Venus, Kethu were the K. P. is not a discovery, to answer, clarify
ruling planets. and remove the doubts of consultants,
His time of birth was 7-10 P.M. on applying any single rule universally."
2911928 at Madras. He had charts The day is fast approaching to put an
already erected by a few. Some say Cancer end to classify that Astrology is a science
lagna and some Leo lagna. of tendency and that Brahma alone can
If Cancer is to be lagna. Moon, Mercury, say with certainty.
Saturn or Jupiter should be the ruling The day is come to claim that Astro-
planets. It is not so. logy is an exact science needing more
This method of fixing is ever true. research scholars to make honest attempts
Never it fails. It is convincing and with open mind only a little is to be done.
correct. One can follow after verifying
in known cases and confirm the truth.
Once 1 published that a young daughter
of mine who knows about ruling planets
gave reply by the same Telephone trunk
call which was a surprise to them. I was
in the Government House talking t them
at Bangalore Ex-President Dr. Radha-
krishnan also was in Government House
in another hall- He came to attend a
function in La) Bagh where Kulapatiji
Mr. K.M, Munshiji arranged a conference.
Mrs. V. V. Giri wanted to find out how
far I have perfected the science. So she
asked me to mention the birth star of a Mr. Nagappa, promises support to research
bridegroom who married her grand- scholars and opens a branch of Stellar1 Asrroloj:icn!
daughter. I told her. You know the star. Research Institute. Bellar) .
Jyorish Visljratl K. GANAPATHI
The traditional astrologers are not
unaware that the GocharaTransit 11-52 IV 12-57 V 10-57 VI 6-57
System advocated by various sages saints III 10-57
and scholars in different text-books are
useless, meaningless and not universally VII 3-34
.applicable. IT <-57 Jupiter
10101931 24-32
Present authors reproducing those dicta 111 P.M.
in their own words and publishing in 1304 N
different languages, actually do harm to Lagna 801S E
those who keep their horoscopes side by 3-34 VIII 6-37
side with such books without mentioning
that these rules fail miserably in majority Saturn 22-54 Sun 0-26
of the individuals. 24-08 XJ 10-57 Mc. 12-57 Moon 5-5l
IX 10-57
XII 6-57 Venus Kct.
According to Prof. Krishnamurti, only 1-49 More. 17-0452
those who suffer due to Grahachara will Sun Dasa balance 1 year 10 months
follow this Gochara. 12 days. You were married on 1-9-1950.
Let me first reproduce that which is Position of planets, then, at the time of
mentioned in the text-books. marriage was as follows;
Of all the lagnas it is only the Moon As per Dasa Bbukti System, he got
Litgna that is most important for ascertai- married during Rahu Dasa Rahu Bhukti
ning the Gocharapala. One ought there- Rahu Anthra.
fore to calculate and predict from the
Moon's place to predict the effects due to Rahu 6-07 Moon 6 i
transits of planets through the signs count-
ed from that of the Moon. i
During transit, the Sun gives good i
results when he is in 3 or 6 or 10, 11 Jupiter Ven. 25-4S
counted from Moon : the Moon in 1, 3,
6, 7, 10, 11 Jupiter in 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 : 391950
Mars and Saturn 3, 6, 11 : and so on. Sun 14-36
Sat. 27-45
Then they mention about Vedba.
Let me give in thisand subsequent issues
the Gochara position of planets at the Mars Kcthu
time of the marriage, at tho time of 20-17 Mc.6-07
appointment, at the time when one receives
President award, at the time when one In the birth chart Moon was in Virgo.
wins in races, one gains in lottery etc. In the chart erected for the moment of
The following is ihe horoscope of marriage
Mr. K. B. Jagadish Rapid maritimcs (a) Moon was in 8Ashlama
Shipping and Clearing Agent, 308, Tharnbu Chandrashlaiua.
Chetty Street, Madras-1. (b) Kethu and Mercury in Janma (in !)
(c) Mars in 2. the strongest. Rahu Dasa gave marriage
(d) No GurubalamGuru in 6. the moment it started.
(e) Rahu in 7. By transit Jupiter was in Rahu star
(f) Sade-Satiyears Saturn Rahu sub. Rahu was in Jupiter sign Saturn
Saturn in ) 2. star Mercury sub.
(g) Sun in 12. Moon was in Kethu star Rahu sub
What will an honest astrologer with (Kethu: represents Moon and Mercury).
Mats n Jupiter star Jupiter sub. Sun who
these rules say 1 A very very bad time is to indicate the month of marriage was
what is it that is said in the book, Pbala in Venus star Venus sub, Saturn was in
Deepika by Mantraeswara ? Moon sub. Kethu in Mercury sub. Mer-
(a) When Sun transits in 12, sorrow, cury in Venus sub.
loss of wealth, quarrel, fever. Thus all planets were transitting in the
(b) Moon in 8 : fear, worry. constellation of the significators and sub
(c) Mars in 2, fear, hot words, loss of Of the significators.
wealth. This clearly confirms what Prof.
(d) Mercury in 1, loss of wealth. Krishnamurti says: Let a planet transit in
(e) Jupiter in 6trouble from enemies, any sign, or in any house. You never
cousins and sufferings from disease. bother about it. What you should find
(f) Venus in 11Safety. out is, the transit of the significators in
the constellation and sub of the significa-
(g) Saturn in 12, worthless and fruit- tors of a particular matter. This rule is
less business. Robbed of one's money by applicable to one and all. No other rule to
enemies. Wife and children suffer. confuse no alternativeNo confusion,
(h) Rahu in 7 loss. clarity and simplicity of the Padhdhati
(i) Kethu in 1 sickness and death. give the correct date of event which come
Persons learning palmistry, refer the to pass and the argument is convincing
book and at once look to their palm. and scientific.
