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New York
Montage NYC 2014 4 - Jleon.jpg
From top to bottom and left-right: Midtown Manhattan , United Nations
Headquarters , Statue of Liberty , Times Square , Unisphere in Queens, Central
Park , Lower Manhattan with One World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge .
Flag of New York City.svg
flag Seal of New York City.svg
Other names : The Capital of the World, the city of skyscrapers, the Big Apple,
the city that never sleeps, 3 Gotham, the Imperial City , the City so Pleasant
Who was Named Twice ( The City So Nice They Named It Twice ).
New York located in United States NY NY
Location of New York in United States
Map of New York New York Highlighting City.svg
Location within the State of New York
Coordinates 40 40'N 73 56'W Coordinates : 40 40'N 73 56'0
Entity City
Country Flag of the United States.svg U.S
State Flag of New York.svg NY
Mayor Bill of Blasio ( D )
Subdivisions 5 Boroughs
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Staten island
Historical events
Foundation 1624 (By Dutch)
Total 1214 km
Earth 789 km
Water 425 km
Half 10 meters
Population (31 December 2015) Position 1
Total 8 550 406 inhab.
Density 10 756 inhab / km
Urban 18 897 109 inhab.
Metropolitan 22 085 649 hab.
Demonym New Yorker, New York 2
Time zone Eastern Time of North America
ZIP code 10000-10499, 11004-05, 111xx-114xx and 116xx
Area code 212, 347, 646, 718, 917 and 929
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New York 2 (in English : New York City ) is the most populated city of the
homonymous state and the United States of America , and the second largest
urban concentration of the American continent, after Mexico City . New York
City is among the largest and most populous urban agglomerations in the world

Since the end of the 19th century, it has been one of the main centers of trade
and finance in the world. New York is considered a global city , because of its
worldwide influence in the media , politics , education , entertainment , arts
and fashion . 5 The artistic and cultural influence of the city is one of the
strongest in the world. In this city is the headquarters of the United Nations ,
which also makes it an important point in international relations. The enormous
importance of the city at all levels makes it, together with London , Tokyo and
Paris , one of the most outstanding and influential cities on the planet. 6

The borough is composed of five boroughs (sometimes translated as 'district' or

'commune') each of which matches a county: Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan ,
Queens , and Staten Island . With more than 8.4 million New Yorkers in an
urban area of 830 square kilometers (320 mi ), New York is the second most
densely populated city in the United States, behind Union City , New Jersey ,
located on the other side Of the Hudson River . 8

The city has many places and buildings recognized all over the world. For
example, the statue of Liberty , located on the island of the same name , and
the island of Ellis , which received millions of immigrants arriving in the United
States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century . Wall Street has been
one of the world's leading centers of finance since World War II and is home to
the New York Stock Exchange . The city has also concentrated many of the
world's tallest buildings , including the Empire State Building and the World
Trade Center Twin Towers, which were shot down in the September 11, 2001,
attacks .

The city is also the cradle of many American cultural movements, such as the
Harlem Renaissance in literature and visual arts, abstract expressionism (also
known as New York School) in painting, and hip hop , 8 Punk and Tin Pan Alley
in music. In 2005, almost 170 languages were spoken in the city, and 36% of
its population was born outside the United States. 9 10 With its meter running
24 hours a day, traffic movement and people are constant.

1 History
1.1 First European settlements
1.2 American Independence
1.3 Century XIX
1.4 20th century and international recognition
1.5 21st century
2 Geography
2.1 Climate
2.2 Environment
3 Cityscape
3.1 Architecture
3.2 Parks
4 Economy
4.1 Tourism
5 Demographics
6 Government
6.1 Districts
7 Crime
8 Education
9 Transportation
10 Culture
10.1 Means of communication
10.2 New York accent
10.3 Sports
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10.4 Museums
11 Festivals and traditions
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History [ edit ]
Main article: History of New York
[ Edit ] Early European settlements

