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2016 TESOL


50 years of quality education

from the experts you trust
I have been in school almost six years and, to date, the TESOL
course has been the most interesting, challenging, and rigorous
course I have taken! In addition to providing an excellent course,
TESOL also models collaborative learning, which is an added bonus!
Robin Freeman, TESOL Core Certificate Program Graduate

TESOL Leadership Training & Certificate Programs

Participants who successfully complete these programs will receive a TESOL
International Association certificate of completion.

UPDATED! TESOL Core Certificate Program TESOL Certificate:

Audience: Prospective educators who have little Advanced Practitioner Program
to no formal English language training Audience: ELT professionals with at least 2 years
of experience in the ELT field
Recently updated and aligned to TESOLs Standards
for Short-term TEFL/TESL Certificate Programs, this Self-study program designed for practicing English
140-hour blended training program provides a language teachers who want to build on an area
foundation in the theory and practice of English of expertise.
language teaching. Learn how to improve your pro- Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and
fessional practice and enhance your career to better participants must complete the program within
serve the needs of your English language learners. one year of enrollment.
Applications are accepted in November and April
of each year, and participants must complete the
program within one year of enrollment. ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (ELT LMCP)
Audience: ELT professionals who are currently in
Leadership Development or wish to pursue leadership roles
Certificate Program (LDCP)
Vital leadership training for ELT professionals in
Audience: Current TESOL members their current or future leadership, administrative,
Professional development and leadership training and/or management roles in ELT organizations and
for TESOL members interested in institutions. New in 2016, this certificate program
developing their knowledge and skills as current will be offered at the TESOL International Conven-
or future leaders within TESOL International tion & English Language Expo and also as a 5-week
Association. online course.
In-Person Events
TESOL International Convention &
English Language Expo
Audience: All ELT professionals
Join more than 6,500 ESL professionals from
around the world for interactive educational
sessions, workshops, and other essential
professional development opportunities.
2016 Baltimore, Maryland, USA
(TESOL 50th Anniversary), 4 9 April
Choose from 31 Pre- or Postconvention
Institutes (4- to 6-hour hands-on workshops
on key issues in the field)
Attend PreK-12 Day, an interactive one-day
program for primary and secondary mainstream
and ESL teachers and administrators TESOL Virtual Seminars
Attend Community College Day, a one-day Audience: All ELT professionals
program for instructors and administrators of
community college programs 90-minute live webcasts that present key issues
in ESL and EFL. FREE for TESOL members and
Develop your skills through TESOLs leadership US$50 for nonmembers. All registrants receive
training programs access to both the recorded and live versions.
Participate in convention-related online View the full 2016 virtual seminar schedule
networking, discussions, and events online. Dates and times are subject to change.
Check back regularly for updates.
2017 Seattle, Washington, USA
2018 Chicago, Illinois, USA
2019 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2020 Denver, Colorado, USA Exclusively for TESOL Members
Past Virtual Seminars Recordings of past virtual seminars are
TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit available to TESOL members in the TESOL
Resource Center (TRC). Past virtual seminars
Audience: All ELT professionals
will be made available within 3 months of the
Join English language educators from across the live webcast.
United States at the only event of its kind focused
on policy and advocacy training specifically for the
TESOL field.

TESOL Symposiums This course was eye

Audience: All ELT professionals opening for me. I loved
Typically one- or two-day regional programs it more and more as the
developed in collaboration with a TESOL
worldwide affiliate. Symposiums provide an
weeks went on. I will
opportunity to talk face to face with leading definitely take the next
experts in the field on one key topic or issue.
course when offered.
Symposiums for 2016 will be held in Venezuela.
Grammar 1 Participant
TESOL Online Courses
Four- or six-week online courses focused on key areas in the field. Participants who
complete these courses will receive a TESOL International Association certificate of
completion, plus Continuing Education Units (CEUs) based on the length of the course.

TESOL Grammar 1: Phrasal Structures Separating Difference From Disability

with Students Learning English as an
Audience: All ELT professionals
Additional Language
Learn how to define and explain basic grammatical Audience: K12 practitioners working with ELLs
terms; identify grammatical structures; explain in general education, bilingual education, and
the structure of noun and verb phrases and the special education
functions of verb tenses; and write teaching plans
for grammar points. Understand how to distinguish learning and
behavior problems related to difference from
TESOL Grammar 2: Multiclause Structures those related to disability. Learn about screening
Audience: All ELT professionals and intervention processes, as well as key legal
constraints on identifying and assessing culturally
Learn how to identify and explain active and and linguistically diverse students for special
passive voice; identify adjective, adverb, and noun education placement.
clauses; explain the use of participial phrases and
the function of subjunctive mood; demonstrate ESL for the Secondary Mathematics
the uses of transitional phrases, conjunctions, Teacher
subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive Audience: Secondary math educators who
adverbs; and write teaching plans for complex teach ELLs and ESL educators who teach math
grammatical structures.
Learn about core ESL principles, the role of culture
Training of Trainers: Strengthening Your in learning math, and how to plan and implement
English Language Programs instruction and assessment practices for ELLs.
Audience: Teacher educators and English
ESL for the Secondary Science Teacher
language program coordinators and/or developers
Audience: Secondary science educators who
Assess the needs of your current Continuing teach ELLs and ESL educators who teach science
Professional Development (CPD) program and
explore ways to boost or transform your Explore the role of cultural perspectives in
programs profile by using the latest techniques learning science, guiding principles of second
and technologies. language acquisition, and methods of instructional
alignment of objectives, teaching, and assessment
of scientific learning.

