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Kelly Aguilar 1

Literature 7E
DragonWings Analysis

A boy , An Outsider , A boy who came to America . His father an immigrant and so is

the boy. His name is Moon Shadow , as said before he is an immigrant. As an immigrant he faces

many challenges in likes learning english , discrimination. Why discrimination because he is an

immigrant he becomes an outsider once he came because of the white demons or americans. They

treat him badly because of where he comes from and what race he is. One of the other

challenges is learning how to speak english because he is familiar with the language but he would

like to learn more so he can get around easier more so speak to people more better.the topic I will

be talking about is How Moon Shadow learns English.

DragonWings by Laurence Yep is about a boy , an immigrant. Hes only eight years old

who came to see his new life in America. In DragonWings , Moon Shadow overcomes his

challenges of being an immigrant in America by standing up for himself and trying to do his best

to learn the world around him in his new life in america with his friends and his father.

Dragonwings originally published in 1975. And, its genres are Historical Fiction and

Children's Literature, Dragonwings is also a historical children's novel .

Moon Shadow learns about american culture because Robin teaching him how to read

and write. Robin offers to teach Moon Shadow how to read and write English. Soon Moon

Shadow comes over to Miss Whitlaw house to begin the lessons. Ill teach you,Robin said

loftily. She put her hand on E. Nesbit books. Well start with these and then when you know

English better, you can read these. That was how my lesson , started. Father gave me permission
to go over Miss Whitlaws for an house for an hour to read and write with Robin(163). This

quote means/shows how Moon Shadow overcomes a challenge of being immigrant by going to

the English Lessons , from Miss Whitlaw and Robin.

In Conclusion , this shows my thesis by showing how Moon Shadow overcomes the challenge

of learning English. By the help of Miss Whitlaw and Robin and overcomes his challenge of

being an immigrant in America.As an immigrant he faces many challenges like in learning

english , discrimination. But there all he needs to learn English in order to defend himself , he

needs to learn how to speak English . and, thats what we discuss how Moon Shadow is learning

English and with who is he learning with.