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1 - Executive Summary

2 - Introduction

3 - The Concept

4 - USP ( Unique Selling Point )

5 - Objectives for the Limitless Bra

7 - Nike

8 - Nikes Beliefs

9 - Innovation

10 - Woman Empowerment

11 - 12 - Competitor OM Signal Bra

13 - 14 - SWOT Analysis

15 - 18 - Consumer Tribes

19 - Operations

20 - Job Role

21 - Market Matrix

22 - Twelve month Business Timeline

23 - 25 - First Year Finance Forecast

26 - Finance Profit and Loss / Second year


27 - Conclusion

28 - 30 - Collaboration

31 - 32 - Referencing
This business plan for the Nike Limitless sports
bra will cover an introduction explaining how
the idea for the business was found and why
Nike was chosen to produce it, It will look at
the current sports market, consumers and
competitors indirect and direct to show how
this piece of wearable tech will be different to
others already produced. The finance will go
over a cashflow, and a two year profit excel
spreadsheet and what the break even analy-
sis would be. Lastly will be a conclusion on
the business and how it could grow and adopt
over time to keep its sales and popularity with
in the athleisure market.

The idea behind this product is to integrate
Fashion and Technology by designing a sports
bra which will also have the function of a Fitbit
health monitor. The Fitbit is a piece of weara-
ble technology which doubles as a watch and
health monitor. The Fitbit gadget in 2015 became
so popular in the tech world that it overtook the
go pro camera.

The company itself is worth over 660 Million

dollars but from 2015 up till 2017, the rate of
growth and amount of units sold has declined
by 2.8%. However, the wearable technology mar-
ket is predicted to have a strong market growth
that by 2020 it could be worth 34 Billion dollars
showing how detrimental this innovative trend
could be for companies who want to continue
to grow and dominate their markets.

The athleisure trend has created a gap in the

tech and lingerie market allowing me to use
this new invention to bring focus to sports and
tech in an ever expanding, oversaturated sports

Barriers still persist, and these will inhibit con- After writing a dissertation on the future of
sumer wearables adoption and usage. Smart- lingerie and how it will cross over into dif-
watches, in particular, must become standalone ferent market sectors, the conclusion was
computing devices with more robust functional- that lingerie wont just be for aesthetics and
ity for the devices to become mainstream. Other comfort but it will be seen in the health and
barriers include small screen size, clunky style, medicinal sector as well as tech being a key
limited battery life, and lack of a killer app that trend within the market. After a lot of in-depth
can drive adoption Business Insider May 2015 research into other sectors that lingerie has
a future in, The idea for this NIKE Limitless
bra was adopted because of the need for a
For the wearable technology market to continue company to innovate. The use of innovation all
with its growth it will have to take into consid- depends on if that company wants to stay a
eration; Style, Battery Life and the perfect Appli- market giant in an oversaturated sports mar-
cation that runs smoothly with the product. This ket. The overall concept is to take the popular
is where the Limitless bra from NIKE will change Fitbit smart watch and turn it into a product
the wearable technology market and it will that is aimed at women and the new con-
combine practicality with style and comfort, the sumer tribes that have been created from the
three aspects a woman looks for in a sports bra. increasing athleisure trend that has been
driving the sales of sports bras and womens

The limitless bra will keep Nike a sports giant The full concept of the Limitless Bra is also the
because of its relationship with innovation, from adaptation of the womens training app by Nike,
producing the first 3D printed trainers to their it will be adapted to have a community post
new unique sports fabrics that are aimed at board where the wearer of the limitless bra can
particular sports due to its retention of sweat find other women who are also using this prod-
and heat. uct. Brands that are more successful over oth-
ers are the brands that create a niche customer
Nike will be the first sports brand to look into the experience either by communities like Nike has
use of wearable technology this will make them which has proven to grow its customer base.
stand out to a big audience and it allows them
to create a bigger customer base. Nike is a great brand to market this product
because of its vast array of applications already
meaning customers who already use this ap-
plication could be sent a notification about this
new product which in turn will increase cus-
tomer awareness and means more money for
advertising and the development of the singular

This product will be marketed at a large range

of woman, the reason for a fashion collection
to be launched in the summer is to reach out
to the new consumer tribes which have come
more into the spotlight after the increase of the
athleisure trend. The practicality of the Limitless
Bra will suit the ath-fakers, the woman who
love sportswear for the comfortability rather
than for actually training in.