Manhattan in 1660, when it was part of New Amsterdam. North is on the right.
At the time of its European discovery in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazzano , the
region was inhabited by about 5000 Aborigines of the Lenape tribe. This Italian
explorer in the service of the French crown called Nouvelle Angouleme (New
Angouleme ). The European installation began in 1614 in the hands of the
Dutch and in 1626, the chief of the colony, Peter Minuit, bought the island of
Manhattan to the Lenape (the legend, now refuted, counts that by glass beads
for a Value of $ 24). The place would be renamed as Nieuw Amsterdam and
would specialize in the fur trade. In 1664, the English conquered the city and
renamed it with the name of New York in honor to the Duke of York and Albany .
13 At the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War , the Dutch gained control of
Suriname , in exchange for the British controlling New Amsterdam . By the year
1700, the Lenape population had been reduced to 200 inhabitants. 14

American Independence [ edit ]

New York City gained importance as a commercial port under the British Empire
. As early as 1754, the city's first study house, Columbia University , was
founded. 15

During the American War of Independence , the city emerged as the scene of a
series of major battles known as "The New York and New Jersey Campaigns".
After the war, in New York the Continental Congress convened , and in 1789,
the first President of the United States , George Washington , was announced at
Federal Hall on Wall Street. 16 New York was the capital of the United States
until 1790.

19th century
Central Reservoir , Stereoscopic Photo 1875

Mulberry Street, Manhattan, ca. 1900.

In the 19th century , immigration and development transformed the city. A
visionary development proposal, the Commissioners' Plan of 1811 , expanded
the urban grid throughout Manhattan Island, and the opening in 1819 of the
Erie Canal connected the Atlantic port with the vast agricultural markets of the
interior of North America . By 1835, New York City had surpassed Philadelphia
as the largest city in the United States. Local politics had fallen under the
control of Tammany Hall , a system of political patronage supported by Irish
immigrants . 18 Some members of the former mercantile aristocracy
contributed to the establishment of Central Park , which became the first
landscaped park in an American city in 1857. On the other hand, a major
abolitionist movement existed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and although Slaves
existed in New York in the 1820s, for the next decade , New York became the
center of abolitionist activism in the North.

Between July 13 and 16, 1863, opposition to military conscription during the
American Civil War (1861-1865) led to a series of violent demonstrations known
as Draft Riots or Draft Week ; These events are considered one of the worst
civil uprisings in American history. In 1898, the modern city of New York was
formed with the annexation to Manhattan of Brooklyn (until then an
independent city) and municipalities of other districts thanks to projects like
the Bridge of Brooklyn . 20 The opening of the subway in 1904 helped to unite
the city. During the first half of the 20th century , the city became a world
center for industry, commerce and communications.

Century XX and the international recognition [ edit ]

View of Manhattan area ( ca 1931)

Vista area of Manhattan in 1971, you see the twin towers under construction.
In the 1920s , the city was a major destination for African Americans during the
so-called " Great Migration " from the American South. By 1916, New York was
home to the largest African urban diaspora in North America. The Harlem
Renaissance flourished during the prohibition era, coinciding with an economic
explosion that prompted the construction of skyscrapers . New York became the
most populated city in the world in 1948, surpassing London , which had
occupied the first place for more than a century. During the Great Depression ,
Fiorello LaGuardia was elected mayor and led to the fall of Tammany Hall after
eighty years of power. 21

European immigration and the return of World War II veterans caused economic
development and boosted housing construction east of Queens. New York
emerged from the war as the world's leading city, with Wall Street leading the
rise of the United States as the dominant economic powerhouse, the United
Nations Headquarters (built in 1952) emphasizing New York's political influence
and the rise Of abstract expressionism in the city, by removing Paris from the
top of the art world. 22 In the 1960s , the city suffered economic problems,
rising crime rates and racism, which peaked in the following decade.

In the 1980s, a resurgence of the financial industry improved the fiscal health
of the city. By 1990, racial tensions had subsided, crime rates had fallen
sharply, and waves of immigrants had come from Asia and Latin America . New
sectors, such as Silicon Alley ( Internet business), emerged in the city's
economy, and New York City's population reached its all-time high at the 2000
census .

