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The Cask of Amontillado(1846)

Esmerai Sanchez, Jessica Tejero, Alexis Meza

Fortunato insults Montresor.
Montresor seeks revenge.
He ask Fortunato to taste
wine that he has bought.
Leads him down through
"Nemo me impune lacessit."
No one provokes me with
Leads him into a narrow
room and chains him.
Buries him alive.
In pace requiescat!
An underground catacomb,
somewhere in Italy, during the
carnival season
Produces an element of tension
and anxiety to the story

The festival gives Montresor an
excellent opportunity to appear in
disguise, and locate his drunk
companion and lure him into a
The setting of dusk creates the
sense of darkness, and all of the
fears that may follow
Montresor chains Fortunato to
the wall, and brings in stone
and mortar to start building a

Chilling Events
wall at the entrance of the
small area of the catacombs
Once the wall is about half-way
up Fortunato begins
screaming, and Montresor
mocks him trying and failing to
provoke Fortunato
Once the last stone is inserted
the only thing that is heard is
the jingling of bells from
Fortunatos hat
Montresor says, My heart

Chilling Events grew sick- teasing the reader

by saying -on account of the
dampness of the catacombs
telling us that he isnt sick
because of his crime; hes
bragging that he got away with
The Cask of Amontillado is
Fortunato's death bed. (I
have bought a full cask of a
fine wine which they tell me
is Amontillado.){2}(Go on,
I said Go in; the


Amontillado is waiting.)
Why did Montresor kept
giving Fortunato more
wine? - To get him more
drunk. (Here, Fortunato. Drink
some of this fine Medoc. It will
help to keep us warm. Drink!)
manipulated Fortunatos
current condition to his own
advantage.(To your vaults. To
taste the wine. No, my friend, no.
I can see that you are not well.
And the vaults are cold and wet.) EXPLORATION
A Person with a smile can be very
dark. (Fortunato! How are OF EVIL
you?Montresor! Good evening,
my friend.) {2} (Fortunato could
guess what was happening I closed
the lock and chained him tightly to
the wall. I stepped back.)
Compare the
personality of
Montresor in the
beginning to the end.
Darkness can TAKE AWAY
manipulate Light