This was by far the most useful and interesting

online course I have taken It has so much to offer,
not just for ELLs but for all students as well.
ESL for the Secondary Mathematics Teacher Participant
Special Online Courses for 2016!
Audience: Professionals who design or deliver online/blended learning courses

Foundations of Online Teaching Teaching Reading and Writing Online

This course promotes awareness of online Participants get hands-on practice with online
teaching skills, techniques, and curriculum tools, techniques, best practices, and strategies
design. It introduces the major design param- for teaching reading and writing online and use
eters that make online courses different. It also them to develop individual and collaborative
reflects the communicative nature of the online projects that are geared toward their student
environment and is based on asynchronous population and teaching environment.
discussion and collaboration
Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar
Teaching Real-Time Speaking Online Online
Although language teachers understand that This four-week course gives you an overview of
the most significant skill for many learners may how you can enrich blended or online teaching
be speaking, a distinct challenge in teaching of vocabulary and grammar by using selected
ESL/EFL online is working with speaking and tools and resources. You will also create online
real-time communication. This course addresses learning materials for students at different levels.
current capabilities in real-time voice communi-
cation over the Internet. Blended Learning with an Interactive
Teaching Listening Online Participants explore mostly free online Internet
This course begins by examining basic issues tools for use with any level of ESL. Many of the
with background readings and discussions. tools can enhance traditional face-to-face or on-
We investigate how to teach listening online line classes. Tools covered include online game
and how to find free listening resources on the makers, survey makers, word game makers, and
Internet. Then, in the hands-on segment, you online Web publishing. At the end of the class,
will experiment with several tech tools and an online class is developed using at least one of
customize them so that they address your own the tools.
needs or interests.

NEW! TESOL Self-Study Courses

Launching in 2016, TESOL will be offering on-demand courses allowing participants to
engage in professional development based on their schedule. Participants can register
at any time and those who complete these courses will receive a TESOL certificate of

Fundamentals of TESOL mar to adult learners; understand assessment

Audience: Prospective ELT educators who have approaches and tools when evaluating students
little to no formal ELT training learning and proficiency.
Gain general theoretical and practical knowledge
of language, language learning, teaching method- Teaching and Assessing Young Learners
ology, and classroom practice. Audience: New or prospective ELT professionals
teaching young learners
Teaching and Assessing Adult Learners Learn appropriate methods and techniques for
Audience: New or prospective ELT professionals teaching language skills, vocabulary, and grammar
teaching adult learners to school-age learners; understand assessment
Learn appropriate methods and techniques for approaches and tools when evaluating students
teaching language skills, vocabulary, and gram- learning and proficiency.
Professional Development Calendar at a Glance
18 January 28 February Foundations of Online Teaching Course (online)

1 February 28 February Grammar 1. Phrasal Structures (online)

4 April PreK-12 Day (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Community College Day (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Pre-Convention Institutes (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

5 April Pre-Convention Institutes (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

5 8 April TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo

(Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

9 April Postconvention Institutes (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

13 April 24 May Training of Trainers: Strengthening Your English Language Programs (online)

18 April 15 May Teaching Reading and Writing Online (online)

Separating Difference From Disability With Students Learning English as an
Additional Language (online)

25 April 29 May ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (online)

25 April 5 June Foundations of Online Teaching Course (online)

27 May TESOL International Symposium: Bringing the 4 Skills to Venezuela: Listening,

Reading, Speaking, and Writing (Valencia, Venezuela)

30 May - 26 June Teaching Listening Online (online)

Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online (online)
Blended Learning with an Interactive Classroom (online)

1 28 June ESL for the Secondary Mathematics Teacher (online)

19 21 June TESOL Advocacy & Policy Summit (Washington, DC, USA)

4 July 31 July Separating Difference From Disability With Students Learning English as an
Additional Language (online)

6 July 2 August ESL for the Secondary Science Teacher (online)

13 July 23 August Training of Trainers: Strengthening Your English Language Programs (online)

11 July 7 August Teaching Speaking and Real-Time Communication Online (online)

Grammar 1. Phrasal Structures (online)
Grammar 2. Multiclause Structures (online)

18 July 14 August Leadership Development Certificate Program (online)

25 July 28 August ELT Leadership Management Certificate Program (online)

1-28 August Teaching Reading and Writing Online (online)

12 September 23 October Foundations of Online Teaching Course (online)

24 October 20 November Separating Difference From Disability With Students Learning English as an
Additional Language (online)
Publications, Online Resources, and Social Media
TESOL Press TESOL Research
Along with ground breaking professional learning Dedicated to research as a way of advancing the
books, TESOL Press also publishes a wide variety field, TESOL provides a diverse set of resources to
of white papers, standards, position statements, aid academic and practitioner research. Whether
journals, and newsletters covering a broad range it is the most recent Research Agenda or a Call for
of research-into-practice and professional develop- Research Proposals, TESOL is the leading force in
ment issues in the field. ELT research worldwide.
For details about the following programs visit
TESOL Interest Sections
TESOL Bookstore TESOL has 21 Interest Sections that offer a
TESOL Quarterly an extensive variety of peer-to-peer networking
TESOL Journal and knowledge-sharing opportunities in numer-
TESOL Connections ous areas of practice.
English Language Bulletin
White papers and research briefs

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Institutional Professional Development Bundles

Available for school districts, individual schools, ministries of education, and local
governments, professional development bundles offer flexible professional develop-
ment options for multiple teachers within the same institution. Different bundle levels
are available to fit any budget.
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