They get terrified similarly if one refers Luck by lotteryanother example:
these rules and apply (o the virgo rasi Refer to Krishnamurti Padhdhati Vol. II,
born, what is his finding, fear, disease, pages 93 and 94. This gentleman horn in
sorrow, ill-health, loss, enemy etc. Oh God! Cancer sign as Janma rasi having Moon in
How long a time are we to put up with Cancer at the moment of birth had.
such readings"? How quickly the astrologer (a) Jupiter in Janma, i.e. first rasi which
disposes one saying that Gurubalam is not is accoring to Hindus bad.
come. The Gochara is bad. But the above (b) Saturn in 4 to Moonbad.
is a fact.
Apply Krishuamurti Padhdhati. (o) Moon in 5 to get Moon signbad.
(d) Kethu in 12 bad.
This person got married on 191950; Again the same gentleman had fortune
Judge houses 2, 7 and 11; Saturn owns the in March 1968. Then also transit results
second. Only Rahu is in Saturn star: 7th were adverse according to Hindus, whereas
is occupied by Jupiter, Mars is in Jupiter K. P. answers all the questions.
star and sub of Saturn. Hth house is
owned by Mars and Vtmus is in its Hence new students read Krishnamurti
star. Hence Rahu, Mars anl Venus are the Padhdhati. You know the shortest, correct
strongest significators. Rahu is in the and straight track- If you read all, it is
constellation of lord of 2 and in sub of like rice mixed with paddy and other
Moon, lord of 7: Mars is in the constellation rejcctablc materials.
of planet in 7 and sub of Saturn lord of 2 "Study Krishuamurti Padhdhati and
and 12. Venus is in the constellation of serve the people " is my sincere advice to
lord of II in the sub of Mercury. Rahu is students-
A few learned astrologers find that a hours, lift his body up to the surface and
particular planet in its period will give carry the bloated dead body to the shores.
adverse results to a person. So to mitigate
the evil effects they suggest the stone or So, what is the wise suggestion ? Prof.
gem governed by that maleSc planet. Krishnamurti says that when a house is in
According to Prof. Krishnamurti, it is fire, we throw water and sand ; when one
wrong and actually doing harm to the is lazy, we give stimulant; when there is
cansultant. diabetes, we give insulin to control.
Therefore, that which will nullify the evil
Suppose Venus has to cause Diabetes. is to be suggested. That planet which is
If one suggests that sweets are governed by auspicious, is to be taken. Its Gem alone
Venus and one taking much of sweets, it to be used. Therefore, people follow-
will reduce the evil effects of Venus, how ing Sayana system will be knowing the
far this learned astrologer will bo helpful date of birth.
to the patient.
Again, if Mars denotes arrogance, inde- If birth is betwaen:
pendence, disobedience, etc. and thereby March, 22 and April 23 , .. Blue, Pearl
Mars threatens dispute among husband April, 24 and May 24 .. Blue, Yellow.
and wife, what is the meaning of suggest-
ing to put on coral or ruby indicated by May, 25 and June 25 .. Red, Yellow.
Mars or to keep ready alathi or a knifeor June, 26 and July 25 White, Red.
a revolver loaded, governed by Mars. Sup- July, 26 and Aug. 24 Green, Red,
pose due to evil Mars, one's hut is in fire, Aug. 25 and Sept. 23 .. Cream, Green.
consider how wise the learned advisor is, Sept. 24 and Oct. 23 ., Orange Red.
if he suggests to pour highly inflammable
ones on the fire, since inflammable ones Oct. 24 and Nov. 23 .. Green, Orange.
are governed by Mars. Nov. 24 and Dec. 23 . White, Green.
If Saturn indicates laziness, lethargic Dec. 24 and Jan. 22 . Red, White.
tendency and slow in one's action, how Jan. 23 and Feb. 22 .. Yellow, White
can there be any benefit by painting the Feb. 23 and Mar. 21 .. Blue, Yellow.
wall with blue colour, purchasing blue
cloth for curtain and blue car for his use. Those who know only their birth star,
The result will be similar to an old and rasi, they can use as follows ;
(Saturn) deaf (Saturn) person crossing the Aries, Mesha Blue, Pear).
road and the Saturn afflicted driver or
owner delaying in reducing the speed by Taurus, Rishaba Blue, Yellow.
applying the brake. Readers know what Gemini, Mithunam Red, Yellow.
the results would be. Cancer, ICarkata White, Red,
If Moon is evil and it threatens loose Leo, Sitnha Green, Red.
motion, if one suggests a liquid purgative Virgo, Kanni Cream, Green.
to the patient what will be the result7 If Libra, Thulam Orange, Red.
Moon threatens, drowning in one's horos- Scorpio, Vrishchika Green, Orange.
cope and if one uses pearl according to Sagittari us Dhanus White Cream.
an advice, do you know what will Capricorn, Makaram Red. While.
happen? Mind you, Moon will keep him
for some hours by the side of the pearls at Aquarius, Kumbam Yellow, White.
the bottom of the sea and after a few Pisces, Meenam Blue, Yellow.
If Sun is a benefic, use orange colour promises harmony and happiness and
and gold. Gold indicated by Jupiter will give
If Moon is a benefic, use Pearls, Pusbpa- healthy children.
ragatn. This is what you want.
If Mars is a benefic, use Coral and
If Mercury is a benefic, use Emerald.
If Jupiter is a benefic, Yellow Sanpliire
If Venus is a benefic, Diamond, Silver.
If.Saturn is a bepcfic. Blue, Sapphire.
The day of purchase also may be the
day ruled by the same beneficial planet
prornisiug pleasure, peace and prosperity
(e.g.). Pearls on Mondays, Coral " Tues-
days. Emerald on Wednesdays, etc., etc.