21st century

The Statue of Liberty and, in the background, the twin towers blazing before
collapsing after the 9/11 attacks in 2001.
The city was the main target of the September 11, 2001 attacks , in which
nearly 3,000 people died in the suicide attacks that took place when 19
members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network 23 hijacked four passenger planes ,
Of which two, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed
into the World Trade Center twin towers, causing it to collapse two hours later.
Another plane struck the Pentagon in Virginia , while the latter crashed in the
open after the attempt of its passengers and crew to regain control.

After the attacks a new skyscraper was constructed that replaces the previous
towers. Originally called Freedom Tower but later (2009) the name was
changed by One World Trade Center to be commercially more appropriate. The
new skyscraper opened on November 3, 2014, almost three years later than
planned. With a height of 541 meters (equivalent to 1776 feet, year of United
States independence), it is the highest skyscraper in the country, and
surpasses the Empire State , and is the seventh in the world. [ Citation
needed ]
New York suffered at the end of the first decade of the 21st century continuous
declines in real estate prices as well as relatively high levels of foreclosures,
mainly in Queens and Brooklyn ; 24 25 the real estate sector began to recover
slightly in 2013. 26

Geography [ edit ]

The New York metropolitan area.

New York is located in the northeastern United States, in the southeast of the
homonymous state and approximately half way between Washington DC and
Boston . 27 Its location at the mouth of the Hudson River, which forms a large
protected natural harbor that flows into the Atlantic Ocean , has helped the
city's growth and its importance as a commercial city. Most of New York sits on
three islands: Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island , making building land
scarce and thus generating a high population density.

The Hudson River flows through the homonymous valley to New York Bay.
Between New York and the city of Troy, the river becomes an estuary , subject
to the flows of the maritime tides. 28 The Hudson separates the city from the
state of New Jersey . The East River flows from the Long Island Strait ,
separating Bronx and Manhattan from Long Island, while the Harlem River ,
between the East and Hudson Rivers, separates Manhattan from the Bronx.

The land of the city has been altered considerably by the human intervention
since several lands have been gained to the rivers from the colonial times
Dutch. This is most notable in southern Manhattan, where plans like Battery
Park City were carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. 29 Some of the variations in
topography have been leveled, particularly in Manhattan. 30

The area of the city is 831.4 km . 31 The highest point in the city is Todt Hill on
Staten Island (124.9 meters above sea level). The summit is covered by forests,
which form part of the green belt of Staten Island. 32

Climate [ edit ]
Despite being located at the same latitude as the much warmer European cities
of Naples and Madrid , New York has a humid continental climate , the result of
constant winds that bring cold air from the interior of the American continent.
33 New York has cold winters, but the coastal location of the city keeps
temperatures a little warmer than in the interior regions, helping to moderate
the amount of snow, averaging 63.5 to 88.9 cm year. 33 The city has a
temperate period lasting an average of 199 days between seasonal frosts. 33
Spring and fall are erratic, and can range from cold and snowy to warm and
humid. Summer is temperate and humid, with temperatures of (90 F) 32.2 C
or more on average between 18 and 25 days each summer. 33 34

Although not frequent, in New York there are records of hurricanes , such as
that in 1981 that flooded southern Manhattan, and that of 1938 that killed
more than 700 people, most of them in the New England region. At the end of
October 2012 the city (as well as some states of the east coast) was affected
by Hurricane Sandy , which resulted in numerous damages and several deaths.
Just as the city's long-term climate patterns have been caused by the Atlantic
Multi-Decadal Oscillation, a 70-year warm-up and cooling cycle that influences
the frequency and severity of hurricanes and coastal storms in the region. 35
However, scientists believe that global warming will change these patterns. 36