The sports bra will mainly be aimed at training

The data will be stored in
but with its continued growth it could eventual-
the chip located in a left
ly become a health bra and help women to un-
pocket of the bra, this
derstand their body to the point that they could
will then be bluetoothed
send their data to a doctor online and get results
over too an iphone when
rather than taking time out of their busy day to
the Nike application is
day life. A professor is Loughborough has been
designing a chip that will be implanted into your
wrist which does the same thing and can alert
the wearer of any illnesses of health problems
before the symptoms start to show.

The integration between two of the biggest
markets will give this product and brand its
unique selling point. The creation of the Fitbit
has been a key changing point with the cross-
over between technology and a persons aes-
thetics. After researching the Fitbit and Apple
watch the key selling point for these are their
practicality however not everyone wears a
watch or remembers to put on a watch. This
is where a key change in the type of wearable
technology will either strengthen or weaken this

The unique selling point we are going to sell

with this new innovation is how your everyday
bra can change into something you can wear
not only for every occasion, but it can also help
you to understand and monitor your body. Its
functionality will range from high-performance
training to keeping you supported for day to day
activities such as shopping or walking the dog.
The idea for this concept is to adapt to the ev-
er-changing consumers of the Athleisure market,
from the women who take pride in wearing their
sportswear every day due to comfortability
to the protein princesses who wear it for the
Instagram and fashion factor. These women will
all be catered for with the no limit bra due to its
practicality and functionality, there will also be
a fashion collection launched in spring/summer
specifically targeting the fashion conscious gym

The only sports bra that has the same concept

is currently only sold in the USA and has a differ-
ent technology. The Nike Limitless bra will have
a sensor chip which can be put into any design
of the bras rather than the OM Signal Bra which
has sensors built in which then blue tooths its
data to a data box which the person has to car-
ry with them. Ours will be more practical as you
only need you, the bra and your phone, this will
also lower the cost due to the absence of the
data box which itself would bring the cost up to
the product to a ridiculous price that wouldnt be

. To create a piece of wearable technology that
will help with womens health and fitness.

. To innovate by using technology to keep NIKE a

market giant in the sports luxe market.

. To bring technology and fashion together to

produce a marketable smart sports bra.

. To make consumers aware of their bodies and

health with clever marketing campaigns promot-
ing the NIKE Limitless bra.

. Promote customer satisfaction and brand iden-


. Increasing the use of applications by integrat-

ing a killer app that works with the Push bra
and promotes
customer well being.

Nike was originally known as Blue Ribbon and
was started by athlete Phil Knight and his coach
Bill Bowerman in 1964, Nike started out by dis-
tributing trainers for the company now known
as today as Asics.

In 1972 they decided to produce their first range

of trainers which were light weight with waf-
fled soles to help with long distance running,
they introduced them at track and fields and
grew their brand awareness. By 1996 after their
collaboration with basketball junior Michael Jor-
dan, they were worth over 5 Million pounds.

During its climb to becoming a sportswear giant,

Nike bought sister companies such as Converse,
Umbro and Hurley Inc but later sold them all and
kept two as a subsidiary. Nike sells a range
of top sports clothing and sponsors an array
of football teams as well as having a special
collection designed for athletes. Nike is one of
the most innovating brands which encourages
young designers and innovative designs, for
example, they have asked ten graphic designers
to come up with new sneaker designs giving
them no restrictions on these designs and have
left the public to vote which is their favourite.
This is a great way to keep a customer interest-
ed in a brand and to promote brand awareness
through young
innovative designers and fresh new ideas which
will show Nike as a company will never stag-
nate and become old news.

To bring inspiration and innovation to every ath-
lete* in the world.
*If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nike believes that everyone is equal and every-

one can feel the greatness of an athlete be-
cause they say if you have a body then you are
an athlete. Their slogan Just Do It, refers to the
idea that in life there are no limitations only the
boundaries you create yourself.

