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KNS Construction (Pty) Ltd

Head Office Address, Plot 97, William Nicol Drive, Diepsloot A H,

Randburg , Gauteng, South Africa.
Branch Office: 1 Douglas Crowe Dr, Lower Tugela Rural District,
Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

+(27) 0796205714

Tender Invitation for KNS Construction Requirement

KNS Construction (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2004. The Company's line of business includes providing general contracting
services such as constructing heavy construction projects. KNS has strategically located at Johannesburg and Kwazulu-
Natal with two offices in Johannesburg.


Published April 20th , 2017.


Interested bidders must choose from the bidding categories and email the below details to:

Name of bidder
Telephone number
Tender interested
Name of contact person
Cell Number
Office address

Contact Person: Natasha Moton Tender Supervisor Contact Number: + (27) 0796205714


1) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/02

DESCRIPTION : Appointment to Provide an Operating Lease to Supply, Setup, Support, Service and Maintain 2 Colour and
1 Mono Multi-Functional Printers at KNS construction.


DESCRIPTION: Appointment to Supply, Implement, Setup and Support Enterprise Servers at KNS.

3) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/01

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to perform a quality assessment review (qar) of the internal audit function within the KNS.

4) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/02

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to conduct a review of the current modality for the implementation and application for the
Policy and Procedure on Incapacity Leave and Ill- health Retirement (pilir) in KNS.

5) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/03

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to render the maintenance services of electronic security systems for a period of twelve months.

6) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/04

DESCRIPTION: A service provider for the promotion of the OGP country action plan.

7) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/05

DESCRIPTION: Appointment of rendering and supply of hygiene services and products for Energy and Densification
Systems for a period of 12 months.
8) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/06
DESCRIPTION: Accreditation of communication service providers for graphic design, layout and printing services.

9) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/07

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to render training services to KNS employees on adult education and training (ABET) level 4
and nated 950 (special grade 12 certificate).

10) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/08

DESCRIPTION: Appointment for the creation of a centralized capturing and reporting system of disciplinary cases.

11) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/09

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to provide a least cost routing and VOIP solution at CPSI for 36 months.

12) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/10

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to render standard carpet cleaning services for Energy and Densification Systems for 12 months.

13) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/11

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to build and construct a new R30 million city in Sandton, Johannesburg, owned by China investor.

14) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/12

DESCRIPTION: Appointment for the outsourcing of the employee assistance programme for Energy and Densification Systems for
a period of 30 months.

15) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/13

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to manage and render in-house canteen services for KNS Construction for the period of twenty four
(24) months.

16) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/14

DESCRIPTION: Appointment of a service provider to manufacture, supply and deliver new office furniture for the KNS.

17) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/15

DESCRIPTION: Service appointment for the procurement of uniforms for the facility management employees.

18) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/16

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to render security guarding services at KNS for a period of two (3) years.

19) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/17

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to provide helpdesk, lan and desktop support for KNS Construction for a period of three (3) years.

20) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/18

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to manufacture, supply and deliver new office furniture for KSN Construction.

21) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/19

DESCRIPTION: Appointment for the provision of water coolers and bottled water to KNS Construction for a period of 24 months.

22) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/20

DESCRIPTION: Appointment for media production and placement, outdoor media distribution services and events
management services.

23) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/21

DESCRIPTION : Appointment for the provision of water coolers and bottled water to KNS for a period of 24 months.

24) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/22

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to provider relevant skills to design the KNS Website, Intranet, Extranet, create an Outlook e-mail/
newsletter template, and develop and implement an E-services Portal accessible via the Website.

25) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/23

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to provide suitably qualified and experienced travel management company to provide the KNS
Offices in South Africa with Corporate Travel Management Services.
26) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/24
DESCRIPTION: Appointment to appoint a suitably qualified service provider who will provide a secure, cost-
effective and highly available converged Multi-Label Protocol Switched (MPLS) Network and Internet Services for
the KNS covering all its offices throughout South Africa.

27) BID NO. KNS/SERVER/2017/25

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to appoint a suitable service provider for compilation and production of KNS annual
report for three year period.

28) BID NO. KNS /SERVER/2017/26

DESCRIPTION: Appointment to appoint a suitably qualified service provider who will provide comprehensive ICT
Disaster Recovery and ICT Business Continuity Services to KNS that build organisational resilience such that it
continues the delivery of products and/or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

Collection of bid documents is at subject to a refundable fee of ZAR R7,499.00 for each tender (Vat Included) to
obtain the tender document. Upon the confirmation of the payment, tender documents will be email to bidders or
alternatively come to the office for collection.

Tender documents must be emailed or placed in the bid box at: Office Address, Plot 97, William Nicol Drive,
Diepsloot A H, Randburg, Gauteng.


Tender Committee
KNS Construction (Pty) Ltd.