As Jupiter and Venus, are beneficial to
your wife, set Diamond in Gold and give One Section of the fully packed hall with the educated
her Diamond governed by Venus which and highly qualified gents of Bellary.
K. S. K.
" An agreement was signed with the Horoscope is as under:
contractor on 14-10-67 requesting him to
construct a building lor my use at a cost of Kcthu
Rs. 50,000. As. 4.46 j 116,19 m1.332.i9
IV 26.19
I paid Rs. 6,600 on 29-6-61, secondly on
14-10-68, Rs. 10,000, thirdly on 21-12-68
Rs. 7,000. The balance is to he paid. XII 25.19 V 23.19
Source and date of repayment, God alone Sat. 23.31 15121936
knows" says one student. 2-49 P.M.
2451 N
XI. 23.19 6704 H
"Why do you say that God alone Yen. 11.32 VI 25.J9
knows. Cannot our Guruji tell you
when and how you will repay and regain srSkiV"
peace. " Koon Ifi.n?
Yes. He can help us by prediction."
Raha 10.7 VlII 6I9'1| VII4.26 Mars
Sim .S3 25.10
Then what do you. expect from an TX. 2.JB 1
astrologer. Our classmate may consult
when he will get married. Since he is Venus Dasa balance 15 years, 9 months
depressed and dejected as he remains un- 27 days.
married and be had his 37th birthday, only It is verified. An intelligent student,
yesterday. Will the astrologer relieve his without a single mistake has calculated
worry or satisfy him by giving any his and erected the map according to Krishna-
aged daughter in marriage to him. Or if 1 murti Padhdhati.
go and say that there is pressure for money "The chart is perfectly alright. Give me
etc., which you are aware of, will he issue few minutes ".
a cheque and help me. If our room mate
requests him to find out when he can get Two minutes passed. 1 made all calcula-
accommodation, will be make a search for tions and I wrote the dates of repayment
him. Astrologer can give only this much in a slip of paper.
relief: That is he can remove the worry. I asked him " What is the time, now ?"
How? He will predict when the matter will " 10-20 A.M. Sir."
materialise. " Alright let us meet him ".
" What is the lagna ? "
Both enter.
" Let me refer to Janma Bhoomi and tell
" Yes; come in, come on ; Why do you you, Sir."
hesitate?" " Yes, Janma Bhoomi furnishes correct
" Sir, we have not taken an appointment, information. There is the ready reckoner.
but we have taken a chance. " Please refer."
" What for?" " Mesh started at 9-38 A.M., Sir. So it
The worried person narrates the cause of is Mesh."
his worry and asks " when can I be free " Who is the owner of M ojh ? "
from these by paying the Balance? " Mars, Sir."
" Have you brought your horoscope ? " " What is your day of birth?"
"Yes, Sir, here it is. I have worked out " Tuesday."
as per your method. " " Who governs Tuesday ?"
" Mars." Venus Bhukti Saturn Anthra Venus
" Next, where is Moon now ? " Shookshma. The day was a Saturday.
" In Taurus." The star was Saturn star. The time of
signing the contract was Makara sign,
" Who is its Lord 7 " Moon star.
"Venus." Next you paid first instalment. Houses
What is your birth star? 8 and 12 indicate the repayment, just like
"Poorvashada." 2 and 6 when judged together denote
" Who rules Poorvashada ?" borrowing.
" Venus, Sir." You repaid during the Moon Dasa, Sun
You are the third person visiting, now. Bhukti Saturn Anthra on aSaturday when
Moon was in Cancer owned by Moon.
" Do you see that your lord of lagna is
Mars, lord of your star is Venus." Next payment was made during Mars
Dasa Mars Bhukti Mars Anthra, Rabu
" Yes, Sir." Shookshma on a Monday in Rahu
" What did I teach you in the class 7 " constellation in Mercury sign.
" You said that one can consult an The third was paid on21-l2-1968 during
astrologer only at such a time so that the Mars Dasa, Mars Bhukti, Saturn Anthra
ruling planets at that moment agrees with on a Saturday when Moon was in Makar,
the ruling planets at his or her birth ruled by Saturn.
moment. "
"How is it. Sir, that Saturn gives me
' Are you satisfied, with correctness of money and also makes mo part with it? "
your chart?'
"Yes, Sir. " In your chart, Saturn owns both 11th
and 12t!i houses: N planet is in 12':
" Now, let me tell you, the next date of Saturn atone is in 11. No planet is iu
repayment will be on 15-3-69." Saturn star. Hence Saturn gives due to
" How did you arrive as it in 2 minutes, Ilth house. Saturn dispenses due to 12th
Sir." house result. So, on the days governed
by Saturn you get cheques. You issue
If I explain it will take 15 minutes? cheques.
Anyhow let me oblige, you both.
"Can I pay in full?"
What do you mean by an agreement
with contractor. Does it not mean that " No."
you and another person sign a document Whenever Saturn rules, all payments
wherein both agree, So which houses are will be made only in instalments."
we to judge. 3rd house counted from your
lagna and the 3rd counted from 7lh, i.e. " Why, Sir."
bouses 3 and 9 in your chart " If Saturn indicates disease, Saturn
3rd house is vacant : Owner is Mercury. gives a chronic one.
It has no planet in its stars Ashlcsha, If wc get or give, Saturn prolongs the
Jyeshta or Revathi. So Mercury is one of period by way of instalments. It is a
the significators. delaying planet to fulfil tne's desire
lupiter, Moon and Mercury are in the 9th whereas it is not denying or disappointing
house: Mercury, wc have judged Venus one. /
alone is in Moon's star. Saturn is in Jupi-
ter's star. So Mercury, Venus, Saturn. When will 1 tie at off the loan ?
