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D95 / D110 / D125

Copier / Printer

D95 / D110 / D125

Copier / Printer
The power to print more
Print faster. Print for less.

For printing-intensive environments, such as pay-for-print shops and centralised

reprographic departments, education, healthcare and many other industries,
Fuji Xerox engineered the D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer to excel at whats most
important: increasing productivity, reducing costs and exceeding customers
demanding expectations.
The D95/D110/D125 helps grow your business because youre free to focus on
what you do best: producing great work. Well help you produce it faster and more

The D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer delivers An integrated controller comes standard.

the industrys most innovative features and The D95/D110/D125 also offers a choice
Fuji Xerox-exclusive EA Toner
capabilities, with the exibility to choose of two powerful servers designed to meet
technology plays an integral role
your print speed, server options, and the your individual needs.
in the D95/D110/D125 Copier/
media feeding and nishing capabilities that
Ease-of-use. Printers delivery of superior
make the most sense for you:
A robust set of inline nishing options. image-quality:
Fast print speeds of up to 95, 110 or
Multiple feeding and paper-handling Emulsion Aggregation (EA)
125 pages per minute (ppm).
options to boost both your productivity. Toner is chemically grown,
High-performance single-pass colour resulting in the smallest, most
scanning at up to 200 images per uniformly shaped particles for
minute (ipm). razor-sharp line work.
You get the highest levels of
detailing, with the sharpest text
and halftones, and deep, solid
Longer photoconductor life and
lower toner requirements per
page further enhance the D95/
D110/D125 Copier/Printers
contribution to environmental

Innovative production
solutions to ensure
a greener today and
For more information about
our commitment to environmental
sustainability, visit
company/ecology/index.html .

Grow your business with performance
and reliability you can count on.

Designed for fast-paced environments of all types from commercial print

shops and pay-for-print retail outlets to law ofces and schools the D95/D110/
D125 Copier/Printer excels anywhere speed, image quality and ease-of-use play
key roles in improving efciency and reducing costs.

Speed and productivity Image quality

Time is money, and the D95/D110/D125 When printing is your business, the D95/
Copier/Printer helps you save both. D110/D125 Copier/Printers unsurpassed
image quality goes a long way toward winning
High-speed print engines deliver output up
repeat customers.
to 95, 110 and 125 pages per minute.
2400 x 2400 dpi print resolution delivers
A fast, single-pass, colour dual-head scanner
consistent, high-quality reproduction of
scans at speeds up to 200 images per
text, solids, photos and graphics.
Concurrent scan/receive, RIP and print
Colour scanning with 600 x 600 dpi with Reliability
8-bit grey (256 shades) scan resolution
processing provide maximum throughput. Every component within the D95/
produces copy output that matches the
The 250-sheet Automatic Document D110/D125 Copier/Printer has
Feeder ensures that even the largest jobs been engineered for maximum
run with optimum efciency. Ease-of-use uptime and long-life durability.
And weve made it easy for you
Various scan to destinations The D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer quickly
to perform routine maintenance
Store to Folder/PC/e-mail/USB. begins delivering an exceptional return on
and tune-ups yourself to keep the
your investment.
Convert hard-copy pages to TIFF, JPEG and device running.
PDF les that you can store or send. With a large, full-colour touch screen, the
Should you need assistance, you
user interface allows simple programming
Optional High Compression kit and can count on our world-class
of sophisticated jobs, with intuitively
Searchable PDF kit compress the scanned service to provide all the support
located buttons.
le size and add OCR text imformation. youll need.
Load-while-run, unload-while-run and
change-while-run capabilities mean
you can load paper or unload nished
documents while the copier/printer is
Innovative Job Flow Sheets make it
possible by automatically emailing or
distributing jobs.
Print from and save to any standard USB
drive device* for easy walk-up convenience.
The Copier/Printer accepts any data
stream, anytime, including Adobe
and PPML.

Excite your customers and win more jobs.