Gnome-weather-few-clouds.svg Average New York Climate Parameters ( Central

Park , 1981-2010) Weather WPTC task force.svg
MonthJan. Feb. Sea. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov.
Dec. Annual
Temp. Max. Abs. ( C) 22.9 24.3 30.6 36.3 37.7 38.0 41.1 40.5
39.6 34.3 29.4 24.5. 41.4
Temp. Max. Mean ( C) 3.5 5.3 9.8 16.2 21.6 26.3 28.9 28.1
24.0 17.7 12.1 6.1 16.7
Temp. Mean ( C) 0.3 1.8 5.8 11.7 16.9 21.9 24.7 24.0 20.0
13.8 8.7 3.1 12.7.
Temp. Min. Mean ( C) -4.6 -3.7 1.8 7.1 12.2 17.6 20.4 19.9
16.0 10.0 5.3 0.0 9.2
Temp. Min. Abs. ( C) -21.3 -26.7 -16.9 -11.4 0.8 7.8 11.1 10.6
4.9 -2.4 -14.3 -25 -26
Total rainfall (mm) 92.7 78.5 110.7 114 106.4 112 116.8 112.8 108.7
111.8 102.1 101.6 1268
Snowfall (cm) 22.9 23.9 9.4 1.5 0 0 0 0 0 0
0.8 12.2 70.4.
Days of precipitation ( 0.25 mm) 10.4 9.2 10.9 11.5 11.1 11.2
10.4 9.5 8.7 8.9 9.6 10.6 121.9
Snow days ( 0.25 cm) 4.1 2.9 1.8 0.3 0 0 0 0 0
0 0.2 2.3 11.5
Hours of sun 162.7 163.1 212.5 225.6 256.6 257.3 268.2 268.2 219.3 211.2
151.0 139.0 2534.7
Source No. 1: NOAA (1981-2010 normal, extreme 1876-present, sunshine hours
1961-1990) 37 38
Source # 2: The Weather Channel (extreme) 39
Environment [ edit ]

Central Park in Manhattan is the most visited urban park in the United States.
The use of public transport in New York is the highest in the United States and
fuel consumption is at the same level as the national average in 1920. 40 New
York's dense population and low dependence on automobiles helped To place
the city among the most efficient energy consumers in the country. 41
Greenhouse gas emissions are relatively low when measured per capita at 7.1
cubic tonnes per person, below the national average of 24.5. 42 Yorkers are
responsible for one percent of the country's gas emissions, 42 despite being
2.7% of the national population. The average New Yorker consumes less than
half the electricity than a San Francisco resident and nearly a quarter of that
consumed by a Dallas resident. 43

The city has recently tried to reduce its environmental impact. The large
amounts of pollution in New York resulted in a high rate of asthma and other
respiratory illness among its inhabitants. 44 New York also has the largest fleet
of hybrid or compressed natural gas buses in the country, as well as some of
the first hybrid taxis. 45

New York is supplied with drinking water from the Catskill Mountains . 46 This
source with a natural filtration process makes New York one of the top five
cities in the United States with pure drinking water that does not require
purification treatment through water treatment plants. 47

Cityscape [ edit ]

Skyscrapers are a major component of the city's silhouette.

Architecture [ edit ]
The most associated building to New York City is the skyscraper . New York has
883 buildings of this type, one of the largest concentrations in the world.
Surrounded mainly by water, the residential density of the city and the high
value of the land in the commercial districts made it appear one of the largest
collection of office buildings and residential towers in the world. 48

The Statue of Liberty , symbol of the city from the beginning of the
New York has important buildings in a wide range of architectural styles. These
include the neo-Gothic style Woolworth Building (1913). In 1916 a municipal
resolution marked a minimum obligatory space between the buildings and the
line of street, in order that the sun arrived at the streets. 49 The Art Deco
design of the Chrysler Building (1930) reflects these new requirements. The
building is considered by many historians and architects as the best of the city,
with its distinctive ornamentation, consisting of eagles and V-shaped
illumination. 50 On the other hand, an important example of International Style
in the United States is The Seagram Building (1957). One of the most historic
buildings is the EV Haughwout Building .

Houses in rows in Brooklyn .