Moon, lupiter are the significators. " Mars Dasa Rahu Bhukti Sun Anthra
What was the period running at the January 1970 "
time of signing the contract Moon Dasa " Will he give ma time to that extent? "
Whether he gives or not, you clear off dently". So saying they goon and on
only when the conjoined period of planets and I can't hear any more what they talk,
deposited in the constellation of planet in
2 operates ; to clear off your dues. Judge
the house " Two "
"Thanks, Sir."
"Both go smilingly and with the hope
that he can repay and clear off in January
1970 and with a decision to take time
from the contractor".
" Is your worry over?" asks the class-
mate, while they are putting on shoes
sitting in the outside verandah."
" What doubt is there ? He deals with
the subject so quickly, explains it in meti-
culous detail so lucidly and encourages Mr. Hanumanltorao Viiidhya fthe Secretary ot the
With his convincing arguments so couli- S.A.R.l., liellary Branch) lives Vote of.TUauks,
July 1969
Horary Astrology
Jyotish Vishar&d K. GANA.0ATI
Number given 104 within 249. Gemini : 3, IS, 27, 39, 51 ; 63, 75, 87.
Time of .judgment: 1-30 P.M. Tuesday 99 and so on.
8-469. A doubt arises in the minds of the
Place of judgment,: Madras 13 04' N. readers, how can number 1, 13, 25 etc,,
denote Aries full ; Will not there be any
Prof. Krishnamurti says that there difference between,!, 13, 25, etc.
should be a system to find out results by
Horary astrology and if the consultant There is and there must be.
gives a number and it is taken to ascer- Hence this raelhod is not satisfactory.
tain the ascendant for that query, the Another method is to take each number
answer should be only one; i.e., for each having an arc of 3 20'. The Zodiac of
number there should be a definite position 360 is divided into 108 equal parts, i.e.
in the Zodiac. The method which one 27 stars: each divided into 4 equal parts.
follows should not indicate more than one Therefore if one says number Two ; it
position and for every - position in the means Asc. is between 3" 20'. Aries to 6 40'
Zodiac, there should be a separate number. Aries : Number 9 means 26" 40' Aries to
Clarity is found only in K. P. 30. 10 means 0. Taurus to 3 20' and
According to Prof. Krishnamurti, the so on.
.following method appears to be jugglery.
Ask for a number within 108: If the But the real difficulty for the K. P.
given number is above 12, divide the followers arises when they want to find
number by 12, take only the remainder. out the sub. Because in each quarter of
Count from Aries. The remainder will a constellation extending for 3 20', there
indicate a sign as lagna. In this case, the can be two or three or four or 5 . subs.
lagoa extends for 30 and each has 9 num- So one will be at a loss when the subs
bers ; i.e., 9 consultants can give 9 diffe- are to be judged toknowwbether a matter
rent numbers which give same remainder. will be fulfilled or not. Hence, this
The lagna remains the same. method, though superior to the , first
He asks, " What is the sanctity system, is also indicating alternative
in requesting the consultant to give a results.
number within 108, then divide by 12 and But if one gives a number within 249,
take the remainder. Why can't they ask then each number has a .definite,position
for a number within 12 to avoid the above in the Zodiac. No other number can
calculation . which creates' a wrong indicate the same position. The sign
impression on the consultant, as though lord, the star lord and sub lord, i.e. these
even to find out Horany lagna,. there is three are absolutely different.
some calculation ? " Actually one, gets, According to traditional system, there
the following signs as lagna if the consul- is no BbavaChakra in Horary astrology
tant gives the following numbers: as each number shows a particular sign as
Aries: 1; 13 ; 25 ; 37 ; 49; 61 ; 73; a Bhava. This is unscientific.
85 ; 97, ' According to Kalidoss, we can find out
Taurus; 2; 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, '74, the lagna by asking for a number within
86, 98. 108. But he has not advocated to erect a
Bhava chart. Then for numbers 1 to 9, X. Cusp is 22 22' Gemini
Aries is the lagna ; 10 to 18 Taurus; 19 to XI. Cusp is 21 22' Cancer
27 Gemini; 28 to 36 Cancer and so on.
It is also unscientific. XII. Cuspis21"22' Leo.
But Krishnamurti Padhdhati is the If we work further by adding 180, we
scientific one. One is asked to give a get
number within 249- Bach number has a VII. Cusp 21 46' 40" Pisces
separate sub. Professor says, take the VIII. 22 22' Aries
position of the commencement of the sub IX. 22 22' Taurus
and erect the horoscope 12 cusps for
the locality where the query is judged. IV. 22 22' Sagittarius
Then insert the planet in this map for the V. 21 22' Capricorn
moment of judgment. VI. 21 22' Aquarius. So
Number given is 104 within 249; turn the Nirayana map is as follows after
over page 48 of the monthly magazine deducting23 20'
"Astrology andl Alhrishla" July 1968 vm
issue.. vi. H-n Sat. 3-55
Sun 24-58 IX 29-2 X 29-2 XI 28-2
Against number 104, you will find Sun Mer. 24-IS
sign Sun star Mars sub. It extends from Rabu 6-8
28 26' 40* in Leo to 29'' 13' 20* in Leo.
vn XII 28-2
Take the beginning of this cusp. It is 28-26-40
IS" 26' 40" Leo.
" What system is it ? " Lagna
" Nirayana " VI 28-2 28-26-40
" Which Table of Houses are we to
refer?" ' V 28-2 IV 29-2 Jup. 5-38
" Raphael's table of Houses ? " Moon Mars III 29-2 Xtt. 6-8
8-24 21-21 11 29-2
" Which system does he follow? "
" Sayana." Is success promised ?