Create applications for your specic business Expand your capabilities with the
needs or targeted toward a diverse range D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printers
Feeding Options
of industries with the D95/D110/D125 inline nishing options:
Copier/Printer. Its powerful media handling,
Variable length stapling (up to 100 sheets)
feeding and nishing capabilities give you
24 staple choices yield top-quality
the exibility to produce dynamic nished
stapled sets.
products at your point of need that
meet your internal requirements, excite Hole punching 2/4 saves time and
your customers, and drive new business and costs.
revenues your way. The Interface Module acts as a A4 High Capacity Feeder
Feeding and paper handling highlights: communications hub whenever you elect 2,000 sheets each tray
to have more than one nisher connected (4,000 sheets total): A4-size
Increase productivity with uninterrupted
to your copier/printer. It enables key
long runs by adding an optional A4 size
functions such as media cooling, decurling
high capacity feeder, or a choice of A3
and nisher module communications.
High Capacity Feeder or High Capacity
Feeder C2-DS. The High Capacity Stacker* neatly stacks
up to 5,000 A4-size sheets. A removable
Attract attention and maximise the
cart included for easy transport and
impact of your high-value documents by
adding full-colour covers or inserts (up to A3 High Capacity Feeder
200 sheets) via the standard post-process Bi-folding, C-folding, Z-folding and 2,000 sheets: Up to SRA3

inserter. Engineering Z-folding (folded to t into

A4-size document sets) saves time and
Use the bypass tray to run additional sizes
enhances your productivity.
and weights (up to 250 sheets).
Booklet nishing options are ideal for large
booklets and calendars up to 25 sheets
(100 imposed pages).
SquareFold Trimmer Module creases High Capacity Feeder C2-DS
cover sheets and performs face trimming 2,000 sheets each tray (4,000 sheets
to ensure a professional nish. Create total): Up to SRA3

square-spine booklets that can be opened

at and are easy to handle, stack and

* Requires Interface Module

Flexibility for every environment.


1 4 8 9 10 12

5 6 13

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
High Capacity 250-sheet 200 ipm scanner Print resolution up to 1,100-sheet 1,600-sheet 2 550-sheet trays
Feeder C2-DS bypass tray with standard colour 2400 x 2400 dpi A4-size tray A4-size tray standard and
scanning custom sizes up to
8 9 10 11 12 13
Interface module High Capacity D4 Folder 200-sheet Finisher D4 with SquareFold
Stacker C-fold, Z-fold, standard post Booklet Maker Trimmer Module
Engineering Z-fold process inserter Hole punch
500-sheet top tray

Finishing Options

FinisherD4 with Finisher D4 with Booklet Maker SquareFold Trimmer Interface Module and
Optional D4 Folder with Optional D4 Folder Available with Finisher D4 with High Capacity Stacker
2/4-hole punching, 3,000-sheet All the features of the Finisher D4 Booklet Maker, SquareFold up to 5,000-sheet offsetting
stacking, 200-sheet interposing, plus 2,000-sheet 25 sheets (100 pages) for face output stacking
single or dual 100-sheet variable stacking tray, booklet making up trimming between 2-20 mm
length stapling to 25 sheets (100 pages)

Choice of print servers
expands your capabilities.