The 11 maxims that are used to guide Nike com-

panies are;
. It is our nature to innovate
. Nike is a company
. Nike is a brand
. Simplify and go
. The consumer decides
. Be a sponge
. Evolve immediately
. Do the right thing
. Master the Fundamentals
. We are on the offense ... always
. Remember the man
( Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman )

Sportswear as casual wear was popular in The high demand for comfortable clothes that
the 90s and died down again, but now people can seamlessly change from work to shopping
are wearing it because it fits in with their busy has led to the increase in new market consum-
lives - Sam Dover at Mintel (2016) ers; The Protein princess, The Fash-Leisures,
The All day actives and The Ath Fakers. Each
The Athleisure trend has increased womens consumer demands a specific product and brand
sportswear sales by an impressive 42%. This is which has led to the over saturation of the
currently predicted to be worth 1.6 Billion, one- athleisure market. The companys that dominate
fifth of the 8 billion pound athleisure market. the sports leisure market are the infamous NIKE
The increase of Athleisure has led to the line and Adidas, however, e-commerce brands such
between fashion and sports to become blurred as Gymshark has a following of 1.2 Million on
with celebrities endorsing high street brands social media platform Instagram, they also have
with designer sports collections. Beyonce and a second Instagram account for Gymshark wom-
Rihanna dominate the celebrity collaboration en which has 363 thousand followers. This only
sports luxe market with their collections being shows a small percentage of the social media
sold out and in high demand. Due to this en- presence sportswear brands have online;
dorsement deal between Rihanna and Puma,
their sales rose by 11.5% (ELLEN EMMERENTZE) . Adidas - 13 Million, Adidas Women - 2.3 Million
after they saw a gap with women apparel and . Nike - 69.9 Million, Nike Women - 6.3 Million
the need for a strong female figure to re-brand it. . Fabletics - 436K

The need for innovation within sports brands

to increase sales and keep consumers interest-
ed in a specific brand or new product is what
Nike excels in. The market crossover between
technology and fashion has been on the incline
since the fitness monitor by Fitbit was created.
However, with a decline in Fitbit sales of 5% the
space to create new wearable tech has left an
unexplored sector to be explored. This is where
Nikes Limitless bra comes in, a sports bra ded-
icated to letting the consumer get to know
their body by the monitoring of their heartbeat,
breathing, and pulse.


Nike has been empowering women for over 40

years with some of the most inspiring cam-
paigns yet to date. Their most powerful and
successful one being the current ad campaign
Better for It which has been predicted to gen-
erate a staggering 2 million for womenswear
sales within Nike. Nike is a clever company and
knows that feminism and the equality of men
and women is a big issue with the 21st century
so have used this to market their products and
come across as a company that promotes free
speech and equality.

In their latest campaign, they have used Muslim

women who are athletes to reach out to every
single person in the world to show anyone can
be a champion due to the fact everyone knows
in Muslim countries women are treated differ-
ently. They have even designed their own ath- As an innovative company, they will create
letic hijab for these women to wear to let them products and they will meet market needs
know that Nike is a culture diverse company. whatever they may be. It is not dismiss-
ing any other hard work done in the past
to develop sports hijabs, its just there is
more competition in the market for modest
clothing now. I support Muslim women with
or without hijab, and how they dress is
their choice. And with the Nike Sports Hijab,
it surely will encourage a new generation
of athletes to pursue sports professional-
ly, and without us athletes who fought for
this right and made it happen, Nike wouldnt
just do it, Amna Al Haddad - Muslim woman
bodybuilder 2017

Nike is a company that researches and ful-

fils the needs of its customers, this is why
the Limitless bra would be a great initiative
for them especially collaborating with a
fashion designer for the spring/summer col-
lection as it grows their customer base from
just sports too also fashion conscience.

The OM Signal bra is a biometric sports bra
marketed in the USA. The OM Signal bra is linked
to a box which you pay for seperately. It also
only works with some apple devices and mostly
android due to technical difficulties. The informa-
tion collected from the bra is transfered from the
box to the application on the phone.

After being a start up business its now satu-

rated the american market however due to the
pricing no everyone can afford it and it hasnt
been able to be marketed in highstreet only ec-

The consumer this product is aimed for because

of the high pricing limits it, also only being on-
line and not having the same brand awareness
as Nike has its drawbacks for example it cost
OM Signal Bra 13 Million to launch the Signal Bra
which means their profit would have to be a
considerable amount to pull back this amount of
cost to not turn it into a loss.