So what to do 7 Judge the sub lord of the 11th Cusp.
On which day we judge the query ? What 1 Ith Cusp is at 28 2' in Gemini. It is'
ruled-by Venus. What can Venus do? It
is the ayanamsa? Add this ayanamsa is in the constellation of the planet in .7
value for the date of judgment to the and sub of planet in 7. It is retrograde.
Nirayana position of 28 26' 40". Then
23 2#'. for '641969 is to be added. So, declare that he will lose the case.
The result wili be 21 46' 40" Virgo, Can we confirm ?
in Sayana.
Take the 7th house which indicates the
What is the latitude of the place of opponent. Where is the 11th cusp to the
. judgment? 13 4' North Latitude. 7ih, i.e. Fifth Cusp. It is 28 2' Sagit-
Turn over the page where the Cusps are tarius. So, it is in Sun's star Moon sub.
given for 13 Latitude North. Then refer - Both can never be retrograde.
the line where 21 46' 40" Virgo would be. Sun is in 2 in the constellation of
' It is given for 21 22' and 20 26' Virgo- planetMercury in 1sub of node in i
Work out. Then you will find as follows. (counted from 7th house).
I. Cusp is 21 46' 40", Virgo Moon is in 10 in the constellation of
II. Cusp is 22 22' Libra Ketbu in 7 to 7 and sub of Mercury in
III. Cusp is 22 22' Scorpio 1. therfore opponent wins.
If opponent wins, he must loseyes. So balance on 8-4-1969 = 2 years 7 months
find 12th Cusp, It is Mercury star Saturn 3 days. Now Jupiter sub period is running
sub. Both Mercury and Saturn are advan- upto 5-11-I96>. Then starts Saturn sub
tageous to opponent alone- period.
Thus one can analyse and definitely Take ruling planets. Today Mars day :
state that the particular litigation in the Jupiter sign transitted by Moon and
(High Court for which he has given nutn- Moolam star governed by KethuLagna is
'bcr 104 promises loss, failure, etc., to the around 16 in Cancer-
consultant and success to the opponent- Hence Kethu Dasa Jupiter Bhukti Mars
Time of event: Antbra Saturn Shookshma is the period,
i.e., before 15-9-1969. It will be on
According to'this chartKetbu Dasa 3-9-1969.

K. S. K.
Number given is 247. it shows that speedy withdrawal is shown
Time 10-30 A.M : Place 19 N; Date in Jupiter's period. Jupiter in 6 shows that
19-2-69. Horoscope is as follows : during Moon's period, bank position
improves by borrowing. Let it be repeated.
(Horary) What can Moon do in its period ? It has
Sat, SB.ifr to give the result signified by the Bhava
"Laffda occhpied by the lord of the constellation.
ti' 0'2140*32 , 11 27 26 III 24 17' IV 19 26'
Vtn Moon is in the constellation of the planet
Mouui B2" 32'
41' occupying 5. So you overdraw ; What
about Jupiter? It is in the constellation
of the planet in 12, i.e. Moon and hence,
XII 17 17' V IS' 17' investment, purchases, etc., so that you
Sun 7.03 issue cheques and your bank position
XI15' 17' Hth Bhava also shows the time of
Merc. VI 17 17''
10.46 making profit: Sun is in 11. Ketbu is in
Sun's star.
KM. 8.41 Second Bhava denotes the receipts by
24.17. IX 27.26 VIII Jup. 11.21
X 19# 26' Mars. 3.53 VII earning: no planet is in second Bhava:
24" 6' 40' Mars rules the second bouse. No planet
it in Mars star. Mars indicates bow and
Jupiter Dasa balance 0 year II months when you make money. Therefore Ketbu
16'days. Generally financial difficulty and Mars in their periods bring money to
does not come at any part of life and you which you need not return. It is yours.
when once it is solved, it is not over once
for all for the lifetime. For some people, But during the period of Sun, you gain
the trouble crops up, dies out, again on a and you repay loan. Why? Sun in the
later date reappears, again goes out andso constellation of Node in 12 indicates
on. In some cases, it is from birth to repayment. Sun and Ketbu jointly promise
death. In rare cases, when once the prob- profit. >
lem' is solved, then no more similar Mars in the 8th bouse indicates that you
situation at all. will earn through life insurance, land,
To know in which period one will be buildings, real estate, mine products,
having enough bank position and any pumpsets, etc.
necessity that arises does not warrant Kethu gives money in your profession
overdraft facility or forces one to borrow through your unknown people- Everything
the learned astrologer will find out the ' is your profit-
period governed by thesignificatorsof Xlth
cusp in Horary chart and the significators Mercury indicates that you lend money
of the 11th bouse. or you repay loan. In the ledger of the
parties', during your Mercury period, they
llthcusp falls in Capricorn at 15* 17'. will give credit to you.
It is in Saturn's sign Moon's star and
Jupiter sub. Jupiter, the sub lord is in the, During Jupiter period, you make
constellation of planet Moon in I2tb purchases. When 7th cuip indicates those
house. Moon is in Jupiter's star. Hence, with whom you deal, when the 4th to the
7th will be their property. It is owned by is the Bhadhakathanaadhipathi to Pisces
Jupiter which is in 12 to 7 in the constella- Lagna. Venus and Saturn are in its con-
tion of the planet in 5 and 7. stellation. Hence one is to judge what
During Saturn period, you have speedy these three planets can do in their con-
turnover, larger profits, prestige, popula- joined period. They are very beneficial to
rity, progress and prosperity as Mercury is see that from their conjoined period, yon
in 10 which rules Revathi where Saturn is need not bother about any in this world.
deposited. When will it come ?
