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3.2.1. GENERAL

1. Operator responsibility
It is essential that the turbine operators be familiar with : the information contained in
the Control Specification, the Piping Schematic drawings including the Device
Summary which permits to know the different applicable schematics for the installation
and the control and regulation system SPEEDTRONIC (refer to Operation volumes)
The operator must also be aware of the power plant devices which are tied into the gas
turbine mechanically and electrically and could affect normal operation. No starts
should be attempted whether on a new turbine or a newly overhauled turbine until the
following conditions have been met :
Requirements listed under PREPARATIONS FOR STARTING AND
SURVEILLANCE have been complied with.
Functionally check the control systems using a calibrator for proper operation before
It is extremely important that gas turbine operators establish proper operating
practices. We emphasize adherence to the following :
Response to Annunciator Indicators-Investigate and correct the cause of the
abnormal condition. This is particularly true for the protection systems, such as low
oil pressure, overtemperature, vibration, overspeed etc...
Check of Control Systems - After any type of control maintenance is completed,
whether repair or replacement of parts, functionally check control systems for
proper operation. This should be done prior to restart of the turbine.
It should not be assumed that reassembly, as taken apart is adequate without the
functional test.
Monitor Exhaust Temperature During All Phases of Startup - The operator is alerted
to the following.
CAUTION : Overtemperature can damage the turbine hot gas path parts.
Monitor exhaust temperature for proper control upon first startup and after any turbine
maintenance is performed. Trip the turbine if the exhaust temperature exceeds the
normal trip level, or increases at an unusual rate. A particularly critical period for
overtemperature damage to occur is during the startup phase before the turbine
reaches governing speed. At this time air flow is low and the turbine is unable to
accelerate away from excess fuel.

2. Object
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Operation of a single turbine/generator unit may be accomplished either locally or

remotely if used.
The procedures cited herein describe the steps required to start, synchronize, load,
shut down, and cool the turbine in the sequence named. The steps necessary to
transfer from local to remote operation and automatic fuel transfer are also described
in subsequent paragraphs if used.
It is not intended to cover initial turbine operation herein : rather it will be assumed that
initial startup calibration and checkouts have been completed. The turbine is in the
cooldown or standby mode ready for normal operation with ac and dc power supplied
to all pumps, motors, heaters and controls and all annunciator drops are cleared.

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Ge3-2-1 GENERAL.doc Revision: A Date: 03/08