Standard Integrated Copy/Print Server Optional FreeFlow Print Server

Youll get a simple workow with an easy-to-use touch screen, Youll get unmatched power and synergy across our entire black
FreeFlow integration, excellent features and a small footprint: and white, colour and highlight colour portfolio on top of a superior
feature set:
Superior scanning. Create text-searchable les at the device for Process Speed and Capacity. Simultaneously receive, RIP and print
easy retrieval compression technology reduces network load. several jobs at once or one long streaming job.
Remotely manage your device. CentreWare IS Embedded Web Submit Jobs from Anywhere. From desktop applications, host-
Server automates installation, troubleshooting feature set-up and based TCP/IP connections, the web, CD-ROMs, portable USB
upgrading. devices and optional FreeFlow Suite components.
Multiple Sets of Copies with Separators. Make multiple collated Scalability. You begin with production power and a familiar
or uncollated sets separated by slip sheets for efcient distribution. workow at a great price; add only those feature licenses that you
USB direct printing. Enable to print directly from a USB ash
memory (optional). Automated Job Ticketing and Customised Job Workows.
Queues and hot folders let you streamline your workow.
Security. A large set of security features is packed into one
compact device. Standard Secure Print, Secure Watermark (optional). Print What You Want, When You Want and Where You Want.
The latest network and security standards: IPv6/Ipsec/SNMP. V3/ Native acceptance of most transactional data streams, including
IEEE802.1 compliant. Standard Data encryption/overwrite. IPDS, LCDS and VIPP.
Apeos iiX Solution. Customize to suit your business needs. Strong Security. Provided via UNIX-based platform and exible
control to dene settings for users and groups.
Ecology. Show your print jobs ecological friendliness.

Integrated Copy/Print Server FreeFlow Print Server

The right applications for your environment.

The D95/D110/D125 lets you do more. Fast copy speed and broad media capacity Service bureau or data centre
Develop innovative, business-generating gives teachers and assistants more time in
Applications include statements, bills and
applications now and in the future. the classroom.
Quick, franchise or Achieve better, more effective
The optional FreeFlow Print Server
enterprise/in-house printers communications with full-colour scanning
delivers native transaction (IPDS/LCDS)
and scan-to-email capabilities.
Applications include complex jobs, publishing and personalised data stream
manuals, collaterals, calendars, catalogues, Create low cost memory books and insert printing support.
newsletters and forms. colour where needed.
High reliability ensures you meet tight
Produce the high-quality output your Legal, insurance and healthcare deadlines.
customers demand. Applications include evidentiary, discovery Create high-value, high-impact
Meet aggressive turnaround times. and case management documents, applications on the spot using colour
schedules and newsletters. insertion, personalisation and in-line
Offer more applications and services,
including professionally bound, documents Built-in Bates Stamping lets you
and neat square fold booklets. generate copies with customised 9-digit Ofce
alphanumeric descriptors on each page.
Offer personalisation using optional Applications include newsletters, handouts,
one-to-one software. Communicate faster and more effectively presentations, reports and correspondence.
via scan to email.
Supports coated/extra-heavyweight Ease-of-use ensures copying, scanning and
media. Create both ofce publications and printing are no-stress activities.
transactional print documents.
Education Expansive media capacity, in-line hole-
punch, stapling, folding and booklet-
Applications include teacher curriculum
making options reduce labour and ensure
materials, workbooks, student directories,
consistent results.
coursepacks and yearbooks.
Security features protect your data and
Create multiple collated or uncollated sets
meet your corporate security standards.
with slip sheets for classroom handouts;
sets can be nished with hole-punch or
Lay-at binding provides 360-degree

Collate Tabs Squarefold Bi-Fold, C-Fold, Z-Fold Colour Inserts, Staple and
Trim Booklet Engineering Z-Fold

D95/D110/D125 Copier/Printer
Print Engines Finisher D4 Data Security
Xerographic Engine Multi-position stapling: single or dual 100-sheet Standard Secure Print
Print Speeds variable length Password Protected PDF and XDW
95/110/125 ppm A4 2- and 4-hole punch Hard Disk Data Encryption and Overwrite
56/69/78 ppm B4 Stacker capacity: 3,000 sheets (80 gsm); Authentication with LDAP/Kerberos/SMB
50/55/62 ppm A3 Top tray: 500 sheets (80 gsm) IPsec, 802.1X, SNMP v3 Ready
34/34/34 ppm SRA3 200-sheet interposer for pre-printed and
First copy-out-time: D110/125: 3.5 seconds full bleed sheets Electrical Requirements**
D95: 4.2 seconds Print Engine:
Finisher D4 with Booklet Maker 208 240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 15/13 amp service
Simplex or duplex printing
Includes features of the Finisher D4 KVA Rating: Max Power Consumption:
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi RIP resolution and up to with a 2,000-sheet stacker tray plus:
2400 x 2400 dpi resolution with halftone screen 2.8 3.1 KVA
Automatically creates booklets of up to 25 sheets Agency certication: ENERGY STAR, CSA, CE,
106 lpi (default) or 150 lpi (high quality mode)
(100 imaged sides with saddle stitching) A4, B4, NEMKO, WEEE compliance
Document Storage A3 and SRA3)
Optional Feeding/Finishing:
Standard Integrated Copy/Print Server Optional D4 Folder Each module requires 100 240 VAC,
80 GB Hard Disk Drive C-fold and Z-fold A4 60/50 Hz power

