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Zaineb Syeda

Ms. Murray

May 3, 2017


Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson was a singer, producer and songwriter. He sang his first song

when he was thirteen years old. Michael Jackson made this individual song. The music charts in

1972 with got to be there song. The first song Michael Jackson made with his group (The

jackson Fives first single) the song was I want you back was released this was in november

1969. The song went viral and sold two million copies in just six weeks .Michael Jackson was

really famous for his songs. Also how he was really talented, because he started his singing at

an early age.

About Michael Jackson's early life, Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1985 in Gary,

Indiana to a large working class family. His mother, Katherine Jackson, was a homemaker and a

devout Jehovah's Witness. The house was always filled with music. Michael Jackson's mother

taught the children folk and religious songs, they use to sing along .Michael Jacksons father,

Joe Jackson, had been a guitarist, but was forced to give up his musical ambitions because he

was going to get married to Katherine Jackson. Jackson's father wanted to be famous singer

but failed, so he decided to countrould this children career even after they were adults. Michael

Jackson had ten siblings. He was very famous for his ironic moonwalk. People really loved this

amazing dance. Jackson was best known for becoming the lead singer in family's popular

Motown group, the Jackson five. He went on to a solo career of his amazing success, delivering

No. one on his hits from the albums Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad.
Michael Jackson topic about his music, Michael Jackson was gifted with the talent that he

had. Michael Jackson, managed the group and booked them in clubs and local arenas

throughout the Midwest. After being discovered by Gladys Knight during an amateur competition

at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the Jackson Five signed a recording contract with Motown

Records in 1968. Some of Michael Jackson's top 10 most popular songs are Beat it in 1983,

Rock with you 1979, Billie Jean in 1983, Thriller in 1883, Bad in 1987, Man in the Mirror in

1988, Smooth criminal in 1991, Black and white in 1991, Remember the time in 1992, and

Scream in 1995.In November of 1969, the Jackson Fives first single, I Want You Back, was

released. The single went to number one and sold two million copies in six weeks. (Michael

Jackson: Explora Secondary Schools) . After leaving Motown, the Jackson Five signed with

record label Epic, which gave the brothers more creative freedom to write and produce their

songs (Michael Jackson: Explora Secondary Schools) . Michael Jackson got a lot of good

reviews on his songs. When Michael Jackson was eleven years old he sang Who's Lovin

You, That was the first time he came on National television.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday, June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson took drugs,

dependency- specifically he was really addicted to the prescription painkillers. This family

member say that they didnt know anything about that . If prosecutors can show that the

doctor gave Jackson a drug that reasonably could be seen to pose a risk of death, and that the

drug did in fact kill him, Murray-whose Las Vegas home and office were also searched-could be

charged with manslaughter. His family and friends had no illusions about Michael Jackson's

long battles with drug dependency-specifically his addiction to prescription painkillers.



Over all Michael jackson really worked hard in his career and started a group called Jackson
five. After that Jackson became a famous singer since his early age because he amazing music

that he made. Michael Jacksons life was good because his voice was gifted, At the age of six

he started singing really good that people were amazed by his voice. This worked really paid

off, people still remember his to this day because his music and people were triggered by his

voice, but he ruined his life by stepping into drugs and died.
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