The large residential districts of New York are defined by their elegant terraces
and petit htels traditionally known as brownstone for their characteristic
brown sandstone lining, which were built during the period of expansion
between 1870 and 1930. 51 The stone And brick became the city's preferred
building materials, following the limitations imposed on the construction of
wooden houses as a result of the great fire that took place in 1835. 52 Unlike
Paris, which was always Built from its own stone reserve, New York always got
its stone for the construction of a large network of quarries far from it, which
confers a great variety of textures in buildings. 53 A hallmark of many of the
city's buildings is the presence of water towers mounted on the roofs. In the
1800s, the city required its installation in buildings of more than six floors to
prevent the need for excessively high water pressure, which would burst the
municipal pipes. 54

Panorama of Lower Manhattan from Jersey City (New Jersey). In the center
stands the One World Trade Center, 541 m high.
Panorama of Lower Manhattan from Jersey City (New Jersey) . In the center
stands the One World Trade Center , 541 m high.
The Empire State Building is a skyscraper located at the intersection of Fifth
Avenue and West 34th Street in New York City, United States. Its name derives
from the nickname of the State of New York. It was the tallest building in the
world for over forty years, from its completion in 1931 to 1972, when the
construction of the north tower of the World Trade Center was completed.
Following the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001,
the Empire State Building was once again the tallest building in New York City
and New York State until it was again traded by One World Trade Center April
30, 2012 as the tallest tower in New York, with the Empire State being in
second place.1 The Empire State Building has been named by the American
Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.
The building and its interior are designated monuments of the Commission for
the Preservation of Historic Monuments of New York, and confirmed by the
Board of Estimation of the City of New York. It was designated as a National
Historic Monument in 1986. In 2007, it ranked number one on the list of
favorite American buildings and nowadays as well. The building is owned and
operated by W & H Properties. 55

Parks [ edit ]
New York has more than 113 square kilometers of parks and 22 miles of public
beaches. 56 Among its main green spaces are:

The Central Park , of 3.41 km (in a rectangle of 4 km x 800 m ), is located in

Manhattan . It is the most visited park in the United States , with about 25
million tourists a year, 57 and appears in numerous movies and television
programs , which has also become one of the most famous urban parks in the
world . 58 The park is run by the Central Park Conservancy , a private non-
profit company , which has a contract with the Parks and Leisure Department of
New York . 59 Central Park is pretty north on 110th Street, west on West Central
Park, on South on 59th Street and on East on Fifth Avenue . The sections of
these streets that pass around Central Park are usually known as Central Park
North, Central Park South and Central Park West, respectively. Fifth Avenue,
however, retains its name despite bordering the park on the eastern edge. 60
The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux , who later
created Brooklyn 's Prospect Park . 61 While much of the park looks natural, it
has several artificial lakes , two ice skating rinks , and grassy areas used for
various sporting activities . 62

The second largest park in the city is the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park ,
located in Queens . It hosted the Universal Exhibitions of 1939 and 1964 .

Prospect Park , in Brooklyn, is a public park of 2.1 km . 63 It is maintained by

the Parks and Recreation Department of New York. It was also designed by
Olsmted and Vaux after finishing Central Park . Among the attractions are: The
Long Meadow , a 36-acre meadow , the largest of any other American park, the
Picnic House , office space and an assembly hall for 175 people, Litchfield Villa ,
former home of owners The southern part of the park, Prospect Zoo and 24-
hectare Brooklyn Lake. There are also several sports facilities, including seven
baseball fields. There is also a Quaker cemetery in a sector called Quaker Hill .

The Lake & Bow Bridge in Central Park.

The Central Park .

Sheep Meadow in Central Park.