Thus, note down to each planet and read Jupiter Dasa 0 year 1.1 months 16 days.
the result as follows Saturn Dasa 19'years. Mercury Dasa Venus
Bbukti Mercury Antbra Saturn Shooksbma
Jupiter Dasa ends on 6270. Later will come after 2.4 27+01127+
Saturn Dasa will start. It runs for 19 290 = 5124, i.e. 5 years 1 month
years. Hence all the 19 years, you will be 24 days after Mercury starts. So,
doing business as it is in Mercury star and 191166+5T24 = 25 years 1 month.
in its own sub (Saturn in lagna bhava). In the article about partnership we got 25
Later Mercury Dasa will operate. As Mer- years longevity. Now also we get the
cury is in Moon's star, you will invest and same.
reduce the bank position. [So, I advise you to take personal Insur-
But one should not be going on saying ance, endowment policy and not payment
throughout Mercury Dasa. Why ? Mercury till end of life.]
(Krishnamurtl Padhdhati 'Verified and then Predicted.)
Junior Engineer, P.W.D., Gulbarga Circle. Gulbarga.
A gentleman puts a question about bis Lord Lord
transfer on .6121968 Friday at 3-53 Planets. of con- of
P.M. at 17" 19' North and 76* 54' East stellation. sub.
LongitudeNature of the query "Trans- Sun Mercury Venus
fer." It is unknownWhen 7 Moon Rabu Rabu
Saturn Mars Moon Sun
25'36'14' J-agna Mooo Mercury Mercury Venus
R ahu 22* 54' 43* 6* 54'42' Jupiter Sun
12*41'00 Venus
Venus Sun . Jupiter
Saturn Mercury Rahu
Rabu Saturn Mars
Kethu Moon Rahu
Venus N ow about the transfer, consider
2 28' bouses 3, 10 and 12.
No planet occupies 3rd bhava. Mercury
i' sir f>SMrvrg6i5.6*
ZZ"JHOitet owns it. The planets in the constellation
2U*Morcory 0HetVm
40* W of Mercury are Sun, Mercury and Saturn.
14 252" 12' 4 Therefore Sun, Mercury and Salura are
Balance of Rabu Dasa ..17 years, The 10th house is vacant; lord of lOlh
8 months, 4 days. house is Saturn. Rahu1 alone is in the
The following is the Bhava Table; constellation of Saturn. So Rahu is a signi-
I The 12lh house is occupied by Saturn.
11 Moon The planets in the constellation of Saturn
in has already been considered.
V Jupiter and Kethu So the planets that can cause transfer
vt Mars are Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. Now
VII Sun and Mercury we have to find out whether any node is
VIU in the sign owned by any one of the signi-
IX Venus ficators., Since the nodes are always stron-
X ger than the planet to bestow results in
XI Rabu preference to the planet themselves. Rahu
xii Saturn is in Saturn's house (Ulh bhava). So Rahu
is a strong significatot. Any planet in the
Westerners are quite right in the prepa- sub of Rahu will reflect the results as
ration of the Bhava chart as the first cusp caused by Rahu. In the present chart,
or Ascendant is the beginning of Lagna Moon is in the constellation of Rahu and
Bhavaandnot about 15 behind the Ascen- in the sub of Rahu, Saturn and Rethu are
dant. in the sub af Rahu. Rahu is in the co
stellation of Saturn and is ia sub of Mars. Hence in the 1st instance, I declared
So the significatr that can cause transfer that the native was transferred on 7-2-1966
are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury Saturn, when he was running the major period of
Rahu and Kethu. Mars, bub period of Kethu . . . Antara of
Lord of cusp of 3rd house is Mercury. Kethu.
Kethu is in Ravi Bhava (Leo) with Jupiter This astonished (he querist because he
Lord of 12th Bhava and in Rasi Chart, he has actually received the transfer order on
is in Virgo ruled by Mercury and hence 7-2-1966. (Executive Engineer, P.W.D.,
Kethu being a node is more powerful. Gulbarga Order No. 19666-68 dated
Hence consider Kethu as one of the strong 7-2-1966.) Thus confirmed the correctness
sigeifieators. of Krishnamurti Padhdhati word by
The Ascendant falls in Aries signA word.
movable sign which is in cbnfitmity with He asked when again he will' be trans-
the nature of the question (Movement ferred 7
change of plate). Also the lord of rising He will be transferred in the major
sign is Mars who is sub planet for Rabu, period of Rahu, in the sub period of Rahu,
i.e., Rahu is in the sub of Mars. As Rahu in the antbra of Saturn, in the Kethu
being a strong significator placed in lltb Shookshma. This operates between
bhava, showing that the querist will have 28-6-1969 and 6-7-1969. Let us now
a favourable reply from the astrologer. consider transition to pinpoint the exact
So according to Krisbnamurli Pgdhdbati date Sun transits in the sign of Gemini
whenever the conjoined period of these (Mercury) and in the star of Rahu on
significators operates, the native gets 28-6-1969. Hence the querist's transfer will
transferred. take place on 28-6-1969 positively.
Jyolish Visharad K. GANAPATHI
The zodiac is divided into 27 equal Rahu rules Arudhra, Swathi and
partsl Each is called an asterism, Sathabisha. (6, IS, 24)
Nakshaihra, star or constellation. They Jupiter rules P. Vasu, Visaka, P-P. Pada
are equal in longitude. Each constellation (7. 16, 25)
is 13' 20' or 800' It commences from
Mesha Aries 0,and the 27 stars ruled' by Saturn rules Pushya, Anura- U. P. Pada.
