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‘ye coe Kenge Tpizwoosae & Amsacetb awe yo ew Yo. @e) eigen, TASS od Seen ‘Soong Goren ae Parks Rewrenc ty 08s ‘ween May 22, 2017 Hilary Semel, Director Mayor’ Office of Environmental Caordination 253 Broadway ~ 14" Floor New York, NY 10007 NOTICE GF LEAD AGENCY DESIGNATION AND REVIEW Re: CEQR Number: {7DPRO08O. Ridgewood Reservoir Critical Environmental Area Designation Highland Park {Queens Block 3740, Lot 75; Brooklyn Block 3889, Lott Dear Ms. Semel: ‘The above-referenced project involves a discretionary action subject o review under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA), ts implementing regulations 8 set forth in NYCRR Part 617, and the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review (CER), In accordance with Executive Order 9 of 1977, as amended, and the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review, found at Tile 62, Chapter § (CEQA), the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (NYC Parks) proposes to assuine the role of lead agency for the environmental review ofthe project a8 deccribed below. The ‘assumption of lead agency status is consistent withthe underlying mandate of CEOR that, the appropriate lead agency should be the agency ‘primatily responsible for carrying out, funding of approving an action,” as well as withthe criteria sted in Section 5-03(n) ofthe Rules of Procedure for CEQR found at 62 RCNY Chapter 5. ‘The Ridgewood Reservoir isa former water supply eservoir located within Highiand Park, straddling the Brookiyn-Queens border. The reservor was constructed in 1858 and ‘Served as part ofthe water supply system for Brooklyn unl 1959. The reservoirs divided into three basins eeparated by embankments and has been substantially drained for many years. In the years since being taken oftsine as a water supply source, the reservoir has transtioned into @ naturalized area thats unique within New York Cty and ‘serves as an important ecological, store, and pubic recreation resource. In recognition ofits exceptional character, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation propeses to designate the reservar as a Critical Environmental Area (CEA) ‘A Citical Enviconmental Area isa designation that may be applied pursuant to the prowsions of SEQRA to identty a speciic geographic area of exceptional or unique Character. A CEA designation isnot i itself @ development or land use control (such as zoning) of proscriptive management plan, but rather an expression of an agency's Concern forthe unique sensitivities and resources in that area. Once an area has been {esignated, the potential impacts on the characteristics of the CEA become relevant, ‘areas of concer for specie consideration during SEQRA review of future projects. ‘As the act of designating a CEA is itself a discretionary agency decision, itis ‘SERA review. Attached please find Parts One and Two ofthe Environment ‘Assessment Statement (EAS). Please direct any comments or uestions related to the EAS orto NYC Parks assuming lead agency status for this project to the attention of ‘Owen Wells, Director of Environmental Review at owen well<@parks.nye gov or 212-360- '3482 by July 5, 2017, leave also note that a public hearing on the proposed CEA ‘designation wil be held on Wednesday, June 21,2017 at 6:00 pm. at St Pancras School, 68.20 Myrte Avenue, Glendale NY 11385, “Thank you for your consderation and cooperation Sinoagely, ‘Alyssa Bobb Konon Assistant Commissioner Distribution List Honorable Melinda Katz. Queens Borough President Honorable Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President Honorable Elizabeth S, Crowley, NYC Council Member, District 30, Honorable Rafael L Espinal Jr, NYC Council Member, District 37, Honorable Michael Gianars, NY State Senate, Distt 12 Honorable Martin Malavé Dilan, NY State Senate, Distict 18 Honorable Michael Miler, NY Assembly, District 38 Honorable Erk M. Dilan, NY Assembly, District 54 Gary Giordano, Distt Manager, Queens Community Board Distict 8 ‘Melinda Perkins, District Manager, Brookiyn Community Board District § ‘Kenneth Scariatell, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ‘Jennifer Betsworth, Historic Preservation Spacialist, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Mott Malina, Director and Founder, NVC H20