The product comes in a range of colours includ-

ing fashion styles and prints, the price for the
box is $150 and then to just buy the sports bras
with the sensors already included is an extra
$60 each time. This already takes the cost of
the product up to over $200 making it suited for
the luxury athleisure market limiting them too
the consumer with a high income and preferably
an Ath-Luxer.

The app is designed fluidly keeping to the mut-
ed colour palette that OM signal has chosen
for their brand identity. The app allows you too
track your progress, ask for guidance and plan
your running routes much like any fitness app,
the overall concept is simple but looks efficient
and effective its just the pricing that lets it


. The Uniqueness of this product in an
over saturated sports athleisure market.

The collaboration of technology and sport

to serve the more health conscious con-

. Due to the product needing an applica-

tion too work the percentage of applica-
tion downloads will increase by a large

. The first product like this to be sold

worldwide and in the UK sports athlei-
sure market.

. Accessible price
. Not everyone is a tech savvy consumer

. Limited market of just women due to

the product type

. May be seen as an luxury product due

to brand rather than high street.


. Give the brand its innovation to
carry on evolving as a sports spe-

. Can lead on to be a health bra

due to its functionality.

. Already available in america and is an
luxury item due to branding and packag-

. Due to the increase in tech savvy con-

sumers the product could be copied and
or upstaged.

. Already a kick starter being started in

the UK called Vitali bra




WGSN 2017

. Early Twenties, Average age of 24

. Works out 5-6 times a week

. Fitness is an investment too them

. They started the health blog trends and the

hashtag #Healthies which are healthy selfies.

. Their activewear is high on style and they

must have the latest sportwear and brands.

. They woud select their outfits for the gym the

same way they would select it on a nightout.

. This tribe only became fitness and health con-

scious a few years ago.

. This tribe will use supplements in the gym and

uses terms such as #fitspo when posting pho-
tos of themselves or celebrities.

. Celebrities and fitness models have a high influ-

ence on the brands they wear such as Nike and
their campaign with Zara Larson or Cara Delvi-
gnes Puma campaign.

. Graduates or in full time position

. Pick style over comfort and branch out to new

brands if their designs are more fashionable.

. Teens too Early Thirties

. Wear activewear everyday

. Buys into leggings over jeans

. Doesnt go gym frequently or at all

. Embodiment of Athleisure market

. They want clothing that is comfortable and


. For 25 - 30 year olds the clothes need to fit

their busy day to day life especially mums.

. Prefer female focused activewear brands such

as H&M and Fabletics

. Ranges from girls at highschool, too full time

work and then family life

. Late twenties to late thirties

. Integrate activewear into everyday wear

. Lead very busy lives

. They wear Transitional apparrel which is high

on functionality and comfort without compro-
mising on style.

. Savvy with performance fabrics

. Love adoptive pieces

. Relaxed and Smart style

. In full time jobs with high disposable income

. Will pay high price for fuctionality

. Into traditional sports wear brands rather than

fashion brands adopting to sport.

Due to Nike already having their own line of op-
erations, from staff to brand specialst manufac-
turers. Its difficult too say how much it will cost
due to the fact they have their own pricing from
companies they have used for years.

Instore it will have its own wall and leading up

to the launch it will occupy one window at the
front of the store. There will be a sales assis-
tant hired especially for their bra fit knowledge
whose sole job will be to be a specialist for the
Limitless Bra and be able to know how a sports
bra should fit to give the wearer complete sup-
port and comfort.

To find this specialist an advert will be created

for a sales assistant with either knowledge of
bra fitting or willing to go on training to learn it,
Their will be a bra fit training manual which will
cover the five faithful features that show how
a bra should fit if the right size, this need for
bra fitting knowledge is due too the sports bras
being in bra sizes and wanting to give that cus-
tomer an extra experience when coming in to
store rather than purchasing this product online.

This sales assistant will also be trained to be

tech savvy with the product so she can help
customers if they have problems or need help
using the gadget and application.