.Kelhu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, dha, (8, 17, 26)
Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in the above Mercury rules Ashlesha, Jyeshta,
order make up the rodiac of 360. After Revathi. (9, 18, 27)
these 9 planets in the above order extend
from Aries 0 to Cancer 30, again they; f Since the zodiac is of 360* and it is
in the same order extend from Leo 0 to , equally divided into 12 signs, each' extend-
Scorpio 30; again they follow the same ing to 30' exactly, in each sign there will
order Kethu to Mercury from Sagittarius be, on the whole 2^ constellation.
0 to Pisces 30. Thus Kethu has 3 zones.
Next to the zone of Kethu, Venus has 3 In Aries, Aswini, Bharani and 3 20' of
zones; neit to Venus, Sun rules 3 stars. Karthik, in Taurus Karthik remaining 10,
Next to Sun,- Moon governs 3 stars. Thus Rohini and M. Sira 6 401 in Gemini
each planet rules 3 slats. Mrigasira remaining 6 40' Arudhra and
Each constellation is given different P. Vasu 10 In Cancer Remaining 3 20'
names. They are (l) Aswini, (2) Gbarani, P. Vasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. Thus in
(3) Karthik, (4) Rohini, (5) Mrigasira, Leo Maka, P.P. Guni.and i of U.P. Guni,
(6) Arudhra, (7) Punarvasu, (8) Pushya, in Virgo J U. P. Guni, .Hastha, Chitra i
<9) Ashlesha, HO) Maka, (II) Poorva- in Libra Chitra i Swathi Visaka J in
palguni, (12) Uthrapalguni, (13) Hastha, Scorpio Visaka i Anuradha and Jyeshta.
(14) Chitra, (15) Swathi, (16) Visaka, In Sagittarius Moola, F. Shada ' and
(17) Anuradha, (18) Jyeshta, (19) Moola, U. Shada first J lit Capricorn Remaining |
(20) Poorvashada, (21) Uthrashada, U. Shada, Sravana, Dhanishta A In
(22) Sravana, (23) Dhanishta, (24) Salha- Aquarius Remaining i Dhanishta,
bisha, (25) Poorvapadrapada, (26) tlthra- Sathabisha P. P. Pada | In Pisces.
padrapada and (27) Revathi. P. P. Pada remaining }, U. Pada and
Kethu rules Aswini, Maka and Moola According to Prof. Krishnamurti,
(1, 10. 19j constellation alone needs Consideration.
Venus rules Bharani, P. Palguni and The sign is not very important. The
Poorvashada. (2,11,20) house occupied by; a planet should be
judged, taking in which constellation the
Sun rules Karthik, U. Palguni and planet is posited. The role of the sign
Uthrashada. (3, 12, 21) occupied by the planet is not so import-
Moon rules Rohini, Hastha and Sravana. ant.
(4, 13, 22) A planet is in 12th bhava. It is said that
Mars rules M. Sira; Chitra and is should cause separation, loss, issue of
Dhanishta. (5, 14, 23) cheque, etc. But acrually there is reunion.
gain, receipt of cheques. Example is given Such horoscopes as shown above
below; through the light. , What is it? A planet
' A ' offers the results of the house occu-
III f-45 7.40 Nep. 5-16 pied by that planet ' B ' which is the lord
Mooa IV 11-45 Rahu
V 9-45 VI 5-45 of the star wherein this planet ' A' is
0-45 deposited.
Again trouble arose when 2, 3 or 4
11 5-45 VII 2.26 planets are found in the same constella-
7-52 A.M. tion, as all the'planets in the same star,
. 28121900 though referring the same matters, yet
13-04 N gave diametrically opposite results, i.e. if
80-15 E VIII 5-45 planets A, B. C and D are in one constel-
Asc, 2.26 Mars
18.38 lation, in the same house, A and C gave
pleasant results whereas B add D gave
Sat. 14-53. Ura. 21-43
SR-4D just opposite results. This made him think
Sun. 13-34 Ven. 13-28 1X9-45 further: He found that a particular dasa is
XII 5-45 XI 9-45 X 11-45 to cause Rajayoga. But yet, he gets most
Jup, 2-24 Kelh 117-40 desirable results in some bhukties and
Jupiter Dasa 3 years, 1 month 6 days. disadvantageous results in some Bhukties.
Then he started doing research and in all
This Gentleman had gains, fortune and cases be found that planets, though they
success during Saturn Mars and Sun sub are in the same coastellation, yet a few are
periods ; desirable benefits during Jupiter beneficial and a few unfavourable. This
and Mercury sub periods. But Kethu in 10, caused him to further carry on the
Venus in 11 and Rahu in 5 gave untoward research. He found thateveryconstellation
and undesirable results. must be divided in tbe manner he has
discovered, into 9 subs and each sub
According to traditional system, Saturn having that area in a constellation in tbe
' and Sun must be the worst. Jupiter also proportion in which they are allotted the
will fall in 12th bhava and ought to have number of years in Vimshodhati dasa.
been very bad. Venus and Budha causing
Dbarma Karmadbipathi Rajayoga should He proved that planets occupying any
give brilliant results. Rahu representing one constellation has connection with the
Venus must cause Rajayoga. Mars should Bhava occupied by the lord of the constel-
be dangerous. Prof. Krishnamurti was his lation. These planets in that constellation
friend for along number of years and such are termed as the " Significators " of the
results alone opened his eyes. Bhava occupied by the lord of the constel-
lation. Thus if one works out, for all the
In 1939, when he visited Coimbatore, planets, then each planet is found to
he heard one Nadi reader reading the signify , the matters of a few houses.
results of a few persons in bis cottage. He Then judge each planet. The planet
understood that planets' results were read signifies a matter. Whether it votes for the
as they were found in. the bhavas. Then progress and prosperity of that matter or
"he beard many Nadi readers. None made due to the sub lord it is not capable of
use of the constellation. While readingithe doing good,- further it does harm to that
Nadi, he understood that without assign: bhava signified by the planet-
ing the reason, the results were read and
they were astoundingly meticulously This discovery has crowned him with
correct. For the future they gave the . success.
