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Group Rubric Criteria (P3)

Concerns Meets Standard Advanced

Areas that Need Work Criteria Evidence of Exceeding
Standards for This Standards

Essay should have a clear
introduction, body
paragraphs, and a
conclusion. Use of a hook
draws in the reader. A
clear thesis/claim is
supported with evidence
throughout the essay.
Essay includes the use of
transitional words and
phrases. Essay also
includes a counterclaim.

The thesis/claim is
supported by evidence
that is cited in MLA format
and is clearly explained
(using Says-Means-Matters
format). Evidence should
clearly relate to and
support the topic. Textbook
is used as a source and is
correctly cited in-text and
on the Works Cited page.
Opinions are supported
with text evidence.

The diction in this essay is
academic and formal.
Essay avoids contractions,
slang, personal pronouns,
vague words, and
incorrectly-used verbiage.
Essay uses appropriate
scholarly vocabulary and
transitional words and
MLA Format
Essay is in correct MLA
format with the last name
and page number in the
upper righthand corner.
Header includes name,
teachers name, class title,
and due date on the
lefthand side. Essay is
double-spaced, in Times
New Roman, size 12, and
indented at the beginning
of each paragraph. All in-
text citations are in MLA
format. Example: (Homer
1142). Essay includes a
Works Cited page that is
also in MLA format.

Mechanics, Usage, and

Essay follows the rules of
grammar, and avoids
comma splices, run-on
sentences, and incomplete
sentences. Sentences have
subject-verb agreement
and use the correct
spelling of words
(especially homophones).
Sentences are consistently
in the present tense and
use the correct