The job role will include training in how the p

roduct works and problem solving, from
technology of the sports bra too the technology
of how a bra should fit. This sales assistant will
be sent to a lingerie store for a few days where
they will learn to bra fit through the training of
shadowing an expert bra fitter.

After their training for bra fitting is complete

they will be given an exam on this to make sure
they have learnt how to bra fit correctly.

Next they will do an online course on the prod-

uct, how it works and ways to fix any problems
that customers could have. They will also have
an online exam for this part of the training which
they will either pass or fail.

The reason for a sales assistant with knowl-

edge of both bras and technology is so any
problems that are thrown at the company by
consumers can be sorted instore rather then
having the product sent off and customer ser-
vice to deal with it.

With it being dealt with instore it will make the

customer feel more important and show that
Nike cares about every aspect of their products
including the fit and wellbeing of it.

Products: The Limitless bra will be a range of sports
bras which have the functionality too be used as a
health monitor, the price of the sports bra on its own
with the chip is 40 to 45 for core and 40 for the
fashion line. There is also a singular price of 25 for
a replacment chip.

Place: Location for the products will be instore of all

Nike brick and mortar stores, the placement of the
bras instore is key and will either create a brand
awareness of the year market plan or it will need
to be moved too either a singular location which is
apart from all other products. Being at the front of
the store allows the consumers to find the product
easily and comfortably however if you put it at the
back of the store or near the middle then the cus-
tomer would have to see other products which could
create an outfit to be sold as an add on to the bras.

Promotion: To promote the Limitless bra Nike will

be creating product curiosity on social media with
minimal design only the logo, slogan and date that
its launched. After the launch to keep the product
on the forefront of the business Nike will post about
consumers wearing the bras and peoples reviews
and stories with it.

October - Start the manafacturing process of design 1,2 and 3.

Novemeber - Start advertising snippets of the product and concept

on social media.

December - send out newsletters from Nike giving a date and time
to watch an advert that will be premiered later that month. This
will be the first advert and will be premiered a month before the
soft launch of the core products.

January - The soft launch of the core products, full coverage on all
social media platforms for the lauch at flagship stores only. Instore
display will be finished ready for soft launch with sales assistants
fully trained and equipped too deal with the new product.

Feburary - Second advert premieres ready for the full launch in-
cluding the fashion line ready for summer. Full coverage on social
media of inspiration posts, concept quotes and posts of one of the
fashion line designs to entice customers.

March - 6 Bloggers review the products and do blog posts and

vlogs which will have links to the product and Nike website.

April - Competition to win a whole fashion line for free and a 200
voucher for any Nike store worldwide by reposting the image on
the fashion launch date on instagram. This will create hype for
launch of the fashion line next month.

May - The launch of the fashion line full coverage on social media
and live displays instore as well as new shop window displays.

June - Will get 3 Fashion bloggers to style up the sports bra for 3
different occassions showing how versatile the product is. This
will be covered on social media and the Limitless Bra Snapchat as
they do 3 days of takeover.

July/August - Social media coverage as sales increase

September - Getting ready ready for market stratedgies for christ-

mas and doing boxes for a set price of 100 including matching
leggins and a 10 voucher off any Nike trainers.

October - 1 year since the first product was manafactured, look

at designs and trends and how they can turn this product into a
health bra for the future.


Oct-17 Nov Dec

Design 1 - 10,000 Units / 11 per unit 110,000
Design 2 - 10,000 Units / 13 per unit 130,000
Design 3 - 12,000 Units / 10 per unit 120,000

Store Costs
Window Display - 100 x 20 stores 2,000
In Store Display - 300 x 20 stores 6,000
Staff Training 500
Social Media 4,000 4,000
TV advert 100,000
Bloggers x 6
Emails 0 0 0

Fashion Launch
Design 4 - 8,000 Units / 14 per unit
Design 5 - 10,000 Units / 13 per unit
Design 6 - 6,000 Units / 13 per unit
Design 7 - 6,000 Units / 16 per unit

Chip with bra's - Units / 8 per 340,000

Total 700,500 4,000 112,000


January Feb March April May June


4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000

240 360
0 0 0 0 0 0



660,000 104,000 4,240 4,000 12,000 4,360


July Aug Sept Oct-18 Total Cost



4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 48,000

0 0 0 0 0



4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 1,621,100

After working out the cost of first year of the lauch

of the product it came to 1,621,100 that includes the
cost of everything down too employee training.
The total cost of marketing is going to cost 248,600
but after the first year the marketing cost will go
down considerably due too the product already being
well know and purchased.