reasons taking the traditional .methods of He says " If a planet is the significator
the bhavas and the future proved to .be of lagna bhava, it gives long life, success
mostly a failure. So, be startSl the research iu attempts, it helps to maintain good
collecting the horoscopes of old people health, it the sub lord is not thesignifi-
with past events. cator of 6 or 8 or 12- If the sub lord of
the planet signifies 6th bouse and if a danger to partner's life. There can be
planet shows lagna results and occupy 3 or 4 or any number of - significators for "
such a sub ruled by the signifioator of 6, the 7th. Therefore during the period or
he falls ill. The constellation refers his sub period of a planet in such a sub whose
health sub signifying 6 gives disease. If a lord signifies 12th house, wife falls ill-or
planet signifies lagna bhava and it is in the native goes away and separation is
the sub of the ignificator of S, he meets Caused. If the sub lord signifies 6lh house,
with dangt the wife goes away, thereby there is
If the sub lord signifies 12th bouse and separation.
the significator of lagna is in such a sub, If the planet ii the significator of 7th
one runs away, or imprisoned, or hospita- bouse and sub of 4, partner gains, makes
lised. money and earns name. If the significator'
Therefore constellation lord shows of 7 is in the sub of 5, partner makes
whom or which matter it refers. But the money, friendship and enjoys pleasure.
deciding factor, good or bad, success or If tbe-sub is ruled by the signifioator of
failure is shown by the suh occupied by 8th house, there iseitherincomc or danger
the significator., to life. If .that significator of 8th house is
also significator of S, partner gains. But
Suppose a planet A is the significator of significator of 8 is also significator of 1
second bhava and it is in the sub of 6 one and 7, it means death as 8 and 1 rea
borrows but if it is in the sub of 8 or 12, maraka bouses to the 7th.
he lends or repays loan.
Thus one should note separately what
If it is in the sub of 11, there is gain 'of each planet signifies.
what? Either money or son-in-law or Then in which sub each planet is posited.
daughter-in-law or child birth to the per-
son. If the significator of the second Finally one should take each bouse and
bouse is in the sub of the significator of judge to which bhavas the planets are the
-3, through brother one gains, brother loses significators and the sub lords. Judge
or gives away: if it is in the sub of'4, one calmly how each bhava is receiving good
may have car or house during the period ' results from a few and adverse for the rest.
of the significator in 7, in thc sub of 4th Say, mother,' father, child, etc. Mother
house significator, in their conjoined is shown by 4th' house: father by 9th
periods. If the significator of the 4th bouse; child by 51h bouse.
bouse which rules the sub and if it is also ,
the significator of H, he purchases So, note the significators of 4: so also
acquires ; if the sub lord who is also the the significators of 9 and 5,
significator of 12 other than 4, be sells Let us take the following chart.
and converts the permanent possession as
. liquid cash and his bank position impro- IX 0-30 X 1-30
ves by losing the car or building. If the Jup 8-27 Moon - Raho XT 1-30
sub lord of the planet signifying second 12-25 23-23
house is the significator of 10 and .12, then
lets his land for tenancy or lets the house
for rent Why? 10th house is the 4th to the VITl 28-30 Xll 0-30
7th which whom you transact. So that VH 0-04 29-1-1928
which he takes is given by you (12) and he 7'C6P'M.
is indebted (6), Merc, 13-04 N
29.27 , 30-15 E1 Asc. 0-04
Suppose a planet is the significator of Sun 15-40 11 28-30
7ih house and if it is in the sub of 2 or 11 VI 0-30
one gains, there is reunion, one gets Mars Sat. 23-37
married, etc. If it is in the lub of the 14-59 Kethu in 0-30
significator of 12, separation or ill health Ven, 7-53 13-23
to wife. If it is in the sub of 1 and 2, V 1-30 IV 1-30
Kethu Dasa balance 0-5-23. Bhadhaka to father, promises danger to
Prof. Krishnamurti says that the father.
constellation ruled-by a planet indicates 9 house is owned by Mars, It governs
the matters signified by the bhava occupied Mrigasira, Chitra and Dbanisbta stars.
or owned by it. Rahu and Mercury are in Mars star.
The sub lord occupied by a plane* Rabu is. in the sub of Mars who denotes
denotes whether it is auspicious for the longevity to father. Mercury is in the sub
progress of that.Bhava or inauspicious so of Saturn Bbadhaka to father. Hence Rabu
that one has obstacle or faces disappoint- is a benefic whereas Mercury is evil.
ment or negation of the matter. To the longevity of father houses 2 and
This applies to all bhava results. If . 7 counted from 9th is evil. Both are
lagna is occupied by a planet or owned by owned by Venus. Rabu occupies 2 to 9
one and if a planet either the same lagna- Mars occupies Venus star ; none in Rahu
dhipathi or any other planet is deposited star. Mars is in the sub of Venus. So it is
in the occupant's or owner's star, then harmful: Rahu is in the sub of Mars, It is
they indicate first bouse matters. If the good.
depositor in that constellation is in the Therefore Sun, hdercuty, Mars are evil.
favourable sub, matters indicate'd by lagna Venus is in Jupiter sub. Venus is also evil.
will thrive. If the depositor in tljat con- . (Venus is in the constellation of Kethu
stellation is in unfavourable sub, the who represents 4th and 9th houses. There-
matters indicated by the lord of the con- fore Venus indicates the houses 9, 10 and
stellation as per its occupation or 3 danger to father.)
ownership will suffer.
His father died during Sun Dasa Mercury
Lord of lagna is Sun: no planet is in . Bhukti Venus Anthra in July 1952.
lagna. Su