Scanner/Document Handler Print on inside or outside of folded paper Optional Print Servers
Colour Dual Head Scanner Folds A3 Z-fold for insertion into A4 document sets
(Engineering Z-fold) FreeFlow Print Server
Up to 200 ipm, simplex/duplex Hardware Specications
Available with Finisher D4 with or without Booklet
250-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Feeder Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel DUO E7400 CPU
Throughput sizes: A5 to A3 Processor Type: 2 x Intel Xeon Processors
Throughput weights: SquareFold Trimmer Module Hard drive: 1 x 250 GB
Simplex or duplex: 38 to 200 gsm Square fold up to 25 sheets (100 pages) Memory: 4 GB
Optical 600 x 600 dpi 8-bit Grey (256 shades) Face trim between 2 to 20 mm in 0.1 mm Operating System: Solaris 10
scan resolution increments Software/Vendor: FreeFlow Print Server
Scans in industry standard PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Accepts paper sizes: 216 x 279 mm to 330 x 457 mm Ports: 6 x USB 2.0
XDW or XPS 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet Ports
Available with Finisher D4 with Booklet Maker only
Scan to Folder, PC, e-Mail or USB (option) Display: 19 in. screen
Optional High Capacity Stacker Keyboard and mouse
Paper Handling DVD-ROM/DVD-RW
Stock weights and capacity:
with rollaway cart** 10/100 switch
5,000-sheet offsetting output stack tray; Client and Remote Support
Tray 1*: 1,100 sheets A4
B5 LEF to SRA3
Tray 2*: 1,600 sheets A4 Choice of print drivers
500-sheet top tray and includes one rollaway cart;
Tray 3-4*: 550 sheets each 140 x 182 mm (A5) to Support for Fuji Xerox Global Print Driver
additional carts available
330 x 488 mm (SRA3) Fuji Xerox fully featured print drivers
Tray 5 Bypass Tray: 250 sheets 102 x 152 mm to Windows 2003 server/2008 server/XP/Vista/
330 x 488 mm; 52 gsm to 253 gsm 7 full-featured drivers
Optional A4 High Capacity Feeder: 2 trays, Macintosh OS 10.4 or higher for drivers
2,000 sheets each A4; 52 to 216 gsm Adobe PostScript Printer Descriptions (PPD)
Optional A3 High Capacity Feeder: HTTP and HTTPS browser submission support
1 Tray Feeder; 2,000 sheets B5 to Support of IPv4 and IPv6 (dual mode supported)
SRA3; 64 to 253 gsm Options
Optional High Capacity Feeder C2-DS: FreeFlow Print Server Stand
2 Tray Feeders; 2,000 sheets in each tray B5 to VI Compose (VIPP Interpreter)
SRA3; 64 to 253 gsm LCDS and IPDS enablement
Coated Stocks: Refer to Customer Expectation Network Environments/Protocols
Document for approved coated stocks
TCP/IP, IPP AppleTalk, IPP
SNMP MIB II support for third-party

* Capacity based on 52 gsm to 216 gsm

** Refer to the Install Planning Document for installation details

For more information or detailed product specications, call or visit us at

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