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Elliptical Waveguide Connectors

Connectors are tapered or multi-step transitions from alliptical to

rectangular waveguide cross sections and mate with industry standard
rectangular waveguide flanges. Each conector includes a pressure inlet with
a 1/8 female pipe thread, flange gasket, flangehardware and assembly
instructions. M sufix connectors such as 143SEM, have IEC154 compliant
flanges, and are supplied with metric flange hardware and gasket.

Connector Types available

Non-Tunable Connectors are tapered transitions which do not include tuning
srews. They are recommended for use with standard HELIAX eliptical
waveguide and have designations such as 163DE
Tunable Connectors are tapered transitions which include tuning screws to
minimize assembly VSWR. Tunable connectors are identified by a T suffix.
For exemple, 163DET is a tunable version of the 163DE non-tunnable
conector mentioned above.
When ordered as parto f a preium or super premium factory assembly, the
connectors are factory attached and tuned. Tunable connectors are suitable
for field attachment when the capability for field tuning exists. Tunable
connectors are recommended for use with premium and super premium
HELIAX elliptical waveguide.
Fixed-Tuned Connector have a multi-step mating section which is precisely
machined to provide low VSWR over a broad bandwidth the use of tuning
screws. Fixedtuned connectors are recommended for use with standard and
premium HELIAXelliptcal waveguide. The connectors have designations
which include na S after series number. Types are 143SEM, 163SEM*,
164*, 290SC**, 122ASC* and 2180SEM.

Connector Materials
All connectors except for the 117, 120 and 128 series, are constructed of
brass. 177, 120 and 128 series are silicone impregnated, nickel plated
aluminium. Both materials are long lasting, pressure tight and compatible
with the waveguide material to prevent corrosion. A precision molded
silicone rubber gasket conforms to the shape of the waveguide corrugations
and provides a resable pressure seal without the need for sealing
compounds. All hardware is stainless steel for corrosion preotection and long
Connectors Are Easy ro Attach
All connectors, except those for EW17, 20, 28 and 85, incorporate a
corrugated Split flare ring to accurately position the elliptcal waveguide
relative to the transition. When used with the new compact flaring tool kit,
this allow consistente VSWR to be achieved for connectors which do not
require field tuning.
Saw Guide. Split flare ring connectors include a disposable plastic saw wuide
to assure a square cut of waveguide and the proper length for flaring.
Integral Flare Aid. The corrugated Split flare ring functions as a flare aid.
This innovation results in:

Improved eletrical performance throuth optimum positioning of the

corrugation runout relative to the electrical axis of waveguide.
Firm support throughout the corrugation allowing high mating
pressure at the point of electrical contact to eliminate intermodulation
Fast, accurate conector attachment.
Field attachment with standard hand tool.

Compact Flaring Tool

New compact flaring tool** kits are now available exclusively from Andrew
with many advantages over other flaring tools.
Heliax* Elliptical Waveguide Assemblies
Assemblies consisto f waveguide cut to lenght and terminated with
connectors on each end. Connectors are transitions from the elliptical to
rectangular cross section and are described in detail above.
Assemblies are available in standard and premium versions. Super premium
(lowest VSWR) versions are available for certain sizes.
Standard Assemblies consist of standard waveguide and non-tunable, fixed
tune dor pre-tuned connectors.
Premium Assemblies consist of premium waveguide and tunable connectos
or fixed-tuned premium conectors. Premium waveguide has excelente VSWR
characteristics for very low group delay distorion and noise.
Super Premium Assemblies consisto f super premium waveguide and
tunable connectors. Super premium assemblies offer the lowest available
VSWR for minimum group delay distortion noise.
Factory or Field Assemblies
All of above assembly tyoes can be configured as factory or field
assemblies. VSWR specifications given in this catalog are guaranteed for
factory assemblies and are typical are guaranteed for factory assemblies
and are typicial for field fitted assemblies.
For long bulk lengths of premium elliptical waveguide ir is not possible to
verify the return loss performance along the entire length. Therefore, when
possible, premium waveguide should be ordered in the lengths in which it
will be used.
Field-Fittef Assemblies. Bulk lengths may be ordered and individual feeders
cut to length and connectors installed on site for minimum waste.
Connectors can be attached without need of tools or compounds. Compact
flaring tools are available to ensure consistente VSWR performance. Fixed-
tuned premium connectors are recommended for field-fitted applications
requiring low VSWR without field tinung.
Factory Assemblies. When specific lengths are known, waveguide can be cut
to the desired lengt and connectors factory attached and, where applicable,
Optional Fire-Retardant Jacket
Selected sizes of HELIAX elliptical waveguide are available with a fire-
retardant, non-halogenated jacket to avoid the need for costly conduit.
For use in the United States, these fire-retardant jacketed elliptical
waveguard are UL listed as Type CATVR and marked accordingly on the gray
jacket. The Type CATVR rating permits installation in building risers.
This jacketing material is intended for installation indoors or in other
confined areas where there is limited exposure to sunlight or ultra-violet
The CATVP elliptical waveguide is available in selected sizes. Products with
this rating are found in ducts, plenums, or other spaces used for
environmental air. Types of unjacketed CATVP waveguide pass the most
stringent fire resistance tests and are tagged as ULType CATVP.