The profit if all products were sold within the first

year, would be 1,316,000.

The cost of everything else minus manafacturing

which is already factored into the profit is 265,100
this leaves a final profit of 1,051,000.


For the second year the core products would cost
616,000 to manafacture including the price of the

The marketing wont cost anything unless a new line

is launched because of how well known the product
will be by then.

If the same amount of units were sold the second

year profit would be 740, 240.

To conclude, this business plan presents a clear and
concise insight into the sports athleisure marke.
More specifically, how a sports conglomorate such
as Nike, could potentially innovate and further ad-
vance the wearble tech market to adapt and evolve
with the tech savvy consumer of this generation.

This product is aimed at targetting new consumer

tribes which are leading the sports luxe market, the
fashion conscious tribe of protein princesses will be
drawn to the fashion line where as the ath-fakers
will go for the functionality of the core line. Having
both lines allows Nike to open up to a wider market
while specifically targeting the younger

With the projected profit in the first year of one

million and the expected growth of 20% each year
due to the popularity of tech and the brand nike,
this product doesnt come at a loss but a gain. The
reason for a three hundred thousand drop in the
second year is because only the core products are
being sold, however if this product could grow into a
health bra which would be worn instead of a normal
bra the profit would rocket by over 50% due to the
multi functionality. If this product was to grow to an
everyday bra the use of a bra fitter instore will en-
tice more customers as they will get the customer
experience they get from lingerie stores.

With the lingerie market being worth 1.2 billion in the

Uk alone if Nike could create a product that could
crossover from Lingerie and Sports they would have
a highly profitable product which would make them
stand out in the over saturated ath-leisure market.

I Asked a girl on fashion design course to help me in creating my product, she sent me some
ideas and we worked on a few together however towards the end when I asked her too send
me all her designs finished she said she was too busy and couldnt help me anymore. So these
are her designs which I took some inspiration from when creating my fashion line collection for
the Limitless Bra.

Wednesday 15th of march

Me - Hey would you like to help me design some sports bras for my final major project ?

Tash - Hey yeah sure what do you need help doing ?

Me - You got pinterest ?

Tash - Yeah

Me - Look up my pinterest for design ideas and I wil email you my brief.

Tash - Ok shall have a look and a read and get back to you

Me - Thankyou

Tash - Hey does it have to fit a theme ?

Me - Just the brand really, its for a collection both fashion orientated and sports.

Tash - Ok sounds cool, are you wanting me to just help design the bra ?

Me - Yes please

Tash - Ok cool, I can do some designs and show you them then you can tell me what you like
and dislike so then i could take the good parts to make the designs you want.

Me - Perfect sounds good.

Sunday 19th of March

Me - Tash ?

Tash - sorry I havent been free and i have started but havent done much yet.

Me - Dont worry, ah they look so cool!

Tash - Thanks they will look better with pen in colour and with a pattern, when do you need
them by ?

Me - Email a line up by the end of this week if possible then we can talk about them and adapt
them in which ever way.

Tuesday 21st March

Tash -


Tash - do you want the triangle patterns that you have on pinterest ? Not sure if you like them
ive not designed sports bras before

Me - Yeah I like the style of it for the core line, but maybe change the colour scheme or pattern

Tash - Ok yeah i have various designs and patterns and can do them in different colours then
you can choose which ones you want.

Me - Perfect! if you can do three that are aimed at everyone and three that are more fashion
conscious with strappy backs, mesh on the front and the patterns ive pinned, thankyou for

Tash - Ok yeah can do and its ok

5th April

Me - Hows it coming along

Tash - Hey sorry I havent been in touch been busy, yes i shall do it tomorrow night and send it
to you.

Me - Thankyou

12th April

Me - Hey tash have you finished the line up ?

Tash - Hey im sorry coral but I havent had time, Im doing a lot at the moment and I just dont
have time to help you sorry,

Me - Ok thankyou anyway

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