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Questionnaire Evaluation

Question 1

How long many hours a day do you game?

0 1 to 2 2 to 3 3 to 4
4 to 5 5 to 6 6+

Question 1 asks how many hours a

day do you play games? the answers I got back from that varied a lot as 30% of people said
they play 2-3 hours of games per day and 20% said they play over 6 hours a day, this can be
seen in the chart below.

Question 2


PlayStation XBOX WiiU


Question 2 asks which console

people prefer to play on, in the chart below you can see that 10% of people play PC where as
30% of people play XBOX the most. PlayStation accumulates another 20% which means
that the best platforms for my game would be PlayStation and XBOX as they have the most





Action Sport FPS RPG

Question 3
Question 3 investigates what peoples favourite genres of videogames are. Action games took
49% of people and Sports took 12% of people. In the chart below you can see that RPGs
took 15% of people.

Question 4
Question 4 was designed to find out what games people have previously played. Out of the
10 different people asked only 2 of those had played FIFA before and every single other
person had played Call of Duty, GTA V and Assassins Creed. This shows that people enjoy
games with a storyline more than just a sports game.
Question 5
To find out peoples favorite games I asked 10 different people the same game. Looking at
the answers I can see that some 1 person doesnt have a favourite and 2 like Assassins
Creed the most and 2 like Call of Duty the most.

Question 6
Question 6 asked for the age of each person, this turned out that 5 people were 18, 4 were
17 and 1 was 19. This shows that people under 18 play games a bit more than the older
generation. But as this is only taken from 10 I cant really use this as a wider statement.

Question 7
Question 7 asks for the gender of people which turned out that 4 were boys and 6 were girls
but this will be because I asked 10 people in my class where there is more girls than boys.

In conclusion I can see from the analysis above that a lot of people aged 17 and 18 play at
least 3-4 hours of video games a day. I could also gather that the majority of people playing
the games were girls but it wouldnt be fair to use that as my class is majority female so its
not a fair analysis.