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Jerry W. Decker

During the mid to late 1800's, John Worrell Keely carried out major
research in the field of Vibration and how it could be used to affect
matter and mind. He referred to his work as Sympathetic Vibratory
Physics. SVP entailed the use of exceptionally pure resonances which
were established between his devices and various experimental masses.
These resonances or "orders of vibration" could be so projected as to
inducea variety of effects in the experimental test mass. From various
accounts, including Keelys' own writings, it appears that Mr. Keely
discovered practical techniques for the disruption or dissociation of
the water molecule, mineral disintegration through the use of compound
vibration and a means of inducing practical levitation.

The majority of Keelys' work in the field of Sympathetic Vibratory

Physics relied on his discovery of two basic properties inherent in all
mass aggregations.

The most important of these two properties is the realization that

all flows of force are composed of triple currents. These triple
currents have specific phase relationships which can be so manipulated
as to generate unusual effects in mind and mass. Each current can
result in a "mode" of action which will govern the overall
manifestation of a mass. These modes can be defined as:

1) Harmonic - Tractor - the centripetal, condensing vector

2) Enharmonic - Pressor - the centrifugal, expansive vector
3) Dominant - Dominant - the transmutative stablizing vector

Although Keely used tuning forks and vibrating bars, he spoke of

the eventual use of Mind-Force to establish practical control of the
triple flows of force which are present in all matter. In the latter
stages of Keelys' research, he believed that a human brain could be so
"equated" as to form a perfect concordance among these "triple flows."
If this effect could be induced and maintained in an organism or mass,
there would be no dissociation or aging, nor would the mass or body be
affected by other disturbances.

The "triple flows" could be thought of as combining to comprise

100% of the flow of force in matter. In a perfectly equated mass, the
relationship of one current to another in terms of amplitude would be
33-1/3, 33-1/3 and 33-1/3. This triune balance would be exceptionally
difficult to establish and maintain due to the tendency of a mass to
either condense or expand, when exposed to outside influences in the
form of temperature changes and other vibrational stimuli. The mode of
force which rules the mass in any given instant also has the greatest
percentage of the flow.
For instance, a mass exhibiting the "tractor" or condensing vector
would have a relationship of 50%, to 20% for the "pressor" and 30% for
the "dominant". This would equate to the full 100% of the mass flow. On
the other hand, if the "pressor" relationship were 50% while the
"tractor" was 20% and the "dominant" was 30%, the mass would push away
from the body of greatest mass.

By judicious and precise control of the flow of the triune forces

through a mass, the weight can be increased, decreased to the point of
levitation or the mass component can be transmuted to another form.

The second major discovery by Keely was the concept of the Neutral
Centre. Keely found that the entire spectrum was generated as
"cascading forcefalls" of energy from the primary source of all mass
and energy, the Aether. A point of lowest density was manifested form
the interaction of compound vibrations which acted as a "drain" for the
Aetheric flow. This point is the Neutral Centre. It corresponds to
the center of mass in modern day physics.

The Neutral Centre exists in all mass aggregations ranging from

the Prionic to the Molecular. Indeed, Keely had derived a system which
determined a total of 7 possible states or divisions of matter. These
were the :

Keely Terms Modern Terms

Molecular Molecular
Inter-Molecular None
Atomic Atomic
Inter-Atomic Quark
Etheric Prion
Inter-Etheric None
Compound Inter-Etheric None

All mass aggregations are composed of all the preceding levels of

matter which in turn blend to form compound Neutral Centres which rule
the character of a mass.

One of Keelys' primary discoveries wa a technique which allowed

the experimenter to establish an "artificial Neutral Centre". Once this
was accomplished and maintained, the mass could be subjected to
compound vibrations or "orders of vibrations" which would either infuse
of remove energy from the mass on multiple levels. The controlling of
the energy in the mass aggregation would determine its' reaction to any
surrounding masses.

The work of John Keely touches on many aspects of modern science

which are relatively recent discoveries. We find that Keely had to
generate many words and terminologies descriptive of the effects he was
witnessing or generating.

As time progresses and Man learns to duplicate some of the results

which Keely could produce, we will find that Quantum Mechanics, Phase
Conjugation, FM and AM Modulation, resonance and a host of other
"modern" discoveries were pioneered by John Keely in the late 1800's.
Modern techniques and equipment could easily reproduce the Keely
phenomena under reliable controlled conditions. This could yield many
advances still spoken of only in science fiction terms. Among these we
could list, Free Energy devices, Levitation, Age Retardation, a
multitude of Health and Recreational Applications, the increase and
decrease of a mass weight and other discoveries which we can not now

The time for the integration of the Keely work with modern
scientific techniques is at hand. We must all blend our knowledge for
the mutual good of our fellow man.

Jerry W. Decker, Director

Vanguard Sciences
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Submitted November 10, 1988 for consideration as a Stand-by

Presentation to the Seventh International Conference on
Psychotronic Research.

Published in the Proceedings of the 1988 7th International

Conference on Psychotronic Research
at West Georgia College, Carrollton, Georgia