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is located on Pier 6 at the foot of Atlantic Avenue in
Brooklyn. 64 It is overseen by Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation , a non-profit
entity responsible for park planning, construction, maintenance, and operation.
The Corporation's mission is to "create and maintain a world-class park that is a
recreational, environmental and cultural destination." 65 Its construction added
approximately 7 acres of new park including a playground of approximately 1.6
acres. Of games include the "Valley of the Swings" the "Slip of the Mountain"
with two two-story slides that end in a sandbox, a play area with paddlers and
a climbing structure. A 1000 square foot restaurant , a volleyball court area and
a dog racer. 66

Economy [ edit ]

Midtown Manhattan is the largest business district in the United States.

( See the whole panorama )
New York City is a global link for international trade and business, being one of
the hubs of the world economy (along with Paris , London and Tokyo ). 67 The
city is one of the major centers of finance, insurance, real estate, media and
arts in the United States. Its metropolitan area has a Gross Metropolitan
Product (an index similar to GDP but located in an urban area) of 952.6 billion
dollars in 2005, the largest regional economy in the United States. 68 The city's
economy accounts for most of the economic activity of the states of New York
and New Jersey . 68 Many of the major national corporations are based in the
city, including 44 companies of the richest 500, according to Fortune magazine.
69 New York stands out in the United States for its large number of foreign
companies, so one in ten private sector jobs is offered by a foreign company.

The Empire State Building is one of the city's main icons.

The GDP of New York was in 2001 of 826 488 million US dollars , 8.2% of the
national total. 71 IF New York were an independent country, it would be one of
the 15 largest economies in the world. 72

New York also has some of the most profitable real estate in the world. Park
Avenue number 450 was sold on July 2, 2005 for $ 510 million, or $ 17 104 /
m, breaking the previous month's record of $ 15,887 / m, which was achieved
by selling the number 660 Madison Avenue . 73

The New York Stock Exchange , located on Wall Street , and the NASDAQ are
the first and second stock exchanges in the world, respectively, by volume of
exchange and by general market capitalization. 74 The real estate business is
one of the major powers of the city's economy, given that the total value of all
properties in the city amounted to $ 802.4 billion in 2006. 75

The city's film and television industry is the second largest in the country,
behind Hollywood . 76 Creative industries, such as the new media, advertising,
fashion, design and architecture, boast the highest growth in employment, and
New York has a strong competitive advantage in these industries. 77 High-tech
industries such as Bioscience, software development, video game design and
Internet services are also growing. 78 Other important sectors include medical
research and technology, non-governmental organizations and universities.

Tourism [ edit ]
Main article: Tourism in New York
Tourism is one of the main economic activities of the city, as 40 million
domestic and foreign tourists pass through it every year. 79 Major destinations
include the Empire State Building , Ellis Island , Broadway theatrical
productions, museums such as Metropolitan Art , Central Park , Rockefeller
Center , Times Square , the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Garden . It is also
world famous for the Statue of Liberty, which has a restaurant on the head with
magnificent sea views. Luxury purchases at Fifth and Madison Avenues are also
an important attraction for the wealthier sectors. Another of the new
attractions are four impressive artificial waterfalls with a height of 30 and 40
meters by the Danish / Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson . These artificial falls are
located in the East River and can be appreciated from the ground and also from

South facing Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan .

Historical population
Year Pop. (I.e.
1698 4937 -
1712 5840 + 18.3%
1723 7248 + 24.1%
1737 10 664 + 47.1%
1746 11 717 + 9.9%
1756 13 046 + 11.3%
1771 21 863 + 67.6%
1790 49 401 + 126.0%
1800 79 216 + 60.4%
1810 119 734 + 51.1%
1820 152 056 + 27.0%
1830 242 278 + 59.3%
1840 391 114 + 61.4%
1850 696 115 + 78.0%
1860 1 174 779 + 68.8%
1870 1 478 103 + 25.8%
1880 1 911 698 + 29.3%
1890 2 507 414 + 31.2%
1900 3 437 202 + 37.1%
1910 4 766 883 + 38.7%
1920 5 620 048 + 17.9%
1930 6 930 446 + 23.3%
1940 7,454,995 + 7.6%
1950 7,891,957 + 5.9%
1960 7 781 984 -1.4%
1970 7 894 862 + 1.5%
1980 7 071 639 -10.4%
1990 7 322 564 + 3.5%
2000 8 008 288 + 9.4%
2010 8 175 133 + 2.1%
2015 8 550 405 + 4.6%
Note: Census figures (1790-2010) cover the present area of all five boroughs,
before and after the 1898 consolidation. For New York City itself before
annexing part of the Bronx in 1874, see Manhattan # Demographics . 80
Sources: 1698-1771, 81 82 1790-1890, 80 83 1900-1990, 84 2000 and 2010
Census, 85 86 2015 Census estimate. 87
New York is the most populous city in the United States, with a population
estimated in 2005 of 8,213,839. 88 This is about 40% of the total population of
the state and a similar percentage of the total of its metropolitan region.
During the last decade, the population of the city has been growing, and
demographers estimate that in 2030 it will reach a total of between 9.2 and 9.5
million inhabitants. 89

