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8th Form (level 4)
Class: ____

I . Listen and put a tick () if the following words/phrases appear

in the song.
1. Rivers ____ 2. Pollution_______ 3. Litter____

I.A _ Say what the song is about:

II. Read the following text carefully.

Save our planet

25 What is relevant is that we are destroying our
planet. The increase of population is placing higher
demands on Earth's resources, is forcing the
conversion of more and more land to human needs
and is wiping out the wilderness and the ecological
30 balance of the planet, something on which we all
A steadily rising use of fossil fuels for energy (at a rate that is increasing
more rapidly than the population) is choking Earth's atmosphere with
gases that are slowly poisoning it. In addition, it allows the atmosphere to
35conserve heat more efficiently, so that the planet is experiencing a
greenhouse effect that may have catastrophic impact. A steadily
increasing production of chemical substances that are highly toxic, or that
cannot be recycled by biological processes, or both, is poisoning the soil
and water of the Earth, is destroying the ozone layer and is converting
40much of the planetary surface into a garbage heap.
Since there can be nothing on Earth, simply nothing, that is more
important than saving the planet, our coming priorities must be to reverse
these destructive tendencies.
We must find alternate sources of energy, long-lasting and non-polluting.
45We must develop wind-power, wave-power, the use of Earth's internal heat
and, most of all, the direct use of solar power. All these things are highly
practical, but cost more money than oil and coal, so the challenge is to
make them cheaper. (The fact that we can destroy our planet so cheaply,
by the way, does not mean we ought to destroy it.)
We must find ways of detoxifying toxic products produced by industrial
plants. We must find substitutes for packaging, substitutes that are
recyclable. We must find substitutes for chemicals that destroy the ozone
5 (Isaac Asimov, adapted)
II. A- Find in the text words that mean the following.

1. progressively _______________________
2. lethal ___________________
103. garbage pile _________________________
4. overturn ______________________________
5. long-term ______________________________

II.B - Say whether the statements are true (T) or false (F) and find
15evidence in the text. Write the answers on your test paper.

1. Deforestation is a consequence of the increasing necessities of the

Human race.
2. The atmosphere is becoming polluted.
203. Luckily the soil and water of the Earth are still safe from harmful
chemical substances.
4. Alternate sources of energy are cheaper than coal and oil.
5. If we want t preserve our future on Earth we must start respecting it.

25II. C - SAY who/what the following words refer to.

1. we (line 1) ____________________
2. which (line 4) _______________________
3. it (line 10) _______________________
30 4. them (line 21) _______________
5. it (line 22) _____________________

II.D -ANSWER the following questions. WRITE complete answers.

351 What is the connection between man and the destruction of Nature?
2 What is poisoning the planet?
3 - How can we stop this destruction?

III. Write sentences using the Past Simple and / or the past
40Continuous appropriately.

1. I/walk /to school/when/ I/ be/10 years old.

2. My brother/do/ a Science project/ last week.
3. What/ film/you/watch / yesterday evening/ at 18.00/?
45 4. Susan /deliver/ recycling bins/ when /we got to school

III. A- Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form (Past simple/
Past continuous).
1. Some weeks ago we_______________________ ( make) a recycling
2. We____________________( catch) a sick dolphin yesterday when we
________________ (sail) on the river.
5 3. What________________ (you/do) yesterday at 16.00 p.m?
4. The dolphin_______________________ (die) and people
_____________________ (try) to free it from the fishing nets when we
_________________ (find) him.


IV. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate tense and form of the
verbs to make sentences in the first conditional.

1. If we_________________ (keep) on chopping down so many trees, we

20 ________________ (threaten) our own survival.
2. We ______________ (can use) the waves of the sea if we
_________________ (want) to produce energy.
3. If they ______________ (build) more wind farms, they__________________
(produce) renewable clean energy.
IV. A- Use the information provided to write sentences in the first

1. People/ use/ alternative sources of energy/ the planet / be/ less

30 poluted
2. We / not protect/the forests/ we/cause/ many habitats extiction
35 _____________________________________________________________________
3. Fossil fuels / run out/ people/ not stop using them
40 __________

V. Choose only ONE of the themes to write a short composition

45(about 120 words)

A. Comment on the following. Justify your opinion.

English is one of the most important languages in the world. English
is important because it is, maybe, the only language that truly links
the whole world together. If not for English, the whole world may not
be as united as it is today.

B. Write an essay offering solutions to the water pollution in your

5 country. Dont forget to mention what the problem is, what the
effects are, what possible solutions and your conclusion.


Your teacher,
Manuela Peixoto