The two key characteristics of the city's demography are its population density
and cultural diversity .Has the highest density (10 194 inhabitants / km ) of
any American municipality with a population of over 100 000. 90 The density of
New York County (25,846 hab / km ) is the highest of all counties nationwide .

New York is exceptionally diverse. Throughout its history, the city has been one
of the main ports of entry for immigrants ; the term melting pot was coined to
describe the immigrant neighborhoods densely populated of Lower East Side .
Currently, 36% of city residents were born abroad, 10 figure in the country just
beyond Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida . 92 However, while
immigrant communities in those cities are dominated by a few nationalities, in
New York no nationality or region is predominant. The top ten countries of
origin of immigrants are:the Dominican Republic , China , Jamaica , Guyana ,
Pakistan , Ecuador , Haiti , Trinidad and Tobago , Colombia and Russia . 93 In
the city about 170 different languages are spoken.93 In the city about 170
different languages are spoken.93 In the city about 170 different languages are
spoken. 9
The metropolitan area is home to the largest community Jewish outside Israel .
In fact, the Jewish population of Tel Aviv is outnumbered by New York. About
12% of New Yorkers are Jewish or of Jewish descent. 94 The city also hosts a
large population of origin Indian , 95 and the larger black community of any
city in the country.

San Gennaro Festival, celebrating the Italian community in the city.

The five largest ethnic origins of the city are Puerto Rican , the Italian , the
Antilles , the Dominican and Chinese . 96 The Puerto Rican population of New
York is the largest outside of Puerto Rico. 97

New York has a large income disparity. In 2005 the median household income in
the wealthiest region was $ 188,697 per year, while in the poorest it was 9320
USD. 98 The city is also experiencing a baby boom unique among American
cities. Since 2000, the number of children under five years in Manhattan grew
by 32%. 99

33% of New Yorkers are owners of the properties where they live, much lower
than the national average figure of 69%. 100 Free rentals are usually between
3% and 4.5%, well below 5% which defines the rent control by the city. Find
housing, especially economic, in New York is very difficult. 101

Government [ edit ]

The Municipal Building Manhattan is home to many city agencies, and is one of
the largest government buildings offices worldwide.
Since its consolidation in 1898, New York City has been a metropolitan
municipality with a system of government led by a mayor and a city council.
The government is more centralized than most other US cities. It is responsible
for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, leisure,
health, water supply and social services. The Mayor and Council are elected
every four years, you reappointed once. The New York Council is a body
unicameral consisting of 51 members whose districts are defined by
geographic population boundaries. 102

The current mayor (2017) is Bill de Blasio , the Democratic Party .

The political geography of New York City is unusual. It consists of five districts
or communes, each of which matches one of five boroughs of New York City.
Manhattan New York County, Queens County with Queens, Brooklyn Kings
County, Bronx County Bronx and Staten Island in Richmond County. After the
consolidation of the city, all previous governments were abolished and replaced
by the current centralized and unified government. However, each county
maintains its own district attorney , and most of the court system is organized
by counties. As United Nations Headquarters, New York has the largest number
of consular institutions ,general consulates and offices of honorary consulates.